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Another Person
Oct 20, 2010

Web Site
What is GiantBomb?
iTunes RSS Bombcast Twitter
Never miss a live show again! Tray app version for non-Chrome users.

Come chat with us on IRC too! You can connect to it via regular irc on #giantbomb over SynIrc.

Giant Bomb is a personality based gaming website that values entertainment on at least an equal footing with presenting the facts. Once part of Whiskey Media, but now back at the site that several of them originated from, Gamespot.

Do note that each person's name below leads to their twitter, and their Twitch/Youtube channel below if they are known for using them.

The People

Jeff Gerstmann

A founding member with Ryan, as it was his firing from Gamespot caused the creation of the site. Appears in a lot of the videos and also has a really bad habit of buying the dumbest things possible, be it Game Room or multiple copies of the same game. He hosts the content that seems to be one with him (and probably the best reason to subscribe to Giant Bomb), Unprofessional Fridays. He is also usually behind some of the best and dumbest content on the site.

Jeff's Twitch Channel

Ryan Davis

Handles the hosting duties of giantbomb podcast and appears in a large proportion of the quick looks. Passed away July 3rd, 2013. He may be gone, but his memory lives on in hundreds of hours of content, both video and audio. Try not to discuss his cause of death please, it won't do the thread any good and will just cause an argument.

Brad Shoemaker

Brad is the straight man of the group, but also takes dying to a game very rough, even in quick looks or the Breaking Brad premium content. Point in case. He recently took a large interest into Dota 2, bringing with it the newest form of content, The Daily Dota, in which he plays Dota 2 alongside friends of the Giant Bomb family, such as ex intern Matt Kessler, or Brad Muir of Double Fine. He also posts in this thread now too, I guess?

Brad's Twitch Channel

Vinny Caravella

Is the video producer for the site but also channels an almost contagious about of glee when describing games or mechanics he likes. Due to this he is probably the consensus favorite for person you want in a quicklook, at least on Something Awful. He is probably most energetic member on the bombcast, with common topics being outright crazy, such as his bugout bag. He is also probably the only person keeping Gamefly running at this point in time. Has tall son.

Vinny's Twitch Channel

Patrick Klepek

The news editor of the site. He actually has turned news reporting on the site from just basically an industry rss feed into actual interesting journalism*. He used to feature in a lot of content, from Bombcasts to Quick Looks, often of stuff that would otherwise get overlooked. However, he has now broken away from the SF pack, moving back to his hometown of Chicago. He still works for the site, just from a distance, taking into his role of News Editor heavier. A recent addition to content for the site from Patrick was the Interview Dumptruck, which is raw recordings of live interviews with the industry dropped onto the site for you to listen to.

Patrick's Twitch Channel Patrick's Youtube Channel

Alex Navarro

Alex is the reviewer located in the east coast. He rarely appears with the others on video due to this reason, but you will often see his reviews pop up each week. He also occasionally will back up the Interview Dumptruck and drop some real nuggets of gold. Alex and Matt Rorie recently broke new ground, did something completely unforseen and started up a new, movie podcast. Who would've guessed?

A great example of Alex's reviews is here

Matthew Rorie

Matt Rorie was an ex-Whiskey Media team member who worked on Screened alongside Giant Bomb reviewer Alex Navarro, and has worked as a Games Guide editor at Gamespot and also as a PR Manager at Obsidian Entertainment. After a short stint of unemployment, he was taken on as Community Manager at Giantbomb, ‘replacing’ Dave Snider. He is typically found in the background of I Love Monday’s, modding the stream chatroom or playing Dark Souls for the internet. Loves puppies.

Matt's Twitch Channel

Drew Scanlon

The site's main video editor who occasionally shows up to do video content on Giant Bomb. Hired immediately after his stint as Giant Bomb’s first intern, he is a fan of hardcore simulations and the quicklooks for those are always awesome. More recently, he seems to have taken a stronger role in operations, appearing in bombcasts and often bringing the best content to Unprofessional Fridays. When Drew is out of the office, videos slow to a trickle, proving he is the hidden backbone of the site.

Drew's Twitch Channel

Alexis Gallisá

Site designer for Giant Bomb. He builds most of the designs of the site and gets called out for it when they don't work. A massive fan of Halo. Also nearly died eating 100 chicken nuggets one time for a Big Live Live Show.

