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Jan 10, 2004
I am Who I Am

I haven't had sex with very many women, only four to date, but of those four I've only truly enjoyed sex with one. Rachel (all names in this post have been changed, obviously) was the third woman I had ever slept with. Sex with her was beyond amazing. Simply being inside her was incredible, I had to exercise a fair amount of self control to prevent orgasm just resting in her. And when we were moving, loving, the physical sensation was incredibly intense, more so than with any other woman I've slept with. It wasn't just fun, it was a goddamn challenge. Early in our relationship I major endurance problems, something I had never dealt with before so I wasn't quite sure how to handle it. But she was ever gracious and in time I learned to control myself up to a point.

After dating for a few months we really found our rhythm and the sex went from amazing to "holy Jesus gently caress me to goddamn Mars"! It was mind blowing, finger numbing, toe curling orgasm after orgasm and they just kept getting better, more intense. Sex became mostly instinct, we just let go of any control we had and hosed. When I thought it couldn't get any better I discovered something new. One night I was just resting as deep inside her as I thought I could get, reveling in the sensation. After a few minutes I tilted my hips in a way I hadn't tried before and I slipped in just a bit deeper. There was this little pop from deep inside and our worlds exploded. It was instant orgasm for both of us, complete loss of what little control we had left at that point.

I've never experienced anything like that with any other woman. In fact I didn't really feel anything at all with the others, sex didn't feel like anything until the end. It was almost like loving air. After Rachel and I broke up I hooked up with Amanda. Amanda was much, much tighter than Rachel. So much so that the first night we fooled around I couldn't even get inside her. We had to work up to it over a couple of nights. But despite how tight, wet and warm she was there was very little physical sensation. In fact with the exception of some slight pressure I really couldn't tell I was inside her at all. I'm not even sure how I stayed hard enough to keep going because there was no pleasure, no feeling at all really until I started building towards orgasm, literally nothing.... nothing.... nothing... oh, this feels kind of nice but now I'm going to come. It was roughly 45 minutes of thrusting in various positions, 2 minutes of pleasure then a very weak orgasm. And it never got any better than that. Every time Amanda and I had sex she seemed to enjoy it but for me it was actually rather boring.

I wish I could say she was the exception not the rule but my experience with the other two women pretty much mirrors my time with Amanda. So I'm curious, guys have you had similar experiences? Ladies what about you? Do some penises feel better than others? Do some not feel good at all? And to everyone, why is it that one woman's vagina could feel so mind boggling incredible while another's not feel like anything at all? Do you think it's a mental thing? That sex only feels good when there's a true emotional connection? Why or why not? Could there be some sort of evolutionary mechanism at work here, a way of measuring genetic compatibility perhaps?

This has been something I've been pondering for a while now and while I have my own theories on the subject I'm curious to hear yours before I go into any more detail about this. So how bout it? Thoughts? Opinions? Scientific facts? Religious voodoo? I want them all.


Jun 14, 2008

You have been called out, in the ways of old.

What the gently caress, dude?

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