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Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

Originally only for the Nintendo DS and not even planned to be a Layton game in the first place, Layton Brothers Mystery Room is the first Layton game on the iOS and Android platform, and in my opinion it's pretty drat great. While the games in the Professor Layton series normally consist of mainly puzzles, this plays much more like a Phoenix Wright game, with finding evidence in crime scenes and looking for holes in witnesses statements in order to catch the true culprits. Released in 2012 and taking almost a year to be localized in the west, the game stars the son of Professor Layton.

The game itself and the first 2 cases along with the prologue can be purchased for free, while the remaining cases have to be purchased as DLC from within the app. The Android version can be downloaded here. The iOS version can be found on iTunes.

In this LP I'll be taking you through this game as we solve each case and find the mastermind behind each one. I'll also be providing Tindeck links for the background music throughout the LP.
As this game is very heavy on the story, NO SPOILERS WILL BE TOLERATED. Also no hinting of events to come, such as "Oh something big is gonna happen next update". That kind of thing is not cool and just ruins the fun for everyone.

Table Of Contents

File 000 (Prologue)
File 001 (Part 1)

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Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

(Reserved for future use)

Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

Here we have the title screen. It has quite a nice theme for it. To move on you simply tap the screen.

For this I'll be using a new save rather than my completed one.

Here we have the first case! (Actually it's just the prologue)

~Sound of rain~

Ee, sorry Deputy Commissioner.

I were miles away. It's such a nice day out there, I couldn't help gazing out the window.

Meet Lucy Baker, the main protagonist of the game, who's POV we'll being seeing through for the majority of the game. She's pretty much an expy of Luke Triton from the main games, even having similar names. She also speaks with a Yorkshire accent.

It makes no difference to anything! Maybe if you'd seen a lucky red bat...
Anyway, look, don't forget you've assigned to what can only be described as a back-office. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's closed down tomorrow, quite frankly.
Aye, but it's where all t'other cases that no one else can solve get sent, isn't it?
Where the real stinkers get cracked!

Quite so, Detective Constable Baker. Don't let Deputy Commissioner Chan put you off. I'm sure you'll do very well there.
Thank you, Commissioner!
Hmph, you'll have to work very hard to prove yourself, Baker, considering your performance up to now.
Now I know I did particularly badly in my exams. But that's just because I'd had a bad Balti the night before.
Ha ha ha. Don't worry, DC Baker. I've put you with a very special Inspector. He won't let you put a foot wrong.
And there's not an officer in the force who can match his powers of deduction.
Ee, really? I'll be working with someone that good, eh?
Oh yes. He's exceptional. In fact, I doubt there's a mystery he couldn't solve if he put his mind to it.
That's grand. I'll get cracking then and introduce myself straight away.

Are you sure about this, Commissioner? He's so unstable. You could be putting her in danger.
We just have to have faith.
For all his faults, I still believe in Alfendi Layton.

Next time, we start with the first case!

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Nov 5, 2009

I had no idea there was a Layton game on android, I'm excited to see where this goes!

Admiral H. Curtiss
May 11, 2010

I think there are a bunch of people who can create trailing images. I know some who could do this as if they were just going out for a stroll.

Until you informed me, I had no idea they released an Android version. It runs pretty badly on my phone, but I bought the case packs anyway just to support releases of games like these. Can't wait to see all the cases past the first!

e: Google Play link, might want to add that to the OP.

Admiral H. Curtiss fucked around with this message at Oct 3, 2013 around 20:23

Aug 16, 2009

You have offended STRINGIE! You must be punished!

Glad to see a thread for this, since I've been wondering about it for a long while now. I don't have an iOS/Android device to play it myself, and the original intended DS version just stopped existing once they decided to go for iOS instead.

Dec 11, 2009

Goddammit this Cello is way out of tune!

I remember the first time I heard about this I thought that there's no way a 3rd party company could release a layton game... and then now I just found out that Level 5 released it. First couple of cases free? Sold!
I'll be playing along to this.

Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

Let's start with the first case. Each file is ranked for it's difficulty out of 5.

I see he's inherited the cleaning habits of a certain professor.

Ee, I'm dead sorry I'm late! I'm the new-
Oh, where is everyone?
Well, seeing as I've got the place to myself, I might as well have a practice.
Ahem! The true culprit of this crime...