Dave Snider

Hardcore Dave was the lead Designer of Giant Bomb. He is a huge pc gamer who seems to be drawn to weird european games. He left Giantbomb after the new site was in a good enough working shape to focus on his family and other projects. However, he will still be seen in content from time to time as a guest.

What is on the site

Most of the content on the site is the basic stuff you see on video game sites, like reviews, trailers, and general new stories. But here some stuff that's generally exclusive to Giant Bomb.

Quick Looks: Ten minute to hour and half long videos showcasing gameplay of games. For the most part these are generally good, but there are some stinkers out there. QL EX tend to have a person from the developres, which can either be really great (Double Fine) or really awful (Sonic Racing).

Bombin' The A.M. With Sccops and the Wolf: A morning 'radio show' style mini podcast, where the East Coast correspondents, Alex and Patrick, cover the news of the week between themselves and take occaissionally guests on the show to discuss a topic. It allows us to get a bit of perspective of what Pat and Alex are up to, as they are both too far away to feature on the Bombcast, and are too scattered to feature in Quick Looks.

Endurance Run: Only three to date, but they are LP style video contents from the start of the game to the end. The first was Persona, then there was a dual endurance run with Deadly Premonition, and then the third covered Chrono Trigger.

TNT: Game night on Thursday to play with the staff on the site. Most of the time these can be boring (with only saving grace is Vinny's Tri-caster), but they can be worth watching. Every once in a while these will be in-house and generally really good (minus Portal 2).

The Daily Dota: Brad Shoemaker plays some Dota 2 (or gets carried, at least), alongside ex intern Matt Kessler, and whichever friend of the site happens to be playing and interested at the time.

Encyclopaedia Bombastica: Part of the QUICKLOOK EVERYTHING initiative that Jeff considered, EB is a way of allowing the cast to look back on games they either admire, or shun. Also known as: Filler for a dry patch.

8-4 Play: The site also hosts another podcast alongside their own, that of Japanese translation studio 8-4 Play. Offering insight into the Japanese side of the market which Giant Bomb chooses not to cover, they also cover Western news in their own way. I've never really listened to them, but if inside baseball on Japanese developer relations is your dish, you will probably be into this.

Subscriber Content

These content require a monthly or yearly premium account to view. TNT technically goes here, but only for the archives (and even then the recordings are still up on Twitch).

Random PC: Name says it all, just them playing a random old PC game.

Load Our Last Save: Resuming years old X-Box saves. Haven't had a new entry in a long while, so it might not be coming back. I miss it.

Jar Time: Jeff answering questions from the community.

Patrick’s Question Time: Jar time, but without Jeff or jars.

Breaking Brad: Brad trying to earn a hard to obtain achievements and failing miserably.

Spookin' With Scoops: Patrick with a scare cam.

Unprofessional Fridays: New weekly in house games display, in which each SF staff member will bring in a game of their choice to play live on the internet for our viewing pleasure. Often involves beer and laughs. Typically runs for 2-3 hours, depending on how long or how crazy the games being shown are.

Untitled Giant Bomb Movie Podcast: Since Rorie joined, Giant Bomb now has enough of the ex-Screened staff on hand to actually run what Berman Braun bought Screened for. Alex and Matt Rorie get together over Skype to voice their thoughts on the latest cinematic releases, spoilers or no spoilers. It is pretty much exactly how the podcast was left two years ago.

Just who are these guests?

Giant Bomb is known for it's cast, but also for the deep connections the cast has to the rest of the industry. With these connections, they often pull in guests for bombcasts, livestreams or panel shows, many of whom you might not know if you have not followed them for years.

Here are the most frequent guests:

Double Fine
Double Fine offices are up the street or something like that, so they guest all the time.

Brad Muir

Designer over at Double Fine, Brad Muir is a long standing friend of the crew who is known for almost impossible levels of happiness on display at all times. He is the mind behind Trenched, and recently started his own Kickstarter for his brainchild, Massive Chalice.

Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer is the founder of Double Fine and a developer who is heralded as a masterful designer of classic adventure games, such as the Monkey Island series or Grim Fandango. He often brings his strong sense of humour and friendliness with him to content he guests on.

Alex had a short stint working over at Harmonix following his departure from Gamespot, and some personalities leaked over to Giantbomb as a result.

