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Oct 24, 2008

Welcome to The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43 LP!

The Hunters, a recently published board-game by ConSim Press, is a solitaire war-game centred around commanding a single U-Boat during the 'Happy Days' of the Germany's World War II U-Boat offensive until the time when the tide started to swing. The game is very reminiscent of B-17: Queen of the Skies and is mostly concerned with providing an 'experience simulator', with many dice rolls necessary in order to find out what actually happens to your boat. Unlike Queen of the Skies, however, The Hunters does provide quite a wide range of options when it comes to deciding the fate of your ship: these are mostly present when you attempt to attack a target, since it is possible to dictate both the range and the method of attack, which affects both how likely you are to hit the enemy ship and how easily you are going to be detected. Overall The Hunters has a much more player-driven feel than Queen of the Skies, although both games share very similar mechanisms.

The thrill of both games is how long you are able to survive, making it back to base with a barely functioning piece of equipment and how well you have managed to meet your mission objectives. What makes The Hunters also interesting is that by the latter stages of the game, the difficulty really ramps up and it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid being detected and hence sunk. As well as that, the game attempts to model the increasing level of Allied air cover (especially over the Bay of Biscay).

This LP

The LP will be primarily a narrative driven LP. Although I will explain some of the gameplay elements, I will not interject the patrol reports with any discussion of gameplay mechanisms: this will be done in separate posts which will go further into detail about the mechanisms of the game and how the game changes as you progress through the months. The LP will follow a single U-Boat until it's eventual demise (likely) or retirement in 1943 (unlikely).

When a campaign is completed, another campaign will start with a different boat. I will be making most of the decisions within the games (some major decisions will be left to a goon vote), but goons will be asked to fill command positions within the boats for extra flavour. Whoever will be the captain will also be asked to decide on the aggressiveness of his tactics (this will influence survivability, however). A couple of goons have also volunteered to create historical posts about the real life campaign as well!

The Game

The main mechanisms of the game rely on good old fashioned dice and results tables. There are only two boards within the game and tons of different counters.

The main board is the U-Boat status board:

The status board shows, from the top to the bottom:
- Captain's rank and Knight's Cross awards, crew training status and place-holder for random events.
- Weapon status, including what is loaded in torpedo tubes (either G7a's or G7e's) and ammo for the deck gun.
- Torpedo reserves and types.
- Damage status for both hull damage and flooding (reaching the end of either tract is instant death for hull damage or being forced to blow ballast for flooding).
- Damage status for engines and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment.
- Patrol trackers
- Crew casualty status.

The game starts by selecting a type of U-Boat and selecting a start month/year. At the start of each patrol, you get your full compliment of torpedoes with some leeway in terms of how many G7e's and G7a's you get (we will use the historical limits since it makes it more flavourful, along with not being able to have G7e's loaded in the tubes at the start of the patrol). Once armaments are done, you roll to see in which patrol sector you have been assigned to, with different options being present according to what year/month it is. Once a patrol sector has been selected, you place your ship counter on the patrol track:

The patrol track is a rough approximation of a patrol. The way it works is that every time you advance a box, you have to roll an encounter and resolve it fully before you can move to the next box. Possible encounters include single ships, escorted ships, convoys or enemy airplanes. Each patrol sector (or transit sector) uses a different table to work out encounters: thus, it is more likely to find single ships out near the British Isles in comparison to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The ranges of the the different types of U-Boats are modelled by how long their patrol tracks are, with the larger IX-type U-Boats being able to stay out at sea for longer.

If you manage to find a ship or convoy, the action switches over to the battle display:

The Battle Display shows if an escort is present, if you are part of a wolfpack, the types of freighters present and how much damage they have taken, the range to your target, the time of day and how many hits you have taken in an escort detection segment.

When encountering either a single ship or a convoy, you first of all determine what time of day it is (with the possibility to decide to wait until night, although this comes with the risk of losing your target altogether), then you roll to see what the names/tonnage of the ships are. If you meet a convoy, you are assumed to be able to only see 4 viable targets. You then decide on the range, which affects both how likely you are to be detected and how likely your torpedoes are to hit. Choosing close range means that the enemy have a chance to detect you first. You can then decide to do either a surface attack (if it's night) using your UZO, or a submerged attack if it's the day or you don't want to risk a surface attack. If you are facing an unescorted ship, it is also possible to use your deck gun as well.

You then assign torpedoes/weapons to specific ships and roll to see if they are hit and how much damage they receive. It is also possible for some torpedoes to be duds (more likely at the start of the war). Regardless if you damaged a ship or not, if the ship is escorted you then roll to see if you have been detected. If you have, you roll to see how much damage you sustain and then roll to see if you are detected again: you keep going through this loop until you manage to roll an undetected result (which neatly helps to illustrate the relentless nature of U-Boat depth charge attacks).

Once you have escaped selection, you can decide to keep following the convoy/ship or to give up the hunt. In the former case, you have to roll if the pursuit is successful and if it is, you go through the same procedure as above (you also get a chance to reload any weapons you used). Otherwise, you roll to see if any damage is permanent and continue your patrol.

Once you reach base, you work out how many months are required for refitting (with a minimum of one month) and then do the entire thing all over again! In the real game, you would also use the following to track your success:

But within this LP, we will use the thread itself to record the results.


I am looking for the following positions to be filled:

- Captain (KMDT)
- 1st Watch Officer (1WO)
- 2nd Watch Officer (2WO)
- Chief Engineering (LI)
- Doctor

Please include what aggressiveness you wish to have if you pick the Captain role (see below). For all crewmen (and even spectators), please also vote for:

- The Type of U-Boat
- The Start Date (this will depend on the type of U-Boat.

I will create a queue for Captains as well, please let me know if you are interested in taking command of a ship for a future campaign. This will be handled on a first come, first served basis. We will also keep track of records (tonnage/patrol ran) and hopefully create a Goon U-Boat Commander Hall of Fame.

Example Post

Unsure of what this LP will involve? Read the Test Post to see a rough idea of what the LP will be like!

