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Feb 22, 2013

Suicide is a perfectly valid option. Let's Play Silent Hill: Mobile

What is this?

Silent Hill: Mobile, or Silent Hill: Orphan as it's known in the US, is the first in a trilogy of games released initially in 2007 in Europe for cellphones. Due to its release date, I assume it was initially created as a tie in for Silent Hill: Origins. Back in the days of simple 9-key phones, this was not unusual at all.

As far as I can tell researching things, this game did indeed originate in Konami's European division, made up mostly of unknowns from France, and I presume Russia based on names and the fact that the Russian translation seems to be one of the more popular versions floating around out there in webspace. Outside of this series of games, the head of the team is best known for a soccer game, and everyone else has worked on either a couple shovelware titles, or nothing. The Japanese version was released a month later, and the US would not get a release for a whole year, with a large amount of arbitrary changes to the game.

So these are Silent Hill games?


While the games hit all the hallmarks of the series, a dark brooding psychological-based plot, an otherworld with bewildering monsters, and most importantly, wandering down halls filled with unopenable doors while checking your map, that ends up being the end of any connections with the rest of the series proper. Also, unlike the main games, the Silent Hill: Mobile series is a point and click adventure, seen from a first person view. There's still combat in the game, but we'll deal with that when we get there.

Of important note on the other hand, fans of the series will notice that several of the characters and locations share their names with important people and places from the main series. This is entirely "coincidental" (read: lazy), and these are NOT the same people. If you'll allow me a small indulgence, I have decided to play by their rules in deciding character portraits.

About this LP

When it comes to Silent Hill, I love the franchise, but am a total wimp at playing horror games myself. That said, I have a weird thing, where I've very slowly found myself working through the series, but have to go in order of release when available. Speaking of, I highly recommend the LPs of the main series in the archives, as well as the currently ongoing LP of the visual novel for the Gameboy Advance that Zackcat is running.

That said, when I got to the mobile games, I found myself staring at a roadblock. First, there were no LPs here on SA or in the archives of the series, so I went looking on youtube. There I discovered firstly that this game is highly inappropriate for that format, due to both being mostly text with static screens, and the low resolution that older cellphones have. On top of all that, the runthroughs of the game available were either A. In a language other than English, which is all I speak, or B. played as speedruns, skipping as much of the text as possible. (Oddly enough, all the walkthroughs of the game recommend this practice as well, explicitly telling you to skip the dialogue. I cannot fathom the logic here.) Well, this left only one course of action: I had to just find and play the games myself. And so with that, I eventually decided to share this series of games with the rest of you!

This Let's Play will be presented in a screenshot format, with transcription from myself. Due to some questionable changes made to the US version of the first game, I will be playing through the European version. I will likely also have a bonus update at one point showing these differences. I have also chosen to trim some fat from the the presentation, in that I won't show you unending images of empty halls we walk down constantly, nor will I be transcribing dull bits that describe things like an uncomfortable looking chair, or say an empty cupboard. There's a lot of that in this game, but at the same time plenty of meaningful or at least halfway-interesting flavor text that I'll be sure to include as we come to it. Trust me, there's still plenty of mundane things to look at without me typing out for the umpteenth time how a window looks so covered in dust and grime it might as well still have curtains on it, or how a door we'll never use is stuck shut.

This game and its sequels have a very opaque and round-about story, that's hard to fully understand even after everything is completed, which is the only point the whole story is even revealed. I suspect that a language difference between the design team and the finished product may have had a hand in this. That said, I would appreciate a NO SPOILERS policy. Discussion and debate meanwhile, are totally encouraged. This is a game that is about 90% plot, and it would be cathartic for me to hear how much others heads start to hurt due to the obtuse style of the plot and many of the puzzles provided.

I would make this a reader-participation playthrough, but the games are so short and mazelike, that there'd be a lot of me responding to suggestions by saying "no we can't do that", or "there's nothing over there". The puzzles in this game boil down to three types: The standard adventure game "use your items" puzzles, infuriating random puzzles that seem designed to get you to read a walkthrough, or just brute force your way through, as there aren't any real clues to solving them, or honestly decent and fun puzzles, which are unfortunately few and far between. With the first type, I plan on simply talking through the logic behind them as we go, which sometimes is a little arbitrary. With the other types, I'll show the puzzle, and hide the solution behind spoilers in case you want to play along at home, though I will very likely complain quite a bit about the former of these two types.

Now then, without further ado, I present Silent Hill: Mobile


Feb 22, 2013

Table of contents


Silent Hill Mobile

1. Scenario One: Ben part 1

2. Scenario One: Ben part 2

3. Scenario Two: Moon part 1

4. Scenario Two: Moon part 2

5. Scenario Three: Karen

Silent Hill Mobile 2

6. Scenario One: Lucas Part 1

7. Scenario One: Lucas Part 2

8. Scenario Two: Vincent

Silent Hill Mobile 3

9. Scenario One: Vincent Part 1

10. Scenario One: Vincent Part 2

11. Scenario Two: Emilie

12. Scenario Three: Vincent (Again)

Bonus Updates

Silent Hill: The Orphan

A loose summary of the plot (You probably shouldn't read this until you've gone through the rest of the LP)

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Feb 22, 2013

Silent Hill: Mobile

Scenario 1: Ben Part One

We open on a white screen:


My Name is Ben. I don't belong here. It was thirty years ago they all died... I was spared... But then why did I feel an urge to come back to this place? I want to understand... Please, make me understand... Is there something wrong with me?

And so we begin our adventures in Silent Hill. For now we have the right shoulder button able to pause the game and bring up things like saving and sound options (I'd play the music for you, but we get three notes and then silence for every time we enter a new room. That's the entirety of the score to the game.) We have our cursor, controlled by the arrows or 2-4-6-8. We can move the cursor all around the screen, as well as moving the "camera" approximately 10 degrees to the right or left by continuing that direction. If we "mouse over" an item of interest, the cursor changes into a pointing gesture when placed over something of interest. when we then hit the OK or 5 button, the following interface pops up:

These four options are, clockwise from the top, LOOK, USE, SPEAK, and ITEMS. Unfortunately, we have no way of accessing these options, and more importantly our inventory, unless we mouse over an item of interest. This oversight would be corrected in the next game. Presently in our inventory is a blank notepad, and a fully loaded pistol, containing 10 bullets. We can hold a total of 13 bullets altogether, including what is in the gun at any given time. When our inventory is open, what looks like a red signal strength meter appears at the top of the screen. This is actually our health bar. It also shows up during combat sequences, which I'll explain when we get to them.

If we wait a moment, this then happens:

There's no way that could possibly be important in this game, but nonetheless, let's LOOK at the spot on the wall.

It looks like a map to the orphanage.

We all know how important that is in a Silent Hill game, so we USE the map to pick it up. Now like magic, the left softkey will bring up the map, after asking which of the three floors we want to view. For now, let's take a quick look at the floor we're on:

As you can see, someone already helpfully crossed off the rooms we'll never have access to. Hooray! Also, our placement on the map is designated by the red "^" symbol pointing the direction we're facing at any given time. Also, it doesn't take a genius to interpret the room images: Lobby, Office, Dining Room, and Kitchen. Before we move on, there's one more thing I want to look at. Just off camera to the left is a plaque above the bench on the wall.

The sign reads "The Sheppard's Orphanage - Where we care for everyone's future."

Now we know where we are. With that out of the way, let's go into that office directly ahead of us.

Surprisingly, Ben has very little to say in here. I expected some sort of information about the desk owner or something. That painting has caught my eye however...

It's a painting of a boy and his toboggan on a snowy hill. For some reason it makes me uneasy.

And if we look at it a second time...

Paint is falling apart but I can't see the wall behind the painting.

Hmm, that's suspicious that the wall isn't visible through the cracks in the painting. Let's USE our investigative skills a little further here.

Aha, there's a safe under there!

Hmm, it's a safe, but I don't have the combination for it right now.

Drat, I guess we'll just have to come back later. Maybe we can snoop and find something useful in the filing cabinet down there on the floor? Let's LOOK inside, shall we?

It's empty. I guess someone took care of all our files when they left the place.

Well you didn't even open the thing, of course you won't find anything that way. If you USE the cabinet, you get a Compass, which strictly serves to show you what direction you're facing when in the hallways, in case noone ever taught you how to read a map. Anyways, we're done in here for now. Backing out to the lobby, we then go to the right out into the Hallways

This is pretty much the gist of what they look like. They'll change shape in accordance to the map, as to where turns are and where doors are, but they otherwise look the same. I won't bore you by showing you each and every square of the halls. Anyways, lets get moving and-

You left it in the bottom drawer. Don't you remember, Ben?

What? Is someone there?

Well that was weird. Let's go take a look at the next nearest room, the Dining Hall.

Once again, there's not very much going on in our sepia-toned empty orphanage.

Two of the nurses ate with us. We were a total of 12 kids and were divided into two different groups when it came to dinner since we all couldn't fit around the table.

LOOK at those paintings

I recognize one face. She was the head nurse or whatever.

Well, other than that, only one thing really seems conspicuous in here, and Ben agrees.

Hmm... This candle looks a bit weird. It doesn't really seem to fit the candle holder.

In that case, let's do something about it, and take it!

Weird shape this candle has... There seems to be something stuck inside...

Hmm, maybe soon we can find a way to get that out of there? Oh well, onward deeper into the Orphange we go. Looks like it's nothing but a round about shot to the next room and

Huh. That's not on the map at all. It shows the hallway continuing. We better investigate this clock.

And welcome to the first puzzle of the game! This is a terrible puzzle at this point, and like so many things in this series, only makes marginal sense later. See how the few numbers on the clock stick out? They're buttons. We have to push the numbers in the right order. What happens when we push the wrong button? They pop back out and we have to start again. There are zero clues at this point what the order is, so it's entirely just trial and error. The combination, for the record, is 5-6-2-12-9. Once we hit those, the clock slides to the side, like so:

There! Strange though... I don't remember a clock standing here and little less a passage through it.

Stop living Ben.

What? That voice again... It's only in my head!

Why don't you go weeping in the shower room like you did that night?

But...? What...? Who...?

You look pale Ben.

Oo-kay, I'm not so sure Ben is alright. Anyways, lets go through this hole, and onward to the next room, the kitchen.

Now this room is a great example of how dull a lot of the coded scenery is in this game that I've been overlooking. See that closet and each and every cupboard door there? They all count as individual items you can do things with. Each and every one of them is stuck closed, and gives the same LOOK flavor text:

Before we ate dinner, two of us were in charge of setting the table with plates and stuff that were in this cabinet.

Most of the environments are like this. Pretty much every window has the same speech about it being dirty, every chair is uncomfortable looking. Someone went to the trouble of coding in all these little details to the game, and someone else just decided screw it, that's not worth dealing with. Oh well, let's go see what's in the pot on the stove

There's some disgusting sludge in here. It has probalby been in this pot for 30 years.

Showing clarity beyond his peers, Ben refuses to touch the sludge when you tell him to. Well, if this stuff is so nasty, maybe it can eat away at the candle wax enough to get us whatever goody is sitting inside?

Let's see if I can make this dinner any worse...
(Drops the candle in)
The candle is floating on top of that disgusting sludge.

