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woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

Let's Die Playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!

Current LP's in progress: Haifisch and Araganzar

Haifisch Orc Jesus 3: Gotta Catch Em All


Last Updated 3/18/14

Hito has been regularly updating his youtube channel with more video LP of crawl. He is fantastic! Subscribe to this man!

Dungeon Crawl is a free-to-play rogue-like RPG. You kill monsters and get loot, and each playthrough is very different. The goal is to delve into a randomly generated dungeon, grab a sacred artifact at the bottom, then return to the surface.

In the tradition of other rogue-likes like Nethack and... Rogue, Dungeon Crawl is difficult. Just winning a basic game is a big accomplishment that can take years and hundreds of attempts. When you die, that's it. You must start over as a different character from the beginning. There's zero persistent growth between games, except for within your soul. A winning game takes between roughly 2 and 20 hours. A death takes far shorter.

It's a fun game that's easy to pick up. I love it, and hope to inspire the same disease in others. The fun is in seeing the ridiculous situations generated by the game, getting fantastic loot, and then dying with it!

Woozle's Wuzzle

The inital LP is me showing my attempts to win. This LP was started prior to playing these games, because I am a crazy person. Win, lose, or draw, you'll see every attempt here. My goal is to keep going until I win or quit in frustration. This series includes melee characters. I'm playing on the CAO server as woozle. Screenshot + text LP.

Episode 1: Don't have a cow, man!
Episode 2: The Sequel
Episode 3: For God and Country
Episode 4: Sewer? I Hardly Knew Her!
Episode 5: I Do Believe in Spooks, I Do Believe in Spooks!
Episode 6: Man on the Run
Episode 7: Ants in my Pants!
Episode 8: I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!
Episode 9: And They Call it a Mine!
Episode 10: Lair? I Hardly Knew Her!
Episode 11: Wait... can I just do Lair again?
Episode 12: Why'd it have to be Snakes?
Episode 13: There's How Many of What?
Episode 14: Never Trust an Elf
Episode 15: Stick the Landing!
Episode 16: Losing My Religion
Episode 17: You Must Whip It!
Episode 18: Slimed!
Episode 19: Back to the Grind
Episode 20: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Episode 21: Headed for Trouble
Episode 22: Runescape
Episode 23: Cannonball Run!
Episode 24: Til Death Do Us Part

The Cactus Chronicles

Far from the one-note wonder of woozle, Cactus will show us some spellcasters and kooky races! He's got skills, both in-game and in terms of making an LP. This is a high quality LP with lots of explanation. He's playing on the CSZO server as Cactus. Screenshot + text LP.

Episode 1: Firebug
Episode 2: The Cursed Club
Episode 3: The Hobgoblin
Episode 4: Unique Deaths
Episode 5: Centaurs
Episode 6: Bad Genes
Episode 7: Acid Revelations
Episode 8: Parks & Recreation
Episode 9: Emotions Run High
Episode 10: Potential

Hito's Video LP

Taking us into the 20th century, Hito has done a video LP! It's shockingly great! Watch this! If you've been turned off from turn-based video LP's before, give this one a chance. Hito has good video quality, good commentary, and you can actually tell what's happening. It's an entertaining watch! (youtube links)

Episode 1: Respect the Men in Green
Episode 2: Victory Chug
Episode 3: This Episode Rocks
Episode 4: Smoke Demons Everyday
Episode 5: Hellfire and Stone
Episode 6: The Fighting with Magic
Episode 7: Lee's Rapid Pedicure
Episode 8: Evocables Everywhere
Episode 9: Undocumented Snakes
Episode 10: Plant Hate Crimes, Animal Fights
Episode 11: The Anti-Humane Society

Hito has made many more episodes, and they are great! Check out his youtube channel for more video crawl LP's:


READ THIS LP! Holy poo poo! Haifisch is a wonderfully crazy person running a Xom character. Xom is the god of chaos, like Q from Star Trek except more bloodthirsty. Xom take very particular interest in Haifisch, and it becomes a game unlike any of us has ever seen. Check it outtttt! Screen + text LP

Episode 1: Xom's Jester
Episode 2: Xom Roars With Laughter!
Episode 2.5: Interlude
Episode 3: Rise of the Ultimate Lifeform
Episode 4: You Can Do Anything At Xombocom
Episode 5: Xom Gets Moody
Episode 6: The Xomish Mines
Episode 7: A Very Special Episode About Peer Pressure
Episode 8: Deathwatch
Episode 9: Miracles Do Happen
Episode 10: Pure As Ice
Episode 11: Orcs and Spiders and Tab, Oh My
Episode 12: "Zin provides some ok powers"
Episode 13: A Unique Comes Into View.
Episode 14: I Hear The Abyss Is Lovely This Time Of Year
Episode 15: The Ultimate Lifeform Flirts With Death
Episode 16: Tying up loose ends
Episode 17: Super Spooky
Episode 18: The Undead Keep Turning Into Salt. I Hate That.
Episode 19: Insert Persona 3 Joke Here
Episode 20: Dis Could Get Dangerous
Episode 21: Pan Fried Lords
Episode 22: Don't forget. You're here forever.
Episode 23: Till Zot Do us Part

Haifisch is... The Orc Jesus - IN PROGRESS
Cashing in the celebrity gained from the smashing success of the Ultimate Lifeform, Haifisch is attempting an orc Beogh character. This is a niche playstyle where you become Orc Jesus, gathering a bunch of orc followers. It's akin to a summoning playstyle, in that you manage a group and shenanigans abound. Wooo!
Orc Jesus 1: Crash Course
Orc Jesus 2: Reach Out And Touch Faith
Orc Jesus 3: Gotta Catch Em All

Hellioning's Hellioning

Hellioning provides another angle into the insanity of crawl by playing a stabber! He provides a newer perspective to the game, which means it'll be really fun to watch him die! Woo!

Update 1: 40k References Never Get Old
Update 2: I'm a Sucker for Peer Pressure
Update 3: Almost Dying is Almost Funny
Update 4: In Case of Anticlimax, Drink Potions
Update 5: gently caress Troves
Update 6: In Which I Get Cocky and gently caress Up

Araganzar's Crawl School
Unlike us fools, Araganzar knows how to play this game. Let's learn how to die slightly less! He likes to break tables, and some of the episodes go into two posts so scroll down a little. But he's seriously way better at the game than any of the rest of us so far.

VINE STALKIN' III: The Search for dSomething

The next post has lots of garbage about the game, but you don't need much background to enjoy the LP's!

woozle wuzzle fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2014 around 05:41


woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

(yes, that's an octopus with blade arms holding a rose)

More about the dumb game

It's a turn-based RPG, played from a modified top down perspective. There are no real-time clocks to the game, but your in-game turns can be precious. The tension in Crawl is so vastly different from every other mainstream game. If some one plays through a typical RPG, the end result is certain. But in Crawl your permanent death lurks behind every door. I might beat it the first go, or I truly could get incinerated 10 steps away from the win. Poor game decisions are punished harshly, making victory really satisfying.

The magic MacGuffin at the end is called the "Orb of Zot". In order to unlock it, you need 3 runes. There are 15 runes scattered throughout the dungeon, and you've got to scrounge up at least 3 of them. Getting all 15 runes is a great win, worthy of putting a print-out on your mom's refrigerator. The first few runes are just sitting on the floor in quaint areas like "The Swamp". The last few are in places like the Iron City of Hell, gripped tightly by a towering hell lord with a legion of screaming demonspawn swarming the battlements for your scent.

Generally you try for as many runes as your character can handle, in theory knowing the right time to pull the ripcord and grab the Orb. Sometimes the randomly generated loot screws you so that 3 runes is your maximum, other times you get decked out in the best stuff to punch a Hell Lord in their dumb face. But in practice, you usually die before seeing a single rune, or try for too many and die horribly.

Dungeon Crawl is a PC game (there's a mobile version too), and the website is here. I'm not on the dev team nor associated with them in any way. You can download a stand-alone "offline" version of the game from that website, or you can play an online version. The game content is identical either way, and both are free. The benefits to playing offline are no need for a stable connection, no server lag, and better mouse functionality. The benefits to playing online is spectating games, tracking your game history so you can see how terrible you are, and it ensures you aren't cheating. That last one is the kicker. When you're 10 hours into a great game and die from not paying attention for 10 seconds, the urge to cheat is extreme (for me). All games shown in this LP are online legit attempts. The game is still being developed and iterated by crazy people. New content is released regularly, and they do a good job.