John T. Drake

Diet Coke drinkin', Just Dancin'Dance... Centraling(?), Disney game pushin' John T. Drake is a friend of the site who often makes appearances in E3 and PAX content. His face may permanently exude either an expression of madness or unhappiness, but he is a great guy and brings a lot of laughs to whatever he ends up on, typically as the butt of some joke.

Eric Pope

Eric Pope guests from time to time, and has been known to just be around in time to see Brad not be broken on one occasion. His normal job is working at Harmonix, and can often be found on the weekly Harmonix streams as either host or tech guy. Is racist according to Ryan?

Iron Galaxy

Dave Lang

Dave Lang is the CEO of Iron Galaxy studios and the man behind such classic titles as WCW Mayhem, NHL Breakaway '98 and Space Jam. He is the one man population of the transient Lang Zone, an area sectioned off at Giant Bomb PAX panels exclusively for the man himself to sit and reconcile in. He is currently working on breakout fighting game, Dive Kick. Are you going to dive, or are you going to kick?

Jamie and Adam's
Ex-Whiskey Media Family partner site, Tested is home to Will Smith (not that Will Smith), Norman Chan, Gary Whitta and Joey Fameli. They don't appear much in content anymore, but if you are going through the back catalogue, you will see a lot of them. Current Tested chat may as well be welcome here, because a) there is nowhere else to discuss them, and b) I don't see why it wouldn't be welcome. Test away.

Will Smith

When Whiskey started Tested, so came Will Smith. Ex-writer for PC Gamer magazine (I think), Will works for Tested, a devoted tech news site and podcast, which used to be recorded in the same ramshackle basement as the bombcast. He was the target of Ryan's ire if there ever was one, riffing off of one another on the old Happy Hour segments.

Norm Chan

Alongside Will you would often find Norm doing something stupid on Happy Hour. Norm was also known for being Brad's Starcraft 2 rival (despite being out of Brad's league) and for being pretty good at Battlefield 3, but not as good as Mike Horn.

Most of the crew used to work at Gamespot. So did a lot of other people too. Some still work there, the poor saps.

Rich Gallup

Rich Gallup used to be the 'Feature Producer' back at Gamespot, effectively meaning boss, and featured in a lot of content, such as the Hotspot. Now he is usually only comes out of his shell of a PAX or E3 bombcast slot. Did not make a game that cost Rhode Island a lot of money.

Greg Kasavin

Greg Kasavin worked at Gamespot with Jeff and co., before moving on to produce Bastion. Being close to the team, he would sometimes appear in content, such as podcasts, and even once did a massive Skyrim release stream for the site.


Adam Sessler

Adam 'The Sess' Sessler used to be the host of X-Play, as well as editor in chief of the now defunct G4, and has now moved on to executive producer of Rev3Gaming. A well known face in gaming, he will pop up in conference content from time to time, or Jeff will pop up in his content. I would say he is probably as respected as Jeff for 'well known decent game people'.

Cards Against Humanity

Max Tempkin

After the crew played his game, Cards Against Humanity, one TNT a partnership and friendship was quickly born between Ryan and Max. Often appearing at PAX and any other conference Giant Bomb can run into him at, he is a common conference guest and knows how to start an argument, as exampled by the E3 2012 podcasts...


John Vignocchi

From Midway, to Vogster to executive producer at Disney Interactive, John Vignocchi is a long time friend of the crew and the site. Once guested on the Bombcast without even realising it.


Adam Boyes

Adam Boyes used to be a tester for EA, now he is Head of Publisher Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America. Talk about climbing the ladder. He also worked at Midway around the same time as Johnny V, becoming friends with him, before moving on to form Beefy Media, then to where he is now. He once displayed his game, Age of Booty to Giant Bomb, with masterful sailor, Captain Morgan. He also turned up to the E3 2013 podcasts with a real PS4 like it was nothing.

If there is anything that you would like to see added to either this OP, or the second post, drop me a PM and I will get on it. I want to try to keep this relevant and up to date.