An unlikely deduction, I must say.
Oh! No, Iím...
Who are you?
Erm, Lucy. I mean, Baker. Lucy Baker. Iíve just been assigned to this office.
Ah, yes, I do seem to recall reading some memo about a new assistant the other day.
Thatís me. Pleased to meet you, er... I donít think I caught your name.
Oh yes. Sorry. I havenít introduced myself yet, have I?
Iím Alfendi Layton. Inspector Layton around here. But please donít feel obliged to stick to formalities when you address me.
Oh well then. Seeing as youíll be showing me the ropes and whatnot, how about I call you ĎProfí?
Iím not entirely sure thatís appropriate. Certainly my father, who was an actual university professor, would not approve.
Well, you did say that thereís no need to stick to formalities, didnít you? ĎProfí it is then!
Hm. Just bear in mind that I havenít yet decided if this will be a permanent position for you or not.
A rather interesting case has just cropped up as it happens. The perfect opportunity to prove yourself.

Every case starts off with Lucy introducing it, often dropping hints at how the case goes (Although said hints are mostly very vague).

There were three suspects

Let me talk you through the case.

Ee, thatís a swanky looking place!
Yes itís a five star hotel with a wonderful sea view.
Unfortunately on this occasion, it was also the scene of a murder.
Oh. A murder, eh?

As you can probably see this is the first of the many punny names this game has. Nearly every character in the game has a stealth pun in their name. I don't think I need to explain this one of course.

Though she has stayed at the hotel alone on several prior occasions, this time she was with her lover.

It was the bellboy, a Mr Zach CarriŤre, who brought the order to the room. Heís the first suspect.
At Ms Aldwichís request, he took it out to her on the terrace.

Claiming to be?
Yes. This is where it gets a little complicated.
You see, the man who turned up at the hotel stubbornly refuses to identify himself.
Sounds pretty guilty if you ask me.
He let himself in using a keycard that sheíd sent him.
So he never saw or spoke to the victim, then?
If you believe his statement, yes, thatís what heís saying.
I donít know... Withholding his identity? Thatís dead fishy.
Yes. Anyway, let me tell you the rest.

That brings us to the next suspect: a hotel cleaner who saw the sign and went in to clean the room.
Her name is Vera Wipovsky.

At some point, she drew the closed curtains back, and noticed that Aldwich was outside on the terrace. Seeing her slumped over the table, it seems Wipovsky thought that Aldwich had just fallen asleep.
But sadly, that wasnít the case.

And she lay there with one hand inside the sandwich sheíd ordered.
Eh? A hand sandwich?
Yes. Aldwichís hand was sandwiched between the two slices of bread, along with other fillings.
Whatever could that mean?
If you manage to work that out, youíll pass my test.
Oh. Well, Iíll do my best.
Good. Right, well letís see what we have on the suspects so far.
Okay. Iím all ears.
As Iíve said, weíre looking at three possible suspects.

He does admit to have being in the room at around the time of the murder. However, he claims he never saw or spoke to her.
So do you think she were somewhere else then?
Either that, or she was on the terrace and she simply didnít notice.
It seems that the curtains were closed when he came into the room. Iíve already confirmed that itís impossible to see anything on the terrace with the curtains shut.
Still, youíd think heíd figure it out. I mean, youíd know, wouldnít you? If you were lovers.
And he wonít tell us his name. Come on, do we really have to look any further? It were him!
Letís just move on to the next suspect, shall we? Before making any rash judgements.

And this CarriŤre fellow, he saw Aldwich when she were still alive, didnít he?
If you believe his statement, then yes, heís the last person to have seen the victim alive.
Iíd say thatís worth double-checking then, eh?

She saw the service request sign on the door and entered the room to clean it, then discovered the body.
Hmm... The one who discovered the body, eh? Fishy.

So if you need to check any of the files again, you can simply tap the "Check Files" icon on the top right of the screen.

The most intriguing thing, of course, is why Aldwichís hand ended up in her sandwich.
Aye, that sarnieís a right brain-teaser and no mistake.
Obviously it couldnít have happened by chance, It clearly has some meaning.
Okay, I follow you, Iíll be sure to have a good look into the sandwich.
So, now that you have all the information, who do you think the culprit is?
Eh!? Just off the top of my head, you mean? Hadnít I better take a look at the crime scene and all that stuff first?
The crime sceneís available for your inspection over there.
Over there? How do you mean?
Have a look.

