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Jul 23, 2007

shouts out to squirrel2nuts's mom

Chuck Asay, arguably the most evil and prolific political cartoonist of our age, has officially retired. Hopefully for good this time.

Mike Ramirez has drawn Obama as a worm! Who would have thought!!

Previous threads:

2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007-2008

What goes in this thread?

  • This thread is for posting, discussing, and mocking all manner of editorial and political cartoons and cartoonists. Edits are always welcome.

  • Feel free to post your local cartoonist or historical cartoons from bygone eras. In fact, the weekends are usually a great time for that!

Things We Cannot Handle:
  • "Don't touch the poop." Please, please, please check in with the thread before contacting a political cartoonist. It's not strictly against the rules because it can be funny, but at least make sure someone else in the thread agrees that you're not about to do something stupid. Some of these people are legitimately mentally ill. If you're lurking this thread and can't or don't want to post, email me at my username at to check first. Please.

  • Do not try to compare cartoonists, especially by saying one is "THE WORST" or "THE BEST." You can argue they're good or terrible, but comparing them invites pointless arguments that we're all tired of it. Thanks!

  • There is a goon political cartoonist, Deep Hurting. He has his own thread. Under no circumstances should you post Deep Hurting's political cartoons here, nor should you post about Deep Hurting. If you are Deep Hurting, you should not post here, but then you knew that. This rule is severely enforced.

  • There is a separate thread for UK political cartoons, though the occasional one is fine here.

  • Regular non-editorial or non-political cartoons should go in the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.

  • Image macros/Facebook memes should go in the Crazy Forwarded Political Email thread.

  • General politically themed pictures go in the DnD Pictures Thread.


  • PBF - The Perry Bible Fellowship was a simple comic that goons overanalyzed to the point of ludicrousness. PBFing now refers to when someone tries to read way too deep into a simple cartoon.

  • AGC - A Good Cartoon. Intentionally PBFing a comic to make it sound like a good thing. Saint Sputnik runs a blog cataloging the rare one of these that is actually funny.

  • DASGC - Dumb and So Goddamn Crazy

Special Feature:


  • Q: This guy got paid for this?
    A: Maybe! Political Cartoonists are generally paid in two ways--as a staff position or on a per-cartoon basis by a syndicate.

    • If a cartoonist is a staff cartoonist, they'll list their employer by their name. These cartoonists are paid a living wage and just about all of their cartoons are actually approved by an editor, printed, and seen by human beings.

    • If a cartoonist is a member of a syndicate, they'll list their syndicate by their name, usually Cagle or U-Click. These syndicates act as a market for editors. We have no idea whether a particular cartoon posted by a syndicate is actually sold. Reportedly, they are sold for around $10 a cartoon, which is then split by the cartoonist and the syndicate. As you can imagine, this means a cartoonist can make very little or very much in syndication.

    • There's also the rare exception, such as Bill Day, Chris Muir, and Lance Rengel, who are paid by donation.

  • Q: How obscure is this guy? Is any one ever actually going to see this?
    A: For most, there's no way to tell. Unless they're a staff cartoonist (check the Index), the cartoon may never be printed or seen by anyone. Unless you want to check with the 200,000 daily newspapers in the US, just assume everything posted here is seen by the public at large.

  • Q: Is everyone posted here an evil, stupid, conservative rear end in a top hat?
    A: No, we post all kinds. Sometimes a cartoon will present an evil idea sarcastically, sometimes they're just evil. If you can't tell just by looking at it, check the Index for a better idea on a particular cartoonist. colonel_korn also made a helpful chart.

  • Q: I'm looking for a specific cartoon. Does anyone have that one where..?

    A: You can ask in the thread, someone will almost certainly have it. Here are some of the most commonly requested. But please check here first, I update this regularly, and if you ask for one that's already here, I'll get mad.
















    16 (by change my name)


    The Roosevelts

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Jul 23, 2007

shouts out to squirrel2nuts's mom

Index of Cartoonists

This list is not exactly exhaustive, but it should cover the majority of actively publishing cartoonists who are posted in the thread with any frequency. Italized lines indicate current employer or affiliate.

Animal Nuz - Animal puns and Democratic talking points galore. For some god-awful reason, each panel is posted individually in massive resolution. Ugh.

Eric Allie - Amazing art and skill used to depict lovely right-wing drivel. Young compared to his peers, and talented with visual metaphors. Willfully dense.

Chuck Asay - Evil old man who has a hard time adjusting to modern life. One of the oldest, most well-respected cartoonists still publishing. He is known for drawing perfectly normal, happy people and expecting you to hate them.
Colorado Springs Gazette

John Backderf - Liberal with a classist streak. His comic, The City, generally focuses on slice-of-life issues, with the occasional political foray. Grew up with Jeffery Dahmer and wrote a neat book about it. Brought to us by forums poster Manuel Calavera.