Another Person fucked around with this message at Mar 31, 2014 around 20:49


Another Person
Oct 20, 2010

I am new to Giant Bomb. Where should I start listening to the bombcast from?
I would recommend just picking up from the current date, listening to a couple of episodes and then working your way back a few episodes, and if you then decide you really like this podcast do whatever you want. Go from the start, pick randoms out, anything. This is the sort of show you can pick up at any point and still be fine - the news will obviously be old but the way it is presented is probably timeless. The first episode is here. Be aware that everything before 07-02-13 will have Ryan in, which may come as a shock if you are used to listening to podcasts without him in now.

Years of weekly bombcasts too much for you?
This Year Collections has you covered with collections of highlights by the year, as well as collections of The Hotspot, the podcast Jeff+co were whilst at Gamespot.

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Ryan Davis Memorial Special 2013

Hotspot 2005 Hotspot 2006 Hotspot 2007

Youtube user thepunishert also uploads clips of the bombcast all the time. Playlist 1 Playlist 2

Got a favourite member and want to watch videos with them in? You can now, with the QLcrew tool. It allows you to select who you want to see, and who you want to avoid.

Recommended video links:

Old TNTs (not on the site archives) and older events like the first Big Live Show and End of the X-Box Can be found here.

Non-subscriber videos to watch:

Endurance Run: (Giant Bomb link goes to the first episode, Youtube is a playlist of all episodes)
Persona 4 (Jeff & Vinny) Youtube Playlist Download Link to all Persona 4 Endurance Run Videos for the lazy
Deadly Premonition (Jeff & Vinny) Youtube Playlist
Deadly Premonition (Brad & Ryan) Youtube Playlist
Chrono Trigger (Patrick & Ryan) Youtube Playlist

Playlist of all Gameroom videos. - Also watch this video below.

Quick Looks:

New Super Mario Bros Wii U
WWE 13
Natural Selection EX (included for being a cool EX, a rarity)
Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! (starring Brad Muir!)
007 Legends
NBA Baller Beats
Check Vs. Mate (alternately, the TNT waiting room)
Double Fine Happy Action Television (alternately, Kinect Party)
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point
Kerbal Space Program
Stay Dead
Rollercoaster Rampage
Hotline Miami
Press Your Luck 2010 Edition
Xbox Live Indie Games
Happy Action Theater
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Pac-Man CE DX
Wipeout: The Game
Jackie Chan Fist of Fire
Apples to Apples
Darkest of Days
James Cameron's Avatar the Game
Story Hour Adventures
U Draw Tablet
Buzz Quiz World
Crash Time
Bejeweled 3
Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust
A-10c Warthog
Chu Chu Rocket
APB All Points Bulletin
Jurassic: The Hunted
Hollywood Squares
Duke Nukem Forever
1000000 Pyramid
Railworks - Trains vs Zombies
Family Fued 2010 Edition
Wappy Dog
TrenchedIron Brigade - Rise of the Martian Bear
Call of Juarez the Cartel
Family Fued 2012 Edition
Price is Right 2010 Edition
Price is Right Decades
Hulk Hogans Main Event
Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2012 Edition
Ride to Hell: Retribution
Game and Wario
Prison Architect
Way of the Dogg
MLB '13
Arma III Alpha
Arma III Release
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake
Sleeping Dogs: Wheels of Fury
Crysis 3
Angelica Weaver
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Collection
Toejam and Earl
Aerofly FS
Rogue Warrior
Cry of Fear
Madden NFL 25
Samurai Gunn
Barbie Dream House
Ashes Cricket
Super Mario 3D World
Bridge Constructor
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F

A regularly updated list of funniest quicklooks

Best of Ryan Davis Collection

Farming Simulator 2013
Tokyo Crash Mobs
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Ship Simulator Extreme
Kinect Nat Geo
Multimdia Celebrity Poker
Farming Simulator 2011
Kinectimals: Now With Bears
Self Defense Training Camp (kick'em in the dick)
Creeper Cam
Ryan Davis schools some Gamespot Fools on Quoted for Truth
Pokemon Snap
TANG Super Mario Bros.
Time Trotters: Night Trap
GOTY 2011: Day 1 Recap
Noby Noby Boy
Garshap The Monster Slayer
Medieval Moves: Deadmunds Quest
Fast Draw Showdown & Mad Dog McCree
Motion Sports
The Brown Eye: Chains of Satinav

