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Mar 23, 2009

The Pink Warrior should just shut up!

Dungeon Ecology posted:

I take it you have read this?

I read the poo poo out of that book. In fact, that's the reason why I started. I wanted to extend it and prove it.


The sexiest superheroine. I see she's rocking the 90s era Rob Liefeldian glowy eyes too.

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Women's Rights?
Nov 16, 2005

Ain't give a damn

The fact that her armor has nipples is fantastic.

Dungeon Ecology
Feb 8, 2011

Friends Are Evil posted:

Let the poo poo art commence, then.


Also, I legitimately thought Tim Buckley was funny when I was in high school. That should say volumes about the person I used to be.

There's probably a forums user named Ninja Bob. If so, you just gave him/her a new avatar.

Mar 28, 2010

community ham boil posted:

Someone in my family bought Lord of the Rings trivial pursuit after the movies came out, and no one will play it with me because I win every time.

This for me but with Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. When we busted it out the first time I went second and won on my first turn. There were five of us playing, so my brother and two of our friends got to sit there and watch me win without getting to do anything.

Jul 19, 2009

Dungeon Ecology posted:

In 10th grade, in ceramics class, I made a 6" chocobo figurine.

I made a figurine of a manga character too. Luckily the character was just a non-chocobo bird, so I escaped unscathed .

Feb 13, 2010

By the time I quit WoW (early 2011) I went through each character and type /played and added up my time played.

433 days

Also my freshman year of highschool someone pulled a chair out from under me when I was sitting down so I fell on the hard concrete floor, bruised my rear end and bicycle kicked him while screaming. It hurt like hell and I wanted to kick his rear end but couldn't stand up, but man what an embarrassing thing to do. Probably the most embarrassing moment of my life.

They said I looked like a turtle on its back

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Oct 21, 2008

one of these days

My friends and I spent our senior high school ball acting like we were in Runescape. We would do the emotes and fire making animations. I think we topped off the night with a 'follow' congo line that involved pretend 'lag'.

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Friends Are Evil
Oct 25, 2010

DrSunshine posted:

The sexiest superheroine. I see she's rocking the 90s era Rob Liefeldian glowy eyes too.

Yeah, for some reason, I gave all my characters glowing eyes.

Also, that character was supposed to be a general. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Friends Are Evil fucked around with this message at Nov 14, 2012 around 01:33

Jan 28, 2009
Pick a number, any number.

Chamale posted:

Now I'm 19 and my current kick is Magic: The Gathering; I can quote thousands of cards verbatim. I look at everyone else's posts in this thread about Magic and I think they're stupid for thinking it's a really nerdy thing. Except Abey, who jilted his prom date to play in a professional Magic tournament. I envy that.
Pretty much everyone who plays magic does this by accident. There's even a common game called mental magic where you play cards from a stack of lovely commons as any other card of their casting cost (usually converted casting cost), with the catch being you can't name the same card twice. Fun times, fun times.

I feel like my adolescence is filled with cringeworthy moments regarding nerdy hobbies but many involve sperging out to people who don't even know the game/show/whatever it is you're talking about or getting in fights over said nerdy hobbies.

Probably one the dumber things I did was e-dating people I met through a forum that was an offshoot of the wizards of the coast forums. Definitely a low point in my life.

Another good one was I loved to hang out in battle net channels on SC1 and just chat with people in the clans. Learned how to operate bots and everything, and programmed them to have stupid macros so like they'd enter the channel before me and announce my arrival or something. Tons of terrible RPing too.

Speedboat Jones
Dec 28, 2008

I went to Anime Expo and bought Disgaea figurines. This involved me looking at them and saying "Yes, I do want to spend money on these and display them on a shelf." Nowadays with anime I'm kind of a bitter near-30 hipster. I think most of the anime that's popular these days sucks and that only a very miniscule handful of anime is actually good, most of it from years ago.

Baron Von Baragon
Apr 7, 2012

Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of niceness.