Pat Bagley - Very liberal former-mormon who is merciless in his criticism of the Church of Latter Day Saints, the GOP, and conservatives in general. Local Hero.
Salt Lake Tribune

Nate Beeler - Conservative, heavily influenced by Mike Ramirez. Every great once in a while has Correct Opinions, mostly on social issues. As of recent, he has been very critical of the GOP and its extremism.
Columbus Dispatch

Clay Bennett - Probably the most well-respected, decorated, and acclaimed liberal political cartoonist currently publishing. He has won just about every award a political cartoonist can win. He has an amazing talent for simple, clear visual metaphors.
Chattanooga Times Free Press

Lisa Benson - Bland conservative opinions. Largely uninteresting.

Paul Berge - GAY
Q Syndicate

Randy Bish - Bland conservative, unremarkable except for his incredibly racist Obama caricature.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Erin Bonsteel - Young, crazy, and conservative, her artwork indicates a seething hatred for the whole world.

Chip BoK - Conservative, ranging from moderate to extreme.
Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal and the Tampa Bay Times.

Ruben Bolling - Well-respected liberal, publishes "Tom the Dancing Bug" and "Lucky Ducky."

Matt Bors - A protégé of Ted Rall who has come into his own in the last few years. Very liberal. Opinions of him vary in the thread, from "Bland Rall-wannabe" to "One of the Best." 2012 Herblock Prize winner.

AF Branco - Hateful, stupid conservative. Draws people with one-tooth/Hitler-mustaches. Questionably talented painter? and

Clovis Brown - Bright, talented Jamaican cartoonist [brought to us by forums poster KillerJunglist]. His opinions closely follow those of Jamaica at large--generally liberal, with the exception of some stomach-churning homophobia.
Jamaica Observer

Chris Britt - Hit-or-miss liberal.
Illinois State Journal-Register (Laid off in 2012)

Daryl Cagle - Owner of one of the largest cartooning syndicates. Liberal, given to truth-in-the-middle bullshit, vulgar imagery, simple caricatures, and copy/pasting.

Cam Cardow - Canadian, very moderate.
Ottawa Citizen

Ken Catalino - Conservative who hasn't actually drawn anything new in 10 years.

Patrick Chappette - Internationally focused, vaguely liberal.
International Herald Tribune, Le Temps, and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

John Cole - Liberal, with the occasional outlier bad opinion. Talented, bold, and dirty, if his art is any indication.
Scranton Times-Tribune

JD Crowe - Conservative Democrat with very little to say.
Mobile Register

Jeff Danziger - Liberal, occasionally bold and to-the-point.
Los Angeles Times

Dale - Extremely conservative, total nutbag. Paints over GIS'd images and accompanies each post with an insane rant full of puns. Claimed to be going on hiatus after the election, but has continued to put out new work.

John Darkow - Liberal, only works in black-and-white.
Columbia Daily Tribune

Bill Day - Sad case of a liberal who lost the will to work after being laid off in 2009. Infamous for lazily copy-pasting the same drawings dozens of times. Despises child abuse and guns. Currently funded by a donation Indie Gogo campaign organized by Daryl Cagle. It is as yet unknown whether financial security will reignite his passion for political cartooning.
Daryl Cagle's Dreams

Day by Day (See: Chris Muir)

David Dees - Certifiably paranoid and delusional Photoshop artist, he believes every conspiracy ever (except angels or that Al Qaeda conspired to take down WTC). He moved to Sweden after he became convinced Mossad was trying to steal his bicycle. Loves his cats; hates the Jews.
Sesame Street and Disney. Formerly. For some reason, Sesame Street and Walt Disney decided to sever their relationship with him.

Sean Delonas - Conservative, infamous for drawing anyone he disagrees with as morbidly obese. Incredibly offensive. He got a lot of flak in 2009 for drawing Obama as a chimp, but his employer, a Murdoch-owned tabloid, loved it.
New York Post

Derf (See: John Backderf)

Toby Dials - Immature conservative who doesn't know how bongs work.

Dry Bones (See: Yaakov Kirschen)

Tim Eagan - Liberal with a talent for fun visuals. Only does one cartoon a week.

Bob Englehart - Old, moderate liberal.
Hartford Courant

Randal Enos - Stylish liberal, often works with woodcuts.

Brian Fairrington - Wildly unpredictable opinions. Probably deeply conservative and Mormon, but also a massive liar who hates everyone and everything, even other conservatives. Directly contradicts himself as a matter of course. Utterly erased from Cagle's syndicate in mid-2012, his work is now hard to find online. Possibly still publishing.

David Fitzsimmons - Smug-as-gently caress liberal with a scratchy, messy style. Occasionally has a bad or poorly thought-out opinion.
Arizona Star

Glenn Foden (7Oden) - A stupid conservative, occasionally going above-and-beyond with his idiocy.

Galatianman (see: Lance Rengel)

Ed Gamble - Conservative with perhaps the worst color palette ever.