Random Videos

Matrix Online: Not Like This - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Finale
There is Another: The End of Star Wars Galaxies - Part 1 & Part 2
Set Phasers To Fun - Star Trek Online Beta - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2010's Holiday Retro Stream - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
2011 Holiday Retro Stream - Part 1 Part 2
The Olympiad Part 1 Part 2 Stream 2 Pt. 1 Stream 2 Pt. 2
Iceland Travelogue
Iceland CRF
The Freedom Stream
E3 2013: The Longest Day
DSi XL Unboxing
Dodgy Kong Mailbag
A boatload of old PC games Mailbag
Red Scanlon Mailbag
The Mailbag where Brad wears a pink visibility jacket
Hostess With the Mostess: Giantbomb receives 775 Twinkies

Subscriber videos to watch:

TNT: (note non-subscribers can watch them here.
3DOdown also on jtv
Cards against Humanity (also Star Trek Online) also on jtv
Random PC Games also on jtv
Dead Island also on jtv
Fortune Street: Part 1 Part 2
The History of the Lang Zone
Brad Muir Life Story

Random PC
Phantasmogoria Part 1 & Part 2
Crusader: No Remorse
Wing Commander III

Load Our Last Souls
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Post Souls Tribute

Breaking Brad
Breaking Brad: Call of Duty 4 Mile High ClubPart 1 & Part 2
Breaking Brad: Doom II Ultra-Violence Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Geometry Wars 1,000,000
Volgarr the Viking Part 2 Part 3

Backflips 'N' Bioforge
Original Unpro Fri Slot Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Giantbomb Unplugged - Tabletop Adventures
Pathfinder - The Last Canadians Part 2 Part 3

Best of Unprofessional Fridays
A Dog's (poo poo) Life
Lego Island
Vinny's Second Life Shenanigans (last 30 mins)

Random One Off Streams
Welcome Back Tricaster Part 1 & Part 2
Skyrim Pre-Show: MorrowindPart 1 & Part 2 also on jtv
SNES Party Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Warlords Cash Game also on jtv
How a Livestream is Made
Vinny Plays Some GTA V
Giant Bomb's Somewhat Longer Than Average Free Friday Send-Off Show!

Console Conference Clusterfuck Commentary
PS4 Reveal
Sony Gamescom

XBONE'D Up Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In the age of instant information a thread is not fast enough for me. Where can I chat about Giantbomb?

Here. You can connect to it via regular irc on #giantbomb over SynIrc.

Think something should be in the OP somewhere or other, or spot some broken BBCode/spelling errors? PM me or post in this thread and I will get on it. I want to try and keep this up to date if I can.

Another Person fucked around with this message at Mar 15, 2014 around 00:51

Apr 15, 2009

Patrick is doing his daily scooplunky stream right now.

Feb 13, 2012

Do you want to know what we do to artists?

Are video games good or bad?

Another Person
Oct 20, 2010

Rhonne posted:

Are video games good or bad?

Video games are bad.

Token Cracker
Dec 22, 2004


Eastbound Spider
Jan 2, 2011

Can anyone find me that "Video games i like those" - "Yeah some people do" youtube video? I can not find it for myself.

Jun 29, 2011

Look man, I ain't involved. I ain't involved in that gangster bullshit no more.

Eastbound Spider posted:

Can anyone find me that "Video games i like those" - "Yeah some people do" youtube video? I can not find it for myself.

Dred Cosmonaut
Jan 5, 2010

Four Capital Letters, Printed in Gold

patrick no, go back to the gamespot player

Apr 4, 2009

Don't call my name
Don't call my name

Another Person posted:

Video games are bad.
Still going with "eh"

Apr 30, 2009

Rorie needs to be updated a bit I think, and Alex should mention the morning show.

Nov 19, 2007

camels aren't so great

Rhonne posted:

Are video games good or bad?

Glad we settled this, now we have all of 2014 to spend in productive discussion.

In actual "videogames are good" related news, MGSRising just unlocked

It's a kojima production / metal gear game alright.

RoadCrewWorker fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2014 around 19:22

Another Person
Oct 20, 2010

KoB posted:

Rorie needs to be updated a bit I think, and Alex should mention the morning show.

Yeah, I'm tidying up the links section (the 'Other Subscriber' bit probs needs to go and be replaced with something organised) and then I am updating bios.

Apr 22, 2008

here come the planes

Tuesdays are getting better, but they're still just not the same. RIP, Ryan.

