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Evil Fluffy
Jul 13, 2009

Nothing stops this train. We're just getting started.

Tunicate posted:

Definitely read Warbreaker. Elantris isn't terrible, but isn't great. Emperor's soul is fantastic though.

Alright thanks. I'll grab Warbreaker off his site and give it a try then.


May 2, 2006

It makes me feel like such an old man that I grew up reading books on paper and I never had any idea what the authors looked like

computer parts
Nov 18, 2010


Khizan posted:

Hrathen shows better characterization than most of the characters in his later books, for that matter. I sort of suspect this is because it's an early book and he spends less time sperging out about the precise mechanics of the magic system and so has more room for things like that.

I think it's more that some of the themes are closer to home (particularly a religious man who is faithful but sees disturbing elements of his faith).

Oct 6, 2008

i can't stop this feeling
deep inside of me

lol he thinks he is behind on writing

its HIM
Oct 22, 2013

ConfusedUs posted:

There's a lot of info on the 17th shard website.

Thanks. I'll have to reread some books with that info in mind. I guess I'll have to start with Warbreaker since Elantris is being re-released soon.

May 15, 2012

Long Sanderson Reddit thing on humor in WoR here

Short version: Shallan is supposed to be attempting Regency Era Sewing-Circle humor (like in Jane Austin's books), but not often able to stick the landing on it.

Oh, and he's still answering new questions on the AMA which is really neat.

Dec 17, 2003

Jumpjet, melta, jumpjet. Repeat for ten minutes or until victory is assured.

computer parts posted:

I think it's more that some of the themes are closer to home (particularly a religious man who is faithful but sees disturbing elements of his faith).
This is exactly correct. I'm LDS and Hrathen is sort of a darker version of early LDS missionaries.

Neila Nuruodo
Jul 17, 2015

I am so glad to find a Sanderson thread here. He's definitely my favorite author of all time, and my friends are probably sick of my recommendations by now.

I second the "definitely read Warbreaker" advice. It was probably my favorite standalone story of of course I'm hyped about a sequel.

ruby idiot railed
Aug 1, 2004

whoa, what just happened here?

I still haven't had the heart to read the Calamity preview yet because it'll be over when January hits.

Neila Nuruodo
Jul 17, 2015

Previews make me crazy. I want the whole thing! These tidbits are not enough to satisfy me!

Although they can be useful if I'm not sure whether or not I want to buy a book. Obviously that won't be an issue for a Sanderson book, though.

Evil Fluffy
Jul 13, 2009

Nothing stops this train. We're just getting started.

Got through Warbreaker and it was pretty good. Title reference doesn't take too long to make its connection known (intended or not) however some of the plotting I didn't catch entirely so it threw me off a bit when things started getting wrapped up at the end. Overall it's definitely rougher thank Stormlight or Mistborn but still good. Now I'm even more confused about how Stormlight is going to progress since Szeth is clearly skilled in his own right even without an honorblade yet if Nightblood is able to feed off of Stormlight instead of Breath then not only would it mean getting to fight at an inhuman level without the life-stealing risk, but it seems kinda plausible (and likely) that using Nightblood against a shardblade could be really, really bad for the shardblade unless I misunderstood sprens' relationship to stormlight. If there's a followup book to Warbreaker I'd probably check it out but this book made me want Stormlight Archives #3 even more now.

Still confused as ever with Hoid. Given his activities as a World Hopper doesn't it stand to reason that he (and some others) would be insanely powerful if they've got the means to grab some of a world's power? Reading Warbreaker it seems pretty clear that any storyteller who is good enough to entertain a Returned is going to be held in such high regard that they can command a high price for their talents. Hoid could (and likely did) use that money to buy breath and even when on other worlds he could store some/most/all in his clothes when he doesn't want to stand out via a BioChromatic aura. I kinda want to see him get cornered and have to fight seriously.


Jul 25, 2007

It's gaelic.

Hrathen is an awesome character, Raoden is like crack feeding my addiction for hope-porn, only Sarene is kinda boring. I mean, she tells a standard fish-out-of-water story, and it's not done BAD, but... she's dull, especially compared to the other two.

I think what I like best about Brandon's worldbuilding is that he treats religion with gravity and seriousness. I've quite frankly gotten sick of all fantasy religion being either unstructured animism, the evil Catholics, or vague Grecian pastiche. Having actual theology, that people care about but are maybe a little unsure of... I find it really refreshing. I can't think of any other fantasy author that does it.

Warbreaker's Austre vs Returned dichotomy is great too.

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