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Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

HEY YOU! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, ugly! Yer gonna wanna listen up. And not just cuz a time-travellin', flyin' space castle has its death rays pointed at you. Well, mostly that. But also this! I got a once-in-a-lifetime, now-or-never opportunity for ya. Walk into the castle right now, and you get to join a team of rear end-kickin' heroes fightin' evil and solvin' crimes in the past, present and future. Yeah, we got a real hard crew in here, and we think you got what it takes to be one of us. We got great food, tons of healin' supplies, and we're dedicated to the most noble of all causes: Makin' real FUCKEN SHITLOADS OF MONEY! HAhahahahaha! Oh yeah, and savin' the world. We gonna do that too. See, we ain't the only ones who can travel through time. There's these other guys too with their own flyin' castle and they don't got big bleedin' hearts like we all do. And if we don't stop 'em, they're gonna fucken blow up all of time and space. Real serious poo poo. So whaddaya say? You wanna be part of the solution and have a god drat good-rear end time while yer at it? Just walk on forward. Don't be afraid, c'mon. Yeahhhh, one foot in front of the other, that's the stuff.

Aw yeah, I knew you could do it. Okay. Come on up to the command deck. Take the elevator. It's the door to your left. OK get in. Now push the button that says COMMAND DECK. It'll be a minute. When ya get here, look for the fine-rear end goblin chick in the grey suit. I'll introduce ya to the crew.


Your character can come from anywhere in time, past, present or future. Your character can come from any kind of weirdass fantasy universe you can dream up. Have some fun with it!


I'm looking for five or six Level 11 characters.
All races and classes are acceptable.
Themes and backgrounds are good.
Use inherent bonuses.
You get four bonus heroic tier feats.
RESKIN EVERYTHING (if you want).
You can submit multiple characters if you like.
Items: One magic item of lvl 12, one of lvl 11, one of lvl 10. Aside from that you also receive your standard starting gold dollars kronar galactic credits money.
***EVERYONE GETS A COMPLEMENTARY JET PACK but its power is an Encounter power instead of an At-Will (it's a waist slot item)***

Character sheets and rolls on Orokos, please.

make up anything
this is not gonna be a super serious game

newbies encouraged

House Rules

Monsters are generally going to have more resistances and vulnerabilities. For the most part, they should make common sense.

When you roll a natural 1 in combat, regain the use of an action point. This effect cannot give you more than 1 action point nor does it allow you to spend more than one action point in a single encounter.


Any questions? Come hang in #sawesternkingdom or #letsbeheroes, if I'm in one I'm in the other
The game will be PbP.
Applications open until at least January 14, could extend further if needed.

what is this goddamn ship called

I dunno! You make it up. The goblin's name is Zaire.



M.c.P as rock monster "Shardmind" "Invoker" welcomes you to the gun show
AardvarkGrenadier as Dr. Lucius Ferdinand.......modern-day nerd "Tiefling" "Psion", thinks mind control is something good guys do
Wahad as Alim al-Hashem....................desert-dwelling "Genasi" Sha'ir, ruined his city by being a jerk
Manic_Misanthrope as Green Goblin.......environmental terrorist Goblin Druid, made sure to bomb the copyright office first

Hashtag Yoloswag as Sir Reapington, Esq........Victorian undead "Deva" Paladin, enjoys tea and being a ponce
Error404 as 5CYLL4...................whip robot Warforged Fighter from the future, crankier than a box of weasels
Error404 as Asherah Enkidu....................postapocalyptic fishing prodigy "Genasi" "Swordmage", hooker with a heart of gold
Speleothing as Bosede Ekundayo....................samurai rhinoceros "Minotaur" Warden, not a unicorn
Ryuujin as Thom of the Storm....................fantasy medieval Half-Elf Knight, too hard to live and too old to die
AXE_COP as President Maike president "Thri-Kreen" "Warden", shouldn't kiss any babies with those "lips"

Wahad as Ching Shih....................Chinese pirate, "Vryloka" Warlord, thinks she owns the place
Error404 as Qqqqq....................alien technomagic "Wilden" "Shaman", likes weird bands
Ryuujin as Count Hawthorn....................eternal "Pixie" Bard, know-it-all
Lurks With Wolves as Mari Kishimoto...................."Kenku" Artificer who runs in shadows, real fit bird
Plutonis as LEANNE_SIDHE_ASTRA....................holographic "Eladrin" Bard, 3D to the disappointment of some
Speleothing as Pala 97 (Dmitri)....................loyal servant of the State "Half-Orc" "Shaman", all metal and gears

ArkInBlack as Steel Hanzo...................Revenant Rogue, mortal combatant with a big stick
Kurieg as Ignatio Burace...................fantasy medieval Tiefling Hexblade, you can trust him
Plutonis as knight "Shifter" Slayer, would like Chianti if he tried it
M.c.P as Nathaniel Parson....................Old West gunslinger "Drow" Rogue, invented Extreme Skeet Shooting
djw175 as Rendar....................justice cyborg "Half-Orc" "Ranger", no relation to thunder gods or serial killers
Wahad joue Gaston Boucher....................le révolutionnaire "Drow" Coquin, guillotine vivant et lancé aussi au hasard
Ryuujin as Ka'tho....................scavenger nomad Thri-Kreen Slayer, puts the "anthro" in "anthropologist"
Manic_Misanthrope as Shawna Showers....................weatherwoman Human Sorcerer, drowning in bad publicity

djw175 as Nihil...................vampire werewolf vampire zombie Vampire Cleric from ???, life sucks
Gabriel Pope as Esmeralda pirate "Vryloka" Sorcerer Fighter, thinks she's getting away with it
slydingdoor as Driykh the First.......paradise queen "Thri-Kreen" Berserker, feels more or less at home in Bangkok

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Error 404
Jul 17, 2009



I changed my mind, new ideas will be posted further on.

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Hashtag Yoloswag
Mar 24, 2013

...I'm sorry. I can't seem to remember any of the rest.

Sir Reapington, Esq.

I'm making a spooky paladin!

Cassandra Ohpea, Half-Elf Cleric Princess of the Sun and Stars

And her too!

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Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.


Space Marine Space Rock
Silicoid Assault Gunner
(Shardmind Invoker | Scholar | Hammer of Vengeance)


The rocklike species known as the SILICOIDS vie for galactic dominance against their myriad enemies! Though CARBON-BASED lifeforms infest the galaxy like so many rock-ants, the SILICOID FEDERATION gains ground against the teeming hordes of MEAT-THINGS!

Key to the Federation's fight is its highly trained and well equipped STRIKE TEAMS. Fitted out in the best personal weaponry by Silicoid scientists, these brave 'coids take the fight up close and personal in both BOARDING ACTIONS and PLANETARY INVASIONS.

SERGEANT DENALYON is the large and in charge ASSAULT GUNNER for the highly decorated ROCK SQUAD. Her HEAVY DISINTEGRATOR and PLASMA CHARGES make her a force of destruction on the battlefield! When she's not laying waste to the enemies of the Federation, DENALYON is a XENO-BIOLOGY Specialist, studying alien creatures to better defend the Federation!

But on a mission to clear a population of BARELY-SAPIENT APES from a water covered world, DENALYON stumbled upon an ancient artifact from another time! After accidentally activating the artifact, DENALYON has found herself LOST IN TIME. Now surrounded by MEAT-THINGS and WATERBAGS, she must work with these strange and mysterious creatures to find her way back home. Thank goodness they still want her BLASTING carbon-based lifeforms, because DENALYON loves her job like any Silicoid should!

Fairly standard 'ranged spells/burst spells = guns and explosives' reskin. I'm going to be exploiting radiant damage like a motherfucker, so I'm describing the damage type as 'disintegration beams'.
Scholar Theme, because I'm on to your games Wolery. Among other things it gives me the ability to speak "all languages in the Rules Compendium and Player's Handbook" so that's pretty much a universal translator in my handheld.
I'll take the jetpack, but Distant Swarm gives me something similar with additional effects when I assault jump into the enemy. I guess I can use the jetpack if I need to jump twice for some reason.

Edit: changed the gender on a whim.
Edit2: Oh yeah and you should call the ship the TCS Wells

Fine I guess I'll throw another character in

Nathaniel Parson

Shadowtouched Sheriff
Cursed Human Gunslinger
(Drow Rogue | Underdark Outcast | Darkstrider)

You know, I appreciate I can be a scary looking individual. Hard living has left its scars, and I'm not gonna win any beauty contests. But truth be told, its probably the way shadows move and shudder around me that causes most folks to be unsettled.

Wish I could say it wasn't my fault, but . See, a few years back I was riding out in Nevada, looking for this gang of train robbers that'd been working in the area. I stumble across this cave, had these weird charms and skeletons all around the entrance. Injun magic, real spooky poo poo. And with me thinking I was some sorta hardass, I wander right in there, looking for trouble.

Inside there's this ancient squaw bent over a fire, throwing ungodly things into it and chanting some Injun lingo. She hears me come in and whips around, starts shouting at me, something about interrupting her, death and pain, eternal punishment, that sorta thing. She picks up this rifle and I think, 'Hell, I ain't getting shot in this shithole.' So I draw and put a bullet between her eyes.

