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Kenny Rogers
Sep 7, 2007

Chapter One:
When I first saw Sparky, he reminded me of my favorite comb. He was missing a lot of teeth.

Trion Worlds (The makers of Rift and publishers-to-be of Archeage) and Syfy Channel (Sharktopus, Piranhaconda, Jersey Shore Shark Attack) made this MMO with a TV Show to go with it. Or a TV show, with an MMO to go with it.
Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Whatever.
Both the TV show and the Game are being produced side by side in some effort to bring about a dual media apocalypse. Sort of a TVIVHMO, if you will, and they are betting big.
Really, really big.

The game launched on April 2, and the first episode of the show will air on SyFy on the 15th.
Nathan Richardson is the Defiance Producer on the Trion side of the house, and he's turning out to be a pretty cool guy, with a fondness for direct over-communication to the player base.

Defiance Website
Official Game Forums (Just Say No)
Defiance Facebook

In 2013, 7 races of aliens known collectively as Votans arrived after a 5000 year-long slow tour of the galaxy which began when their solar system (Votanis) was destroyed. The Votans expected Earth to be uninhabited. To be fair, 5000 years ago, it more or less was.
Initially, three small Votan settlements were negotiated, and further negotiations for a full Votan settlement dragged on for 10 years, while millions more Votans continued to slumber in Hypersleep in orbit. In 2023, Human- and Votan-kind had almost come to a peaceful settlement treaty when a Human Supremacist assassinated the Votan Ambassador to the United Nations. This act sparked the Pale Wars (2023-2030).

The end of the Pale Wars is marked by the Arkfall - when the remainder of the Arkfleet exploded. The aliens think a rogue human commander was responsible, while humans suspect it was an alien weapons experiment gone awry. Millions of Votans died in hypersleep. During the Arkfall, destroyed Arks rained down on Earth and accidentally released terraformer technology. While the Votans had intended to use their terraforming technology in a carefully planned manner, the Arkfall haphazardly unleashed chaotic and radical changes to the biosphere and even the geology of Earth, making the planet dangerous to both humans and the aliens. The earth was scorched, chasms opened in the ground, new mountain ranges were raised, and the surface of the planet was covered with dust and debris. Animal and plant species from the Votan star system were introduced to Earth, and both native and alien animal species were horribly mutated by the uncontrolled terraformer technology, creating bizarre and dangerous hybrids and new species. Within a few months, the Pale Wars wound down as both sides had fought to the point of mutual exhaustion, and a ceasefire was declared. The debris from the destroyed Ark fleet now forms an artificial "Ark belt" in Earth orbit, which periodically rains down in small-scale "Arkfalls", which present a hazard for survivors on the surface, but also provide valuable opportunities to salvage advanced technology aboard the Arks (which even the aliens can no longer easily reproduce on their own).

The series is set in 2046.

After the Arkfall, the city of St. Louis (among many most other places) was destroyed by aggressive terramorphing. Only the Gateway Arch and the tops of a few skyscrapers remain in the remade landscape, jutting from a valley surrounded by new-Earth mountains. This secure position drew the allied human and Votan settlers who would found Defiance. Taking shelter in the exposed skyscrapers, the founders quickly discovered that the surrounding mountains were rich with Votan ore. As word spread, opportunists came flooding to the city, building as fast as they could using any materials they could find. Walking down Main Street in Defiance, visitors might see a storefront of rough-cut lumber next to a home made from pieces of Ark wreckage. Life is not always (or often) safe under the Arch, and the city faces horrific threats from the outside and within. But human and Votan alike, the people of Defiance stand united to show the world that peace and cooperation are the gateway to civilizationís future. The town has quickly become a symbol of hope in this new frontier.


Teek's done a bang-up job with the OP for the show.

The game is setup as a Third Person Shooter MMO and will play in the format like Borderlands where you have all the levels and loot from normal MMOs using a combat system that is similar to Gears of War, Saint's Row, All Points Bulletin, and Max Payne. They also boast about being pixel perfect and headshots and such count.

The game will also contain open world and instanced PvP and PvE areas. Vehicles from ATVs to Big Trucks. Dynamic events called Arkfalls that trigger similarly Rift's Dynamic events. A diverse set of weapons from your standard set of Team Fortress weapons to a pus gun that acts like a Halo Needler and other zany poo poo. Also from what we can tell there are classes that grant abilities like cloaking and holographic 2Pac dummies that will confuse people NPCs.

"Nathan Richardson, Executive Producer, Defiance posted:

The first thing to know is that this is a classless game. There aren't classes or character levels. You create your own persona in the game and what's next is trying to identify what kind of play style you have. You can also determine that by just looking at the games you've played before. And then you can customize your character towards that kind of play style. So if you prefer being a sniper or you like using rocket launchers, you can always customize towards those styles. You can do all of this early on, so that would be my first recommendation.

It's available from all the usual suspects. (Steam, GreenManGaming, Amazon, FLGS, etc.)

BASE EDITION: $10 on Steam
BASE EDITION 4 PACK: $30 on Steam
DIGITAL DELUXE: $29.99 - Digital Swag
COLLECTOR'S EDITION: $77.74 at Amazon. Includes: Hellbug Figurine, Stickers, Art Book, Soundtrack, Postcards, Contract + Digital Swag.
SEASON PASS - $39.99 for the next 5 DLC packs.

Nathan Richardson posted:

Whatís our DLC plan? Iíve seen a lot of you mention this and this is material for an entire blog post because there is so much I want to talk about. However, letís be short. There are at least 5 DLCs this year. They all have a free and paid component. We do not want to segregate our playerbase so we always want everybody be able to participate and play with friends. The free part is features and content, the paid part is essentially, say, access to a new playable species with a bundle of stuff with it. The upcoming TV tie-ins arenít DLCs that cost either. Itís all yours.

