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Dec 29, 2008

At the beginning of this year, I decided to start up a Let's Play of this old fantastic game by Dynamix called 'Betrayal at Krondor'. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control in late April and early May of 2013 (such as computer meltdowns and family medical emergencies) meant that I had to put the LP on hold for for some time. The first thread has therefore fallen into the abyss of the archives.

I'm back and ready to go. Let's do this thing!

Table of Contents

Previous Betrayal at Krondor Thread 'Resolving to Escort Gorath to Krondor in 2013' (Covers Chapter 1 Updates 1 - 16, Requires Archives)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Update 01: Introduction
Update 02: Squire Philip, Chests and Baby's First Battle
Update 03: Link Pending
Update 04: Link Pending
Update 05: Link Pending
Update 06: Link Pending
Update 07: Link Pending
Update 08: Link Pending
Update 09: Link Pending
Update 10: Link Pending
Update 11: Link Pending
Update 12: Link Pending
Update 13: Link Pending
Update 14: Link Pending
Update 15: Link Pending
Update 16: Link Pending
Update 17: Rebooting
Update 18: Who doesn't love a happy ending?
Update 19: It's Krondor, baby, yeah!
Update 20: End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Update 21: Shadow of the Nighthawks
Update 22: Jimmy the Hand is a badass
Update 23: Roads just ain't safe anymore
Update 24: Don't trust anybody
Update 25: Confronting Issac, and a grainy quest
Update 26: Earning our merit badges in barn opening
Update 27: loving Trolls
Update 28: Highcastle
Update 29: Wrinkly Old Men

First post of the new thread starts here with Update 17!

Technically Update 17: Rebooting

That's where we left off. Mostly. The difference is that the pirates were alive before and about to attack us. Guess I played out the combat and subsequently lost the screenshots. Despite the fact that we are told that they looked quite insane, we don't know what at this moment was the problem with them. We'll go into the temple next to them in just a minute, but for the benefit of everybody rejoining here, a slight recap of what has happened thus far.

Recap posted:

It was some time ago, that Locklear had encountered Gorath, a Moredhel from the North who had information to convey to the Kingdom. Taking Gorath prisoner, Locklear intends to bring him south to Krondor to meet with Prince Arutha. Unfortunately, they are waylaid by Moredhel assassins on the way. At one such stop, they run into a young man named Owyn, who has some limited talent with magic. Owyn bandages Locklear up. Shortly thereafter Gorath straight up murders another assassin who entered into their camp, and Locklear shanghais Owyn into coming with them.

Our intrepid heroes manage to make it to LaMut, where they are introduced to a number of sidequests, such as finding Malaka's ruby, and clearing out the Brak Noor (a monster made of stone) that inhabits the nearby dwarven cave. After a slight run-in with exploding traps, death, and a bit of the plague, they manage to defeat the monster, solve the mystery of the missing ruby, and continue on down south to Krondor.

What happened next? Our heroes encountered a roadblock to actually meeting with the Prince because the front gates to the palace were mysteriously sabotaged. Delaying action for the moment, they exited Krondor and begin to explore a bit north, eventually hitting the village of Eggley. Only this was no ordinary city, it had been abandoned by its inhabitants, apparently due to an interruption (murder!) in some strange ritual to their Goddess for the harvest. They've refused to come back to the city. Putting it upon themselves to look into this matter, our brave heroes wandered north only to run into some insane pirates outside of the temple of said Goddess.

"That's more or less what happened."

Rest of Conversation posted:

... someday. Our place is in service to both the earth mother and those who worship her. Remember."

Locklear bowed his head. "that is very gracious of you, high priestess, but if another time would be more convenient..." The old woman chuckled darkly. "Speak noble one." Sensing that brevity was in his best interest, he quickly related the things Devon had told him during their visit to the Stranger Tavern in Eggley. when, at least, he had finished, a grave expression was on the high priestess' face.

"There is no curse upon the town, whatever this man Devon may have told you," she said. "but we share fault in this. this ritual of the Festival never was intended like this, and now it has brought shame on this Temple and misery upon our faithful of Eggley. Nevermore shall there be a Festival..."

Belandra gasped. "High priestess! the Festival..."

"Silence, child," she said, turning her glare on Locklear. "I will also see this Collector brought to justice! If you can find him, send him to us with word that we have a reward to give him. I will see you very well remunerated for your efforts. Goddess blessing on you." Turning, the high priestess moved across the courtyard, followed quickly after by her plump assistant...

"It's been five minutes, let's bother the high priestess again."

"Well shucks. Guess we might as well go look for the Collector then."

Next time: We find The Collector!

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Dec 13, 2002

Well hell yeah. I'm glad to see you back. BAK owns, your initial thread owned, your only failing was not finishing. Looks like you're solving that too

Dec 29, 2008

Update 18: Who doesn't love a happy ending?

We have been charged with finding the Collector and sending him up to the temple of Silban for his "reward". We don't know exactly where to find this guy, but given that his last known location was Eggley, it is reasonable to assume that he is lurking around somewhere near there.

Not too far away from the temple of Silban is this house and barn. Perhaps the occupant can be of assistance?

"We can only hope."

The door swung open.

"4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 4, 8, we're dead, 15, doomed and dead, 16, 23..."

"Uh, hello?"

"8, 15, I mean. Oh hello, Good day to you fine sirs!"

... the money down, but the man insisted.

They thanked him for his kindness and generosity, then they left.

"Locklear, I don't remember the Priestesses telling us to speak with Franklin Hurley, do you?"

"Not really, the past few months have been kind of a hazy blur for me. I'm not complaining though, unasked for cash rewards are always welcome."

We did a brief search of Eggley but no trace of the Collector there. We head south to the next city, Tanneurs. The best place to look for clues is always a busy inn, anyway.

"If by 'clues', you mean ladies, then I agree."

Tom's Tavern is a good place to check. If we hover the mouse over the gentlemen on the left it pops up with a "Talk", which usually indicates that they have some importance.

