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Sep 26, 2010


Whether they're smart, funny, crude, amateurish, professional, a fresh starter with double digit Youtube views or an established personality with a weekly show, post and talk about your favourite internet critic here.

But what defines an internet critic?

Well, it's somebody who posts a video review of something on the internet. The subjects people cover is surprisingly vast, from old movies to comic books to collectible transformer toys. The vast majority are one man productions, usually just a dude talking to the camera.

There are a variety of styles critics use for their reviews, too.

Linear reviews - wherein the critic walks you from start to finish through whatever they're reviewing, pausing to react to what's happened or to bring up a point. This is probably the most prevalent review style, used by AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara and so on. Easiest method to make jokes with.

Nonlinear reviews - the critic assumes you are familiar with the subject they're covering and give their opinions and comments on the subject, usually focusing on a single topic of discussion ie does the film objectify women, and how? A more typical style used by newspaper reviewers for decades, used by Nostalgia Chick, JesuOtaku, Todd In The Shadows and so on. The best way to critique something.

Debate and Discussion - less focused on reviewing material and more focused on bringing up issues and topics worth discussion. Very topical and reactionary to what's going on with the world. I... I don't actually know any reviewers that do this, because I'm not very worldly.

Let's Play and Retsupurae - can kinda count if they're used as extremely long form reviews. But not really. Only example I can think of is Spoiler Warning, cause they actively try to critique a game while playing it. Retsupurae is basically riffing on lovely LP's.


The Grand List Of Internet Critics

Linear style:
Cinemassacre - The Angry Video Game Nerd
Linkara - Atop The Fourth Wall
Nostalgia Critic
Oancitizen - Brows Held High
Paw - Music Movies

Nonlinear style:
JesuOtaku - Anime Derby, Hollywood Drive
Nostalgia Chick
Moviebob - Escape to the Movies
Red Letter Media - Plinkett Reviews, Half In The Bag
Todd In The Shadows - Todd's Pop Song Reviews
Yahtzee - Zero Puncuation

D&D style:
Jim Sterling - Jimquisition

Riffing style:
Spoiler Warning

To be added to later.


That Fucking Sned
Oct 28, 2010

Matthewmatosis is an Irish game reviewer, although it's probably more accurate to say that he does retrospectives. What makes him stand out is that he goes in-depth to the flaws that these games had, without it being over the top like Yahtzee.

I'd definitely recommend his series on The Legend of Zelda, where he talks about the five 3D games. His review of Majora's Mask really shows how exceptional a game it is, and how it would never be made by Nintendo today, as their excessive handholding is apparent in the two Wii games.

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