Well that didn't work. And Ben certainly still won't touch the stuff to get it back. Maybe we can add some heat to melt the candle? Let's check this oven out a little more.

It looks like it has been a while since this was in use.

And if we USE the oven, Ben opens it

Uh... There!

Oh dear. That isn't an oven. That's an old fashioned fire-stove. At least it has wood in it, but we'll need something hot to get this supper going. Maybe one of the other floors has something useful. Let's take a look at the other floors on our map.

Floor 2


Well, there's a storage room down in the basement, let's take a quick jaunt down there. When we get there, we find unfortunately the door is locked. Add to our "to do list" on that one I suppose. Also, while we're down here, something else is on my mind.

Voice posted:

Why don't you go weeping in the shower room like you did that night?

Let's check out that shower room while we're down here.

I know this door leads to the shower room, but I feel like something bad will happen if I open it now.

Well that was certainly not ominous. Fooey, let's go upstairs then and continue our room by room search. First up once we reach the second floor is the bathroom.


What? Who is it!?

H... Hey! Is someone there!?

Yes. I'm Ben! Who are you?!

My name is Karen! I've been shouting for hours! I'm locked up in some sort of strange storage room!

Oh I get it! So we can talk through the ventilation system?!

Yeah, I guess! Why are you here?!

I used to live here 30 years ago! I don't know why I have returned to the orphana... Wait! Did you say your name was Karen?!


I think I remember you! You were that quiet girl! You got away that night, when everyone was killed?!

Who got killed?!

What?! 30 years ago in this orphanage, all of the children except three were killed in their beds!

Death Count: 9
This game absolutely reeks of death. This number will only go higher.

Really?! I... I can't remember...

Listen! I'll try and get to you! Hold on!

Please Hurry Ben! It's so dark in here!

So we're not alone after all here in the orphanage. Also, I suppose that explains why the room in the basement was locked as well. Also, note that we're apparently both survivors of the building fire from 30 years ago. That's a weird coincidence. well let's take stock of our surroundings and figure things out. Hmm, we have three stalls here, with the middle one chained up-

Strange... There's a padlock on this door? Why?

Yeah, I was getting to that. Then we have a cracked and dirty sink. Is there anything in it?

Four teeth lie here. There are (sic) dried up blood all over the washbasin. Someone must have used something in order to pull them out.

Oh. Um, moving on. It's hard to see here but there's a vent above the sink close to the ceiling.

I think this is the reason why Karen and I could speak to each other

Which gives us an opportunity to finally use the SPEAK command


Ben! Have you found a way to reach me?!

No, not yet! How did you get here?!

I don't know! I just woke up here!

Okay! I'm on my way Karen!

Thanks Ben!

Weird that Karen has no idea what's going on, or where she is, but okay. Let's take a look at the non-locked stalls.

I remember that we couldn't lock these doors from inside. Although if the toilet was busy we would know it since we could see the legs of the person that was using it. Still, kids could be mean to each other...

We can open both stall doors. They just have toilets in them. Ben notes that they look clean and "unused". Well, let's go ahead and "use" one then.

I don't need to right now. But wait! There's something inside the toilet...

We receive a pair of tongs...which we probably should dwell on them being here...

This might help me pick up dirty or hot objects in this hellish place.

Yeesh, someone's feeling a bit melodramatic. But that's all we can do for now. Back on to our search room by room. Next up are the trio of dormitory rooms.

Again, off out of camera in this shot, there are a pair of small red shoes at the foot of the left bunks.

Somehow I feel that those don't belong here.

Then let's try to pick them up.

They are kid shoes. I don't think they'll fit me.

So we leave them there due to an accute case of adventuregameitis. If we look at the left bunk, we learn...

I used to lie in this bed. Couldn't really sleep though... Hmm... Why was that?

We could try now?

I'm not tired and even if I was, I couldn't rest in a place like this... Too many bad memories that unfortunately are beginning to come back...

Like what? Maybe something to do with the right hand bunks?

This was Leonard's and George's beds. They were both killed in their beds 30 years ago. I wasn't in my bed at the time. I was in the shower room... But I can't remember why...

Oh. Yeah, that would do it. Hey, speaking of memories...

Voice posted:

You left it in the bottom drawer. Don't you remember, Ben?

There were just clothes in these when we lived here since no one was allowed to have personal belongins.

However, if we check the bottom drawer, we get a gold lighter! The middle drawer holds first aid kits. We can hold up to 2 at a time. And the top drawer holds bullets. After taking the lighter, bullets also appear in the bottom drawer. These are in infinite supply, but we have limited inventory space. This will be important to keep in mind later, trust me. The other two dorms look identical to this one, only without the shoes, and Dorm 3's dresser contents are reversed. If we examine any of the bunks, we get the same message:

I don't remember who slept in these beds but I know that they were killed in their beds 30 years ago. I wasn't in my bed at the time. I was in the shower room... But I can't remember why...

The final room upstairs, the classroom, is shut tight, unable to be opened at this time. Ben blithely thinks nothing of it, and in any case, we have a puzzle to solve! Can you guess what we have to do next? That's right dear readers, back down to the Kitchen, to use our shiny new lighter on the wood stove!

The candle looks a bit softer now, but I don't think the heat is strong enough to make it melt.

And this is one of this game's trademark make you feel dumb moments, because you think you have it all wrapped up. But how do you make more heat from the stove? The answer's obvious in real world terms if you know how one of these stoves work: You're letting all the heat out through the door, jackass. Let's close the door.

The candle was is (sic) mixing with that disgusting sludge. Wait! I think I can see something sticking out from the candle!

And now we have to grab something out of a pot filled with hot, dirty stuff. Good thing that's what the description on those tongs said they were for! Using them, we get a small key! Well, luckily we know someone that could use a the Basement! When we get to the basement hall, let's make sure that we know that that's really where our new friend is at:

Karen! Karen! Are you down here?!

Ben...? I can hear your voice loud and clear. I'm right through this door.

Hmm... It sounds like your voice is coming from the door to the right.

Please hurry Ben...

Yup, that's the right door alright. Unfortunately, the key doesn't work on the door. Shoot. Well, we do know one other place that's locked. That Stall in the bathroom! So, we go back up to the second floor, and use our key on the padlock.

It fits!

Well. Look what we have here. Veterans of the Silent Hill series might be able to recognize that scrawling on the wall as The Halo of the Sun, a mystical symbol used throughout the series.

Let's try for a closer look at this thing

You don't belong here Ben... You should be Dead...

That voice again... In my head... Or... No... I can't... Stand... Straight...

We cut to a white screen


My name is Ben. I have a secret. I don't belong here. Where am I? I'm in the orphanage. I'm not alone anymore... Save me...

Whoa, what just happened, and where am I? This looks like the wash room I just entered. It seems as if the red sign can be used as a portal.

Well then.

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

The Otherworld kind of loses something when it's just some place you can just go in and out of when you like. Here's hoping we're well stuck there until we can put something to rights.

May 14, 2007

My lips are sealed.

And my eyes are nearsighted.

And astigmatic.

Glazius posted:

The Otherworld kind of loses something when it's just some place you can just go in and out of when you like. Here's hoping we're well stuck there until we can put something to rights.

Although I am the teensiest bit questioning how much grittier the Otherworld could be, over the Realworld orphanage, which is pretty crapsack right now...

Feb 22, 2013

Well, it's more of the style you see in the bathroom there, plus well, Monsters and stuff. Unfortunately you can go back and forth at will, and have to in order to solve some of the puzzles in the game. I'd say the real darkness of these games comes from the story, because it's pretty much a non-stop murder train moving forward. Speaking of, I've been wondering if I should add a Death Count to the game. We've already had at least 9 deaths with the orphanage fire (there were at least 3 adults working there too, but the game doesn't go into detail about their fate)

Also, I'm considering just finishing up Ben's scenario and posting part 2 tomorrow, since I have some big time health stuff on Thursday and I'm not sure how long I'll be away from home, and I'd hate to leave the lp hanging on such a dull note. I'm already considering a "2 a week" update schedule, including the handful of bonus content I'm going to try for.

Apr 15, 2008

You using Henry's face for this is really messing with my head, man.

Oct 19, 2012


How are you recording this, if you don't mind me asking?

Feb 22, 2013

Well, I'm taking my images just by using the good ol' snipping tool. I'm using KEmulator Lite to emulate the games on the pc so I can capture them. The transcriptions are my own. The game itself uses very little animation. The painting drop in the first screen literally happened in three static images over the course of about 7 seconds. You can "catch" it, ie interact with it before it drops, but nothing changes from if you just clicked after it fell. The flames in the open stove flicker a little, and that's as detailed an animation as we see. There's a few things later with that level, but they're all so similarly simple that I don't think gifs are at all necessary.

As far as the character portraits go, I debated this for a long time, and what really clinched it for me to use pre-existing series characters is that one character that shows up later will pretty much make your brain melt in that respect. This character is one of the very few to visually show up in the trilogy, and they have art assets to look like a pre-existing character pretty much identically. On top of that, they have a name and story similar to a DIFFERENT pre-existing character. You'll see what I mean when we get there. It's weird. But I tried to pick my character portraits based on the stories and personalities of the characters I was assigning them to, unless there was a physical image to work off of. I didn't initially plan on using Lisa Garland for Karen, I honestly think there are better choices for her out there, but we actually see her physically much later, and she's in a full nurse outfit with red hair. So it's kind of handed to me with that one. There's really only one character I'm not 100% on for my choice, but they're not even in this part of the series, so we can cross that bridge later.

Feb 22, 2013

Scenario One-Ben part 2

When last we left Ben, he was exploring the orphanage he lived in as a boy that was the subject of a fire killing all the children except he and two others. Another of the survivors, Karen, is apparently trapped in the storeroom in the basement, despite having no memory of past events, nor how she got there in the first place. During his attempt to find and rescue her, a mysterious voice has been guiding Ben, and he found a strange symbol in the bathroom that has transported him into a strange and gruesome place.

Those familiar with the Silent Hill franchise know this place well, coloquially refered to as the "Otherworld". If we were to look at the Halo of the Sun symbol again, we would be transfered back to the regular world, but we have some exploring to do. For instance, there's that big bloody hole in the center stall.

Where there was once a toilet there is now but a hole in the ground. It seems like someone was dragged down here, trying desperately to get a hold of something.

If you use the hand icon on this, and most of the other things in the Otherworld, you get the following poorly translated phrase

I rather leave that alone.

While the center toilet is gone, and the right hand one is broken, what about the closed booth on the left?

It's making the hair on my neck stand straight up. It feels like...something is in there.

If we try to find out what, however

I really don't want to open that door.

Well that's no fun. There's still a couple of other things we can look at in here at least. Like that sink for instance.

Blood from the bleeding mirror runs down into the washbasin.

Wait what about the mirror?

The mirror is broken and seems to be bleeding down into the washbasin. The mirror distorts my reflection, almost making me look I did back then...

Okay, let's get's out of here.

As you can see, the hallways are not that descript, now tinted red and looking more bare than they were in the real world, though the doors seem a little more like something out of a prison when they're not boarded up. Since we're already on the second floor, we'll start our explorations here. The first dorm room is stuck shut. When we go into the second, we're met with pitch darkness. Luckily, we have something to light up the room-namely our lighter.