Have a screenshot dump. (Thanks going to tehsid!)

Defiance Youtube Channel

TV Show Trailers
Defiance Show Trailer
Defiance Trailer: No Place Like Home
Defiance Trailer: Fight Risk

2013 Archive
2014 Archive

Other articles
Massively Articles
MMORPG Articles
Rock Paper Shotgun Articles
Inside Gaming Daily Game Preview

PC: Von Goon Industries
360: War on Earf - Add Slayer15977 as a friend. You also need to be ONLINE for him to add you to the Guild.
PS3: There's like, what...two of you guys? Aphrodite, Bunionz, DutchWoo, and kothkane.
In Game Voice Chat: Sucks. No Push to Talk. (seriously! it is 2008) Currently, if you turn off Voice Chat, it turns off Text Chat, too.

Mumble: LumberingTroll has graciously provided us a Defiance channel on the Camping The Stairs Mumble server.
Use it.

IRC: #Defiance on (Right where you'd expect it, I imagine. )

Kenny Rogers fucked around with this message at Jan 16, 2014 around 02:45


Kenny Rogers
Sep 7, 2007

Chapter One:
When I first saw Sparky, he reminded me of my favorite comb. He was missing a lot of teeth.

So, this game has been out a long time - what's changed?

Leif. posted:

Von Goon Industries. GBI is dead. Add me on steam for an invite, info is in my posting history in either this or the PGS thread

I may make a new OP over the break with more info and such, but here are the highlights:

UI much improved, drops much improved, everything much more stable.
Charge swords
New charging-type classes of weapons, that either fire more shots/do more damage/get more accurate, etc. as you charge them. These exist for most weapon types.
Castithan race released, you can change race/image of your character to take advantage of this (maybe one-shot thing though).
All scrip, reputation and salvage costs massively reduced.
All Ego level requirements massively reduced, you get all your benefits much earlier (you are mostly feature complete at like mid-500s, and over 1000 is just opening up more loadout slots and perks.)
Some new co-op missions.
Arena quest for the charge sword/Thorn Liro quest line. This also opens up the Thorn Liro Arena dailies, which are arena battles in 5 waves of 2 minutes each, for rep, scrip, and rewards.
Volge invasions, with their own reward chains.
Trion from time to time makes all Episode/Main missions repeatable if you want to go back and play.
Itemization revamp -- Rarity now actually matters. Each item now has a bonus for each rarity level (meaning White gets no bonus typically, Green items get one colored in green text, Blue items get two -- a green one and a blue one, Purple, get three, (green blue purple) and Orange get all 4 item bonuses. The color of the bonus affects its magnitude -- green may be very small while orange bonuses are potentially stronger than green, blue, and purple combined. This means that orange quality weapons are now WAY beyond their mundane counterparts, because not only do they get the strongest bonus, but they also get the three weaker bonuses too. This is all before you start faffing about with weapon mods, by the way.
Weapon mods mostly the same but rebalanced and made somewhat less confusing and now more appropriate to the weapon they are matched for. Reputation vendors are also set now to sell weapon mods of all types (Scavenger, assassin etc.) and all styles (extended barrel, marksman scope, etc.) for a particular weapon class at a particular location. So one fast travel location will be where you go for all your pistol mods; another for all shotgun, etc.

It's massively improved from release, but the essence of the game is basically the same at release. You just get all your cool goodies a lot faster now, which gives you more time to fart around and blaze through the missions, then have fun with Shadow War and MP games.

What is this game like? Is it like Tabula Rasa? I miss that game!
Gears of War meets Saints Row 3 meets Borderlands 2.
It's Tabula Rasa, without the suck, or the fake shooter angle of "We have 'Aiming', and by 'Aiming', we mean 'Tab-Targeting'".

I'm interested in having fun and blowing poo poo up. Should I get it?
But sixty bucks is a lot of money! Rift was, what, $20 after 6 weeks! Shouldn't I wait for it to go on sale?
Defiance uses the B2P + cash shop model that ArenaNet uses with Guild Wars 2. The astute reader will note that Guild Wars 2 is still $60 7 months after launch, and it's unlikely that Trion won't follow suit.
If you're a ridiculous cheapass who is really set on not paying $60, use the GreenManGaming Coupon in the OP, and pay $45 - but I'd do that today.

I take my games seriously, I'm a progression and endgame player, or I let occasional bugs, a semi-clunky Console-oriented UI frustrate me. I can't define "janky", but I hate "jankiness"! Should I get it?

So, I should get it later, then?
There is no "progression" to speak of. The numbers barely go up at all, and you will (probably) never one-shot an enemy that you couldn't solo in the first zone. You get different weapons. You get cooler weapons. But you never get more health (There's roughly one pistol shot's damage between min and max HP), and you never do significantly more damage. Challenge is presented through the enemy AI getting smarter, not harder.

The Welper really hit the "smarter, not harder" nail on the head.

The Welper posted:

The enemies don't ramp up HP/Physical toughness by much compared to when you walk out of the starter gate in the game. The mutants that you kill when you leave the first outpost are a simple enemy faction; you take cover and shoot them. Some of them will run up and try to hit you. Mutants that you encounter 40 or more hours into the game will have the same HP/damage reduction/scaling. The enemies themselves don't undergo HP Bloat or anything to introduce artificial toughness.

Your weapons and a few perks might increase your overall damage output against the enemy and put them down faster, but not by much. The battle system is mostly dependant on your skill level in a shooter; You WILL become more dangerous when you get some purple/orange weapons and a good character build, BUT a level 1 character with starter gear can absolutely defeat an Ego 5000 character if the skill level(or attention span) is far enough apart. This is why we list the progression as primarily horizontal; your character doesn't become invincible compared to the earlier enemy types which also means that no area of the game ever really becomes obsolete.