Further Gameplay Explanations

Crew Advancement/Experience
Repair, Damage and Refit

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Oct 24, 2008

General Information

U-Boat Types:

Type VIIA (available September 1939)

The Type VIIA is the worst ship currently in the game. It's many features include limited amount of torpedo reloads (only 5 in the front), very limited patrol range, extremely weak anti-air guns and weak hull/flooding prevention. All those factors really make it a challenge to get very far when using this type of U-Boat. Only about 10 VIIA U-Boats were commissioned, but they were still popular with U-Boat crews in comparison to the ageing Type II boats.

Type VIIB (available September 1939)

The Type VIIB is a notable improvement over the Type VIIA. It has increased range, can have 8 torpedoes in reserve, has better anti-air and overall can take more damage/flooding before being destroyed. The VIIB historically did very well but only 24 ships were commissioned.

Type VIIC (available October 1940)

The Type VIIC was the workhorse of the German U-Boat fleet and the most built U-Boat of the war. In both real life and game terms, there are very little differences between the type VIIC and VIIB boats. During the war, 568 Type VIIC boats were commissioned.

Type IXA (available September 1939)

The Type IXA is a decent boat: it has good damage capability, a lot of reloads (14 in the bow including externals and two aft), and very decent range. Not many ships were commissioned of this type, with only 8 boats being commissioned during the war.

Type IXB (available April 1940)

In comparison to the IXA, the Type IXB has better range and can take slightly more flooding damage before going down. This was considered one of the most successful U-Boats in World War II, with the highest average total tonnage per ship. During the war 14 Type IXB were commissioned.

Type IXC (available May 1941)

This is also an incremental improvement on the IXB and IXA, with better damage capability and even better range. In total, 54 ships were commissioned of this particular type.

Type VIID (available January 1942)

The VIID is a slightly longer VIIC with additional space for mines just aft of the conning tower. In game terms, they have slightly longer range than the VIIC and are mostly used for mine-laying missions. Only 5 were commissioned during the war, and all but 1 of them were lost at sea. This ship is not currently selectable for patrol in this LP.

Type VIIC Flak (available May 1943)

This is simply a converted VIIC without a deck gun and with improved Anti-Air defences. In real life they were developed in order to counter the threat posed by Allied airplanes over the Bay of Biscay. Although they surprised Allied aircraft when they first entered service, improved tactics and co-operation between Allied aircraft and surface vessels made them impractical to use and they were quickly converted back to standard VIIC boats. In game terms, patrols by this ship are the same as other standard patrols. This ship is not currently selectable for patrol in this LP.


G7a: This is the main torpedo that we will use through the campaigns. It's an air-powered torpedo that has a tell-tale bubble trail, so using it during the day makes it more likely for you to be detected. It is also the more reliable of the two torpedoes and has better range.

G7e: This electric torpedoes suffers from a lack of range (it has penalties at medium and long ranges, making it more likely to miss) since historically it was slower than the G7a. As well as that, it is more likely to malfunction (although by 1943 both G7a's and G7e's are equally reliable). On the plus side, it does not have a bubble trail and thus it is safer to use during the day.

Captain Aggressiveness:

Suicidal: Will also go in close, will attack even during the day with G7a's, will always do night surface attack. Will not change his tactics even as the years progress and it becomes harder to avoid being detected.

Courageous: Will go in close when the target is juicy. Will adapt to the situation as the years progress but will still take risks even in the latter years. Will always attack even during the day and will always do night surface attacks.

Average: Won't take too many risks, but won't shy away from combat either. More likely to wait until night. Likely to do night surface attacks before '41, but afterwards will judge based on the situation. Will adapt more as it becomes harder to become undetected.

Conservative: Will be more likely to stay at long ranges. Will wait until night before attacking. Will use night surface attacks but stops after '41. Will largely be avoiding risk later on in the war.

Cowardly: Will always stay away, even in the early stages of the war. Will never use night surface attacks. Will always wait for night. Ridiculed at U-Boat bars due to his lack of aggressiveness.

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Oct 24, 2008

Hall of Fame:

KKpt TheMcD (KC+O): 15 Patrols with U-50 (VIIB), 29 ships sunk, 194.3k tons tonnage, KIA October 1942.
(Patrols: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15)
FKpt Cythereal (KC): 12 Patrols with U-37 (IXA), 23 ships sunk, 161.3k tons tonnage, KIA March 1943.
(Patrols: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6.5 7 8 9 10 11 12)
KKpt gradenko_2000 (KC): 5 Patrols with U-49 (VIIB)/ 4 patrols with U-84 (VIIB), 21 ships sunk, 153.2k tons tonnage. KIA March 1941.
(Patrols: 1 2 3 4 5 5.5 6 7 7.5 8 9)
KKpt Lichtenstein (KC): 7 Patrols with U-47 (VIIB), 19 ships sunk, 144.2k tons tonnage. KIA January 1941.
(Patrols: 1 1.5 2 3 4 5 6 7)
KptLt The Sandman: 2 Patrols with U-107 (IXB), 7 ships sunk, 81.5k tons tonnage. KIA August 1940.
(Patrols: 1 2)
KptLt HerpicleOmnicron5 (KC): 3 Patrols with U-33 (VIIA), 4 ships (inc. HMS Ark Royal), 41.5k tons tonnage. KIA January 1940.
(Patrols: 1 2 3)

Current Active Ship:

U-Boat Type: VIIB

U-Boat ID: U-53

Flotilla: 7th Flotilla (Kiel)


KMDT KptLt FebrezeNinja
1WO LtzS The Sandman
2WO LtzS V. Illych L.
LI LtzS RZApublican
Doctor OfzS squirrelnow
Crew: Trained

Current Month/Year: November 1940

Past Patrols:
Patrol 1 - July 1940
Patrol 2 - September 1940

Total Tonnage: 27.9k tons
Total Ships Sunk: 4
Total Patrols: 2

KMDT Queue:
Insert name here (suicidal) VIIA 1WO: Durendal LI: Paingod556
Davin Valkri (average) IXA
RZApublican (average)
sniper4625 (courageous)
Serpentis (average)

Thread Totals

Total All Time Tonnage Sunk: 803.9k tons
Total All Time Ships Sunk: 107 ships
To]tal All Time Patrols Run: 50 patrols
Total All Time Planes Shot Down: 0 planes
Average Tonnage per Patrol: 16.08k ton
Average Ships Sunk per Patrol: 2.14 ships
Average Size of Ship: 7.51k tons

Total KMDT Campaigns: 7
Campaign End by KIA: 6
Campaign End by POW: 0
Campaign End by Retirement: 0

Knight's Cross: 4
Knight's Cross With Oak Leaves: 1
Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords: 0
Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds: 0

Longest Running Ship: U-37
Longest Running KMDT: Cythereal
Most Successful KMDT: TheMcD

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Oct 5, 2010

Some missions, you just can't get rid of a bomb

Getting in on the ground floor! Please put me down as a Courageous KMDT of one of the few Type VIIB boats available at the Sep 1939 outbreak of war

May 31, 2012

It'll make sense, eventually.