Bob Gorrell - Conservative infamous for copy/pasting GIS results. Draws everyone droopy-eyed.

Ross Gosse - Undisputed champion of the huge unnecessary label. Obsessed with the minutia of small-town North Carolina politics, despite not being employed by a local paper. Vaguely conservative when he actually bothers to comment on national politics.

Dave Granlund - "A Thing Happened" dot cartoonist. Skin-deep, milquetoast liberal. If you're offended, you're probably reading way too much into it.

Steve Greenberg - California Democrat. Jewish, fiercely supports Israel.

Tommy Grooms - Conservative Brony, author of "Ralph and Chuck," and immature manchild. Started in high school, published for Indiana University and a number of other college papers.
Indiana Daily Student

Tim Hartman - Milquetoast conservative, indulges in DASGDC. Apparently an actor as well.

Joe Heller - Moderate liberal.
Green Bay Press-Gazette

Henri (see: Henrique Monteiro)

David Horsey - Extremely talented and very left-wing, he nonetheless unrepentantly hates Arabs and Muslims and has a tendency to sexualize women (although he seems to be getting better about that last part).
Los Angeles Times

Taylor Jones - Primarily a caricature artist, he occasionally dips his toes in commentary, generally with a liberal bent. His caricatures often run alongside a story chosen by his paper, in place of photos, so commentary is not often required.
El Nuevo Dia

Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) - Economically libertarian-leaning, liberal on most other topics. As the cartoonist for the Economist his opinions track closely with the British magazine's editorial stance.

Mike Keefe - Milquetoast liberal, fairly unremarkable.
Denver Post

Steve Kelley - Conservative, occasionally agreeable. Old-fashioned. He writes the conservative comic strip "Dustin" which is illustrated by liberal Jeff Parker. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Times-Picayune (Laid off in 2012)

Stan Kelly (See: Ward Sutton)

Yaakov Kirschen - Extremely old, extremely hateful American-born Israeli. He has been steadily employed for over 40 years, doing Dry Bones for the Jerusalem Post. His art has never progressed beyond the 1st-grade level. Incredibly incompetent xenophobe who honestly thinks Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians all deserve nothing but death. Never fills in the holes paint-bucket leaves in his letters, breaks his speech bubbles up unnaturally, and doesn't appear to understand how panels, layers, or computers work. Obsessed with freeing the spy Johnathan Pollard from American prison.
Jerusalem Post

Carlos Latuff - Polarizing, extremely left-wing. His cartoons are short, to-the-point, and powerful. Sometimes this makes them hamhanded, tactless, or inelegant, but this also makes them perfect to print onto a poster at a protest. Beloved in third-world oppressed hellholes the world over, he despises America, Israel, and other imperialist nations. Drew a comic series glorifying an Iraqi sniper. Drew SSJ Goku assfucking Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.

Mike Lester - Racist, conservative, stupid, hateful old man. Was arrested several years ago for domestic abuse, although his wife now denies that he assaulted her, contrary to the police report. Drew the "Be Cool about Fire Safety" lightning bug from the 90's.
Rome News-Tribune (Sort of fired in 2012 for the comic below. In truth, they still run him on a daily basis.)

Joe Liccar - Hideously bad art, moderately conservative.
Examiner (Independence, Missouri)

Loujie - Official political cartoonist for China Daily, an English-language newspaper run by the Communist Party of China. Presents the official Chinese government's opinion on a range of issues. Very talented, for a state propagandist.
China Daily

Mike Luckovich - Liberal, responsible for the pants-on-the-ground donkey.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

RJ Matson - Prodigious liberal, with a tendency towards overlabeling.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (laid off in 2012) and Roll Call

Gary McCoy - Idiotic, no-talent knuckle-dragging conservative. Misogynistic, racist, homophobic liar, given to physically threatening his critics, fan of giant pickles and lottery tickets. He and his younger brother Glenn often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects. Glenn and Gary have both done character design and storyboards for major animated features such as "Despicable Me."

Glenn McCoy - Every bit as evil as his older brother Gary, except Glenn also possesses talent, tact, and a sense of humor and timing. Unlike his brother, he has numerous awards to his name. Much more private than Gary, he does not give out his address and invite people to go one-on-one with him. He and his older brother Gary often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects. Glenn and Gary have both done character design and storyboards for major animated features such as "Despicable Me."

JJ McCullough - Young, gay, conservative Canadian centrist. Often presents one idea in a comic, which is accompanied by a blog post that will immediately make the exact opposite argument. This makes every position of his a mealy mushmouthed mumble of smug condescension.

Rick McKee - Conservative with some talent. Previously fairly unremarkable, he has actually been growing more right-wing and offensive over the last year. Unlike just about every other cartoonist in this thread, I cannot think of one cartoon of his that was agreeable.
Augusta Chronicle

Henrique Monteiro - Portuguese cartoonist. Lovingly translated, photoshopped into English, and explained by forums user KoldPT.