By Ďeck Prof! Whatís this?
This is the reconstruction device. It faithfully reproduces any crime scene, right down to the minutiae.
It completely eliminates any need to leave the office and travel to the real scene of the crime.
I had no idea modern policing were so advanced.
Well actually, you wonít find a machine like this anywhere else. Itís one of a kind.
So, shall we get down to the investigative business now? Iím expecting a visitor soon, so Iíll limit you to five minutes, I think.
What? Just five minutes?
Donít worry Lucy. Iím well aware itís hard for you to determine the culprit based on your current knowledge of the case.
Why donít you tell what your gut instinct is, first of all? Who do you feel like the criminal is? Listening to your hunches is vital part of the process. After that, weíll start making some deductions.
Understood, Prof.

Next Time: We investigate the crime scene!

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Aug 1, 2013

Burn, you disrespectful pricks !

I'll gladly be following this LP, the games looks good !

One complain though: I feel like Layton's sprite is not quite right. I think it's the position of the nose.
He's also the only one with a hidden eye.

Jul 2, 2010

Evening, patrolmaaan.

Initially I wasn't really a fan of this game because I went in expecting a Layton game and the first case is full of tutorials and explanations, but once I got past that and accepted it as a Level 5 version of Phoenix Wright (complete with the terrible great pun names) I really enjoyed it.
Also helps that the protagonist is from Yorkshire, but I'm biased on that and I could see that being annoying for other people.

Nov 1, 2012

Solo Melodica

Just finished this myself. At this point I don't have much to say, other than that while the soundtrack selection is a bit thin, the music itself is pretty awesome.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Well. Isn't modern technology wonderful? You can even solve a locked-room mystery without unlocking the room!

Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

Pyrovile posted:

Also helps that the protagonist is from Yorkshire, but I'm biased on that and I could see that being annoying for other people.

Funny you should mention that, as a lot of game reviewers didn't realize that she had an accent and thought that the writers had just made bad spelling mistakes.

Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

While we do have a 5 minute time limit, that more than enough time to do what we need. So now we need to find evidence. The yellow dotted circles indicate where evidence can be found. To examine them closely, simply tap on the circle. So for now, let's look at the table area.

Now you can see what we can examine. So to start off let's take a look at the corpse.

Whenever we examine a new piece of evidence, it is entered into our case files where it can be looked at later.

While some pieces of evidence may seem unimportant, they may play a vital role in solving the case. Try not to overlook anything. But for now, let's examine the rest of the evidence in this area.

Alright, now it seems as though we have all the evidence we can get from here, but, if we slide the camera icon to the right and zoom in...

Now what do we have here?

Remember to always zoom in when looking at each area. It's very easy to miss something simply by not doing so.

But for now, that's all we can get from there. When you have all the evidence in one area gathered, a red tick mark appears in the circle, as shown above. So now let's take a look at the french windows.

First we have...

Now let's zoom in a bit more

Ok so now we have one are left, but it's a bit hard to see it from here. So what we need to do is touch the screen with your finger and thumb, and then drag them towards the top right corner, where the circle is.

Now we can see what it is.

Well that looks like that's all we can- wait a moment, what's this?

A tie?

Hmm, I wonder...

Now that we have everything, let's take a look at the statements given by the suspects. To do that, we simply just tap the door icon in the top left and select Case Files.

You can check through the files you've accumulated on the case so far here.
If you ever get stuck, my advice is to come here and go back over all the information you've gathered.

So as you can see, we can look at the evidence that we've collected so far, the backgrounds of our suspects that we saw in the last update, and their statements. For now, let's take a look at the statements.

Here we have the statements. We can get hints for each and everyone of them.

Well now we've done all that we can, let's name our culprit!

So, let's hear who you think is the most suspicious.

So then, who do you think is the culprit?

Apr 23, 2008

Did you say.
To that horse.

The victim's lover. That's his tie, it seems.

Nov 12, 2011

I'm going with suicide. There's no way I'm getting the answer right without ridiculous assumptions so I'll give the one that can't possibly be correct.

alcharagia posted:

The victim's lover. That's his tie, it seems.
How is he still wearing the murder weapon when you found it in the plant?

Aug 3, 2004
Butterfly Girl

Instinctively the bellboy seems suspicious but I have no actual idea what happened here.

The mention of crime fiction combined with the weirdness of the hand in the fish sandwich... Clearly a clue that he's doctored the scene to confuse us!

Can Of Worms
Sep 4, 2011

That's not how the Triangle Attack works...

