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Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008


New Mumble: address default port 64738

Server: Mattherson

Mission and Objective
Use superior numbers and general badassery to gently caress over everything put in our way. Like a winged, flexible, turtleshell sledgehammer, ready to pull 50 reavers at a moments notice, we will rain cheeto-laced destruction on all who stand in our way. And more dadtalk than other goon outfits.

Seriously though. Our main objective is to get a lot of players in big fights, because that’s how you have fun in this game. Winning the fights is even better, and that’s cool because we have some cool squad leaders who play a lot that can make that happen. But what’s important to note here might be what we are not, and that’s a group that goes around backcapping bitch bases during prime-time. We go to the fight and win it. And if the fight is losing, we turn it around.

Our secondary objective, and this goes with the classic goonswarm mentality is numbers. Planetside is an MMO almost as much as it is an FPS. We need lots of people. The more the better. We’ll be recruiting pubbies into the outfit and keep track of them in a separate but equal forums. Maybe some will want to fork over ten bucks for SA, I dunno. Doesn’t matter, we’ll take what we can get, especially if these pubbies appear to not suck at the game.

The last main objective is to make the experience the most fun for everyone. Since the game is HUGE and you can have MASSIVE numbers of players trying to coordinate at once, this really comes down to having good communication and organization. HH is gonna require you to have a mic, require you to have mumble, require you to follow the mumble rules. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. If you can’t talk or coordinate with the rest of the group, there’s no point in being in the group, and plenty of other places to go. More on the organizational poo poo below.

Just to recap, our overguiding mission in HH is to 1. fight in big fights and cause chaos whereverest we go, 2. recruit a plethora of players, 3. be organized and communicative enough to make the game an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Joining the Outfit
Get on the mumble, explain who you are, ask for an invite to the outfit. Somebody will help you get situated.

Philthy posted:

Just install Mumble, connect to the server in the OP, then launch PS2, join an Outfit platoon in the game, then alt-tab out and put yourself in the right channel in mumble. Set up your Push-To-Talk key. Every time you fart, push this key and stick the mic on your rear end. Everyone in the channel will hear it and congratulate you.

We will be using a squad leader channel format that allows squad leaders to talk between each other and to their squads, without each channel talking to each other. You may miss out on the best fart joke of the day because you’re not in the channel with weedlordbonerhitler, deal with it. This format will always happen whenever >30 HH members are on, no exceptions.

Thanks Popcornicus for the instructions:


Mumble Setup for Commanders
This guide explains how to set up Whisper hotkeys in Mumble, which allow you to speak into any channel with a keypress. This ability is critical for commanders who need to contact particular squads, sets of squads in particular roles (e.g. air units), or all squads on a continent at once.

Go to Configure and select Settings.

Select Shortcuts on the lefthand nav and hit Add at the bottom left. Click 'Unassigned' in the Function column and choose 'Whisper'. Click the empty Data field. A new window will open.

Choose the 'Whisper to Channel' radio button. In the box below, select the channel you'd like to whisper to. If you also want to whisper to that channel's subchannels, check the 'Whisper to subchannels' box. Hit 'OK'.

Click the empty Shortcut field and hit the key you want to set as the push-to-talk key.

Congratulations, commander! You can now whisper to any channel with a keypress. Note that you can also configure Whisper keys for particular users, perfect for bursting the enemy goon commander's eardrums with dank dubstep beats.

Additionally, there is only one shout channel you need to set up. the Squad Leaders Channel. (And all subchannels.) We've got it set up now to where all the squad leader channels are linked to their appropriate squad channels (you can use your regular talk key bind). And using the squad leaders bind will only talk to other squad leaders.

Also, EVERYBODY GO TO YOUR SQUAD CHANNELS GODDAMIT. Unless you're a squad leader, then go to your squad leader channel.

And here’s a little on mumble etiquette. These three things will keep you from getting muted, kicked, or eventually banned from the mumble. Also, if you're leaving, or if you crashed and are deciding to leave, notify your squad or the next squad leader, so that that squad leader can get into their squad leader channel. squad leader that that mumble mumble.

1. Don’t be whiney on the mumble. You can whine to your girlfriend, whine to your dog, whine on the forums, whatever. But don’t bring it into the game. It’s one of the few things that’s instantly annoying to everyone and someone literally just complained about it 5 minutes ago and nobody cares and it adds nothing to anyone’s fun.

2. Have a good attitude. This is sort of a cousin to #1 up there. Don’t slam your keyboard because we lost a base. Don’t freak out because no one will listen to me! Don’t tell everyone how lovely another player is, (unless they’re breaking rule one or two). Focus on killing bad guys and having fun in the game and you will.

3. Don’t try to be Master and Commander your first day in. This should go without saying, but try and get in with the group and do a lot of listening before ordering people around. Just because someone got DC’d and your name is highlighted doesn’t mean you need to start barking orders. Some of us have been playing almost every day for months now, so we’ve sort of figured out how some things work. If you play long enough and frequently enough and have been following rule 1 and 2, people will ask you to be squad leader. It’s that easy.

Platoon and Squad Leaders
I’m gonna list some people who have consistently shown relatively good leadership so far. And tend to make smart moves and get along with everyone. These people should have high priority for Platoon and Squad leaders. If these people is not you and one of them comes on, press ‘P’ and assign them to squad/platoon leader. It’ll make it better than them having to ask, and helpful to everyone.

If you’re name isn’t on the list and it should be, either PM me/2fat or pull one of us aside on mumble and we can talk about how we forgot you, or how you refuse to coordinate with everyone else and always take your squad into stupid useless unfun places. I really hope to make this list long. Having more suitable leaders is a great thing, and gives us much better flexibility, especially as we grow.

