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May 2, 2008

Latest update: Chapter 37: Half-assed goodbyes.

What is Tales of Destiny?
Tales of Destiny is the second game in the Tales series and the first Tales game to be brought over to America. It was released stateside in 1997 and is the best selling Tales game of all time. It sports a direct sequel in Tales of Destiny 2, a PlayStation 2 remake, and a directors cut of said remake. None of those has ever made it stateside. Don't be fooled by the stateside game Tales of Destiny II. That's Tales of Eternia who's name was changed for some legal reason or another.

Wasn't there an LP of this already?
Kind of. Divided by Zero started an LP but sadly it got abandoned. I remember following the thread but it was a long time ago and I don't have Archives so I don't know how far he got. Divided by Zero also gave me portraits of all the main characters so big thanks to him.

So what's the deal with this game?
Plot wise we're not gonna be breaking any new ground. Worlds in danger, drama ensues, our hero's save it, the end. Battles is where the game really shines. Straying away from your typical "stand in a row, select attack"; the battles happen in real time on a 2D scrolling field with your party of four.

Each character gets some pretty flashy special moves, most get some impressive magic spells to help kill your enemies. The enemies get their own flashy moves and spells to help kill your party. I'm going to try to show off all of those

And hey, it's got talking swords! If that doesn't excite the nerdy 12 year old in you then I don't know what to say.

What's the story?
I'd like to get into that as the game does however here's a little quip about the story stolen from wikipedia.


In the past, a comet crashed into the world, throwing dust clouds into the sky and shrouding the world in cold and darkness. At about the same time, the inhabitants, the Aethers, discovered a new form of energy from the meteorite's core, which they named Lens. Combining this with further research, the people were able to create cities in the sky and live in them. Unfortunately, only a select few were chosen, leaving the rest of the people to remain on the bleak surface of the planet. These people became known as the Erthers.

Over time, the sky's inhabitants became known as the Aetherians and their Aeropolis cities. They created a horrific weapon called the Belcrant that shot down any who dared oppose them. This caused full scale war to erupt between the two civilizations, now known as the Aeth'er Wars. However, regardless of their will and persistence, the Aetherians continued to have the power to dominate every engagement through the use of their superweapon.

In their disgust of their civilization's elitist behavior, a group of Aetherian scientists went to the surface. There, with aid from the people, they were able to create special swords, called Swordians, that were sentient. Unlike other weapons, these swords chose their masters and were able to call upon the elements of nature to do their will. Using these weapons, the people of the surface finally had an edge against the Aetherians.

Thanks in part to the Swordians and their masters, scores of Aeropolis were sunk to the depths of the ocean. In the end, the Erthers claimed victory over the Aetherians. Thousands of years later, this story has been mostly forgotten. In the meantime, the purposeless Swordians fell into a deep stasis sleep, only to awaken when grave threats rose once again.

Sounds pretty bad rear end huh? Yeah well that happened thousands of years ago and we won't get to fight an awesome war like that.

How is this gonna work?
This is going to be a screenshot LP and I'll try to show off as much as I can. I was never one of the kind of people that needs to 100% a game or find every little secret so most of those were unknown to me until I recently replayed it to get reacquainted with the game so I could LP it. So while this isn't a blind run, a lot of the smaller details aren't rote memory like the rest of the game. Luckily I knocked all those out with my replay so we should be good.

Main characters will have their portraits up next to their speech and I'll be finding some suitable portraits for the many NPC's we'll be encountering. My own comments will be in simple italics

Are you going to do the Tower of Druaga?
drat right I am.

Audience Participation
This is a pretty straightforward JRPG so there's not much of a chance for that. I will however let the thread:

*Name the characters. There's a seven character limit for names.
*Once I get more than four party members, I'll let the thread decide my party. I'll ask this at regularish intervals. More than likely right before a major dungeon.
*Much later on when it's time to recruit the optional characters, I'll let you guys decide who to recruit.

Spoiler policy
Yeah this game is like 16 years old and the plot isn't exactly full of thrilling twists but try to keep all spoilers in spoiler tags. As long as their tagged, talk spoilers all you want. Spoilers include up coming events, characters, betrayals, and enemies.

Chapter 1: A motherfucking dragon!
Chapter 2: A winter wonderland.
Chapter 3: Indiana Stahn and the Temple of Doom.
Chapter 4: Money, money, money, money. Money!
Chapter 5: In which dreams are cut short.
Chapter 6: Have you found Jesus?
Chapter 7: Over the river and through the woods.
Chapter 8: Excuse me, sir? Do you have a minute to talk about Atamoni.
Chapter 9: A pirate's life for me!
Chapter 10: The angry atheist.
Chapter 11: A church burning.
Chapter 12: Class war fare.
Chapter 13: Navy warfare.
Chapter 14: Cougar Town.
Chapter 15: Loose Cannons.
Chapter 16: Trigger Warning: Clowns.
Chapter 17: Flame Broiled Frog Legs.
Chapter 18: The Bard's Tale.
Chapter 19: Note to self; Buy floaties.
Chapter 20: Title Match.
Chapter 21: Friendship on the lonely sea.
Chapter 22: All you can eat.
Chapter 23: Just Desserts.
Chapter 24: Naval Warfare Part 2.
Chapter 25: The forest of regrets.
Chapter 26: Freezer Burn.
Chapter 27: Anime Amnesia.
Chapter 28: Mary Mary quite contrary.
Chapter 29: .
Chapter 30: Samurai.
Chapter 31: Jinkies!
Chapter 32: Surf the Firey Wave.
Chapter 33: Pink Floyd Laser Light Show.
Chapter 34: Chains and Ladders.
Chapter 35: Trap doors and dick moves
Chapter 36: Whiskey dick
Chapter 37: Half-assed goodbyes.

Bonus updates!
The complete database of the Tower of Knowledge.
Dalis and the fridge.
Mid-game recap

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May 2, 2008


Stahn Aileron
Stahn is a simple country bumpkin running away from his responsibilities. You can tell he's from the country because he's sporting a rocking mullet. He's kind hearted and overall tries to do the right thing but he's not quite obnoxious about it.
He's the second best fighter and overall decent spell caster. Your average well rounded hero. Weilds the Swordian Dymlos

Rutee Katrea
A street smart ne'er-do-well on a quest for money. Rutee always looks out for number one and isn't afraid to show it. She's quick to anger and even quicker to vent it.
Weak physical attacks but she can steal, find money, and is the parties healer. Weilds the Swordian Atwight.

Mary Argent
A carefree woman who's a master warrior. Strong, confident and full of hope. Despite her talent in battle she's rather calm and friendly. Weilds axes, swords, pikes, spears, and halberds.

Leon Magnus
The youngest and most skilled swordsman in the country of Seingald. He's an rear end in a top hat and not afraid to show it. Weilds the Swordain Chaltier.

An incredibly naive and kind hearted priestess apprentice. She's on this journey to make up for the fact that she had a direct hand in letting the mcguffin get stolen.


Dymlos is pretty blunt and to the point. He's calculating, smart, and rarely has time for Stahn's country bumpkin bullshit. He's never shy about giving Stahn a piece of his mind. His attribute is fire. You gotta hand it to the game for not making the fire dude hot headed and easily excitable.

Atwight is the more clever of the Swordians. Seems to have a love/hate relationship with her user Rutee. Her element is water and is the only Swordian with healing magic.

Fiercely loyal to Leon almost to a fault. He is the Swordian of earth with his spells able to knock enemies unconscious.

A large Swordian with the element of Thunder. Gets the most spells of any Swordian and is wielded by Philia. Is actually a dirty pervert.

Fan Art!

Spiffo posted:

Get out of my game, bro.

Spiffo shows us what could have been out of the clock tower dungeon.

A nice little rundown by Phantasium about the changes in the remake.

Phantasium posted:

If you loved the battle system to Graces, you'll love the remake of ToD as it's *mostly* the same thing. They also changed a few story elements to make the game flow quicker (you meet Rutee and Mary on the Draconis in the beginning, rather than waiting until you crash). And the special edition let's you play the story through Leon's perspective.

Also they did cool poo poo like making certain spells transform when you used them in the air, so that you actually will be tempted to use spells! And now no spell-pause, and you can map spells, etc.

They also added a light crafting system, as well as upgrading your Swordian as you wish instead of them just gaining levels. The downside is now the Swordian characters are stuck to their canon weapon instead of just being able to equip whatever.

It is actually a really fantastic remake, the only real downside (to me) is they made dungeons more copy-and-paste. There are a lot of rooms that are just Tetris L-block filler rooms in-between the ones with actual stuff in them. It's disappointing, but might not be as noticeable for other people. I actually really like the insane dungeon design of the original and was sad to see it be sort of muted, but that's really the only problem I had with it (other than the no English bit).

There's still random battles if you hate that, though. Random battles don't really bother me unless the encounter rate is really high, though.

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May 2, 2008

Chapter 1

You gotta remember that this is an old game. Final Fantasy 8 came out about a year after this and kind of spoiled every one with a strong opening cut scene to set the story and get your blood pumping.

Tales of Destiny is from before that time.