There are some inconsistencies with the bellboy. First, his statements are contradictory, did he leave the room after delivering the sandwich or did he stay to chat? The receipt was also signed with a fake name, but the game's vague about whether or not the bellboy noticed that. I don't know how he could have carried out the murder, though. The receipt shows that the victim was alive when he delivered the food, so he'd have to place it down first.

The lover is pretty suspicious too, but I don't think he would have put up the "Clean this room" sign, it's just asking for an early body discovery.

I also have no idea how that sandwich fits in

Jan 20, 2011

The 4.5 tatami room is a truly beautiful square.
Is it not magnificent?

maswastaken posted:

How is he still wearing the murder weapon when you found it in the plant?

He had a spare! It were premeditated, Prof!

Apr 23, 2008

Did you say.
To that horse.

maswastaken posted:

How is he still wearing the murder weapon when you found it in the plant?

Hard work and determination.

Aug 16, 2009

You have offended STRINGIE! You must be punished!

Can Of Worms posted:

I also have no idea how that sandwich fits in

I agree it's the Bellboy for the reasons you mentioned, but I think I know roughly where that's going to lead.

It's a double fish sandwich, so that should mean there's two pieces of fish in it.

This is obviously one of them, but the other is nowhere to be seen. We already know it's not been eaten, by either Sandy or the culprit. The question, then, is where is it and why is it missing?

It's possible that it didn't exist at all and it had to be a double for one reason or another (to fit her hand in, perhaps?) then that would point towards the bellboy further. He was the only one with the means and opportunity to do something like that, after all. Granted, that's just the one possibility. But it's an odd detail to mention if it's not relevant somehow.

Jan 20, 2011

The 4.5 tatami room is a truly beautiful square.
Is it not magnificent?

The pink thing in the sandwich is fish.

Nov 1, 2010

I think we can clear the allegded lover, His fingerprints are missing from the door to the terrace.

I actually think that the receipt is suspisious, it has been signed, and you usually only sign the receipt that is kept by the shop, hotel in this case.

Add this to the fact that her food and drink is untouched (besides the whole hand-sandwitch thing) and that the bellboys statements are contratictorary, the bellboy becomes suspect.

The hand-sandwitch thing is a red herring.

May 13, 2013

The lack of fingerprints in the window seems to prove some truth on the fact the Victim's Lover never went to the Terrace because the Curtains were shut while he was in the room and falls in line with Wipovsky's testimony also telling us they remained shut until she was cleaning the Room.

The fingerprints present on the window, on the other hand, puts the Bellboy on thin ice: Either Aldwich or Carriere could've opened the window, to then have it found closed along with the Curtains when Wipovsky cleaned the room, but the fact the victim didn't even touch her own lunch makes it so that she couldn't have closed the window because she was already dead when it would've probably happened.

Leaving the following order of events:
The Victim opened the Window → The Bellboy closed the Window → The Lover didn't open the Window, found the Curtains shut → The Cleaner opened the Curtains and the Window.

May 3, 2013

Random musings...

I wonder if Bosco Felps is the name of the victim's lover? I know my parents have signed each other's names on bills before, and it never really caused any comment. Bosco is typically a man's name, so presumably the victim wasn't using it as a pseudonym.

When was the hand placed in the sandwich? If it was some sort of attempt by the victim to send a message while being strangled, the placement of the fish doesn't make any sense. The sequence of events is something like: being strangled, lift top piece of bread off of sandwich, place fish to your right, put left hand in sandwich, put bread on top of hand. If the victim just shoved her hand into the sandwich, I'd've expected a mess, not the scene we see.

Why is the tie where it is? If the victim was strangled while sitting in the chair, the murderer strangles her, pulls the tie from around her neck, and then crosses the terrace to hide the tie in the plant where it's not really concealed.

Does anyone have a motive? At all? Everyone seems to have an opportunity - they were all alone in the victim's room at some point. If the tie is the murder weapon, everyone's got means - the tie could have been in the room to begin with - either the victim's lover left it behind, or they were staying in the same room, in which case his clothes would have been in the room as well.

Barring any known motives, I'd suspect the victim's lover, primarily because he's the only one who actually knew the victim. Of course, since his prints aren't on the door, it seems unlikely her body could have ended up where it did if he killed her. So, I got nothing.

Edit: I think it's either the victim's lover or the bellboy. If it was the maid, I think enough time would have passed that the victim would have started eating.

moebius2778 fucked around with this message at Oct 22, 2013 around 00:30

Aug 9, 2010

I suspect the bellboy for a few reasons:

- Lover's lack of fingerprints on the window. If he wiped the prints the bellboy's would have been gone.

