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Jul 7, 2006

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm

This movie is not good. Refn basically took a gangster movie and put it through some horrible grinding and stretching machine that adds neon and slow-mo and karaoke. Even when slow-mo isn't actually used, it still manages to feel like it is due to long camera shots and actors who've obviously been directed to move at 1/4 speed at all times. There's no story resolution. The plot isn't hurt by a lack of dialogue because it doesn't have much of one. Really though, the worst thing is that it's pretentious; so, soooo pretentious. I think on some level Refn wants this to be seen as an art movie, which is a hilarious and delusional idea.



May 1, 2011


I really enjoyed this movie, with the understanding that as a narrative movie it isn't very good. It is highly visual and a surrealist exploration in the same way that many Alexander Jodorowsky or David Lynch films are. I can easily lose myself in these sorts of films and enjoy them just as much as a straightforward narrative film. I will admit that I wish it towed the line between the two a little better at some points. Parts of the film are rated N for nightmare. It's pretty bleak. I think that I entered the film with the same expectations of a lot of people, in that I desperately wanted this to be a sequel to Drive. Obviously it wasn't and I can't blame Refn for going in an entirely different direction.


Wonderful Bread
Nov 11, 2013


Like Miami Connection, Winding Refn's newest stoned adventure doesn't really understand the basic rules of narrative film making, and features Asian actors who don't really understand the basics of acting. While the downplayed story and dialogue can be seen as one of Refn's traits as an auteur, both simply come off as bad writing and acting respectively in the case of this film. While these are complaints I had with Drive until I realized it wasn't something that needed to be taken seriously, Only God Forgives embraces its flaws with open arms, barraging viewers with an onslaught of shallow symbolism and blatant visual metaphors without batting an eye. Combined with the absolutely stunning cinematography, lighting, and set design, the film becomes what could be perceived as an homage to 1970 Hong Kong B-movies, as opposed to the misogynistic, tough-guy wet dream that the average viewer would see. While it's by no means a great movie that will go down in the books as a classic, Only God Forgives is most definitely worth watching for anyone who won't be taking it too seriously.

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Mar 31, 2007

Rocco loves chips...

It's a movie whose best asset is also its biggest drawback: the director.
Asset, because Winding Refn is really talented; drawback, because after "Drive" this movie doesn't feel nearly as good.
All in all, it's not a bad movie and it's worth a look, but don't come here right after watching Drive or you'll feel robbed.

2.5/5, rounded to 3

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