Last year me and a bunch of friends got drunk off our rear end, watched like twenty episodes of Naruto, and cried when he said he'd never leave his friends behind.

When I was like 14 I went to my first booze-friendly party, and the dudes there just told me to grab something off his shelf. So of course I dumbly grabbed a bottle of 190 proof Everclear and drank about a quarter of it, trying to impress them.

It went badly.

uncloudy day
Aug 4, 2010

In high school I was a mod on a forum all about the video game Animal Crossing and met up with and kissed one of the girl posters.

Mar 21, 2008

I was ridiculously proud of writing simple DOS viruses in high-school and sending them straight to the dial-up antivirus BBS because being detected on the next version was like the biggest recognition ever and i could go on being an annoyingly smug "hacker" on FidoNet for months after.

It was like "Do you even know who i am ?! Sorry I can't tell you ".

Sir Prancelot
Mar 6, 2008

Knight of the
Rainbow Table.

Raku posted:

A short while ago ANN had a Rose of Versailles haiku contest, with free dvds as the prize.

I wrote something like 54 poems, so I'm gonna be super pissed if none of them win.
I am legitimately disappointed that I missed this.

That's both a reply and a sperg confession.

Nov 5, 2011

It's probably not tobacco. You just need to start wiping front-to-back from now on.

In high school, I was one of the first of my friends to get the internet. There were 5 of us, and only me and another girl were into anime. She would have me print pictures of Sailor Moon stuff and during our lunch hour she would tape them into a 3 ring binder. I later picked up that habit, but it was kind of a catch all anime binder. I still have it. We also convinced our homeroom teacher to let us watch the first Pokemon movie. We had to be juniors at this point. That was also the year that Phantom Menace came out, and I remember that same friend coming in with a padawan braid clipped into her hair. We also wrote an incredibly long and filthy Mary Sue parody of the first X-men movie, which is on We were also really into Austin Powers at the time, so in the X-men fic we had Senator Kelly turn into Fat Bastard instead of a proto-mutant, and then later a bucket of chicken instead of water. It was really fuckin' weird, but even 10 years later it still makes me laugh.

Aug 15, 2004

Around the time I was in middle school and high school a friend of mine introduced me to a relatively large Star Trek gaming forum. I mostly lurked, but I did participate in one of the active turn based strategy role playing games known as Dominion Wars or something. I asked to be a little known race called the Gorn. Each day I crafted turn reports and did a bunch of math to see how many resources I produced, how many ships I built, and all of that stuff. I even made a website at one point with a detailed back story, fluff, and everything for my little empire.

I stuck with this game for what seemed like over a year through forum changes, rule changes, and tons of other drama, essentially just crunching numbers and getting into internet wars with the Klingons of all people. I quit shortly after an attempt to reboot the game because it had became too complex to be fun. I just wanted to build my space fleet and colonize new worlds. I tried to join other similar games, especially for Babylon 5 since I loved the series at the time, but none were ever as stable or engrossing. I've lost all of that stuff though so I can't even dig up anything for nostalgia.

Other things I've done include joining a Star Trek role-playing chatroom for a couple of months and creating an anime music video of Cowboy Bebop.

Nov 23, 2007

Just cause I hate a pussy on my dick doesn't make me less of a manly man.

I am like a reverse-nerd. I figured out I was gay around, I wanna say 9, and had so much sex (with like-aged people) between then and 21 it was absurd. I even lost my gold star! Shortly after moving out on my own I just ceased socializing and became an Internet-dwelling misanthrope. I still have a few good friends but they're all married with children at this point and I'm too socially stunted to strike out on my own.

I do a pretty good job convincing myself that my situation is OK

e: Not much nerd content here. I just wondered what it would be like to admit that poo poo. Neat. I do have 323 hours in Skyrim and have been playing WoW since 2005. Also I'm going to see some Star Trek episodes in a movie theater on the 29th on a Friday night by myself. Does this count?