Chris Muir - Formerly of the St. Petersburg Times, now publishes Day by Day, a serial comic of stupefying absurdities. His only source of income is $12,000 he receives yearly in donations. Vectorizes/traces/draws near pornographic characters living out his fantasy life. His characters are rich, bold, famous, witty sex stallions of every race and nationality. Muir is a Men's Rights Advocate, and uses his female characters (who he admits are based on himself) to reinforce his misogynistic beliefs. Muir is a racist, and uses his black character (who he admits is based on himself) to reinforce his racist beliefs. Muir is a war cheerleader, and made his main character (who literally is himself) into a battle-scarred world-famous sniper. See a pattern? Muir has an uncanny ability to write dialogue in English that is virtually incomprehensible.
Raw debased idiocy

Henry Payne - Talented, stylish conservative jerk.
Detroit News

Jeff Parker - Liberal. Illustrates Steve Kelley's conservative comic strip "Dustin." See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Florida Today and Fort Myers News-Press

Mike Peters - Milquetoast liberal. Also draws the syndicated comic strip Mother Goose & Grimm. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Dayton Daily News

Pigman - Men's Rights Advocate, extremely misogynistic, liberal atheist. Bizarre and horrible webcomic, the Pigman beats people with a rubber chicken. He believes the Patriarchy is the best way to defeat the Plutocracy.

Bruce Plante - Goofy Democratic cheerleader. His elephants are pink, for some reason.
Tulsa World

Milt Priggee - Far left and intentionally offensive. Very hit-or-miss, he is nonetheless unafraid of cutting straight to the heart of an issue. Takes pride in having cartoons rejected by editors.

Ted Rall - Far left shithead. Utterly incompetent artist and writer. Desperately needs to be the center of attention, he envisions himself as the leader of a socialist revolution. Ruthlessly and pointlessly criticizes every actual revolution since he's not involved. He draws everyone as Homer Simpson or Dr. Hibbert. Obama is purple and stubbly. He once threatened to sue an Australian artist for infringing on his intellectual property of Obama liking Hello Kitty. He has a seething hatred for Maus author Art Spiegelman. He is misogynistic, offensive, and insulting, while trying to be irreverent and witty. Has no idea how the internet works and has raged against his fans for being "too loving stupid to know what's important" (ie, funding his Kickstarter vacation). Sells dates with himself on eBay with the caveat that you pay for everything and he is under no obligation to make eye-contact with you. Wrote an autobiographical graphic novel that he had someone else illustrate, all about how he dropped out of college and might have had HIV and had sex with hundreds of rich, beautiful women in exchange for food and shelter. He depicts anyone and everyone, including himself, as Literally Hitler. Despite all that, his fling-poo poo-at-the-wall nature occasionally makes a good point, even if he does so incompetently.
Sacramaneto Bee and the Los Angeles Times

Ralph and Chuck (See: Tommy Grooms)

Michael Ramirez - Republican to the bone. Obsessed with drawing and endlessly crosshatching gigantic inanimate objects and labeling them "DEBT." Extremely successful, he is the quintessential political cartoonist. He is a two-time Pulizter Prize winner, to just about everyone's amazement. Draws Obama as a disgusting worm. Petty, trivial, and dumb, he will never respond with anything but GOP platitudes.
Investor's Business Daily

Ratland (See: Terry Wise)

Lance Rengel - Evangelical pastor and creator of Galatianman. The current story arc, which takes place over two days, began nearly two years ago with the Gabby Giffords shooting. Very conservative, but surprisingly a very good person at heart. We are pretty much his entire audience.

Rob Rogers - Pittsburgh-based liberal with a distinctive style.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

JRRose! - Lovable conservative, he spells out every pun two or three times per joke. He frequently comments on Virginia local women's basketball and draws puzzles and cartoons for children. He is also the creator of the syndicated comic strip Snuffy Smith.
Byrd Newspapers of Virginia and Daily News-Record

Ben Sargent - Liberal, with the occasional outstanding comic.
Austin American-Statesman

Rob Smith, Jr. - Cartoonist for and that really ought to tell you everything you need to know about him.

Scott Stantis - Conservative, pretty bland. Creator of the syndicated comic strip Prickly City, he has contracted Eric Allie to draw it for him for the last several years. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS.
Chicago Tribune

Mark Streeter - As Rorus Raz summarizes, "WHIL= He HΔS a GooD STYLE and oPINIONS, STR==T=R's LETERiNG iS ΔNNoYiNG To a FE\/\/ oF the REGULΔRS HER=." I have personally asked him to write neater and he has refused. Seriously, Streeter, an "A" is not a triangle. Jesus. In my opinion, he also does some of the most accurate caricatures of any political cartoonist.
Savannah Morning News

Ward Sutton - Witty creator of the parody political cartoons of the Onion. His persona is a grumpy, petty old conservative political cartoonist named Stan Kelly.