We have to go with VIIB and none of that other hipster crap. The captain should be courageous, but mellow out to average by, say, '41. Also go all-in on G7a torpedoes, gently caress that electric piece of crap.

May 4, 2013

Yes. I am evil!

Might as well get in ASAP. Signing up as an Average KMDT for whatever the most modern U-Boot available is when my turn comes. Guessing that'll probably be a VIIB. I'll just jump in as soon as there's an opening.

As for the first one, a VIIB will do fine, and no reason to start later than the September of '39.

TheMcD fucked around with this message at Feb 3, 2014 around 14:29

Oct 24, 2008

Alright, seems like gradenko_2000 will be our first KMDT! Liechtenstein and TheMcD, you have been added to the KMDT queue. Please feel free to vote for the current U-Boat Type and starting date, as well as signing up as other officer on gradenko_2000's boat!

Nov 22, 2007

I'll sign on as the first 1WO, hopefully of a VIIB at War Start.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

I will happily act as the VIIB's Doctor at War Start, treating all of the greenhorns suffering from seasickness, whilst trying to avoid it myself.

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD

I'm happy to be our VIIB's Engineering Officer. Gonna make me a dispenser in the galley.

space pope
Apr 5, 2003

Id like to volunteer for 2wo in the viib with a courageous captain

Oct 24, 2008

Alright, that's a full crew! Say hello to the U-49, 7th Flotilla, commanded by Kapitänleutnant gradenko_2000, with Leutnant zur See FebrezeNinja as 1WO, Leutnant zur See space pope as 2WO, Oberfähnrich zur See Davin Valkri as the LI and Oberfähnrich zur See HerpicleOmnicron5 as doctor.

This is your mighty emblem:

First patrol to start soon!

Oct 24, 2008

It was the first patrol for KptLt gradenko_2000 but he felt ready. His ship had barely left its mooring when the message from the Führer der U-Boote, Commodore Dönitz (The position of Befehlshaber der U-Boote was only to be created in October 1939, still a month away), was received, reading "Hostilities with England effective imediately". Although most people in the crew hadn't known when the war in the sea would begin, everyone felt ready. The 1st Watch Officer, LtzS FebrezeNinja, was already scanning the horizon, although they hadn't even passed the Kiel canal yet.

The trip down the canal was unexciting, but there was a general sense of trepidation within the crew. The Chief Engineer, OfzS Davin Valkri, had made sure that everything was running in tip-top shape, even sometimes getting his own hands dirty within the diesel engine room. The nervous excitement had filled the entire ship, from the torpedo handlers to the central control room crew.

Once past the Kiel Canal, U-49 quickly set out to sea, leaving the German Coast far behind. The first patrol of the U-49 would be a mine-laying mission near the Thames Estuary. This did mean that the tubes would have to be filled with mines, thus reducing the total number of torpedoes available, but hopefully the mines would create a deadly peril for English shipping coming out of the Thames.

The transit journey out towards the mission area was relatively uneventful: although a few contact were made, they proved to be either from neutral countries (and gradenko_2000 had been explicitly told not to attack any neutral shipping) or false alarms. It was clear that the 2nd Watch Officer, LtzS space pope, was kind of jittery, but he would become experienced soon enough.

Time seemed to fly and after a few days of travel, the Thames Estuary was finally in sight. KptLt waited until night before edging closer to the shore: even in the middle of the night there was heavy traffic and thus the u-boat had to make sure not to be noticed while it deployed the mines. Fortunately, the U-Boat wasn't spotted and was able to deploy the mines without any trouble at all.

Finally, the torpedoes tube could be filled with their intended weapon and soon G7a's filled both the forward and aft torpedo tubes. Unfortunately, the space taken by the mines meant that only 4 torpedoes would be available in reserve: they would have to be enough.

As the ship slipped ever northwards, both Watch Officers were anxious to catch any glimpse of Allied, but for most of the patrol nothing seemed to be in sight. Chief Engineer Davin Valkri reported that the fuel levels would soon force the ship to return back home, but gradenko_2000 didn't want to leave his first patrol without a single enemy ship sunk. Bringing the U-Boat back south-east in the hopes of catching something while still edging closer to Germany, his patience was finally rewarded when the First Watch Officer, FebrezeNinja, finally reported smoke on the horizon.

It was night by the time that U-49 managed to catch up with the target. Identifying it as the Gro, a 4.2k freighter, gradenko_2000 approached at close range, instructing his crew to man the 8.8 cm cannon.

After expending 50 rounds of ammunition, the ship caught fire, but still would not slow down. Knowing that the English coast was awfully close and that the patrol was near an end anyway, gradenko_2000 opted to fire two torpedoes from the forward tubes in order to finish the small freighter off. One torpedo missed completely, while the other detonated amidship, quickly flooding the lower compartments of the ship with water. It did not take long for the ship to slow down and eventually start sinking. gradenko_2000, happy at his small victory, immediately notified command of the sinking.

With the fuel situation reaching the point of no return, gradenko_2000 set the U-Boat to head back to Kiel. The journey back was completely uneventful, with neither ships nor enemy aircraft spotted. After traversing the Kiel Canal, U-49 arrived back at Kiel Harbour, a band awaiting the return of the ship. Although only a small prize had been sunk, the mission had been a success and the crew was happy to return back to harbour. It was clear that soon, however, U-49 would go out into the sea once again.

Final Status

Patrol Summary

Ships Sunk: 1
Total Tonnage: 4.2k tons

Campaign Summary

Ships Sunk: 1
Total Tonnage: 4.2k tons

Oct 24, 2008

Anyone that's currently part of the crew/who's spectating, feel free to sign up for the future KMDT crew! Queue time will largely depend on how long a ship survives, but the earlier you are in the queue, the better!