"Don't complain. You're getting paid to do this."

"Yes sir. (Sigh) All that's left for us to check is this storeroom."

Back in the day you couldn't have an extreme close up of his, sadness in his eyes, his lips contorted into a heavy frown. There would be no well paid voice actor to voice his lament while a thirteen piece orchestra played a melancholy song to emphasis the crewman's distress. Back in the day a simple "(Sigh)" had to suffice.

"Is he...dead?"

"No he's just sleeping. Hey, wake up! What do you think you're doing here?"

This is one thing that I love about Tales of Destiny. Stahn isn't a lost prince with amnesia, he didn't get picked by destiny to save the world, he's not some noble hero on a quest for justice. Stahn just took a nap at the wrong place at the wrong time and got swept up in an adventure to save the world.


"Hey! Can't you talk?""

It's not really worth capturing but the officer here actually kicks Stahn a few times.


"Could he be a stowaway?"

"Sure seems like it. Hey, do you hear me?"


No, Stahn isn't a silent protagonist. He's just a real heavy sleeper.

"He's still half-asleep. Well, you're coming with us, buddy."

"Come on, get the lead out!!"

"Huh? Wha, grmblfzzz...?"

"Just walk!"


"What is it? What's all this racket?"

"Sir, we found this suspicious character."

"He was hiding in the storeroom below."

"What!? Hiding below?!"

"Who are you?!"

"Huh? Wha?"

"The Cap'n asked you a question! who are you?!"

"I...ahh...I'm...(ahem)... Stahn Aileron..."

"Where are you from?"

"I'm from the village of Lienea in Fitzgald."

"We'll take that sword."


Stahn happily hands over the sword. A decision I'm sure he won't come to regret anytime soon.

"He doesn't appear to have anything suspicious other than the sword."

If I was him I'd check under that mullet. You could hide a whole armory in that hair.

"The Draconis is my ship. Why are you here?!"

"I,I only wanted passage to Seinegald."

You've come to steal jobs and leech off of the taxes of innocent Seinegaldians haven't you? drat you illegal immigrants!

"All I want is passage to Seinegald. Please believe me."

"Well, if you're going to play dumb, we can play games too. Maybe we can use him as a punching bag. Do whatever you need to make him talk!!!"

"Aye, cap'n"

"Wait! What are you doing? S, stop!!!"

"Tell us the truth!"

What ever beating they give Stahn here must be too extreme for TV. The entire screen goes black except for the text box.

"Ow! I don't know what you're talking about, honest..."

"You're only making things worse for yourself...Come on, tell us what you know! You came looking for IT in the storeroom, didn't you?!"

"I...REALLY ...DON'T ...KNOW!"

"Shaddup, and spit it out!"

Eventually they break Stahn in two and he lets out a sharp irritating wail. All the voice actors in this game have shrill painful voices. Just another reason to make this a screen shot LP.

"Oh great... just what we need- a stowaway. What a pain..."

"What now, Cap'n?"

"Get him out of here!"

"Aye, sir."

"And make him swab the deck or something!"

"C'mon get up. "Move it, slacker!"

For some reason the crewmans name changes to guard. Maybe they don't go by names here they just call you by your job. One day you're Poop-deck Scrubber, the next Captain's Ball Licker. Must be confusing.

"How can I be all right? I just got caught and beaten up like a punching bag."

"Well lad, today's your unlucky day, smuggling yourself aboard at a time like this."

"What do you mean, unlucky?"

"Are you dumb? Haven't you figured out by now that this ship's transporting something important? That's why everyone's a bit jumpy."

You might think this is a case of the game holding your hand and walking you through every detail of the plot but it's not. Stahn really is that stupid.

"Oh, I see..."

"The Cap'n isn't usually like that."

"Sure he isn't..."

"That's enough. Let's get going."

You're drat right we're riding on top of a dragon.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Move along, and don't try anything."

"Yeesssss, sir."

As you can see, Stahn's already been assimilated into the system. His new name is now Stowaway.

"Falling off?!"

"There's nothing we can do to help you if you fall off the deck. Remember that."


"Now then, let's get your mop. The mop is over there next to the edge."

Soon they'll start calling him Crybaby.

"What are you babbling about?"

Very few people in the game put up with Stahn's Stowaway's whiny bullshit. It's great

"B, because...we...we're so high up in the air..."

"Yeah, so what? Of course we're high up in the air! We're on the Draconis."

"Well, I'm...I'm kinda scared..."

"Yeah, sure you are. Remember, you're dead if you fall."

"Well, ummmm..."

"Come on, don't be a wimp. You won't fall unless you try real hard."

"Hey, that's easy for you to..."

"Stop yer yappin', and start yer cleanin'."


"Sheeesh. What's the matter with you? Here, swab the deck first. You can get used to the height bit by bit."


"Here, take this mop."

"Gee, thanks...(sigh)."

Elsewhere on the ship. . .

"How many are there?!"

"Sir, there are approximately 100! Now at range 250! 20 seconds until intercept!"

"Those bastards have finally found us! Number 1, sound the alert! Battle stations!"

"Aye sir! Battle stations! Man your battle stations!!"

"All hands, man your battle stations! and you- go to engineering. Increase Lens generator power output to plus 120% we can shake them!"

We haven't even yet peaked grand pseudo science in this game yet.

"Aye, Captain. Let's go! Follow me!"

"Aye, sir!"

"We can't allow IT to fall into their hands. We've got to protect it somehow! Increase power!"

Is that the dragons heart? You sick bastards! What kind of foul experiments have you done?

"Full power!"

"Aye, aye, sir!"

An alarm rings through out the dragon.

"What's the alarm for?"

"I'm not sure. Something must have happened."

Don't be silly. That's clearly the party alarm.

And here come the guests. If you look closely enough you can see that the back row is actually dropping onto the ship. They were motherfucking airlifted!


I do appreciate that this game actually acknowledges monsters. Very few games make note of the fact that it'd be suicide for any one but the protagonists to venture outside of a town.

"Behind you! Watch your back!"


The guard turns around just in time to get a face full of ax!

"What do you mean, my turn? Not if I can help it! drat! *#$@!! I don't have a weapon!"

"Heh, heh, heh... You're all talk, aren't you, little man?"


Stahn runs away like the righteous hero he is.

This is the first time we actually get control of Stahn now. We take the time to back track just in time to see another face get the ax.

This is a bad habit of the game. There's a few times (this isn't one of them) That one NPC has the information you need to advance the plot. They give you no hint as to who it is. So now we got our mission. Find a sword downstairs but first when you gotta go, you gotta go.

If you've ever found something in a public bathroom floor you know exactly what Stahn's going to think next.

Luckily what he found was a green gel. Those are ToD's restorative items. They always heal 30% of your max health so they never really outlive their usefulness.

"Oh no, what's this?! The path is blocked by crates! But I think I can move them."

Here we're introduced to a mechanic that we won't see for another 5 hours at least. Ten if you're not bothering with side quests. By standing next to a box and holding the circle button, you can move them around.

First floor: Tidied up boxes, second floor flying ax to the back of the head. Those monsters actually use that flying ax move in battles.

When we finally get downstairs, the camera pans to the back corner to reveal a conveniently placed sword. Naturally, we make a bee line right to it.

And get treated to one of about three FMV's in the entire game.

"Great! A weapon... Whoa, what a piece of junk... I guess I can't complain."

"A piece of junk?!! Hah!!"

"Wh, who is it?!!!"

"Th, the sword spoke!!!"

"Calm down, you fool! I'll protect you from the enemy."

"What? Pro, protect me?"

"Look in front of you! They're coming!"

"I've got you now! Give it to me!"

Welcome to the first fight of Tales of Destiny. This update is kind of big as it is so we'll cover the finer details in the next update. Besides, this busta goes down in two hits.

"Not bad for a novice. But...oh, never mind. So, what's your name?"

"What? Oh, sorry. It's Stahn Aileron..."

Your new name is Stowaway!

Maybe I'm just immature and uncultured, but I did always like the humor in this game.

"A spell? What do you mean?"

"I've given you a spell called Fireball. This spell enables you to shoot small fireballs at your enemies. Remember, you must always have me, a Swordian, to cast a spell. By the way, it won't be easy for you to master them."

"What do you mean by that?!"

What he means is that only Swordian users can use spells. Not only that, they must have a Swordian equipped to use them. Luckily Swordians gain experience like any other character so they're never really weak weapons. On top of that you can find Aura Discs to slap on to the Swordian that can boost their stats and give you new spells. All in all there's never a reason to not use a complete Swordian team.

"You'll see for yourself in time. Anyway, hurry up and get out of here now. You're finished with this place."

"Okay, okay, I hear you... But say, wait a minute!"

"What now?"

"What do you mean, 'what now'?! You called yourself Dymlos, right? You're a sword, for crying out loud!"

"How in the world can you speak?"

"I can speak because I'm alive."

"Aw, come on, do you expect me to believe that?!"

You're having an argument with the sword right now, Stowaway. How do you not belive it. Then again you are having an argument with a sword. It's probably all in your head, you schizo.

