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Work 9 hrs, 1 hour unpaid lunch
Work 8 1/2 hrs, 30 min lunch unpaid
8 1/2 hrs, 30 mins lunch paid, 2 15s unpaid, somtimes combine them
8 1/2 hrs, 30 mins lunch paid, 2 15s unpaid, cannot combine them
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Apr 19, 2003

e: screwed up the poll. meant to say 30 mins unpaid, 2 15s paid.

We got Kronos, for the past 5 years I've always taken an hr lunch, and pretty much busted rear end the rest of my shift, at least in comparison to some people. I try to stay focused on myself though. 30 mins paid, 30 mins unpaid.

Now we only get an unpaid 30 min break for lunch. I work 9-5:30 at a desk job. In the ticket system I usually track 7-7 1/2 hours of work. There's really no downtime.

Most of my team is salaried. I was at one point, but the state came in and changed it like a year ago.

Now I have to punch a drat clock.

Officially the policy has always been there, just now they're going to try and enforce it.

For me, that's possible the final straw, but I'm too passive aggressive to quit. Instead, I've been tarnishing my once good reputation.

I don't really feel entitled to downtime, but I'm not really capable of working my current job without getting incredibly frustrated every day, and I need an hour to cool down. I pretty much hate it and dread coming in every day, now even more so

If I had downtime, 30 minutes would be fine, if the job was easy, 30 minutes would be fine. Instead it's ballbustingly hard, and has gotten harder over time.

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Johnny Walker
Jun 14, 2005

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Couldn't you ask to come in a half hour early or leave a half hour late and get a full hour?

I get an hour, by the way.

Apr 19, 2003

Johnny Walker posted:

Couldn't you ask to come in a half hour early or leave a half hour late and get a full hour?

I get an hour, by the way.

Yeah, if I wanted to be scheduled for 9 hours a day, that is an option.
9-6pm is kind of a lovely shift...

Every place I've ever worked was pretty much 8 1/2 hours, 2 15s and 1 30, but really loosely enforced.
I came into my current job like 5 years ago with that mindset, and no one ever said anything, and I've always taken it, but now they're going to enforce no "paid" breaks.

All I want is a 30 minute "paid" break or 2 15s. Is that abnormal now?

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Sep 13, 2008

I worked 9 months, 6 days a week, 9 hour shifts, without breaks.

You should add in a 5th option

"Food Service - What's a break?"

Feb 17, 2010

Officially - 15 minutes paid, 15 unpaid, 30 total for lunch. 8h 15m work time.
Reality - take as much as you want, get your job done.

Generally we are very free with our time. It's expected of me to work for 40 hours a week, not 8 hours a day, and even that is very fluid. I work in an office in IT field.

Mar 22, 2007

#vmp #opsec #kolmiloikka #happoo

Didn't vote since my option wasn't there.

I work 7 and half hours a day, which is pretty common in Finland. I have half an hour unpaid lunch break and couple paid coffee breaks. I'd love to work 8 hours instead to get the legal benefits but my employer is an rear end. By legal benefits I mean the so called "pekkaspäivät", which are meant to even out the weekly work time to 37,5 hours. Basically it means the people who work 8 hours, get extra 12,5 days off per year. I'd hardly even notice an extra 30 minutes in my day, but two weeks extra vacation? gently caress yes.

Jul 26, 2003

None. I work ~12 hours a day. Weekends for a morning/afternoon a few times a quarter. There are no official breaks, so no breaks besides lunch (usually just buy something and come back to my desk immediately), getting up to use the bathroom, take a few minutes to goto the vending machine or something.

I'm salaried so there's no such thing as overtime or unpaid time. You either work, or you don't. Pay is not impacted by hours, unless it is the opposite of your performance. If your hours are long yet you get nothing done, you'll probably get canned. If your hours are short and yet you're amazing, you'll probably get a raise.

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Dec 1, 2004

by Fistgrrl

I work 12.5 hour shifts, salary, which get paid as 11.5 hours with pay and 1 hour break.

I've been there since forever, and though they've tried to enforce the times, only the newbies will stick to it. Most people will only do 12 hours at most, I make sure that I get there late, have a 1.5 hour lunch and take a nap in my chair for about 30 minutes after I've come back from lunch. So it works out at about 10 hours there, with as little work as possible, and a 2 hour break.

Lazy fucks eh? Well, since the company got taken over by one of those buy them and sell them for parts conglomerates, K...K...r. Everybody has had their pay frozen for 3 years now, so there is no insentive to do better. Currently only the workers with Aspergers are pulling their weight. If it wasn't for the loving economy, everyone would have already left.