Each enemy type will elicit specific changes to your own combat style that you'll need to employ. Hellbugs and mutants are basic fare, the first two enemy types that you'll encounter. If you're a good shot you can probably take cover and remain fairly stationary and wipe out a group of mutants without moving much. Hellbugs DEMAND mobility since they are primarily melee, but also have mortar/bomber style units and a ground snare effect. If you stay stationary for long they can bomb you into submission and you won't even see it coming.

Then later groups will introduce SMG/Rocket-launcher/flamethrower/sniper/grenadier/cloaking/shielding enemy types; the enemies will move behind pieces of cover and fan out, rush you, there's a bunch of different AI modes that create a very hectic and frenetic pace on the battlefield. While you can't expect the AI to be on par with some of the dedicated single-player FPS games, the enemies are absolutely not your standard MMO fare.

With time and effort you can very likely still take almost any fight on a starter character; your gear and perks will help you out a lot, but the enemies aren't just bloated into a level-check/gear-check that means you can't even start activity without investing 100 hours on grinding first. Instead of grinding you're learning enemy types and tactics, weak spots, defenses and weapon tactics. You're learning HOW to beat them and then practicing that instead of just dumping time into getting your number bigger so you can go somewhere else.

If learning raid strategies and making sure you don't go above the Defense Cap is your bag, you won't find any of that here. At. All.
This is an MMO for people who think that NPCs shouldn't stand around waiting to die, should instead call their buddies, use cover, covering fire, flanking, snipers, Molotov Cocktails, shields, and grenades to flush you into an ambush kill zone and make you very dead.


HALP! I have items that cannot be sold or deleted even though they aren't marked "Cannot Trade"?
Youíve got them equipped in a Loadout.

WTF?!?! Is there no way to unequip poo poo from a loadout so I can sell/break it?
Equip another item in the loadout slot for a replacement.

HALP! I finished an Arkfall, but my inventory was full! I lost my rewards!
HALP! Where do I claim my Preorder swag?
Check the Claim menu.
PC: Hit P, check the lower left corner.
Console: Open your menu by pressing ĎStartí. Hold the Left Trigger/L2. Using your Right Thumbstick navigate to the ĎDefiance Store.í Select the ĎClaim Itemsí window. Retrieve your item from the window.

Ego Rating and You - by Tufty (paraphrased)
There is a relationship between ego rating (your 'level', shown in the top left of the UI), the experience bar at the bottom of the screen, and ego points that you spend on the Ego Grid.
Kill and quest experience contributes to the XP bar. When it's full you 'level up' gaining 10 Ego rating and an Ego point to spend unlocking or advancing a Perk.
Gaining Ego rating in any other way contributes to your overall Ego Rating, but does not contribute XP to getting more Ego points. So completing a pursuit which awards 40 ego rating does not give you 4 ego points. A pursuit that awards 5 ego rating does not fill up your exp bar half way.
Kills and quests XP = level bar at the bottom = 10 ego rating and a skill point to spend unlocking a Perk.
Everything else = ego rating with no relation to skill points or the exp bar, but does help you unlock extra loadouts, additional Perk slots, additional inventory space, and unlocks some of the "central" Perks in the Ego Grid.

Is it better to break down gear for resources, or sell it for Scrip?
Break it down for resources. There's plenty of scrip to be had, and not a lot to spend it on, unless you're a Vehicle Ownership Completionist. Even then, it's better to check frequently at the Vendors, because the vehicles go on sale for 500 Scrip from time to time. Meanwhile, the cost to add Mod Slots to weapons increases dramatically with higher EGO levels. It's ~28,000 Scrip to add a Mod Slot to an EGO ~1000 weapon.

What are the weapon colors, and what do they mean?
White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.
Unlike every other game out there, Defiance has a very flat scaling, and there isn't much difference between a white piece of gear and an orange one, aside from rarity. Higher color weapons seem to have a better chance of having more Mod slots prefilled, though what's in those slots may be crap.

What are the colored things that are on the weapons? Green, Purple, etc?
Nano Effects and you:
Incendiary (little red/yellow flame icon): Sets dudes on fire making them burn for a medium amount of damage (~60 a tick, with 2-3 ticks a second) for a few seconds. Npcs occasionally run around screaming while on fire crowd controlling them for a pretty long time. Keeps players shields/health from regenerating in pvp while the effect lasts.
Electrical (light blue lighting bolt icon) : Shocks guys, putting a very minor dot on them (~7 a tick, 1-2 ticks a second) for a few seconds. Stuns npcs in place causing them to convulse for a brief amount of time. Even fucks up some of the larger hellbugs and giant sized humanoids/robots. Causes player HUD to vanish, and prevents them from gaining any real benefit from scoping. Also prevent shield/health regeneration for the duration.
Biological (dark blue biohazard symbol): Slows npcs and players alike significantly slowing move speed and hampering jumping, while also reducing their damage output by quite a bit. Rolling not really affected. Many boss/large enemies are either immune, or effectively immune. No additional damage and doesn't prevent regeneration.
Syphon (purple orb icon): Deals a hefty chunk of damage (~450) that ignores any damage drop off from range, and heals your health and shields for a varying amount. Probably the best of the bunch, with good timing and proper weapon set ups you become close to unkillable because your shields constantly jump back to full. Really out of control on shotguns.
Radiation (yellow/green radioactive symbol): No crowd control of note. No bonus damage dot or proc. Doesn't prevent shield/health regeneration. Just makes that afflicted target take significant bonus damage from all sources for the duration.
Toxic (green cloud icon): Not technically in the game any more. Icon and text still persists on some items. Didn't make it out of beta and was merged/turned into radiation.
They don't really have downsides. You won't be in a situation where using a nano effect hinders you. A weapon with a nano effect has the exact same stats as one that doesn't. They are a bonus rather than a trade off. Always strive to use a nano effect weapon over a more mundane counterpart.