Getting good at the game is less about memorizing the game's ever-changing content, and more about developing a habitual, conservative playstyle. You cannot just push through each encounter in order, like virtually every other game. Even slightly risky choices add up to dying over the long term; the statistics require you to assume everything will kill you. It took me thousands of attempts offline to get the hang of it, and I still suck. Playing it straight through does not work. It feels like you have to relearn how to play video games to be barely tolerable at crawl.

For each character, you get to pick from a wide variety of species and classes. The overall layout and number of floors to the dungeon is generally known, but the contents of each level are randomly generated. That can include computer generated levels or handmade levels spawned from the nightmares of an evil developer. One floor might be a wide open arena, the next is a town with shops, the next is a forest filled with god damned bears.

What does this dumb game look like?

Welp, it looks like this:

There's a combat log in the bottom left, much like the typical combat log of an MMO. Above it is the main gameplay area. This is where you're looking and playing most of the game. You walk around and the map is revealed as you discover it.

On the middle right side is the minimap. The yellow box on the minimap represents the current view of the gameplay area. Above it is the current stats. You don't need to know what any of that means to enjoy the LP, and I'll discuss things as they become relevant.


The game content is 100% spoiled to me and anyone that plays Crawl much. It's kinda hard to spoil a randomly generated game, so future talk is just fine. Speculating about when games will die is encouraged. You can tell LP'ers what they did wrong or warn them of future problems. The only spoilering I will care about is looking into a player's online history and spoiling information about the attempt prior to the LP'er showing it. Please don't do that. Otherwise, go nuts. No restrictions.


Dungeon Crawl Website - The official website, download the offline version for free

Current SA games thread on Dungeon Crawl - you can complain about the game here, or get advice I guess

The CSO server - You can play here for free, no download needed
The CSZO server - Another popular server, same deal
The slightly less correct but legible wiki - This is a good starting place for quick information. It's less accurrate but easy to navigate. I still check it routinely.
A slightly more correct but illegible wiki - This has more details and I check here when I need an exact number. But it takes a certain base knowledge to use effectively.
Here's a previous Crawl LP done by Chakan



The floor is now opened to ANYONE that wants to LP this poo poo. I really want anyone to feel comfortable. If you suck donkey balls, go for it. If you're a hall-of-famer or developer, show us how it's done. I mean that literally, please please show us how make decisions!

I will update the OP and add episode links for anyone that tries. Deaths are fine. Deaths are encouraged. We all suck at this game. I have some rules though. These aren't designed to be fussy, I just want the viewers to be able to follow the games and give you full attention. PM me or post here with any concerns, suggestions, etc.

Guest LP Rules

1. Two people go at a time. PM me, or post in this thread to get on the list. I'll let you know when it's showtime.

2. Online attempts only. Sorry guys in Siberia. It's necessary. To people scared of online: sign-up is free and easy, and there's a guide to going online below.

3. You can keep showing attempts until you finish a game that saw the Lair staircase. Or until you call it quits, which is OK. After your run, you are encouraged to get right back on the list and die again!

4. In-progress OR completed games are fine. I decided to start the LP prior to doing the games, but that's crazy. You can cherry-pick games, or do it blind. Either way is fine, we just want to see games!

5. It's your party. There are no restrictions on in-game choices or LP formatting. Go nuts. You can repeat combos, kill 20 felids in a row, steal my style, do your own style, do a video, it's all cool. It's your stage.

6. Try to update at least weekly-ish, or PM me or post to pause and I'll let another person lose. I'm not the LP nazi, I just don't want the thread to wither on the vine.

7. NEW RULE - since I'm a jerkpig. If you win, you can call "next" at any time and be next in line.

Hellioning and Araganzar are in progress.


Mister Olympus
pathetic little tramp
Obtuse Angol
Jazzimus Prime
<insert your name here>

Guide to LP'ing this poo poo
This is my first LP, so hell if I know. But I can tell you how I stumbled through. First off, LP'ing this game is very time consuming. It may sound fun at first to LP the hijinks of dying 300 times as a felid, but on like episode 10 you lose your mind and really really want to quit. Think long and hard before diving in, because the work to fun ratio is worse than you think. With that uplifting news, this is how I did a screenshot LP.

1. Create an account on, and download Rightload, per the LP FAQ on Image Hosting. Spend time getting this image hosting correct before you start anything. It requires opening the .rar file for Rightload, and getting it pointing to your newly created account.

2. Ctrl + print screen saves a .png screenshot to your Pictures>Screenshots folder in Windows 8. (The path is c:\Users\Yourname\My Pictures\Screenshots)
3. Get in the habit of tapping that combo whenever you want a screenshot. Play a floor or two of a dummy game and get the feel for it.
4. Play your game and tap the screenshot combo.
5. Choose a picture editing program. Infranview is probably best, I honestly just used mspaint. It did everything I needed.
6. Set that picture editor program as the default for opening a .png file. (Right-click, Open With, Choose default program)
7. Go nuts cropping your pictures. I'd just get in a crazy rhythm of: enter, crop, ctrl-S, exit, right arrow. Repeat that sequence 200 times.

8. CREATE YOUR POST IN WORDPAD OR NOTEPAD OR WHATEVER. Don't just open something awful and try to post. Your browser WILL close on you. You WILL an hour of work if you don't listen to me. Trust me on this one. Have SA open to preview as you go, BUT TYPE ALL EDITS IN WORDPAD THE ENTIRE TIME.

The posting part was the most time consuming for me, by far. The picture taking and cropping was relatively quick. Piecing together 200 screenshots from a week ago whilst making it mildly interesting or informative is a giant pain in the rear end.

Guide to Going Online
Guest LP'ers must play online, which can be an irritating transition. I played a billion hours offline and made the switch years later, so I'll try to impart my wisdom.

First, pick a server. If you live in the US, then pick CAO or CSZO (many players use both and swap depending on whatever has less lag). If you live in the Europes, then try CLAN, or RHF. If you live someplace else... then... welp. I dunno. Getting a login is simple, no email or registration required. The online in-game content is 100% identical for released patches, but the interface is very different. There's almost no mouse support online. ALL you get is the ability to right-click the minimap, but you can't even left-click a square to examine in. No on-screen inventory. No clicking. It's a brick wall when you first log in.

Learning the keyboard commands is really the issue for going online. The first time can be extremely frustrating. But trust me when I say that once you learn the commands, it feels no different than offline. I'm going to post a list of commonly used keyboard commands, because the help interface sucks kangaroo dick. This isn't an exhaustive list, but these are what an offline player may not know if they use the mouse heavily.

Keyboard Command list
w : wield (hit w - [minus] to wield nothing)
W : Wear armor/shield
T - Take off armor/shield
P : Put on jewelry
R - Remove jewelry
Q - quiver different ammo
q - quaff a potion
r - read a book/scroll
= - assign weapon primary and secondary weapon
' - swap between primary and secondary weapon
v - evoke your wielded item
V - evoke something from inventory (like wands)
x - examine squares (move around cursor, v describes the targeted thing)
X - examine the floor

And the most helpful thing that allowed me to play online without killing myself:
X then > finds the nearest down staircase. X then < finds the nearest up. You can keep hitting < or > to cycle through the next closest. "Closest" appears to be closest by actual walking distance, not pure X,Y distance. Escape pops you out of the examine mode.


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woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

EPISODE ONE: Don't have a cow, man

Alright folks, let's begin.

I'm only playing about one episode ahead of the LP. My goal is to keep trying and dying until I win. Hang with me for a little bit. The action will start cooking once everyone is on board with the gameplay mechanics, and I'll speed up the tempo.

Upon starting the game, we're greeted with this screen:

That's a lot of weird poo poo.

We have to pick one. If I die a lot, I'll try to show some of the weirder ones. But for now, we'll go with a solid melee option. I'm picking Minotaur!

Minotaurs are great melee bruisers. They get more hitpoints than most species and a special headbutt counter-attack. But due to those horns, they cannot wear most helmets. Next we have to choose the background class of our minotaur:

This choice is far less impactful than species. We could pick Venom Mage and just play it like a warrior. The greyed out choices are just considered non-optimal by the game, but we could still pick them. There are a couple very viable picks here. Fighter, gladiator, and berserker are probably the most popular picks. I'm going to start with boring and pick fighter. For what I've got in mind, it's the best choice to try showing off the extended late game.

Now we've got to pick our starting weapon. Short sword is greyed out just because Minotaurs don't have much aptitude for short swords, but we could still pick it. Our choice will give us a lovely weapon of that type, but also a few skillpoints towards that weapon type.

In case you're wondering, a falchion is some type of long-sword, not a bird. They should have falcons though. When you can play as a loving octopus, weaponized falconry seems mainstream.