"Sure, but first, let's talk to the fetching young woman on the right."

Conversation with Fetching Lady posted:

The woman talked.

Brushing away the hair that was dangling in her eyes, she talked long and passionately about the affairs of the common folk of Midkemia.

"You talk of children as if they were nothing more then pieces on a chessboard," Locklear said with a frown.

"Forgive me, sire, but I was lowborn," she replied. "When a farmer has no one to push his plow for him and cannot hire a strong back, he and his wife conceive a child! When a noble is endangered by ships off his coast, but has a daughter in swaddling that coos in her bassinet, he promises her hand in marriage to the invading lord of save his gold! It is the nature of your Great Freedom..."

Stunned by the flare of rage, Locklear was uncertain how to answer the peasant woman's vehemence. "It is not my plan, miss," he replied pointedly. "And I don't think it was engineered to enslave children, however good your point may be. yes, many people are forced to do much against their will, but how eager do you think the soldiers have been that have gone down to their deaths to defend those principles? There are prices to be paid on all sides."

"Yes, there are," she said. "but some of us seem to be paying more than others."

"Bloody peasant!"

This was just one of the interesting flavor added in when you talk to random people at the bar. Speaking of talking to random people, let's see if we can learn anything about the Collector.

Interesting. Seem The Collector is here at the tavern in the back room. Let's go pay him a visit.

His greed blinds him to asking questions such as "Well, how do you know that?" or "Why are you telling me?", or really doing any kind of research.

Locklear and Co., hoof it all the way back to the temple of Silban to see what happens as result.

The priestess nodded. "I have arranged for a few healing potions to be given to you as well as small sum of gold. You will have them before you leave the temple. I must leave you now to begin dispensing justice on this Collector. Goddess blessing on you."

"If he survives? Sounds... intense."

"... Let's see if we can talk to her again!"

"Worth a shot. Let's go back to Eggley. Now with the Collector out of the way, things should go back to normal. Right?"

Aw, yay! The Stranger is populated with all manner of shifty people once again. The smell of vomit and spilled beer, ah yes. All is as it should be!

"Come in and join the celebration! Welcome to The Stranger!"

"What are you celebrating?"

"A new life here in Eggley! You remember I told you that on the night I arrived something very peculiar happened? All the townspeople disappeared, vanished without a trace. When they didn't come back, I decided to stay here and see what happened, maybe take over the tavern ... drat me if they didn't all decide to come back!"

"That's good news, isn't it?"

"All taken, I think so, though I don't know what the ultimate fate of my tending this tavern will be. Still haven't heard what's become of the tavern keeper, but while I am still here, I suppose I ought to act like one. What can I get you?"


"Congratulations on Eggley's rebirth, Devon. I hope everything works out here so you can hold on to the tavern."

"One way or the other, it's been fun, so I have no regrets however it turns out."

"That's good to hear. so long, barkeep!"

"Well that was nice, wasn't it? Owyn... are you crying?"

"I love a happy ending."

"Yes, everything turned out well for everybody involved."

"Except for the Collector."

"Everybody we like."

Next Time: It's Krondor, baby, yeah!

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Nov 4, 2009

Thank you so much for resuming this.

Rulebook Heavily
Sep 18, 2010

Self Impaled King of Hearts And Storytelling

Oh hey this exists again!

Gonna have to read the entire old thread again and listen to every file hosted, for no apparent reason, at the university of Iceland. (I should ask someone down there wtf.)

Dec 13, 2002


At this rate we're going to have to retitle the thread "Resolving to select skills in 2013: Let's play Betrayal at Krondor"

Kinda sad you didn't go with this (from the old thread) - now the real acid test is, in the time between then and now have you mastered skill selection?

Dec 29, 2008

Psion posted:

Now the real acid test is, in the time between then and now have you mastered skill selection?

Mastered the what now?

Update 19: It's Krondor, baby, yeah!

"It's good to be home. The beautiful sights, the amazing smells."

"Oh dear Gods, the horrible smells."

If you recall, last time we were here we were unable go in the front gates because that would be too easy. We were given a hint by the guardsman that Locklear's friend, James, has been missing. James can probably help us get into the palace, so we should look for him. Given what we know, he is probably lurking around underneath the city. Therefore, we must consider going in the alternate way...

Right in through the sewers.

"No, but I'm looking forward to seeing how Gorath handles the stench down here as opposed to topside."

In we go.

"Somehow I was expecting smaller passages, and rivers of sewage to wade through."

We don't get too far into Krondor's sewers when we encounter a thief, but not the thief that we are looking for.

"Who goes there?"

"And I thought I looked stupid."

Locklear is pulling rank here. Let's see if it works...

"Fast with a blade I am. Step any further and I'll do you, I will!"

"The only thing you will do my young friend is die an unfortunate death on the point of my sword. I used to spar with Jimmy the Hand and I'm a faster blade than he. Do you still wish to cross me?"

"Jimmy the Hand? He's a legend, sire. Next you'll be telling me you've lain with the Empress Lakeisha of Kesh... I'd advise you to be nice like, however cause I got five blokes waiting a little on down to make sure nothing happens to me, see. I don't suppose you've come on behalf of Seigneur James have you?"

"Seigneur James? Then you don't... well, perhaps we have."

"Alright then, down to tacks. If he didn't send you, you'll be answering to the Upright Man and not me, so I wash my hands of it. Just watch your steps down here, as there's a bit of trouble going on down here. G'day."

"Wait... we don't know our way around down here."

"I look like a bloody page to you? I've got affairs of me own whats I gots to do..."

"Just answer a few questions?"

"Right then, so long as you don't ask me anything what might get me in the hots with the Nightmaster. What you want to know?"


"You wouldn't happen to have an extra set of picklocks laying about, would you?"

"Could be I would. That would depend on what you have to offer me, now wouldn't it?"

"How about a royal pardon the next time you end up in the hands of the City Guard?"