Nov 8, 2009

I just *LOVE* spoonheads

Signing up as a Conservative KMDT in a Type IXA at War Start.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

I'll queue up as a Suicidal KMDT, no real preference on the boat.

Jun 29, 2013

I don't know about you lunatics but I'd rather be Chief Engineer on Cythereal's crew. Less danger means less work

Oct 5, 2010

Some missions, you just can't get rid of a bomb

That went so much better than my first run at this game!

Herr FebrezeNinja! Gather the men! Tonight we go to the gasthaus!

Also please inform Doktor Herpicle to stand by for bar fight casualties

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Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD

Ah, a decent first run. Laid our mines, bagged a kill, no damage...I like no damage, it means I get to skip off for drinks early. Hey Herr Gradenko, save a spot at the bar for me!

Oct 24, 2008

The crew had been given a month off to rest and recuperate while the ship was being refitted. There had been no major damage or issues with the ship during its first patrol, but the ship was checked top to bottom anyway in order to make sure that no unnoticed problems had occurred while it was out to sea. The first few days back ashore had been pretty jovial, although as November approached, the excitement of going back to sea built up again. Hopefully all patrols would go as smoothly as the first one.

During the month of rest, Commodore Dönitz had been promoted to Rear Admiral and command had been renamed Befehlshaber der U-Boote. There were still some doubts about the Admiral and he seemed insistent on micro-managing the position of his U-Boats but so far he had proved competent.

Eventually it was time to go back to the sea and gradenko_2000 was happy to see everyone back and accounted for (although there had been plenty of seamen for Doctor Herpicle to patch up after the exuberant first few days back ashore).

KptLt gradenko_2000 had already been given his orders: he was to patrol the northern part of the eastern coast of Great Britain, starting from approximately the mouth of the Forth and proceeding down past Newcastle and down until East Anglia. Fortunately this time no mines would be involved so the U-49 would have its full complement of torpedoes. gradenko_2000 would make sure that they were all put to good use.

A small band was ready to see them but they didn't seem much into it: probably due to the number of U-Boats that were being sent out to patrol from Kiel. Once again, the trip down the Kiel Canal proved uneventful and soon the ship was out into the open sea. The North Sea was pretty peaceful for this time of year and the trip across it towards the start of the patrol area was pretty uneventful, with LtzS FebrezeNinja and space pope only managing to spot a few seagulls along the way. gradenko_2000, to keep the crew sharp, simulated a few airplanes attacks without informing the crew first. The dive time was pretty decent, but it was clear that the crew would have to get some more experience.

The mouth of the Forth proved to have no decent targets apart from some fishing vessels, which gradenko_2000 elected to ignore. After a few days on station and with no targets, U-49 proceeded down the coast to see if further south there would be juicier targets.

As the days passed, there was still nothing visible in the horizon and the crew was becoming restless. They had already heard of many other U-Boats sinking tens of thousands of tons of merchant shipping and yet they seemed destined to find nothing at all.

It was a midshipman on LtzS space pope that finally saw a target as U-49 arrived in the proximity of Hull. Waiting until night due to the relative proximity to the coast, the ship was identified as the 4.6k ton light freighter Shaftesbury, an english merchant.

Once again, gradenko_2000 closed to short range and opened fire with the 8.8 cm cannon, pumping 50 rounds into the small freighter. This time, the ship sunk due to the gunfire, with the shots aimed at the waterline and engine compartment forcing the merchant-ship to stop and then slowly sink into the sea.

The crew cheered as the freighter quietly slipped beneath the water. The binoculars of many of the watch officers were pointed towards the sinking ship and the U-49 crew could clearly see the merchant navy seamen rushing to get the safety boats into the water. There was little that U-49 could do to help them, due to the proximity of the English coast. Some of the watch officers fell silent after their moment of elation. Slowly, gradenko_2000 pulled the ship away and continued the patrol, heading southward and east in order not to approach the coast too closely.

The rest of the patrol was once again uneventful and fuel finally forced gradenko_2000 to head back towards Germany. The transit back across the North Sea was similarly devoid of excitement and although the patrol had bagged a small success, some of the crew grumbled that all they could find was small fry, while other ships seemed to feast in a veritable buffet of targets.

Reaching the Kiel Canal once again, the only officer happy on board seemed to be Chief Engineer Davin Valkri, who was only glad that his precious ship was still completely undamaged. Hopefully the next patrol would be slightly more exciting...

Final Status

Patrol Summary

Ships Sunk: 1
Total Tonnage: 4.6k tons

Campaign Summary

Ships Sunk: 2
Total Tonnage: 8.8k tons

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

You know, when I signed up to be a doctor aboard a U-Boat, I didnt think I'd spend more time patching people up on shore than at sea. Speaking of, we sure as hell dont have enough of those little tiny bandages, you'd have to cover a small paper cut with an entire bloody cast! Its like they expected us to be blown to pieces.

Oct 24, 2008

Don't worry, you and the engineer will find work yet. Sooner or later.

In terms of the game, 1939 and 1940 tend to be very 'feast or famine'. The British Isles is the mainstay of the patrol regions for the early part of the war and when going to a British Isles patrol zone, the number 3, 4, 7, 9 and 11 on 2d6 bring absolutely no encounters at all, so you have slightly more than a 50% chance to find something at all. Once you get out in the Atlantic, though...

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD

Tekopo posted:

Don't worry, you and the engineer will find work yet. Sooner or later.

And now I'm worried

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Davin Valkri posted:

And now I'm worried

Dont worry Davin, Dr. Herpicle has you covered.

Jan 14, 2008

They weren't just hull numbers, they were our home addresses. Now the old neighborhood is torn down and gone and all that is left are memories.

How did I miss that this game was released?

Will be following.

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD

HerpicleOmnicron5 posted:

Dont worry Davin, Dr. Herpicle has you covered.

I'd rather beat my head against a running diesel engine than let you handle me like you handled OKH.

Oct 24, 2008

It was now almost 4 months since the start of the war against Allied shipping and gradenko_2000 felt distinctively unlucky. This was a feeling shared by his crew and, as per maritime tradition, it was difficult to shake a sailor out of luck-centric superstition. The issue, however, was not only with the crew. BdU was also unhappy at the performance of U-49 and with a mere 8.8k tons in shipping sunk, it was clear that better results were necessary to keep the Rear Admiral happy. Descending down the platform from the mooring to the ship, gradenko_2000 could see that the earlier excitement of the earlier patrols was gone. Hopefully it would soon be replaced.