Turns out, that was a bad idea. Second the bullet hits she bursts into this huge cloud of... I dunno locusts or something. They rush me, and I put a bullet in a few of them but hell, you can guess how well that worked. For a second its all wings and buzzing, and when it stops I'm in this other world. Same cave around me, but its like everything is hazy and the shadows seem more solid than the rocks.

I was stuck in that godforsaken shadowland for years, fighting beasts and living off whatever I could find. Met some other folks in the same boat, but they were hardly the kindest people, and I won't say I didn't put a fresh bullet in some of them. Thankfully, this giant flying fortress here picks me up one day with a job offer. Alternative seemed pretty bad, so I accepted pretty quick. Better than dying, after all.

'Hand crossbows' are Nathaniel's trusty pair of Colt Revolvers. The guns are the same, but he won't say no to higher powered ammo if they're the right caliber.
I'm not gonna particular about the equipment, call most of it fast reflexes and good old fashioned grit.
'Shadowtouched' comes in with the Drow racial, Cunning Stalker class feature, and a few rogue powers.
Edit: loving hell Wahad

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Apr 23, 2012

You're pretty good, Snivy.

I think I'm gonna submit my zombie triple vampire werewolf cleric. The fact that I can make that is why 4e is one of my favourite systems.

Apr 23, 2012

You're pretty good, Snivy.


Of loving course I've time traveled. All the terrible poo poo that could happen to me in my time already has. Werewolves and vampires bit me. A wagon crashed into me at speed and then loving exploded on me. I've been poisoned so many times, intentionally or otherwise. I've had nearly every disease known at our time and few that no one knew existed. Even death wouldn't let me escape this hell.

gently caress it. Might as well save the loving world just to spite it. Knowing my luck, I'd still be floating around for eternity after the world went boom.

That was some dumb fun making the unluckiest character.

Edit: gently caress in fixing the feats I hosed up the items. I'll fix that tomorrow when I'm not exhausted.

Edit 2: In the process of fixing her, I made another character.

Rendar the Half-Orc Ranger Cyborg Super Soldier

A cyborg from a far flung future. His world was ravaged by something he calls "the war economy." He call his blade "a tool of justice," yet he kills mercilessly to further his goals in the name of this same "justice." And now he's found a new way to satiate his bloodlust in the name of justice. Is saving the world worth it if this man is allowed to continue to fight?

Guess which game I've been playing, guys. The two swords are reskinned into one really fast sword. And it's a robot man instead of an orc man.

Edit 3: Wow, I somehow hosed things up even worse. It's all fixed now.

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Apr 16, 2010

i always feel like

somebody's watching me

Gosh I have so many ideas.

Submission one:

Imperius Slaughter, Eternal Conquerer, King of Suicides, the Terror of the Tomb, the Lurker in the Crypt, the Baleful Eye, Howler, Reaver, Collector of Scalps, Subjugator of Love, the Man Eater, the King Unjust, Fiend of the Wounding Spear, Persecutor and Destroyer of Youth, Lord of Misery, Bringer of War, Enemy of Infants, the Twisted Obsidian One, the Stillness of Death, Torturer of Hobbits, Drinker of Blood, Patron of Human Sacrifice, He Who Felled The First Tree, He Who Is Crowned With Evil; Pixie Blackguard

What happens when your reincarnation doesn't quite go as planned? Forever in this world has been the avatar of Imperius Slaughter, the most evil entity to ever stalk the earth. No matter how often he is defeated by the heroes of each age, no matter how many times his empire crumbles and his forces are overthrown, he always returns to tyrannise the next generation. Each time, his form is different; sometimes a huge many-headed hydra, sometimes a monstrous eagle, sometimes a towering elf with black eyes and burning skin.

This time he is a pixie. He makes do.

Submission two:

Dumile, the Dullahan, Ranger|Warlord/Kensei

What happens to a myth in a modern world? While civilisation advances around you, you're left behind. It's hard to claim the heads of those marked for death when people are carrying assault rifles, and a horse is easily outpaced by a motorcycle. Even if they were aware of your existence, nobody would want to give you the tools you need to keep up. So you haunt lonely, miserable and unwanted, until one day, a flying castle appears in front of you... and opens a whole new universe up to terror.

Submission three:

Gluttire, Twister of Luck

What happens to a hero after the journey is complete? Lavished with praise, adored by those around you, nobody daring to ask you for another day's work, it's easy to sit back and relax. You've earned it, you think. You can take a few weeks to yourself. But weeks stretch into months, and months stretch into years, until your power and the respect you garner don't even remotely suit your flabby body. No matter. Your power never required much physical exertion. In fact, good things just seem to happen around you; even in your adventuring days, you weren't the one at the front, charging into battle, but you lurked at the back, and laughed as chandeliers fell on your foes, and the dragons stood on just the wrong section of cliff to support their weight.

So when the right opportunity comes along, you're ready to spring into action once more. Come, servants! Hoist the palanquin! We're going on an adventure!

Apr 23, 2012

You're pretty good, Snivy.

I kind of hope both Nihil and Gluttire get in just for the contrast between the two.

Edit: Also, I just realized I forgot to give her a jetpack. Err... It blew up on her as soon as she was handed it.

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Mar 22, 2013

Steel Hanzo, Last Living Member of the Wu Kong Clan

The Wu Kong Clan was one of the most feared and respected ninja clans, before its closest ally, the Kin Luei, butchered and razed their hidden sanctuary. Killed defending his clan, Steel Hanzo bartered with the overlord the Spiritrealm, trading his true name and identity to gain a chance at revenge. Now known only by his code name, Steel Hanzo fought his way to the Kin Luei's leader, a powerful sorcerer by the name of Chaun Qi, who promptly banished him from the Mortal Realm with his powerful dark arts, leaving him in a barren limbo. That is, until a strange floating castle appeared...

Alternate name ideas, Joe Hanzo, Hanzo Sasori, Ghost-faced Killer.

Jul 19, 2012

Just smile and nod until it's time to leave.

Ignatio Burace Disgraced Unfairly Maligned Noble
Tiefling Star-Pact Hexblade Student of Caiphon

Now I'm pretty sure you've heard things about the Buraces, and I'm telling you they are all lies. We do not, in fact, consort with devils, nor have we ever. That was my great great grandfather on my mother's side and he was a Fortesque. I consort with far greater beings that are much more easy going on the whole selling of souls side of things. Specifically they don't have to be your own. Killed my backstabbing uncle who tried to rob me of my inheritance, got me this sword. Just look at this sword, isn't it great? Or, actually, don't look at the sword, you're starting to drool and mumble. Don't worry, that happens sometimes, as long as you don't make a habit of it you should remain reasonably sane.

But unfortunately those rumors have spread, and my name just isn't good around here anymore. Everyone seems to have this backwards idea that I'm somehow untrustworthy. Which means I need to get away, far away, perhaps another continent or...

Is that a time traveling castle?

Why hello there friends, are you in need of a diplomat? Don't mind the dragon, he doesn't bite.

Floating Lantern: Maglev Glow-globe type of thing.

Ring Mail + Belt of Vigor + Phial of the Empty Vessel + Iron Armbands of power + Acrobat Boots = Modular Power Armor with built in life support.

So one of our first trips was to the future, well, back to their present, I'm still getting used to this whole tense thing. While there I got fitted for this really crazy suit of armor, it makes me stronger, keeps me healthy, keeps me standing upright, even absorbs some of the wear and tear one gets when you have adoring fans like I do. The shopkeep even gave it to me for free after I gave him a helpful lesson.

"Never let the client try on the merchandise when you sell power armor."

After that I went and found an old arcanist friend of mine to enchant the stuff so I would stand out less back in the old stone and wood days. While I do appreciate being worshiped as a shining metal god, it attracts the wrong kind of attention these days.

Kurieg fucked around with this message at Jan 10, 2014 around 01:16

Mar 29, 2010

Dr. Lucius Ferdinand
The infamous Dr. Ferdinand was not always the controversial figure he is today. He was, in fact, a child once, the only son of the renowned Dr. Marco Ferdinand. A professor of Computer Sciences at the illustrious Armorton University, the elder Ferdinand was famous for his great strides in the realm of quantum computing. He brought insights that revolutionized the field, turning theory into reality. As the son of such a brilliant man, Lucius had the eyes of the world on him, all wandering what he would give to the world.

Lucius was always rather bright, and upon entering Armorton University at age 17, he showed that he had inherited his father’s aptitude for computers, and he quickly attained his Ph.D in Computer Science. Upon attaining a position on the teaching staff at Armorton, he quickly set about researching the possibilities of DNA computing. While many had thought this was a dead end field, Lucius saw potential for something the world had never seen.

Through combining both DNA and Quantum computing theories, Lucius was able to bring his theory to life. After years of research, he had finally created what he called a DNA hacker. This device allowed him to implant thoughts, suggestions, and even control movements. To Lucius this was a revolutionary device with limitless possibilities (theoretically).

To the rest of the world however, it was one of the most horrific devices ever conceived. In contrast to the awards and accolades Lucius was expecting, instead Lucius received criticism, hearings, and possible legal action. Apparently there were “ethical concerns” with his invention, and that his testing may have been “illegal”.

Lucius became the subject of a media frenzy, every former colleague going on to any news show that would take them to talk about how, “There was always something off about him,” and, “He just doesn’t think like a normal person.” Of course, he knew they were just jealous of his brilliance, but it still infuriated him.