It's become like the movie Office Space. And this scene basically describes our current work environment:

The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.
Don't... don't care?
It's a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my rear end off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don't see another dime, so where's the motivation? And here's something else, Bob: I have eight different bosses right now.

I beg your pardon?
Eight bosses.

Eight, Bob. So that means that when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled, that and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired.

Aug 20, 2004

Bunny-Bee makes me happy!

I remember working in for a company that used Kronos.

It was bad. It was 8 hours with a 30 minute unpaid lunch and a 15 minute paid break but the elevators in the building where so inadequate that it would take at least 10 minutes to get in and out of building.

Oh and employees got 90 seconds a day to do with what they please. The rest of the time you had to be on a call.

The final straw was when my manager sat me down with a highlighter and pointed out that I had missed 18 minutes of work in the last month.

Nov 14, 2005

Basically just a baby in a trenchcoat.

Gibbo posted:

I worked 9 months, 6 days a week, 9 hour shifts, without breaks.

You should add in a 5th option

"Food Service - What's a break?"

This is my problem right now. I'm supposed to get two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute unpaid lunch, but it's impossible because we never have enough employees scheduled to cover for anyone on break. The only way I get a break is by sneaking off into the stock room to sit for a few minutes. I also get bitched at if I eat while I'm working even though it's the only way I'll get any food during my shift.

And that is one of many reasons why this is my last week at that job.

Jun 24, 2003

Supposed to work seven hours with a one-hour paid lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. It usually turns into a nine or ten hour day with a hour and a half lunch and the breaks end up closer to a half hour followed by extra work at home. Being salaried sucks and is awesome at the same time.

Danger - Octopus!
Apr 20, 2008

I'm paid for 9am-5pm with a one hour lunch. In practice I work 8am-as late as necessary (usually around half five, occasionally later) and work through most of my lunch because the people who I supervise take their lunches at various different times and I need to be there to support them (and have a shitload of my own work to do besides)

Aug 31, 2009

by Ozma

As a software engineer, it's all about when the work gets done. If I want to take off for a few hours no one's going to care unless I'm missing a deadline.

Mar 5, 2010

As a Rent-a-cop, my entire job is one big lunch break.

Nov 13, 2005

yatagan posted:

As a software engineer, it's all about when the work gets done. If I want to take off for a few hours no one's going to care unless I'm missing a deadline.

Same here as a web developer. The only difference is that my boss does want us to come in and leave at roughly the same time, since we meet as a team to discuss stuff sometimes. So we all come in between 9:15 and 9:45 and leave between 5:30 and 6:00 or so. Most of us just bring our lunch to our desk.

I like having this kind of flexibility, because there are certain times (particularly with some stuff that's been going on in my life outside of work lately) that you just can't do "thinking" work like programming.

Oct 21, 2000

Michael J Beverage, I've got a bone to pick with you.

8 hour days, no official breaks. I'm the only one on shift when I work, so there is nobody to cover for emergencies. Most of my workday is pretty much me being on break anyways though.

Josh Wow
Feb 28, 2005

We need more beer up here!

I work in a screen printing shop so it depends on our workload any given day, but the norm would be 8-5 with a 1 hour unpaid lunch. You can take more breaks if you like as long as you clock out and get your poo poo done. When we're slow we might only work a total of 30 hours a week so that's either getting off at 2 or 3 a few days or having a 4 day workweek when there's nothing to do.

When we're busy during football season all bets are off though. You can expect to work from 8-6 every day, and you're supposed to take an hour lunch but there's so much to do a lot of people only take 30 or even 15 minute lunches. When it's really bad you work from 8am-7 or 8pm every night and there's no dinner break. Sometimes if I know we have to work that late I'll bring something in and take 15 minutes to go eat.

Then there's the joy of championship games where we deliver the shirts as soon as we can after the game ends, so a game will end at 8-11pm and then we work all night until 8am or if it's a really big game there'll be one overnight shift and then a regular shift come in as well at 8am. No meal breaks there at all, they usually have some pizza in the break room and you just eat when you can. Pretty sure some of that isn't all that legal but it happens.

King Skinny Pimp
Oct 24, 2004

by T. Finn

I work whenever between 7 and 5, as long as it adds up to 40 hrs at the end of the week ad I let someone know if I'll be out of the office at something other than regular lunch time. Officially it's 8.5 hrs a day, one half hourish paid break in the morning (not many people take it) and a half hour unpaid for lunch. I just fill out my time card so that if you take a half hour out, you get the number of hours I worked that day.

Nobody really cares as long as poo poo gets done.