"Oh, that'd be very nice. How about the Prince's palace while you're about it?! I'd have to be cockle-headed and three pence short to buy in on a fib what like you just told. No quicker than you're out the Highway, and you'd have forgotten it in a Mocker minute. You'll have to do better."

"How about gold?"

"That's the language. Twenty five gold sovereigns. Take it or leave it?"


"Given my options, I choose to leave it. I could buy a set of picklocks and a week's rations for that price. You'll never be a success as a merchant with prices like that."

"Not my ambition. I much prefer it down here if it's all the same to you."


"I'll be off now as I've got business with the Upright Man. You'll have to come and tell me some more of your fables about Jimmy the Hand."

"Perhaps we will. Thanks for your help."

Way to show off your fine diplomatic skills, Locklear.

"... Go gently caress yourself."

We have an entire sewer to map out. There isn't much to it in Chapter 1 though. Most of the passages loop round and meet up with one another, and the encounters are mostly with your typical groups of rogues.

Nothing to write home about. We rest when we need to, and run out of the sewers to sell surplus gear whenever we start to carry around too much. One thing to note, is that as we travel around the sewers, there will occasionally be grates leading to the palace.

Like so. One problem is that we have a find a certain key that will open the locks.

We have another problem though.

Most of the grates' locks have been tampered with, and nothing will open them. In fact, there is only one entrance to the palace and you have to click on each of the locks to see which one has not been tampered with. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have to find the key.

We continue to map out the sewers, and encounter the game's first pit trap.

It isn't too dangerous if you see it coming, and have rope to get across. If you do fall in though...

"You must believe, boy. You must... believe."

You die.

Guess we didn't have enough faith. Sorry dad.

"Locklear never really believed in the grail. He thought he'd found a prize."

As we explore the western part of the sewers, we are suddenly ambushed by a rampaging horde of ninjas!

Actually these are nighthawks, and since they dress in all black, they can be difficult to spot as you wander around or at night. They can be significantly more dangerous then the other enemies that we've encountered so far, but these ones don't cause us too much trouble.

Just as they are hard to spot when they are alive, it is also difficult to find the right bodies to click on after they are dead too. This becomes an issue later on when you end up fighting, oh say, seven or eight of them.

Now that we've cleared out this small band of nighthawks, we push on just a little bit farther, and then...

"Not Nighthawks. Impostors. Someone has been trying to convince Prince Arutha that the Guild of Death has reestablished operations here in Krondor and is using the sewers as their hideout, hoping that the Lancers will come down and clean out the place. In doing so, I think whoever is running this game hopes that the Lancers will root out the Mockers while they are at it."

"What, take out the Guild of Thieves? Doesn't seem likely from all the things you've told me from your days as a Mocker."

"More to the point, we know now a few of the Nighthawks escaped to Romney when we smashed them up after that affair with Princess Anita. They certainly won't dare tread Krondor's streets for a while yet. I'd been tracking around down here trying to find out more when I ran into those fellows... So...why have you come back so soon to Krondor, Locky? I thought you were going to be gone another four months or so."

"I've got bad news from the Northlands. Looks like the Dark Brothers are stirring again. They raised Murmandamus' battle standards over Sar-Sargoth and there's a moredhel army gathering to attack the Kingdom. This moredhel used to be one of their clan chieftains, something of a hero during the Riftwar against the Tsurani too. I thought Prince Arutha would be interested in talking to him."

"I don't like this, Locky. The moredhel stirring again in the north and someone mimicking the Guild of Death... My bump of trouble says that things are going to get far worse before they get better... I assume since you're down here that you're trying to get into the palace the way I showed you a few years ago?"

"Yes... I was thinking I would have to pry off the grate somehow, but if you have the key, it would save me a great deal of trouble."

"Still on me. It's all yours. I can find my own way into the palace. I'm going to creep around a while longer down here and see if I can unravel this particular mystery."

"Suit yourself. I, for one, am anxious to get out of this hole. Come and get me for breakfast tomorrow after I've spoken to Prince Arutha!"

Excellent - We now have got ourselves a brand new key to the palace.

With the rest of the sewers cleared out for the moment, we head back to the only grate that still works, and unlock it...

Next Time: The End of Chapter 1

Dec 29, 2008

Update 20: End of Chapter 1

Finally, after all this time traveling, we get to meet the fabled Prince Arthua.

Who doesn't look anything like you'd expect him to look. Same with Pug.

"That's all I ever wanted."

Next Time: Chapter 2: Shadow of the Nighthawks

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Deceitful Penguin
Feb 16, 2011

All I wanted to do was tell women how to be feminists and compliment them on their great tits.

Then those self righteous shits called me white >:|

Now all I can hope is that this picture of a smiling xbox with awesome tits will console me.

Nice to see this back. Been a while so am I remembering right that they switch characters around every chapter, so we'll be seeing new guys in the next update?

Jul 17, 2005

Hello grangers!

Equally delighted this is back, I don't think I ever completed the get the people back to the town quest before.

Dec 13, 2002

Deceitful Penguin posted:

Nice to see this back. Been a while so am I remembering right that they switch characters around every chapter, so we'll be seeing new guys in the next update?

Not every chapter but yeah, there are more than three playable characters.

also Pug doesn't take any poo poo, despite having THE WRONG HAIR COLOR
my immersion

Dec 29, 2008

Chapter 2

Update 21: Shadow of the Nighthawks

"He is leader in name only. However bitter a draught Delekhan may be for your kith and kin to drink, magician, his rule is black poison in the gullets of me and mine. Already he enslaves my cousins and rapes the land."

"Bloody his nose, Prince of Krondor. Blunt his swords and the unified tribes will cast him down in wrath. Let him cross your Northern border, however, and ten other clans will join their strength to his and the legacy of Murmandamus will but a spark next to his glory."

"Where would you have me send my troops? If indeed he intends a strike against one of our northernmost possessions, which castle shall I garrison for the attack? Highcastle? Ironpass? Northwarden? If I am to fight a war, by my teeth tell me where would you have me fight it!"