The ship, still completely unscathed after two patrols, had been inspect as per usual and yet again no faults had been found. Other ships had reported extensive issues with the G7e's especially, with many of them turning out to be duds or just suddenly stop running. U-49 had yet to fire any of the electric torpedoes, but this would be useful knowledge in case he was forced to use them.

The patrol assignment was yet again to the British Isles, this time north of the Hebrides, which would mean either going around the Orkney islands or going through one of the straits near Scapa Flow. gradenko_2000 decided on the latter: it would be riskier, but potentially more fruitful.

An image of Scapa Flow

The passage through the Kiel Canal was still uneventful, as always, and soon the ship had left Germany behind and ventured into the middle of the North Sea. The radioman decided to place a record in order to keep the crew entertained and at least the sound would briefly make them forget about their unlucky patrols so far. The calmness was cut short when a freak storm hit the ship, U-49 crashing up and down waves.

In order to get a bit more calm, gradenko_2000 ordered the ship to submerge, finally giving a welcome respite to the crew. After more than a day of raging winds, the storm finally dissipated, showing a flat, calm sea once again.

It was night when suddenly the sonarman shouted out excitedly. He had heard a faint sound north-west, near the direction that U-49 was heading. KptLt gradenko_2000 immediately ordered the U-boat to submerge in order to allow the sonarman to better hear the signal. Once underwater, the sonarman confirmed that he was hearing multiple screws that were becoming louder. This likely meant one thing: a convoy.

Approaching as quickly as possible, it was night by the time that LtzS FebrezeNinja spotted the convoy. It was a large one, and well escorted, but gradenko_2000 had waited too long to waste this moment. Notifying the crew, he prepared for a night surface attack.

Three targets were identified to be in range: the 3.6k ton Aenos, the 5k ton Kafiristan and the 4.4k Condylis. Unhappy at the choice of targets, gradenko_2000 scanned further and suddenly he saw something that made his heart skip. In a perfect firing position, he saw a huge 10.7k ton tanker, the Pendrecht. It was clear that this was the prime target. Coming up on the surface at medium range, gradenko_2000 got a firing formula on the Kafiristan and the Pendrecht, firing one tube at the former and three at the latter. As soon as the formula was in, he called the command "Torpedo los!" and soon the eels were off, streaming towards their respective targets. As soon as all torpedoes were released, gradenko_2000 immediately ordered the bridge cleared and the ship to submerge.

The first torpedo struck the Kafiristan, doing damage but not noticeably slowing the ship. The three torpedoes aimed at the Pendrecht all hit the ship, creating a staccato sound as the three explosions could be heard in quick succession. Another explosion could be heard and then the sonarman reported the sound of buckling compartments: the Pendrecht was already going down. Soon, though, reports popped up of warship screws approaching. For the first time, the U-49 had become the hunted.

Depth charges could suddenly be heard, but it was clear that the enemy destroyers were off target. After a couple of hours, the depth charges stopped and the sound of warship screws grew fainter. Under the cover of night, U-49 surfaced. gradenko_2000 now had a choice. He could see smoke on the horizon, probably from the damaged Kafiristan, but losing the convoy for such a small prize hardly seemed worth it. Ordering the torpedo tubes refilled with G7a's, gradenko_2000 set a plot in order to interdict the convoy once again, while sending a report of contact to BdU as well as to nearby U-Boats.

Unfortunately, the convoy, fearful of other U-Boats, had changed course, seeming to head back to Scapa Flow. Not quick enough to overtake it, gradenko_2000 soon lost contact, cursing the luck that had made the convoy turn around. Still, a 10.5k ton tanker was nothing to sniff at.

Luck, however, would prove to be in gradenko_2000's side. Passing the straits near the tip of Great Britain, U-49 finally found itself in its allotted patrol zone, only for LtzS space pope to spot something on the horizon to the South-East. Multiple smoke trails were spotted and sonar confirmed the presence of multiple screws: another convoy. Maybe it was the same as before, trying to find another route after a rest at Scapa Flow, maybe it was a different one: gradenko_2000 cared not.

Although initial contact had been made in the afternoon, by the time that U-49 was in position, night had descended. Another set of targets presented itself: the 4.6k Willimantic, the 5k ton Sheaf Mead, the 6.5k tanker Tahchee and the 4k ton freighter Stakesby. Once again, the tanker would be one of the targets while the Sheaf Mead would be the other.

Yet again, this would be a night surface attack, and thus gradenko_2000 used the UZO to formulate a firing solution on the two ships. Aiming tubes 1 and 2 at the Sheaf Mead and 3 and 4 at the Tahchee, gradenko_2000 ordered all tubes to fire, before submerging the ship once again into the icy brine.

One of the torpedoes aimed at the Sheaf Mead missed completely, while the other hit the ship square amidship, almost splitting the boat in two. Soon the building weight of the water split the ship into half and both sides descended down into the deep. As for the Tahchee, both torpedoes hit, but the first was a dud, hitting the side of the ship with a thud. The second torpedo, however, hit the aft of the ship, causing a massive secondary explosion. With a huge hole on its side and fires spreading into the ship, the tanker soon stopped altogether and slowly started taking in water.

Yet again, the dreaded sound of fast warship screws were reported on the sonar. This time, no depth charges were heard: it seemed that once again U-49 would manage to slip away undetected. After a couple of hours, the warship screws faded into the distance, and U-49 surfaced once again.

The sight in front of it was an inferno. The Tahchee was taking in water in the aft compartments while burning fiercely. Watching the spectacle for a few minutes, the U-49 finally moved off, heading on a course to intersect the convoy once again.

It was day by the time that U-49 caught up with the convoy once again. Not wanting to waste a possibility to strike at the convoy again, gradenko_2000 opted for a submerged attack at medium range. Tubes 3 and 4 were filled with G7e's, however, which meant that they were likely to miss at this range, but to get any closer with the escorts at high alert during the day would be suicidal.

The targets in range were the 3.7k ton Kyleglen, the 5.2k ton Vermont, the 7.2k ton Thomas McKean and the 10k tanker Torinia. With the G7e generally unreliable and inaccurate at range, gradenko_2000 opted to fire the two G7a's at the Torinia: hopefully at least one of the torpedoes would find it's mark. The two G7e's would be fired at the Thomas McKean: unlikely to do anything but if they even damaged the ship, it would be easier to follow.