Disappointingly, there's nothing in here but a bed with no color text. Let's try the third dorm, which also starts out in darkness. Just a flick of the lighter and-

OH DEAR LORD, WHAT IS THAT?! These weird crab-spider thingies are the standard monsters of the game. When you encounter one, the game helpfully reminds you how to initiate combat. However, you can just stand there doing nothing, and it won't fight you, and instead just stand there breathing. Do ANYTHING, including try to back up, and it will start fighting. Intermittently it will spit what look like blood-red spider webs out of its mouth at you, damaging you for one bar of health at a time (you have 4).

Combat is started officially by drawing your gun with the 1 key, or using it on the monster as an item. This draws up your health bar and a small white crosshair on the screen. When the crosshair is moved to the creature's hitbox, it turns red, and you press the 5 key to fire. This is trickier than it sounds, firstly because Ben is a terrible shot, with his hands shaking the entire time. Second, the very small hitbox on the monster has a tendancy to move intermittently throughout the fight, though it stays mostly inside the "snout" area on the creature. The creature dies in 2 shots. It briefly becomes a bloody corpse, but the image only stays on screen for maybe 2 seconds, which was not enough time for me to get a shot of it. I did try several times.

It looks like a crank, could it be of any use?

Of course it could be you dolt. We pick it up and move on down the hall. Maybe the classroom will be open this time?

Hmm, nope. This door is stuck. Maybe the other door across the hall? Wait, what other door?

Well, it's not on the map, that's for sure. If we try to open it, or use the panel next to it, we get a sliding lever puzzle that we can't solve right now. It's one of several puzzles not for Ben we'll encounter here in the Otherworld.

This reminds me of something...maybe...

Hush Ben, I just said this puzzle wasn't for you. Let's go downstairs to the first floor. The next room to check is the kitchen.

I see no handle on the door, but there are two holes in the door. One round and one crescent shaped.

Again, this one's a puzzle for someone else. Obviously, it won't be that tough to figure out, considering it's a peg-and-hole puzzle. Anyways, next up on the map as we circle back is the Dining Hall and-

Well, I didn't need that ventricle anyways. Yes, the monsters semi-randomly appear in the hallways too. I say "semi-randomly" because while their locations are set, their spawn rates appears not to be. That's why it pays to always be full-up on your bullets and first aid kits. Anyways, the Dining Hall is closed up here in the Otherworld, so it's back to the lobby where we started this whole thing.

Well. This room has seen better days, what with the shattered bookcase apparently hit from inside the wall, and the ceiling light torn down, and the um, creepy doll in the corner?

This doll looks like it was taken from a child's nightmare.

Just like the title image! If I were a mean man, with gif making skills, I might have the doll wink at you. Dare we touch it?

Did the doll just... no, my imagination. Better leave it alone.

Or the doll could just move on it's own. Whatever. Say, what's up with that door over there?

Looks like the wall swallowed the door. I'm not sure I want to know what's inside.

But then we'd have a dull game. Too bad there's not a handle...

It's a hole in the wall. Looks like something might fit in there.

No Ben, you really don't want to try that here!!

Oh sorry, I thought you meant...nevermind. Let's just turn this crank and see what it does.

This is one case where I'm giving you the full scope of the room, because for once all the interesting stuff is strictly on the sides of this room that is clearly no longer an office. First, we have all these jars on the shelf on the left...

Looks like a jar containing a body of what once could have been a human baby.

On second thought, let's stick to the right. Like the stuff on that cart.

Seems like rusty bloodstained surgery tools.

Yup, sure does. What about below it, in that bowl?

Is that flesh floating in...yuck!

If we ask Ben to reach in, he shows his usual sensible nature, unlike some Silent Hill protagonists.

I wouldn't touch that for anything in the world.

So anyways, is that a peg in the wall I see?

It's shaped as a sun.

Unfortunately you need a prying tool to get it out, and Ben's fresh out of crowbars. Oh well, we'll make a mental note for later in the game. And finally, there's the elephant in the room of the bloody writing on the wall.

This looks important... A riddle maybe... I better write this down.

The Wall Riddle posted:

This is a story about a toboggan run
We're going down the hill, oh so much fun
Always twisting to the left
Always turning to the right
A long way to go before we are done
Six times we turn, still we are going
Two times we twist, never are we slowing
We must go even faster I insist
Oh my, what fun we are having
The thrill from speed, it feels like we're glowing
Faster each minute by speed we're possessed.
Quickly One turn that we almost missed
But what is this, I'm filled with fear
Memories of evil acts I once committed
Never to a single soul my crimes had I confessed
The thrill is gone and now I can see
The end is coming for both you and me
Once more Two times we twist, maybe we can be saved
Still one more twist, no it's too late
In the end we must pay and death is the fee.

If the toboggan reference didn't clue you in, this poem is your hint for the safe back in the Regular World. And with that, we're done in the Otherworld with Ben. I went ahead and checked downstairs, but both doors were barred shut, so nothing interesting there.

And here we come to the final puzzle of Ben's scenario. I honestly like it because, though pretty easy, it's still at least thought out. The poem above tells you the answer but doesn't come right out and say it. The safe is a push-button variety, kind of like the clock puzzle earlier.

Solution: The twists tell you how many spaces to move to the left, and the turns how many to move to the right. So starting from "0", we get 6-4-5-3. The last twist is something else.

Inside the safe is a letter labeled as belonging to a Nurse.

Nurse's Letter posted:

It says: 'Hello there nurse Elisa. You have a young boy named Ben at your orphanage. Ben has been examined at the hospital a couple of weeks before as you know and we are sorry to say that he has been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. Please give this information to him gently as he is a very sweet little boy. If there is anyone he wishes to talk to please bring him here.
-Dr. Graham Nolan'

See you in the shower room Ben...

Alright, I think it's about time we got to the bottom of this. To the basement! Once we get there, the following dialogue happens, and I'm pretty sure it's there in case we never went down to check on Karen before.

Karen! Karen! Are you down here?!

Ben...? I can hear your voice loud and clear. I'm right through this door.

Hmm... It sounds like your voice is coming from the door to the right.

Please hurry Ben...

The only other reason I can see for this dialogue is to establish that yes, that is not Karen as the voice directing you into the shower room, where Ben had hid back when the fire happened. Anyways, let's finally go in there again...


I don't...feel so good...I must sit down...I remember now...30 years ago I went down here...and cried...I can't feel my arms...I'm going to sleep... My name is Ben...


Oct 29, 2012

For an old phone game it's actually pretty engaging plot wise I never thought those games could be in anyway good.
Keep it up I want to see more soon.

Feb 22, 2013

Thanks for the kind words. I plan on keeping up with the idea of approximately 2 updates a week, though I don't have specific days in mind. As I said earlier, I'm presently in hospital recovering from an operation, so I wanted to get Ben's second half out there quickly. (Speaking of health, how odd is it for Ben to have gone 30 years with cancer and not know it? )

I agree that the writing level is surprising for a cell game, especially considering it was made by some small satellite branch in France. By the end of the trilogy on the other hand, there will be a lot of head scratching going on. Honestly, I'm only about 90% sure what happens, and that's after a lot of research into the games myself.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

I suppose Ben had that kind of cancer you eventually get better from.

Feb 22, 2013

Scenario Two: Moon-part one

White Screen


Please dad!!

I'm sorry Moon but we don't know how to deal with all this. It has gone too far...


...we're sorry my child...

I... I won't do it again...please, I promise! Stop the car...

We're already here. These people will take care of you.

When will I see you again? Will you visit me?

Goodbye Moon...

Oh my God... Nothing has changed in this place. This was the first thing I saw 30 years ago. I've dreamt of this place so many times... Why...?

And so we start our next portion of the game, now in control of another survivor of the orphanage fire, Moon. Though we start in the same spot as we did with Ben, we now have zero inventory. Also, Ben has already ransacked the place, so we have nothing to pick up for ourselves at the moment.
One small detail I haven't mentioned yet because SA's code doesn't normally allow for it, each character's speech/text is a different color. Ben is blue, Karen is violet, Moon is red, and the mysterious voice is black. As an aside, the programmers didn't give Moon as much new flavor dialogue as I had hoped, and a little less to do, so you'll excuse me for smaller updates. That said, there's literally nothing new for Moon in the office, so let's just go straight on.

Someone already took the stuff you need, go look him up.

Actually this dialogue pops up in the office if you go there first instead of the hallway, but that's the only difference. In case you didn't pick it up, the Voice is telling us to go find Ben, as he already has all the inventory. We'll get there in a couple minutes. As the game isn't nearly as good at railroading as it wants to be, I think we should take a chance to sightsee along the way.

As you can see, very little gets changed from character to character in the building, but nonetheless, there are plenty of moments of different dialogue and history depending on who's the one asking. Sometimes it's something small, like the locked cabinet I overlooked with Ben,

I wonder what's inside

And sometimes it's something a bit more meaty, like say, the big ominous dining table in the center of the room.

I remember carving the table with a knife and gave some other girl the blame. I think her name was Lydia.

And what about that painting of the nurse that Ben noticed on his trip?

Someone I never have to meet again.

obviously Moon was a bit more of a rebel with a chip on her shoulder than Ben was. Moving on, we can go into the kitchen, but the only thing worth noting in there is that Moon notices the mess we were cooking on the stove. You can open and close the oven door if you want, but there's really no point. Anyways, we could go upstairs and explore the dorms, and even the otherworld already if we wanted to--As I said, the game is really bad at railroading, but I'll be nice and go meet Ben. I'm really interested to see how they work two characters in a first person game. I'm sure we'll be quite the team by the end.


What the...

Moon... Meet Ben...

Who's there?! Did you do this?!

You need to open those wrists Moon. Do it for me once more...

But... How did you know...?

I left something for you in the cabinet in my world. It should do the trick...

Who are you?!

It's the corpse of Ben. He's cold.

Death Count: 10

So Ben is dead (murdered? The cancer?), and Moon is apparently suicidal, and we're blithely being lead around by someone encouraging this. This is such a happy game. Well, I suppose now we can get our inventory back...

There are a few things in this backpack I might need.

We end up taking the map, the compass, the lighter, the gun, and of course the bullets and first aid kit. Heading upstairs, let's skip over the bathroom for just a moment, as we'll certainly be there shortly, following the voice's invitation to their world.

I was nice enough to go back and give you a view of the shoes this time that I forgot to snap with Ben.

The shoelaces are tied together. I remember this prank of tying the shoelaces together. Sometimes the knots were so complicated we had to cut them apart so to put our shoes on.

We still can't pick them up. Oh well. Do you have anything to say about the boys beds, Moon?

I don't remember who slept in here. This is where three children died that night. I don't want to touch the place where they died.

Fair enough. Let's just move on to your bedroom and see if we can't find anything more interesting?

There's something under the bed.[/img]

We find an old piece of homework:

homework posted:

It says: Et resedit qui erat mortuus et coepit loqui et dedit illum matri suae

According to Google the Latin translates to "And he that was dead sat up, and began to talk, and Jesus gave him to his mother". If we look at the bed again, we actually pay attention to it

Clara and Tilda slept here.

