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Nov 13, 2000

Always Drinking

Welcome to the Games Forum! We pride ourselves on having one of the best games forums on the internet, we do that by placing high standards on posting and making sure we don't get caught up in the endless trash of the internet and the many stupid people who post there. We have a few rules that help us do that:

1. All Forum rules apply here

That pretty much covers it, but sometimes we have people asking us questions about what they can and can't post here, so here are some tips and tricks straight from the gaming experts at

Can I post this thread about THING: Probably, sure, go ahead. If the thread is terrible we will simply close it or gas it. It's not a big deal if your thread gets gassed, it is a big deal if most of them do, so try making threads! It's pretty fun!

Warez: Donít talk about how you got things. Donít ask for help with anything warez related. Donít post links to sites that host cracks/torrents. This includes talking about certain sites that sell foreign Steam keys that require circumventing security via VPN et al to make use of.

Emulation/Private Servers/Abandonware If your are emulating MMO servers or just asking for help with NES Roms, we don't mind you guys chit chatting about it. But we don't want this to be a file forum, if you guys are hosting files yourself and want other goons to contact you off the forums, that is cool with us too, just don't drag the forums into it for legal reasons.

CD-Keys and international laws: None of us are lawyers, but if you have something that is shady, chances are it is. If you are really confused, please message any moderator first before you post it just to be safe! If we find something that could get us in trouble, we will gas the thread or remove links to help keep the site legally clean.

Poor Content/Lame Posting: Will not be tolerated. Games is probably the best gaming forum on the planet because of this. We do not tolerate tired, lame, poor, low/no effort posting in all forms. We do not tolerate trolls or console warriors, crusaders or anarchists. We are here to talk about our love and hate of games, you are free to do either one as long as you are not a blithering idiot or just here to make people accept your point of view.

Reporting: Report people who break the forum rules. Donít report people for things like "They disagree with me" or "Has wrong opinion about video game". If your report reason isn't clear, we can't help you, so please explain yourself and feel free to email/pm any mod if you need more help.

Console Warriors: We hate fanboys. Nobody cares about what system is better, we just like games here. We'll put a stop to all cross console bickering and bullshit. You want that, go to gamefaqs

Privilege If you mainly post about how disgusted you are with gamers and gamer culture and how everything is wrong and horrible, you're probably not in the right forum. We do not allow people to be racist/homophobic/sexist poo poo heads and will punish anyone who crosses any lines, however we can't make sure this is a trigger free safe place for everyone and still actually talk about anything. We know gamers for the most part of horrible, but so are people, which is why we try to filter out all the assholes and encourage you to report people and not get into pointless derailing topics. Keep in mind this is a comedy forum, but you don't need to be assholes, and if something offends you, report it. If everything offends you, expect to be kicked off the forums.

Sub Forums:

Games is a general discussion forum, but sometimes we need secret places to talk about stuff. Check out all the sub forums and Guild forums for dedicated gaming talks.

Private Games for servers and private game information. Passwords, plans for MMO things and other stuff you don't want viewable to the public. NO WAREZ GOD DAMNIT! This is not the hide stuff in it forum.

Traditional Games For Dungeons and Dragons and little plastic statue wars and card games and lonely virgin tears.

MMO HMO Talk about your time wasting online games here

Blizzard Forum For all your diablos and starcrafts and wows

Let's Play is now a forum for your let's playing needs. Post your Let's Play threads in there from now on.


That's right, check the top of the page for any official contests. We work with a lot of cool game companies and host contests whenever possible. You can also check out the Steam Gifting thread in Private Game Servers to enter goon run contests for free games. We are all goons here, we all love free games. If you are a game company/guy making iphone/facebook/indie/real games looking to run a contest, please contact me at

Need help? Contact any mod!
Feel free to PM any mod with questions or minor requests like fixing tags or titles. But do us a favor and link your thread so we don't have to search for it!

HELP US HELP YOU! - Let's keep the games forum running smooth! You guys rock and gaming is fun, so relax and let's do some posting bout games!

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Nov 13, 2000

Always Drinking

elpintogrande posted:

There's no denying Kickstarter is becoming a theoretical force in gaming and we all can appreciate the benefits for gamers and developers of cutting out the middleman. If you have a Kickstarter that you want to post please feel free to use The Kickstarter Gaming Thread to introduce your Kickstarter to the forums.

If you feel that you have a really really special game you want to talk about, you can post a thread just for that game, but if it is an active Kickstarter (ongoing fundraising) you MUST get mod approval from now on. Please PM any games mod with the relevant information.

SA is glad to support indie games and indie developers, but we do not want the games forum to be overrun with people trying to raise money. Again, you can seek mod permission via PM to post a thread or you can post about your game in The Kickstarter Gaming Thread.

Once a Kickstarter funded game has finished fundraising it will be treated like any other game. Anyone can post a thread, no permission required.

Thanks for understanding. This is essentially the same policy for fundraising/donations that apply to every other forum on SA.

Nov 13, 2000

Always Drinking

Amazing Amazon Deals! These are some goon deals!

Yes, Amazon reached out to us about helping us organize deals for goons. Amazon Tony is here to alert you about deals and answer any questions you have about Amazon. Check out this thread and please stop reporting him for spam, he has permission and is doing a cool thing for us!

Aug 7, 2002


Executive Extra Special Super New Rule #7: Warchicken do not post in the League of Legends thread.

Aug 7, 2002


Executive Extra Special Super Rule #8: Executive Extra Special Super Rule #7 is no longer a rule.

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