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Mad Hamish
Jun 15, 2008


At mine if you display basic competence it means you get put into more and more lines of business while still making the same lovely $12.45 an hour. I work in six lines of business and am at this time the most widely cross-trained agent we have, but I make the exact same as some yokel on delivery status.

The more lines of business you're in the worse your chances of getting an internal promotion to TL or workforce or what-have-you are, because they can't afford to take you off the phone. In the department I'm in right now we have four agents, and my TL flat out told us when a position opened up on workforce that we shouldn't bother applying because he wouldn't sign off on the necessary paperwork - he knows they would reject us outright.


Aug 1, 2004

The Oath Breaker's about to hit warphead nine Kaptain!

ZeroDays posted:

Maybe a call center lifer can confirm if that's a myth or not; namely, that the best agents get kept with the garbage on the frontlines, while the mediocre agents snag the off-the-phone roles.

I did 9 years in the trenches and can confirm this was true for my center.

Feb 26, 2004
.....there's 20 of them!

BlackIronHeart posted:

I did 9 years in the trenches and can confirm this was true for my center.

This is true even outside the call center.

you ate my cat
Jul 1, 2007

We had a guy who made himself way too useful and they tried to gently caress him out of a promotion he was contractually required to get recently. Ended up forcing the company to promote/hire more people than they'd planned because they pulled that poo poo with a couple others also.

Note: this only makes sense if you remember we're a union shop.

Aug 5, 2006

I believe there is a universal Truth to the process of doing things right (Not that I have any idea what that actually means).

News: As of 11/1, I am reduced (along with the rest of my department, to 4 hours a day on the phone instead of 5.

Normally, I'd be overjoyed. But, sadly, the phones are my favorite part of the job. The rest of it is mind-numbing processing, arguments over minute procedures that can get you smacked by a QA department that isn't even on the same page with each other, generalized office politics, and being talked down to by management and reps from the other site who handles what we do that think they're better than we are.

We've lost 4 people in the last month. I've had a couple interviews elsewhere, but no luck. Think I'll keep trucking and applying. I will say being able to stick the words "risk analyst" on my resume has helped, even though my job consists of looking for flag on new accounts and manning a hot line to fix them.

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