"Would that I could tell you! Delekhan holds in good confidence only a handful of cowering dogs and, among them, only a few are privy to his war plans. his private councils are restricted to choice individuals, his advisers Narab and Nago, his mistress Liallan, his son Moraeulf and --- Nighthawks!"

"He keeps foul company that leader of yours..."

"Your highness, if you give me leave, I believe I can find the evidence of Delekhan's intent. i will need someone to accompany me to Romney and supplies for my journey and a small parcel of gold."

"Romney? What do you think you can find in a provincial river town in the heart of the Kingdom?"

"I aim to catch a bird in flight. of late Delekhan has emptied a good deal of his treasury to revive the service of the Nighthawks. In exchange he has demanded tactical information about Kingdom holdings..."

"He's turned the Guild of Assassins into a guild of spies?"

"Only for a time. Although the payments have been left in various hidden locales, the messengers were always sent to a rendezvous in Romney. If I go there, I may be able to intercept information concerning a forthcoming attack. Would such evidence suffice?"


"drat me but I don't trust you Gorath. How do I know that this isn't a plot of yours? We can weigh the evidence to our hearts content and your cousins could be slitting the throats of my serfs as we sit dawdling..."

"Go to Romney, but you will provide for yourself. if this is part of some secret moredhel scheme, I'll not look the fool before the world. Pug, unroll the map for me..."

"So an attack at Northwarden seems unlikely."

"Leaving Highcastle."

"Which is a viable alternative, but neither target seems to have an obvious goal. I know you are no field strategist and you hate to become involved in state matters but I should like you to delay your return to your home at Stardock for a while. I feel... ill at ease."

"You are not alone in that. I too have sensed something unusual in the air, but I won't ascribe it to anything as dire as magic. More likely we suffer from bad soup."

"James will send word to me there."

"What of the garrison?"

"Now we wait. Gods help Gorath if he betrays us to the moredhel."

Control is returned to us at this point. Chapter 1 is done, and now our mission in Chapter 2 is... another escort mission.

Actually it's not so bad. We are saying goodbye to Locklear for a bit, and now have control of James instead, as well as Gorath. (nobody cares about Owyn) Enemies in this chapter start to get a little bit tougher, you'll continue to face the standard fare moredhel and rogues, but now you also have to content with nighthawks, and a few other surprises depending on which way you go.

Right now we are inside the palace, and this woman wearing her bathrobe is looking placidly at us. Might as well say hello. It's what Locklear would have done.

"I am glad to see you safe again in Krondor."

"You've just missed him. He and Makala went off to discuss magic someplace and if I know my husband, that means I won't see him for a few days. Even on holiday, he can't seem to take his mind away from the art for long."

Typical artists, am I right?

"In many ways, he and the Prince are much alike. Where is Arutha anyway?"

"Out with his twins and the Princess Anita. It seems your famed luck is running thin today."

"Quite the contrary, for I still have your company. If I may have a moment..."

"As much time as you need. What may I do for you?"


"So, when do I get to meet this stunning daughter of yours? I've heard quite a bit about Gamina, but I've been too busy to make the time to meet her."

"I imagine you will see her as soon as I do. She's more than likely trailing Pug and Makala about the palace. Any opportunity to hear her father discuss magic and she's immediately at his side. Then too, it may be she's hiding away from Arutha's twins. She's not quite interested in boys yet."

Take that as a hint, James.


"I know that quite a few of the artificers in Stardock have begun exporting their goods from the Academy. Are there any good places to buy magical items near here?"

"The most notable one that's close is a little place called Stardock Annex at the Abbey of Ishap at Sarth. officially they have no ties with the Academy, but there's not much we can do to keep them from using the name. There's also a fellow by the name of Dabeh who buys from us, but he lives a long distance from here, out north of Romney if I recall."

Lucky for us then that we are going to Romney!

There isn't much else to do in the Palace. There is a room here that we can enter, we can also go back down the sewers or exit out the front way, but as we are trying to be somewhat inconspicuous, we'll not go out the front.

Still, let's check out what is in the side room here.

Indeed Locklear does. Everything that he was carrying on him is left behind in Krondor after Chapter 1. we can make good use of this to grab his items either for James to use or for the party to sell later on. Additionally, this side room is always available and useful for dropping things off that you want to keep.

As you can tell, we have just James and Locklear in this chapter. (again, nobody cares about Owyn) We also get to keep all the gold from the previous chapter too, and at 1400, we're sitting pretty comfortably right now.

James is kind of 'Meh' overall. His speed is good but that melee score needs improvement. The only place where he really stands out is his lockpicking ability.

We'll get a better sense of the kind of man he is as we continue on in the game though. That's it for now though, next time we'll go back to the sewers and start making our way to Romney.

Dec 13, 2002


Right now we are inside the palace, and this woman wearing her bathrobe is looking placidly at us. Might as well say hello. It's what Locklear would have done.

I guess it's rose tinted glasses but I never really thought about how amateur renfaire the costumes were. Despite making fun of them earlier it's just ... agh. Everywhere!

It's awesome though so I don't really mind.

ALSO: Pug has brown hair. It's literally in the second paragraph of Magician. He isn't some blonde dork (that's someone else) and Arutha is described as being rapierlike (guess what his preferred weapon is?) - tall, rangy, dark hair, clean shaven, etc.

Honestly Dynamix with critical errors like your casting how can I take this seriously?

Snugglecakes posted:

James is kind of 'Meh' overall. His speed is good but that melee score needs improvement. The only place where he really stands out is his lockpicking ability.

Just select all his skills, that'll speed it right up

And yeah, with his native speed and some melee training you can turn him into a real powerhouse. He can just charge across half the combat zone and one-hit enemies with enough training and a better sword.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Oh. That's actually kind of clever. All along I was expecting a betrayal at Krondor, but the betrayal at Krondor was us, all along. Gareth betrayed the moredhel, and all that.

Apr 6, 2009

"A superstitious cowardly lot," right buddy?