I'm picking mace. I like axes, but I want to end up as a heavy armor + shield user, with extreme armor stats to withstand the endgame. One handed maces can be fantastic.

This is what we look like at the start:


Now our character is created, and we're dumped into a randomly generated level. This is what I see;

We find ourselves surrounded by trees and mushrooms. Unfortunately we can't eat the mushrooms or anything fancy. But there's some sweet news here! There's a necklace close by! That's a fairly rare and sometimes powerful piece of jewelry.

I moved two spaces diagonally down and right, and you can see how my field of vision changes. New area is exposed, like the walls to the bottom right. The squares I saw but can no longer see are darkened with a "fog of war" effect.

First things first. Let's pick up that amulet and hope it doesn't kick us in the pants!

It's called a "dented diamond amulet". That name gives no indication of the item. Those adjectives are randomized for each game. Some types of amulets will identify themselves when you put them on, and the few negative amulets aren't a big deal (unlike Nethack where they can kill you). So let's put it on and see if we got lucky!

<Price is Right tuba sound>

Blah, it's fairly worthless. A gourmand necklace lets you digest food better or some poo poo. It's useful to some characters. Not this one. Oh well, it probably saves us an identify scroll later.

Now's a good time to show this section of our stats screen (the % key).

You can see we're mostly nekkid right now. One main early priority is to fill those slots and get some AC. While we're at it, let's look at the skill screen.

Every monster kill gives exp towards leveling up and towards skills on this screen. Here I can pick and choose what skills to put my exp into as I kill rats and kobolds. You don't have to know what any of this means, but this is a lot of what I'll be juggling as we progress. I'm turning off everything except for "Maces & Flails" right now. We want all exp going into busting skulls.

I take two steps and we encounter the first monster! AHHHHHHHH!

It's just a gecko.

For any important or funny monsters I'll describe them separately like this. Geckos are basically harmless bags of HP and meat.

He died to our minotaur's special headbutt. That seems kinda brutal. Moving on...

Around the corner we find some food! It's a meat ration... woo. Items with a green box around them means I will pick them up automatically by walking on them. At the bottom of the screen we have spotted a staircase going down. We'll clear the floor first before going down. The yellow footprints showing my path are from using the autoexplore option (the o key). I'm lazy.

THE SECOND MONSTER! It's an ooze, again mostly harmless. I will not give the ooze the benefit of a description. Stupid ooze.

Our combat log of beating this ooze into... ooze.

Moving on, we spot a kobold!

Kobolds are common enemies, but they're notable for occasionally having good weapons. Eventually I want to find one with a blowgun and poison darts. They only pose a threat if generated with a cool weapon.

This one is wielding a runed sword. A runed weapon can have a brand, like a sword of venom, fire, ice,, etc; or it could be crap. Fortunately...

We kill it in one hit before it gets a swing off, so we don't know what type of weapon it had. We're going to be dedicated to maces, and our species was bad at short swords. So screw this kobold's weapon.

Our maces skill went up too! That really helps our DPS as it gets higher. Now to looting our surroundings.

The potion with the red blob symbol on it is a potion of blood, which is pretty worthless to me. (As you might imagine, a vampire character would feel otherwise) The other two potions are unidentified. So I change my autopickup settings (the \ key) and disable auto-pickup of blood potions


We go to pick up the 2 good items, and another gecko pops up.

gently caress you and your 15%.

We get the loots:

The potion and scroll are unidentified. These adjectives are also randomized each game. Aside from a few corner cases, the name tells us nothing about the underlying item. We could identify them by using them, but potions and scrolls are consumed when used. It's worth waiting to identify them magically so we don't waste a potentially rare item.

Moving along, we see a rat and a goblin at the same time.

Goblins are just funny looking. They don't get cool items like kobolds. But unlike oozes and lizards, humanoid monsters can pick items from the ground and use them. So a harmless goblin could pick up a wand of disintegration and ruin your day.

And the obligatory rat enemy. Rats are plentiful, and serve mostly as a source of food. There are varying versions of rats, and this is your standard level 1 rat.

Woot, killing the goblin raised us to level 2, woo! The first few levels are really important to get quickly.

Now to deal with the rat...

Dear God!
Moving on...

We canít stop here, this is bat country.

Bats are noteworthy only because they are irritating. They fly around super quickly, so it's like a strobe effect in the turn-based movement. They don't stay still, they zip around and nip at you.

Dead bat. Now I've got to decide whether I'm going to try this whip. It counts as a Mace and/or Flail. It could be awesome, or it could be cursed and basically end the attempt. I decide not to try it, which could be a mistake. I wouldn't argue if other players would use it. I just hate mulligans, and that's big fat chance to mulligan the game. Essays could be written on choices like this, but I'm not risking the game on it.

OOOh, we spot some gloves. This is a great first level so far. The gloves aren't glowing (so no special properties), but that's OK. Every point of AC matters.

Stupid dog trying to stop us from getting our precious gloves.

Individually, jackals aren't a problem. But they tend to come in packs, and that can be dangerous. Weakened new characters can easily die to packs of jackals.

Yup, he had a buddy. But it's just two and they were separated. When monsters bark, shout, roar, etc, they call other monsters around to join in.

The goblin heard the racket of me beating dogs to death, and is coming over to check it out. The ? beside his head means he hasn't seen us yet.

And yes, that's a bloodied dog corpse that we beat to death with a mace.

Now he sees us, and a kobold also came over.

Those monsters are dispatched with ease, and I want to finally try on the gloves.

They're just normal gloves, but they still provide 1 AC. It's a decent find.

Slowly clearing out the level, I see some ring mail on the floor. It's probably no better than our starting armor, so let's just leave it.

Here's another down staircare, back towards the level start. Most floors have exactly 3 staircases going up and 3 going down. I keep count each floor, making sure I've seen everything.

Now we've come across some dwarven scale mail. I'm wearing scale mail already, but dwarves are good with forges and whatnot, right? Let's try it on.

I hate snakes

This is the lowest level snake, it doesn't even poison you. I mention it just because it's called Ball Python. Balls.

Now that we've smashed the ball python, let's try on that armor and hope it's not cursed:

Sweet, another 1 AC. It's not a huge jump, but every stat point matters right now.

Done exploring. This means that the autoexplore function thinks I've seen every accessible square on the level, and based on experience I know we've cleared it 100%.

We go to a down staircare and brace for floor 2. Every floor is a serious ramp up in power, so what we find at the bottom of these stairs could splatter us.

At the end of each floor, I take stock of where we're at. Not only for the LP, but I do this in-game as a habit.

*** Floor 1 Complete ***

We got zero gold, which is weird but not a big deal. The amount of exp was slightly low, I'd like to have hit level 3. But we got +2 AC and a bunch of scrolls and potions. Nothing useful was identified. My main priority going forward is finding a replacement for this lovely starting mace.

I can tell you now that the tension will rise rapidly in a floor or so...

Tune in next time for Episode Two: The Sequel

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Lawman 0
Aug 17, 2010

Are you going to let people do guest LP's?

woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

Lawman 0 posted:

Are you going to let people do guest LP's?

I dunno what that is :P But I don't have any monopoly on the game, and I'm totally fine if other people also make LP's or post their games here.

Aug 18, 2013

Try not to get wrecked by a bunch of orc priests.
What god are you gonna go for? Oka or something different?

woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

IronicDongz posted:

Try not to get wrecked by a bunch of orc priests.
What god are you gonna go for? Oka or something different?

Oka for this guy. In theory transitioning to TSO later on if more than 3 runes looks doable, but we'll see. I love me some god gifts!

Oct 21, 2010

woozle wuzzle posted:

Blah, it's fairly worthless. A gourmand necklace lets you digest food better or some poo poo. It's useful to some characters. Not this one. Oh well, it probably saves us an identify scroll later.

I just can't let this misinformation stand! Gourmand necklaces allow you to eat chunks until engorged. Like you said this is incredibly useful for certain characters with very high food costs.

Smash Daisaku
Jul 12, 2008

Last Bet $15 on Player 1
Odds 807.1:1 ($1)

Flython posted:

I just can't let this misinformation stand! Gourmand necklaces allow you to eat chunks until engorged. Like you said this is incredibly useful for certain characters with very high food costs.

More importantly, it cuts down on a ton of tedium of having to constantly carve up chunks. You just go into chunk-carving mode to go back to engorged and then you ignore it for a while. On a race/class with hunger issues, gourmand is a godsend to cut down on tedium.

Mar 30, 2011

This is a cool thing, I like it.