Bruce Tinsley - Conservative alcoholic author of Mallard Fillmore. He is alone among those featured here in that his political cartoon is syndicated on the funny pages in almost every newspaper in America, between Garfield and Wizard of Id. Because of this, he has to submit his cartoons two weeks in advance and is always very late to comment on an issue. Attacks and viciously libels his personal enemies with his comics, such as Jon Stewart and the judge who gave Tinsley a DUI.

Tom Toles - Talented and witty liberal.
Washington Post

Rob Tornoe - Bland artistically, he is the cartoonist for Media Matters and thus quite liberal. Initially defended Joe Paterno, but when evidence came to light, he admitted his error and corrected it. Admirable.

Arend Van Dam - Dutch cartoonist, his opinions are as childlike as his artistic skill.

Gary Varvel - Bland conservative.
Indianapolis Star

Terry Wise - Very conservative. Very strange art style, very strange business model, very strange man. Author of Ratland. Every great once in a while has a not-poo poo opinion, but most of the time, you're probably safe calling him a shithead.

Monte Wolverton - Liberal and son of famous cartoonist Basil Wolverton.
MAD Magazine

Matt Wuerker - 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner and liberal cartoonist for

Adam Zyglis - Talented liberal cartoonist who has recently expanded into color. There's something refreshingly honest to his cartoons, in my opinion.
Buffalo News

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Jul 23, 2007

shouts out to squirrel2nuts's mom

Edits and Goon-made originals

A Good Cartoon. Forums user Saint Sputnik maintains a blog where he uploads the best willful misinterpretations of cartoons we can come up with. We are all very grateful for this, because otherwise, the thread would be utterly bogged down with them. Check it out!

Muircity. Forums user Rorus Raz combines Jerk City and Day by Day. It is indescribable.

Political PBF. It's not really known who is doing this, but some beautiful soul takes comics from the Perry Bible Fellowship, and edits them into conservative political cartoons.

Pants on the ground donkey.

Day by Day Randomizer. It's surprisingly hard to tell some of these apart from the real thing.

XyloJW fucked around with this message at Apr 17, 2013 around 11:24

Aug 22, 2006

Knee deep in the V.A.G.

Rumor has it we'll have a Doonesbury thread soon for a look back on politics past and present.

Dec 21, 2012

Muircity is literally the best thing to come out of 2012.

Samurai Sanders
Nov 4, 2003

I think Clovis should go in the OP as well, I always enjoy those cartoons (or enjoy hating them).

Sep 6, 2007


I think we should also not forget about Political PBF, because it manages to have hilarious parodies of political cartooning by just slapping labels all over PBF comics.

I feel this one is a good example, timg'd for zebra penis with a label pointing to it.

forums poster
Jan 25, 2012
Can't post for 4007 days!

It's not 2013 yet, you mad bastards.

D.N. Nation
Feb 1, 2012
'Widdle' DN Nation's posts in the political cartoons thread are unreasonably annoying and he should stop posting there.

Mike Lester drew that? Huh.

Sex Robot
Jan 11, 2011



2012 brought me to new and magical depths of lack of faith in humanity.

Don't disappoint me 2013

Aug 22, 2006

Knee deep in the V.A.G.

Sex Robot posted:

2012 brought me to new and magical depths of lack of faith in humanity.

Don't disappoint me 2013

Not a comic, but 2012 still has time to get worse:

D.N. Nation
Feb 1, 2012
'Widdle' DN Nation's posts in the political cartoons thread are unreasonably annoying and he should stop posting there.

Additional note about Eric Allie. He regularly responds to critics (cordially) on his website; responses usually betray the fact that he rarely thinks his arguments through outside of the right-wing bubble.

Also, he looks like a grown Ralph Wiggum, but don't piss off your superiors and post his picture too often, as I have done in the past.

Nov 3, 2006


I'm answering a question posted in the last thread, which is dumb, and doing it on the first page of the new thread, which is even dumber, but I'm reasonably sure that in Day by Day, the only reason Skye has a gun is because Sam and Zed bought her one after an abusive ex-boyfriend showed up at Zed's house* while Skye was babysitting.

*Don't worry, Zed beat him up.

Sep 9, 2010

The old adage of 'There is always more and there is always worse' will continue on.

May 21, 2007

Lion of Judah protect you, Jah be praised.

Samurai Sanders posted:

I think Clovis should go in the OP as well, I always enjoy those cartoons (or enjoy hating them).

Speaking of which, I should have waited to post his cartoons from this week. I figure because I only do it once a week and you can't quote from a closed thread, I'll go ahead and copy/paste:

Clovis Post.