As long as a player has a mic and can get in mumble, they can join the outfit. Ask people in game, ask your mom, tell your girlfriend to get a computer. Try to grow us. If people get on and they’re tools, we can just boot them out. It’s easy to grow, and the more we do the more we can have an effect on the world that is PS2. Post on the official PS2 forums and on SA about how much freaking fun you had last night. Get people on board. Do it.


Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008


Planetside 2. Oh boy, a lot of us have been waiting for this game. Either we were original Planetside fans, or we the sound of a next-gen MMOFPS with hundreds of players at once is music to our ears. Either way, there are a lot of people ready and waiting for Planetside: the Next Generation.

And you just found out about the game and you’re worried and scared and stuff about being totally new. Nice! This guide is for you. I’ll try to keep this little write-up as long and as short as it needs to be. Planetside 2 (PS2) is a massive game with lots of organizational brouhaha, vehicles, weapons, resources, classes, and HUGE maps (“continents”), and can be a little intimidating for the new player. This guide is more than a cheat sheet, slightly less than a novel and is targeted towards those players who just fired up the game and have no idea what the cheese and crackers is going on.

When you log onto the game you fill find yourself inside your faction’s main base called a “Warpgate”. From here, attempt to test out some of the terminals. See if there are any open squads (more below). Follow some people around, test out the map, try to find somewhere to fight. No matter how good (or bad) I make this guide, it’s up to you, the new player, to experiment and learn how to play. Just have a little patience, and this game will reward you with so much fun your ears will ring.

Teamwork, or Outfits, Platoons, and Squads Oh My
One of the biggest differences between PS2 and your traditional Halo, Call of Duty, or Battlefield First-Person-Shooter is the sheer scale of it. The maps are big, which can make it difficult to find where the fight is. There are a lot of virtual dudes fighting each other, so even if you find the fight, you may be overwhelmed, or find few enemies to engage. Finding the balance can be very difficult fighting solo.

This brings me to probably the most important facet to having fun in this game: Play with Other People ™. This game isn’t fun solo, and it’s not made to be played solo. You need other people to be effective. One person rarely affects the battlefield versus 20 enemy dudes, or 200 for that matter (or even 400+). Teamwork is the difference between being a pesky fly on the wall and a rhinoceros charging at the enemy. So how do you find people to play with?

Methods of Organization
There are three types of organization. Outfits, platoons, and squads. Outfits are the large groups, basically the MMO “guilds” or “clans” of Planetside 2. Outfits can be hundreds (or thousands) of people that have access to a set of basic communication commands (type /os to say something to your outfit). This makes it easier for platoons and squads to get started.

Squads are started by a squad leader by adding players from his/her friends list or typing “/squad invite [name here]”. A squad can have up to 12 players in it. A platoon is just a collection of squads with up to 4 squads. There is also another way to start squads (below).

Joining an Outfit
Join the outfit by joining mumble and asking for an invitation. Keep nagging until somebody helps you out. Sometimes we’re in the middle of big fights and it will take us a second to get to you.

Joining a Platoon or Squad
Join the squad by pressing ‘P’ and looking for the outfit’s goon squad at the time. If there is no current goon squad up, ask on mumble to see if one can be opened, or if they’re all full and another squad needs started.

The Map. Or Where the Smurf am I?
There are already 150+ different locations between the three continents of Amerish, Indar, and Esamir which can make the initial entry into the game a complete whirlwind. You might hear someone say, “We’re heading to Indar Excavation site.” And be totally WTF’d for 3 minutes as you zoom in and scan for it on the map. So it can be a little bit important to take some time to become fimiliar with the map.

First of all, press ‘M’ to see the map. A good idea is to check all of the boxes in the bottom right corner. However, some people like the grid option, some don’t.

Next of all, the locations just take some time to get used to. Human beings are pretty good in general about memorizing locations (I think I read that somewhere). But with the huge volume of places, it just takes time. So take that time early on, and go through the map and read the names of the places, especially the big bases like Bio Labs, Tech Plants, and Amp Stations. If someone mentions that they’re heading to an area, spend the time to find it on the map yourself before you ask, “where is that?” You’ll catch on before you know it!

Ways to Come Back Into the Game (Spawn)
There are currently 5 ways to come from death into the game right now or spawn into the game. Let me talk about each one.

Bases. Likely the most common way you’ll be spawning for most of your life, is in one of the “spawn tubes” at a base. Some bases have ways to disable these spawn tubes, so keep that in mind (more below).

Instant Action. This has been a little buggy in the beta so far, but I have high hopes for it. Basically, if you go to your map, there’s a list of “Hot Spots” on the map where there is likely a fight going on. If you click on one of these locations, you will redeploy (hopefully) in a drop-pod where that big fight is going on. This can be good if you just got in the game and you’re looking for a fight!

Squad Beacons. Squad beacons are little cylinders that your squad leader can put down if he has cert’d into them.

Sunderers. There is a certification that allows a sunderer to become an a mobile spawn point when the sunderer is deployed (more on certs below, if you have one of these Sunderers, press ‘B’ to deploy it and allow people to spawn). Sunderers have a lot of health for a vehicle, and can hold 12 people, so they’re pretty good for transporting warriors around and helping make spawn points for attacks or bases where the spawn generators have been destroyed.

Squad Leader Spawn. Right when you join a platoon you can press F11 to drop pod on your squad leader.

When you’re looking at the map, you can right-click on the map and select, Personal Waypoint. This will put a giant beam of light for you to see in first-person view. If you’re in a squad or platoon, platoon and squad waypoints can be set by leaders, to help guide the platoon or squad. Getting good at setting waypoints can help you get from point A to point B much more efficiently.