What they are - Scrip, Resource Fragments, Reputation Tokens, Keys, Bits
Where to get them -
  • Scrip - Quest Rewards, Item sales to Vendors
  • Resource Fragments - Disassembling items into Materials.
  • Reputation Tokens - Contracts, Reputation Quests
  • Keys - Quest Rewards, Drops, Arkfall Completion, Roadside Event Completion
  • Bits - The Defiance Shop
What's the difference? -
  • Scrip - Scrip is in-game cash. You can buy items with it. You lose some when you die. You spend some when you respec.
  • Resource Fragments - Used alongside Scrip to add Mod slots to weapons. (Yes, you can add slots to put Mods in to any weapon)
  • Reputation Tokens - Used to buy items from Reputation Vendors in specific areas of the game.
  • Keys - used to open Lockboxes.
  • Bits - Trion Funbux, bought with real money, spent on Outfits and Boosts in the store. There are Boosts you can buy that boost a stat Guild-wide.

What they are - Perks
Where to get them - You unlock them as you spend EGO points on them. Once they are unlocked, you need to equip them in your loadouts. You can equip different perks for different loadouts.
New perk slots unlock at the following EGO Ratings: 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000

What they are - Permanent stat boosts for the weapon they're applied to. They come in Barrel, Scope, Magazine, and Stock varieties.
Where to get them - Quest Rewards, Vendors
What's the difference? -
Adding Mods - Go to the Salvage Matrix. Select the weapon you want to add a Mod Slot to. Select "Add Mod". Select up to 4 mods, with the prerequisite that you have to have the right type of mod (Shotgun Stock, Pistol Barrel, etc.) and the weapon needs to have an open slot for that type of mod. You can apply up to 4 mods at once.
Adding Mod Slots - Go to the Salvage Matrix. Select the weapon you want to add a Mod Slot to. Select "Add Mod Slot". Wait 10 minutes. A random mod slot will be added. Not all weapons can be modded to a full 4 slots.
Changing - Starting at EGO 110, you get a new option in the Salvage Matrix. Remove Mods. This empties the slot and destroys the mod.
Removing - Starting at EGO 300, you get a new option in the Salvage Matrix. Recover Mods. This recovers the mods and destroys the gun.

What they are - The best analogy (and it's a poor one at that) is "Loot Chest". You trade some Scrip and some Keys to open a box that has Schwag in it.
Where to get them - Most vendors have a Lock Box Vendor nearby.
What's the difference? - T2 Lockboxes are the least expensive, and data collection says they generally have White/Green/Blue gear in them.
T3 Boxes are intermediate, and tend to have Green/Blue/Purple gear in them.
T4 Boxes are expensive, and tend to have Blue/Purple/Orange gear in them, though community anecdotal reports are that the Orange gear that does rarely appear is not usually useful.
04/08/13 - Current consensus is that T3 boxes are the best option. Trion Devs have confirmed that T4's have a better chance at better loot, but they did not specify the base chance, or how much better a chance at decent Orange loot you might have. T3 seems to be the sweet spot.

What they are - Used for playing Prettiest Princess Post-Apocalyptic Dress Up. There are two pieces for most outfits. The outfit itself, and a matching hat.
Where to get them - Preorder bonus, vendors, quest completion rewards, zone completion, Pursuit rewards, the Defiance Shop.
What's the difference? - Some will make you a prettier princess than others.

What they are - Missions that you have a set period of time ("until Monday") to finish.
Where to get them -
What's the difference? -

What they are - Achievements
Where to get them -
What's the difference? -

Data Recorders
What they are - Lore Bits. Usually audio clips that tell a deeper story.
Where to get them - and
What's the difference? -

What they are -
Where to get them -
What's the difference? -

Ulvirich posted:

  • A BMG's bounce will damage targets normally immune or heavily armored at a relatively greatly increased rate than just shooting them first with the electric arc. It's still piddly amounts of damage, mind.
  • Infectors that release headcrabs will do jack diddly squat against raider tankers most of the time, and I've had reduced success against the raider midgets with shields.
  • Raider midgets with shields can be easily countered by hitting them in the face with the butt of your gun and shooting them in said face shortly afterwards.
  • Slugthrower shotguns have rapid damage drop off over range because the solid slugs you use for the gun are made out of a material that evaporates in a oxygenated environment.
  • Electrical attacks will remove a player's HUD in pvp, removing friendly tags, and preventing any zoom feature temporarily. NPC actors will do a festive interpretive dance when electrocuted.
  • Cerberus will come to a full and complete stop if it hits a ATV in Shadow Wars, this also includes any non-lethal ramming. You cannot repair the cerberus with a BMG. You can be sniped out of the seats.
  • The Motherlode co-op instance's only redeeming factor is the end boss.

What's the deal with Infectors in PvE?
Infectors are fairly long ranged, have seeking projectiles, large magazines and ammo reserves. They are also damage efficient. They are really, really good in all situations except where you want burst. They are pure sustained DPS weapons that do damage several different ways.
First is needle impact, usually a piddly amount 1-4 damage, depending on armor.
There is a Damage over Time component. Depending on the infector and target type, it ticks like 3-5 times a second for 10-20 seconds, for 30-160 a tick.
Every X shots, a bug pops out. For most targets, the bug will jump at an enemy, explode for 500ish, then die.
For odd targets, like a flying hell bug or a stationary crystal, they do 500 instant damage. By comparison, you have might do that much damage in an entire 50-80 round magazine.
If a target dies with infectious pustules, a handful of bugs pop out of his corpse and run around suicide exploding.
The bugs also draw attention from NPCs.
There are burst, full auto, semi-auto, and super long range variants, in addition to a slowing variety.

Any Mods?
Not exactly a mod, but lots of Goons are swearing by SweetFX and some of the presets available, for making the game look nicer. I tried it out, and quite liked it, with the sole exception of some oversharpening of textures.