Okay, let's get this one out of the way (I know it's already been posted, but Clovis deserves further ridicule for this one). Jonkanoo is a really interesting tradition in the West Indies where people dress up in super elaborate costumes and have a big parade on Boxing Day. Contests are held for the most elaborate, most detailed, most outrages and many other categories for costumes and anyone is allowed to enter.
So how did Clovis decide to do a cartoon for this holiday?

Like an rear end in a top hat homophobe, of course! Way to go, champ.

Other than that, Clovis went from bland to HOLY poo poo this week.





This one is based on a real crime that occurred in Spanish Town where a young woman was shot four times by a yet-as-unknown assailant. Apparently Clovis seems to think he shot her RIGHT IN THE loving FACE.

D.N. Nation
Feb 1, 2012
'Widdle' DN Nation's posts in the political cartoons thread are unreasonably annoying and he should stop posting there.

Doc Hawkins
Jun 15, 2010

Dashing, you say? But I'm not even moving!

The Dees example in the OP is sad and crazy, but lacks the batshit photoshoppery I've come to know and love.

axolotl farmer
May 17, 2007

I had me a vision
there wasn't any television

My favorite goon made parody, and one that gets requested once in a while:

Ted Rall parody by forums poster Neeksy.

ayn rand hand job
Sep 10, 2008

   'Cause she's so high
      High above me,
       she's so lovely
     - Everclear

Should I update my Muirpost from the old thread?

Aug 10, 2006

This title certifies that Defenestration knows something about literature.

I like Amjad Rasmi

Also you didn't mention Tom Tomorrow and his

Here's the one that's worth reading

Notorious QIG
Aug 7, 2010

Mo Money Mo Oofs

New political cartoons thread

I look forward to another year of unnecessary labels, Rorus Raz, and DEBT.

Jun 16, 2012

XyloJW posted:

Sean Delonas - Conservative, infamous for drawing anyone he disagrees with as morbidly obese. Incredibly offensive.

What is the big W on the window supposed to be? I always thought it was some strange watermark, but I just now noticed it's behind the curtain rod and Lohan's head.

ayn rand hand job
Sep 10, 2008

   'Cause she's so high
      High above me,
       she's so lovely
     - Everclear

Sandpuppy posted:

What is the big W on the window supposed to be? I always thought it was some strange watermark, but I just now noticed it's behind the curtain rod and Lohan's head.

Lohan was choked in the W Hotel.

(No, they don't giant W's on their windows, and given the look of it, it was probably a change from his editor)

Jun 28, 2007

I'm uh, hacking into the mainframe!

So I stopped reading the Politoons thread for a while for sanity's sake, see there's a new thread, read the OP, am quickly reminded that since I'm at my parents' for the holidays, I can show off my sweet Ramirez swag

e: Sweet Lester swag, my bad.

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Oct 5, 2011

Terrible lack of edits so far.

Filenames credit Snoggle and RorusRaz.

Apr 19, 2007

Sockser posted:

So I stopped reading the Politoons thread for a while for sanity's sake, see there's a new thread, read the OP, am quickly reminded that since I'm at my parents' for the holidays, I can show off my sweet Ramirez swag

Wrong terrible hack. It was Lester that created Louie, not Ramirez.

Nov 5, 2009

Now that I have this dating robot I can take it easy.

Man, reading that Galatianman about Vilerat still makes me a little misty.

A Good Cartoon indeed.

Apr 3, 2009

Jon Arbuckle: Master of pleasuring women

Does anyone have the Dees edit where it's Cthulhu making children sign a contract in blood?

Sep 11, 2001

No one, Woodhouse.
No one.

Really sweet OP.

Oct 9, 2007

Come Tbilisi if you want to live.

New JJ:

Rorus Raz
Nov 13, 2011

You're making me donkey.

You wouldn't like me when I'm donkey.

Notable Events of 2012

Dog on a Roof

Carried over from 2011, this was the non-issue of Romney making the HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE but nonetheless irrelevant action of leaving his dog in its carrier on the roof of the family car while roadtripping. Again: very cruel, but has dick-all to do with the presidency. Resulted in five million political cartoons, rivaled only by the fiscal cliff cartoons.

BONUS: Republicans read Obama's books at this time, and one said that HE ATE DOG AS A KID. Cue two weeks of "Obama will eat your dog." cartoons in an attempt to counter the Roof Dog cartoons. A true nadir in political cartooning.

Sandra Fluke

College student that spoke out during the kerfuffle about the Affordable Care Act demanding religious businesses to provide birth control to employees. She had a friend who spent ridiculous amounts of money on birth control, and obviously this was a Bad Thing. Cartoonists spun this into Fluke HERSELF wanting Americans to pay for her right to be a dirty slut. Oh, and she magically gained about 70 pounds.


A long loving slog of a primary that was pretty much decided when it started. Nonetheless, the media tried to stretch the thing into a race horse for as long as possible, and it didn't really end until goddamn March or so. Was entertaining for bringing old favorites like Gingrich and Santorum back into the spotlight, and one last hurrah for Ron Paul, as this will likely be his last rodeo in a primary. Might have been interesting when Santorum starting gaining momentum, but Gingrich's stubborn refusal to drop out ate into Santorum's votes. Romney's primary win, as a result, was never in question.