Finding a Fight
When you look at the map, you’ll see hexes in one of three colors (mostly). These colors represent the different factions, and the territory they control. Usually, there is fighting where these colors meet. Head to these faction borders, listen for gunfire, and you’ll be shooting bad guys in no time.

Continent Hopping
Currently, there are three continents that you can play on. Esamir, Indar, and Amerish. You may find that you’ve logged into the game on the wrong continent, or that the group has decided to switch continents. To tell which continent you’re on, simply press ‘M’ to view the map. The big white name on top of the screen is the continent where you’re currently located.

To change continents, go to the globe terminals located inside your faction’s main warpgate building.

Resources allow you to buy things. Cool Things. Things like MAXs, vehicles, grenades, mines, and C4. Having lots of resources is awesome, and makes sure you have plenty of Cool Things. Not having resources makes you sad, because you can’t buy very many Cool Things.

Resources come from territory control. Each base, when captured, gives you a certain amount of resources every 5 minutes. To see how much of a resource a base gives your faction, hover over that base in the map (press ‘M’).

There are three kinds of resources in this game, mechanized, aerial, and infantry. Mechanized (orange) is for all ground vehicles, aerial (green) is for everything up in the air, and infantry (yellow) is for all non-vehicle aquisitions including C4, grenades, mines, MAXs, and restoration kits.

The Other Way to Get Resources
To ensure that your skill and playing actively would help you also get resources, SOE put in an alternate mechanic to gain resources. For every 25ish points you get in a base, you get 1 point of that type. For me that comes up to about 9 kills gets you about 40 of that resource. It seems miniscule, but in addition to the 5 minute “ticks” it’s not that bad. You also get +10 of each resource from your warpgate, this is supposed to help factions get out of the warpgate if they get pushed back that far.

Bases are the strongholds, chokepoints, and building clusters, that can be captured and defended by the three factions. Not all bases are alike. Some have a single point of capture, others have two or three points of capture. Some bases have shields that must be destroyed before you can access certain parts of the base.

Capturing Points
Capturing points is easy in this game. All you have to do is stand by the point (point ‘A’ or point ‘B’ for example.) Wait a little while, the other faction’s color will go down, and your faction’s color will go up, and you’ll have taken the point. The more people who sit on the point, the faster the point goes up. Now just capturing the point isn’t enough. You haven’t captured the base yet!

By the way, you can tell if an enemy is retaking a point, or if an ally is taking a point, if it starts blinking on the map (or on your HUD). You can use these blinking points to tell where you might need to attack or defend at any given base.

Influence System
Once a point is captured in a base, the influence bars (on the bottom left side of your screen) start to reflect the base capture (not the point capture that’s different). Influence is determined by how many touchpoints your surrounding territory has on that base. If you have 0% influence, you will not be able to capture a base. If you have 5% influence, you can take the point but it will take a LONG time to capture the base. If you have 50% influence, you’ll probably cap it in about 5 minutes. Etc.

Now, with the tug-of-war system, you’ll see the enemy influence bar go down, then your faction’s bar go up. If you do not have a member standing on the point, the influence bar goes down. This basically means you always need someone in the vacinity of the point. Also, the more members of your faction on the point, the faster it will cap for up to twelve players.

Overloading Shields
Some of the tech plants have Shields. Some of these shields protect the outside walls and keep vehicles from coming in (most have an infantry entrance somewhere, if you’re on foot you’ll have to run around until you find it). The vehicle shields look like a tank with a shield around it, in some bases, especially amp stations, you must get two vehicle shield generator’s down to bring down the outside shields. Once you get inside, you may need to destroy even more shields to get inside. Find the shield generators (they look like shields with lines in them), walk up to them, and hold ‘E’ to begin the overload process. This is like setting a bomb in CSS. After a minute and a half the shield will explode (if no enemy comes to diffuse your overload) and you and your comrades will be able to move into the next level. It’s a little more complicated than that, but the point is, destroy the generators if the shields are up! It is the most important part of taking a big base.

Teleporters, Elevators and Jump-pads
Some bases have teleporters and jump-pads. Teleporters can be found by looking for the cylindrical indicators on your HUD. These are typically located in the BIG bases. But some are found in towers or other places where you need a place to go up several floors. Teleporters only work if your faction owns the base or outpost where the teleporter is located.

Elevators are yellow and blue particle things that come out of lit-up circles on the ground. The yellow elevator safely brings you up and the blue elevator safely brings you down. You can use the yellow elevator to give your LA extra lift when going to the top of some buildings.

Jump-pads are purple circles on the ground with what looks like small steps pointing in a direction away from the circle. This will quickly toss your character across to a certain part of the map in the direction of steps.

Terminals look like terminals. The terminals that you can use will match your colors faction. There are separate terminals for Ground Vehicles, Air Vehicles, Galaxies, and resupply and switching between Classes (including the MAX). Be careful, these terminals can be hacked by shifty infiltrators and used against you. If you’re in a base where a terminal has simply changed color for no reason, be careful, there may be an infiltrator around you somewhere!

Classes (Infantry)
There are six different infantry classes you can choose from in PS2. You can change classes by class terminals (the gun symbol on your HUD). You can also change classes when you die, with one exception. You cannot spawn a MAX when you’re dead. You can also change classes from the AMS terminals on the sides of AMS sunderers. All classes but the MAX cost zero resources, with the MAX costing 100 infantry. Each class, except the Engineer, has a special ability.