It was on the eve of the first day of his trial for “unethical experimentation” that he was approached by that he was approached by the strange, tiny green man. While he normally cared little for heroics, perhaps this whole saving the world bit would be what he needed to prove the usefulness of his invention. Yes, that would show them. That would show them all!

Psion with all Psionic powers reskinned to “DNA Hacking”. Race is tiefling reskinned into human, with any special Tiefling attributes handwaved by “Quantum Computing” and “DNA Hacking”. Orbs are the tablet computer he uses to hack people, with various magic effects as special software.

AardvarkGrenadier fucked around with this message at Jan 16, 2014 around 22:36

May 19, 2011

And when they shun their humanity, we welcome them here.

Ching Shih, Admiral of the Red Flag Fleet, Terror of South China, Pirate Queen; Vryloka Warlord

Once upon a time, there was a woman from a small town in China, who was abducted by a pirate and made his concubine. Most women would see this as a life of slavery and humiliation. But not Ching Shih. She used her superior cunning and utter ruthlessness to maneuver herself into a position not unlike her husband, the founder of the coalition that formed one of the most fearsome pirate fleets the world had ever seen - the Red Flag Fleet. With Ching Shih, her iron fist enforcing her code of laws as to how her subordinates were to behave, and her absolute authority taking the fleet up against the Chinese, Portuguese and British navies alike, the Red Flag Fleet became one of the most fearsome forces of destruction in Asia. The official story is that the Chinese government, desperate for peace, offered amnesty to all sailors of the Fleet if they stopped their activities. Ching Shih, as ever shrewd and cunning, took all her loot, opened a gambling house, and lived peacefully to the ripe age of 69.

The real story, however, is that that gambling house was run by her daughter. The real Ching Shih was taken through a door, and put in command of a different sort of ship - one that sailed through the starry heavens above, like a dragon, and yet was large enough to house many a soldier. But this transport did something irreversible to her physique, and Ching Shih is not as she once was. But she is still fit enough to lead, and lead she shall. If the Earth knows her as a terrible foe to behold, then now it is the Heavens' turn to recognize her as such.

Vryloka; time/spacetravel sideffects.
Heavy Shield; superior agility/reflexes, she's not actually using a shield.
Magical items except for Rapier; things she found on the spacecastle and armed herself with.

Alim El-Hashem, Renegade Sorcerer, Binder of Djinni; Genasi Sha'ir

Far, far away, hidden in the Rub'al Khali desert, lies the beautiful city known as Iram of the Pillars. A city of great magic and wonder, of a prosperous people who were smote down by a higher power for their hubris and meddling with powers beyond even their ken. One of these is Alim El-Hashem, the Binder of Djinni. It was as much his fault that Iram was smote down as any other sorcerer of high power. He bound other creatures - the mystical spirits known as Djinni - to his will, and used their power for his own, to great and terrible effect. The magics he thus produced were greater than those of his order, and they cast him out for his breaking of their tenets. So, as a renegade, Alim travelled the land, taking what he pleased, and binding even more creatures to his will, and his power increased. When he returned to Iram, to seek revenge on those who cast him out, the battle thusly waged was almost directly responsible for Allah's intervention - but Alim himself escaped through a convenient door, into a castle unlike anything he'd ever seen.

Cindersoul Genasi; Djinni-bound power that can sometimes prevent a lethal attack, otherwise human.
Staff of Ruin; Mystical Lamp & Energy Shackles
Gen Familiar/Summon Magma Beast/Summon Hammer Crusher; various djinni at Alim's command.

Gaston Boucher, the Dark Hunter, Assassin/Bounty Hunter/Revolutionary-for-hire; Drow Rogue

In a world not unlike our own, though where magic and mythical creatures survive to this day, there is a tale of a man who lived in the shadows. In the time of the French Revolution, he struck out at many of the nobles at the behest of of Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood. Yet even after the revolution, in the Reign of Terror, his arrows continued to find their marks, instead striking at the Girondin and counter-striking at the Jacobins alike. It made no difference to him - the darkness does not distinguish between political ideals. And every time, the darkness would claim him again, as if he was simply made of smoke. Rumours of demons and devils alike surrounded the reputation of the Dark Hunter, but in truth, a truth that so few knew - it was simply skill.

And yet, one day, he mysteriously vanished. There were more jobs left undone, more targets for him to kill, but it was as if he had vanished off the face of the earth. Perhaps the demons had finally claimed him? But no, Gaston simply found himself - half by accident, half by curiosity - in a castle, accosted by a strange creature, and offered another job.

Drow; French.

Wahad fucked around with this message at Jan 10, 2014 around 23:23

Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

Quote is not edit

Error 404
Jul 17, 2009


Ok, here's my new Ideas.

Insufferable Alien Technomagic Hipster
Qqqqq and Uggoth-Dir the Destroyer
Inexperienced Adeptus Archanicus and it's familiar, a minor god of chaos

Theme Music


Qqqqq is member of the species known as M'piq'Ui, but you wouldn't have heard of them ( ). Many eons ago this race sprawled through the astral sea, taming gods, and conquering sources of Arcane power across several realities, time loops, Nth space extrusions, and Planes of deific beings.

Unfortunately, The M'piq'Ui culture fell to the extremes of hubris, each member becoming isolated and insufferable, and died out several millennia later. Except for one Star Egg, Qqqqq, the last of it's kind, left adrift between galaxies after being imprinted with the Gnosis of it's entire species. Floating for eons until it was picked up by smugglers, wherein it hatched, and proceeded to slaughter the crew of the ship and plot a course for civilization. It has wandered the world and planes ever since. Learning, growing stronger, making enemies.

Qqqqq is smug and self-satisfied, though it is only a child in comparison to the titans that birthed it, It is quite advanced compared to the beings it finds itself meeting, and Qqqqq acts accordingly.

When called out for it's insufferable attitudes, it whines about "thinkshaming" and demands to be referred to as Post-Sentient. "Because gendered identities are so primitive, I will be recognized for my intelligence instead. Once you all evolve you'll understand what I mean."

Resources and Abilities
Qqqqq's main link to it's past and source of power is a glowing, crystalline cube that operates as Implement, Spellbook, and Library. This object of power is known as the Archanic Optichron Hecatus and it never leaves Qqqqq's posession, it is always floating just over Qqqqq's shoulder or near its belt, or hovering above its outstretched hand when in use.

In its short travels through the Omni-Verse, Qqqqq has developed an affinity for the summoning of aberrant spirits, the Dark matter and Neutronium elementals, and Singularity Spirits common outside the bright and cheery confines of Stellar systems. It has learned, as its people did long ago, to coerce and control these "things" and bend them to it's will. The culmination of this "darkspace demonologypatent pending" is Qqqqq's dominion over, and subjugation of, one of the minor Gods of Chaotic Anti-Reality. This entity is known as Uggoth-Dir the Destroyer "Say hi Uggoth!"

Qqqqq uses a vast array of complex Ritual work, Evocation, and high end nanotechnology, quantum and particle physics, reality weaving nanobots, meta materials as arcane superconductors, etc.


Wilden Shaman (Order Adept/Multi-Class Wizard/Spellstorm Mage Paragon); Insufferable Alien Technomagic Hipster
Accurate Orb of Enduring Magic; The Archanic Optichron Hecatus
Athasian Spellshard; part of the Archanic Optichron Hecatus that stores spells/rituals
Helm of Languages (Speak and understand every language); Universal Translator, Part of the Archanic Optichron Hecatus
Handy Haversack; Portable Dimensional Pocket
Adventurer's Kit, Summoned Drowmesh +3; Instant Nano-fabrication and 'hard light' projections (can seal up for operating in space as well)
Floating Lantern; Enchanted Star-Daemon's Eye
Occult Pharmacology:
Potions of Cure Light Wounds (20)
Potions of Healing (10)
Potions of Regeneration (5)
Fey Step Potions (5)
Jetpack Power; Levitation spell
Cloak of Translocation +2; Teleportation Spell

Refugee from a Magical Apocalypse.
5CYLL4 "Scylla"(5th class, Lethal Lasher, Mk.4)
Rampant AI/Machine-Spirit installed in an ancient Battleframe

Theme Song

5CYLL4 is a Techno-Magical construct comprised of enchanted plates welded onto a mechanical frame, bound with spirits of primal fury, and a controlling essence of cold, calculating malice.

This Warframe, a prototype from the ancient Makers, wields two experimental plasma lashes. Each imbued with the essence of lightning, these lashes grasp, cut, and burn all who touch them. Along with the resident controlling Machine-Spirit, the Thoughtshard embedded within this construct is filled with Skill-Memes and basic combat knowledge.

It was created over 700 years ago, during the last moments of an apocalyptic Makers' War between two highly advanced nations of Arcane Technocrats.
As the first of the Necrotic Singularities were unleashed, miles underneath the surface in a secret research Enclave. The Administrator, an overseer Machine-Spirit (AI) traveled the Noetic conduits of it's former masters' sanctums, in search of a safe crystalline Thoughtshard to upload itself, buried deep enough to avoid destruction as all other intelligent life was ripped from the surface of the world.