"Right now, I don't care if you believe me or not. What matters is that I'm here before you. Have you ever heard of the AETH'ER WARS? I was born in that distant past. And now, I have reawakened, And I've chosen you as my master. Do you understand me?"

Apparently people in the distant past couldn't come up with orginal names. Swordian? Really?

"Understand you? Err..."

"I will help you with my powers. Believe what I say. If you don't want to die, that is."


Now we can slaughter our way through the monsters on the dragon.

Tales of Destiny does have random battles. There's just a few areas, like the draconis, that you get monsters on the screen that you can avoid. They can also trap you and make the next 20 minutes a slog as you clear them all out.

For the most part though, Draconis is a decent place to grind early and get a few levels.

This beastmeat stew refills your HP and TP to full. Moving away a screen makes all the enemies respawn so you can just kill them all, heal, rinse, repeat. Which is exactly what I do until:

That reminds me, Dymlos said we had a spell.

And while we're at it.

We'll talk more about spells and skills in the next update. For now, lets get off this crazy dragon.


"No, it can't fall...into the hands of... monsters..."

"So this is the important thing you were talking about?"

Up until now, Stowaway though this was your run of the mill talking sword. It's all starting to make sense now.


"Come on, wake up!!!"


"drat it!"

We return just in time to see a monster pull a hammer blow straight out of Monday Night Raw on another poor crew member. One scripted fight later. . .

"Forget about me...I'm dying. There's an escape pod over there..."

If they share the same sprite, they can share the same portrait.


"Shut up and go! The ship will crash soon... Aaaggggghh..."

"Come on, don't die!"


"No, this isn't happening!"

"Stahn, escape now. We're really going to crash!"

"You stupid fool!!!"


"Are you foolish enough to think that if you sacrifice yourself here, this man will come back to life?! I'll spell it out for you. You're an inexperienced weakling right now! Crush them? Hah! They'll crush YOU!! Listen to me! Calm yourself! Know your limits!"

So long as that beastmeat stew lasts I'm unstoppable!

"But I thought you said you'd lend me your powers!"

"Yes, that I will. But I don't want to see you die in a place like this. It was our destiny to become partners. I've been waiting many years for this to happen."

"Dymlos... I think I understand. Sorry."

"Stahn, hurry up. We don't have much time left..."

The monster's ax actually hit the escape pod and made it start smoking like the cool kids in high school. Something breaks because of it and instead of a peaceful float to the ground the escape pod just plummets.

Spoke too soon, Stowaway.

So taking suggestions for Stahns new name. I'll leave it up to a thread vote. Remember you're limited to seven letters.

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Apr 29, 2009

Y'know, there's an old saying about dogs and blowing shit up...

Tales of Destiny in one of my favorite games that I never finished. (I should really fix that at some point). I mean, how can you not love a game that begins with the hero riding through the skies on the corpse of a dragon?!

By the way, I think you mixed out some portraits during the "Lend me your power" argument.

May 2, 2008

Whoops, fixed now. Thanks for the heads up. Though I always thought the dragon was alive.

divide by zero
Jun 5, 2007
how do I lurked moar.

Seeing as how I was brought up in the OP, I guess I could go a bit further into why I stopped my LP of the game.

First, is that I was hit rather hard with the fact I was so used to the remake of this. I underestimated just how much I could enjoy playing the original. Mostly the battle system, as it was and is heavily different in a lot of ways.

Second was the work put into the updates. Much like how other Tales LP's have done, I attempted to inject various emotions from the characters using their skit portraits from the remake. While not all that much, combined with the fact I was writing out all the text by myself it started to add up. I don't know how you're handling it, but the game script I had wasn't formatted in a helpful way and I think had some errors too.

Third, the most severe, was what made me believe in that curse. I don't believe I mentioned this during the LP, but in the middle of it all, my computer at the time had a sudden issue with it's power supply. It took some fiddling around, but I managed to get it back up and running. After stopping the LP, it never had another real issue like that until it finally died.

As for where I was, it was right around meeting Ilene for the first time in Neustadt.

Anyway, I'm really happy someone else decided to do this now, and I hope you manage to go through with it.

But onto the actual content, despite the fact we can rename characters, after I let my thread decide on those, I think just going with default would be best.

May 2, 2008

divide by zero posted:

Seeing as how I was brought up in the OP, I guess I could go a bit further into why I stopped my LP of the game.

Oh hey man I didn't mean to rag on you or anything. I enjoyed your LP. I wasn't trying to rub it in your face.

divide by zero posted:

Second was the work put into the updates. Much like how other Tales LP's have done, I attempted to inject various emotions from the characters using their skit portraits from the remake. While not all that much, combined with the fact I was writing out all the text by myself it started to add up. I don't know how you're handling it, but the game script I had wasn't formatted in a helpful way and I think had some errors too.

I'm using a game script off of Game F.A.Q and yeah there's a few mistakes I noticed as well that I've had to correct. You're right about it not being formatted too well for an LP. I look it over as I play and make sure poo poo's kosher, taking notes where I see mistakes.

Also I'm not bothering with the changing emotions. One picture is enough for me.

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divide by zero
Jun 5, 2007
how do I lurked moar.

Volume posted:

Oh hey man I didn't mean to rag on you or anything. I enjoyed your LP. I wasn't trying to rub it in your face.

Oh, I didn't mean it like that! I just wanted to come a bit clean on the whole thing, if anything I should be saying sorry for blurting all that out right when you started this.

Volume posted:

I'm using a game script off of Game F.A.Q and yeah there's a few mistakes I noticed as well that I've had to correct. You're right about it not being formatted too well for an LP. I look it over as I play and make sure poo poo's kosher, taking notes where I see mistakes.

And unless I've forgotten, it doesn't include NPC dialogue either. Not that I put all of it inside, but I recall posting choice interesting ones. But yeah, I was actually hoping that you managed to find a better script to make things easier.

Nov 24, 2005

I beat this game and don't remember a drat thing about it

This may very well be a good time!

May 2, 2008

divide by zero posted:

Oh, I didn't mean it like that! I just wanted to come a bit clean on the whole thing, if anything I should be saying sorry for blurting all that out right when you started this.

And unless I've forgotten, it doesn't include NPC dialogue either. Not that I put all of it inside, but I recall posting choice interesting ones. But yeah, I was actually hoping that you managed to find a better script to make things easier.

Don't be sorry. I was wondering why anyways. God I hope there's NPC dialogue or I'll be pissed.

Spiffo posted:

I beat this game and don't remember a drat thing about it

This may very well be a good time!

I'm surprised, there's a lot of memorable parts in the game. When I was replaying it I kept saying to my self. "Oh man I love this dungeon!"

Aug 11, 2012

In lieu of meaningful text, I'm just going to mention I've been exploding all day and now it hurts to breathe, so I'm sure you all understand.

Really, the only part of this game that I really remember is the freaking tower.

And I still have nightmares about it.

Nov 24, 2005

Volume posted:

I'm surprised, there's a lot of memorable parts in the game. When I was replaying it I kept saying to my self. "Oh man I love this dungeon!"

I remember chasing a carrot on a stick, and a lot of guys I didn't care about.

The Swordian system owns a lot though, having everybody be spellcasters is freakin' awesome and it pretty much lets you do whatever you want with gald since you're certainly not buying weapons with it.

edit: a guy who's been through Phantasia and Eternia more than a dozen times each, doesn't remember his single playthrough of Destiny more than 8 years back. This'll be a blast from the past I'm sure

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May 2, 2008

Edward_Tohr posted:

Really, the only part of this game that I really remember is the freaking tower.

And I still have nightmares about it.

That tower is a complete bitch. Sixty floors, no save points, hidden treasures with no hints towards the stupid poo poo you have to do to find them.

Spiffo posted:

The Swordian system owns a lot though, having everybody be spellcasters is freakin' awesome and it pretty much lets you do whatever you want with gald since you're certainly not buying weapons with it.

Not to mention with the lens system you'll be rolling in cash fast.

Jan 24, 2010

Absolutely. If we put little wheels on the bottoms of our shoes, we could just roll around everywhere...

I got very, very far into this game, but couldn't quite push through to the end. Best of luck in your LP journey, sir. I'll try and keep an eye on this one.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

It's cool to see another 'Tales of' game get LP'd.

As for names, I think the defaults will do just fine.

Dec 27, 2012

Volume posted:

That tower is a complete bitch. Sixty floors, no save points, hidden treasures with no hints towards the stupid poo poo you have to do to find them.

Aw, but that was part of the "fun" of the arcade game its based on!

Oct 29, 2012

So this makes, what, five Tales game LPs going on right now?

This is indeed a magical time. I will be watching with bated breath.

Aug 23, 2007

It is time for your viscera to see the light of day!

This looks interesting. I'll vote for default names.

Oct 19, 2012

Love 'em and leave 'em
Groom 'em and feed 'em
Cid Shinjuku

Another vote for the default name.

Shadow gamer
Jul 24, 2008


Tales of Destiny was the very first game I ever brought. Glad to see this being LP'd. Also default names.

Aug 16, 2009

You have offended STRINGIE! You must be punished!