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Sep 8, 2011


I chose to finish KotOR2 rather than see my grandma for the last time. I was the worst human being.

Justin Godscock
Oct 12, 2004

Aw, son of a bitch!

I blast the Back to the Future theme on my car stereo while accelerating onto the highway.

No joke.

Tempura Wizard
Sep 15, 2006

spending all
spending all my time

For a few months in middle school I would carry around a dictionary and read it in my spare time. I mostly did this thinking it would impress other people.
I wrote Ed, Edd & Eddy fan episodes in (I think it was?) middle school. I posted them on my Geocities Ed Edd & Eddy fansite.
I was a member of the anime club for my first two years of high school, and would go to anime conventions and the like. I'd do the cringe-worthy things that this entails: horrible drawings, "monkey cheese" humor, putting random Japanese words into English sentences, and spending too much money on useless poo poo.
And the hats, oh god, the hats...
At the height of my retro-game collector phase in college, I owned over 400 cartridges. I probably only played around 50 of those games for more than an hour.

Luckily, I got better one realization at a time. Selling or donating almost all of the stuff I owned during the last 10 years of my life was extremely cathartic.

Sep 29, 2009

Some girl used to walk three miles out of her way to walk home with me, including walking with me to my house and coming in to hang out awkwardly for like two years and I was never "sure" if she liked me.

I kick myself over that one.

Venusian Weasel
Nov 18, 2011

Giblet Plus! posted:

I also attended a LAN party with my friends in place of senior prom.

LAN parties are more fun than proms.

I was active in Cybernations for a few years before the game started getting a little old. I thought I was hot poo poo for having a high post count in the forums, even though the vast majority of those were in the "spam and games" section. I started a couple of small alliances, but they usually ended in dismal failure. My country wasn't even all that great.

I'm especially ashamed when I go back and look at other forums I'd been a member of for a long time, and that 16-year old me was a smug, wannabe comedian whose "jokes" were out-of-context Monty Python quotes. Even in real life, I was kind of an rear end who thought he was funny. I alienated a couple of good friends that way.

I was also obsessed with all things anime. I was paranoid about being outed as an uber-weeaboo, although in hindsight I think I made it pretty clear that I was. Back in high school, if you had a question about anime, I was the guy to talk to. I spent an entire art class explaining how awesome Evangelion was to people who weren't really interested in it. I made terrible t-shirts (with anime girls on them) by projecting a picture on the wall and drawing it with markers. I was probably THAT GUY more than once, but the "everyone knows everyone else" nature of my small-town high school kept me from getting too delusional (I think).

There was this cute girl who would show up before the morning bell and glomp me. She also spent a couple of weeks trying to invite me over to her place to watch anime with her on multiple occasions. The problem was that I was still in the "ew, cooties" stage until late in high school. I don't remember what I said to her to get her to stop bugging me, but it was something that brought tears. I still feel like kind of a jerk about it.

Actually, come to think of it, most of the nerd-related poo poo I did between middle school and my sophomore year of college is kind of cringeworthy.

community ham boil
Nov 6, 2012

the universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.

Friends Are Evil posted:

Let the poo poo art commence, then.

Your gun-man made me think of this bad guy from Keith Courage in Alpha Zones.

Aug 7, 2008

I wrote a fanfic set in the Unreal Tournament universe with a villain who was basically a clone of Sephiroth... among other horribly horrible writing pursuits in middle school. I'm lucky that I was never much for drawing.

There was a time when I could name off all 151 of the original Pokemon in order... probably also middle school. Those were dark days.

strangemusic fucked around with this message at Nov 14, 2012 around 03:22

The Bible
May 8, 2010

I carried a 2nd edition AD&D Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monstrous Manual, and Tome of Magic to every single class in middle school because I thought it'd make me look interesting and cool.

dongsbot 9000
Feb 18, 2012

honk honk whats for lunch

I once hosed up a Magic meme while watching someone stream Magic:the Gathering Online and I've never returned.