The infiltrator is a sniper class that can go invisible. Also, by standing very close to terminals and turrets and pressing ‘E’, an infiltrator can hack the terminals and turrets, turning them from an enemy device to an allied device. Press ‘F’ to use the infiltrator’s invisibility. There is a cooldown on the invisibility, but it does recharge after a set amount of time. The slower you move with the invisibility on the less you’ll be seen, with standing still makes you 99.9% invisible.

The infiltrator also has radar darts. By shooting these darts onto allied or enemy vehicles, players, or structures, all allied players have about 90 seconds of mini-map visibility to the enemy’s location, in proximity to the dart. Basically wallhacks!

Light Assault
The light assault is a mobility class. The LA has a decent gun that’s a nice balance between the combat medic and the heavy assault. The special ability on the LA is the jump-pack. To use the jump-pack, simply hold down the space bar. The jump-pack holds momentum from your movement, so running before you jump will send you higher in that direction. You can use the jump pack in spurts to get to very hard to reach places, or come down from very high up places.

If you’re playing the LA class, remember your ABMs, “Always be moving.” And you’ll notice the strength of the class. Being able to flank and come from awkward angles can frequently upset enemy lines and get you lots of kills!

C4 is on awesome unlock on this class.

Combat Medic
The combat medic is a great class for new players. First of all, the combat medic has one of the most accurate and damaging guns of all the classes—really the only true assault rifle by default. Also, by pressing the ‘F’ key, the CM can heal themselves and nearby allies. The medic also has a tool that allows them to heal and revive nearby allies.

The engineer is a utility class that provides vital services to groups of players. One of the main uses of the engineer is the repair tool, which can be used to repair vehicles and turrets. Also, another extremely helpful facet, the engineer can lay down ammo packs to give allied players and himself ammo.

Additionally, the engineer has a deployable turret, which, while only working against infantry (including MAXs), is extremely effective at covering chokepoints.

Heavy Assault
The heavy assault is the major infantry anti-vehicle class. The HA has a huge rocket launcher that is very effective for destroying vehicles. The HA is also the only class with an LMG, which is a generally inaccurate gun that packs a huge punch and has a ton of bullets. The rocket launcher can also be used to great effect versus MAXs and other infantry.

The MAX is basically a suit of armor for infantry, that allows weapon attachments on each arm. The MAX for each faction has a flame-thrower, an anti-vehicle arm, an anti-infantry arm, and an anti-air arm (Burster). MAXs can be extremely effective in offensive or defensive situations, where there is a ton of infantry.

MAXs can be revived by combat medics, but can only be repaired by engineers. A MAX with an engineer buddy and maybe a medic buddy can stay up for a long time, so it helps to have friends as a MAX.

Another one of the key differences between PS2 and many other FPSs, other than the scale, is the importance of vehicles to combat. Learning to be a strong pilot or driver can make an enormous difference in this game. Often, huge battles are lost or won due to the skill of the pilots and drivers on each side.

Learning to Fly
Compared to many other games, flying is very odd in PS2. However, you can tell that SOE geared the controls for keyboard and mouse, and after a bit of practice, you’ll be flying with the pros in no time. It’s a good idea to grab your faction’s fighter, (the Scythe, Reaver, or Mosquito) and fly it around randomly, just to get a feel for the controls. Just hover around and see what feats you can accomplish (like barrel rolls, go under a bridge, etc.) just try to get a hold on the maneuverability, so when the time comes you’ll be ready for that crazy dog fight you’ll talk about for weeks.

A cheap aircraft, effective mostly against other aircraft, the fighters for each faction soar through the air at high speeds and fantastic maneuverability. Because of the sheer speed and quick-turning of the fighters, flying a fighter well can be one of the biggest learning curves for new players. However, skilled fighters can be a huge hindrance to ground as well, coming from the sky above and doing steady damage to tanks and other ground vehicles.

The liberator is the bomber in PS2. The liberator can have three dudes in it, the pilot (who also mans the nose gun, the bomber, and the tailgunner. The default “bomber gun” for the liberator is now the Shredder, which is basically a giant cycling LMG that is pretty effective versus vehicles and other air targets. Liberators become way more useful once you can buy the Dalton or Zephyr guns for the vehicle.

The default transport aircraft for PS2, the galaxy can hold 12 dudes (including MAXs), and is the fastest way to carry those people from point A to point B. Infantry that drops from a Galaxy is immune from fall damage with one exception. If a guy falls from Galaxy and hits something slanted, his momentum will continue, but his protection from fall damage will not. Try to drop people, and drop from Galaxies on flat terrain.

Heavy Metal
The ground vehicles in this game can be surprisingly fun. And on open continents like Esamir, can be essential to winning bases and battles.

Heavy Tanks
The heavy tanks are very different between factions. Since this is a noobie guide I don’t want to go into all the tactics you can use in each one. Basically, the Magrider has a speed-boost, the Prowler deploys, and the Vanguard has a shield. All tanks have weaker armor on the sides and the weakest armor in the back. Tanks have a long range in PS2, so it’s wise to slowly push up as a tank, and be very careful. Rockets, other tanks, and liberators are all waiting there to blow you up!

A very fast light tank. The lightning has very little firepower with that compared to the heavy tanks. But is great at flanking and taking out groups of infantry. The lightning has very paper-thin armor, so using it’s maneuverability is key to ensuring your survival. Getting in and out of a fight is the key to driving a lightning.

One of the best ways to get around and make spawn points in PS2. Certing into the Sunderer AMS allows you to deploy the Sunderer, press ‘B’. That’s really all you need to know, this is what makes the Sunderer great (and expensive)!