As soon as the torpedoes were out of the tubes, gradenko_2000 brought the periscope down. As expected, the two G7e's missed completely, running out of power before they could even reach their targets. The G7a's, however, both ran true, but the expected explosion were instead followed by two dull thuds as both torpedoes failed to explode. gradenko_2000 cursed the designers at ordinance, how could they be fighting a war with such faulty equipment?

The escort, following the torpedo wake left by the G7a's, were soon on the tail of the U-boat. With deft manoeuvring, however, gradenko_2000 left them to chuck depth charges at the wrong spot and even though hours of depth charges followed, U-49 remained completely unscathed. Waiting until the signals were faint once again, grandenko_2000 waited until the dead of night before surfacing.

The forward torpedoes had been completely expended: there only remained a single G7a in the aft tube, with a single G7e as reserve. Without enough firepower to seriously harm the convoy, gradenko_2000 elected not to pursue: the torpedo would be put to better use on a single, unescorted ship. It had been a wild couple of days but U-49 had emerged triumphant and completely unscathed.

The rest of the patrol was rather uneventful, until U-49 started heading back towards the Orkney islands. In the dead of night, LtzS FebrezeNinja spotted a ship on the horizon, escorted by a couple of destroyers. Assessing the situation, gradenko_2000 could see a single small freighter under considerable escort. What could be so important? Deciding to attack on the surface, gradenko_2000 positioned the ship so that he would have a shot from the aft tube. The target in question was a 2.6k ton freighter, the Thurso.

Unfortunately the torpedoes immediately steered to starboard after launch, sending it into a wild direction and completely missing the freighter. gradenko_2000, seeing the destroyer escorts closing, immediately submerged, hoping that the escorts had not spotted him. Fortunately, they had failed to spot the trail of the torpedo. A few hours passed before U-49 surfaced and with only a G7e in the aft torpedo reserves, there didn't seem to be much point in attempting to follow the small (yet potentially important) freighter.

After slipping through the Orkneys, the trip through the North Sea was not as eventful as the patrol and soon the German coast was once again back into view. With a few more substantial victories under their belt, the mood within the crew had gotten better, although everyone was still happy to be back in one piece. BdU, notified of the recent victories by U-49, even sent a congratulatory message and a large band was awaiting the U-boat's return into Kiel.

Some good news awaited LtzS FebrezeNinja once ashore. Due to his seniority, he was to be promoted to Oberleutnant zur See. It was possible that his days on the U-49 were numbered: soon, he might even have his own command...

End Status

Patrol Summary

Ships Sunk: 3
Total Tonnage: 22k tons

Campaign Summary

Ships Sunk: 5
Total Tonnage: 30.8k tons

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May 4, 2013

Yes. I am evil!

I was wondering when poo poo was to get real, and it looks like we're starting to face some adversity and can have some real fun.

Nov 22, 2007

Pretty lucky getting multiple convoy contacts in the isles. We're back on track!

Tekopo posted:

Some good news awaited LtzS FebrezeNinja once ashore. Due to his seniority, he was to be promoted to Oberleutnant zur See. It was possible that his days on the U-49 were numbered: soon, he might even have his own command...

Phase 1 complete.

Oct 24, 2008

I'm still surprised that we haven't received a single hit, though. I'm not expecting this to last, but so far we evaded detection four times without even having a depth charge land near us.

Oct 24, 2008

All right, here's a brief gameplay explanation. You might have been wondering why I gave our esteemed 1st Watch Officer a promotion all of a sudden, and the keener-eyed spectator's amongst you might have noticed that I have also appended the term 'Experte' to his name on the third post of this LP.

Well, this all ties in to the following part of the game:

Crew Advancement/Promotion

Every third successful mission, it is possible to roll on the crew advancement table in order to see how skilled/knowledgeable your crew is becoming. A successful mission is defined as a mission in which you either complete your mission objectives (in other words, any mission that is not simply a patrol, for example mine-laying) or if you have sunk at least one ship in your patrol (which is why I was glad that bag that small freighter in Patrol 2). If you haven't managed to meet your objectives/lay mines, the mission is considered to have failed.

On every third successful patrol, you get a single roll on the crew advancement table. This can either upgrade the general experience of the crew, or make one of your officers an 'Experte'.

1WO Experte: Having an Experte 1WO allows him to take over the ship without penalty if the KMDT becomes severely wounded. On the downside, you have to roll to see if the 1WO remains on your ship at the end of every patrol, since otherwise he goes off to command his own ship.

2WO Experte: Having an Experte 2WO allows him to take over the ship without penalty if both the 1WO and the KMDT become severely wounded/dead.

LI Experte: Having an Experte LI allows you to have a bonus on repair rolls.

Doctor Experte: Having an Experte Doctor allows you to take a month off recuperation rolls if an officer becomes severely wounded due to better care on the trip back to base.

Crew Experience: Crew experience can range from Green to Trained to Veteran to Elite. Trained gives no bonuses or penalties, Green gives penalties to various dice rolls while Trained and Veteran give some bonuses. The only way to become more trained is crew advancement rolls. You can go down in rank if most of your crew is severely wounded or died during a patrol, or if you have three failed missions in a row (with the latter being the only way to hit Green rank).

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Davin Valkri posted:

I'd rather beat my head against a running diesel engine than let you handle me like you handled OKH.

Oh dearie me. If there ever were a time for it would be now. I'll make sure the bandages I give you are sticky side up, not sticky side down.

Nov 22, 2007

Get in.
Get spotted
Get shot at
Get chased
Get out.
Get shouted at.
Get rich?

Sign me up for another patrol as Chief Engineer Scruffy.

My job? Toilets 'n boilers, boilers 'n toilets. Plus that one boilin' toilet. Hire me if'n you dare.

Oct 24, 2008

The mood as KptLt gradenko_2000 arrived on the ship was much more jubilant than the start of the other patrols. It was weird how the fortunes of war could shift so quickly: U-49 had turned from an unlucky ship to a blessed one, still completely untouched by the depth charges of the British. Hopefully it would stay that way.