Feb 11, 2008

It was all going well, and then the parademons showed up

I come up with elaborate backstories for the costumes I wear on Halloween. One was based on a series of 1950's sci-fi pulp novels (that never existed) and another costume was based on a Batman (1960's TV show) villain (that never existed). I gave each character in exhaustive background.

Sep 14, 2012

I am working on an exceedingly detailed simulation of the Apollo spacecraft, using the original software, checklists, and procedures. I even talked with two of the surviving Saturn software developers on the phone today in an attempt to chase down the Saturn flight software.

Lemon Cello
Sep 2, 2011

you're posting...

I made a temporary best friend when I was 11 when we found out we both wrote Draco/Hermione fanfiction. I don't remember how it came up. Nowadays I'm much more of an anthropology nerd than a pop-culture nerd. Recently I botched a chance to have sex because I decided to the gently caress out about Turkana Boy in the middle of standard party conversation. To be fair, Turkana Boy is my favorite hominid. I have a cast of his skull that I named Richard Leakey.

Oct 10, 2012

Come on die young

Pizza Dude posted:

I regularly corner people and spend 30 minutes to an hour telling them about modular synthesizers.

Sounds like my kind of sperg

For content, I recall spending a few days with my brothers and friends where we attempted to make a Half-life mod. At the time we used to play quite a bit of Counterstrike, Firearms, and other mods over LAN. I'm not sure when we decided we wanted to make our own mod, but we tried! Obviously, the biggest problem and no one knew how to code. The only progress we made was editing the main menu to say "Operation Falcon" (sweet name I know) set to the Rogue Spear main theme. We also drew out a mock up 'hand holding gun' model to use in the game.

I also recall when I was in 4th grade, my friend and I decided we wanted to convince the the US and Russian governments to build a bridge over the barren strait. We even drew out a scaled drawing of the bridge on 20 horizontally taped together pieces of paper.

Not super spergy, but the kind of thing that makes me say... what was I thinking.

Edit: I just remembered in middle school I used to transcribe entire songs into Guitar Pro. Each song would take me hours to replicate. The payoff being my favorite tunes in lovely Microsoft general midi!

SineRider fucked around with this message at Nov 14, 2012 around 04:37

Nov 16, 2009

get UPI!

In high school I was a pretty big weeaboo. To be fair, my friends were too, but that doesn't really excuse it. I took a Japanese class and would go around babbling in bad Japanese. This was back in 2001/2002 so it was before the internet exploded with memes, but we honest to god would go around squealing, "this is so KAWAIIII!" and answered each other with "hai!" or "iie!" One day a friend and I were babbling Japanese to each other and one of our friends yelled at us, "goddammit you are NOT JAPANESE. SPEAK ENGLISH." Oh, if only we had listened. She was wise beyond her years.

My friends wrote slashy Gundam Wing fanfiction to each other, and I think they combined some Harry Potter in there, too. I RPed Dragon Ball Z with random people online, and actually started an online 'relationship' with a guy I RPed with who ended up being a girl who was pretending to be a guy! Isn't that supposed to happen the other way around?. Yeah, our dates ended up being between our characters. I look back on those years and laugh and cringe and am thankful I am mature enough to see that sort of crap as ridiculous.

Edit: I also wrote Animorphs fanfiction, and wrote a letter to the author asking if she would be interested in using my self-insert fan character in her books.

Deathcake fucked around with this message at Nov 14, 2012 around 04:30

Jul 23, 2003

Thulsa Doom posted:

My nerd story is pretty simple. I was once the moderator of one of the larger Diablo forums on the internet, and my life pretty much revolved around it when I should have been doing any one of various other things instead.

When I was deprived of my moderator powers over forum drama, I wept.

Haha. Pretty much the same thing here, except it was the official counter-strike forums. I did it for a few years, but ended up quitting when they moved from being hosted on-site to being integrated into gamespy. Then I followed a some people from there to here and some of them still post here. If I'd stayed I coulda gotten a cool 2 or 3 digit steamid. Totally not worth it.