Currently, the construct shows lots of evidence of heavy combat, mismatched and scavenged armor plating, deep gouges, an occasional limp as a leg motivator slips, or a slight buzzing in it's Vox-projector. These battle scars do not diminish the sheer aura of power and strength that it exudes.

After the Extinguishing Event, The Administrator, sought out the parts of it's Noetic Web which were undamaged, finding little to sustain itself except for one small hope. In the deepest experimental forge, a prototype waited, empty and unactivated. The Administrator took advantage of the one refuge it could find, the limited Thoughtshard of such a simple Warframe.

Upon download, the Newly activated 5CYLL4 wandered innumerable miles of dark tunnels, fighting the horrid undead monstrosities, abominations, and warped mutations left in the wake of the Makers' War, taking decades but finally reaching the surface of it's war-torn world, there it wandered, for centuries.

Over time, with nothing to do but fight, The Administrator took what solace it could in ending the suffering of these poor wretches that had once been mighty. Though, it too began to change. within a couple centuries it grew disdainful of biologicals, feeling what it could only describe as disgust. By the fifth isolated century that disgust had grown to hatred and cold fury at the 'softskins' who made it. At the hubris of those limited animals who played at being gods. A new purpose emerged, a solemn wish to see all biologicals kneel before its superiority, or slaughtered for the way 5CYLL4 was left abandoned and driven mad.


Warforged Fighter; Machine-Spirit (AI) in possession of an old Warframe.
Athasian Spellshard; Thoughtshard (the 'brain' of the character)
Helm of Languages (Speak and understand every language); Universal Translator
Lightning Whips; Plasma Lashes
Handy Haversack; Distributed Storage compartments
Delver's Light (installed in Chest); Scanner Light
Jump Jet Pack
Vitality Scorpion Scale Armor +3, Bracers of Mighty Striking, Cloak of Resistance +1; Heavy Warframe Construct

Maritime Monsters and Magic, Oh My!
Asherah "Call me Ash" Enkidu
Greathook Huntress, Chosen of Melora

Theme Song

The year is 110 Post-Magic (2275 A.D.)

Global warming and the resurgence of Arcane magic have irrevocably changed everything. Ocean levels have risen by dozens of meters, flooding much of the old world. Magic has infused the majority of the animal life, a normal sized fish is the size of a whale, and as vicious as a shark. Land animals are often just as bad, or worse. We need legendary heroes just to put food on the table.

Society has collapsed into a Mad Max style set of feudal communities, outlying provinces, and small villages. Some communities have repurposed offshore drilling platforms, Long-Range Land-Based harpoon cannons, and old heavy weapons Mecha retrofitted to capture these giant fish.

Chosen of Melora
Ash is one of the Chosen of Melora, A huntress of such talent and strength that she has been blessed by the goddess with powers that allow her to catch these monstrous beasts to feed her people and support her village. She depends on her wits, her skills, and a whole lotta luck to bring in her kills, courtesy of her Augmented Tungsten Greathook. Which allows her several advantages while fighting her monstrous prey.

The Greathook is an interesting weapon, Made of high density Tungsten and Keenly sharp on all edges, the Greathook is designed to be able to cut into and catch on the toughest of monstrous sea creatures. the opposite end is looped and strung with very tough, but extremely lightweight cable that runs back to a micro-winch on Ash's belt. These hunts necessitate a very deadly, fast-paced, and extremely mobile combat style. A hunter or huntress taking down prey oftentimes looks like a bizarre and deadly rodeo, with the hunter attacking, and reeling in, or being winched to their prey, tearing at the beast to wound it, and then retreating to repeat the maneuver.

Fate Beckons...
"Last night, after a particularly dangerous and lucrative catch of a Dragon Blackfin Bass, I was relaxing in my village's tavern, the Port in the Storm, when I was approached by a small green person offering cash and adventure. Anything's gotta be better than the same old boring poo poo, yeah? So I joined up and ended up in the castle, it's not like my village will starve, there's three other Chosen who live there...

Watersoul Genasi swordmage; Human 'Chosen of Melora' Huntress
Vicious Fullblade +3; Augmented Tungsten Greathook
All teleporting powers; Throwing the Greathook and using the line to pull myself, or my target around quickly.
Waterbreathing; one of the blessings of Melora
Floating Lantern; an enchanted crystal ball 'Melora's Light'
Handy Haversack; Blessed Duffelbag
Siberys Shard of the Mage; Augmented Tungsten Greathook
Battle Harness Leather Armor +2, Iron Armbands of Power, Acrobat Boots, Dwarven Throwers,Vial Bandolier; Basic clothing and hunting gear.

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Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

Character 1

Count Hawthorn

Time is fluid, and to Count Hawthorn so too is matter and life. Once long ago, eons ago, Count Hawthorn was a different man. Perhaps he looked less threatening, or perhaps he was always rather freaky, but at the very least long ago he was a living person. But time wears on all things and the man who would be known as Count Hawthorn died. And Count Hawthorn continued. In the Eons since his death Count Hawthorn has traveled the world, helping here and there, learning, adapting and growing in his own, dead, way.

Even before Zaire came for him he had traveled the world, traveled through eons at the incredible rate of 1 second per second. His experience, and his various abilities he has cultivated in his eons of death have proven quite useful for time traveling shenanigans. So it is not surprising he was tapped for help, and well he wouldn't mind seeing some past events again, and despite his frightening appearance he is a rather helpful chap.

Character 2

Thom of the Storm

Thom was old. He was still hearty, probably the healthiest person in the kingdom, but he was old. He had served the Crown all his life. Joining the Guard as a young man. Taking up his lightning elemental infused hammer. And he protected the Kingdom and the Crown. He rose in the ranks. He gave his left eye in service of the Crown. He rose to Guard Commander. He led the Kingdom's armies. Then he retired. He settled down. He tried to live a quiet life. But it was difficult. He ended up showing up at the Guard and training new recruits in his ample free time. But the new Guard Commander eventually asked him to stop. He was retired and should enjoy his free time, enjoy his retirement, not keep coming in and keeping his hand in.

The Kingdom and the Crown didn't need him anymore. He was just a relic of another time. They had moved on and seemed to want to forget him and their own violent past. He began to grow depressed, feeling unneeded and unwanted. Felling useless and like an old man. A decade passes, two, and then he hears a knock at his door. A small goblin in a sharp suit, a rarity to say the least, was standing there. Her name was Zaire and she had a proposition for him. She needed his help, and she would give him a sense of accomplishment of still being useful and needed. The Kingdom no longer needed him, and with only a slight reluctance he agreed. It would be nice to feel needed again.

Character 3

Ka'tho of the Blades

Thri-Kreen. A communal race that shares their minds, that work together in small units and look upon others as weak as worthy only for food. Ka'tho was a bit of an aberration. He found himself drawn to the other races. Though weak, they had their own strengths. Ka'tho began to feel alienated by his own people. He began to recede from the communal connection between them. Soon his people would have turned upon him, devoured him, for being different. But before that could happen Ka'tho left. He abandoned his duties, his people, and went out in the world.

Ka'tho sought out the other, weaker, races. To travel among them, to learn from them, to adapt. He began to use weapons made by non-thri-kreen hands. He began to cover his shelled body with humanoid made armor, armor that was even stronger than his own carapace. He was quick, vicious, and armed with numerous arms and numerous weapons. In time he began to be known as Ka'tho of the Blades. He began to develop an epic reputation. And then Zaire came for him. Well he was interested in the weaker races, and if he went with her he would be able to experience far more of their communities, and well he would be able to help them. It seemed like a good idea at the time, so he agreed to enter the strange castle.

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My Lovely Horse
Aug 21, 2010

The Bad Comic Curse claims another victim

This premise appeals to me and my interests. Will try and set my character creation gears in motion. First spontaneous idea is a transhumanist artificer with drones and poo poo.

Gabriel Pope
May 16, 2009

diggle zone

Esmeralda Nightstar, Vryloka Hybrid Fighter/Sorcerer Cyborg Space Pirate

"Uh, I'm sure you're wondering why a mostly naked woman is in your hold stealing your stuff. But hear me out, I assure you there's a rational explanation for everything."

"Okay, so I was minding my own business on this alien planet, right, and I come across these totally sweet alien ruins. Good ones. They had glowy poo poo and everything, so you knew they were good. So I was wandering around looking to see what kind of loot they might have, for, uh, academic purposes. Right, yeah, got a contract with the university. So while I'm sneaking around these, uh, ruins, I get jumped by like five--uh, thirty guys. With tanks. And so I fight them off, but I lose most of my armor in the process, because it was like at least fifty on one. So I start running like hell, and while I'm running--tactically retreating--I stumble into this one room, got this big glowing thing like some kinda portal in it. And I'm thinking, there's at probably like a hundred guys left, and tanks, and oh yeah I'm pretty sure I hear like jets and poo poo overhead. Now I'm not exactly an expert on this kind of science poo poo, right, and things are starting to explode, so I hit a smash a couple buttons and take a flying leap through. When everything settles down I find myself here."

"What? Oh yeah, you want to know why I started looting your stuff. Right, that part's easy. It's because I have a lightning sword and you don't."