Across the room, meanwhile,

I slept in the lower bed... Most nights... Not that night...

Of course you didn't. Otherwise you wouldn't be here now. Well, alright now, let's go ahead and get on into the Otherworld through the bathroom, just like before. There's nothing new in the regular bathroom, for the record, and we can't communicate with Karen anymore.

White Screen


My arms are bleeding...
They left me at this orphanage...
Because I've tried killing myself ever since I was three years old...
I guess they got tired of it...

THREE years old?!

Oct 29, 2012

O_O Well, Ben's dead. Okay... so is this gonna be one of those games where everyone dies?
This is silent hill alright...
More sometime soon please ^_^


Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Given this is Silent Hill, I wouldn't be surprised if the first nursery rhyme kids learned was how to kill yourself.

Sep 18, 2008

Ah, the old wobbly gun vs. static monsters gameplay. Surely this would have been the ideal place to resurrect the unfair instant death puzzles from classic old games instead! I'm enjoying these quirky takes on the franchise much more than I expected - thanks for sharing it. Though how hard is it to break a candle? You can just light the things and turn them upside down for a minute if you're really stuck. I've seen candles, I know their tricks.

Feb 22, 2013

Scenario Two: Moon-part two

When last we left Moon, she was just transfering over to the Otherworld through the bathroom portal, just as Ben had done. We learned that Moon was handed over to the Orphanage for her repeated suicide attempts at age three (!) and The Voice has urged her to kill herself for It. Earlier we found Ben's body in the showers, where The Voice had guided him to go. I think it's safe to assume it's intentions are murky at best.

Before we leave to explore the Otherworld, let's see if Moon has anything new to say in here. What does she see in mirror?

Is that mirror bleeding? It's broken and distorts my reflection, reminding me of something...

Hmm. If I recall, Ben thought it looked like himself as a child. Also, he thought there was something hiding in the closed stall.

For some reason that booth makes me uneasy.

And that, I'm afraid, is all that's new in here. For now. Let's move on with the usual room-by-room style of exploration. Staying upstairs, we next check out the first dorm room.

uh...that wasn't there before. Also, it's breathing. Should-should we touch it?

Someone is lying under the blanked (sic) on the lower bunk. The feet are sticking out. I have a bad feeling about touching that.

Me too. Let's go move on and see what's going on in the other-

Oh for crying out loud. To make matters worse, the monsters are now stronger than they were when Ben was alive. They now take 4 shots instead of 2. With the shakey aim system, it is almost a sure thing you'll miss shots now, increasing the chances of getting hit. Fortunately the infinitely spawning ammo and first aid kits are still present. To make matters worse, heading past this lovely guy, the other two dorm rooms are empty, and the two classrooms are still locked. I've been a little coy up to this point, not pointing out where the game wants us to go, but if you've been paying attention it's not too tough to figure out:


Sometimes it's something small, like the locked cabinet I overlooked with Ben,

I wonder what's inside


I left something for you in the cabinet in my world. It should do the trick...

Yes, The Voice wants us to go to the Dining Room here in the Otherworld, which was shut off from Ben, and take a look in its version of the china cabinet that was sitting on the left-hand side of the room. Fair enough, let's go there now.

Seriously? Okay fine, let's shoot another naked flesh-spider in the face, and then have a look around the room.

Well isn't this just lovely. Why, just look at those hooks hanging from the ceiling!

It's rusty but sharp. I might hurt myself if I touch that.

I'm sure. But what about the ones with stuff covering the hooks?

There is meat on the hook.

It's...probably for the best not to think about what kind of meat. Let's instead see what's written on the wall over blood...

Someone wrote "It's all her fault!" in blood. What is who's fault?

Hmm...isn't that interesting. And nothing else here either? Huh.


Oh alright, fine, let's look at that creepiness over where the cabinet should be.

It's the contours of a girl coming out of the wall. Weird... It feels warm.

Moon, what is wrong with you? Why are you touching that??

It looks like there's a key in her mouth.

Okay ew. Moon, you're gross. Anyways, we get a perfectly normal cabinet key, and that's it for here. That's right, the key goes to the Regular World cabinet. Oh goody, let's tromp all the way back up to the portal and-

White Screen


I want to die.
Dad... look...
I'm bleeding...
Why the sad face?

Okay, that just happened. Moving on.

We use the key on the cabinet, and inside we find a first aid kit, as well as-

A pair of scissors?

There you go Moon... Now go finish what you started...

What is this place?

Well after that, let's head back out and-

No way, are you serious? This is back?!

This time the puzzle is a different outcome, and there's also a nasty new surprise. I don't know what that added thing on the bottom is supposed to be, walkthroughs refer to it as a "gauge" of some sort, but the bottom line is that if you take too long trying to figure out the puzzle (and it doesn't take very long for that to happen), you start to lose health. I don't know if it's supposed to be a blade, or what. Anyways, the combination is now 5-2-6-12-9, and once again, trial and error seem to be the only way to know that. Now then, we have business upstairs, as we have something perfect to cut with these scissors. No, not that! You stop that thinking right now. I know what the title says to the LP, but I'm not willingly killing myself in this game, and that's final! No, our business is up in the dorm room.


The shoelaces are tied together. I remember this prank of tying the shoelaces together. Sometimes the knots were so complicated we had to cut them apart so to put our shoes on.

Yep, we cut the shoelaces with the scissors.

I got something for you in my world.

Oh for crying out loud. That's right, we're in the middle of a busywork fetch quest. Now that we cut those shoes, we have to go back to the Otherworld dormroom.

It looks like someone's been lying here.

Left behind is the classroom key. The Otherworld version of the door was just plain stuck, so this key obviously belongs to the Realworld classroom door.

Look at that nice window,

There's a fire escape here.

And here lies a prank I hadn't seen my first time I played through the game. If you check out the window with the USE command, it'll take you all the way back to the lobby--on the opposite end of the game! Considering this is the Regular World, without monsters, it's harmless, but the time it takes to get back here will make you mad! Anyways, let's take a look at the desk.

We used to sit by these desks, locked in, and take the educational torture.

No, I meant the teacher's desk, Miss Overdramatic.

It's the teacher's desk. Our teacher was obsessed with keeping it clean but now it's dirty and littered with torn text-books and broken pens. A chalk for writing on the blackboard lies here.

Don't mind if we do. Taking the chalk, let's look a the blackboard.

Something is written on the blackboard, but it's not complete. That's odd. The door was locked during the class and was never opened before every task was finished.

Oh, you weren't being overdramatic. Anyways, if we use the chalk on the blackboard, our next puzzle comes up.

This puzzle is fairly simple, but is still one mildly challenging to those not paying attention. Obviously, our job is to fill in the blank where the hand is hovering, which we do by selecting the letters in the bottom two rows. I hope you remembered your homework from earlier! The word is "DEDIT"

That should be about right...

Moon, I have a message for you in my world.

You guessed it, now we have to go to the Otherworld classroom, which we now opened with the blackboard puzzle. We'll just zip through the portal-

White Screen


Why do you look so sad Moon...?
You wanted to die...
Don't you want to die anymore...?
I think you should...

Uh...Okay, I'm starting to get a pretty bad feeling here...anyways, on to the Otherworld Classroom (Luckily, the monster didn't respawn for me. That is NOT a guarantee).

Well. There's just the one desk here in this class?

There's blood all over it. There's a piece of paper lying in the blood. There is some blood on the chair as well.

[i]If we look close, we can see there's some nails sticking to the desk in the bloodstain.

It looks like someone had their hands nailed to the desk but somehow managed to rip them free. It must have been painful!

[i]I'm sure it very much was, considering the blood loss. Well, it's pretty obvious that we're supposed to be picking up the note on the ground, so let's go ahead and grab it.


I'm sorry about everything I did. I know it's my fault entirely. It has been tormenting me since I was a small child and I tried to put things right all those times. Finally you grew tired of me, but how could you understand how I felt? Through the years I forgot what I had to do but now its all clear again. This time I'll do it right and do what has to be done. I will leave this life and everything will be good again. I know it's best for everyone and that is what you all truly want deep inside. To who ever finds this note - my life will end in the boys' washroom. Good bye mom. Good bye dad.

What?! I never wrote this!

[i]Well, now we face a problem. It's very obvious at this point that we're being goaded back into the bathroom, but at the same time, remember we're stuck in the Otherworld right now. The only way back to reality is the portal there. Unlike the uncertainty of the last scenario with Ben, we find ourselves facing the deep dread that is unavoidable. Well, I guess with that note, we have no choice but to go back in and face the inevitable.

White Screen


Hello there Moon...

Who... Who are you?

My name is Alessa...

Don't come any closer!

Do not fear me Moon. You need to feel this...

No!! Get away from me! Get awa...


Feb 22, 2013

Scenario Three: Karen

White Screen


I'm Karen. I don't know how I got here...
But I seem to be locked up...
in the orphange I lived in thirty years ago...

Welcome back. When we left off, the Mysterious Voice was trying to goad Moon into suicide, and revealed herself to be named Alessa. That is NOT the Alessa Silent Hill fans know from the main games. I know it's confusing, and I believe it was a bad judgement call on the creators of the mobile series. It doesn't help that she actually has many things in common with Alessa Gillespie. Also, as you see we are now playing as Karen, stuck in the storage room, just like in Ben's scenario.
As I went in to record this scenario, I realized there was some flavor text here and there I completely missed the first time around. So a few times after Karen looks or interacts with something, I'll pop in a quote from Ben or Moon, being what they said when they did it. Also, The way this scenario runs, I couldn't see a good proper stopping point to split into two episodes, so I'm just going to power through it in one go.
Anyways, let's get down to business and see what we can do about getting out of this place. Like checking the shelves on the sides of the room for supplies. What's on the left?

It's littered with bottles, cans and jars of unrecognizable content.

Okay, and the right?

It's littered with bottles, cans and a jar with a preserved rat.

Huh. Well we don't need that. Also, you'll discover that this is about the only time that Karen doesn't act with total disgust at something weird and gross around her. But in any case let's check out that cupboard. The left and center doors are locked tight, but as you can see, the right door is open.

The door of the cupboard is broken, and left hanging on one hinge. There is a screwdriver in there.

Yoink. Picking up basic tools is like, Adventure Gaming 101. Say, what's that in the center of the room?

Empty potato sacks, and they actualy look rather comfortable.

Are you saying you want a nap?

Looks comfortable, but I don't feel like resting now.

Well all that's left that I can see is up in the corner there.

It's part of the ventilation system. I can't get it out of the way.

I think we all know what we should do in a situation like this. Cry.


What? Who is it!?

H... Hey! Is someone there!?

Yes. I'm Ben! Who are you?!

My name is Karen! I've been shouting for hours! I'm locked up in some sort of strange storage room!

Oh I get it! So we can talk through the ventilation system?!

Yeah, I guess! Why are you here?!

I used to live here 30 years ago! I don't know why I have returned to the orphana... Wait! Did you say your name was Karen?!


I think I remember you! You were that quiet girl! You got away that night, when everyone was killed?!

Who got killed?!

What?! 30 years ago in this orphanage, all of the children except three were killed in their beds!

Really?! I... I can't remember...