Just gonna say, the PS2 remake is great even if you can't understand it. The CC system is probably the most fun thing in any RPG, and even in its base stage there I thought it was fantastic (not a patch on Graces, but it was fairly limited by still using the LMBS). I'm a bit annoyed it never got released in English, but given that they'd have to translate about half of it from the ground up and probably re-localise the other half, I can't say I'm surprised.

physxman posted:

So this makes, what, five Tales game LPs going on right now?

Six, if you count Keroro RPG as a proper spinoff.

Dec 27, 2012

Dragonatrix posted:

Just gonna say, the PS2 remake is great even if you can't understand it. The CC system is probably the most fun thing in any RPG, and even in its base stage there I thought it was fantastic (not a patch on Graces, but it was fairly limited by still using the LMBS). I'm a bit annoyed it never got released in English, but given that they'd have to translate about half of it from the ground up and probably re-localise the other half, I can't say I'm surprised.

It also shares a trait with Graces in that it's ridiculously easy to play even with no understanding of Japanese, as your next destination is pointed out on the world map, and there's only one puzzle in the game where you're pretty much required to look up a guide since it's based on lines of dialog to figure out (there's another one that seems like it should be like that, but then they highlight the text that's the right answer). But I might also be a bit biased since I've played the original and knew the plot ahead of time.

I love me some air combat, but the dungeons do tend to drag on a bit since large segments of them are just giant L block shaped rooms with a different background. It's really annoying once you've noticed it... but I guess it also gives you more time for fightin'.

Feb 17, 2011

Lipstick Apathy

I haven't played this game since... not long after it came out. I don't remember a whole lot about it. This should be a nice trip.

Also, voting for default names.

Camel Pimp
May 17, 2008

This poster survived LPing Lunar: Dragon Song. Let's give her a hand.

I have a lot of fond memories of this game, actually. I used to rent it all the time (did eventually buy it) and I'd play it with my best friend all the time. Apparently she got so lost that she ran around and eventually got max money and max lens.

But the battle really was kind of amazing for the time. I remember I'd run around just to fight and have fun with it... until the game high encounter rate killed that joy. It's really stiff and awkward now, especially now that there are better Tales games to play.

Feb 28, 2007

Plaguing your posts with incidental music.

This one was actually my favourite of the Tales series. I'm not sure I should ever try to replay it though... I dunno, it just kind of had a charm I never really got out of many of the others.

May 2, 2008

Alright then, default names it is from here on out.

Chapter 2

I was reading the fan made "Tales of" Wiki today. Specifically about Destiny's remake. I wanted to read about the changes in the battle system and discuss them this update. I didn't get that far though as a small detail stood out to me because it was actually a detail I had planned to talk about in this update.

"Ah, awake at last."

You may not have given it much thought but in the first update Stahn found a Green Gel right in front of a toilet.

"You're deep in the mountains of Phandaria. We found you lying unconscious by the lake, kid."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Garr. I'm a traveler."

"Thank you very much for rescuing me."

"Don't mention it. You look like you're doing some traveling yourself..."

"Yes, I left to see the world and maybe become rich and famous along the way."

"What were you doing by the lake?"

"I was aboard a flying dragon, it was attacked by monsters...but I managed to escape from it."

In all the JRG's I've played Tales of Destiny is the only one I can think of that actually shows bathrooms and toilets.


"Hmmmm...seems like you've had quite an adventure."

"Oh, by the way..."

"What is it?"


"Ah, your sword. Come this way."

Final Fantasy 9 had steam engines, mist engines, water powered pneumatic devices; yet not one toilet. The people in Final Fantasy 8 had cable television, jet powered boats, machine guns, had mastered space travel; yet no one had invented a toilet. You might give a pass to Star Ocean 2 since they were on a backwards planet. But then how about an outhouse or a crap hole outside of towns? Not to mention that leaves no excuse for Energy Nede.

"It's on the table."

"Whew, what a relief."

"By the way, you have something interesting there."


"I'm talking about the sword."

"Th, the sword? there...what do you mean?"

"This sword will help you some day."

"Dymlos will? Do you think so?"

"You'd probably get an answer faster from Dymlos if you just asked him. Isn't that right, Dymlos?"

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I go through games counting all the toilets I find and obsessing about it. It's more like the FedEx arrow. Once you see it, you can't un-see it.

"Hey, Dymlos."


"Hey, I'm talking to you!"


"Ha, ha ha, it's okay. I don't think he likes me."

"That's right. Especially someone with a cynical attitude like you, Garr."

You go through those games saving the world, slaying dragons, chasing villians and all you can think is "My god, he's been holding in his poo poo for over 40 hours."

"Ah, are you better now?"

"Yes. Thanks to you."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, my boy. By the way, Garr... She hasn't returned yet. Can you go look for her?"

"Again? Consider it done."

"What's going on?"

"Well, his granddaughter went deep into the mountains but hasn't returned yet. I'm going to look for her."

"Please take me with you."

"But you're still recovering. You should rest."

"I'd like to do something to repay you for helping me."

"Well, that's very noble of you, son. I'll take you up on your offer. It'll be dark soon, and I'm a little worried."

"All right, then we'll both go."

And it turns out that in the remake they decided to remove all the bathrooms for some reason. Which means the remake leaves you with the same burning question every other JRPG does; "Where do they go poo?"

"What? How do you know my name? Can you read my mind or something?"

"(Chuckle) Something like that... Let's leave it at that for now. We'll get going then."

"I'm counting on you."

Tales of Destiny however isn't afraid to answer that question. Here; right here Stahn goes poo.

Before we go find this girl though, we should root through her stuff and loot the house. There's actually a lot of flavor text in this game. The problem is that it's all generic and repetitive. You can examine almost every pot in the game but Stahn's just gonna say "It's a pot" every single time.

With the house robbed clean, we can finally head outside and find this girl. That satanic symbol you see to the right is the games save point. You're gonna want to head left and then up to get into the proper woods.

Being the first real area of the game, the woods isn't that hard or large. It's pretty easy to explore it all and get all the treasure chests. I did however take this screenshot though to show you something about this game that'll get real old, real fast. Almost every dungeon room has four ways out. Each of those ways out is going to lead to another dungeon room with another four ways out. Combined with Tales of Destiny's high encounter rate (Which I'm not entirely sure doesn't get higher later in the game) it can make exploring a dungeon a complete and utter bitch.

Now that we aren't slogging through the intro we can take a moment to talk about combat. Battles take place in real time on a 2D scrolling field. Think like old school 2D fighters. Except the arena doesn't loop around. It's got an end on both sides.

You can only control Stahn. The other party members are controlled by the AI. They're pretty stupid though so you'll have to manipulate some things to get them to fight. I'll cover that more when we get a bigger party.

Bringing up the menu does pause the battle for the moment, allowing you to choose spells and items with out racing the enemy. From left to right, you're options are:

Spells: This lets you command any one who's capable of to cast a spell.Now spells happen in real time too. You're going to select who you want to cast, what spell, then your target. Once your target is confirmed the battle resumes again.

Spells take a few seconds to charge up. During all this the battle continues and if the character is hit while he's charging he loses the spell. Luckily enemies adhere to the same rule. So if you see an enemy charging a spell and if you're fast enough, you can smack them and put it to a stop.

If you're hit while charging your spell you don't lose the TP cost of the spell. That's not deducted until you actually cast the spell. With some rare exceptions with the higher level spells the effects happen in real time as well. So if you're casting say a heal spell on an ally, in those two seconds it takes for the numbers to calculate, your party member could be killed by the enemy.

After Spells comes Specials.

All characters will gain a decent number of specials; not just your fighters. The AI controlled characters have access to all their specials and can bust out any one of them at any time. They are not shy about this at all and if you're not careful they'll blow through their TP in no time.

You can use the special menu in battle to command a character to use a specific special. Stahn however is different. He only has access to four of his specials at any given time. Stahn's specials are mapped to the X button and a combination of directional button.

So at anytime in the heat of battle you can press X, Up + X, Down + X, or Left/Right + X to do one of four specials. Going to Stahn in the Special menu during battle lets you change which one's are mapped.

After that in the battle Menu is Command that lets you issue general orders such as "Focus on healing" "Go all out" "Run away". The only time you'll ever really use it is when an enemy is absorbing an element and some one with an elemental weapon keeps hitting and healing them.

Strategy comes next and that lets you issue guide lines for each characters AI. "Conserve your TP" "Defend" "Go after the strongest." Changing that in the middle of a battle only applies to that one battle so if you want long term plans set it in the camp menu.

Next is Order which changes what position your characters stand in during a battle. I'll cover this more when we have a bigger party.

Last but not least is items which should be self explanatory.

Since the woods aren't that big, it's not that hard to find Chelsea.

"Garr! Is there something wrong? Did grandfather send you here? What does he want now?"

"I think he was saying that he needs your help badly ... He said something about sewing buttons on his pants."

"Sew buttons on his pants? ...He needs me for THAT? He was once a revered master archer! This is so embarrassing!"

Chelsea throws a little fit here and runs around in circles for a while.

"There's more to it than that. Master is genuinely worried about you. He's afraid that you got lost again."