A small ATV. This is basically the default way to get somewhere if you can’t get a ride. Using flashes when you’re at a small base can be a lot quicker than redeploying or waiting for a ride from someone else. And they’re cheap, so you may see yourself using one frequently to get to a fight fast.

Purchasing Upgrades and Certifications
After a little while, the default weaponry and vehicles may just not cut it for you anymore. That’s OK, there’s plenty of upgrades!

Certs are the purchasing mechanism for all weapons and upgrades in the game. To unlock certs, press “Esc”, then go to your Personal tab (on the bottom left). Click on Certifications. From there you can choose which certifications you would like to spend your Cert points on. Good starting certifications include the Squad Beacons and the AMS Sunderer, see if you can find where these are at.

After you cert into something, you must still equip it. On the vehicle or character terminals, customize your layout to include your new certed upgrade or weapon by equiping it.

Final Thoughts for You Noobie
Auraxia, the Planetside 2 univers, is a magical place for you to go to and be in awesome, huge battles. Remember that sometimes the size and scales of the fight creates situations where you may be the object of fate and luck and unluck. The size can make the game rather unpredictable, so don’t fret if you die a lot when you start out. Just try to find where the bad guys are and go after ‘em. Keep your head up, and you’ll be having a great time in no time.

Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008



port: 22850

Curtesy of crushboss:

Base Capping Guide by Visper

If you ever plan on being a squad leader read this: Basic Leader Guide by Visper

useroptions.ini Changes for Good FPS Ultra Settings
Copy+paste this over your Render settings in your useroptions.ini files located in your PS2 folder.


and under [Terrain] turn RenderFlora to "off"

Intermediate Piloting Guide by The Saddest Robot
First non-weapon upgrade you should get for the Liberator is the High-G airframe at 100 certs. I would rank this more important than flares or composite armor. The liberator handles far better with it and it is more forgiving to your mistakes and gives you more tactical control options for your gunner. Want to circle strafe around the battlezone with your nose pointed up at a 80 degree angle and your belly pointed towards the centerish of your circle? High-G frame makes things like that a lot easier to pull off. I also prefer the afterburner over flares, but that is a more expensive option and it is a matter of personal preference and experience. Afterburner is not for goin fast!!!, it only lasts about 1.5 seconds. The liberator afterburner is for getting up to top speed instantly and for pulling off super tight turns and stuff to throw off your opponent's aim. I did not regret my afterburner purchase for one second, I only regret that it is on another server. You can bet your rear end that if there was an afterburner option for the galaxy I would put that on the whale in a jiffy.

As for just figuring out the flight controls I would say spawn yourself a galaxy at the warp gate. Matterson is not too bad about it but on the other server I played the warp gates usually have a couple of people just intentionally flipping other pilots over so you may want to hop to whichever continent your faction is getting crushed on so you will have fewer people - but keep in mind that this also means you will be getting fewer resource points as well which will eventually cut your aeroplane shenanigans short.

Why a galaxy? I think the fighters are a little too twitchy if your goal is figuring out the basics of flight and Liberators cannot unflip themselves if they land on their backs, which they will if you are just trying to learn them. If your galaxy ends up on it's back you can press descend and pull back on the pitch and it will eventually flip over on it's nose. Do not try this outside of the forcefield - I have personally confirmed that the nose of the Galaxy cannot support the entire weight of the plane.

Default flight controls:
Mouse movement controls pitch and roll.
W/S controls forward throttle
A/D turns left and right
Space ascends
Ctrl/C descends
Shift activates afterburners if present

Those two in bold are important. They are the key to flying in Planetside 2. Note that these are not straight up/down but rather thrusters that fire from the top or bottom of your plane. If you press space while upside down you will thrust yourself towards the ground. If you press ctrl while upside down you will arrest your fall, an unupgraded reaver can hold itself in place upside down - a lib or galaxy cannot. I use roll + ascend for small drifting adjustments since once you get close enough to the ground the turning and throttle no longer work. Instead I roll slightly in the direction I want to move and ascend a tiny bit, then unroll and descend to put her down again. Small adjustments like these are necessary if you want to put your galaxy down on small and treacherous locations. When flying to a location you can get a noticeable speed boost by tilting your nose down about 10-15 degrees and firing your ascend button (or the opposite, pulling back and firing your descend). On a stock galaxy this can mean flying at 150-160kp/h instead of 90kp/h.

Fly in third person view (t) at all times. Switch to cockpit view only for shooting or if you want to confirm that your are leveled with the horizon. You absolutely need the increased field of vision and awareness of your immediate surroundings to not smash into everything.

A lot of good mouse pilots recommend binding pitch up/down to additional buttons on your mouse or keyboard so you can easily go to full dive/climb without having to drag and carry your mouse.

Just play around and get a feel for the controls. As long as you do not get out of the pilot's seat your plane is invincible within the gate's forcefield bubble. Try to land on the rearming platforms above the spawn area, try to fly around the warp gate. Experiment with turning and activating the ascend or descend keys while in a climb, dive or a banked turn to get a feel for how they affect your flight. Flying in ps2 is 50% figuring out the controls and 50% getting intimate with the plane. Keep in mind that the various performance airframes will change the behavior of the planes quite a bit. Do not bother with the racer/speed airframes as you can get better speed and versatility out of the vertical thrust airframe atm. Other than that it is a matter of preference. For the liberator I prefer the High-G frame, for the Galaxy I prefer the precision drops frame. After you get a new airframe you will want to play around with the plane to get a handle on what kind of new moves you can pull off.