I have never once had a decent James. I've spared all the possible training for him, I took him on a trip around the world... not only did he never match up to Gorath, but... well, he never matched up to anyone is all I'm saying.

Dec 13, 2002

Well nobody can be as awesome as Gorath. That's just a fact.

Sep 12, 2008

My God, it's full of Horatios!

So glad you picked the LP up. I love this game and its music.

Dec 29, 2008

Xander77 posted:

I have never once had a decent James. I've spared all the possible training for him, I took him on a trip around the world... not only did he never match up to Gorath, but... well, he never matched up to anyone is all I'm saying.

Funny that you should say that.

Update 22: Jimmy the Hand is a badass

We head back into Krondor's reeking sewers.

I've already mapped out the sewers last chapter, but with the start of a new chapter, more dangerous enemies have spawned and eagerly await us.

Since I know that that James is much better with locks then Locklear, I move the guys on up to an area where there was a chest that I couldn't open before circled in blue.

There is also a group of enemies to the north circled in red, which we'll deal with soon enough.

(Can you guess what I am missing in my key inventory above?)

As we examine the lock, a message pops up that I've never seen before.

Sheesh! Small wonder I've never seen it before, I've never run out of lockpicks!

Here I neglected to have James pick up the ones that Locklear had left behind. Oopsie doodles!

We hoof it back to the palace to grab the lockpicks and make it back to open the chest.

Ooh, a new spell! Too bad we don't have a magician who can use it.

Having opened the chest, I move to engage the enemies just north of us because I want to try James out and see how well he performs in battle.

Instead of opting to bum rush the magician (Which is what I should have done) James instead fires off a poisoned quarrel at him.

Which hits, doing a good chunk of damage.

That the quarrel was poisoned also means that there is a good chance that the magician will be poisoned and will continue to lose health/stamina each turn.

However, the magician decides to ruin my day, and paralyzes Gorath.

This is a good reminder not to gently caress around with enemy spellcasters. As I know from the previous chapter, he if decides to do the same kind of spell on James, it's game over for me.

A great thing about James is that he is fast.

I rectify my previous mistake by telling James to charge the enemy magician.

Gorath is just poo poo out of luck, but he's a tank so he'll absorb a lot of hits from the others before he goes down.

It takes some flailing about the battlefield, but James takes down the magician.

The rest of the enemy are focused on attacking Gorath. They continue to hit him too. If Gorath goes down, James will have a hard time taking on all of them by himself.

James takes down one of the remaining enemy. He has two left, one focused on Gorath but now one is focused on him.

I'm just waiting for the spell on Gorath to wear off so he can contribute.

The spell doesn't wear off, but it doesn't matter. James takes out the last remaining enemy on his own.

Hell, he took out all the enemies on his own.

"They didn't call me 'Jimmy the Hand' for nothing, you know."

I am very impressed. Normally James just isn't that great when you first get him. For whatever reason, the James I have in this game is kicking rear end so far.

The magician had this powder bag on him, which makes me suspect that is what he used to paralyze Gorath. This also explains while Gorath was out of commission for the entire battle. The spell that has the same paralyzing effect usually wears off faster.

"Mine now, bitches. Yoink!"

After resting for a few days, I decide to have the guys get out of the sewers. While I could have avoided the previous encounter, there isn't a way to avoid these guys.

They get the jump on us, and they have not one, but two magicians in their group. I'm starting to get worried.

As soon as I can, I have James rush the first magician that is closest to him, which will prevent him from spellcasting. I do have to worry about the magician closer to Gorath though.

Or not! The magician by Gorath didn't cast a spell, instead he wandered a bit closer for some reason, while the one James was chasing after predictably runs away.

Gorath gets in a hit, but not enough to take him down. James assists.

Only for me to be rewarded with another bag of powder thrown into Gorath's face.

Still, just as in the last battle, James is fast enough to chase down the magician and take him out before he tries the same trick again.

The rest of the battle plays out the same as before, only difference is that Gorath recovers at the last second and gets in the final blow against the last remaining enemy in what I assume is a fit of rage after being pepper sprayed twice already.

We get close to the exit, and then...

Who could it be?! Locklear? Prince Arutha? Pug? .... Squire Philip?

Oh. It's just Owyn.

"Well, after Seigneur Locklear dumped me off after we got here and told me I could go home, I got bored and decided to check out Krondor. Unfortunately there's nothing much interesting going on here, so I decided I would come back to the palace. I tired to pay Gorath an unexpected visit last night, but discovered that the guards had been doubled with orders that no one could see him. I might have fallen for it if I hadn't heard someone snoring in his cell."

"Gorath doesn't snore I take it?"

"Not a sound. When I realized that something was in the air I went to find Locklear and discovered that he was mysteriously absent, despite a tray of food delivered to his door just moments after I slipped away. Finally, I came down here and talked to Limm who told me you had been down here earlier this morning. At that point, I realized Arutha meant to slip Gorath out of Krondor for some reason."

"Are you sure you're not a thief by profession? you think unnervingly like a Mocker I used to know."

"So, are we ready? We should probably get moving. Where are we going anyway?"

Oh, Owyn. You are adorable.

"You cannot accompany us, Owyn. Our mission is much too important..."

"Quiet, moredhel! I'll handle this."

"But I could jeopardize your mission! Who knows who might take me captive between here and Tiburn? If I go back to Krondor now, I might accidentally talk to someone. Besides, I'm from the eastern part of the Kingdom. I know the area and I might be able to help."

"For better or worse, you seem determined to hitch your fate to catastrophe. But if you want to get yourself killed at a tender young age, who am I to naysay it? I used to pull the same stunts when Arutha wished to pull out of Krondor."

"All right then squire, you can come along, but these are the ground rules. One, I am in charge and you do whatever I say without question. Two, under no circumstances do you reveal anything about Gorath or our mission to anyone. If someone asks, we will continue what Seigneur Locklear suggested --- Gorath is an elf. Thirdly, and lastly, you don't wander off on your own. I don't care if you're watering the trees, you ask me first. Is that all clear?"