Listen! I'll try and get to you! Hold on!

Please Hurry Ben! It's so dark in here!

Yeah, at this moment we're still back at the beginning chronologically. That's literally the same conversation from before. Well, I do remember more conversations, let's try talking to the vent again.

Hello? answer.

At this point you've run out of things to do. Logically, you'd try everything again. Then, when you try to use the potato sacks...

Yes, maybe I should rest on these a while.

White Screen


...are you really my sister?
...but mum said you were dead.
I never knew...

Death Count: 11

At this point the screen reverts back to the storeroom, and a loud click is heard on the game audio.

Uh... I... Did I just hear a sound from behind me?

And magically, the door is open. Let's begin our usual rounds proper. The closest door is the shower room.

Who... Who's this...? He's dead...

:Smith: And the backpack?

There's just junk in here. I don't want to take a dead person's belongings.

Next, we can go ahead and explore the first floor, but it's really dull. The only things I find of note is that when you use the hand icon on large objects and whatnot, Karen will explain that she's "too weak" to move them. Also, I found a small bug in the office, where if Karen tries to close the filing cabinet where Ben found the compass, she'll say:

Someone already took the stuff you need, go look her up.

That is NOT the voice saying that, but Karen, and what's odd is it's almost word for word what it says to Moon at the beginning of her scenario, but it properly replaces "him" with "her". Mysterious. Also, as Karen has nothing to do on the first floor Regular World, I suspect she was never meant to go there. My first playthrough of the game, I hadn't actually gone through here much. However, the programmers realized that people would want to explore all the things, so they laid a trap:

That's right, the clock puzzle is back. Even walkthroughs of the game miss this fact, because they don't have you come over here. You don't have a reason to. As you can see, the weird little thingie is on the bottom of the clock, so we have a time limit. Also, the combination has changed yet again. This time it's 5-6-12-2-9 Anyways, in case you couldn't tell, the game is trying to direct us to the last place Moon was to regain our inventory, that being the Otherworld bathroom. I'll save a trip and skip right past the bathroom for a moment to check out the dorms for a moment.

At this point I was a little surprised to find out I could raid the dressers again for bullets and first aid kits prior to regaining my inventory. I would find out later that this is another bug, making you able to break the inventory limit temporarily, until you drop down below it again. Examining the first rooms beds meanwhile,

So many died in these beds...

And in the next room, the familiar bed on the left,

This was Moon's bed, another girl who survived. She slept in one of these.

And the other three beds all just read as-

Two girls slept here but I don't remember who.

I find it odd that Karen doesn't remember which bed she slept in. I guess we can infer that she was Moon's bunkmate. Also, it's even stranger to me that 4 of the twelve original orphanage children never get named in the game. And we're left with only one more room to explore in the Regular world.

The days got very long when sitting here...

And what's your opinion about the homework assignment?

It looks like a Latin sentence. I remember the sound of nails on this.

And that does it for things to do in here, unless we wanted to jump out the window again. Now we'll finally go into the bathroom.

Hey, Miss squeamish. I have a surprise for you. Go look in the sink.

There are teeth in the basin! Ew!

Before I transfer to the Otherworld, one thing I never did was try touching the Halo of the Sun instead of just looking at it.

Oh my, what a strange mark.


I can't get to it, and if I could, I sure don't want to touch it.

And with that, we're never coming back to the Regular world this game, except if we need supplies, which if we did the inventory bug, we really won't need to. On to where we last saw Moon.

White Screen


I'm proud of you dear sister.

Who is...? But I thought it was a dream! Alessa?

Yes dear sister, it's me.

Why... why are you proud of me?

Because what you did for me of course.

Did...what did I... I don't understand!

You don't remember? Well, you will remember soon enough.

Remember what?
What is it I will remember?

While it might seem a little vague, yes, I'm 99% sure that Alessa is a ghost. I'm not changing the death count.

There's not much interesting Karen says here, but that's uh, that's a lot of blood on the ground that wasn't there before.

Death Count: 12

We get different dialogue for trying to touch this version of the Halo.

It's glowing...


Strange, now it glows...
(Moon says the same thing as Karen)

Let's see what you see in the mirror, Karen.

A bleeding mirror? That's so sick! I don't want to use that!

There's a bag in the middle of all blood. (sic)

Okay, let's go ahead and steal from the dead again...

There are a few items I could borrow.

As a nice touch, the bag crumples upon raiding it. Again, we get the map and compass, the lighter, the gun, and the consumables. Due to the glitch, I ended up with 26 bullets and 5 first aid kits. (Kit #3 was grabbed by Moon in the dining room). Speaking of Moon, she was awful nervous about that toilet stall that's now open...

It's the only booth standing. It's open and I can see a lot of blood inside. There is a crescent shaped stone tablet lying on the toilet seat.

It should be pretty obvious what we're supposed to do with the moon-shaped peg if you've been paying attention. But first let's finish up the second floor. The dorms are all empty, so there's no point in dwelling on them.

What do you think of the desk, Karen?

I don't like this at all...

There's only one chair in the room. That looks weird.

At this point I notice that on the far left is the Otherworld blackboard, which I completely missed with Moon. Luckily, she has the same dialogue here.

There are strange symbols and diagrams all over it.

Surprisingly, Karen is pretty much non-reactive over the bloody nails.

Also, I never showed what everyone says for a couple things here, it's the same regardless of character. If we look at the new door, they all say

What? There are gates and stairs to another floor? That's not right...

So not only is there a new room in the Otherworld, there's a whole new floor. Also, the gate lock is a puzzle like the Latin, in that it won't let you solve it without the hint in hand, which we don't have yet. If we try to do anything to it, everyone gives the hint:

This reminds me of that childish drawing I saw somewhere in the orphan. (sic).

After that interesting typo, we're ready to head downstairs.

I see no handle on the door, but there are two holes in the door. One round and one crescent shaped.

Yeah, she says the same thing as everyone. I repeated it just to remind you of the puzzle to the door. Obviously we have the moon tablet, so we put that in the hole.

That takes care of the moon, so what would the round peg be? Yes, obviously the sun. Do you remember where we saw something with a sun on it? Down the path we go! Unfortunately the Dining room is locked, making it the one room in the game Karen can't get into. I wonder why they did that.

I realized too late that I totally forgot to bring Moon into the Otherworld Lobby to look at things. Luckily, there's only two items of note in this room, and she has nothing to add over Ben in the office.

I think I've had nightmares of this doll. It's too frightening.


That's a sick doll. It's got stitches over its eyes and mouth.

Meanwhile, I had up until this point completely missed that the barbed wire strung along the ceiling was point of interest at all.

That makes me sick!


Looks like blood on them. It's sick, just like everything else here.

Are those blood laced barbwires?

And if we try to touch them?

My God, Never!

The other two just say "No Way!" Time to go into the office.

Oh dang it. Now that we're in scenario three, the flesh-spiders take SEVEN hits to take down. It's nearly impossible to go damage free in this fight, as you can get lucky with the shakey hands and recoil only so many times before it takes you just barely too long to stun-lock the beast. Also, I realized that I had never said what happens if you look at the monsters instead of drawing your gun. Everyone has the same dialogue:

drat, is it ugly. Looks like a child has morphed into this form. I'd better not get too close. Oh my God! It is starting to move! Pick up the gun and kill it!

Looks like a child...? I don't really see it. What an odd thing to say. Before we get down to business, I'd like Karen to look at the shelf.

Jars with bodies in them. That's too sick!

And the bowl?

Flesh and blood! Disgusting!

There. That made up for getting hit in the fight. Okay, to the back wall, for some reminder text.

It's a round stone tablet, looking like a sun. It's loose but I can't get it out with just my hands.

Darn. If only we had some sort of tool to get it out. Like a screwdriver. Anyways, we use it to get the sun tablet. Now back to the door to the Otherworld Kitchen.

For the record, I checked and the graphics are indeed there in case you insert the Sun first. Let's go in.

What is THAT?

A frightening tree with fruits that...wear faces of children!

Should...Should we touch it?

I'm too afraid.

Me too Karen, me too. What was that about the fruit now?

I recognize that face...

I'm not sure I like this game any more...

No, I can't bear to touch them!

Let's uh, move away from the uh, tree of dead children. You can't see it in the screen shot, but on the far right is a little stroller which entertained me by being called a "Perambulator", which is apparently what "pram" is short for.

It's covered in a blood stained cloth. I dare not see what's in there.

Yeah, I really don't think that's any better than the tree. Anyways, lets look at that conspicuous bench in the middle.

Looks like a park bench, made of iron. A drawing lies on the bench.

Naturally we take it and look at it:

Yep, looks like a kid's drawing to me. Let's get out of here.

Do you remember when you were a child and we used to talk about running away from all that's bad? ...That we would find the good place.

I'm sorry but I don't remember much of my childhood at all.

That's ok. You will remember. When you gave me that promise I kne we would make it all come true ...together.

What promise? I...

I found the good place Karen. I found it.

The good place? What are you talking about?



Okay, let's finally take a look at that gate lock:

This, the last puzzle of the game, is probably my favorite because it's not 100% handed to you, and actually feels creative. If you click on the orbs in the upper corner, they cycle through basic colors. The slider bars aren't actually sliding, but rather swap with each other. The drawing is your blueprint. The orb on the left is green, and the one on the right is red. The children indicate where each slider goes. If you numbered them left to right as 1-2-3-4, the correct order would be 3-1-2-4. and with that, the door unlocks and we can go upstairs.

You are finally here, sister. Do you remember now? Do you remember how you killed all those seeds of evil for me? For us! Just like you promised we cleaned this place of the bad things, together.

What? I didn't kill... I... I didn't... I... I did all those horrible things... No!

You did good sister. But why aren't you happy?

I finally remember what happened that night. It was me. I killed them all. How could I do such a thing?

You did what had to be done! You helped me find us the good place, just as you promised!

No! I never wanted to kill anyone. It's you! It was you back then, making me do all those horrible things. I never wanted this!

So you are turning against me now? I see. You are evil as well and can't be allowed to be in the good place.

Alessa, what... What are you doing?

My God, no...


And now all we have left is to kill one last spider. I admit I lost track of how many bullets it took to kill the thing, as I missed several times, thanks in no small part to the battle starting right up after the dialogue window instead of letting me prepare for combat. I suspect it might be a tiny bit stronger than the previous one, requiring one or two more bullets. But regardless, it goes down.

White Screen



What good did that do?

Please meet me at you know where...

Moon would like to have a word with you.

Black Screen




Feb 22, 2013

...And that's the end of Silent Hill: Mobile. I want to thank you all for reading and staying with me this far. Technically this counts as my first LP come to completion. But don't worry, this thread is far from over. Remember, this game is the first in a trilogy. I'll be starting the next game shortly. Feel free to try to figure out the game's plot and ending with full coherence. The way this game is structured is indicative of the entire trilogy. That is to say, topics get danced around until big end reveals that leave as many questions as answers. It's a strange and frustratingly dense storytelling method.
I believe I already explained that Karen's avatar was chosen because we later physically see her, and sure enough she's a red-headed nurse. Alessa on the other hand isn't a nice coincidence. When we see her on camera, it's pretty obvious that the game creators just stole the design of Claudia straight out. I pretty much had no choice in the matter on that one.