"No way, I'm not lost! I was just hanging out with Keyaki and my other friends. We were having so much fun, and we just lost track of time. I'm not lost or anything... I don't deserve to be treated like a baby."

As you can see, Stahn is not the only one with imaginary friends around these parts. There wasn't any one else when we came onto the scene and there's only one exit out the the alcove so they couldn't have left as we arrived. Chelsea has been spending her time in the woods alone talking to voices that she calls friends.

"Well, a 14-year old is still a child, if you ask me. Let's go home before it gets dark."

"By the way, who is this?"

"Oh, this is Stahn. He's on a journey to seek fame and fortune."

"I'm Stahn Aileron. Nice to meet you..."

"How do you do? I'm Chelsea Torn, Master Alba's granddaughter. I'm honored to make your acquaintance, sir."

"Honored to...make your acquaintance...? Wow, your manners are very good for a 14-year old."

This sudden change in attitude isn't quite that random. If you dig through all of Chelsea's stuff you'll find a book about practicing your lady manners.

"It's hard growing up with a grandfather who can't do anything by himself."

"Well, it's hard for the master to have a grandchild who easily gets lost."


"Okay, let's go."

Chelsea here actually joins your battle party for the short trip back. She starts out with no weapon so is just dead weight. However if you looted Alba's house back there you would have found a bow that you can equip on her.

"Yes, we just got here."

He knows, Garr. He was standing right at the edge of the forest and saw us enter the screen. I wonder if there's a mental illness about stating the obvious that could fit in theme with my thread title.

I mean we got Stahn the paranoid schizophrenic talking to swords, afraid that Garr can read his mind. Chelsea seems to have schizophrenia as well making up friends. I'm sure Garr has something loose up there.

"I'm glad you all are safe."

"Grandpa! Can't you fix your own pants?!"

"Now, calm down, child. You've got plenty of time to fix it."

"No I don't!"


"Of course! I can't keep doing everything for you for the rest of my life!"

"Chelsea. that's more than enough."

"You shouldn't spoil Grandpa like that."


"I have to put my foot down like this to make him understand my point!"

"I seeeee, is this how you young ones gang up and abuse a helpless old man?"

"Who's the helpless old man?!"

"Have you no gratitude for the one who has taken care of you so far?"


"I think I'm going to be depressed..."

Yeah Chelsea was being a pain but when Alba pulls out guilt trips like that you kind of begin to sympathize with her.

"Okay! I'll fix your pants... But only this one last time only!"


"Master, what do you mean by 'gang up and treat you badly'?"

See he even got Garr to feel bad and I think he's suppose to be in his thrities.

"It's just a figure of speech, son. Don't dwell on it too much. Oh, yes. I should give you two a reward for finding Chelsea."

"Master, please. A reward for adults like us...?"

"Well then, Garr, there's no reward for you. Let's see now. And you are Stahn, right?"

"Y, yes sir."

"Here, I'll give you this."

Stahn however has no shame in taking a reward. Perhaps he never learned any manners in the country. If you'll remember Stahn actually went to find Chelsea to repay Alba for taking care of him. He shouldn't be taking a reward.

These things'll heal 30% of a characters HP and TP

"Well, there's no need for us to stand around here freezing like this. Let's go back inside the cabin."

"I was going to Darilsheid in the kingdom of Seinegald..."

"Hmmm, Seinegald... You'll need to pass through Janos to get there from here."


"It's a border town to the southwest between Seinegald and Phandaria."

"I can take you to Janos if you want. How about it?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Garr, are you coming back?"

"Not right away, master. I'm thinking about going back to my hometown temporarily."

"I see... Then, give my regards to your father."

"Whaaaaat! Are you leaving me, Garr?!"


"Oh, do behave. I'll come back again."

"Chelsea will wait impatiently for you."

Referring to yourself in the third person? I'll file this one under megalomania.

"Hey, hey, don't get so serious."

"Thanks for everything."

"Take care of yourself, son."

"Shall we get going, Stahn?"


This time you're gonna want to head south out the cabin into the woods and if you wander around to the right place...

You can find your crash site. A neat touch is that the escape pod already froze. It must be freezing in Phanderia.

On your way to Janos you'll encounter the same enemies as before. I didn't want to dump all the battle stuff together so let's cover the rest right now. This is the place in the update that I wanted to cover the differences in battles between the original and the remake. However I got distracted with that toilet fiasco so if some one wants to go into details about it and post it in the thread, feel free.

You already know that using the X button will use a special move. To do a normal attack you use the circle button. You have two types of normal attacks and they both have their own attack stats.

You got a downward slash which you use with just a normal hit of the circle button.

And you have a thrust attack which you can use with Down + Circle.

For airborne enemies you can thrust upward.

In a battle you got a semi fixed position when you fight.

When you hit circle Stahn will run to the enemy, attack them, then run all the way back to his starting position. You can stop the running back by pressing the directional in the opposite direction or by being hit. This will change his position in the fight and all your allies will run to Stahn to stay in their respective order. You can also walk when you're in your position during a battle and where you stop will be your new "set position". All in all it's pretty annoying and we won't be able to fix it for a while.

Now when you're running, if you double tap the circle button you can do dash variations of your normal attacks. Stahn jumps into the air and comes down hard on the enemy for what I'm pretty sure is extra damage.

You can do this with thrusts,


And upper thrusts. The upper thrust is the most useful one as some flying enemies will be just out of your reach and the dash attack lets you jump high enough to smack them

Now you may have noticed that Stahn has a shield now. We found one in Alba's house and promptly confiscated it.

Pressing square lets you defend and take half damage from physical attacks. There's also a chance that the Sthan will do this automaticly when he's hit. Out of no where he'll defend an attack with out your prompting. Enemies can do this too. It's based on the attackers hit rating and the defenders agility rating.

Janos isn't that hard to find. Much like in the northern section of the woods, the southern section is pretty small and easy to explore it all for treasure. Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Thank you for everything."

"Don't mention it. Have a safe journey."

"Thanks. Please take care of yourself too."

"Okay. Goodbye, and good luck."

And with out social peer pressure to look normal, Stahn's schizophrenia kicks right back in.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I don't trust Garr."

"Why not? He's a nice guy."

"Listen! He knew that I existed."

"Well, I learned about you too."

"You're special. You've been chosen!"

Let's go ahead and toss in Delusions of Grandeur into this diagnosis.


"Hey, don't let it go to your head! You've still got some learning to do."

"Anyway, don't attract attention to yourself."


"Why?! Just think about it!"

"Now, hold on Dymlos!"

"I won't speak unless it's absolutely necessary. Do you understand?!

And with that we leave Stahn arguing with himself in the middle of a town.

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Feb 17, 2011

Lipstick Apathy

Volume posted:

In all the JRGs I've played Tales of Destiny is the only one I can think of that actually shows bathrooms and toilets.

Final Fantasy VI had them.

May 2, 2008

And here I thought Destiny was ahead of it's time.

Aug 16, 2009

You have offended STRINGIE! You must be punished!

Just a minor note, but you can use characters other than Stahn in combat. It's a bit awkward since you need to dedicate an accessory slot to it though. You also need a second controller, which is kind of annoying.

Sep 21, 2002

I have to learn forbidden magic I took an oath to wipe out, stop an invasion of Orcs, rescue the Council of Seven, and on top of all that, I'm stuck with you.

Fun Shoe

Glad this started.


Tales of Destiny does have random battles. There's just a few area's, like the draconis, that you get monsters on the screen that you can avoid. They can also trap you and make the next 20 minutes a slog as you clear them all out.

Minor typo: areas shouldn't have an apostrophe in this case. Maybe capitalize Draconis if it's the name of the ship.

I also vote for the default names. EDIT: beaten by the OP.


In all the JRGs I've played Tales of Destiny is the only one I can think of that actually shows bathrooms and toilets.

JRPG's. I think I remember seeing a toilet in Final Fantasy 6. EDIT: beaten again.


He know's Garr. He was standing right at the edge of the forrest and saw us enter the screen.

No apostrophe on knows, it's not a possessive. And forest.

May 2, 2008

Mod's please change the thread title to Teach me English as I play Tales of Destiny. In all seriousness though I do appreciate you pointing out these mistakes so I can correct them and hopefully not make them in the future.

Not Feasible
Apr 1, 2011
Can't be done.

Tales of Destiny!

Other games with the occasional toilet installation include: Breath of Fire 2, at least one Goemon game (I think), plus Skyward Sword for a recent example. The latter has only one toilet (or two if you're cheeky about the dungeon naming) in the entire known world.

I enjoyed this game enough to replay it in Japanese for the content that was cut out of the US version, but it's hard to go back to after getting used to later Tales games. Will be following this LP to re-experience it all, especially since the Tower of Druaga bugged out on me the only time I seriously attempted it so I missed out on its conclusion.

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Oct 30, 2011

Tales of Destiny has a special place in my heart. It also made little kid me happy as hell when I found out one of my special abilities was something called missile sword.

Sadly, I can never bring myself to replay the PSX one, not after playing the remake and the insanely fun battle system.