"Absolutely. Whatever you say."

"Stop smiling. You're going to earn your keep. I know I'm going to regret this, but let's get moving. We have a long way to go and no time to get there."

I'm actually rather happy to have Owyn back. It's good to have a magician on your team to blind the enemy, if nothing else. Or to lob off some fireballs now and then.

We exit the sewer, but instead of leaving town like we are expected to, we head on over to the shops to sell off our excess gear and then over to the tavern to restock on food provisions. Also, we talk to Nivek, who we met very briefly in the previous chapter. Nivek didn't have much to say to Locklear at the time, but here he has quite a bit more to say to James.

A discussion on taxes. Just what we need in video games.

"The ledgers are at a balance, but I daresay my thirst suffers a deficit of catastrophic proportions. Though I handle thousands of sovereigns a day, I fear I haevn't the command of more than a handful of my own use at the moment. I don't suppose you might be in a position..."

"What do you say, Owyn? Do we buy a drink for this honorable tax collector or do we allow him to expire of thirst?"


"Operation Slush Fund is a go."

"Bartender, a drink for the tax collector! Drink up friend and tell me what you know. you're always a good ear for the happenings in and out of the Kingdom."

"Rumors? My goodness me, I'm not the kind to consort with rumormongers. No sire, you should know that. Of course I occasionally hear a few facts that are of interest to people. Accounting is a ... *UHRUP* ... fascinating business you know, all the figures and such..."

"Something a little more lively if you please. Stolen cows, cheating wives, dishonest traders --- that sort of thing."

"The prurient and the scatological, eh? Hmmm. Well, let me think on it. I believe I heard something last week --- at least I believe it was last week. Maybe it was the week before that. Couldn't have been before that annexation in Malac's Cross ---"

"If you please, Nivek. We would like to get out of here before tomorrow."

"I... *AHHHP* ... would be most pleased to accommodate you, but seems that my mouth has grown a bit dry. What do you say to buying me another drink?"


"Ahh now. That's much better. What was I saying? Oh yes, about this story. The-re was... *UHRUP* ... this fellow that lives near Sethanon that has filed three new claims on land in the past year. Thr-ee, ya understand that?"

"Is there something suspect about his purchases?"

"Oh, his selections of land are nice enough. Prime pieces of land matter of fact, but he's without a ... *AAHHHP* ... ti-tle! How'z a person of ignoble birth manage to buy three prime estates? Tell me that!"

"What was this fellow's name? Perhaps we should look into it."

"What kind of ques---*RUCHH*---question is that now? Ya think I carry my ledger about in my head? I mean you might as well rear end me the name of Prince Arufa's --- Arutha's wife."

"You mean to tell me that you can't remember Princess Anita's name?"

"No --- what is her name?"

"You were telling me about the man near Sethanon. What else do you know about him? Tell me about the man."

"Ahhhh... I fink his name was Fibber ... NAH, that's not right, not right at all ... Fleeber ... Monk's finger ... Map's Flipper ... Fever ... FEEBER! Maxie Feeber! Thatsss it! ya know, I'm really, really, getting tired now and maybe I should go home..."

"There's still a few things I need to know. Think you can hold out for just a few more minutes?"

We are such enablers.


"That hit the --- the ahhh --- What?"

"I suppose you mean that your drink hit the mark. Why don't you tell us a little more about this Max Feeber character?"

"NAHnahnahnahh... that's bori---*UHRUP*--ng... let's talk about last year. Did ya know that for every cow in Midkemia, we get a golden sovereigns a year alone just for their manure... Did ya know that? BETCHA didn't! An for every duck..."

"Max Feeber. I want to know about Max Feeber."

"Dokay. Moxie Flipper. Ahm, I know that gee was tryging to buy up some of the propurtee left in Sethanon a few years back from Jared Lycrow but Jared wouldn't sell to no one, so Moxie co--*AHRUP*---cooked up this idea... Sure you don't want to hear about ducks?"

I have to admit that I kind of want to know about the ducks.

"No. Just tell us about Max. What did he do?"

"Ee gots himselk a shovel and dug---*ARRGHA---to try to skeer Jared. Corse jared wasn't skeered of nuthin but it shore fri-teened---*UHRUP*---Nia."

"What was he digging up?"

"Goin to slep now...Gnite.."

"Maybe I could buy you another drink?"

"What, you haven run outta mon---mon---money yet? Oh, in that case I'll have nother... if you're buying?"


We are the worst of friends.

"Grabeyurd neer Sethnon. Dats whur he wusss diggin. Up---*ERRRRUP*---Frait o gosts n Jer-rud whatnt. Not at ull. Jes Nia. Littl o Nia."

"Where do you think he got the funds to buy the land?"

"Eee sait that he gots it in na hole! Alz the monkeys...*ARRAH*... moneys in na hole! Jus got go... to get it... Ain't frait no gooset."

"What hole are you talking about? Where is he going?"

"I tink I go home now..."

"One more tankard of ale to keep him going?"

Maybe he'll tell us about the ducks?


"Ya nu... Zaa unturducktur key urdn skeywers...trite to sulit tome but... *UHRUP* ... I no crumiminal ... oh gles mr... *AAAGH*. O Ghats! Imna be sich! ha- ho!"

"The what? I don't understand."

"I sait, mna be SICK!"

"Okay, okay. I think I've abused you enough for now. Sleep well, Nivek. I think we know all we need to know."

Or DO we? Let's talk to him again.

"*GRRNNMPH!* ... Just let me die, gods!"

"Still hung over, Nivek?"

"... not so loud ... ohhh please, just leave a poor old soul to die."

"Sure you don't want a drink?"

"I want you to know that I hate you to the depths of my being right now... the Bitter sea isn't as deep as my loathing for you..."

"So I take it you're not in the mood for a talk?"

"Go fall off the edge of the world... quitely ... just so long as you don't make any sound doing it. Goodbye, James."