And as a bonus detail, here's the names of the children of Sheppard's Orphanage, in order of discovery:









*Unknown (presumed female)

*Unknown (presumed female)

*Unknown (presumed female)

*Unknown (presumed male)

May 7, 2007
Getting nerdier day by day

That was...bland. I was expecting something more from the ending than "Character with no real personality burned down the orphanage!". Maybe an explanation of what killed Ben and Moon? Something more solid.

Feb 22, 2013

Domus posted:

That was...bland. I was expecting something more from the ending than "Character with no real personality burned down the orphanage!". Maybe an explanation of what killed Ben and Moon? Something more solid.

Well, I'm pretty sure they flat out told us that Alessa killed Moon in the bathroom. Ben is weird though. Maybe that happened there too? Oddly enough, there's a popular opinion in the fan community that Ben came to the Orphanage to finally die of his cancer. After 30 years.

And if you're expecting clear and rational explanation of the games events, well you've come to the wrong place. Like I said, the game's odd structure has it so that it waits to give answers until it's done making you jump through hoops, and then these answers are weird and cryptic and seem aimed to further confuse things. I have a rough idea of the whole plot, and even then I'm not 100% sure I'm right about everything, and there are little details completely go unexplained. Trust me, it doesn't get any brighter either.

Feb 27, 2013

Let me fix your avisynth scripts! It'll only take me a couple horus.

Choco1980 posted:

Technically this counts as my first LP come to completion. But don't worry, this thread is far from over. Remember, this game is the first in a trilogy. I'll be starting the next game shortly.

Interestingly, Silent Hill: Orphan is one of the few (if not the only) mobile game that had sequels planned in advance that actually reached a conclusion that couldn't easily be reinterpreted as a sequel hook.
Looking forward to you tackling the rest.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Making death cults to find the good place is like a national pastime of Silent Hill at this point, I shouldn't even be surprised.

Feb 22, 2013

No update this week, due to unforseen health complications.

Feb 22, 2013

Silent Hill: The Orphan

Today in this bonus episode, we'll be taking a peek at the US adaptation of the first Silent Hill Mobile game, released under the title "Silent Hill: The Orphan". The version I'm using in particular was designed towards the Motorola RAZR V3 phone, one of the more designer 9-key phones to be made in the pre-smart phone era. From information I have looked up, it appears that different phones had small differences in the changes from the original European version. I'll try to explain them as I go. However, right off the bat we see that the creepy doll is gone from the title screen for some reason.

As you can see, the main layout is squished in to give you a full view of the room without any panning. In this particular version, a frame appears at the bottom where the pause/menu button sits. I've seen images of other versions that add a border to the top as well. The rooms are still relatively the same as before, with most of the interactions intact. However, as a major change, you'll notice the map and painting are missing from this version. That is because you already start with the map. The compass is missing entirely from the game for reasons we'll see shortly. If anyone in the thread has a room from the game they would like to see, I can go back and easily get a shot of it. As it is, I am going to save time and space, and have this update be image-light. Now, when we go out into the hallway, something curious happens.

As you can see, we're booted straight to the now pared down map. The hallways simply do not exist in this version. You click on a room, and you'll either zap straight to it, or else if there's a puzzle on the door, its dialogue will pop up while still on the map. As some of the dialogue between characters also happens in the hallway, it too will occur on the map screens. This also means that the clock puzzles and the hall-based enemy encounters no longer exist either. In my opinion, this eliminates both half the difficulty and half the run-time of the game.

A small detail of difference, the two unlocked stalls in the regular world bathroom are already open, this just skips a step in getting the tongs basically. Also, though you can't interact with it, Moon's homework is already lying in the second dorm when Ben explores it. When you transport to the Otherworld, you'll discover that the lighter mechanic does not work for the dorm rooms, because the dorm rooms are already lit up. Also it fixes the wording of the otherworld classroom door by saying it's locked from the inside instead of simply stuck, making it more obvious that it unlocks when Moon finishes the homework assignment.

The battles are basically the same, except I believe the monsters have far more generous hit-boxes. Also, when you fire a hit, instead of hearing a gunshot noise, the spider-things make an unpleasant squealing noise. When you get hit, the whole screen flashes for a moment. The Wikipedia page for this game claims that the spiders get replaced by hanging blobs of flesh in the US version, but I can find zero photographic proof of this, so it may be misinformation. The article sites a scan of the August 2008 issue of Playstation Magazine, which also no longer has scans online of that particular article.

When Moon enters the otherworld dining hall, she gets a quick line of dialogue off before the fight.


The stench in this room is unbelievable!

Also, speaking of the dining rooms, the regular world one no longer has a first aid kit in the cabinet, preventing that from bugging your inventory numbers, though the trick of raiding the dorms before nabbing the past inventory still works. Also, continuing Moon's fetch-quest, the graphics in the otherworld dorms are...weird.

Blankets do not work that way!

Also, the maps for the otherworld are a little weirder to make it clear things are different.

I have no idea what's going on in the kitchen. Maybe it's to tell you about the door puzzle with the sun and moon stones? Anyways, the last big difference I noticed was how some details seem to be greatly reduced. The chalk is now an obvious big white rectangle on the teacher's desk, and the close-up puzzles have suffered greatly.

Compared to the detail in the previous version, that's just sad. But other than that, pretty much we're looking at the same game. It has an identical translation to the original, so there's that. However, there doesn't seem to be rhyme nor reason for why some things were changed or cut. I've yet to hear an explanation myself. It should be obvious why I prefer to play the European version; the American version feels like, and literally is just half a game.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

It seems like an atmosphere-heavy game like this is kind of a poor choice for mobile devices in general, but even then, this is just sad.

Sep 21, 2010

Coming to the LP late, but I really enjoy your presentation, and the games themselves are much more interesting than I thought they'd be. Looking forward to future installments!

Feb 22, 2013

Silent Hill Mobile 2

Scenario One: Lucas Part One

Don't touch that locker!

Who...? Where am I?

I'm sorrry Lucas, but I don't want you to get the wrong impression.

Who are you?

My sweet Lucas, don't you remember?

You seem so unfamiliar to me...

My little darling, I will take care of you. You are so special.


Close your eyes.

Hello, and welcome. On that abrupt note, we begin the next installment of our series. No white screen, no character introduction, just boom, dialogue. This game was made in 2008, by apparently the same small team of French and Russian Konami employees, this game has been only mildly tweaked over the first game as far as design choices go. The rooms now come across, at least in the version I played, as smaller in size. That means the screenshots are encapsulating a higher percentage of the total screen size than last time. We're not seeing tops, about 5% in any given screen, and very rarely is anything off-screen to begin with. Many of the backgrounds, however, do have more animated details, such as a flickering light, or a turning fan or whatnot. On top of that, navigation has been made easier with the addition of an option to turn on simple direction presses within the hallways as opposed to the previous game's strict point and click interface. This is because the hallways now allow for full turning, as opposed to static single views of each square of movement, creating a three dimensional effect. Also, the "talk" icon has been eliminated from the control scheme, as it was not really needed whatsoever before. One major difference that will be obvious throughout the LP is that this game has far fewer flavor text scattered throughout it, indeed there's practically none. I wouldn't say that makes the game less interesting, but it does seem to speed things up, and leave us wondering more about our characters. On the other hand, this entry is where things get more maddening, as the puzzles are less fetch questy, and more opaque "how was I supposed to guess that" logic, and the story only gets darker from here on in.

Anyways, Lucas. We know nothing about this guy, he starts here in this locker room of a hospital, with Karen insisting not to touch her locker, and she talks to him like he's a child. In fact, I'm pretty sure he IS a child. The only item in our inventory is a steel pipe. In case you didn't realize it, this will be our weapon as Lucas. The lockers are all locked. The names read as follows:


Brad, Sarah, Peter, Karen, Marie, Bill

Karen's locker has an old padlock on it as opposed to the regular locks. We have nothing to open it with however, despite Karen's initial protests not to touch it. If we grab at Bill's nameplate, it comes off in our hand, and joins our inventory. Odd. Anyways, let's head out into the hallways.

Here's the excitingly colorful hospital hallways! As we have no map yet, we have no choice but to wander aimlessly. As we move forward, we come to a crossroads, where the hall moves off in all four directions, counting the one we came from. Looking down one way, we see a strange painting on the wall:

There's a text carved into the frame. It says: "This is the path to God".

We can look closer if we'd like...

But there is nothing else we can do with this yet. Gee, I wonder if that's important. We could continue down this hallway, as there's a door and an elevator immediately next that direction, and ultimately there's a turn in the hall leading to-

-well, to a sort of dead end for us. They REALLY don't want us going through that particular door. If we go the opposite direction from the branch we just did however, we do find another door, and hanging on the wall, gasp! A map!

Here's our layout at last. I'm going to save time and tell you straight up that the office across from the elevator is locked, and Lucas isn't going in it. Surprisingly, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the elevator or the stairs, they all work fine. The storeroom at the bottom of the map has a 9-digit combination lock next to it, which we don't have. That leaves the waiting room on the right, so let's go.

There's not a lot going on here. We can look at the poster on the left wall if we'd like.

It says: "Fruit is also candy"

Exhilarating. Note the red wax crayons on the table. We can take one, but they all disappear when we do. I said we could take ONE Lucas, sheesh. What about that drawing on the wall on the right?

It's a painging of two adults and a child. The child is locked inside a cage.

Well. That's um...Something alright. What kind of hospital is this again? And why would they be proudly displaying a drawing that I can only assume an abused child made of his home life?? Tell you what, let's get out of here and go upstairs.

Again, I'll save us time and say the operating room is locked beyond Lucas's control. When he tries to open up the first two of the three patient rooms, however:

I... I can't open it! It's stuck somehow!

He kinda overreacts. I guess locks on patient doors is kind of weird in a hospital though. Again, what kind of hospital is this? As we make our way to the third room, we find this at the end of the hall:

Yes, it appears someone got their wallet stuck in the candy machine. It's not Lucas's though, so we can't do anything about it. Not even when we push that big shiny red button on the right. So let's go into the third hospital room.

Hmm, seems pretty straightforward here. What's the readout there say Dr. Lucas?

It's not on and it seems like it hasn't been for quite some time.

Fine, be a spoilsport. I guess we can't ignore that wall, can we?

I can see blood and nails stuck in the wall. It looks like Roman numerals. Who could have done this?

Who indeed, who indeed? And there's no chance whatsoever that those numerals will ever possibly come into play, no sir. Let's go downstairs to the basement.

The office is locked from the inside, so we just have the laundry room to go into.

Yup, it's definitely a laundry room. What's on the right?

It's used for drying clothes. I don't know what to do with it.

Right. And on the left?

It's a washing machine. I can't see what's inside.

No chance that's an invitation to open it, could it possibly be?

What is a doll doing in here?

I'm sure I have no idea. But creepy dolls seem to be the hallmark of this particular series. Well, at this point we have nothing left to do but to go back to the first floor storage room and crack that difficult code on the keypad to get in. 2-5-9-1. Do you seriously need me spoiling this one? It's the numbers from the wall, duh. and with that we go right in.


Death Count: 13

Who... Who is this?