You Didn't Build That

In what can be argued as a gaffe, Obama said the former words when explaining that everything in a society is interdependent. You as an individual person do not build roads, manage businesses, and so forth. It's group effort, and the rich are a part of that whole. A ton of dense as gently caress cartoons were drawn up depicting Obama telling everyone from the Founders to kids with lemonade stands that they "didn't build that." Which...going by the context of Obama's speech, is technically accurate. Basically, we had a month or so of cartoonists A Good Cartooning themselves.

Trayvon & Zimmerman

Dude shoots an unarmed black kid, which is legal according to "Stand Your Ground" laws. Racial tension, ahoy! We got some despicable loving cartoons out of this, many which evolved into betraying Trayvon as some kind of gangster hulk that beat up Zimmerman before being shot. One result of this was so bad, that it deserves its own entry...

Mah Roosevelts

Not a political thing, but an arc in Day by Day that was the very essence of Muir. A poorly written piece of racism based on misunderstood blog posts, it features two liberal characters getting accosted by black thugs, only to be saved by Muir's self-insert character (who was apparently following the liberal characters from afar?). Lightly peppered with a bit of misogyny in that the woman liberal character tries to defend herself from the Roosevelts with a gun, but misses completely. Ends with commentary from the black mouthpiece character that Trayvon basically deserved what he got.


A dark day in this thread's history. The attack on the consulate resulting in the deaths of four Americans, one being D&D mod Sean "vilerat" Smith. It's bad enough seeing the usual suspects use the tragedy to uselessly harp on Obama (Romney barely waited a day himself), but when it involves standing on the corpse of someone many in this thread knew...well, this thread wasn't a fun place for a while.

BONUS: Galatianman's Lance Rengel, a kinda weird conservative Christian cartoonist, made a few memorial cartoons for vilerat. Seeing as how we mostly poo poo on his cartoon up until then, it was very odd seeing a fundamentalist Christian actually know the meaning of "turn the other cheek." His cartoon is still a piece of rear end, but a bad cartoon doesn't make a bad person. Galatianman is kinda treated like JRRose!'s cartoons nowadays.

Presidential Election 2012

About what you would expect: lots of lovely debate cartoons, lots of "oh no, not political ads!" cartoons, and lots of garbage. Notable for right-wing cartoons trying to lean on Benghazi as a silver bullet against Obama. Also notable for Michael Ramirez slowly losing his sanity as his cartoons became increasingly filled with little art and mostly angry words aimed at Obama. His last comic before election day basically called the media and president a liar. Also, a lot on the right were REAL sure of a Romney win. Noted shitheads Gary McCoy and Mike Lester won the Dewey Award in posting "Romney Wins" cartoons before the election results were in. Particularly funny in the case of Gary McCoy, as he had already burned himself weeks earlier by posting a cartoon depicting that the media would declare Obama victor of the first debate when, in fact, the media widely considered Romney the winner. Needless to say, we drank republican tears for a week or two.

BONUS: Hurricane Sandy happened at this time, which was a perfect storm of lovely cartooning. Lots of a "A Thing Happened...DURING AN ELECTION" cartoons, and it took the week leading up to election day in a weird, but sadly boring, direction.

Fiscal Cliff

There is a deadline approaching called "the Fiscal Cliff." Suddenly we are drowning in lovely cliff metaphor cartoons. Within a month, this lovely, lazy metaphor was rivaling Dog-on-a-Roof cartoons for sheer volume. Combine this with the Mayan 2012 "apocalypse," and you got another week of lovely cliff cartoons that ALSO include the AZTEC calendar, because gently caress research!


From Aurora to Newtown, public shootings were regrettably common this year, and the response was pretty much the same for each. Some cartoonists did cheap Pulitzer bait featuring SOMEONE crying. Was it near Christmas? Santa cries. Was it at a theater? Batman cries. Nobody to link the event to? Uncle Sam and/or Lady Liberty cries. Then we get a lot of nice, but bland cartoons on gun control and mental healthcare alongside lovely cartoons suggesting we give literally everyone guns. Sometimes you get a rare gold nugget, but honestly I can pluck out a good handful of these cartoons and, were it not for the date, you'd have no idea what shooting it was in response to. WHICH HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF NEWTON, because a shooting at a mall happened just days prior, and some of us weren't sure if cartoonists were still responding to the mall shooting or school shooting. Thank god crying Santa Claus came along to clear THAT up.


War on Women: Fluke and other issues stirred up a war on women accusation against the GOP. Rush Limbaugh in particular was a real vile piece of poo poo, as always. Lots of idiots drew cartoons showing Bill Maher's admittedly lovely comments from 2008, and therefore we're the REAL sexists.