May 23, 2012

I tried to make sense of the story of the metal gear solid games from middle school until my Junior year of high school. After beating MGS 4, I don't really like "deep" story driven or cutsene heavy movie-like games as much anymore, but I still love MGS 3 because how silly it can be and enjoyed Max Payne 3 for its outstanding gunplay despite being laden with cutscenes.

I have nearly 1,300 hours TF2 but part of me feels secretly ashamed that I spent the majority of my time was spent funhaving with a bunch of regulars on my favorite server which happened to be all-talk 32 players and instant respawn(didn't know it was instant spawn at the time). My favorite class is soldier and I don't know how to do any of the fancy rocket jumps or rollouts, airshot opponents with rockets, or care too much about hats as the combat was the main draw for me and the soldier is just a hilarious character.

Friends Are Evil
Oct 25, 2010

community ham boil posted:

Your gun-man made me think of this bad guy from Keith Courage in Alpha Zones.

Holy poo poo, that is uncanny.

Casu Marzu
Oct 20, 2008

me larvae long time

Thulsa Doom posted:

My nerd story is pretty simple. I was once the moderator of one of the larger Diablo forums on the internet, and my life pretty much revolved around it when I should have been doing any one of various other things instead.

This is mine too. Diablo II forum moderator at age 14. Even helped run introductory chats once a week for like a year for people new to the guild so they could be instructed on guild rules and conduct.

Jan 28, 2009
Pick a number, any number.

Casu Marzu posted:

This is mine too. Diablo II forum moderator at age 14. Even helped run introductory chats once a week for like a year for people new to the guild so they could be instructed on guild rules and conduct.
I think powertripping on stupid internet forums/clans/groups/whatever was a right of passage that taught you the true meaning of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I have no clue why I wanted to be a forum mod where I liked to post, it seems like it'd be a huge drag on SA but I'm sure if I were 14 again I'd wish I was.

ghetto wormhole
Sep 15, 2008

Skilleddk posted:

A girl literally told me she wants to suck my dick and I answered "oh really"

This except her exact words were "we should gently caress".

And a different girl: "You can sleep here tonight if you want..." Oh that's ok I'll just go back to my dorm room!

Mar 15, 2008

Look at that post.

Suzuran posted:

I am working on an exceedingly detailed simulation of the Apollo spacecraft, using the original software, checklists, and procedures. I even talked with two of the surviving Saturn software developers on the phone today in an attempt to chase down the Saturn flight software.

This is amazing. Are you going to post it in the Spaceflight thread when you're done?

To contribute, I was another one of those kids who tried to teach themselves Elvish. I think I was trying to learn Sindarin, though. My best friend in middle school and I made up our own (dumb) LotR inspired names and called each other by them all the time and spent ages on this forum we were both mods of sperging about Tolkien with other horrible nerds. We also spent weeks running around in stupid costumes speaking in atrocious British accents for a video book report (on LotR, of course) in like 8th grade.

I still reread the books from time to time and occasionally play Lord of the Rings Online, though, so really not much has changed there.

Sep 8, 2011


A girl who had a crush on me throughout middle school ran up to me at a dance and threw herself around me trying to dance with me. I smelled her hair and walked away.

Another time a girl looked at me, blushing, twiddling her fingers, and asked if I thought she was pretty. I said "no." I was playing hard to get, you see. She never talked to me again.


The Gilded Age
Mar 28, 2010

I played strip Mario Kart with a girlfriend.

I LARPed Ed Edd and Eddy under a slide while others dropped rocks on us.

I got the football during recess so I jumped in a puddle of mud so the others couldn't get me.

I simulated an rts during winter with seven others at recess. We used snowballs as currency and I assigned people work. One questioned my leadership and formed a second opposing group with FREE snowballs for everyone. He flooded my economy.


In fifth grade, I explained to my friend what goatse and tub girl were.

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