The war on land seemed to have gone to a standstill: after capturing Poland, no further combat had taken place, although there were rumours floating around about the next target, although unconfirmed for now. The position of the next patrol seemed to be a strong hint, however: the U-49 was ordered to patrol around the islands of Orkney and slightly east of them. This, of course, now seemed familiar ground to the crew of U-49.

The transit to the patrol zone was once again devoid of contact, either in the sea or on the horizon, but the crew, thanks to the performance and tonnage destroyed last patrol, had largely stopped being restless. The only thing that gradenko_2000 was worried about was the fact that the crew still had no experience with being attacked by depth charges. How would they react?
Arriving at their designated zone on the eastern tip of the Orkneys, U-49 proceeded down its set patrol pattern.

It wasn't long in the patrol before the U-boat spotted its first target. A medium sized tanker, the 6.7k ton La Brea, could be seen on the horizon. Speeding up to flank speed in order to catch up with it, it was still day by the time U-49 reached its prey. Immediately, the tanker came under fire from the 8.8 cm deck gun. The shots were on target but although the shells did substantial damage, the ship still seemed to be afloat. Worried about any possible flight arriving from the Orkney's, gradenko_2000 fired a single torpedo from tube 1. Thankfully, the torpedo was on target and exploded, making the tanker sink in less than 20 minutes.

U-49 continued east, returning to its assigned patrol, but targets seemed to be scarce so after a few days, the Kaleun decided to head back west, hopefully in order to find better pickings closer to the islands.

As night descended, some spotlights on the horizon were suddenly spotted, along with reports of something sounding like explosions on the sonar. The proximity in the explosions suggested that they were depth charges rather than torpedo explosions. As U-49 approached in the cover of night, they could see a couple of destroyers making patterns, while a small freighter appeared to be moving south at high speed. Identification showed it to be the Leonidas M., a 4.6k ton freighter. Taking a chance while the escorts seemed busy, U-49 prepared for a surface attack.

A spread of two torpedoes was fired at the fleeing freighter, after which the bridge was quickly cleared in order to allow the submarine to submerge. As the minutes ticked by, the allotted time to target soon passed: it was clear that both had completely failed to strike their targets. Fortunately, the fact that both torpedoes had missed completely had not alerted the escorts to U-49's presence. Not wanting the small freighter to get away, gradenko_2000 attempted to move away at a distance in order to surface and come around, but unfortunately the manoeuvre proved to be fruitless: the freighter had slipped through their fingers.

Hoping for better hunting grounds further west, U-49 headed towards the mouth of the Forth. Although some targets were spotted on the horizon, they appeared to be too far away or too close to the coast to catch and once again U-49 was forced back home due to the fuel situation.

The trip back home was uneventful as always and the crew relaxed as finally Germany was back into sight. Another patrol light on targets, although at least another tanker was down, denying precious oil and fuel to the British. Easing into Kiel harbour, this time no band was present, but the men were still glad to be on U-49, the lucky ship.

Final Status

Patrol Summary

Ships Sunk: 1
Total Tonnage: 6.7k tons

Campaign Summary

Ships Sunk: 6
Total Tonnage: 37.5k tons

May 3, 2011

Fuck you say?!

Sign me up, chief. The Kreigsmarine vill never have shortage of skilled doktors

Oct 24, 2008

We've been unbelievably lucky so far. No airplanes, not detected even once. I promise you it will get more exciting, especially once we starting hitting 1941!

Oct 5, 2010

Some missions, you just can't get rid of a bomb

We need another 12 500 tons of shipping just to register as a blip on the U-Boat aces list. Onward and upward!

Oct 24, 2008

The aim eventually will be to have our own goon league table, so you can compare e-peen see how you match up with other goon u-boat aces.

Oct 24, 2008

The invasion of Norway was almost complete by the time U-49 had finished refitting. The British were already on the run and a lot of U-Boats had been diverted either to scour the area near Trondheim or to patrol the northern tip of the North Sea in order to sink British merchant ships that were even now beginning to ferry troops back to the British Isles.

The patrol zone that had been assigned to U-49 was largely the same areas as she had gone to in her previous patrol, although this time there was more emphasis on remaining on station east of the Orkneys in order to intercept any merchant ships coming back from Norway.

The transit to the patrol area was, as always, relatively quiet, but a few days into the patrol, on the 10th of May, the radioman excitedly brought forward a message to KptLt gradenko_2000: Germany had finally invaded France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Spreading the news throughout the ship, many cheered, while others silently wished their Kameraden on land good luck.

After a few days of zig-zagging in the patrol area, on a cold and windy night, the crew headed by LtzS space pope finally saw the first contacts of the patrol. Steaming quickly west, a small 5k ton freighter, the Carabulle, could be seen, escorted by a single destroyer. Under the cover of darkness, gradenko_2000 got U-49 ever closer, calculating a fire solution in the UZO and quickly firing two eels at the freighter. The angle of attack seemed perfect, but yet again the only thing that the sonarman could hear was two dull thuds as both torpedoes failed to explode. Yet again, faulty equipment had prevented the sinking of enemy ships. When would the issues with those darn torpedoes be removed?!

Angrily, gradenko_2000 lowered the periscope, but suddenly, the entire ship was filled with the ominous sound of ASDIC. The sonarman, however, seemed shocked. The sound was not coming from ahead, where the destroyer had been spotted: it was coming from starboard, much nearer than expected. gradenko_2000 immediately gave the order to dive. The ASDIC got louder and louder until it seemed to be just a single sound and soon even the fast screws of the destroyer could be heard. Quickly removing his earphones, the sonarman announced that depth charges were in the water. "Flank speed, rudder full starboard!"

The depth charges shook the entire ship: they had landed close: not close enough for an instant kill, but close enough to cause extensive damage. Sudden shouts filled the U-Boat:
"Flooding in electric engine room!" Suddenly, gradenko_2000 saw a dreadful sight: Chief Engineer Davin Valkri was brought into the officer's mess hall, a huge wound on his side. Doctor Herpicle immediately cleared the table, bringing out the first aid kit in order to close the wound.

As the explosions abated, gradenko_2000 mentioned for his crew to quiet down, while ordering the submarine to dive deeper and for the engines to be set back to silent running. The ASDIC continued to sound, but slowly the submarine descended deeper and deeper, not yet surpassing test depth but getting ever closer to it. A sudden explosion shook the crew, but these explosions were much further off. A couple of hours passed, no one daring to make a sound. Then the explosions stopped altogether. It was over.