May 2, 2008

Chapter 3

When we last left our friend Stahn he was securing his position as the town's local crazy. He isn't helping his case here by standing in the middle of the street with a blank stare on his face as he gazes at nothing. Unbeknownst to Sthan but benownst to us he's got some competition coming up for that job title.

For now though let's get a move on. Garr said that Seinegald is to the north so let's head that way for now.

"I can't let you go through here without a passport. Go back."

Well gently caress.

Remember back when I said that many times in Tales you have to hunt for one plot-holding NPC with absolutely no clue or hint as to who? Welcome to the first occurrence of that. If you're a new player I hope you're ready to talk to every single loving NPC in town to figure out what you have to do. Let's start in the pub, that's usually a staple of JRPG information.

"Let's make a toast to your beautiful, sparkling eyes."

"...Are, stupid?"

Welp. Maybe the next table over knows something.

"Yeah, so what?"

"Whaaaaaaat?! Don't you know who the 'Black Wings' are?! Hey, listen up, pal. We hunt for Lens by going on difficult adventures and then sell them to Oberon Corporation. And many products used by ordinary people are made from these Lenses In short, we're a godsend to the people of the world. And 'Black Wings' are superior to all the other Lens hunters! We're invincible!! We're immortal!! John, 'The Beast'!"

"Whirlwind Milly!"

"And I'm the illustrious leader of the Black Wings- Grid, the Omnipotent! You poor helpless peons. Remember this day and my words forever in your hearts. You shall be saved by me some day!"

"Yo boss! U da man, U da man!!"

Yeah he actually says it like that in the game.

"My greatness rules the day again... Heh, you wretched commoners. Sorry, but no autographs."

Ok maybe the pub wasn't the best of places to start. Let's slowly back away and start over. I know! Let's go to the inn right next door, up the stairs, to the very last room and talk to the man tucked away in the corner purely on a whim.

Eureka! Plot!

"I have to return to Phandaria soon, but I can't go through the border without a passport. Oh, I'm in deep... (mumble, grumble)... Where did I drop that blasted thing?"

Now at this point it should be obvious what you have to do.

Clearly you have to enter this unmarked and unremarkable building in the south that no one has bothered to mention or point out before. Duh.

(Even if I get this, it's probably for the wrong country, and besides, it belongs to someone else...)

"What's wrong? Isn't it yours?"

"Um, well...No it's not."

Luckily we know who's it is.

"Oh, really?! I have to go get it. Thanks for the tip! This is a token of my gratitude. Please take it."

Dude gives us Fifty Gald

"Um, (ahem)..."

"What is it?"

What do you mean "what is it?" Fifty Gald? I found your passport and spared you the life of an illegal immigrant working the bean farms for pennies a day constantly looking over your shoulder for La Migra and all you give me is Fifty loving Gald? I could kill a bear and get more than this.

"Where can I get a passport?"

"Didn't you get it from the guard when you entered the town? You don't have one?"

"Well, you know...I was..."

"If you don't have a passport, you must be a criminal or an illegal alien..."

"No, no, no, no. It's not that I don't have one I just don't have it with me..."

"Sure, I believe you. Oh, I'd like to chat some more, but I've gotta run. I've got to go get it now. Thanks for your help."

And just like that we accomplished nothing and are back to square one. gently caress you Stahn.

"Wha? What gives?"

"You should have used that guy's passport to get out of town..."

"Then I'd be going to wrong way. I'm going to Seinegald, not Phandaria."

You can see the innkeeper contemplating calling the cops as he sees this lunatic covered in bear blood ranting and arguing with himself in the lobby.

"Hey, didn't anyone bother teaching you about not stealing things from others?"

"This wouldn't be stealing. It's something that someone dropped. Finders keepers."

"It's the same thing. You're so wrong."

"Fine...Whatever! See if I ever give you advice again!"

God drat it, Stahn, can't you do anything right?

"Trouble? What happened?"

"Actually, what I should have said is that my friend is in serious trouble. My friend was caught in a trap inside the ruins by the snow mountain."

"That doesn't sound good."

I love how Stahn's not even phased by that. poo poo like that just happens in this world

"I'd like to help her, but I can't do it by myself."

"I see. Then, I'll help you."

"Are you sure? That'll be great. My name is Mary Argent. Call me Mary."

"I'm Stahn Aileron. Let's get going."

"We can go to the snow mountain from the exit on the right side of this town."

"Okay, lead on."

"Man, you are such a pushover. Weren't you going to Seinegald?"

"Will you shut up?! I can't abandon someone in trouble!"

"It's nothing. Let's hurry up."

Way to miss the warning signs, Mary.

Despite the fact that she isn't a Swordian user, Mary is my favorite character in the entire game. She's not a walking anime cliche, she gets some of the best lines in the game, and on top of it all off she's a god drat powerhouse in a fight.

Yeah she just shoulder charged a bear.

And yeah, she did just toss that bear ten feet into the air. Aint no thing when you're Mary.

Not that far from town Mary clues you in on where to go. Because Mary knows that having to wander around aimlessly like we did before is complete bullshit. Mary's the best.

"Near the end of this path, there's a hidden entrance to a passageway that will take you to the temple."

The moment you enter the cave Mary promptly reminds you of what you're doing. Because she's not pussy footing around here. She's getting poo poo done and she's getting it done today!

New area means new enemies. Those little slug things spit out a purple ooze at you and the sprites kind of just bump into you. I think they might also cast magic but none of them lived long enough to even try.

One of the reasons Mary is such a powerhouse is because she's not a Swordian user. So whenever you find or buy a stronger weapon it's promptly going on her.

Swords, axes, spears, halberds; Mary can wield them all. Only thing she can't use are bows but that's okay cause Mary would rather get up close and personal so she can feel the spray of her enemies' blood on her face. If the thread hadn't voted on default names I'd be petitioning to name her Xena.

So while your Swordians are patiently gathering XP for higher weapon stats, Mary's already got an upgrade or two and is slaughtering her way through hordes of enemie's with a smile. Sure she'll never cast a spell but she can knock a bear ten feet into the air.

This is what Dragonatrix was talking about when he said you could use another character in combat. Equipping this on a character and pressing select on the second controller let's you control them with that controller. It was originally intended for two players to get in on the fun but it is possible to make Stahn computer controlled and then just switch back and forth between the controllers. Player 1 to wander around the world and Player 2 to fight in battles.

There's a total of three of these in the game (And I think you can get one of them over and over again) so if you had a multitap you could get three friends to join you in on the fun. If you're a friendless loser though you can just sell them for a shitload of cash.

This dungeon is actually pretty linear so it's easy to go through. You shouldn't even be tricked by this fake dead end cause the switch is glowing. Mary doesn't even bother to tell you about it because it's that obvious. Going through that leads to another part of the cave which quickly empties out into the Hidden Temple!


"Mary! Where did you run off to?!"

"I couldn't help you all by myself. I've recruited some help."

"Mary, is this your friend?"

No, this is just another random traveler who happened to get caught up in a trap. I told you, this poo poo happens all the time.

"Yes. Her name is Rutee.

"Let's leave the introductions for later! Just get me out of here now!!!"

"Okay, okay, we'll get you down now. Stahn, please help me."

"Sure thing. What do you want me to do?"

"Stand in front of the right pedestal."


"Is this it?"

"Well, don't push the bu... Oh no, run!!!!!!!!"

Notice Mary didn't get caught in the trap. She's too good for that poo poo.

"Stahn, are you all right?"


"Hey! What do you two think you're doing?!"

"We're doing our best..."

"Stahn, hold on, I'll help you."

"I don't believe this. @#$%!!.. Is your head just an ornament?"

"Hey, look who's talking! I don't need verbal abuse from someone suspended in midair."

"What?! What are you talking about?! You're no better off than me!!!!"

"Knock it off, you two. Stahn, I'll get you down."


"Okay. We need to push the buttons at the same time when I say so. Stahn, don't blow it this time."

"Okay, okay..." (What did I do to deserve this?...)



The screen flashes white and obscures everything and makes for some really bad screenshots. So use your imagination.

"Ugh. Why me? Why do these things always happen to me?"

"I'm sorry."

"Well, don't worry about it. Let's get what we want and get out of here."

"Hey, don't I get a word of thanks from you?"

"Thanks?! No way!! Are you crazy?!"


"I didn't ask for your help. Mary brought you here, right?"

"But she did that to get help for you..."

"I think we have a failure to communicate here. By the way, who's the wonderboy that got trapped and had to be rescued by Mary?"


"So, we're even."


"We're wasting our time. Mary, let's go. We're going home."


"Someone's coming."

"You've got some explaining to do. And quickly!!"

"And who do you think you are? You sound like a bunch of thieves trying to snatch other people's treasure!"


"Oh, no? Then, bandits? Sheesh. What's the world coming to?"

"Why you little...we're...

"That is, if you want to lose your life."

Isn't Mary the best?

"My, my. Don't you have a big mouth. Aw, forget it. Let's finish the three of them together!"

"What do you mean, 'Finish the three'...?"

"I guess you're with us now."

"Hey, wait a minute! I'm not..."

"Shut up! save your excuses for the afterlife!"