Just keep playing around with the plane, do not be afraid to try stupid stunts like flying it under bridges and around rock pillars. The best way to get a feel for the capabilities of your internet airplane is to keep pushing it to the limit. Sure you will crash into a few bridges every now and then but you learn! You learn that no, it is not possible for me to pull it off, or hopefully, maybe that would have worked if I pressed the descend button while I was pulling back after coming out from under the bridge. Eventually you should have a pretty good feeling for what you can do. One thing that I find good practice for plane control is trying to unflip poor liberator pilots who had managed to land on their backs by using a galaxy. If you can get a wing or tail underneath their tail you can usually flip them right back over.

I use an xbox 360 controller myself. My controls might be a bit weird, I dunno. I like having pitch on one stick and roll on the other so I can control them independent of each other. I think the only change I will make is to bind the weapon zoom to the push function of one of the thumbsticks, maybe swap the third person view to the other thumbstick.

edit: I just remembered what I had bound to the B button. It is Switch View. I could not remember what it was when I was making the image.

Centralized HUD and Overlay by Mister Oblivious
Centralized mumble overlay + centralized HUD

If you don't want to figure out how to stop showing every user on the Mumble overlay:

low centralized mumble overlay

for the centralized HUD

high centralized mumble overlay for the standard HUD

Airgoons and non-centralized HUD players will probably want to move the overlay higher on the screen. I like it right on the body of the reflex sight. Drag the red to adjust the position to taste.

These use the PS2 UI font so go into your PlanetSide 2\UI\Resource\Fonts directory and install the Geo-Md.ttf font before loading it up. If the font resets to default:
Right click on the "Silent Talking Whisper..." section of the overlay and choose edit
Right click on Talking and choose font
Switch to Geogrotesque Medium Bold

Some Cert Advice by Liberatore
Hunter Cloaking to 3+: People underestimate the difference it makes. Faster recharge will increase how much time you spent cloaked, and cloaking is crucial to your survival in long range situations. I feel the highest rank is a bit too expensive, but YMMY. Don't bother with Nano-Armor Cloaking;
EMP Grenades: It's simple. They disable the enemy's HUD (crosshairs, IFF, minimap, health and shield bars, ammo, the works) and disable their shields. That means you now only need to do about 500 damage to kill someone instead of 1000. Their effective radius is much larger than standard grenades, they don't display a grenade indicator, and they explode almost instantly on impact;
Suit Upgrades (pick one):

Grenade Bandolier to 1 or 2: See EMP grenades;
Flak Armor to 4 or 5. It will help you survive all sorts of splash damage, like frag grenades, HE shells and so on. Even having one rank means a HE shell will not kill you withouta direct hit.

Utility Slot (pick one):

Bouncing Betty to 2. Infiltrator betties are more expensive than Engineer ones, but they are well worth it. You're usually guaranteed at least one kill per two betties. The prominence of flak armor means you sometimes won't get a kill with one betty, but you will still severely wound the enemy;
Medical kit to 2+. Instantly restores your HP to full. Don't bother with restoration kit, it's the same thing but slower. Both can be used prior to a fight to help you survive incoming fire.

Hacking to 1+. You need it at 1 to actually hack stuff. Higher levels make it faster. As you become experienced with the class, you will know if it's worth upgrading it and the recon tool further.

Light Assault
Jump jets to 3+. Noticeable difference, particularly at the highest rank. I wouldn't bother with drifter jets. They're fun but very niche;
Grenade (pick one):

Flash. 6 seconds of a blinding white effect. Good for storming rooms, just keep in mind that the effect loses effectiveness at range, to a point where it's like someone just turned up your brightness;
Smoke. Lasts longer than underbarrel smoke grenades. Very useful when combined with IRNV scopes. Keep in mind that the effect is not as noticeable with low graphical settings.

Suit Upgrades (pick one):

Flak Armor to 4 or 5. It will help you survive all sorts of splash damage, like frag grenades, HE shells and so on. Even having one rank means a HE shell will not kill you without a direct hit;
Nanoweave Armor to 1. It will let you survive one more bullet in most infantry combat situations where you are at full shields and HP. I don't like the higher ranks as they only make a difference in edge cases, and I consider this an upgrade to get while you work towards something better;
Adrenaline Pump. It's like a 8% speed boost while sprinting. I'm not a fan, but it certainly helps, particularly with shotguns;
Ammunition Belt to 1+. Light Assaults tend to stay alive more often than other classes, and therefore have more frequent ammo issues. This upgrade helps with that, particularly with shotguns;
Grenade Bandolier to 1 or 2. See Flash and Smoke grenades.

Utility Slot (pick one):

C4 to 2. Very useful for a variety of reasons. Blow up tanks, infantry, MAXes, even aircraft with C4. Two bricks are necessary for tanks and Liberators, and put a Sunderer on fire;
Medical kit to 2+. Instantly restores your HP to full. Don't bother with restoration kit, it's the same thing but slower. Both can be used prior to a fight to help you survive incoming fire.

Repair Tool to 4+. Very useful if you like driving tanks or piloting aircraft. The highest rank is a bit expensive, but in my opinion well worth it;
Suit Upgrades (pick one):

Utility Pouch. Rank depends entirely on your preferred utility slot upgrade, and what you consider a reasonable price.
Flak Armor to 4 or 5. It will help you survive all sorts of splash damage, like frag grenades, HE shells and so on. Even having one rank means a HE shell will not kill you without a direct hit;
Nanoweave Armor to 1. It will let you survive one more bullet in most infantry combat situations where you are at full shields and HP. I don't like the higher ranks as they only make a difference in edge cases, and I consider this an upgrade to get while you work towards something better.