- If lover had come in & the victim were still alive, it stands to reason that she would've heard him and beckoned him to the terrace, instead of him just smelling perfume/cologne, seeing a mess (created by a struggle?) & leaving.

- The bellboy is a narcissistic neat freak. Explains why he wouldn't want to be wear a wrinkled, creased tie after strangling someone with it...

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Layton and our protag are both pretty insistent that Sandy's hand in the sandwich (between, it would seem, the pickles and the eggs) means something, but I have no idea what.

I have to go with the bellboy, too. She would have at least touched her food and drink if she was still alive when her lover walked in, to say nothing of the maid.

Sep 14, 2013

Maybe, the hand was placed in the sandwich to try to remove something from it? Maybe the smell of aftershave? Also, it's interesting to note that the drink on the table is full, yet it would've been the first thing to get knocked over in case of struggle.
The bellboy is shady.

Bosco Felps - BF. Ex BF?

May 30, 2013

Am I right in thinking that the "double fish" sandwich consists of one fried piece of fish (the one on the table), one not-fried piece of fish (the pink one in the sandwich), plus pickles and eggs? Because that sounds really gross. Anyone who voluntarily orders such a sandwich should be considered a suicide.

Mar 31, 2012

The fruit juice has the bellboy's fingerprints but is completely full and wasn't knocked over in the struggle, which makes me think that it was placed there after she was killed. Likewise, the sandwich has been disturbed but not eaten. I guess it's possible that whoever killed her (leaning towards the bellboy like everyone else) was the one to put her hand in the sandwich, but if so, why?

Feb 3, 2010

I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

Capt. J. Linebeck posted:

When I first saw Alfendi Layton, my first thought was "Look at this hella Okabe Rintarou-looking mofo."

The main character of Steins;Gate, which has been excellently LP'd here not that long ago. Read it here on the archives!

Both of them casually wear lab coats, have disheveled appearances, and yellow eyes. Practically the same person in my book.

Thank goodness you updated when you did, Capt. J. Linebeck. I've been thinking about Let's Playing this game myself, since not only am I a fan of the Professor Layton series, this game is the first game that I've purchased for my Android phone (to show support for Level 5). I have a lot of strong feelings about this game, especially with the fact that it often gets compared to the Phoenix Wright games, so many that I think I could fill up a whole thread alone. I'm looking forward to seeing how your thread turns out, and I hope to see what people have to say about this game.

And yes, you're absolutely right about this game having fabulous music.

Oct 15, 2012

I suspect the <b>bellboy</b>, for the same reasons everyone else does. Inconsistent statements? Drink untouched, sandwich handed but not bitten?

Hypothesis: she was upset about the fried fish in her sandwich, pulled it out to lecture him, and at that point he snapped, strangled her with his tie, and then neatened the scene on his way out?

Further hypothesis: her lover is acting sketchy because his name is Bosco Felps Wipovsky. I will note that the lack of fingerprints don't necessarily prove innocence - if it were premeditated, he could have worn gloves or used a cloth to open the door.

Nov 4, 2010

What is it with Japan and ridiculous hair colors?

Hey Capt. J. Linebeck, thanks for pointing out the existence of this game for me. After laying sight on this thread for the first time, I got the game and have since completed all the cases. I had a blast, so thanks again.

Oct 10, 2012

Ask me about my stock hellcat!

I'm not sure whether it was the lover or the cleaner, but I suspect it's not the bellboy. He's a neat freak, and the room was an absolute tip. Unless that was the motive.

If I had to guess, it would have to be the cleaner, because the lover is far too much of a red herring.

Dapper Pepper
Mar 25, 2011

I'd have to say the cleaner.

Isn't it possible that the reason the lover wouldn't identify himself is because he is actually Mr. Wipovsky? It says in Vera's profile that she feared her husband was having an affair. Maybe Vera checked on the victim, saw her husband's tie lying around and strangled her with it? As for the missing fingerprints of Mr. Wipovsky, the victim probably opened the door to the terrace herself.

Rigged Death Trap
Feb 13, 2012


I'd say the bellboy did it. Busboy's Statement 1 contradicts 2 by the way.

We'll see if there is more to the case. This is Much too short for a chapter in a Phoenix Wright-like.

Oct 14, 2010

Eh, why not?