Biggest Faggot Ever
Aug 15, 2005

Someone please post the picture of Jeff as Big Bo, I can't find it and don't have it saved.

Jul 22, 2008

I wonder how far Patrick is going to go with his Dark Souls stuff. It'll be interesting to see his approach to the Tomb of the Giants compared to Vinny's.

May 24, 2012

RoadCrewWorker posted:


Glad we settled this, now we have all of 2014 to spend in productive discussion.

In actual "videogames are good" related news, MGSRising just unlocked

It's a kojima production / metal gear game alright.
That's genuinely a little weird. I guess there's a lot of in-engine cutscenes that are recorded files, but I didn't think there was THAT many. (Most are rendered in-game)

Please enjoy it, it is a great game, tragically overlooked by giantbombdotcom.

Sushi in Yiddish
Feb 2, 2008

Why can't I just eat my waffle?

Gotta include it's twin, too.

Also voting this as most surreal unplanned moment in Giantbomb video content 2013:

Sushi in Yiddish fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2014 around 19:29

The REAL Goobusters
Apr 25, 2008

Its time to sax up this club!

By the way I started playing binary domain and that game is awesome in a b movie way. Vinny was right!

Jun 4, 2006

Really... I'm an idiot.

That subscription gif is sooo 2013

That is a thread title for the ages, though.

May 13, 2009


Edit: oh god I forgot about Jeffs sexual harassment mustache

JuHoZ fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2014 around 19:41

Apr 4, 2009

Don't call my name
Don't call my name

Hahaha that was the best ending to that last Spelunky run since I could see it coming a few seconds before. Since I've died like that multiple times before, digging underneath a stone block.

Nov 20, 2004

So what's the situation with Patrick going to the CAH office? Are they located in Chicago as well? Is he just going to be working out of there from now on, or is it just a quick visit?

Jan 21, 2005

A USS Enterprise appears.
USS Enterprise uses 'Phaser Barrage'.
Its super effective.

Rhonne posted:

Are video games good or bad?

Their Crazy Nuts!

Nov 3, 2009

All creature will die and all the things will be broken. That's the law of samurai.

ovaries posted:

So what's the situation with Patrick going to the CAH office? Are they located in Chicago as well? Is he just going to be working out of there from now on, or is it just a quick visit?

I think it's permanent. As far as I can understand he's basically just borrowing some of their office space because they're friends, and it's more fun than working alone.

muscles like this?
Jan 17, 2005


ovaries posted:

So what's the situation with Patrick going to the CAH office? Are they located in Chicago as well? Is he just going to be working out of there from now on, or is it just a quick visit?

Max Temkin is letting him use it as a work space. So the plan is for Patrick to work out of there regularly.

Nov 19, 2007

camels aren't so great

What about the various versions of animated podcast segments, those are basically classics too. Not sure if they belong in the OP.

What's the name of the short stream excerpt that edits Drew and Alexis with moody romance music?

Jan 5, 2011

New year new thread may we finally be free of Luigi and his Tyranny. Sad that load our last souls is over but hopefully Vinny will find something new to dive into.

Feb 26, 2009

This should be in the OP with Load our last souls section

Oct 15, 2012

Vault Dweller

Happy New Year/thread,

Sep 27, 2005

This probably needs to be in the OP

Apr 29, 2005

Now who looks even dumber?

There's something about that photo of Jeff that's very Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Apr 26, 2010

I didn't see it from scanning the first 2 posts, but was TANG mentioned anywhere?

Attention Horse
Jan 5, 2012

Yo man, you are out of step with Imhotep!


Sushi in Yiddish
Feb 2, 2008

Why can't I just eat my waffle?

A fine video. I myself am partial to Reggae Vampire:

Nov 19, 2007

camels aren't so great

Classic involving Rorie:

RoadCrewWorker fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2014 around 21:14

Mu Zeta
Oct 17, 2002

Things are going to be okay.

Attention Horse
Jan 5, 2012

Yo man, you are out of step with Imhotep!

Classic Jeff + Vinny combo

Nov 11, 2012

I love GB clips.

My favorite has to be the crew finding Alex's old E3 preview of Dog's Life as they play the game.

FutonForensic fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2014 around 22:12


Jan 5, 2011

Awesome Metal Gear Rising PC quick look was added to the site for tomorrow morning. It is pretty much the best game ever so good to see it get it's due.

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