Why do you keep calling me that!? (sic on the backwards interrobang)

Because that is you. That is your name.

Me? My name? It's my...I don't know... I don't...


I... I don't remember!

You will, I promise. I have never let you down, have I?

No... But... I... I don't... Stop it! Get out... Get out...

Lucas! Don't! You need to focus!

I... My... My skin feels warm...

Um, guys? I'm not sure how stable Lucas is... Also, why is the wall all black?

It's got traces of fire all over it. What could have done this?

Huh. Just the area around the corpse is burnt.

Much of his face seems to be missing.

Oh. Um, okay. Let's not focus on why that might be, okay? What's he holding? A notepad?

He's holding it in a firm grip.

notepad posted:

Mark me as a dead man.
Mark me with red.
Mark my way straight to Hell.

Oo-kay. This ladies and gentlemen is the one and only clue you get to our next puzzle. I'll give you another hint that the game wouldn't afford me:

This is what happens when we use the red crayon on the drawing. Notice anything changed? Yup, we're going to connect the dots. The solution is pretty worthy. Lucas must have drawn this. He's in the cage. We mark him in red. What direction is Hell? We draw a downward arrow with the red crayon with him in the center. This puzzle is maddening because of how much information it DOESN'T give you for the solution. It's pretty much guesswork. Also, the assumptions with the in-game logic have me worried all the more for Lucas.

Lucas! Pleas stay calm! All you need to do is wait for a man to come!

Who is this man? What should I do with him?

We must punish him, Lucas! I finally found him. Now he will have to pay!

Why? I'm not sure... I don't understand... Who is he?

He is the reason for our pain, for your pain! But if we capture him, the pain will end. I promise!

The pain... I feel... empty... I need to know...

Lucas listen. We must not fail... I... We need to have him...

But I need to know what...

Lucas, we must punish him!

Everything feels so strange... Is this all real? What has happened to this drawing?

What have you done!? Go away! Do not come here!

Huh. Karen's acting kinda...different from last game. Who's this man, and why is she so vindictive towards him. I'm going to be honest, it's going to be a long time until we really know what's going on here, and it's going to get more confusing before then. In the meantime, hey Lucas, what happened to that drawing? Why is it all glowy and stuff now?

Where am I? This looks like the waiting room, but it's changed somehow...

Oh, uh, whoops?

May 7, 2007
Getting nerdier day by day

"It's changed somehow".

Sep 21, 2010

That corpse get lost on his way to Clock Tower?

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Frickin' Silent Hill crayons. Probably made of the blood of criminals and the ashes of the dead or some poo poo.

Feb 22, 2013

Domus posted:

"It's changed somehow".

It just wouldn't be Silent Hill without a character seeming oddly nonplussed by the macabre strangeness about themselves.

Feb 22, 2013

Scenario One: Ben Part Two

Where am I? This looks like the waiting room, but it's changed somehow...

Welcome back. If you recall, at the outset of this scenario, we found ourselves in the shoes of Lucas, a boy wandering a hospital, being urged around in mysterious ways by our old friend Karen, who seems less innocent than in the first game, now intimating that some man deserves our ire and revenge. Infuriatingly, extremely little is revealed about Lucas, and unfortunately very little more will be. Most recently we accidentally created and used a portal to the Otherworld, after a puzzle indicated to us to change a self-portrait indicating child abuse to suggest damnation. This...this isn't really a happy game.

As you can see, very little has changed about the main world's appearance, shifting into the Otherworld. Just the lighting is now tinted. In any case, let's just do what we always do and systematically go from room to room checking things out. If you recall, our last clue was in the storeroom, (as well as a dead body) so we'll go there first.

Huh. Well then that's different. It's not necessarily apparent from the screenshot, but the bag of meat hanging from the ceiling kinda pulsates as you stand there staring at it.

It moves kind of eerily.

It sure does buddy, it sure does. Anyways, if you look, you can see there's a note pinned to the meatbag. I'm assuming it's meaty's first day of school. We can take the note without any trouble.

Meat Note posted:

Brad killed himself. Bill is the father of Marie. Sarah is gone. Marie's offspring Lucas is here. Bill is hanging from the ceiling. Karen is dead."

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this is meant to be explicitly involving the characters in the story, of if it's just creepy flavor text involving a puzzle we'll be using this as our only clue for. I'll leave that for you, gentle reader to figure out. However, those of you paying attention will recall where we've heard Bill's name before, and it very much was also in a room with Karen's name brought up as well. The locker room we started out in. Let's see what the Otherworld version of that room looks like.

Ah. Well I guess that's something alright. I'm pretty sure that the locker without a handle in the middle with the blood spilled underneath is Karen's, right?

I keep imagining I hear something.

Right. Um, moving on, I suppose we can't avoid that...thing in the middle of the room any more, can we?

The candles are put together so they form some sort of symbol. Much like the one I drew on that drawing.

Well, that's not really what I meant. Speaking of the drawing, I was talking about the broken out of cage sitting behind the symbol.

What on earth could have lived in this?

Well, there is a nametag sitting right there on it, if you really wanted to know...

It spells my name...

Uh, yeah kid. I guess that makes two we have now, after taking Bill's from the Regular Locker Room. Anyways, let's move on out of here and-

Crap! Here we finally get our first enemy encounter. As you can see, they're small little guys-possibly children-crawling on the floor, swinging knives at us. Combat works only mildly updated from the last game. Now red "weak spots" will flash on the enemy body for us to hit with our wildly shakey crosshairs. The whole hit box is so compact however, that you're better off just hoping for the best. These guys are far faster than the spider-things from the last game, and move around the screen slowly. At least with the metal pipe we don't have ammo to worry about.

Next, we move upstairs, and check out the patient rooms. The operating room on the main map isn't even there in the Otherworld now.

This almost looks like it could have been used for tortue...

All three rooms look like this, with the bloody centerpiece.

Argh! This is disgusting! I do not want to sit down in that chair.

Sheesh, noone was asking you to, you weirdo. Anyways, in the second room, there is a regenerating first aid kit sitting in the chair, which you naturally use as a stock source. Considering how much harder it is to not get hit in combat, this is VERY useful. In the first of the three rooms, there's green goop in the chair.

It's some sort of glue. Surprisingly, it's not dry...

There's a quarter lying on the chair. It looks to be placed there.

Unfortunately, the money is stuck in the goop. We need a prying tool to get it out, and we have none. Obviously, the puzzle is one to be solved at a later time. But that's all that's going on for Lucas upstairs. So that leaves the basement! The laundry room is blocked off in this reality. However, the office downstairs has a strange plate next to its locked door, so let's have a look see.

As we can see, what we have here is a puzzle. What's not clear is that not all of the answers have been given to us before we can continue. I'm sure that you can guess the first steps, due to something we recently received. We of course, add Bill and Lucas's nameplates to the pattern, with Bill in the top center, and Lucas at the bottom center.. You would think that was all, because we weren't told everything we need to solve the puzzle. After you put the pieces in, there's a click, and that's it. You need to push in the plates for Bill, Marie, and Lucas, respectively.. If the letter previous had not forgotten to discuss Peter, I would have thought that it was spelled out as a solution, but the very important omission pushes this into less clear territory.

Anyways, this office, while not 100% obvious at the moment, belongs to Karen. You know, to do her usual monster business or whatever it is she does. In any case, there's only one thing worth noticing in here.

I wonder what a birdcage is doing here. It almost fell apart when I touched it.

There is a small slot here that can be opened.

Here we have another not-super intuitive puzzle. The answer HAS been given to us throughout the game, but we have to really think inside Lucas's head. What are cages for?


So to solve this puzzle, we put the doll inside the birdcage. The slot opens up, and we get a small key from it.

Lucas... Leave that alone... Please...

What is it?

This man is coming to us very soon, Lucas. He's already on his way. If we capture him, everything will be well again. The pain will go away... Lucas, please listen to me.

I can't... All I see is filth, I'm bleeding... Take me away from here...

Lucas, we need to be in this together. We are... Family...

Don't touch me! I don't know you! Who are you?

Lucas... Please...

I uh...Wow. Seriously game, you kind of need to tell us what's going on with Lucas. He's very clearly not okay. But no, instead let's try to think of where this key might go to. Karen doesn't want us to use the key, so what else has she not wanted us to touch? That's right, her locker back in the regular world. Let's go.

Right after we kill another hall monster. drat.

It... It's empty.

Get away from there!

I can hear screams...

Run Lucas! You must run away!

I can't... I'm bleeding! They're all bleeding! They're all going to bleed!

Wait, what? Lucas, what are you talking about? Seriously dude, it was an empty locker. Who's bleeding? Who's screaming at you? Sometimes the way things happen in one world effect the other...maybe something's going on in the Otherworld, and we should go check?

They... They are all dead... Fetuses... All dead...

I... Lucas...

You killed them?

They were already dead, Lucas... After the orphanage... If I could save one, that would make up for everything, and they were all so special, every one of them...

What are you telling me? Am I not special? You said I was the only one!

Yes, you are. There was only one I could save...


Lucas, you must...

No! You have betrayed me all this time! I... the blood... It's everywhere! Burn me!

Lucas, don't do this! You need to understand! Please let me explain! We are family, you have to listen! Come to my office and we can sort everything out...

Well I for one am now officially confused and horrified. After the orphanage debacle of the first game, Karen decided to start stockpiling dead babies at the hospital? Why?? And I guess Lucas was supposed to be one of the dead babies but she was able to save him and raise him? I'm really not sure if I'm following correctly. Also, Lucas has some severe mental problems going on right now, jumping between confused memory loss, extremely violent anger, and apparently suicidal urges. I think maybe we better follow Karen's advice and go see if she can explain things better down in her office.

I'm sorry Lucas. I know that you are... You are so special.

I'm not special and neither are you! You lied to me all my life!

I took care of you. No one else did. They wanted you dead!

Your lies, they're everwhere. They are all I can hear. They fill my head... I want them to go away! They must go away!

Lucas, my dear son, listen to me. We must not fail... Please...

They need to go away!


Now at this point, Karen's body and head become separate interactable icons. You can't talk to her anymore though.

I want to see blood gushing from her eyes and ears!

Well then. Lucas, our player controlled character, is now in an inconsolable rage. We have only one course of action: Hurt Karen.

No... it must be something heavier!

Yeah, they're asking us to bash her face in with our steel pipe. And that's all we can do to progress. I-I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Bleed witch...

Death Count: 14

End of Scenario

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Nov 28, 2009

Let me tell you about Silent Hill Visual Novels~

I am glad you are playing these so I never have to.

Sep 21, 2010

I know it's stupid for me to say, "man, I wasn't expecting a Silent Hill game to get so dark so fast," but it's getting quite dark quite fast in a rather pointed and unique way. I would expect a cellphone game to go more for cheap schlock like the later console installments, but a good deal of the material here is more genuinely disturbing.

Also, I'm glad (I guess) to see that the puzzles retain the traditional Silent Hill obtuseness.