Kenny Rogers fucked around with this message at Jan 5, 2014 around 04:51

Kenny Rogers
Sep 7, 2007

Chapter One:
When I first saw Sparky, he reminded me of my favorite comb. He was missing a lot of teeth.

SirLarr's Review

WarLocke posted:

If I had to describe it I'd say something like "Borderlands gameplay with Firefly-esque sci-fi western trappings"

Shonuff posted:

The AI is a satisfying challenge and I've found myself going out of the way to complete the pursuits for cool bonus outfits, titles, etc. I also love how there's no real risk of outleveling content.

Manac0r posted:

After sinking 10 hours into this I have come to the conclusion this is the MMO I never even knew I wanted, but am bloody glad I found it. Thanks to the goon who suggested turning on damage numbers, something hypnotic watching them splash during firefights. I know the UI gets a lot of flak but I decided to connect my PC to the 60 inch TV, got a pad, got comfy on the sofa and can access everything I need with relative ease, something I could never do in any other MMO, play from my couch.

mesc posted:

One thing I will say, though, is that the game gets out of the way and lets you have fun. Usually the first couple of hours of any online-specific game is a total slog; this one started off as a blast and has continued to be one. Just running around with one buddy last night was a really good time.
I'm sure the television show will be cringeworthy but I'm going to watch it anyway, the continuous experience they're experimenting with is cool and should make for a neat case study along the way.
All in all, two thumbs up, fun game. Kill bugs make money.


Enemies do get tougher the further you go. Raiders will have shotgun toting shield midgets, sniping rocket launcher dudes, jerks with area denial molotovs and a easy to dodge heavy with a autocannon. 99ers over the hill will be equipped with shields, have shield repairing robots, a berserk tough guy, legitimate snipers, suicidal midgets with flamethrowers, riflemen with grenades and a gigantic rear end in a top hat with a grenade launcher. Scrappers are bestial like robots made out of scrap metal, which are honestly rather neat looking models and most have different attack forms like a helicopter robot with a peashooter that transforms into a machinegun turret or Dog from Half-Life 2. The AI may be listed as dumb, but I can't really see much of a difference when you compare with the AI in Saints Row or Borderlands. All of these enemies are more interesting than hellbugs.


Power inflation is one of the absolute worst things about RPGs in general, and MMOs especially. Levelling past content and ending up with a mundane-looking Lv50 weapon that can one-shot Lv5 bosses is stupid. Sure, some people might want to have their numbers go up to ridiculous levels so they can play the game as a godlike power trip, but I really don't think they're the majority. GW2 reduced this problem a lot by having a stat-cap on each area, meaning that no matter how high level you were, you weren't ever going to be able to one-shot everything in the zone as you were automatically scaled down. Defiance just sidestepped the issue altogether and made level/power progression very minor and just increased the complexity/difficulty of enemies as the game progresses.

RAPTR Q&A with Myll_Erik and whatshisface
Which NPC, besides Nolan and Irisa, have the most chance to make the transition to the TV Show in the future?
ME: Watch and see

Beyond Arkfalls, can we expect large-group instanced Raid Content similar to typical MMOs in the near future?
ME: Keep an eye on upcoming content.
Ennsta: Right now the focus is on more dynamic co-op game modes in the open world rather than instances. It's something we'd like to do though and this is very often asked.

As a guy who really loves the aspect of clans in an MMO, do you have any further plans to branch the system out? Customized ranks in the clan with modifiable powers, instanced clan bases with a shared bank access and some clan PvP would really be awesome!
Ennsta: Yes, very much, to the point of having Clan progression, Clan warfare and shared benefits (banks, bases, boosts, spandex wardrobe).

Has there been any talk about bringing Defiance to the next generation of consoles? With the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on their way out the door for many gamers, it seems to me that the playerbases would begin to dwindle as many players upgraded consoles. I don't know the logistics, of course, but having shared servers would be remarkable. That is to say, a shared server between the PS3/PS4 as well as a shared server between the 360/Next Xbox. In short, the lack of a next-gen plan will spell doom for the consoles versions of Defiance.
Ennsta: Yes, yes and yes. We're as interested as the rest of the world in the next generation of consoles and for us, like you point out, this is very much just another platform for the Defiance client to be on and a natural progression. Stay tuned.

What are your plans for an enhanced crafting system? Will we see one someday, or is that not on the roadmap?
Ennsta: It is indeed very much on the roadmap.

What made yall go with a non traditional leveling system *Ego Rating* than the more traditional leveling system we see in most MMOs?
Ennsta: A number of reasons. One is that we aren't a traditional MMO, we're far more leaning towards open world games and shooters, just with a lot of more people Our character progression is classless, you define your playstyle so advancing is more on versatility and breadth than always a +1 to all your stats. We're taking quite the chance by going this route but looking back to the shooter and open world point, we wanted progress to count everywhere, what you gain in PVE works in PVP and vice versa. A huge +1 progression curve would simply unbalance a lot of things.

With the removal of the first Episode mission on Monday the 15th, will there be a new, new player starting experience? (Different cut scene intro, new cookie crumb quests to 'catch up' to the current episode?)
Myll_Erik: That'll all be the same largely - you'll just miss out on some of the Nolan/Irisa missions in game.
Ennsta: Some of the crossover content is planned to be removed, some isn't. However, it certainly feels like people want this to stay active so I think we might just do that.