"Take care of yourself, old friend."

Nothing like alcohol poisoning to lighten the mood. I suppose we 'ought to get going.

"Wait! Let's go back to the palace! I finally purchased a proper pair of pants, and I think I left them there!"

Alright, here is the short term plan. While going to Romney is the goal of this chapter, we are first going to run back up to Questor's view to get some melee training done for the party. (specifically with James in mind)

Nivek gave us a side quest lead about something fishy that Moxie Flipper is doing near Sethanon, so we might want to consider taking a detour there as well to check it out.

Onward to Questor's View!

We don't get too far north before we find a barn. Now as I recall, we paid a fee to Red Green Farmer Rowe in the first chapter to stay at his barn because of the bad weather. When we asked Brother Marc at Sarth about the pending storm, he hadn't heard anything about it.

Turns out that Locklear & Co., passed straight on past Rowe's barn and did the Eggley quest instead.

This fight can be extremely difficult depending upon when you do it. Playing Chapter 1 without having done any other sidequests or avoiding fights in general makes this the hardest fight of the chapter.

Let's Fight Nago!

Nago has amazing speed, and because of that will always goes first.

Here he lobbed off a 'Fetters of Rime' Spell at Owyn which takes him out of the fight for now.

Still, even if Owyn can't do anything, it still leaves our heavy hitter Gorath and our speed demon James to take Nago down before too much damage can be done.

Nago does something stupid and goes to attack Owyn himself.

This mistake on his part provides me a great opportunity for James and Gorath to cut off his line of retreat.

Realizing his tactical error, Nago attempts to retreat, but having to go around James and Gorath doesn't get him far enough away so he can cast another spell. Our heroes give chase and cut him down.

Now it is just a matter of clearing up the guys who are left.

Unfortunately, we aren't fast enough to save Owyn who throughout this entire fight has been getting stabbed in the face.

James and Gorath take down the rest without a problem.

Quit being such a dramatic baby, Owyn. Just apply some neosporin and you'll be fine.

We drag Owyn to a nearby temple to get some aid.

Turns out that I did this quest backwards. Typically, if you do this in Chapter 1, you are on your way to Krondor and would meet with the Priests at Sung first and then fight Nago.

If you do so, the conversation on your return goes a bit differently.

Return after Nago's Death posted:

Kellan greeted them.

"You look a little more lively than the last time we met," Locklear said. "Have you gotten a bit of rest?"

"The first I've had in a while," the priest admitted. "As I suspected, the dreams plague us no more. I've even heard our healer is once more on his feet. Our high priestess is still tired as yet, but I assume she will be back about her duties in no time. Things return to normal as by the will of Sung..."

Gorath hissed through his teeth at the bowing priest. "Like all priests, you credit those who watch and not those who do."

Snapping abruptly upright, a hurt look glowered in Kellan's eyes. "What do you mean?"

"He means," Owyn interjected, "that we found the person responsible for the dream sendings. There was a moredhel magician and we took care of the problem."

Sensing that the boy might go too far in his glory hounding, Locklear seized Owyn's arm in a tight grip. "Please forgive my companions for their outbursts. They have been on the road for quite some time and have forgotten their manners."

"No apology is necessary," the priest said, removing Locklear's grip on Owyn's arm. "They are quite proper in asking acknowledgement. How may I reward you?"

"Do you have any spells I might learn?" Owyn interjected. Seeing the anger flaring in the seigneur's eyes, he quickly amended, "If there are other magicians like them, it might be prudent for us to be better prepared to meet the challenge."

Kellan nodded. "I have one such spell I can teach you that will allow you to protect yourselves. If the others will stay here?"

Fuming, Locklear nodded his reluctant assent, taking a seat next to the reflection pool, motioning for Gorath to do likewise. Wordlessly, both sat down and prepared for a long wait.

After several hours Owyn returned, a light smile flickering on his lips, but in the intervening time, Locklear's anger had not abated. Thanking the priest as graciously as he could, Locklear turned and stormed from the temple's courtyard, his charges following quickly behind him.

There are additional benefits to having completed the Sung quest.

Healing! This would be quite expensive in chapter 1, but we have more then enough to just flat out heal Owyn, so I pay it.

To my knowledge, no other temples in the game will let you pay for healing.

We are going to end this update here, just outside of Sarth. Next update we'll talk to Brother Marc again and also get that melee training done in Questor's view, but the direction we take from there is still in question.

Route A: We go the 'straightforward' way. We would get a chance to investigate Sethanon, but other big cities to visit include Malac's Cross and Silden.

Route B: Taking the Northern scenic view. We'd backtrack and could see how things are going in Zun and other places that we've been to already, but we can also check out Highcastle, Northwarden and Cavall's Keep on our way to Romney as well.

Which way should we go?

Snugglecakes fucked around with this message at Aug 14, 2013 around 19:28

Oct 22, 2004


Always go the scenic route. We need to assess the northern cities anyway, check if that moredhel army really is coming down.

Feb 13, 2012

Scenic route!

James won't train himself, after all.

Dec 13, 2002

I thought I posted this? Oh well.
Option C: Go via Crydee.

This may require game mods. I believe in you, Snugglecakes.

e: take the direct route, for serious. Malac's Cross has cool town music, if I remember right.

Psion fucked around with this message at Aug 10, 2013 around 00:10

Dec 21, 2012

Good to see you back!

Oh, and Northern Scenic Route to

Aug 12, 2009

Don't tease the Octopus, kids!

Hooray, glad to see this back!


To my knowledge, no other temples in the game will let you pay for healing.

Wait, as in you can't get healed at any other temple (which seems harsh), or you don't have to pay for healing at other temples (which I find very hard to believe)?

At any rate, the correct answer in RPGs is to always take the scenic route. Then to go back and take the direct route.

Death Dealer
Jul 25, 2006

The answer is always the scenic route. After all, how else will we see all of this eye-dazzling terrain?

Not to mention the Wordlocks which are pretty cool and should be in more games.