I love this game. I mean, I wouldn't say it's a good game but I love it anyway. There's a lot of things this game does wrong and not a lot of things it does right, but I kind of...enjoy the way it screws up if that makes any sense? It's a pretty endearing game. Plus it's pretty cheap, so it's definitely worth the purchase.

Capt. J. Linebeck
Dec 28, 2012

Sorry about the delay! I had a lot of problems with recording footage of my ipad. Now that that's sorted, I should have no problem continuing this.

So the majority of you seem confident that it is this person, let's see if you're right!

I see. And what is your resoning?
Well, he were the last person to see Aldwich alive. And if it were him, it could make the statements of the other two add up nicely.
Yes, that's true. Of course, you could say exactly the same about the other two suspects.
Those facts alone aren't enough to prove anything.
No, I suppose not. Do you have a better idea then, Prof? Do you think you know who did it?
Oh yes certainly. According to my deductions, I'm...

...97.6% sure of the killer's identity
You only work to one decimal place? I'm shocked!
The fact is, this is an unusually simple case. I've been able to ascertain almost exactly what happened n the day of the incident.
Nevertheless, there's a 2.4% window of uncertainty which cannot be ignored.
Because of the helpful fellow that won't tell us his name, is it?
Naturally, that's one area of uncertainty, yes.
So it were the nameless wonder after all, eh? There've been alarm bells ringing in my head ever since you said he were claiming to be the lass's boyfriend.
Aye, this were a crime of passion!

Agh! It's him! The killer!
Killer? You better not be calling me a killer, lady!
Sorry, Lucy. I neglected to tell you. I was interviewing this man earlier.
Oh right.
What's your problem with me, huh? What have I done wrong?
Well, Mr, er... err... Oh, that's right, we don't know your name.
Withholding information, that's what you've done wrong. You've done summat you want to hide!
If you haven't got the brains to see why I'm doin" this, I feel sorry for you.
Now let's all try to remain calm, shall we? This is all conjecture. No one's making any accustions.
Perhaps if you could explain why you feel the need to withhold your identity...?
Ok, sure I refuse to tell you who I am, But I swear I've done absolutely nothin' to break the law.
I can't have my name printed in connection with this kind of thing. I've got my business to think about.
I see. So you run a business.
I, I might do.

You got it in one, officer.
Look, I've told you everythin' I know about what happened that day. Where I was, who I saw.
Until my lawyer turns up, I'm not obliged to tell you anythin' more.
I see. That's fine. We do understand. You're free to go then.
Eh? You're just going to let him waltz out of here?

sounds of knocking

We have another appointment now, anyway.
Urgh, what is that smell? It's that aftershave again...
I dunno why you're makin' such a fuss about me. Haven't you got the guy who did it already?
Actually, we have yet to make a firm decision on that.
But I'm good to go, right?
Just don't go too far! Not until we've got this mess sorted.
I won't try to run, if that's what you mean. Once my lawyer's on hand, I'll answer all your questions.
Ooh, he's full of himself. I'm going to find summat on you, you mark my works!
Well, first we have another interview to conduct with someone else. I believe he's already waiting outside.

Mr Zach CarriŤre, isn't it?
Oui, that is my name. May I ask what all this is in aid of?
As the last person to have seen the victim alive, we were hoping you'd be able to assist us with our enquiries.
Yes, we're investigating the young woman's death and we'd like you to fill in a few gaps for us.
Oui, bon. If this all you are asking, I am 'appy to try to 'elp you. As it 'appens, I am a great fan of crime fiction. I 'ave many things to say about this case, Inspecteur.
Well, we'll look forward to hearing your opinions , Mr CarriŤre.
Par exemple, something Vera - you know, the cleaner? - told me. It is very strange.
It is about the sandwich.
Oh aye, the hand sandwich, eh? There were a piece of fried fish just next to it that caught my eye. Very sus, if you ask me.
You 'ave noticed? Bravo, mademoiselle! You are a detective par excellence.
Sorry to disturb your Agatha Christie convention, but I'd like to start by investigating the corpse.
Of course! This is elementary detective work, n'est-ce pas, Inspecteur?
Grand idea, Prof.
So, Lucy Let's get this investigation underway, hm?
Right you are!

Sep 14, 2013

Oh, man. You left us hanging for so long, I forgot we were hanging.

Is there any meaningful interactivity after pointing at a suspect?
Is the corpse a sliding puzzle?


Rigged Death Trap
Feb 13, 2012


I 'avent played any of the later episodes, but this first one, it is very 'and 'oldy, no?

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