Jun 24, 2006

Smash Daisaku posted:

More importantly, it cuts down on a ton of tedium of having to constantly carve up chunks. You just go into chunk-carving mode to go back to engorged and then you ignore it for a while. On a race/class with hunger issues, gourmand is a godsend to cut down on tedium.

Absolutely - if you were to go with Trog, it makes his Berserk ability virtually costless. For a spellcaster it's even more valuable.

I'm looking forward to this thread. I've only ever won once, with a berserker, the easiest combo to win with. I prefer casters though, so I might have a go with one, take a few screenshots and see how it turns out (I WILL die).

woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

Episode 2: The Sequel

Going down our first set of stairs, we enter a new floor with heady expectations. Will we die immediately? Will we find an artifact to destroy all who stand in our way? Like a child on the first day of school, we cannot wait to see what's in store, be in for good or ill...

Great. We end up in a tiny, empty room with two doors. Anything could be behind the doors! Will we die immediately? Will we find yadda yadda yadda? Which one should we open? I'm a lazy rear end in a top hat, so I'll open the one right next to me.


Moving further into the room, there's a run of the mill kobold.

Dead monsters don't leave "loot" like a typical game. They only drop whatever they were carrying, and sometimes leave a corpse. The corpses sometimes have special properties, like kobold corpses are poisonous. That means they're useless as food (unless we had poison resistance).

Hot drat! We find a CAP! WOOO! I'm unironically thrilled at finding a useless +0 cap. It's seriously a cool find. Minotaurs cannot wear helmets, they can only wear zero AC cloth hats like this one. I anticipate joining a religion that gives out cool items, and they tend to give out items you haven't encountered yet. So if you've never seen a lovely cloth cap, they'll give you a lovely cloth cap instead of +12 Dragon Armor of Doom or whatever. Seeing this cap means getting a better religious gift later on.

gently caress yes, and it's red!

Here are two up staircases. The grey ones are normal stairs, brown ones are one-way trap doors. They're useful for emergencies, but typically little else.

We finally found some gold! And there's a spear. It's useless to us. Some crawl players would think I'm crazy, because this used to be a sweet find as a throwing item. They changed it up recently so there are new throwing items, and you cannot throw spears, daggers, etc, anymore.

BUT WHO CARES WE GOT 14 GOLD COINS!! Gold has a few important uses, the main one is buying from shops randomly generated in the dungeon. Items typically cost between 50 and 1500 gold, to put the value in perspective.

Level up! Every 3 levels you get to pick one stat to raise, either Strength, Int, or Dex... obviously. Sparing you like 3 paragraphs about why, I definitely want dex here. Each stat raise isn't a big deal, but it makes a difference over time.

We also got a nice HP gain!

Now we're in business. We found a mace and/or flail that's almost certainly an upgrade. There's also a slice of pizza!?

By wielding the weapon, it becomes identified and we see its stats (this is a change, to the older crawl players: weapons auto-id immediately on wield now). Like the standard AD&D convention, weapons stats are: hit-modifier/damage-modifier. This flail is +0/+1, which is pretty decent.

IJYB! Eye-jib? Our first unique monster! Unique monsters are named versions of standard monsters, except they are way more difficult and often have special properties. They're a primary danger to us throughout the game.

Ijyb is a unique goblin. His difficulty is extremely variable depending on what equipment he spawns with. He can be generated with a wand or special weapon, which could ruin our day. Or with nothing and he's just a sack of experience.

He's not a friendly chap.

Woozle: "I cut your head off! Except I'm grammatically correct, haha!"

Fortunately he died without incident, but he did have a wand on him! The fact that he didn't use it on us limits what it could be.

Wands can be powerful weapons or tools. They have a certain number of charges, and are near useless when empty. Zapping a wand into dead air will reveal the type of wand, but it will use up a charge (to old crawl players: this is a recent change). Generally it's worth using up a charge to identify the wand. Let's check it out!

Using any type of ranged attack brings up this targeting interface. I've targeted the square with the yellow corners, and the yellow line indicates the path of the beam or projectile.

Son of a... it's the one worthless wand. Let's pretend we're building up random item karma.
[Some crawl player will say that one time in band camp this wand saved their life. I don't care, it's useless junk because I'm lazy]

We come across the big brother of the ball python: the adder.

This guy is in the top ten ways to die in crawl. He poisons you. It's an irritating status effect that drains hp. Repeated bites will make it stronger. Poison can be cured with a potion, or you can just wait for it to wear off.

No more snake. And check out that hat. Aw yeah.

A few steps away, we see the new throwing weapons that I spoke about over yonder. Javelins provide a really good source of ranged damage, they're very handy. Throwing them uses the same targeting method as the wand.

Aw man, we got our first hunger message. As an astute crawl player pointed out, I could wear the stupid gourmand necklace and keep ahead of the food clock. But I forgot. The normal food clock puts no pressure on me, and I ditch that necklace out of habit on non-food-limited characters. But we do need to find some critters to eat...

Hmm.. that kobold's corpse will be poisoned, but the lizard will do just fine!

Yum! Raw newt! I'll manage the food clock by eating raw bats and frogs and whatnot, and won't really talk about it again unless it becomes a pressing issue.

I finished exploring the floor, but got this message. It means autoexplore searched every square it could find, but there's someplace that's inaccessible. It means I have to get off my lazy rear end and figure it out.

Here's the culprit.

The dark blue is deep water. The only way to see what's back there is some form of flying. We'll make note of it, and come back later on when we have access to flight. There's probably a few things back there making it worth the trip.

*** Floor 2 Sorta Kinda Complete For Now ***

We're in good shape. Not many threats on that floor, it was kinda boring. Sorry about that, the random generator gods are beyond my control. But we got a weapon upgrade, javelins, and a fair amount of exp. I'm still choosing not to identify our scrolls or wands, which is a very debatable point.

At some point on the early floors Crawl tends to generate some crazy monsters that can one shot you, reminding you who's the boss. So far it's been easy, with few key decisions. For my character's sake I hope things stay quiet. For the LP's sake, I hope our fortune takes a turn...

Tune in next time for Episode 3: For God and Country

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Apr 1, 2008

For the Emperor!!

Oh, another Crawl LP, I like these. Probably because Crawl has really good tile graphics that make it easier for readers like me to understand whats going on in the screenshots.

Yapping Eevee
Nov 12, 2011

Now that is a stylish hat. I can remember some pretty entertaining Crawl LPs, so I hope this one goes well.

Mar 30, 2011

Game Theory suggests that I should score with at least TWO of these females!

Jun 24, 2006

Other than looking dapper, that cap isn't totally useless. If you later happen to find yourself with nothing better and an abundance of enchant armour scrolls, you can get a couple of extra AP on there.

I just completed the first floor on a Demonspawn Fire Elementalist and took a bunch of screenshots, but I haven't written any text to go with them yet because I don't know if posting an update in someone else's thread so soon is bad form or something? I don't want to spoil anything that you might have plans to reveal in a near-future update, such as certain mechanics or locations. I do plan to go into how spells work though, which I'm guessing isn't going to be a focus for this run.

I can hold off for a while if that's best though Just give the word either way. It'll probably be a short game anyway, I'm far from an expert at this.

Mar 19, 2009

woozle wuzzle posted:

Episode 2: The Sequel

Here's the culprit.

The dark blue is deep water. The only way to see what's back there is some form of flying. We'll make note of it, and come back later on when we have access to flight. There's probably a few things back there making it worth the trip.

*** Floor 2 Sorta Kinda Complete For Now ***

If you're impatient you can just repeatedly zap that random wand at the wall until it digs/disintegrates without waiting for (or wasting) better resources to check it out.

That vault looks like one I encounter a lot, which only ever contains a couple of tiles of deep water and some lava pools. Or this could be a weird/rare case of selection bias where I only remember the dozens of fakeouts and forgotten the one time it held garbage treasure. Or this could be a plausible/frequent case of me being entirely factually wrong when making a declarative statement and it contains at least two stacks of potions-or-scrolls and an altar to The Samurai God of Ugly Shoes, Okawaru.

woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

Episode 3: For God and Country

Episodes will generally be multi-floor going forward, depending on what happens.

We move on to floor 3. Since floor 2 was so easy going, I'm fully prepared for crawl to take a poo poo directly into my mouth. Let's see:

An uneventful start, but these open areas give me the heeby jeebies.

I smell orc!

Aw, our first orc. We'll kill more of these than any other type of monster. These run of the mill orcs are easy to kill when they're alone. The problem is they tend to come in packs, and can be generated with weapons.