You say that the show and game are capable of influencing each other, how will this be achieved? currently, the story is linear, there are no options, voting systems, random events with consequences etc.
Myll_Erik: Wait and see - we have some awesome surprises coming soon.

do you plan to add any form of character progression? Something that makes the players who have spent months on the game stand out from those who have spent hours on it?
Myll_Erik: We've got a lot of content coming down the pipe.

there is currently no re-playability. The Races are nothing more than skins, thus there really is no reason to start from the beginning again, meaning once everything is done (everything being a loose term as everyone seems to have their own oppinion on what everything is) there really is not a lot to do since there is no character progression and modding weapons only gets you so far. So my question here (very drawn out question...) is there the possibility of race/roles ever being implemented?
Myll_Erik: We are looking at ways to increase re-playability - including making our PvP better as well as adding more events

If the show was to be cancelled, say halfway through Season 1, unlikely but you never know, would the game still be supported with the projected DLC etc?
ME: We have set up both the game and the show to be self sustaining in the unlikely event something happens to effect either one.

That leads me on to my next question, what will the delivery of the aforementioned DLC be? Will it be staggered over the course of say a year, or will it be 1 piece of DLC per season of the show? If the latter then how will you be able to support the players on the current gen of consoles when next-gen comes in, and the console manufacturers themselves stop support for network servers etc as they make transition to the new consoles.
ME: DLC (both free and paid) will be staggered.

Is there any way to earn BITS in the game, instead of buying them?
ME: No - only through real money.

Clans - Will clans be able to pool resources? Will clans be able to create camps etc that they could use as a base? Clan to Clan trading? Clan v Clan PvP?
ME: We're working on improving all of our social features - including clan features.

Any plans to introduce a leaderboard system for consoles, as the one thats available on the website is currently for PC only?
ME: Yes - we want better leader boards and stat tracking.

In defiance will end game content show up where a skilled group of players take down instanced bosses much like your co-op maps but on a larger scale of 10 or more players? Also any chance of a loot table being present in only these raids and not outside with the exception of maybe lock boxes?
Ennsta: Yes we've thought about larger co-op instances (ie raids) and wrt loot tables, we do separate loot by activity and you will see that far more in the upcoming new features and content.

How did the idea for Defiance first start?
Ennsta: Syfy wanted to evolve their TV shows and started looking into transmedia. They started talking to us and together we went through a lot of the property they already had. In the end, a brand new concept was created that really fit for transmedia and that's how Defiance was born. So it was very much intended to be like this from the beginning, a joint venture, not licensing.

It looks like RIFT is going to be getting a visit from Defiance's creatures sometime in the near future from Elrar dropping some teasers in the previous Friday livestream (yay, my desire to own a pet hellbug will happen!). Does that mean we might be able to see some of RIFT's denizens poking their heads into Defiance at some point?
Ennsta: So many things can happen in these worlds of ours.

Any plans on aiming for a consistent frequency of updates for Defiance, similar to how the RIFT team does theirs? For example, they manage to usually pull out a hotfix (which can include content updates) every week, and then usually dole out a major content patch at an average rate of every 1.5-2 months. Is the Defiance team going to try and aim for something similar, or is that kind of what the DLC is going to be there for?
Ennsta: Similar but we're a different type of game and we're on a different pace. We have 5 DLCs currently planned and you can think of them somewhat as expansions or content packs.

Will the town of Defiance be making an appearance in the game? As part of the DLC?
Ennsta: Nope, that's not planned.

After putting in over 110 hours of game play since launch I can't help but wonder, "What next?" Do you already know what your bringing for future content, or is it still on the drawing board?
Ennsta: We have 18 months planned out already. Plans constantly change though, based on feedback. 150 people can do a lot of stuff over 18 months.

Any thoughts on player housing in the future or being able to mod our vehicles?
ME: We have thoughts - yes
Ennsta: I wub housing personally and we have a lot of ideas but first things first.

My question is, since the characters in the show are in St Louis and players are in San Fran, are we ever going to run into show characters again?
Ennsta: Yes, more characters cross over between the show and the game

Will there be more Graphical options? Since the game was set for console, the pc version is so naked compared to other pc games
Ennsta: Yes, they are on their way!

Have you considered making the show streamable through the game client so those of us who typically get American TV well over 6 months after it airs can keep up to date with what's meant to be happening?
ME: Syfy is doing a great job of getting the show out to consumers - keep checking for more updates on the show and the game.
Ennsta: Yes we have but there the same limitations apply to us. It would still fall under the same restrictions as with other TV broadcasts. However, we went through a lot of effort making sure the show was aired by our partners at the same time everywhere. For example, in Europe, all airings are on a very similar time.

How much impact will the players have on the TV series? Is it simply going to be a matter of if X percent of players do Y event, then outcome Z in the TV show? Or will there be opportunities for players who like to RP to have a deeper, more significant impact on the show?
Ennsta: The direct impact of an individual on the TV series is very limited. It's simply impossible to pull off right now with current technology. That doesn't mean individuals don't end up in the show though, that happens. So yes, it's both types of interaction. As a group, together or against each other and certain points where individuals can become part of the story.

what's the plan for the video game when the TV show is in between seasons? Will content releases lull, or are there plans to have events in the off-season that will crescendo into the next season?
Ennsta: We have 5 DLCs planned between the TV seasons so we have quite a lot planned, we don't enter a hiatus between seasons. In fact, we do the exact opposite. The world storyline is handed over to the game and the players, where events will be able to affect far more what happens in Season 2 of the game and the show. We're an online game, we constantly expand and evolve.

What do you plan to do to prevent cheating?
Ennsta: As much as I'd love to answer you in detail, it would be very counter-productive for me to do so The way to combat cheating is having dedicated people combating it all the time. It's the only way. No software solution alone is going to help you here. That means from engineering to customer support to security experts to data analysts. We've actively banned thousands for trying to use cheats. I believe you may have heard some of their screams here and there. This even stretches to exploits as well. Sure, having an MMO makes a lot of things more difficult but also remember, we have the servers. We have the data. We have the logs. I'm standing right behind you.

What kind of content is planned during the show's off seasons?
Ennsta: New species, game modes, maps, instances, vehicles, weapon types, new features and functionality, abilities, customization, power to the players, affecting and owning the world. And twerking.
Myll_Erik: Wait - did you just say twerking?