May 15, 2003

Let's go droogs

30 minutes paid. I have to stay on site and be ready to stop eating and help if needed (never happens unless someone gets hurt or something).

Here in Quebec the law state that you either have 1 hour unpaid or 30 minute paid but have to stay on site. 15 minutes are to the employers discretion so I don't get any, but it's not like I need them at my current job since working is pretty much a 6 hours of break and 2 hours of work.

Aug 11, 2005

The last time I wasn't self employed we worked a 12.5 hour shift, 30 minute unpaid lunch and 2 fifteen minute breaks. There was no "down" time. They paid us to work, hard, and we did.

You might try working at the post office. The get an hour and a half lunch everyday. I don't know if it's paid or not, though.

Mar 23, 2006

Ninja Gun - Restless Rubes

Gibbo posted:

I worked 9 months, 6 days a week, 9 hour shifts, without breaks.

You should add in a 5th option

"Food Service - What's a break?"

Tell me about it. I work as a barista and, if I open and close the shop, I'll work a fifteen hour day with zero breaks! (Standing, mind you)

A thirty minute break is too short for anyone to enjoy anyway.

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Sep 12, 2004

"Imagination is not enough. You have to have knowledge too, and an experience of the oddity of life."

9:30 to 6, take a 30 minute lunch from 1:00 to 1:30, have two 15 minute paid breaks that I normally wedge in at 12:00 and 3:00.

Jul 28, 2008

I work at a doctor's office. I work 9 hour days, with a "1 hour paid lunch". The reason why is because I'm still expected to answer phones, etc during lunch, so sometimes I have to leave my food for a half hour . Now that we're much busier than we used to be, it's more like a paid 15 minute break at sometime between 1 and 5 everyday day for lunch.

I also smoke a lot on the clock.

I liked the old office better, it was a full 10.5 hour day with a half hour unpaid for lunch, but I was able to take an hour for lunch for the same reason.

May 23, 2006

When I grow up I mean to be
A Lion large and fierce to see.
(Thank you, Das Boo!)

I work 9-6 with a 30-40-whatever lunch that is paid (so 45hr week). We all have lunch together (boss pays for takeout every day) so we chill around the tv for as long as we feel like. Sometimes it's over an hour, like on days it's nice out and rather than get takeout, we break out the grill and some beers and have a nice cook out.

Vin BioEthanol
Jan 18, 2002

My job always flips every year or 2 between salary and hourly. It seems like they have it planned cause all the big staying into the night projects were when I was on salary.

Back to hourly now and there was actually a decent couple months of OT this time.

We have kronos too but for some reason unlike other depts at my company that have to clock in and out by hitting a button we just have to fill out a table every friday.

0800 1200 1300 1700 * 5 is what everyone's looks like every week unless they got there like 1 minute before 8 or left 1 minute after 5

Vin BioEthanol fucked around with this message at Jun 9, 2010 around 14:25

Sep 12, 2004

"Imagination is not enough. You have to have knowledge too, and an experience of the oddity of life."

We're not on clock, but we have to scan into the building and log in, and if we're idle we get logged out. So if our manager wants to they can see when we enter the building and how long we're away from our desk. Most managers in the building only use this when an examiner's numbers drop to find out why and make corrections, but some of the other unit managers are tyrants.

Apr 23, 2010

Gibbo posted:

I worked 9 months, 6 days a week, 9 hour shifts, without breaks.

You should add in a 5th option

"Food Service - What's a break?"

Yep. We get poo poo on in ways that would be labor violations in any other field. Although, in fairness, I rarely want to put food in my stomach while working a 14 hour double on a flat-top anyway, and I don't smoke. So, I actually prefer to just ride it out.

5-hour energies are like gold. Gold that is probably destroying my stomach.

Apr 28, 2007

I mean, what is drunk?

I'm salary at a small IT company (20-30 employees) and breaks are completely unregulated. This is both good and bad. Mostly bad.

Sep 5, 2000

I'm salaried, but I'm expected to be available from 8-5 Mon-Fri. I sometimes work through lunch, sometimes I take an extended lunch to run an errand.

Any work I don't get done during the day is up to me to get finished, so it's in my best interests to get my poo poo done on time.

Feb 3, 2004

Put blue and red chicken in mouth plz

I'm at Wal-mart and if I'm scheduled 9 hrs I get a paid 15 minute break in the four hour period before my hour unpaid lunch, then another paid 15 in the four hours after my lunch.

So 8 hours on the clock, 1 hour unpaid lunch, 30 minutes total paid break time.

Apr 21, 2007
Let's go to the abyss!

I get a 1 hour unpaid lunch, plus two paid 15-minute breaks.