Fortunately, this one is no problem.

This one, on the other hand, is more complicated. He's wielding a trident. Polarms, like spears and tridents, can strike from 2 squares away. That means the snake will come up to us in melee range, while the orc can hit us from afar. It's not a lethal threat, but it could get out of control.

We have a few ways of dealing with it. Being a smart lad that took stock of myself, I remember our handy javelins!

Stay on target...

Stay on target...

Wow, I didn't expect it to go that easily.

Another snake comes over to check out the noise. It could have gone badly if we fought it in melee and it took too long.

You know what's coming, you drat snake!

I'm genuinely shocked. 3 for 3, one shot kills. These javelins are nifty!

Let's keep going...


Orc wizards are nasty threats early on. They can cast invisibility, confusion, fire and ice spells. Individually they are threatening, but they always come in packs and it's a lethal threat.

And this guy isn't alone...

This is it. This is the first moment where we could legitimately die in one turn if we make the wrong play. We have several outs, but one wrong choice and we could die right here.

Let's slow down and think about our options. When playing this live, I literally stopped playing, sat back from the keyboard, and considered my options. This isn't that bad of a threat, but habitually treating lethal threats this way is the key to not dying on floor loving three.

That's our stat situation. We're full on hp, but those orcs could rip through 45 hitpoints in a couple rounds. One had a trident, so we could be in melee range of 3-4 at one time. It's not doable in the open. I see two main options:

1. Retreat one square to the southwest, to stand where the little dot of stones are lying. Then we'd fight them as they come around the corner of the wall. Assuming we kill them fairly quickly, we'd get them 1 by 1.


2. Retreat one square to the south, to stand on the staircase and go down it. We'd take one round of long-range damage, but that's not lethal. We'd skip these guys and just start floor 4.

Having considered it carefully, I pick the coward's path:

It's definitely the right call. That's the wizard casting haste on himself, and the trident wielding one is out front. I'm not saying I'm any good, but many players would splat right there. You have to know when to fold'em.


So since we didn't complete the third floor, it means we're under-leveled and under-equipped for the 4th floor. GREAT!

Quiet start, I can catch my breath. Let's explore!

OoooOooOooh, our first altar. Let's talk about God for a second.

There are like 18 religions in the game, and each one vastly changes your game. Unlike real life, religions are a good thing to have (I kid I kid). This is an altar for Elyvilon, the healing god. If we prayed on that altar, we'd eventually receive nice healing powers.

The god I have in mind is called Okawaru. Okawaru can temporarily boost your melee skills, temp boost melee speed, and gift weapons and armor. That's right up our alley, and I'm hoping we find his altar soon.

The sooner the better on finding your god's altar. It takes a while for the buffs and gifts to kick in, so the sooner you start, the sooner you get the benefits.

There's a central location where most altars are located called the Temple. This altar is just randomly generated, but our altar is probably in the Temple. The temple can spawn anywhere between floors 4 and 7, so we have like a 25% shot of seeing it on this floor.

Moving on, we come to a room filled with kobolds and... butterflies? That's weird. Butterflies are harmless things that don't attack, they just flutter around.

Speak of the devil! (hah)

That's awesome! It means we'll get our god at the first possible opportunity, before we've barely started the 4th floor. That really gives me hope that I won't die immediately! Let's check it out!

The Temple

There are many temple layouts, but they are all fairly small and no monsters spawn here. A stupid butterfly followed me down. It looks like a little forest.

None of these are the one I want. It's a neat little grove design though. Let's keep looking...

ARE YOU loving KIDDING ME? It's not here. It's not loving here. So we went from the best possible start of religion, to now our altar could be scattered anywhere. All altars will spawn in every game, but it could be anywhere. gently caress.

So we face another choice: take a religion we didn't want, or be a stubborn rear end in a top hat and hold out for Okawaru?

You guessed it. We're holding out. Stupid game and its stupid chances for stuff.

So we'll return to the dungeon and check out wha...

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME gently caress gently caress FUUUUUUU

Menkaure is a unique mummy priest. See how it's name is red? Red means bad. It's going to kill us. We are going to die.

It's bad enough to face this guy alone, but there's a frog and orc too. Priest enemies can smite you without needing a clear path. So the orc and frog can tank while the mummy kills us. We are probably going to die right here. I stop and take a breath, just like with the orc wizards. But here we have far less outs. I honestly think we're dead. Options:

1. We could run. But there's a long hall behind us, and no way to break line of sight. Menkaure can smite us as we run, and that makes anything we run into lethal. No close stairs.

2. We could close the door, and then run. That would buy us an extra turn, but we'd ultimately be the same distance away from Menkaure. Not better than Option 1.

3. We could fight. ?

4. We could start reading scrolls in hopes of finding a scroll that saves us (teleport or blink being the top candidates)

At this point I slightly regret not ID'ing our scrolls or potions. I stand by the call, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to die because of it. I'd usually pick option 4, but the majority of the floor has not been explored. Let's assume I get lucky and hit a teleport scroll on the first few tries: Could I survive +3 rounds of Menkaure smite, then survive whatever I teleport onto? Not likely. I decide to fight. I think it's the least bad choice. I have two turns to throw javelins before my beating commences. Let's give it our best shot.

OK, so far so good. The orc died in basically one hit. Menkaure hasted himself instead of smiting us. I guess that's good? We're still going to die.

gently caress. We're each only one hit from death. If it smites me again, I'm dead. It will probably smite me. Right now thinking about what god I'd pick for an Octopus playthrough. Maybe trog, that could be fun: a berserk octopus with meat shield summons...




Holy poo poo. We should have died. Here's the combat log, showing what happened after the last smite:

We hit and got in a lucky headbutt in one round. Woo for minotaurs! Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. As you can see, Menkaure was worth a ton of exp. We get a maces skillpoint, plus hit level 6 and got another Dex. That was really sweet. I could die now, and that's OK.

When mummies die, they cast a death curse on you. This one cursed my stupid amulet of gourmand, that I wasn't wearing! HAHA! Take that, guy who was totally right about the amulet. I lucked out by leaving it off, sort of!

OK, catch my breath. Slow down. Rest up, and continue.

Back to standard fare

Ants aren't a big deal. There can sometimes be a lot of them, and they can poison. But this one isn't a threat. But I will eat its guts for food!

Further along we come across another wand! Like before, I'll zap ID it right away (pros and cons to this right now, noise attracts monsters, but I need a wand)

That'll do, pig. A wand of flame isn't super powerful, but it's ranged fire damage and comes in handy. It's easy to forget to use the lesser wands like this. Hopefully I don't make that mistake... .... ........

I came across a weird altar of Yerhakbhdbadbb or whatever. That's the god of necromancy, and we're uninterested. But it looked kinda neat.

Another wand, let's see what we've won!

OK, this is a weird wand. I probably don't use it to its full effect. Probably not going to get used much.

*** Floor 4 COMPLETE ***

Yay! So we got hosed over by the Temple, but in return we lived when we probably should have died. I won't complain. Much. Now my thoughts turn to those orc jerks on the 3rd floor. I could leave them, but a lot of 3 was unexplored and I want to check it out. Monsters will hover together and stay by your escape staircase for a while. But if you wait long enough, they get bored and wander off. It's been long enough, and I think it's safe(r) to attempt them now.

*** BACK TO FLOOR 3 ***

I think I found them. An orc wizard turned invisible as soon as he saw me.

Invisible monsters occasionally show up as that white ghost thing when they hit you or cast a spell, so at least I know where he's at. He's cooking me a little bit though, I'm glad I got him away from his twin.

God drat. Confusion means my commands have only a chance of going through, and a chance of turning into a difference command... So... that's not good. I could die. This is like less than 2-3 irl minutes after killing Menkaure. So after barely surviving that encounter, I'm probably dead now. I've got to cure the confusion or I will die.

The easiest way to deal with confusion is to drink a potion of curing. Except I didn't ID my potions. Welp, time to play "guess the potion"!

These are our contestants. As crawl players will know, this isn't a tough guess and I'm lucky in what I picked up. Curing potions have the highest spawn rate, so over time you can soft-ID them by guessing they're whatever you have the most of. Emulsified yellow potion, come on down!


First let's kill that stupid wizard. This is the message upon killing it. We don't see it die because it was invisible, but its corpse becomes visible if it leaves one.

RAWR! DIE, ORCS! That was too close. I'm playing too close to the edge. Over time we'll die to encounters like this. I've got to be more conservative, I could have played that better.

Great. Great. It turns out what I just killed was a different pack of orcs. This one has the trident and two wizards. And we almost just died to just one wizard.