Will it be possible for User created characters (assuming the name is not nonsense) to be able to enter the tv show in some form? either their deeds mentioned or even winning some kind of walk on part?
Ennsta: Yes, we'd like to see more of that in the future but technologically, simply not possible in the current season.

What are your plans for the future of competitive play.
Ennsta: More game modes, both in the open world (ie shadow wars) and instances/maps. Ranging from pick-up to clan rivalry.

What kind of new content can we expect in the future for Defiance? Since you released a season pass, what will happen for those who don't own the season pass?
Ennsta: 5 DLCs are planned, they all have a free component and a paid component. Our strategy is to not segregate the playerbase whenever possible. We want you to play together. So a DLC has free components which is essentially content so everyone can play together and the paid components are more unlocking abilities or features combined with items and such. Imagine introducing a new playable species. To be able to play the species you need to buy that ability either through the store or through a DLC. To access the associated content, you don't have to pay anything.

I'm in a group & we want to run a co-op instance, so why when we que does it drop us from group & then reforms the group with all of us in different groups? I have a close knit group & we really want to do the content together. Thanks!
Myll_Erik: We've already bugged that issue and we're working to fix it - we want you to play with your friends!
Ennsta: Yes, all grouping issues are a high priority for us. Even our DLC strategy is driven by the principle that we don't segregate the playerbase. You should always be able to play with your friends, whether you have the DLC or not.

Overly lengthy PC UI question trimmed to this snippet
Ennsta: We'll be constantly improving usability of the UI, including platform specific, there is a team constantly dedicated to UI. The PC is hurting the most right now.

After watching the show, my friends, family, and I want to fight the Volge<sp>, any chance on a big battle in the game, and also, thanks for producing a new addiction for us!
Ennsta: I would never introduce cool new enemies into a constantly evolving game.

Can we get a Barbershop so we can change our hair color/style, makeup, facial hair, etc?
ME: Interesting idea - I'll check. You do have character options when creating your character - including facial details.
Ennsta: Yay! Facials!

What is it like making a video game that progresses along side a television show? Does it present any new challenges for you and your team?
Ennsta: Challenges? Yes. Very many but that's also the fun part of doing this. Also the decision to be on multiple platforms made this considerably more challenging. Big challenge was both teams getting an understanding for how TV shows and games are made. I also wish more companies would do this but then again, that's also why I ended up here, someone has to start doing it

Do you both play the game and if so what are your favorite weapons and vehicles? Do you know if the cast of the tv show have tried out the game? If so, what did they think of the game? In the future do you have plans on adding instanced raids like seen in other mmo's for big story arc's? Also on the topic of doughnuts, cream filled or plain glazed
Myll_Erik: We both play the game a lot. My favorite weapon is actually an assault rifle I found during an emergency. Most of the cast has played the game - with Grant actually playing quite a bit. They all loved seeing it - it's part of their world.

We're going to keep adding content.

Plain Glazed

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Jun 26, 2007

A real man wears a kilt ya wee bastards!

Dis is the recruiting page for EGOON, the PC-US clan.


Ulvirich fucked around with this message at Apr 9, 2013 around 08:28

Funkmaster General
Sep 13, 2008

Hey, man, I distinctly remember this being an episode of Spongebob.

Considering picking this up. Is there a 360 clan? Or a separate console thread somewhere?

Aug 20, 2000

Has anyone come across a map with all the areas labelled? I'm hunting the data recorders from the wiki but damned if I can figure out where the areas they are referring to are.

Darkmoon2k posted:

Here you go. Not 100% what you asked for, but the best I could find.

That'll work; thanks!

Ark fucked around with this message at Apr 5, 2013 around 23:58

May 1, 2005

Ark posted:

Has anyone come across a map with all the areas labelled? I'm hunting the data recorders from the wiki but damned if I can figure out where the areas they are referring to are.

Here you go. Not 100% what you asked for, but the best I could find.

Also here's a video for the Mount Tam data recorders. Author's channel has Madera as well, but that's all for now..

Darkmoon2k fucked around with this message at Apr 6, 2013 around 00:02

Nov 20, 2005


I know it's practically memetic but DWI GIFs are never not amusing to me.

I'm not actually liking Blur + Shotguns + Melee too much personally, I suppose it needs more melee oriented perks to really shine than I have at my EGO level of 160 or so. Decoy + long range weaponry seems like it might be fun though, I'll have to try it tonight. Nothing like the SPLORT of a headshot from a sniper rifle.

Oct 6, 2005

It was great completing a couple zone Pursuits and my EGO jumped from maybe 300 to 487. Not having levels that impact how powerful you are is great. Chat is hosed, voice chat finally kind of works (minus push to talk), server problems that they're working, UI is real bad in spots, but man... this game is just loving fun.

Nov 20, 2005


Yeah the UI is the only real knock I have on the game so far, it's pretty god drat terrible.

A sort of kind of half complaint is how bad the mutant and hellbug AI are. It makes a degree of sense, but it makes a poor first impression considering how much more competent Raiders and 99ers are ().

Anyway, game owns, worth my 60 bones already.

Jul 20, 2006
a jerk

Has anyone been able to finish the Island of Lost Soldiers pursuit? I have no idea how you're supposed to kill the Matron in under 3 minutes since it becomes invulnerable at certain damage thresholds.

mr. nobody
Sep 25, 2004

Net contents 12 fluid oz.

From the old thread:

Cao Ni Ma posted:

Looks like they game isnt using authenticator anymore? Odd that suddenly its not asking me to put in my code. Maybe the random disconnects people are having is an issue with it.

It never did use the authenticator, trion website requires it, just username/password is all I ever entered and I was logging in fine before they removed the box for inputting it.

Cao Ni Ma
May 25, 2010

Down with the Illuminati Scum

mr. nazi posted:

From the old thread:

It never did use the authenticator, trion website requires it, just username/password is all I ever entered and I was logging in fine before they removed the box for inputting it.