These soldiers aren't too hard. They have 200 HP each and hit as strong as the other enemies in the area. The "difficult" part is that they have the highest HP of anything else you've seen so far.

Which is easily taken care of by charging right into their faces. A fun thing to note is that when you kill a monster in game, it'll poof into a green cloud and go away. Human enemies though will fall to the ground and stay there for the rest of the battle. Just to remind you that you murdered a person.

"They're all talk after all!" (Hey this guy might actually be useful!) "Um, Stahn, is that your name?"

"Ye, yeah."

"I guess this is the second time you've saved me now. Thanks, Stahn."


"If it hadn't been for you, we would have been killed."

"Now, what did I do to deserve this outpouring of gratitude all of a sudden?"

"You saved our lives. Mary, you should thank him too."

"Stahn, thank you for your help."

"But, I really haven't..."

"I'd like to thank you somehow. Can you come along with us to town? Mary, you ask him too!"

"Stahn, come on, let's go together. Traveling is fun with more people, the more the merrier."

"What? Oh, um...sure...(I guess)"

"Terrific. There's an exit to the south. Let's go."

There's a bit more of this temple to explore though not much to really show off. A new enemy does appear here however.

That jelly will kind of just wiggle at you and toss it's weight when it wants to hit you.

As we looted the place though, every one gained a level and a new skill!

Power Missile is a stronger version of Stahn's Sword Missile. You can see that it also has some trails behind it. Some rather high trails. Those can actually hit low flying enemies.

Rutee's first special lets her search the ground for a few seconds to look for money.

When she fails she just lays on the ground for a moment as she wonders what kind of life she's had that has led her to searching for money on the ground. I never got the move to actually succeed for this update and I eventually gave up.

I'm not 100% sure what determines success with Search Gald but I would imagine it's based on her luck skill and according to the ToD booklet, your luck changes every time you rest at an inn so I'll try again next update. After that I'm gonna turn the special off so the AI will never use it with out my prompting. Cause it is a useless as gently caress skill.

Heading south out of the temple we come into the woods. It's a short trip from here to the town and there's only three paths if you count the one leading to the temple. Even if you manage to get lost:

Now that we're out in the woods though and have bigger targets we can check out Stahn's new skill.

For those of you who don't know; the "Tales of" series is made by Namco. The same folks who brought you Tekken. You can really see the fighting game influence in the special moves.

"Oh, okay. Thanks for the tip..."

"Its a little too busy here. Let's go somewhere we can sit peacefully."

For some reason you get a choice here even though it has absolutely no bearing on anything in the entire game. Unfortunately for Stahn the military has pretty strict regulations and procedures so he'd be disqualified from joining thanks to his schizophrenia.

"No. I'm not planning to do that..."

"Then, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet..."

"Oh, I see... By the way, where are you from?"

"I'm from the village of Lienea..."

"Lienea? Where's that?"

"It's in Fitzgald..."


"Wha,whaaat? Something wrong?"

"That're a country boy!"

"You, it's Y...O...U! About the only place worth visiting in Fitzgald is Neuestadt, right? Lienea? Where the heck is that? I've never heard of that place."

"Hey, enough about me. Where in the world were YOU born, miss I'm-better-than-you?!"

"Why, I, I was born into a good family in Seinegald! Don't put me in the same boat as you!"


"Okay, that's enough of that subject... Can I see your sword?"

"Can I?"



"How do you do, Stahn?"

"I thought so! You can hear Atwight's voice!"

And now we can add Folie Deux to our growing list of mental illnesses our party possesses.


"That sounds like...Dymlos?!"

"I was right! You're a Swordian user!"

As you can see Mary is confused because unlike the other two she's not insane. Mary's too cool for that.

"In short, we are both swords created in ancient times. However, we are different from ordinary swords because we are sentient."

Whoa there, you can't be using big words like "sentient" or "different" infront of Stahn. He gets easily confused.

"But unless the user's neural wavelength is the same as ours, we can't even communicate with the user."

"Does that mean the user is chosen?"

"Chosen... You haven't changed a bit, Dymlos. You are so good at fooling people."

"Sh, shut up, Atwight..."

"Hey, Dymlos..."

"Looks like you've been had."

"Oh, well... His mind was simple"

"and easy to read. But more than anything, he seemed like a good person..."

"Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to hear my voice."

"I know I'm interrupting, but..."


"Do you want to work with us?"


"You don't have any plans, right? It might be better for you to travel with us instead of being alone."

"What shall we do, Dymlos?"

"Why are you asking me...?"

"It would feel safer if Dymlos was with us."

"I wouldn't object if you want to join them..."

"Then, let's work together. But I won't take part in any crimes."

"Of course! What do you think I am?"


"Well, think what you like. At any rate, we're in business together. Oh, can you give me Atwight back?"


"Well now... I'm gonna go out for a while."

"Where to?"

"I'll make arrangements for our lodging. You wouldn't want to stay in our room would you?"

"Of course not!"

"Besides, I wouldn't want to be bothered by someone like you."

"Who would bother you?!"

"I just said the truth. I'm not helping you."

"All you really want is to be with that Himlos or whatever, right?"

"His name is Dymlos. He's just an old comrade. You wouldn't understand."

"You're not exactly a young girl in love or anything."

"I don't want to hear that from a money-obsessed maniac like you."

"What?! You don't know a thing about me!"

You literally scavenge the ground for pennies, Rutee. I'm sorry but Atwight is completely correct about you.

"That's right, I can't read your mind because you won't open it to me."

"You know, I can just throw you away right here if I want to!"

"Do whatever you like. I'm interested in finding out what'll happen to a defenseless girl if she doesn't have a Swordian."

I'd like to know what happens to a defenseless Swordian who doesn't have some one to carry it around or stop it from rusting.

"I'll get you for this someday!"

"I look forward to it."

"I don't know, but leave her alone."

"They do this often. Don't worry."

"I see... By the way, why did you set out on your adventure?"

"Me? I...can't remember."


"I don't remember. My memories only begin from the time I first met Rutee."

Ok, fine, sure, Mary does have Anime Amnesia but she's still the best character in the game.

"Isn't that called amnesia...? don't you remember anything?"


"I don't know why I have it or to whom it belongs to... Before I knew it, I had this sword... This is the only connection to my past for me."

"I'm sorry...I shouldn't have pried..."

"Don't worry about it. It's kind of liberating to not have any memories. Besides, everything I see, hear, touch, taste...everything is new to me."

"Is that right...?"

"You'd understand if it happened to you."

"That's quite all right... that's the last thing I need."

"Ha, ha, ha. You're right."


"Well, I'm going to call it a day. We'll leave early in the morning tomorrow. Don't be late!"

"I know, I know."

"See you later, Stahn."

"I'm going to bed too..."

Character Status:

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Feb 26, 2007

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Oh, Mary. She was always my favorite character, too.

Is this the PSX version of the game? The one with the broken puzzle near the end? It looks like it, but I'm not certain.

May 2, 2008

Yes it is, in all it's glory. There will be a huge loving rant about that when we get there.

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Jun 5, 2007
how do I lurked moar.

Since Mary showed up, I was hoping you would have given a little note about how hosed up Destiny's character AI is for anyone that is purely melee. Perhaps a hold over from Phantasia, where you only really get one front liner and you play as him.

May 2, 2008

That's coming next update. I wanted a party of three to show off the order system and the dumb as poo poo AI but there's only a short bit after you recruit Rutee. On top of that they gained skills and I wanted to knock those out of the way.

May 2, 2008

Chapter 4

Last update we did pretty good. Good enough that the party decided to celebrate by drinking and Stahn's feeling it now.


"Wake up!"


"Stahn, wake up!"


"Hey! I'm telling you to wake up!"


"Good morning?! How much longer are you going to sleep?!"


"I don't believe this. You're a zombie in the morning!!"

"Huh? Wha?"

"Oooooh! It doesn't matter! Just wake up!"

"Go where?"

"Oh. give me a break! I told you yesterday Don't you remember?"

"No, not at all..."

"I can't believe it!! There's a village called Harmentz in the northwest! We're supposed to give that cane to a guy named Walt! Do you remember now?"

"Not really..."

"Rutee, I don't think you told him that."

"Oh, no, Mary, you don't remember either?"

"I don't forget a thing."


"Well, listen up, we're going to Harmentz!"

"Oh, sure..."

"But before that..."


"We'll exchange the Lens for money."


"Let me guess..."


"...Do you want me to tell you what Lens are?"

"Well, um, (cough) yeah..."

You can actually choose yes or no here but I like the yes option better.

"I don't believe it! You're so out of it!"

I like it better because you can see how pissed and irritated Rutee is right now.

"Hey, sorry for being a country boy!"

"Okay, I'll teach da wittle country boy how the Lensy-wensy get schanged into M O N E Y!!"

"Hey, cut that baby-talk out!!!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Err, um, never mind..."

"Well, fine! It's settled then. Let's go."

You get Lens at the end of almost every battle. It's tacked on with the XP and Gald earned for the fight.

"You don't have to keep on calling me country boy!"

"Just be quiet and listen to her."

"I'd be happy to explain. At Oberon Corporation, we buy Lens from people in order to manufacture our fine line of Lens products."