Pause. Take stock. What do we do? Can we fight this? No. We will die if we fight this. We have to find a way out, or we'll die. I've got to split these two wizards up in order to kill them. Without writing an essay, I know what to do!

I run back to the stairs, the same ones I ran down before. But this time I pause and purposefully let the orcs catch up to me. One wizard was ahead of the other, so he reaches me first.

When you go up or down stairs, the monsters directly next to you will follow you. So by going down like this, I bring just one wizard with me and split them up. Monsters get a free swing or two at you during the travel time, so this does NOT WORK when you're low hitpoints or facing a lethal threat. But it's great to split up packs or isolate a monster.

Headbutt is working overtime.

Now time to go back and see what those jerks are up to:

Not so bad, the 2nd wizard wandered off.

TOO LATE, STUPID WIZARD! He wandered in after his friends were dead. He can still nuke me pretty hard from range, though...

gently caress, and he popped one of my potions. Fire spells can burn your scrolls, and cold spells can burst your potions. It's a risk you face when carrying them around. This isn't a huge deal, just the first time it happened this game.

Dead, aaaaand leveled. Sweet.


*** Floor 3 Finally Complete ***

OK. We lived. That's about as good as I can put it. We're going into floor 5 with a semi-bad weapon and 9 AC.

We surely can't have as much bad luck as we did on floors 3 and 4, right? RIGHT???!?!

Tune in next time for Episode 4: SEWER? I HARDLY KNEW HER

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Oct 21, 2010

Nothing to see here.

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woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

Flython posted:

A very short update but this is harder to do than I thought and so much more stressful. I hope this is OK with you Woozle

It's cool, and yeah it's hard to remember to screenshot, and then remember later why you took a screenshot.

[I'm exhausted from doing that last update. Reliving the stress of the almost dead moments is weirdly draining.]

You're playing offline though. I've played a ton offline, and I seriously miss the mouse commands and inventory display of offline. But on the other hand... online is legit. You can't weasel it. Like no matter how much I'd swear my offline 15-rune win was real, you can never know for sure. Like for me watching an offline game, it's hard to put that out of my mind.

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Mar 30, 2011

It gets much easier to do with time, it also helps that interesting things happen less frequently as you descend.

Jun 24, 2006

The Cactus Chronicles attempt 1: Firebug.

Right then. While Woozle is bashing and headbutting his opponents into paste, and Flython is pelting them with stones, I thought I'd have a go showing off the basics behind playing a magic user. I usually play on CSZO. I'll probably do a similar thing to Woozle as in describe the first floor in detail, cover any mechanics or tactics that haven't been shown already, and then highlight any notable encounters, landmarks or loot finds after that. I won't bother introducing every monster since that's already been done.

As in most games, magic users in Crawl tend to be squishy when it comes to close-range encounters, preferring to do most of their damage from as far away as possible. Options for magic users can range from the glass-cannon Deep Elf, to the sturdy-but-slow Naga, the boring-but-reliable Human or High-elf, to the downright weird and gimmicky Octopode:

I'm going with the Demonspawn. These are a bit like humans except for one crucial difference: They gain random beneficial mutations as they level. They are classed as evil, which means they can't worship the three good Gods, but that isn't going to be an issue for us.

I've picked Fire Elementalist because it's a little more versatile and interesting to play than a regular conjurer, even though strictly speaking the conjurer background is easier. A disadvantage elemental magic users face compared to raw conjurers is that they will run into things that resist or are immune to their school of magic, and they have to have a backup when this situation arises.

So, without further ado:

We're in a featureless room with two doors and a corridor leading out. The first thing I do in every game is open the skills menu (press m)

I press / to set our skills to manual (meaning I control exactly where the XP goes), and turn everything off except conjurations. As you can see, almost all our skills have a -1 modifier; this is the drawback a Demonspawn has to offset the (hopefully) awesome mutations we'll get... if we survive long enough. I probably won't be touching this screen again until our spells have improved, but more on that later.

Let's check our inventory (press i)

One piece of bread, a robe, and a spellbook.

We know one single solitary spell (press z *)

And if we look in our spellbook, these are the spells we can learn (press M)

They're greyed out right now, because we're level one and we can't learn any of them yet. On the right, it tells you each spell's level rating, and the %chance it has of failing when cast. In order to learn a spell, 3 sets of criteria must be met:
1. Be at an experience level equal to or above the spell's level rating.
2. Have the %chance of the spell be below 100% chance of failure.
3. Have a number of "spell levels" equal to or above the level rating of the spell being learned. As you can see, we currently have 3 spell levels.

"Spell levels" are obtained by:
1. Levelling up.
2. Raising the spellcasting skill.
3. raising the intelligence stat by certain increments (I think... not sure about this)

Caustic Soda posted:

I went to the knowledge bot to check up on the effects of intelligence:

So intelligence is generally quite useful for a caster, but it has no effect on spell levels or mana points.

I stand corrected. Thanks.

More on spells later. For now, let's set out.

I hit o to autoexplore and it takes us through the right-hand door. We find some darts and pick them up, they will come in handy very shortly.

Our first encounter! Both of them are asleep, which presents a dilemma: how do we engage?

We can't shoot them because as shown here, the range on flame tongue is limited to 3 squares. We have to move closer, or shout to wake them up. Both of these actions, especially shouting, could cause other monsters nearby to come running. This is where those darts come in handy. We throw one (press f) at the hobgoblin, who immediately shouts and wakes up the ooze as well as anyone else that might be nearby. We retreat around the corner, back into the entrance vault and it's 1-square wide corridor:

Notice how the last remembered positions of monsters are shown, and we can tell the ooze hasn't seen us. Now that the hobgoblin is in range we can blast him with flame tongue (press z followed by the letter of the spell)

It's a 1-shot kill! Spells cost the same amount of mana as their level rating, in this case 1. Since we have a grand total of 3 mana, we have 2 shots left. Maximum mana is increased the same way as spell levels: by levelling up, increasing intelligence, and increasing the spellcasting stat. But enough of that for now we have an ooze to track down:

After resting up we find it wondering around the open area, so use a dart to pull it back to a safely explored area to engage:

Three shots are not enough to kill it, so we have to retreat:

Oozes are slow, and can't use doors, so we run back and barricade it in while we rest up and get ready for round 2. This time though, I have an idea. Since we only have 3 mana, we need a backup plan for when it runs out. We move south to where the hobgoblin was killed and pick up his club. Hahaha, this'll show-


This is why Woozle was reluctant to pick up that whip. We now have a club stuck to our hand that has -3 to accuracy and -2 damage. This isn't the worst thing wield-IDing can result in, but on a level one character it can mean the difference between winning or losing a close fight - and at this stage of the game, every fight is a close one.

Tune in next time for the cursed club conundrum.

I'm also wondering if referring to the character as "we" is the best idea. I keep going to write "I" and having to change it... I suppose it's just something I have to get used to, but if people want it the other way I'll happily change it.

Next update ->

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Shady Amish Terror
Oct 11, 2007
I'm not Amish by choice. 8(

Ooh, DCSS Lp. It'll be interesting watching someone who hopefully knows what they're doing (I am terrible at most of the game prior to the 'get level 9 conjurations spell and steamroll everything' phase). Also nice to see my goofy title screen art continues to live on.

Feb 13, 2008

$60,000,000 sexbot

While waiting for the memory test on my pc to complete, I started a game of crawl on my phone with this thread prompting the choice.

I pulled a +5 ring of strength, and a +7 flaming mace on level two. Died around level 10 to a swarm of bees.

Why can't I get so lucky on my pc?

Oct 21, 2010

Nothing to see here.

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Jan 25, 2010

Zu Rodina!

You're actually guaranteed to see all non-special altars before dlvl 10 so you'll find oka by then unless his altar requires levitation to reach or if one of the dlvls is split into 2/3 sections and you don't explore the part with him. That said you skipped level 3 so there's a 90% chance that his altar is on that level somewhere because Crawl.

Aug 18, 2013

Oka's probably the best choice, but honestly, I personally like to just run Shining One shield-bearing minotaurs all the time. It's fun, and I like the sorta implied flavor of a monstrous creature fighting evil in the name of a holy god. Questing for the orb to make up for past sins, perhaps? (I can't help but make up stories for characters in largely story-less games like this. )

Jun 24, 2006

The Cactus Chronicles attempt 1: Firebug.

Episode 2: The Cursed Club.

"Don't just pick any old poo poo up off the floor and use it."