Haha then it was a placebo.

May 4, 2011


I'm getting real loving tired of Raider Blitzers having aimbots.

Dec 24, 2007

Nobility is sadly overrated.

Game is awesome fun. I've just been taking my time doing Arkfalls and modding weapons, finding random missions around and just helpin doods. Also PVP. PVP is amazing, brutal and quick. I'm playing for Australia and there is very little noticeable lag. Its fantastic. Trion have done a bang up job and they are fixing issues like crazy. Even the illusive 120hz bug.

Have a screenshot dump.

Jun 26, 2007

A real man wears a kilt ya wee bastards!

No finer steed in the post-arkfall world.

Dec 24, 2007

Nobility is sadly overrated.

Ulvirich posted:

No finer steed in the post-arkfall world.

Its not mine, but drat I want one.

Jan 9, 2004

This fucking day....

Asked this in the old thread, but if I get this from Green Man Gaming do I get a Steam Key or download the client straight from Trion?

Dec 24, 2007

Nobility is sadly overrated.

BexGu posted:

Asked this in the old thread, but if I get this from Green Man Gaming do I get a Steam Key or download the client straight from Trion?

GmG's key is just a Trion key. Not a Steam key, same as Amazon.

Dec 18, 2007

Northstar Flare: Best gun in the game or Noob Cannon?

Jul 20, 2006
a jerk

Insensative_Asshole posted:

Northstar Flare: Best gun in the game or Noob Cannon?

Wait until you find a VOT auto-fragger with siphon. You become immortal.

Jun 25, 2010

Is there zone map somewhere with names on it? Would be useful...

Lemon King
Oct 4, 2009

im nt posting wif a mark on my head

Darkmoon2k posted:

Here you go. Not 100% what you asked for, but the best I could find.
Also here's a video for the Mount Tam data recorders. Author's channel has Madera as well, but that's all for now..
Thanks, I'm going to spend all night getting Marin's stuff.

Aug 26, 2002

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.

I don't know if my flare with the +8 mag is more efficient than my assault rifle, but goddamn it feels good.

Also, they posted info on how contracts work.

May 4, 2011


Where are people finding the quickest Shadow Wars queues? Seems like Maedra?

Neo Helbeast
Jun 6, 2010

Now I am become Death, the Destoyer of worlds

So I'd like to join the 360 clan, but how do I send/receive clan invites?

Jul 20, 2006
a jerk

Orv posted:

Where are people finding the quickest Shadow Wars queues? Seems like Maedra?

Marin is the only place I've seen it trigger but the current match is bugged and just disconnects you as soon as you join.

Aug 20, 2000

Anyone else getting dropped out of PvP halfway through each instance?

Sep 26, 2007
White like Frank Black is

Eltoasto posted:

I don't know if my flare with the +8 mag is more efficient than my assault rifle, but goddamn it feels good.

Also, they posted info on how contracts work.

Thanks for linking that, I was confused about the rep system.

Sep 27, 2007


Game is lagging like poo poo on 360 right now. Unplayable.

Feb 22, 2009


Just bought this on a whim, here's to hoping I don't regret it!

Jun 30, 2012

goldjas posted:

Just bought this on a whim, here's to hoping I don't regret it!

If you enjoy running over people in a lovely car and then rolling out of it as it barrels into the drink, firing guns haphazardly like the drunken post-apocalyptic murderer you are, then you won't regret it! Otherwise, yeah, maybe. It's pretty janky still.

There is like nobody in San Fran. I guess not many people are far enough along, which is unfortunate, because Dark Matter are serious business. I died twice just trying to cross the chokepoint they set up at the end the Golden Gate.

Aug 26, 2002

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.

alarumklok posted:

There is like nobody in San Fran. I guess not many people are far enough along, which is unfortunate, because Dark Matter are serious business. I died twice just trying to cross the chokepoint they set up at the end the Golden Gate.

I'm at the storyline mission to go to the bridge, but holding off since I am only ego 550 or so, with a ton of side quests to do. My contracts updated though and they mostly involve dark matter mobs though, so looks like I will be heading across.

Feb 22, 2009


Reading about it and watching some videos it sounded/looked like Borderlands 2 meets Secret World which were things I liked enough to buy it. It's downloading now so we'll see in a bit if I end up liking it.

May 4, 2011


The Golden Gate Murderbot is pretty great.

Jun 6, 2004




goldjas posted:

Reading about it and watching some videos it sounded/looked like Borderlands 2 meets Secret World which were things I liked enough to buy it. It's downloading now so we'll see in a bit if I end up liking it.

If I had to describe it I'd say something like "Borderlands gameplay with Firefly-esque sci-fi western trappings"

I think I'm just going to pass on all the races and combat challenges for now because they're overtuned to hell.

VVV: I can't do 38 seconds in the first race to save my drat life. I've gotten 39 a couple times. I think I need a faster bike since it seems to use your equipped one.

WarLocke fucked around with this message at Apr 6, 2013 around 03:59

Dec 18, 2007

^ TGhe first two time trials are are easy as hell, do em to get the exp. Haven't tried any after that.

Is there a ranting and raving thread yet because gently caress Hellbug Archers.

Jun 30, 2012

is there a mumble that i am too drunk to have noticed in the OP?

Nov 6, 2008


Neo Helbeast posted:

So I'd like to join the 360 clan, but how do I send/receive clan invites?

you add me on xbox first Slayer15977 and I am currently running the clan but will hire some captains when we figure it all out.


Kenny Rogers
Sep 7, 2007

Chapter One:
When I first saw Sparky, he reminded me of my favorite comb. He was missing a lot of teeth.

Zethe posted:

is there a mumble that i am too drunk to have noticed in the OP?
There is.
Hint: It's under Clans.

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