Aug 5, 2005
a lean lobster who probably doesn't even taste good.

Scenic route indeed.

Oct 23, 2008

Schwartzcough posted:

Wait, as in you can't get healed at any other temple (which seems harsh), or you don't have to pay for healing at other temples (which I find very hard to believe)?

Other temples will cure you of status effects (near-death, poison, and plague being the one's you care about), but won't heal any health or stamina.

I always went straight to Romney myself, so let's see route B.

Aug 31, 2009

Haulin' Ass, Gettin' Paid

I'm glad to see you've started this back up. BAK was a cool game back in the day.

The scenic route has my vote. It would be pretty cool if Crydee were a visit-able location in this game, but I guess that wasn't meant to be.

Oct 30, 2011

Occupied by a dead man's dick

Scenic Route! As much fun as it would be to watch you smash your head against the ghosts at Sethanon, who always gave me some trouble as I recall them, we should focus on doing stupid things the game didn't intend for us to do.

The Saurus
Dec 3, 2006

Why aren't the LP threads making what I want to read RIGHT NOW?!

Awesome! This is back, and with a big lump of updates in one go too. I look forward to seeing the continue adventures of Pornstache, grumpy Elf and prepubsecent kid.

Dec 29, 2008

Psion posted:

I thought I posted this? Oh well.
Option C: Go via Crydee.

This may require game mods. I believe in you, Snugglecakes.

e: take the direct route, for serious. Malac's Cross has cool town music, if I remember right.

Unfortunately googling 'Betrayal at Krondor Crydee Mod' doesn't come up with anything. Too bad. Malac's Cross' music is pretty good. The city itself is pretty neat to explore as well.

Dilb posted:

Other temples will cure you of status effects (near-death, poison, and plague being the one's you care about), but won't heal any health or stamina.

I always went straight to Romney myself, so let's see route B.

It ends up being a fair trade off, as general health can be recovered either by sleeping outside or if you spend the night/several nights at an inn to recover perfect health. Temples are more useful for those status effects and for quick travel from one place to another. (assuming you remember to click on the mandalas)

PurpleXVI posted:

Scenic Route! As much fun as it would be to watch you smash your head against the ghosts at Sethanon, who always gave me some trouble as I recall them, we should focus on doing stupid things the game didn't intend for us to do.

It was a nightmare trying to figure it out my first time playing this game as a kid.

Dec 13, 2002

Snugglecakes posted:

Unfortunately googling 'Betrayal at Krondor Crydee Mod' doesn't come up with anything.

I meant making one for yourself. What kind of dedication are you bringing to this thread?

Honestly I have no idea how moddable this game is. Simple stuff like hacking your current quantity of gold is easy (and in fairness, that can solve a lot of problems) but beyond that? No idea.

Even without cheating I remember more than once doing some min-max stat gain on armorcraft and weaponsmithing to repair and sell off all the early chapter 1 loot - alllll of it - to get that greatsword in Yabon before getting to Krondor. Throw that on Gorath and it's funtimes for all.

The Saurus
Dec 3, 2006

Why aren't the LP threads making what I want to read RIGHT NOW?!

What exactly is a "bump of trouble"? it sounds rather perverse.

Apr 6, 2009

"A superstitious cowardly lot," right buddy?

With the tiniest bit of dedication you can get the entire party outfitted with the penultimate armor / swords shortly after chapter 2 starts without any exploits.

The Saurus posted:

What exactly is a "bump of trouble"? it sounds rather perverse.
Hah. I was just reading King Solomon's Mines, so let's transcribe a footnote:

bump of caution: Quatermain makes reference to the widespread nineteenth-century pseudoscience of phrenology, which held that mental and personality traits were influenced by the shape of a person's skull.

Retrophrenology attempts to alter a person's personality by altering the shape of his skull via a vigorous application of physical therapy.

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Dec 21, 2012

I forget, did you ever show off the cheat chest?

Aug 31, 2009

Haulin' Ass, Gettin' Paid

The Saurus posted:

What exactly is a "bump of trouble"? it sounds rather perverse.

In the novels it was literally just a bump on the back of Jimmy's head that itched whenever something bad was about to happen. Feist made a great point of always discussing it as a foreshadowing technique.

Of course writing one of your pivotal characters to have a benign fortune-telling tumor is a little kludgy, but I won't attempt to go there since this isn't a thread about Raymond E. Feist's books. I will say that I did enjoy them when I read them.

Dec 29, 2008

DerpAlert posted:

In the novels it was literally just a bump on the back of Jimmy's head that itched whenever something bad was about to happen. Feist made a great point of always discussing it as a foreshadowing technique.

Of course writing one of your pivotal characters to have a benign fortune-telling tumor is a little kludgy, but I won't attempt to go there since this isn't a thread about Raymond E. Feist's books. I will say that I did enjoy them when I read them.

Feist does that all the time with his characters. With Patrus (who is a PC that we see wayyyy later in this game) Feist continually refers to him as having an evil glint / evil smile / evil eyes. Pretty much any opportunity to refer to him as looking evil, he takes it.

Oct 30, 2011

Occupied by a dead man's dick

Hopefully avoiding a derail, on the subject of Feist's books, while he's not perfect, he's sure as hell one of the fantasy authors that I find most readable.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Take the direct route. No sense messing around when there's war on the horizon.

Did Owyn just pick up an antidote to being frozen, or whatever happened to him in that fight? Because seriously, ow.

Feb 18, 2011

I'll vote that our heroes take the direct route.

It's nice to see that the LP was not abandoned, although I only found the new thread today.
Something I've been meaning to post in the previous thread but didn't, since it would have spoiled the ending sequence for Chapter 1 somewhat, is an interview with Neal Hallford about Betrayal at Krondor and a bit about both Dynamix and Sierra-On-Line.
Since we are now past that sequence, I'll share it here for those interested :


Feb 19, 2013

Gonna vote for the scenic route as well. I've played the game a couple of times, always going straight.

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