Davin's status, Doctor Herpicle declared, was serious but stabilised. There was not much more he could do with the limited supplies aboard the ship, but he was likely to survive until the end of the patrol and the trip back home. The flooding in the electric engine room was now under control, although the bilge pumps were working overtime in order to pump out the sea-water. With a taste for revenge, gradenko_2000 did not want that freighter to escape and thus set a course to come around and intercept the Carabulle once again. Fortunately, it was still night by the time that U-49 caught up, and, after making sure that both destroyers were accounted for, gradenko_2000 angled for another surface attack.

As U-49 approached at flank speed, gradenko_2000 rapidly made the calculations necessary before firing tubes one and two. As soon as both torpedoes were off, the u-boat started slipping below the waves, submerging as fast as possible. The first torpedo was once again a hit, but yet again, the torpedo was a dud. The second, after the freighter started zig-zagging, was a complete miss.

This time, however, U-49 had managed to submerge underneath the waves before being sighted, so the attack went unnoticed except for the torpedo-shaped bump on the freighter's side. With dawn rapidly approaching, U-49 decided to give up the chase: a small freighter like that was not worth wasting any more torpedoes.

After returning to her patrol pattern, it was clear that the crew of the U-49 was visibly shaken. Their first experience of being attacked with depth charges had ended up with the Chief Engineer, a popular officer on board, injured. Three of their torpedoes had been duds as well. Was the lucky spell of the ship finally over?

The days passed: Davin had managed to recuperate somewhat, finally being able to sip on some soup and even laughing, although that tended to shake him with pain before long.. As gradenko_2000 relaxed in the officer's mess in the early evening, OltzS FebrezeNinja excitedly called him up to the bridge.

"Isn't she a beauty, Herr Kaleun?"

In the horizon, a large 12k ton freighter called the Llangibbey Castle could be seen heading west. gradenko_2000 was determined not to let this one get away. As night descended, U-49 closed in for the kill. With a ship of this size, it was better to fire torpedoes at her while she was unaware of the submarine's presence, so after getting close and making a firing solution, gradenko_2000 fired tubes 1 to 3. The first torpedo struck the ship at a slight angle, but thankfully it exploded, although the freighter was lightly damaged. The second torpedo followed suit and struck the Llangibbey Castle at a similar angle as the first. The final torpedo, however, narrowly missed the freighter, shooting just wide of the stern of the ship. The freighter was starting to slow down, but not enough. Ordering the 8.8 cannon manned, gradenko_2000 ordered the crew to fire 50 rounds near the waterline, near to where the torpedoes had struck.

The rounds were enough to finally stop the huge freighter, and soon the entire ship was tipping by the stern of the ship. Getting some distance, U-49 watched as the ship slowly started to sink, taking a full hour to fill with water but eventually slipping underneath the waves.

The patrol continued, with U-49 doing another leg east in preparation for coming down down to Kiel. The patrol was almost over when LtzS space pope called the Kaleun to the bridge. The Watch Officer had spotted yet more chimney stacks on the horizon: a whole convoy. With still some torpedoes to fire, gradenko_2000 elected to attack, although not before reporting the presence of the convoy to BdU.

Although it was still day, gradenko_2000 decided that it wasn't worth waiting for night, since the convoy at the current angle was likely to evade him if he waited too long. Submerging at long range, U-49 inched forward until medium range was reached, identifying four likely targets: the 5k ton Stonepool, the 10.3k ton Calchas, the 3.5k ton Baron Pentland and the 7.2k ton Thomas McKean (a ship which, through random luck, had been a previous target of U-49).

Firing a full spread of his remaining torpedoes, gradenko_2000 elected to fire 2 G7a's and a G7e at the Calchas and a single G7a at the Thomas McKean.
Looking for the explosions through his periscope, only a single torpedo exploded against the hull of the Calchas: since all three torpedoes had been fired in quick succession, it was likely that the other two had been duds. As for the snapshot against the Thomas McKean, the shot once again missed. The Calchas had been damaged, but would it be enough?

The enemy destroyers, following the trail left from the G7a's in full daylight, were quick to enter the hunt for the U-boat. gradenko_2000 ordered for the ship to dive, but ASDIC once again ringed throughout the ship.

As the screws got faster and faster, depth charges were finally launched, shaking the ship from bow to stern. Damage reports immediately arrived "One of the electric engines is hit!". With the Chief Engineer out of the action, this did not bode well: if both engines were gone, the only way that the u-boat could move underwater would be by changing her buoyancy.

As the explosions ended, the ASDIC picked up once again, with sonar reporting that it was coming around for another pass. This time, the destroyer seemed to have bracketed U-49 well, as the noise of the screws got louder and louder before another set of depth charges hit the water. gradenko_2000 ordered flank speed at the last second, but with one engine gone, it would be hard to evade the attack.

This time, the depth charges exploded closer than ever. Three large explosions rocked U-49 as it attempted to evade. One explosion occurred slightly underneath the u-boat, buckling the supporting structure of the ship. Another created a large leak in the forward torpedo compartment. Along with the leak, the forward torpedo doors were also reported to be jammed tight.

KptLt gradenko_2000 immediately ordered the ship to descend deeper: it was now exceeding test depth and the hull was beginning to creak and groan ominously. Unfortunately, even this was not enough to deter the destroyer and once again the sound of ASDIC could be heard throughout the ship. As the screws got louder and louder, many crewmen attempted to shut the noise out, almost like if they didn't hear the destroyer, it would stop hunting them. Another bracket of depth charges hit the water, perfectly aimed once again.

Multiple explosions rocked U-49 as it went deeper and deeper, attempting to avoid the explosions. Damage reports ringed throughout: "Fuel tanks are losing pressure!" "Diesel engines hit!" "Periscope hit!" "Flooding in aft torpedo room!".

Now with a tell-tale oil slick following it, gradenko_2000 ordered the ship yet deeper, the pressure now making some of the control room bolts shoot off like guns.

The destroyer, however, was not done yet. Suddenly, with ASDIC getting louder and louder, the destroyer came around for another pass...

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May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

See Davin? I told you I had you covered! We'll all make it back.

...Oh wait, the destroyer. I wonder why they're called that.

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