Tax Party: Government officials blew some tax dollars on a Vegas party. This upset those easily disgruntled by taxes.

Secret Service: Some slept with whores, and people got mad. Pants on the ground cartoons for a week or two.

Obama and Gay Marriage: Obama is the first USA president to come out in support of gay marriage. Mike Lester is, AS OF THIS WRITING, still depicting Obama in a rainbow tie as a result of this event which occurred in loving MAY.

The Life & Times of Ted Rall: We rediscovered Ted Rall's sad autobiography (though not drawn by him, how odd) in which he depicts himself as a struggling cartoonist managing to somehow attract tons of women without even trying. It even gets to the point where he is able to make money by sexing up tons of beautiful young ladies. Low point is where he tries to make a big deal of a wart that supposedly had to be removed because it was going to burrow into his heart (note: warts do not work this way), and had to get a blood transfusion that he was scared to death of being tainted with HIV. Note that this did not stop him from continuing his one-night stands.

Chick-Fila-A: The CEO, or someone of similar position, of Chick-Fil-A said what most people have known for years: the company is run by homophobic assholes. Nonetheless, there was a backlash against the fast food dispensary for these bigoted comments, which in turn was responded to by overly religious assholes via an "eat-in" in early August. Many Chick-Fil-As were crowded with loads of hateful people bitterly downing lovely sandwiches in retaliation against those goddamned gays.

Penn State: The whole molestation scandal went down this year, with Joe Pa being posthumously disgraced and Sandusky getting jail time. Cue lots of "Heh...don't drop the soap." cartoons.

History Weekends: Bored by slow thread movement on the weekends, some goons decided to keep things interesting on the slow days by digging into archives and posting decades-old cartoons from old-timers such as Asay, Bennett, and Ramirez.

Kickstarter: Crowdfunding madness was a thing for everyone in 2012, and political cartoons were no exception. Matt Bors had a very successful book funded, and Yaakov Kirschen of all loving people got a Passover Haggadah funded. More interesting is Bill Day, who had an IndieGoGo project started on his behalf by Daryl Cagle. It will actually pay for Day's 2013 salary, and has already raised over $25,000 in about a month.

General Affairs: David Petraeus slept with someone that was not his wife. There was also some conflict on interest going on, but gently caress that: PANTS ON THE GROUND PANTS ON THE GROUND.

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Samurai Sanders
Nov 4, 2003

I don't get it, is he suggesting that some third party tied the two of them up?

edit: it should have been the two of them with those same lines and everything but with a gun to each other's head...or maybe to their own head, I'm not sure what is a better metaphor. Or maybe Obama with a gun to Boehner's head and Boehner with a gun to his own head?

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Jun 21, 2010


Blog post: Actually, it's not a big deal at all! The only problem is that everyone else is being hysterical while David From and I are reasonable.

A JJ Cartoon.

Rorus Raz
Nov 13, 2011

You're making me donkey.

You wouldn't like me when I'm donkey.

Uh...that JJ had the bomb timer at 72 when it first went up.

Oct 9, 2007

Come Tbilisi if you want to live.

Rorus Raz posted:

Uh...that JJ had the bomb timer at 72 when it first went up.

I'd love if it either gets defused, or creates a new blown up comic, depending on real events.

Nov 30, 2002

One in the pink

You can't post JJ without highlighting his video game references.

D.N. Nation
Feb 1, 2012
'Widdle' DN Nation's posts in the political cartoons thread are unreasonably annoying and he should stop posting there.

Don't forget Wingnuts stuff their faces with Chick-fil-A for free speech! My two favorites:

Rick McKee spent most of 2012 convinced that Obama was going to lose.

Let's unpack this one.

- Yes, "anti-Christian bigots," right. A huge, powerful group in this country to be sure. The conservative "NO U!" argument to a tee.
- Look at the fries on the menu board. Chick-fil-A doesn't serve fries like that; they serve waffle fries. Kind of a nit-picky thing, but I like how McCoy couldn't get the restaurant's schtick right in his passionate defense of it.
- I'm pretty sure that's McCoy's self-insert grinning there, which amuses me greatly. The odds that this guy knows any black people who'd hang out with him, given his poo poo opinions, barely hidden prejudice, and racist-as-hell Obama caricature, are pretty drat low.

Jan 15, 2008

Thou bootless clapper-clawed varlot!

Doc Hawkins posted:

The Dees example in the OP is sad and crazy, but lacks the batshit photoshoppery I've come to know and love.

Cheer up buddy! See, Arnold is giving you the thumbs-up, everything is going to be ok!

Jun 9, 2008

I'm looking forward to another year of terrible political cartoons.


Sep 11, 2001

No one, Woodhouse.
No one.

particle409 posted:

Cheer up buddy! See, Arnold is giving you the thumbs-up, everything is going to be ok!

Arnold is nothing compared to the mighty Plane-Punching Putin.

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