Feb 22, 2013

Yeah, now we're in the meat of things. I must admit, the shift from "let's talk about kids dying as a distant memory" to "open up a locker, dead babies fall out" was pretty abrupt. What's frustrating is we now know about 90-95% of Lucas' story. And as you can see, most of the clarity of it comes from me assuming connections that are at best hinted at. There's some fan supposition, and I'll get into that when we get there, but it really is just that: Supposition. Like I said, even knowing what the stated plot of the trilogy is, I can only at best guess and connect the loosely formed dots. I THINK I know what's going on, but I'm still not positive.

Arcade Rabbit
Nov 11, 2013

Dang. I thought the other Silent Hill games were bad about their non-answers but this sounds like it'll be painful. Still, credit to the game where its due. This seems like a genuinely good cell phone game, something I never really thought possible. And you're doing a fantastic job on your first LP.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Choco1980 posted:

Yeah, now we're in the meat of things. I must admit, the shift from "let's talk about kids dying as a distant memory" to "open up a locker, dead babies fall out" was pretty abrupt.

Yeah, that's pretty much my feeling on the whole thing. Lucas goes from wondering who he is and where he is to hating someone hard enough to beat her to death. That's just a bit silly.


Feb 22, 2013

Scenario Two: Vincent

(Black Screen)


I know everything.

Fields of red.

The Flesh burns.

Meet me at the hospital in Silent Hill or I will tell.

On the note of that ominous blackmail letter, hinting at something sinister, we begin playing as Vincent. Vincent is given a gun with a maximum of 10 total bullets, and a first aid kit. We also get a brief refresher on how the gun works, and the sloppy "vulnerable" system that works even less now that we have a gun than it did with the lead pipe.

As you can see, we're started off pretty much with nothing to show for ourselves. If we turn to the right, we find the map on the wall (which we take, natch) and find out we're standing in front of the waiting room door. Fair enough, let's start our exploration right at the start.

Weird... It seems like someone is blocking the door from the other side.

So you came...

Who is this? Identify yourself!

I'll play with you first.

Say what?


Fine then, if you won't cooperate, then let's just go in anyway.

It still won't open. It's not locked or anything but it feels like someone is pushing the door from the other side. Maybe if I come back here at a later time...?

Video game design, everybody! But seriously, this game at least wants to try to guide us gently through things. And to its credit due to such low flavor text now, the only effect that going outside its ropes has is a few instances where you find Vincent doing things without rhyme or reasons. And in any case, there's a couple spots where I'd argue that that's happening regardless. So this time I'll just go ahead and play ball and try to move things along the most sensible trail. So with that in mind, let's pretend we wandered down to the basement on our own, and ended up in the Real World version of Karen's office. There's not anything interesting on the ground floor to Vinnie anyways.

According to the nameplate, her name is Karen. Was this the woman who contacted me? Who did this?

So Vincent was the man that Karen was waiting on I guess. And apparently she wrote the blackmail letter that brought Vincent to the hospital? Hmm. Well in any case she's dead now, so let's instead snoop around her stuff. That conspicuous key hanging on the wall can be taken, and it's labeled for the surgery. Also, if we look in the desk we'll find a prescription written out.

Prescription Note posted:

A pair of raindrops fell from the sky.
As they landed on the ground, a child was born...

I'm sure that means nothing. Well that's it for now on the ground floor, time to head upstairs.

It's got a sticker on it that says "1 dollar". I need to put money in the machine in order to get something out.

Yeah, that's a little new, now we at least know how much the wallet inside costs. Gee, I wonder if that'll be a puzzle? In any case, let's use our surgery key and see what's in there.


Death Count: 15

It has been dead for a long time. I can't even make out if it's male of female.

Well I could think of a real easy way to solve that but uh, you know what, nevermind. Is there anything we can take in the room?

A scapel is stuck in the body's thigh.

Right, well let's take that. You never know, another weapon could come in handy. Anyways, something else new is that the other two patient rooms are now unlocked and able to be looked at.

Anti-climactically, there's not really anything to do in this room. Though the monitor flickering off and on did initially give me a startle.

Ho hum, pretty much the same here in room two and-wait a second.

It's an ordinary hospital bed. The mattress looks a bit torn up though.

Yes, yes it does. Luckily we have a tool on hand to let us investigate a bit more, that we just added to our inventory. If we use the scalpel on the bed...

A coin fell from the mattress. Someone has been saving up in there.

And just like that, we're twenty-five cents richer! The scalpel is a very handy tool, and we're far from done with it yet. Meanwhile, I think it's time to re-check the waiting room and see if our friend will let us in now.

Hmm, nothing different here than the last time we saw it. What do you think Vincent, see anything worth noting?

Fruit is also candy? Okay...

Yeah, I thought that poster was a little silly too. Anyways, something still seems weird about this place. I mean, what was holding the door closed? Maybe one of the chairs?

It looks unstable... One of the legs is not fitted properly maybe I can...

Oh, whoops. Now look, it came off in our hands. Oh well, let's just hang on to that. I'm sure it'll come in handy later, and is not at all some arbitrary puzzle piece we'd normally miss on our own. Anyways, let's go ahead and do what we all know we were going to do, and cross over to the Otherworld.

Vincent joins the ranks of the great Silent Hill protagonists in that he doesn't seem to think very much is odd with the world around him, despite being faced with increasing horror. I honestly think he's more mystified by the wallet in the vending machine than by the dead dude in the operating room. Before we move the plot forward, let's take a couple detours while we're here in the Otherworld...

Are these fetuses? Who could have done such a thing?

I think we know Vincent.

It's dead fetuses... Looks like they have been here a long time.

Well that's way of describing them. OLD dead fetuses? I think I'm creeped out all over again. I think we need a breather with some comedy, Vincent style.

Works as a desk I think.

Sure it does buddy. Kinda weird that Karen's only in the real world considering she was killed in the Otherworld. But what about the cage?

I don't need a doll... Or a birdcage.

Vincent, everybody. Anyways, let's go upstairs and check out things on the top level.

These are the same as last time. Room 2 has the regenerating first aid kit on the chair, and now room 3 has a regenerating box of ammo in it, as we now have a firearm. Room one still has the sticky green goop with the quarter stuck in it on the chair. Luckily we now have a tool to pry the quarter loose. That's right, our scalpel comes to the rescue again! Also, because we're ten years old, let's try poking the goop with a stick. We end up with the sticky stuff staying on the chair leg end because reasons. But regardless, we're now done upstairs, and there's a couple things to do downstairs. As we move through the hall, you may remember the painting from before.

It's skin with some dried blood on it. It's pretty soft... Maybe if I had something sharp, I could carve in it.

wait, what? What's wrong with you Vincent? You see a creepy canvas made of skin and blood, and your first instinct is to cut it open?? This game puts you in control of madmen, I swear. Alright fine, let's pull out the scalpel and get to work.

As you can see if you look close, the first notch has already been made. Now you can use the arrows to decide the next direction of cut as you go. If you paid attention to the painting in the Real World, you might have an idea of what to do next.


There's a text carved into the frame. It says: "This is the path to God".

The painting is a stairway to heaven. Carve an upward zig-zag to completion.

A staircase leading to God, huh? Wonder if it will lead me to anything...?

I think I heard a click coming from somewhere. Like a distant door unlocked itself...

And right after that, we have to fight a monster. As I said earlier, the combat in this game is kinda sucky. The gun is even worse than the pipe for hitting this little buggers. They move a lot, and the "vulnerable" spots seem to move around them even more. It's hard to get a bead on them. It's a good thing the consumables are refillable, and there's very few fights. But, we have one more stop to go here in the Otherworld.

What is this...? It looks like it's ready to fall down any moment. I wonder if there's a way to bring it down. I don't want to touch that. It's disgusting.

Oh, I can think of something that will take it down without touching it. It's a moment of real thinking outside the box actually. See, one thing they mention but you never instinctually try is that you don't have to be in a monster encounter to draw your weapon in these games. Guess what you have to use your gun for as well here?

It's not moving anymore.

Well of course not, you shot it. Now, there's one more step to this anti-logical puzzle. What's become our most valuble item? That's right, let's use the scalpel and take a look inside the meat. Doing so finds us a filing cabinet key. I'm sure that will be handy later. But for now let's go back to the real world. If you recall, the painting made an unlocking sound, and there was a locked office door next to the painting.

So the staircase did the trick?

Well, there's nothing much exciting going on here, so let's just loot the place and be done with it. If we look in the desk, we find a third quarter. Meanwhile, if we use the filing cabinet key we just got on the files to the left, we find an x-ray plate.

It's an x-ray plate of a torso. It looks like there's something there but the image is too dark to see what it is.

Now, before we go and solve that little puzzle, I confess I lied about there being nothing interesting in any of the other rooms.

Notice that vent in the middle of the room? Lucas didn't.

Something's shiny in there. Looks like a coin.

And here's why we got a sticky stick.

It passed the grate and... There! It stuck.

Now we have our dollar. Let's spend them.

There that should do it. A wallet came out.

Told you there was a wallet in there.

It's a wallet made of good leather. There's something in it...

piece of paper posted:

Half a decade later, he spoke his first words, and said "Let me go". Six weeks later, he died.

Um, okay. Well before we worry about that, we had a different puzzle to worry about. Namely trying to see what was on the X-ray. Sure would be easier if we had one of those lightboards they use for reading them...

Oh yeah, I guess we do.

Hmm... There's something in there. Has it something to do with this body lying here?

Have you ever seen the "Saw" movies? Would you like to play a game? The game we're playing today is "Operation"...

According to the X-ray late, it shoudl be located somewhere around here... It's a key...

And so, we get the bronze key. I seem to recall a big bronze lock somewhere...

Yup, the key fits one of the locks for the door. Also, we have the information for the keypad now, in the form of our story:


A pair of raindrops fell from the sky. As they landed on the ground, a child was born. Half a decade later, he spoke his first words and said: "Let me go". Six weeks later, he died."

Did you figure out the numbers? 2 raindrops, 1 child, 5 years, 3 words, 6 weeks. 21536

Come and you will find what you're looking for.

Who is this? Are you the one who wrote this letter?


Okay, that's ominous. Yes, something's waiting for us downstairs, in the Otherworld. I would advise making sure you're stocked up, just in case. Anyways, we go downstairs in the Otherworld, round the corner and-

Uh, what?

Father... You've never been so close before. Come here... I have something to say...


Who are you?

She called me Lucas.

She? Do you mean that woman in the office?


But... Why?

Her stories... lies... But the pain...

What stories? What are you talking about!

The pain... I can still feel it... it burns... She said you are the one to blame!

Why... How can you know?

Uh guys? What are you two talking about here??

So maybe she was right after all...

You don't understand! I was only trying to help!

There's only one way to end this...

It's boss fight time. If anything, I'd say that Lucas is an easier fight than the knife kids. Lucas doesn't move around, and he's pretty compact so the vulnerable area doesn't move much. While you fight him, he spits out blood or whatever at you, and it hurts a lot. It'll do two bars of damage on contact, so you want to be quick here, and defeat Lucas.

Death Count: 16

Anyways, after Lucas is gone, he leaves behind an iron key, which is as you would expect, the last part of the heavily locked door.

With no further delay, let's see what's behind that last door.

It's not obvious from the screenshot, but there's some ghostly shape floating around the chair here.

It's all dark in here, but it feels strange... I better get out quick.

Did you really think you would get away with all this?

What? No... NO!

(Black Screen)


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