Utility Slot (pick one):

C4 to 2. Very useful for a variety of reasons. Blow up tanks, infantry, MAXes, even aircraft with C4. Two bricks are necessary for tanks and Liberators, and put a Sunderer on fire. Engineers can carry up to 4 C4 with Utility Pouch (rank 3);
Bouncing Betty to 2. You're usually guaranteed at least one kill per two betties. The prominence of flak armor means you sometimes won't get a kill with one betty, but you will still severely wound the enemy. Engineers can carry up to 3 bouncing betties with Utility Pouch (rank 5);
Tank Mines to 2. Two mines will take out a Sunderer or tank as long as it doesn't have mine guard. They drop faster than C4 and take only half a second to arm. While they may not be directly used against Infantry, you can blow up them in other ways and they will function similar C4 when doing so. Engineers can carry up to 5 tank mines with Utility Pouch (Rank 4).

I'm not experienced enough with Combat Medic or Heavy Assault to make a summary for those classes. I didn't include weapons because that would triple the length of this post, and they're usually not something people buy with certs anyway. Not to mention that they're discussed extensively in this and the main thread, and patches often change their stats or add new weapons. Refer to this spreadsheet for weapon stats and information on some upgrades ("Notes About Fun Stuff").

Medic Cert Advice by Forums Poster Zizi
My preference for mandatory medic certs runs something like this:

Med tool/Ability - both of them, IMO. Tool over ability, but you don't have to take it to 5 before tagging the ability. Personally I alternated certing them and have been happy. Upgraded, they do amazing work, especially the tool. The ability should not be overlooked, though, as it lets you heal over a large area AND whatever else you'd rather be doing, and works great for topping up fresh revives if your tool isn't maxxed as well as catching that injured guy you can't get the tool to lock on to through five skillsaw maxes or won't stop running or whatever(the ability heals whoever was in range when you first click it, even if they run off). Upgraded tool has awesome range, and is fast as hell. A++. Do this early to at least 3 to increase your point gain substantially in large fights, but do come back for the rest of the levels fairly soon.

Revive grenades - Yes, yes, yes. If you can't figure out why this is worth the cert points, I don't know why you're a medic. (Hint: mass rezzes = points and a second chance at a push) Special note: If you swap to another class or loadout, you will probably grenade your friends on reflex. Be careful. Or don't.

Flak Armor - Saves your life. Maybe 80-90% of the damage a medic takes, even on front lines, is grenades, rockets, and HE or Lib splash in my experience.

Medics have pretty good weapons, so don't overlook certing one or two. My favorite is the NS-11; it's a solid mid/long range gun. The.. GF-22? GD-22? whatever the letters are, I've found it to be a good gun when you're expecting closer quarters, like when you're assaulting a tech plant and you're at the back door with the zerg trying to break in. In both cases, INRV or a reflex sight is great(INRV is actually really awesome even in the day, especially at assault points with lots of explosions). NS-11 you prrrrobably want a foregrip and either flash suppressor or compensator(compensator makes a very small difference and only on full auto, but it exists). Remember the NS-11's single-shot mode for longer ranges-- it lets you put a couple rounds a second downrange with decent accuracy and precision. I use it to snipe defenders off air pads. The 22 I go adv. laser and a silencer with IRNV, as medics are not all that great at toe-to-toe short-range gunfights IMO unless you can ambush your target and then hide to heal/get shields. It feels a bit like being LA without the mobility but better sustain.

If you can't decide what you want first, I'd tend to say pick up tool and ability to 3, then flak to 3, put a little into a gun, then save for the grenades and finish off the rest. Somewhere in there it's not a terrible idea to buy the Sunderer's AMS ability and start parking them in good locations.

As usual, YMMV, other medics may have totally different opinions, but this has worked for me.

Jan 10, 2006
Dude! Where's my caption?

By "PGS Thread" you mean this one, right?

If that's the case I would like to join. I'm bored of pubbies. And I've only played for 2 days.

Jun 29, 2006

xxxanimelord420xxx here, time to get in on some NC-East action.

edit: time for a better name perhaps.

Bob Wins
Oct 25, 2010

Game name will be the same as the forums name: BobWins

Sign me up for some good ole fashioned freedom spreading to some racist bigots!

Slurps Mad Rips
Jan 25, 2009


I'll be under the name SlurpMadRips for NC-East.

what happened
Jul 27, 2011

PartyZergle here, I can't wait to get on NC east.

Feb 25, 2011

Will be in as Sygge at launch.

Hopefully those VS goons get enough guys on East so we can have some good ol rivalry pop up.

Naturally Selected
Nov 28, 2007

Don't vape angry. DON'T VAPE ANGRY!

I'll be in on release as NorthCo. Probably going mech. inf/medic first.

Jun 8, 2008

So far Halloween is a bigger letdown than being a Mets fan

I'll be playing with you guys. Also going to bring my herd of non-goon nerds. is too much apparently.

Dec 6, 2011


I'd like in on this. I'll be downloading the beta this weekend. Mumble is a non-issue, I'm use to it from EvE.

Big question - what should I play as? I have no preconceived notions, and so far I'm told bus driver and/or scout is something that people want.

Nov 1, 2004

I'm a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.

I'll be in as AdamNine or some variation of. Possibly bringing some non-goon friends that aren't turd. Also I'm horrible at this game so far but have real life tactical experience. Once I figure this poo poo out I hope to contribute as a SL.

EDIT: Snuggs, an essential Cert list might be a pretty good idea for the noobie guide. I realize everyone plays differently but I'm sure there's some one size fits most stuff.

Mar 20, 2011

I'll be on same as my forum name. Like Zergle said, I can't wait to play on an East server. Hopefully it'll make a difference.