"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you start by explaining what Lens are?"

"Sure. Lens are a type of energy generating device. The name comes from it's shape. They're round and about 2.5 inches in diameter. The most commonly accepted theory says that Lens are technological legacy left by ancient civilization. Moreover, no one has been able to clearly understand it's scientific properties."

Yet that won't stop us from selling them across the world. What's that? These things gave you cancer? Sucks to be you.

"Oh, whatever. I don't care as long as it can be exchanged for money."

"Lens are usually found in ancient ruins. However, some monsters have them inside their bodies. Since our company uses Lens as energy source for our products, they are in high demand. We buy them at a reasonable price from Lens hunters."

I can't remember where I read it but the prevailing in-game theory is that regular animals eat a Lens or two and that changes them into monsters. That explains why you get Lens after a battle and why you shouldn't leave children unsupervised around these dangerous things. Still doesn't explain why you get money after a fight though.

"Lens hunters?"

"They're adventurers like us who hunt monsters to get Lens."

"The Lens are processed in a factory at our headquarters and turned into useful products. The products are then distributed and sold through retail outlets."


"Now, would you like to take this opportunity to purchase a Lens product for your family?"

Not until you start running those things through the FDA, USDA, AARP and every other government acronym.

"We're not here to buy anything. We want to exchange Lens for Gald."

"Sure, I'd be happy to help. You have 225 Lens. Our exchange is 3 Gald per Lens, so you'll receive 675 Gald. Is this all right?"

"Your rate is kind of low."

"A large quantity of Lens were purchased recently, so we have an excess supply of them right now. Therefore, the rate is temporarily low. Would you still like to do the exchange?"

"Sure. That's fine."

The exchange rate changes every time you enter a town. Normally 3 Gald per Lens is unacceptable to me and I will exit and enter over and over until it's at least 6 Gald per lens. It's an incredibly easy system to abuse and if you're ever struggling for cash you just aren't playing this game right.

"Thank you very much. We look forward to serving you again soon."

Now we can head out the town and the woods to explore the world.

The little box with your characters just shows them walking and such. If you don't do anything long enough they'll start lounging around in that thing. In the Japanese version of the game there were little skits in those boxes where they talked, argued, and conversed among themselves. All of that was voice acted but they never bothered to translate them so they just took them out of the game.

They appear in that little box in your battle order.

You're going to need to gently caress with the battle order first thing. You see, ToD's AI is dumb as poo poo. Your allies will not attack an enemy unless it is in front of them. So if your order is Rutee, Mary, Stahn and there's an enemy in front of Stahn, Mary and Rutee are just going to sit around twiddling their thumbs. Rutee might cast the occasional spell but Mary won't do anything. This doesn't apply to bow users but we won't see another one of those for a long time.

Now while the game booklet doesn't come right out and say it, it does heavily imply that you should put your fighters to the right and your spell casters to the left. This is a dumb as gently caress idea.

You see battles come in three different flavors. There's your normal battle that we've already seen with your party to the left of the screen and your enemies to the right. There's a back attack with your party to the right and the enemies to their left. Finally there's a pincer attack where you got enemies on both sides of your party.

Back attacks are rare but pincer attacks happen almost just as much as frontal attacks. Which means there's around a 50% chance your spell casters to the left of the row are gonna always be getting the crap kicked out of them. My preferred order is something like what I showed up top earlier.

In this order we got our fighters Stahn and Mary to the ends and our spell caster Rutee protected in the middle. If we get into a normal frontal attack Mary automatically comes out swinging and Stahn joins her as soon as he can run his stubby little legs over there.

In the event of a pincer attack, Mary's got her end covered and Stahn's got his end covered while Rutee supports with spells.

Of course what she'll end up doing most of the time is her Search Gald move which is another reason you want to turn it off as soon as you get it.

In the rare case of a back attack all you have to do is press L1 and the party reverses their order and poo poo's back in business.

Being out in the world map of course means different enemies. Every one always warned you about the dangers of the real world but I'm sure they weren't quite expecting bees and snakes as part of that.

These cute little things will actually shoot their stingers at you and can poison you.

Snake does a standard snake bite but that's it. No chance of poison.

You'd think the eagle would swoop in and claw the poo poo out of your face but he actually sweeps over your party shooting quills out at them.

And last you got wolves.

We spent enough of the last update gushing about Mary so lets talk about Rutee. Fun fact, until the plot tells you that she's a Swordian user, she's only equipped with a short sword and has no spells. So this is your first real chance to play around with her toys. Quickly we discover her main role in our party.

She'll heal your party with the power of razzle-dazzle. It's very refreshing of Destiny to make your party's healer something other than a dainty fragile woman who constantly sprains her ankle and needs the hero to rescue her every god drat second. For being Destiny's equivalent of a white mage, she's a very competent character who can take care of herself.

I kept trying to get back attacked to show it off but it never happened. But rather than fight through all those fights I just ran away so here's how escaping works.

That green bar is a timer and as it goes down the lights light up.

During all this time the battle keeps on going. Your party can keep attacking and getting attacked.

Once time is up though they'll kick up some dirt and get the gently caress out of there. Once they start running they can't be hurt anymore.

Now while Rutee is your party's healer, she also gets a fair selection of offensive spells.

From here on out it's a short trip to where you need to go.

Walt's house is the largest mansion at the back of this village."

There's a few things you can do in this town.

Such as meeting Stahn's creepy uncle.

I never thought we'd meet again here. Let me help you. I'll give you some money."

Uh, no, really. That's okay. I don't know what dirty hookers snatch this was rubbed on. You keep it.

"Okay, I'll give you this."

Instead of ten Gald he gives us ten lens. You do have the option to take his money but ten lens is better than ten Gald.

"If you return to Lienea, say hi to my Maggie."

You can also ruin a kid's game of hide and seek.

"I'll give you this so don't tell anyone I'm here."

We extort him for a life bottle in exchange for our silence.

Up ahead we find a kid giving away treasure. I normally say no but for the sake the LP I save-stated and went ahead with it.

"Wait, I was wrong."

"Are you sorry?"


This is not a random or set number. It's always all of your money.

"Are you nuts?"


No more negotiation. Are you gonna pay?

If you want to get out you have to pay. Or reload your recent save. Whichever.

In my case I just loaded up my save state and selected no.

Anyways, we should probably get going with what we came here to do.

"Punk? YOU talking to me? I'm no punk!"

"Ya wanna piece o' me, little punk?!"

It's a small thing but they way they toss in those little things like "Ya" or "Yer" really goes to show how good the localization is. Except for one puzzle in the game everything is pretty smoothly translated.

For his trying to be a tough man, Stahn gets knocked out like a punk.

"My, oh my. We bring something important for Walt, and all we get for our troubles is this lousy welcome?"

"Oy, den why dintcha say so in da faaast place? Big Boss be waitin' upstairs."

Before we talk to "Big Boss" let's see if there's anything to loot in this mansion.

God drat it, Stahn! You say this yet you have no problem using their bed on a whim.

"Did you?"

"Man, you're so predictable. You're exactly what I heard. First thing first. Give me the item."

"All right. Take it."

We hand over something called an "Old Cane." Whatever, I'm sure it isn't important or anything.

"Now, you got what you wanted. Well, it's my turn to get paid for my work."

"Fine. Wait a minute."

Old Man Walt hands us over 5,000 Gald! Hell yeah, today was a good day.

"Hey, wait."


"What do you mean what?! Did you seriously think I'd be happy with this little money?! I bet I can get at least 50,000 gald if I put this thing up for auction!"

Rutee yoinks another 5,000 Gald from him. God drat, Rutee! Where were you when I handed in that guy's passport?

"Well, I'll let you go this time."

"Now, just a minute, Rutee! I made a reservation at the inn for you, and I was even going to wine and dine you to thank you for your work. And then you pull this fast one on me? You've got some nerve biting the hand that feeds you!"

"Whatever. Thanks for taking care of our accommodations. We'll make sure to stay at the inn. See ya! Have a nice life! Come on, we're going Stahn."

"She's a witch..."

drat, I do feel kind of bad. Let's try to apologize.

Welp! Let's go see about that inn.

"I'm sorry but we're completely booked today."

"Oh, we have a room reserved under the name Walt. Can you check please?"

"Ah, I see. Just a moment please. ...Yes. We have confirmed a reservation for a Mr. Walt on file. And the room is prepaid as well. Please make yourselves at home."

And that's three out of four updates that ended in a good night sleep. I'm counting passing out in the woods and almost dying of hypothermia because we woke up in a bed and with full health. I think I can get used to this game.

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Sep 21, 2002

I have to learn forbidden magic I took an oath to wipe out, stop an invasion of Orcs, rescue the Council of Seven, and on top of all that, I'm stuck with you.

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Volume posted:

"What do you mean what?! Did you seriously think I'd be happy with this little money?! I bet I can get at least 50,000 gald if I put this thing up for auction!"

Rutee yoinks another 5,000 Gald from him. God drat, Rutee! Where were you when I handed in that guy's passport?

"Well, I'll let you go this time."

I like ya, kid, ya got moxie.

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