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Nov 25, 2007

"Watch your six Devil Dog!"

So on December 14th and 15th, the airsoft field that I help run is having this big post-apocalyptic event called Revelations, which is themed after an amalgamation of apocalyptic media, such as The Road, Mad Max, The Book of Eli, and of course, Fallout. One of the features that we try to have for the event is a radio DJ of sorts, in our largest structure on the field. In the past, the only way we've really been able to accomplish this was basically me sitting on the roof of the rappel tower with my laptop hooked up to one of these:

That Milwaukee radio is loud as poo poo, and the sound of music echoes gently across the field, however the only way for me to actually DJ and talk through it was with a megaphone, which kind of kills the immersion of it. So, my plan now is to use a couple of these:

Which the company has like 30 of. Basically, similar to how the radio stations in the Fallout games work (aside from PipBoys), I stuff one of these into the glovebox of the 7 derelict vehicles we have on the field during the game.

The issue here, however, is that when I try zip-tying the PTT down on the radio, after about 30 seconds it stops transmitting and lets out a tone on the transmitting radio, letting you know that you're hot miccing I guess.

Anyone have any familiarity with these radios and possibly a method on how to disable that, or any better ideas on how I can accomplish my silly scheme?


Tactical Lesbian
Mar 31, 2012

Well, any radio acting as a station (capable of broadcasts) typically is configured with a timeout function. On GMRS radios like that, I don't think it's configurable. If it were a UHF/VHF transciever station you could potentially adjust it. With a ham repeater you could definitely set the timeout parameter, but you would need an Amateur Radio license from the FCC and more than just a cheap radio set. It's a pretty easy exam, just some basic safety and FCC regulation stuff.

I know this is well after the event, but I just thought I'd tell you a bit about the word of our lord and savior Jesus Christ ham radio.

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