After recklessly failing to heed those timeless words of Crawl wisdom, our hero finds himself with a blunt, dangerously inaccurate stick in his hand he is unable to drop. This used to mean he couldn't eat, but in recent versions that was removed, and it now just means he can't fight very effectively. Fortunately, his main offensive ability, casting spells, is unaffected.

We move back into the entrance vault to finish off that ooze.

Three flame Tongues are not enough to kill it. Rather than kite it while waiting for our mana to recharge, we just wail on it with the lovely cursed club. It's about as effective as slapping it with our floppy cactus-like dick, but 8 swings later the ooze dies. We need to get rid of this liability as soon as possible, but for now there's nothing to be done but continue onwards.

Rounding the corner we spot a kobold. Our fire makes short work of him.

Exploring further reveals another one, and a lot of unexplored space. As always, we throw a dart and back into the safe cleared area.

We're still going to need a weapon if we get rid of this club so we grab the dead kobold's shortsword.

Blasting a roach gains us a level of conjurations. This will decrease the %chance of failure and increase the power level for any spell that uses the skill. Our spells use conjurations and fire so increasing either/both of those will increase our damage output, meaning things die faster, meaning we take less damage. In the early game, offence is the best defence.

A gecko wonders into range before we've had a chance to rest, he hasn't seen us. Normally this wouldn't concern us but with this club the risk of the RNG making GBS threads on us is higher, so we back off and hide while our HP and MP recharge.

We kill a few more things and hit Level 2, and our first mutation: Horns. The way Demonspawn mutations work is as follows:

"The Crawl Wiki posted:

90% of the time, they mutate as follows:
They gain one body-slot facet
They gain one scales facet
They gain two tier 2 facet
They gain one tier 3 facets

10% of the time, they are "monstrous", and instead mutate as follows:
They gain three body-slot facets (claws, horns or antennae, hooves or talons)
They have no scales facets
They gain two tier 2 facets
They gain one tier 3 facet

Each facet has 3 levels, and when they are gained is random. At level three, my horns will be like Woozle's, giving us an attack after every dodge but rendering us unable to wear helmets. I'm hoping not to get monstrous.

We have one other thing to do:

Learn Throw Flame (press M followed by the spell's letter, followed by y to confirm)

My spells chances of failure have decreased a bit:

...and on the spell screen I hit !

This gives us further information we can use to inform when to change which skills we train: spell power, and spell hunger cost. Throw flame has a much longer range and is a little more powerful, but costs 2 mana and makes us 3 times hungrier than casting flame tongue. We won't be spamming it just yet.

As well as HP and Mana, we have an invisible sustenance bar which decreases over time, and decreases whenever spells are cast, by the amount on this screen. Spell hunger can be reduced to zero, and that will be an eventual goal, but not right now as food is plentiful in the early game and there are more important priorities, like spell power and after that defensive skills.

I hope that made sense! You kind of get a feel for the hunger clock and the way it interacts with spells and movement distance. For now, we will keep focussing conjurations, as raising one skill at a time provides the fastest gains. Onward:

We come across a sleeping roach and attempt to sneak up on it. Unlike Flython, stealth isn't our speciality, but we somehow make it right up to be adjacent without waking it. Taking a deep breath, we attempt a sneak-attack...

...with the lovely cursed club. Not only does our feeble attack do absolutely no damage, our pathetic attempt at a followup headbutt does gently caress all as well. This was why we got into fire-magic in the first place, until that whole coming-of-age prom incident that got us exiled from Pan...

But we digress. Continuing through the level, being careful to engage enemies one by one, we manage to clear most of the map.

First hunger pangs:

Time to find dinner.

"The raw flesh tastes terrible"

From now on we'll be cutting up almost every corpse until it starts giving us inventory issues. You never know when you'll need to loose off a chain of expensive spells, and always having chunks of flesh in your bag can save perma-food that might be needed later on down the line, especially if we end up spending a lot of time in places that don't drop corpses (yeah, like I'll get that far...)

And we're done exploring the level. Let's take stock:

...and go downstairs.

Now, I don't normally touch scrolls until D:4 (Dungeon floor 4) but in this case we can make an exception. The only reason I waited until getting to a new floor is on the offchance one of the scrolls is magic mapping; I hate wasting mapping scrolls

We read our two scrolls:

I'll walk us through what happened in-case it isn't clear:
The first scroll was Random Uselessness. It is pretty self explanatory. The second one was Enchant Weapon 1. This does two things, it increases the accuracy modifier on the weapon currently wielded, and it removes any curse on said weapon, meaning we could drop it.

Now, as a little firebug, we are a reckless fool and despite the lesson taught to us by the Cursed Club, we immediately grabbed hold of the sword in our pack. Fortunately, it turned out to be ok, with a bonus +2 on it's accuracy modifier. The RNG hath smiled upon us this time.

So with that, our curse lifted, and a new, sharp weapon to fall back on when our flames fail us, we can head confidently into D:2.

Next update ->

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Apr 4, 2009

I hate this book and I hate Railrunner and I hate Thunderbark and I hate Black Magic and I hate everything they stand for.

Cactus posted:

Each facet has 3 levels, and when they are gained is random. At level three, my horns will be like Woozle's, giving us an attack after every dodge but rendering us unable to wear helmets. I'm hoping not to get monstrous.

If your Demonspawn is monstrous, you'll get a "You feel monstrous!" message when you get your first body-slot mutation. Since Cactus didn't get that mutation upon getting horns, you can be sure that Cactus isn't monstrous.

El Wombato
Mar 19, 2008

Mexican Marsupial

It's worth emphasizing what Flython said about stealth being really good. If you've played other RPGs, you might be used to stealth being pretty much only useful for rogue-types. This is absolutely not the case in Crawl - in fact, many good players consider stealth to be the best skill in the game for any character that's not going for heavy armor.

A low-stealth character might run into a nasty monster and have it wake up immediately on spotting it. Worst case, this means a nasty fight and possibly death. Even if you manage to escape from it, you might've had to burn valuable consumables doing so, and it's now wandering around the level, just waiting to stumble in at an inopportune moment.

With high stealth, there's a much better chance of that monster staying asleep for that crucial one turn after you spot it. You can simply back out of vision, slap an exclusion on it, and be on your merry way. This lets you come back later when you're stronger or have the right resists to beat it, or just ignore it entirely if it's something really bad/not worth fighting. Basically, you gained the option to engage or not, which is really strong in Crawl.

New players who aren't spoiler-averse should also know about the knowledge bots, accessible through a nice web interface at Typing any monster name here will give you a ton of information about it, and probably a player-contributed entry giving some advice on how to fight it. There're also entries for many other game concepts, although some of them might not be up to date.

Caustic Soda
Nov 1, 2010

I went to the knowledge bot to check up on the effects of intelligence:

Crawl Knowledge bot posted:

[Intelligence] affects your spell casting success, your spell power, your spell hunger and how well you can use one or two fixedarts or so.
So intelligence is generally quite useful for a caster, but it has no effect on spell levels or mana points.

Jun 24, 2006

Thanks for the clarification. I've edited my post.

Oct 17, 2012

I used to be a duck once. Also, I draw pictures.

Woozle, your luck might be rubbing of on me, since I just arrive at the temple with my Minotaur Fighter and, of course, there is every single altar, except Okawaru.

Dec 22, 2005
mildly retarded

Time to pick Makhleb! More blood for the blood god...

Oct 21, 2010

Nothing to see here.

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Jun 24, 2006

The Cactus Chronicles attempt 1: Firebug.

Episode 3: The Hobgoblin

"But the frying pan was warm. I liked it there."

Last time we ended on somewhat of a high note. Having discarded the Cursed Club, replacing it with a much more accurate shortsword, we ventured confidently into D:2, ready to take on whatever the dungeon saw fit to throw at us.

Our first opponent is a worm, which due to its slower than average speed, falls easily to a simple kiting strategy.

We reach level three, and as explained in Woozle's update, this means we get to pick a stat to raise. Being primarily a damage-dealing caster, we'll be pumping Int, Mostlee. If carrying capacity starts to become a problem later on, it might be prudent to invest in a point or two of strength, but it really depends on what we find and how much of a packrat we are. We also got horns 2.

Level 3 brings another spell level, allowing us to learn what is one of the most useful spells in the (early) game: Conjure Flame. It currently has a 1 in 5 chance of failure. We're still putting all our XP into conjurations to get this down as fast as possible, because with the Demonspawn's -1 attributes, trying to train multiple skills at once, at least at this stage of the game, spreads the XP too thin and you fall too far behind in damage.