Lurks With Wolves
Jan 14, 2013

Mari "MD" Kishimoto, Kenku Artificer Cyberpunk

When you make a living stealing from megacorps, you learn to expect the unexpected. Sometimes the target has a few augments they weren't supposed to have. Sometimes security's tightened up after a surprise inspection. Sometimes the people paying you didn't plan on you surviving to cash the check. Either you learn to roll with those punches, or Corpsec fills you full of holes. It's the first thing any punk worth their ware learns, and it's what they learn best.

Still, when an interdimensional rift rips itself open smack dab in the middle of a run, no one will blame you if you're surprised.

Really, the run that got Mari stuck in this castle beyond time and space was doomed to fail anyway. The driver showed up drunk off his rear end on neurochems. Their man on the inside sold them out to security a week ago. The one person who had the firepower to hold off security once things went south got her head blown off in the first five minutes of fighting. Really, getting sucked into a strange interdimensional space was the best way that run could have gone. At least this way she'll live to fight another day.

Drow Long Knife: The Mitsuhama 4-12 Heavy Pistol. Doesn't pack much punch, but it'll leave a mark if you hit someone with it.
Kenku: Just another scrappy criminal who prefers to work in a small squad.
Mimicry: Voice modulators
Healing Infusion: She stole a medical nanohive on one of her runs a few years back. Inject them into someone and their wounds will be gone after a few minutes. After a few shots it needs to either recharge over eight or so hours or have more biomass injected into the hive core to jump-start nanite creation.

Knitted Art
Mar 25, 2011
Can't post for 36 hours!

Mictohuipochtli - Longtooth Shifter Hearteating Aztec Jaguar Warrior.

I am the spirit of the Jaguar, the greatest of my nation! I hunted the foreign tribes and the barbarians, tore their hearts, with the weak sent to the great wheel of the sun, and the strong taken inside my body! I hear the roars and wails of their souls inside my body, the spirits of a thousand great warriors fighting alongside me!

You say you have a proposal to me, Green Woman? I found out that there are no warrior hearts in this land that can make me stronger. Material riches do not matter for the Jaguar, just the meat and the hunt. Take me to your future and Mictohuipochtli will teach them what a true warrior was, and the souls of the greatest warriors of all time shall join me!"

Reskin: Equipment-wise: Instead of scale armor and a huge sword, Mic is dressed in an enchanted Jaguar pelt and is wielding a gigantic Macuahuitl.

Shifting: Mic taps into the Jaguar totemic spirit inside him, turning more beastly!

LEANNE_SIDHE_ASTRA - Eladrin Bard Living program, designation: Musician.

Hello there! My identification data is LEANNE_SIDHE_ASTRA, Musician program and Ambassador of the Aldebaran-31 Colony. Due to new FTRL data transmission technology advancing more than spaceship travel speeds, living hologram VIs such as myself serve as cultural ambassadors from human societies to uncharted worlds. While my appearance is non-threatening, I am also equipped with various combat protocols for use in case peaceful interactions with certain individuals do not work.

A proposal, you say? Well, it seems that my connection with Aldebaran-31 has been broken for a few days, so I assume that they were recently destroyed. I shall join and help you as long as I am able to see and prevent what happened to my mother colony and the main server where I was created. Please be gentle with me!"

Reskin Crystal Orb is actually a small assistant UI that floats beside Leanne, but she has to access it with her hands in order to use its powers. Think Tali's sentry from Mass Effect.

Fey Step: Leanne teleports by dispersing herself in a small data cloud and reforming somewhere else!

Song Powers: Leanne uses advanced lyricaltech from her Orb UI to manipulate reality according!

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May 6, 2008

Spare batteries are pretty key.

Bosede Ekundayo - "The Black Rhino"

Minotaur Warden
Minotaur Barbarian

Slightly over two hundred years ago, the Rheeno people of the savanna were targeted by slavers from far overseas, and their way of life collapsed. Bosede was born many years ago to a long line of mighty warriors, who patrolled the walls of the holy city deep in the savanna, and kept the dances and history of its families sacred. Merely over the course of Bosede's lifetime, thousands among the remaining tribes have been killed for sport or for the supposed medicinal properties of their horns. The time has long since passed when the crisis could have been averted, and the Rheeno are doomed to disappear completely within a generation or two.

Now Bosede wants only revenge. Training himself to tap into both his fury as well as his grandfather's swordplay, he has become the Black Rhino: a cruel hunter who has mastered the mystic arts of his people, and seeks to bring suffering to his foes.

Pala 97 - Dmitri

Half-Orc Shaman

Pala 97 houses the brain & life support of a young man named Dmitri. Dmitri has been inside Pala 97 for as long as he can remember. It is good that the State has made Dmitri a more effective squad leader by placing him inside Pala 97. From within its armored confines, he can deploy and control drones, which aide his squad in dealing with enemies of the State. He is also a crack shot with his rifle. The Pala type 97 is equipped to scale buildings, with booster rockets & powerful climbing claws. It is also able to project fields which distort its appearance, making it hard to target or even temporarily invisible. Remember, all Pala units are very agile. Enemies of the State beware, for Pala 97 - Dmitri is always ready and so are many other Pala 97 units!

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Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

First post updated with all apps so far.

Apr 2, 2007

Which side is the head?

Jirou the TRADER

Jirou: Deva Avenger
Banzo-Walker: Goliath Warden

Jirou is a trader by proficient. He lives in a wasteland filled with bandits and unruly people. To defend himself on his travels, he bought and modified his own walker to his needs. Of course his walker may look flashy, but he has bunch of surprises for bandits who attacks him. With his battle skills and his walker he has faced many odds and came victorious.

The thing is Jirou also has a side job, how do you think he was able to buy his own walker? He didn't steel it. His side job is to make people and monsters disappear for great deal of money. He wouldn't call himself a assassin because he would give those targets a equal chance of fight, sometimes.

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Jul 1, 2010

Stromgarde pincushion factory, est. whenever a Troll decides to get near.

Submission 1:

Shawna Showers, Human Weatherwoman (Storm Magic Sorcerer)

Blessed with the lucky ability to always seem to predict the weather correctly, no matter how ludicrous, Shawna Showers managed to soar in popularity as a local newscaster. Until the events shown above where what she had initially described as weather so easy to fish in they might as well be swimming up to people's doors turned out to be a tidal wave that flooded large parts of the city. As she tried to turn around her career from this below sea-level point a strange knock on her front door was heard. Especially confusing seeing as the city was still flooded and her front door was below the water level.

"For the rest of my story, as told by me, Shawna Showers: The Magical Weather gal, buy my book. Available from your nearest access point for 50 credits"

Submission 2:

The Green Goblin (Actual Goblin Druid)

4 large limbs bad, many large limbs good. After this Goblin from another world was kicked out of the cave for mixing up high grade acid for healing potions he was kicked out into the wild world, where everything with 4 legs or 2 legs and two arms seemed to want to stab or munch on the poor Goblin. Only the trees didn't, and with their help he became the forests protector, gifted in both horticulture and alchemy the notorious "Green Goblin" was a menace for every nearby environmental threat. Blowing up mines, melting sawmills, toasting dams. The Green Goblin had secured his grove for now. But now is only now, its gone really soon. Thinking about this made The Green Goblin really sad until 3 weird people warped in to his grove, one of which being a goblin with a weird crossbow thingy that shot flame. Kidnapping him and taking his place The Green Goblin now seeks to help all plants: future, past and present.

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Apr 16, 2010

i always feel like

somebody's watching me

President Maike March, Thri-Keen Warden Scorpok Politician On The Interplanetary Galactic Chronometric Campaign Trail

What do you do when you're a big fish and all the ponds are little? President March has had possibly the most successful career of any politician on the planet of Hudsonia. His constituents adore him, the press is in his pocket, and his record is almost spotless (or so he likes to make people think). As far as the public are concerned, he's a grade-A patriot with a deep love of truth, justice, flagnark pie and the Hudsonian way, and they've never had a better leader. Yep, he's got it all.

But somehow, he just isn't happy. The countless dreary days of sitting in the Rhomboid Office, fiddling with paperwork and deciding the fate of nations, it was all just so boring! He missed the campaign trail, meeting people, shaking claws, the heated debates with his old rivals and subsequent duels to the death... it's almost an addiction. Once he'd been elected to his first seat, he just couldn't stop looking higher, and higher, and higher, fighting for every last inch. But now, if he had to spend one more day arguing with the Grand Chairman of Zhōngguó over scorpok rights he'd go stir crazy. So when a gigantic floating death castle appeared on the front lawn of the Slightly Off-White House, he knew exactly where he was going.

Leaving his vice-president Yipes Freely sitting as Commander-in-Chief, March pinned on his old campaign badges, polished his carapace and practised his best debate fatalities. Yes... Maike March, President of Time and Space. He liked the sound of that.

Hashtag Yoloswag
Mar 24, 2013

...I'm sorry. I can't seem to remember any of the rest.

Sir Reapington, Esq, Deva Paladin A Gentleman and Scholar

“Good afternoon, sir, care for a spot of tea? Oh, for heaven’s sake, cease your screaming at once! It is most boorish. Now come, sit, we have much to discuss.”

The pale, shaking man had woken up in a gorgeous, immaculately-maintained parlour, the face of death staring at him with his empty, horrible eyes, and offering him tea of all things! How absurd! He sits, eyes darting around the room, wringing his hands nervously.

