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Sep 18, 2007

Hahaha! Aw come on, I can't tell you everything right away! That would make for a boring story, don't you think?

My god... I never thought it was possible...

She's the perfect woman.


Aug 25, 2005

by Fistgrrl

Mint Mania IIDX posted:

Shake that bear!

I'm tired, and although the OP's video is old to me it still disturbed me, so this link made me bust out laughing. Read the whole description, it's worth it.

doctor 7
Oct 10, 2003

In the grim darkness of the future there is only Oakley.

I've seen some sick poo poo in my day. Some really sick poo poo.

But this day, this day of infamy, the internet has truly won.

Bloody Hedgehog
Dec 12, 2003

Gotta' nuke something.

Only two things could have made that video more weird/better.

1.) The bear comes back to life and fucks poo poo up.

2.) After they show the people loving, the next shot should have been two of the hounds loving over the bear.

Feb 22, 2008

knowing my luck I would have slipped out and accidentally hosed the bear.

josip broz tifo
Feb 5, 2004

concept by my buddy kyle

This really didn't shock me when I first saw it. Not that I'm going out of my way to watch it again every time someone thinks it's new and posts it, but still. This simply doesn't tug at my disgust strings as badly as some of the poo poo that floats around. I won't even touch the BME pain olympics videos.

Harvey Mantaco
Mar 5, 2007

Someone please help me find my keys =(

It's very rare that a single video unaffecting world events is so amazing that making a single thread about it on something awful is considered ok.

This is more than ok, this is the internet I have been waiting for.

I just sent this to everyone I work with. Like one of those people you work with at that office who sends those work emails. This did that to me.

That loving BEAR.

Aug 26, 2008

I expected worse after reading these comments. It's just video for lazy rednecks, part hunting, part porn. I was hoping expecting some necro-beastiality with Sarah Palin

Oct 16, 2005

And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know

Mint Mania IIDX posted:

Shake that bear!

This is the right answer.

I personally was thinking this.

Jun 14, 2002
Bitter Vet

This is beautiful. God bless America.

Mar 13, 2004

Now I can see the whales

This is pretty old, surprised so many goons haven't seen it.

I also think it is loving horrible

doctor 7
Oct 10, 2003

In the grim darkness of the future there is only Oakley.

zarbicore posted:

This is pretty old, surprised so many goons haven't seen it.

I also think it is loving horrible
If it's old does anyone know the story behind it?

Oct 15, 2007

There are so many amendments in the constitution of the United States of America--I can only choose one!

my first time seeing it....christ this like killed a thousand boners for me.....loving gently caress i hate people.

master gamawa
Nov 22, 2005


Ok this was sick but let's try to break it down. For Sanity!

Hunting bears is something people do sometimes. I don't agree with it but I am not fussy. Let the people hunt bears as long as those bears aren't in danger of extinction. Seeing the bear die was not pleasing though I must say.

People also have sex.
Sex is always good. Sex on a bear isn't very good and I am not sure why. But sometimes people have sex on bearskin rugs in front of fireplaces and that's ok. That is still a dead bear under them. Some women have sex while wearing real fur.

Then some dogs tried to eat the dead bear. Still this is a natural thing, although it is not pleasing to the eye.

Why is this video sick then?
Why do I pop boners and feel bad about humanity?

Those questions torment me.

Turn A
Jul 3, 2006


Won't lie. That girl is smokin'.

Also, I saw this back in 2003.

Jan 5, 2008
do you have any ketamine?

I don't know about you guys but I'm incredibly turned on right about now.


Dec 26, 2003


Are those bears endangered?

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