Dec 31, 2008

This looks like something I want to get in on. Name will be Nyancromancer.

Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

I'm on as SexistSpaceWeasel

Nov 8, 2011

im on as LeninNC in the beta, But for the real game I have Lenin reserved.

I also roped up 4 other guys who would love to join.

Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008


Shachi posted:

I'll be in as AdamNine or some variation of. Possibly bringing some non-goon friends that aren't turd. Also I'm horrible at this game so far but have real life tactical experience. Once I figure this poo poo out I hope to contribute as a SL.

EDIT: Snuggs, an essential Cert list might be a pretty good idea for the noobie guide. I realize everyone plays differently but I'm sure there's some one size fits most stuff.

Agreed. Also will add some info on slash commands. I'd like to do a whole guide to character builds. But the game balance pendulum probably won't stop swinging until some time after release. He'll we just got new guns two days ago. I'll post my build I plan to do on release. If any of y'all want to write your planned build I can put it in the OP somewhere.

Crush Boss
Nov 25, 2010

Don't let children breath your smoke

Snuggles, what server are we looking at ending up on? because i say gently caress the Australian server, it's like a ghost town.

Feb 25, 2011

oogs posted:


I'd like in on this. I'll be downloading the beta this weekend. Mumble is a non-issue, I'm use to it from EvE.

Big question - what should I play as? I have no preconceived notions, and so far I'm told bus driver and/or scout is something that people want.

There are a couple things you might wanna do.

Combat medic is a pretty good option for newbies; you get access to arguably the best guns for your faction and you can be helpful by healing and reviving for easy certs.

The real scout of this game is also the light assault, where you have a ton of mobility, allowing you to get unexpected angles on enemies to kill and spot. Light assault is a pretty fast paced class and you'll usually be in the middle of the action.

The other classes are fine and you'll get more of an idea of what you want to do once you're in the game.

For being a bus driver, you'll want the AMS cert so you can deploy and serve as a spawn point.

Crush Boss posted:

Snuggles, what server are we looking at ending up on? because i say gently caress the Australian server, it's like a ghost town.

We're going east for launch!

Slurps Mad Rips
Jan 25, 2009


Crush Boss posted:

Snuggles, what server are we looking at ending up on? because i say gently caress the Australian server, it's like a ghost town.

Get ready to become a sorcerer, because we're going NC-East.

Crush Boss
Nov 25, 2010

Don't let children breath your smoke

SAHChandler posted:

Get ready to become a sorcerer, because we're going NC-East.

gently caress, east; pings of death.

Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008


Crush Boss posted:

gently caress, east; pings of death.

Bye crush boss we knew ye well!

Crush Boss
Nov 25, 2010

Don't let children breath your smoke

Admiral Snuggles posted:

Bye crush boss we knew ye well!

Your not getting rid of my horrible accent over mumble that easy.

big-ass jorts
Aug 22, 2004

In game as BongoftheCovenant right now, haven't decided on a name for release yet.

Mar 20, 2011

Could we get a link to the Outfit recruitment page on the PS2 forums added to the OP?

Looking for it takes

VVV Thanks for the info.

Admiral Snuggles
Dec 12, 2008


BeRandom posted:

Could we get a link to the Outfit recruitment page on the PS2 forums added to the OP?

Looking for it takes

Popcornicus has ceded the OP and asked 2fat to make a new one. I'd expect a new OP for release this weekend sometime.

Jul 3, 2012

That was a classic Crown assault last night. TR never really got the chance to realize we hit them before it was over, which is just the way it should be.

What boggles my mind though is that that was a relatively simple operation as far as stuff we actually did, but it was extremely effective. It gives me hope to see some real tactical development as we all get better and the game matures.

Also, in the outfit already, will keep in-game name same as this one.

An Unoriginal Name
Jul 11, 2011

My favorite touhou is my beloved Nitori.

In as AnUnoriginalName, NC East baby.

Very nice OP by the way.

I can't do this at work but if someone can run Wireshark/netlimiter in the background with PS2 you can grab server IPs for Crush or anyone else. Make sure you differentiate between the login server, vivox connection and world server connection.

Jun 8, 2003
Quis Custodiet Custodes Ipsos?

Going to be in as Bacololo, NC East.

Jun 14, 2012

GasparsGoldHotline is in. If I can't nab Virulence (didn't buy alpha squad) I'll keep Gaspar.

Feb 4, 2003

"Press F2 and put up your hands, scumbag!"

Great OP. I'll be in game as SnugglesTerribleChili when we go live. 20,000 Smedbucks are burning a hole in my e-wallet.

Mar 18, 2012

In the Grim Darkness of the Future, there is only war.

...and delicious ice cream.

I was promised a Chili recipe. Squadron is gonna be the main name in game. Probably with SquadronTR and SquadronVSsux for the other factions.

Guidos Python
Sep 7, 2009

I am going to be in as EndTheFed.

May 4, 2006

Dirty Sanchez

Buttpipe reporting in. As fun as piloting a Magburner is, I just can't quit you guys.

Nov 23, 2002

... I didn't think so

NC and east server? Count me in. I'll likely be on as cavalri.

Dec 11, 2006

...on the plus side I'm feeling much more angry now than I expected so this totally helps me get in character.

I'll be in this, hopefully as TheDemon

Aug 5, 2004

I'm in as Pacra. Word on Mumble is we're going Vanu, is this true? :3

Jul 1, 2003

I'll be in as Enemy. I've chosen not to play for the last month, so I'll be more than ready to go on the 20th.


Dec 6, 2011

Ra-amun posted:

(good advice)


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