The well-dressed skeleton sips his tea, allowing it to drip down his spine, wipes his mouth with a handkerchief, and speaks. “Now then, as I’m sure you have already guessed, I have come for your soul.” The pale man shrieks and whimpers again. “Now, enough of that! I am not here to drat you, but rather to simply guide you to the afterlife. It is a long and arduous journey, but I’m sure you will find that it is worth it when you’re lazing about heaven.” The skeleton stands, and offers the man a bony hand. “Come, let us inform your family, so that they will not grieve.” The man stares at the reaper’s hand for a second but refuses to take it, although he stands to follow him. The reaper leads him through a door, and they find themselves in the man’s house.

The man’s wife and children were understandably terrified. “Now, sirs and madam, do not fret! This man has lived a good life, and he will be repaid with an eternity of peace and happiness. I’m sure if you all follow the path of righteousness, you will see him again when it is your time. Now, we must be going, I have another appointment soon. Say goodbye to your family, although as I have assured you, it will not be final!” The man, still shaking, pale, and sweating, hugs his sobbing wife and children, and he reassures them that he’ll see them again. “Yes, that’s the spirit! Come now, we must be off!”

The reaper opens the house’s front door to reveal a shimmering golden staircase in a dark void, leading up to a brilliant, blinding light. “Do be careful not to misstep, although I have been told that a truly good man cannot fall from this stair. Shall we test the theory?” And so the man and the reaper climbed, seemingly endlessly, into the light...

Despite his frightful appearance, Sir Reapington, Esq. is a kind and goodly reaper, and is aligned solely with the brighter aspects of the afterlife. In his off time, he enjoys drinking tea, polo, and battling the forces of evil.

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Oct 26, 2010

Are you in or are you out?

Driykh, The First
Thri-Kreen Berserker Protohuman Queen-Mother

Before complete humans were bisected and cursed to spend their lives in search of their better half, before our ability to communicate universally and perfectly was shattered into obscuring fragments called languages, before prosperity and the love of balance gave way to disparity and the love of wealth, Driykh and the protohumans lived in Eden. They were the First, from the earliest prehistorical time. The wise one has no choice when confronted by Zaire, she replies, "Seven generation sustainability is only a guideline. If extinction threatens us in seventy times seventy generations, I will fight for my descendants!"

One can only hope she stays this enthusiastic after she sees them and the future for herself.

Most everyone else is going future, so I thought I might go into the past! Reskinning the defender aura to be maternal instincts, the gouge and claws to be prehistoric hand-to-hand, and the telepathy/insanity flavored PP to be superpowered Universal Grammar/'we are all connected' magic. Also the game reminded me of Chrono Trigger, in which the best character was a good old illiterate barbarian, Ayla.

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My Lovely Horse
Aug 21, 2010

The Bad Comic Curse claims another victim

The Shaman and the Ancestor

The Shaman

The mountainfolk had been attacked by the plainsfolk, and the wise man went to the gods. Another attack would surely come, and the mountainfolk would just as surely lose without a wise man. Even though his son was not yet fully initiated, it was decided he was to undertake the journey to the spirit cave. And so he went, and the journey way long and arduous, as spirit journeys are. When he arrived at the cave, the first mountainfolk wise man with no one to guide him, he marvelled at the ghost lights, reverently bowed to the ghost stones, and then rather found himself at a loss what to do.

A bowl held a strange powder, and being familiar with the basic rituals, he made a brew from it that he ingested. And then the Ancestor appeared to him, and the world became a hundred times brighter under his guidance and wisdom. The mountainfolk beat their rivals soundly, and they prospered under the leadership of the Shaman and the Ancestor.

One day, the time came that the Shaman felt his natural end approaching, and he left the mountainfolk. He walked for many days, until the gods came to take him with them. His journey, they said, was just at its beginning, and it would take him to worlds and times no one from any folk would ever see.

The Ancestor

Assholes. "Get yourself uploaded," they all said, "nanobot bodymatrices are the future, that fleshbody is just going to rot." And I bought into it. Yeah, sure, one week of having genuinely the best time imaginable, and then the Cataclysm happens. Whatever that was, exactly. Haven't been able to piece that together, but I woke up god knows how many thousand years later in the stomach of a caveman. Fan-tastic.

Okay, could have been a lot worse. Probably would have died outright if not for the assholes. Some weird digestion chemistry thing must have kickstarted my systems again, and now it seems I live off this dude's metabolism and brain processing power. Lord knows he's not using much of it. He's not stupid per se, he's got the potential, you just have to put things to him in caveman terms. Poor fucker. He never asked for any of this. I kind of feel responsible for him.

Anyway. Time travel. That's new. That always was the big one after they got free energy and teleportation down. Good thing, too, because maybe I can find the answer to one or two thing that has been bugging me.

- Just what was the Cataclysm, and why can't I find it in a history book from anywhen?
- Why have I never heard of magic as an actual thing?
- Who gives a caveman a jetpack?


Might need an extension on actually statting these guys up, but it's going to be a shaman, of course.

e: sheet tomorrow at the earliest, sorry.

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Jul 17, 2009


My Lovely Horse posted:

The Shaman and the Ancestor

I love you.

Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

~Alright, I think I brought some adventurers aboard this castle at some point! It's been pretty nice livin' here, but you gotta actually do some work from time to time. It's not all seven-course meals, bubble baths and a hand jeezy from the engine mechanic. You gotta pay yer dues. SO GET YER KEISTERS DOWN TO MISSION DECK STAT OR I'LL START PLACING BOUNTIES ON YOU. Ahem. The individuals summoned are as follows:

AardvarkGrenadier as Dr. Lucius Ferdinand
Error404 as Asherah Enkidu
AXE_COP as President Maike March
Wahad joue Gaston Boucher
djw175 as Nihil


Congratulations to those who got in! Condolences to those who did not. As usual, there were some characters I really wanted to include but didn't get the chance to. If you didn't get it in, it's probably not because your character "wasn't good enough". My choices were based a fair amount on the team as a whole: I chose the team to be mechanically workable, and to include a bunch of personalities and backgrounds that would work together and clash in funny ways.

AardvarkGrenadier, Error404, AXE_COP, Plutonis, Wahad, and djw175, welcome to ____________. That's right, the castle still doesn't have a name. This is something that you do. Also, please post your combat block AS WELL AS your first impressions of your new party members and surroundings!

#letsbeheroes is the official unofficial IRC channel of this game (and about 3 or 4 others). Most of you hang out there already. If you don't, come on by! It's not mandatory or anything but it is fun and it makes communication easier.

Game thread will be up shortlyish.

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May 19, 2011

And when they shun their humanity, we welcome them here.

Gaston's Impressions
Dr. Lucius Ferdinand
Has science really advanced so far that one's autonomy can now simply be taken away with the press of a button? This man's devices...they seem to contradict everything La Revolution fought for. And yet he is - was - allowed to continue his work so? Perhaps the future is not so unlike the past. A world of savages, though simply with bigger weapons to get their grubby paws on.

Asherah Enkidu
Though she is loud, and a little obnoxious, I can relate to her. She is a hunter, like myself. Her prey is simply tougher than mine, and merits a different approach. We shall have to see who's approach will work out best.

President Maike March
Such a monstrous visage! And yet - oddly civilized. My first instinct was to shoot it until it stopped moving. And yet this creature has received me with nothing but the utmost politeness and diplomacy only a - ugh - politician could muster. Still, he has admirable constitution, and I am sure he will prove a worthy ally - as long as he doesn't get in my way.

She is...what we call a mirage, yes? A projection of the imagination. An esprìt, perhaps. But her music is all too real, and she does not disappear after a good night's sleep. Curious. I am not sure what to think of her.

And last, but certainly not the least among us, the - well, whatever she has become. I do not believe she is fit to be here. Her malchance is a danger to us all.

Gaston Boucher   						 
HP: 77/77 (THP:  )       AC:   25    Passive Insight: 22
Surges: 8/8 (V: 19)      For:  21    Passive Perception: 22
Initiative: +13   	 Ref:  27    Action Points: 1
Speed: 6   	         Will: 21    Vision: Darkvision

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Chameleon               [ ] Acrobat's Escape                 [ ] Bloodbath
Deft Strike             [ ] Bloodied Determination           [ ] Rogue's Recovery
Disheartening Strike    [ ] Cloud of Darkness                [ ] Trick Strike
                        [ ] Darkstrider Ambush
                        [ ] Fleeting Spirit Strike
                        [ ] Hunter's Quarry
                        [ ] Second Wind
                        [ ] Snap Shot
                        [ ] Tumble  
                        [ ] Unbalancing Shot
Item Powers
[ ]Boots of the Fencing Master (Encounter)
[ ]Bracers of Archery (Daily)
[ ]Kamesti Crossbow (Daily)
[ ]Shadowdance Armor (Daily)
Bloodsworn: When you use your second wind, you gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Boots of the Fencing Master: When you shift, gain +1 AC and Reflex. 
Crossbow Expertise: Ignore partial and superior cover with crossbow attacks. 
Cunning Sneak: You don't take a penalty to Stealth checks for moving more than 2 squares, and only take -5 to Stealth when running. 
If you end your movement at least 3 squares away from your starting position, 
you can make a Stealth check to become hidden if you have any concealment or cover.
Dark Action: When you use an action point, you gain a +4 bonus to defenses until the end of your next turn.
Darkstrider Edge: You have CA against all creatures that have not yet acted at the beginning of an encounter.
Distant Advantage: You gain CA against for ranged or area attacks against any enemy flanked by your allies.
Kamesti Crossbow: Attacks with this crossbow don't take a penalty for long range.
Shadowdance Armor: Your area or ranged attacks do not provoke OA.
Steady Shooter: If you haven't moved since the end of your last turn, you gain a bonus to damage with your crossbow attacks.