We find a ring on the floor, and put it on. It doesn't identify, which more often than not means it probably isn't harmful. We leave it on in-case it IDs itself later, say for example if it's a fire protection ring, and we get hit by a fire attack. (Fake Edit: just remembered, I could've shot myself to test this theory ) If not, a scroll of identify will do the job, but I'll go into how I like to resolve the identification minigame a bit later.

We proceed to clear D:2. Things are largely uneventful.

A kobold...

Poison from an adder...

Christ this poison doesn't wear off...

Nothing remarkable - oh hey, we levelled again! Blue scales eventually turn into a pip of cold resistance, if we live long enough for them to mutate more. As they are now they just add a bit of natural armour.

And done.

Down to D:3, more snakes to deal with. They go down easy now, and are only really dangerous in conjunction with other threats that force you to prioritise them last.

Slowing needles. We gather them up, but don't have a blowgun yet so can't use them. These are probably my most forgotten-about escape tool.

We run into an Orc. Since we're on D:3 the likelihood he's in a pack is high, so as soon as we catch sight of each other we turn and run back to the stairs. That star on the stair tile means we haven't used those stairs, but since they lead to an already-cleared floor it's not too much of a risk. The orc throws a silver javelin and stays put, so we bust the (relatively) big guns out, LEVEL 2 SPELL THROW FLAME! It makes short work of him.

Well we were right about him being in a pack . This isn't unmanageable, but a poor tactical decision could land us in hot water, so let's consider our options.

It's safe to assume the gnoll and the orc have friends just out of site, probably including polearm-wielders and magic users, so fighting is not an option from this position unless we want to get overwhelmed. I have to get back to those stairs to the west (the blue dot on the minimap). Let's check our spell failure rates.

Pumping conjurations is slowly but surely paying off; conjure flame has gone from a 1 in 5 chance of failure to a 1 in just-under-7 chance. It's still a bit of a long shot, but if we could just block that passageway off...

It worked! Our inferno buys us enough time to escape. Ignoring the rat-bat tag team, we scramble toward the direction of the stairs and rest up.

They don't seem to have followed us.

Fully rested, we inch back to the fight, ready to turn tail and nope out of there at the first sign of trouble. Those two orcs are picked off harmlessly, unable to reach us through the flames. We have to kill them before the polearm-wielding gnoll gets there though - he'll have no trouble poking at us through the fire.

Everything goes to plan. The two orcs are dead and we're back at the stairs.

Up we go, run to the other set of unused stairs, rest, and down.

The fight took its toll though, and we couldn't get to any corpses, so we eat the smallest item in our pack, just to tide us over. No point wasting a large bread or meat ration if we don't need to.

We find another ring and put it on, cuz that's just how we roll. Huh. Better than nothing I suppose.


Nope. Gonna leave him there until the floor is clear because with his heavy armour and large HP pool he's one you sometimes have to kite around.

Autoexplore leads us into our next fight. He's far away and we're near stairs, so we can feel comfortable trying to obliterate this wizard with Throw Flame. I don't bother with conjure flame in-case he has an ice spell and can just extinguish it.

His friend rushes ahead so we prepare to stairdance him up since we're hungry. We decide to go down a different staircase.

Ok. By this stage, we wouldn't bother focussing on a fight with a mere hobgoblin. However, just look at this little poo poo. See how we've got no mana? Yeah. He took several Flame Tongues and a few Throw Flames point blank and they didn't loving touch him. He managed to whittle away half my health with a sling and his melee attack before I realised I had to get out of there. I forgot to get a screengrab of it, but when I examined him, he had a chainmail on, and it wouldn't surprise me if it had a high number of pluses on it's AC rating.

I moved back and he didn't follow me. Instead he resumed pelting me with sling ammo. This allowed me to escape upstairs, rest, and come back down again.

I was trying again to get him with throw flames, when something fortuitous happened. I hadn't noticed the priest appear behind me to the east, or if I had I was in that "one more try" frame of mind which is the primary killer in Crawl.

THIS is why it's the best idea to play online. Fortunately, Tarezax had read this LP and dropped in to spectate, and was in the right place at the right time to tell my stupid arse the correct course of action to take. So thank you for that

Let's go back and see how our wizard friend is doing. He's already hit me with a magic dart, so it's a reasonable guess that he probably doesn't have puff of frost in his spell list, therefore we're ok to use conjure flame. As we start to run out of mana the orc isn't looking dead enough for our liking, so we make a strategic retreat.

Any layout that enables you to run in a circle uninterrupted is great for recharging mana on the fly in the middle of a fight. Some call this pillardancing, I think. I call it the Benny Hill manoeuvre. Anyway, it's a tried and true tactic, and it works. I now have enough mana to put another barrier of fire up and spam flame tongue through it, and he goes down.

Our reward for such cowardly moves is another level, and a special treat:

You can press % to bring up the mutations screen. Lets

"A wave of death washes over you"

gently caress. Yes. This is one of my favourite Demonspawn mutations. It gives us regen on our HP if we're near any dead bodies. And it just so happens we'll spend the majority of our time in this game when we need extra HP, yes, you guessed it, near dead bodies. It doesn't last forever, but it adds a little tactical depth to some of the encounters we'll face.

Should we focus fire on the strongest monster so as to try to kill it first, or do we spend a turn or two killing a couple of the weaker ones just to give us a boost in HP that might be the difference between winning or losing if it comes to a battle of attrition? Each fight has to be judged on its own merit, but this is just one of the many examples of how the design philosophy of the game always tries to present you with honest-to-god, non-no-brainer decisions. Plus it stacks with other sources of regen

Armed with our new death-life-leeching mutation, we press on.

Segregation. This is how we treat folks with glowing weapons, just on the offchance it's distortion. I'm not going to say any more than that, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, unless I have to. I'm sure by the end of this thread it will have come up at least once.


Ahem, yes, anyway, insert quote about learning from mistakes here, doomed to repeat, whatever. Let's just move swiftly on shall we.

An orc pack. Shouldn't be too much trouble, as long as I keep that priest out of LoS for as long as I can. Should be able to kill those two orcs in time.

Wait what?! Seriously? That fuckfaced motherfucker! It's him. And he's still impossible to loving kill. Woozle, if only I could reach across the brames and give you this guy's chainmail...

So we're fenced in by an indestructable hobgoblin. The priest hasn't noticed me yet because there's a ? by his head, but it's only a matter of time until he comes to see what all the racket is about. We have to get out of here now!

We can't fight in either direction without losing. Our only option is to read some scrolls and hope to the Lord Almighty RNG that we've been bestowed something that will help. There are at least three scrolls I can think of that would help right now.

Desperately rummaging around in our pack a scroll is pulled at random;


Next Time on the Cactus Chronicles Christmas Special SPOILER ALERT: you can check my morgue to see if I made it or not

Welp, I'll be spending time with the folks over Christmas so it may be a couple of days until another update. Since this is the first time I've ever contributed to a Let's Play thread, I'd just like to say I'm having a lot of fun writing these updates however if there's anything I can do or change to make them more fun for you to read, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and see you on the other side.

Next update ->

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Oct 21, 2010

Cactus posted:


Just beautiful.

woozle wuzzle
Mar 10, 2012

I dunno dudes... I'm new to this LP thing, and the majority of posts are now other people's LP. There are like 4 games going on now, it's a mess. I don't want to rain on people's parade, but this isn't what I had in mind. I don't want to have to start worrying about what other people have done, or if they've gotten ahead of me, etc.

When I said I was fine with people posting their games here, I was thinking like the dump files of on-going games and chit chatting about strategy within their games. Not full on LP's. Sorry, I'm changing my guest LP stance....

woozle wuzzle fucked around with this message at Dec 24, 2013 around 21:50

Sep 12, 2009

MORT cancels dance: interrupted by MORT

The previous Crawl LP thread was pretty much exactly like this, with multiple ongoing games. Heck, the ToME thread right now is working with that format, and that game actually has story stuff that you can spoil. I don't think you should worry at all about what other people are doing - if somebody gets somewhere first they can explain it first. I guess it's your call though.

Cactus should probably have explained exactly why the orc priest was so dangerous:

I told him to run away because orc priests are incredibly dangerous to low-level characters due to their holy smite attack. Priests can call the wrath of their god Beogh down on any enemy within their vision range for up to 20 17 damage - which is easily more than half the health bar of a character encountering an orc priest for the first time. It gets even worse when other orcs are in the way, because the smite only needs vision, not unobstructed line of sight. So while the regular orcs act as meatshields the priests can smite you down in a hurry.

Tarezax fucked around with this message at Dec 24, 2013 around 22:42


Aug 18, 2013

Isn't it a flat 15 damage?

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