Oct 2, 2001

I'm on salary doing IT support for a 250ish employee company. I'm expected to be in the office between 9-5. I'm allowed an hour paid lunch. If I have to leave early or come in late because of a personal reason, it's not really a big deal. The down side of this is that I'm the only person on call for after hours and weekend emergencies. So if something comes up, I'm expected to deal with it. I think it all evens out, I'd gladly trade 1-2 hours of weekend/after-hours support a month for a 35 hour work week.

Jan 29, 2009

6pm to 6am is my shift. Work is extremely erratic, its all based on calls that come in. Sometimes its none, sometimes its 10. But I'm guaranteed 6 hours if nothing happens, and if I work more than 6 I get paid for that. As far as breaks and lunch goes, I get to take it whenever I want to.

Feb 28, 2007

I think I'm a doctor, but that doesn't make me a doctor. This fancy avatar does.

I work 7.5 hours days, an hour unpaid lunch, and no official paid breaks, but if I just say I'm getting a coffee or something I can just do it and no one cares as long as I don't ado it a lot.

I'd prefer to take only a half hour lunch, but university rules say I have to have an hour, I've gotten yelled at for coming back from lunch early. So I get in at 8 AM, and leave at 4:30...I'd prefer getting in a 8:30, and taking the aforementioned half hour lunch and leaving at the same time, but no such luck. I also have to have my lunch sometime in the middle of the day, preferably starting between 12 and 1, though I sometimes push it as late as 1:30. And yes, it has to be an hour all at once*, I can't take half an hour, and then leave half an hour early.

*It's some stupid university BS about "healthy living" and reducing stress and crap like that. They have like half a dozen different lunch programs where you can do yoga, or meditation, or a lunch walk thing.

Edit: And I don't have any kind of time clock or anything, but I do work within ten feet of my manager like 70% of the time. There are times I am on the road, or working off-site, and most of those times I do take a short lunch, or sometimes none at all, and go home early. I do have to document all my time on work orders, but since I don't need to put a start and stop time, just total hours worked, no one will know if I did all 7.5 hours straight, or if I took a lunch like I was supposed to.

I ate Jesus
Feb 27, 2001

I'm salaried and our breaks aren't monitored (because we're adults and micromanaging time leads to a "time clock culture" that is detrimental to productivity), but I think our firm manual provides for an 8 hour day with paid 1 hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks. In reality people just make sure they have their hours in and come and go as they please. If you want to take a 4 hour lunch then it's fine as long as your work product doesn't suffer and you make up the time at some point.

This is in the southern US and is pretty common as far as I know. Standard hours are 8-5 with a one hour lunch.

We also have paid 1-hour yoga classes twice a week, which are pretty popular.

I ate Jesus fucked around with this message at Jun 9, 2010 around 17:51

Nov 9, 2005

I don't think I could work somewhere that did unpaid lunches. An hour somewhere in the middle of the day where you WILL eat and not get paid for it? gently caress that, if I'm at work I'm going to get paid. Why not just make the work day an hour shorter instead of loving with everyone?

At my job I work 12 hour shifts and get a 10 minute break every 2 hours. I get to decide when I want to eat for myself like a big boy and get paid the same as people who are not presently eating.

Apr 5, 2005

I live. I die. I live again.

We use Kronos at my job for time tracking but recently they got rid of the set schedules so we just put in everything manually. Before then we'd just override everything anyway, it was a suggestion only.

I always wind up taking lunch at my desk but I get an hour paid lunch if I want to take it, whenever I want to (or would be able) to take it. No micromanaging of anything like that here, and if they tried it would be a disaster I'm sure.

I generally work 10-6.

Feb 28, 2010
Have! It's `could have' not `could of', dipshit

When i'm in the office i'm pretty autonomous, for billing reasons ( consultant) I try to limit my lunches to 20 minutes unless its a working lunch. I usually get into the office around 10 and leave around 7 with a 5 minute smoke break every 2 hours or so.

Trips to meet with vendors or the client are a totally different story, 11-16 hour days are common with a quick bite usually after 10pm.

Aug 29, 2004

I'm salaried and no one keeps close track of our hours. We are, however, supposed to work 37.5 hrs a week, which works out to 7.5 hrs of work a day. If you put in a half hour lunch, that's 8 hours a day.


May 22, 2007

Bear Witness

Why are there no 8 hour shifts in this poll? Aren't those most common?

Anyway, 8 hours, 30 minute paid break.

I used to work two jobs, both at six hours each back to back. So the only break I got was the travel time between them.

When I worked as a department lead for two different grocery stores I would some times go 14 hours or so without a break or sometimes I would work like 6 hours with an hour break.

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