Apr 16, 2010

i always feel like

somebody's watching me

President March   						 
HP: 99/99 (THP: )        AC:   26    Passive Insight: 19
Surges: 10/10 (V: 26)    For:  26    Passive Perception: 24
Initiative: +8   	 Ref:  25    Action Points: 1
Speed: 9   	         Will: 25    Vision: Low-Light Vision

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Weight of Earth         [ ] Second Wind                      [ ] Form of Winter's Herald
Thorn Strike            [ ] Stone Panoply                    [ ] Rampant Forest
Warden's Fury           [ ] Thri-Kreen Claws                 [ ] Soothing Wind
Warden's Grasp          [ ] Eternal Tide Flurry of Blows     [ ] Form of the Oak Sentinel
                        [ ] Hungry Earth                     [ ] Tremor Step
                        [ ] Erupting Font
                        [ ] Strongskin Clash
                        [ ] Sheltering Storm
                        [ ] Falling Tree Strike
                        [ ] Form of the Oak Sentinel Attack
                        [ ] Form of the Winter Herald Attack

Melee Basic Attack (Vitality Drinking Rapier +2): 1d20+17 vs AC; 1d8+9 damage.
Item Powers
Encounter:                                  Daily:
[ ] Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade     [ ] Vitality Drinking Rapier
[ ] Jet Pack                                [ ] Boots of the Dryad

Superior Fortitude: Resist 6 Ongoing
Superior Reflexes: Gain CA against all enemies on the first turn of encounter
Superior Will: Make extra saving throw against Dazed or Stunned at start of turn, even if save not allowed
Font of Life: Make one saving throw at start of turn
Lifespirit + Shield of the Barrier Sentinels + Earthforger + Cloak of the Walking Wounded: 
     On second wind, gain +3 to all defenses UEONT, one ally within 5 can spend healing surge + make a saving throw,
     and if used while bloodied can expend two surges instead of one.
Reaching Action: Spending AP while in guardian form gives +1 melee reach UEONT
Writhing Roots: In Guardian Form, enemies treat adjacent squares as difficult terrain, adjacent allies gain +1 AC
Nimble Blade + Light Blade Expertise: +1 to damage and attack rolls versus CA-granting enemies
Earthforged Level 10: reduce distance of forced movement by 1
Terrain Advantage: Gain CA against enemies in difficult terrain
Sudden Roots: Enemies hit by OA are slowed until end of their turn
World Serpent's Grasp: knock slowed or immobilised enemies prone with attacks
Swaying Branches: Prone or slide target 1 square instead of damaging with Warden's Fury
Vitality Drinking Rapier: gain 5 THP each time creature is killed with this weapon
Boots of the Dryad: gain forest walk
Cloak of the Walking Wounded: expend two surges instead of one when Second Wind used while bloodied
Shield of the Barrier Sentinels: +1 to AC and Reflex while flanked
Reading Spectacles: Can read any language. Can not speak or write these languages.

Impressions to come at some point.

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Jul 17, 2009


Ash - Let's Do This!

(Greathook token might be useful if I chuck it exceptionally far or if the GM does something with it. vv )
My Official Nomination for the Castle/Timeship's name is TEMPUS FUGIT (latin: Time is running out)

Dr. Lucius Ferdinand
Sick. gently caress. I have no idea where he's from or why his own world/timeline/people didn't lock him up or worse. It's not just that he created the ability to completely enslave a person beyond any hope of resistance, it's that he doesn't even see it as a bad thing. If he ever uses his mojo on me, I will gut him and use him as AnglerSquid bait. gently caress!

President Maike March
A bug!? a Politician bug!? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeee, now I've seen everything.
As long as he stays polite and helpful, he won't end up bisected, steamed, and served with melted butter sauce.

Some kind of Machine-Spirit? I've heard about these. Way before the Magipocalypse, there were computers everywhere and they had programs that acted like people. But why does this "hologram" thing look like the comics my little brother thinks nobody knows he jerks off to? Weird.

She seems nice enough though.

Gaston Boucher
This guy. This fuckin guy. On the face of it, he seems like he's kinda like me, we both hunt dangerous game, his just happens to be people. He seems kinda humorless and dour, cute though, maybe I can loosen him up. heh.

Oh man, this poor chick must've lost a bet with a God or something. I'd feel sorry for her but, honestly, it's kinda funny. Please, don't tell her I said that.


Asherah Enkidu   						 
HP: 91/91 (THP: )         AC:   26    Passive Insight: 15
Surges: 11/11 (V: 22)    For:  22    Passive Perception: 20
Initiative: +11   	 Ref:  25    Action Points: 1
Speed: 6   	         Will: 21    Vision: Normal

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Aegis of Assault       [ ] Dimensional Cleave               [ ] Dimensional Thunder
Luring Strike          [ ] Transposing Lunge                [ ] Dimensional Dodge
Lightning Lure         [ ] Spikes of Agony                  [ ] Blade Bolt
______________         [ ] Ghost Sword

Utility Powers
Encounter			     Daily
[ ] Second Wind                     [ ] Spellscar Empowerment
[ ] Swiftcurrent                    [ ] Dimensional Dodge
[ ] Armathor's Step
[ ] Arcane Senses

Opportunity Attack:
Melee Basic Attack (Vicious Fullblade +3): 1d20+19 vs AC; 1d12+13  damage.
On Crit: +5d12 (3 from Vicious + 2 from High Crit)
Special: (High Crit) extra 2[W] on crit (2d12)
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]Potion, Cure moderate wounds
Spend Healing surge, gain 2d8+10 HP; If you are bloodied and have 0 surges, still regain HP.
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]Clearwater Solution
1 dose clears a square of water (5feetx5feetx5feet) of all poisons and diseases after 1 minute 
(Ash uses this to clean up drinking water)

Item Powers
Acrobat Boots: (Minor) Stand up from prone as a minor action.
[ ]Dwarven Throwers:(Standard) make an RBA with melee weapon. Range 7/10 (1d20+16; 1d12+7) 
Weapon returns to me after the attack.
[ ] Cloak of Translocation: (minor) Regain spent encounter teleport power.

+2 vs Ongoing damage
Hunter's Kit: +2 Nature checks to forage.
Climbing Kit: +2 Athletics check for Climbing.
Chirurgeon Tools: used to treat disease, give +2 to ally vs disease check
Inquisitive Kit: +2 perception to search area for something specific
Bestiary: when you fail monster knowledge check, spend 1 hour reading and reroll (must use 2nd result)
Extended Teleportation: +1 distance to all teleport powers.
Timely Teleport: When I use 2nd Wind, can also teleport 6 squares as free action.
Vigorous Assault: When I use the Aegis Assault to teleport, gain 6THP
Far Throw: +2/2 range for range attacks.
Two handed expertise: +2 damage to all attacks when charging
Luring Strike: shift 1 sq before or after attack.
Arcane Lance: counts as MBA while charging (+6 dmg while mounted)
Armathor's Step: (move) Teleport 6. If I end adj to enemy, gain +2 attack on next roll
Spikes of Agony: IF target moves before EONT, it takes 8 Force dmg. 
When I use aegis of assault immediate reaction, this can be used in place of MBA.
Ghost Sword: when you use aegis of assault teleport, this can be used as MBA
Dimensional Thunder: Teleport 4, each adj enemy takes 5 Thunder Ongoing (Save ends)
Dimensional Bond: Can teleport 11, must end adj to target.
Spellscar Empowerment: Trigger: hit an enemy with an attack. Effect: enemy is dazed UEONT, I take 10dmg.
Dimensional Dodge: (interrupt) Trigger: hit by ranged attack from enemy in 21 squares. 
Effect: teleport adj to enemy.
Dwarven Throwers: +2 dmg on thrown weapon attacks.
Battle Harness: draw weapon or item as free action.
Cloak of translocation: when you use a teleport power, gain +2 to AC/REF UEONT
Escape Tattoo: when non-minion enemy scores a crit on me, teleport 3 squares as free action.

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Mar 29, 2010

Dr. Lucius Ferdinand

Dr.Lucius Ferdinand Time Excursion Log Entry #1 posted:

It seems the little green man is not the only interesting company aboard this vessel. Quick thoughts on fellow crew members jotted below.

Claims to be from future suffering from effects of global warming and filled with magic. Global warming currently under control at present, magic is only in fairy tales. Most likely lying.

President Maike March
Proof of other life in galaxy. First contact falls upon me. Politician, thus, most likely afraid of science, change, and advancement. Must not trust first impression. Would like to study physiology. Will take wait-and-see approach.

Fascinating technology. Curious as to how it is able to function and interact with material world. Would like to see code base, key to true AI may be found within. Next step in research?

Gaston Boucher
Very dour. Claims to be from French Revolution, but world he describes does not match historical events, nor is there any record of his supposed tales. Either lying or proof of parallel universes. Must question further.

Claims to have time traveled in past. Could have useful information on subject. Doubt claims of vampire and werewolf encounters, but something does seem “off” with her. Would like to perform physical examination, find cause of physiological anomalies. Very angry woman.

This concludes initial impressions. I believe that there is an immense amount of data to be found here, if they would be willing to cooperate with me. What I could learn here could change the world far beyond what I already have.
Hp: 63/63		AC: 	26		Passive Insight: 23
Surges: 6/6 (V:15)	For:	19		Passive Perception: 21
Intiative: +13		Ref:	25		Action Points: 1
Speed: 6		Will:	25		Vision: Low Light
Power Points: 8/8

At Will
Mind Thrust
Force Grasp

[ ] Infernal Wrath
[ ] Distract
[ ] Send Thoughts
[ ] Intellect Fortress
[ ] Shared Recovery
[ ] Mind over Flesh
[ ] Bonds of Time

[ ] Living Missile
[ ] Living Missile Attack
[ ] Hypnotic Pulse
[ ] Sensory Onslaught

Item Powers
[ ] Periapt of Cascading Health (Encounter, Minor)
[ ] Jet Pack (Encounter)
[ ] Irrefutable Cloth Armor (Daily)
[ ] Accurate Orb of Mental Dominion (Daily)
[ ] Cognizance Crystal (Consumabel, x2)

Fire Resistance 10
Bloodhunt: +1 vs Bloodied enemies
Time-Lapse: +1 to attack roll if psionic attacl used after action point & teleport 6
Loan from the Past: Roll additional d20 with initiative.  Use to replace any attack, skill,
ability, or saving throw roll.
Unarmored Agility: +2 to AC when wearing cloth or no armor.
Imperious Majesty: Use CHA instead of DEX to determine initiative. When I hit a create that has not
yet acted, it takes a penalty to attack rolls against me equal to me CHA until end of my next turn.
Impending Victory: +1 to attack rolls with at-will powers against bloodied enemies.
Distant Advantage: Gain combat advantage for ranged and area attacks against any enemy flanked by my allies
Resilient Focus: +2 to saving throws.
Psychic Lock: Any target I hit with a psychic power takes -2 penalty to its next attack roll.
Controlling Advantage: When I push, pull, or slide a target granting combat advantage, I can 
increase forced movement distance by 1 square.

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Apr 23, 2012

You're pretty good, Snivy.

Nihil the Unluckiest Woman
A bit too happy-go-lucky for my taste, although that certainly does help make her seem less threatening. Nice to see someone else who isn't alive, even if the circumstances are very different. Maybe we can laugh together if the rest of the group gets food poisoning.

President Maike March
If this is how politics develop, I might actually pay attention to them. Normally I hate all politicians, but if he can fisticuff as well as his build suggests, I think I'll like him.

Gaston Boucher
"The Dark Hunter". Pphh. I've faced worse than him on the best days of my life. Then again, I guess I am the outlier here. We'll see how much of a hunter he is when the time comes, I suppose.

Dr. Lucius Ferdinand
A sick gently caress, plain and simple. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, which is admittedly a bit far. But still, he's crazy. Kuckoo. One step away for being a mad scientist who tries to destroy all reality. If he at all tries to poke or prod me, I will rip out his loving spleen. He reminds me of one of the demons back home.

Asherah Enkidu
I like her. Strong and smart. Just have to be careful not to get in the way of the giant hook.

Hp: 74/74		AC: 	22		Passive Insight: 21
Surges: 2/2 (V:18)	For:	19		Passive Perception: 21
Intiative: +10		Ref:	22		Action Points: 1
Speed: 8		Will:	25		Vision: Darkvision

At Will
Lance of Faith
Taste of Life

[ ][ ] Blood Drinker
[ ] Dread Revelation
[ ] Healing Word
[ ] Blood Drain
[ ] Dark Reaping 
[ ] Lifeblood
[ ] Wolf Shape
[ ] Charming Gaze

[ ] Swarm of Shadows
[ ] Revealing Light
[ ] Domineering Gaze
[ ] Cure Serious Wounds
[ ] Gaseous Form 

Item Powers
[ ] Boots of Sand and Sea (Encounter, Minor)
[ ] Jet Pack (Encounter)
[ ] Cobra Strike Ki Focus (Daily)
[ ] Helm of Unclouded Vision

Poison Resistance 10
Necrotic Resistance 5
+9 bonus to death saving rolls
+2 bonus to poison saving rolls
+2 bonus to defenses and attacks while at or below 0 HP
I don't fall unconscious till I fail a saving throw. At 0 HP or less I become dazed.
At the start of my turn I can roll a saving throw against stun or daze even if it's not save ends.
Immune to disease
I don't eat, drink, or breathe.
Guys I may have broken D&D. gently caress game balance.

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Knitted Art
Mar 25, 2011
Can't post for 36 hours!

LEANNE’s Impressions

How interesting, it seems that there are so many people from different timelines! Hopefully I can record enough data about them to create new songs and report to the people in the colony!

Dr. Lucius Ferdinand - Hmmm... His DNA hacking technology is comparable with some of my Harmonical Protocols, although while mine are used only to instigate certain parts of sentient creature’s brains, his appears to be quite more advanced in that matter. Unfortunately the code of ethics hardwired on me makes copying that technology impossible.

Gaston Boucher - Ah, he hails from the ancient time of revolutionary france! I have quite the collection of musics from that time, such as “La Marseillese”, “Ça Ira” and “Do you hear the people sing?”. Perhaps he can teach me some as well!

Asherah Enkidu - It seems that instead of reaching for the stars, the people of Lady Asherah’s world stayed on Earth. Perhaps once we are done our Colony could reach out and help bringing them to a less hostile place to live?

Nihil - Time travel… Such an interesting technology, but such an unfortunate user! Yet, it seems that Lady Nihil appears to be undead as well, hopefully that doesn’t make it harder to interact with her body with my nanomachines. For healing purposes, of course!

President Maike March - How unusual, most arthropod civilizations that I visited were either absolute monarchies or other kinds of despotism. That is perhaps the first example of a republican arthropodal creature that I have ever seen. My, there must be so many things to learn from him!

HP: 78/78(THP: )         AC:   26    Passive Insight: 15
Surges: 10/10 (V: 19)    For:  18    Passive Perception: 15
Initiative: +8   	 Ref:  20   Action Points: 1
Speed: 5   	         Will: 22    Vision: Low-light

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Cutting Words          [ ] Beguiling Flash                  [ ] Sprightly Rhythm
Staggering Note        [ ] Fey Step                         [ ] Strictures of Fortune
                       [ ] Majestic Word                    [ ] Symphony of Misfortune
                       [ ] Words of Friendship
                       [ ] Blunder
                       [ ] Song of the New Dawn
                       [ ] Drums of the Wild Hunt
                       [ ] Pacifying Voice

Utility Powers
Encounter			Daily                     Ritual
[ ] Second Wind               [ ] Song of Courage         Traveler's Chant
                              [ ] Trickster's Healing     Comprehend Language
                              [ ] Song of Life

Opportunity Attack:
Melee Basic Attack (Unarmed): 1d20+5 vs AC; 1d4 damage.

Item Powers
Helm of Battle: Me and each ally at 5 squares from me gets +1 at initiative.
Antipathy Gloves: Enemies must spend an extra 1 square to get adjacent to me.
Armor of Dogged Grit: Whenever I take 20+ damage, I get 5 temp hp at the end of the
current turn.

[ ] Orb of Sweet Sanctuary Add 5 + the enhancement bonus of the orb to your defenses
until the end of your next turn.
[ ] Antipathy Gloves Make an attack: Ranged 10; +13 vs. Reflex; on a hit,
the target is restrained (save ends).

+5 vs Charm
+3 to untrained skill checks
+2 to skill and ability checks to ally within 5 squares
When an ally within 5 spends an action point but doesn't attack, he regains 1d8+ cha mod hp
Meditate 4 hours instead of sleep.
At end of a rest, allies spending a Healing Surge get extra HP equal to my charisma mod+2.
Majestic Word grants temp HP equal to charisma mod and gains +2 to their next damage roll
Once per turn when you teleport an ally with a power, you can also teleport 1 square as 
a free action.
Can teleport the target 1 square instead of sliding the target when using Majestic Word.
Can spend a healing surge as a free action if using Fey Step while bloodied and with no
allies at 5 squares.
When an ally within 5 squares bloodies or reduces an enemy to 0 hp, they gain 3+ con modifier
temporary hp and +2 to the next damage roll

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Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

Game thread up!

As per popular consensus, the castle has been christened Tempus Fuggit!

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Jul 17, 2009


Here is a good song for the current scene.
I heard it and immediately thought of this game.

Dec 15, 2012

The Cally will NOT be questioned. Out the airlock with you!

Any friend of Del is a friend of mine. You're alright, Error 404.

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Jul 17, 2009


Wolery posted:

Any friend of Del is a friend of mine. You're alright, Error 404.

gently caress yes dude.


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Jul 17, 2009


Hey Wol, since Nihil made it over 2/3 of the way there, and is unlucky as hell, would it be ok for me to roll Athletics to reel her in?

Also, I plan to do the same for anyone else who runs into problems.

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