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Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

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What is Counter-Strike
This ain't your brosef's FPS! CS:GO is the most recent installment of the Counter-Strike series, one of the longest running and most successful FPS games of all time. CS:GO is known for being extremely fast-paced, competitive, and unforgiving. To be decent players must have a very well-honed situational awareness, tight aim, and the ability to communicate with their teammates telepathically. The series has been going strong for over a decade now, testament to both the game's solid foundation and robust community.

For the lost sheep who are returning to the flock from 1.6 or Source, you'll find that CS:GO is the same in all the ways that matter but also with a bunch of additions that add tons of value to the game. The community workshop is now integrated into the map system so developers can push updates globally without having to rely on the frustrating _b1, _b2, _final, _finalFORREALTHISTIME crap. TF2-esque cosmetic weapon drops have been added, some of which go to supporting the competitive community. There are a few new weapons/grenades while the TMP and MP5 have been retired rip. Finally there is now a competitive ranked matchmaking system which actually functions fairly well.

For new players: Counter-Strike is the Real poo poo™. If you enjoy the FPS genre while feeling that the CoDs or Battlefields just aren't scratching that itch right because *something* is missing, CS:GO is probably for you. This is a mostlyno-frills game that relies on rewarding and engaging gameplay to hook players rather than convoluted ranking systems, yearly releases, or pay-to-win 'expansion' packs. Your access to better weapons depends solely on your team's performance in the current game. Your 'skills' are only unlocked by yourself when you put in the effort to talk to/observe/play against better players and decide that you want to be better. Because of this, CS:GO can be an extremely rewarding as its high skill ceiling/steep difficulty curve makes those glorious hero-moments that much sweeter.

But don't take my word for it!

Josh Lyman posted:

I'm so glad I listened to the Steam thread and got CS:GO and not just 1.6. This is like the video game equivalent of "Gravity." So intense!

What's new?

For those of you returning from CS 1.6 or Source, the game is the same in all the ways that matter, although some fun additions have been made. There are two new shotguns, one for the CTs and the other for the Ts, a few changes have been made to the SMGs such as the removal of the MP5 and TMP with the addition of others, a machine-gun which rains hilarity and death, and a new pistol. More interesting however is the introduction of two new grenades, the decoy and molotov cocktail, also known as the incendiary grenade for the CTs. There's also a one-hit kill taser which is never ever a bad idea to use.

There's also been an addition of new gamemodes which before has always been the responsibility of the mod community to implement:

    Great for new players and veterans alike. Simply choose your weapons and go kill things until you don't feel like it anymore. This is a great mode for getting accustomed with new maps, learning how different guns operate, or warming up a bit before you jump into a competitive match.

Arms Race
    A streamlined implementation of the classic arms race mod from previous games. You start with a weapon and advance a level every time you get a kill. The first player to get a kill with the golden knife (the last level) wins the round. This is also a very good game mode for beginners, as you'll quickly learn the faster and more basic gameplay mechanics here due to how rapidly you go from dying to jumping right back into the fray, while still being forced to think somewhat tactically by being forced to use certain weapons.

    A sort of hybrid between a condensed and streamlined version of classic counter-strike and a simplified arms race. Both teams have a ladder of weapons to advance up, while the game is still divided into rounds that are won by either eliminating the other team or detonating/defusing the bomb. Good for intermediate players who want to get more accustomed to the larger game mechanics but not wanting to dive into a full competitive game just yet.

    A good mode for beginner and intermediate players who are interested in getting into competitive play but don't want to be yelled at for not knowing the finer details just yet. The teams are larger, allowing you to blend in and be terrible without being noticed. There's also less emphasis on economic planning as everyone is automatically given armor and a helmet while the CTs also get defuse kits.

    This is what most people think of when they think counter-strike. CS:GO features a ranked matchmaking system allowing you to team up with your fellow goons and compete against a team of similar skill. While the ranking system allows players of all skill levels to enjoy this mode, you should try to only enter lobbies with players who are a similar rank to you. If you're a new player, entering a lobby with veterans will probably result in you playing against veterans, and you won't have a very good time, although you'll definitely learn quickly. Same goes if you're a veteran with a new player; you'll often find yourself having to pick up the slack or losing rounds despite doing well yourself.

    New players will typically find themselves in the lower silver ranks. At this level teams typically lack coordination and effective communication while individuals are unfamiliar of how to effectively use their weapons. Near the middle ranks the teams start displaying organized tactics, although their timing is often off while individuals, despite being fairly competent, will still regularly make poor decisions. The top ranks are reserved for teams who are almost at the point of working as a single entity, communication is short and effective, while individuals are regularly making good shots and have a very developed situational awareness.
And that's what the game has to offer out-of-the-box!

But there's also a sixth game-type...

    A mod developed by our very own astr0man. This gamemode has 10 goons elect two team captains, who then pick teams. Once teams have been picked, they'll be pitted against each other in a match using the competitive rules with a few small modifications. Players of all skill levels are welcome!

Sounds great! How do I get involved? - First, Jump into our chatroom. Tons of regulars idle there and will help you if you have any questions or need help getting started. It's also where we organize our GoonPugs. They can happen at any time, but are most frequent after 5 P.M. EST


I heard you guys are mean to newbies

Extremely! This is mostly due to the competitive nature and speed of the game. Typically when info is given to the team, we expect results almost immediately. There's no time to dilly-daddle here! So unfortunately, yes, no matter what you are going to be yelled at, it can't be helped. Fortunately you can minimize the abuse you receive by learning a bit by following some of these rules!

    Many complex or detailed things are often times reduced down to single words out of necessity due to the high speed nature of this game. I'll be going over the more common topics, but please don't be afraid to ask your captain what you should be doing if you're in doubt.

You actually have to aim
    If you're coming from a game more oriented towards consoles like Call of Duty or Halo, you're going to have to break a lot of bad habits when it comes to gun play. The most effective weapons in this game require a finesse that controllers simply can't provide. While you're first getting accustomed to the game, always always fight the urge to lay on the trigger. Do not spray. Ever. Fire a small burst, regain your aim, then fire another. There are more advanced strategies that will allow you to get even better later, but for now, always fire in bursts.

    Once you're comfortable with firing without spraying... you should go back to spraying! However spraying in this game isn't like any other FPSs. Here's a great writeup on it by our buddy Slime: CS:GO Recoil Mechanics

    Another important thing to keep in mind is that firefights are often extremely fast in this game, oftentimes over before you even know it's happening. Very small slivers of time can end up making a big difference in a firefight, so it's important to be efficient as possible at all times. The #1 rookie mistake in CS:GO is players keeping their crosshairs in the ground, ready to pull up whenever an enemy appears. This is incorrect. I understand that keeping the crosshairs down allows you to see better, but not only does it take time to pull the crosshair up (bad), its also a large distance to cover in a short amount of time which will cause you to be much less accurate once you do finally reach the enemies head. Also, if your opponent is aiming properly, i.e. keeping his crosshair where he expects YOUR head to be, you'll likely be dead before you can even squeeze a shot off. Keep your crosshairs up!

    Also: DONT CROUCH! Well, you can, but it's like spraying. It may improve your aim but it will place your head into your center of mass (bad) and also immobilize you (very bad) Break the habit first and play without it entirely. Once you can play without it you can bring it back in. This is easily the most common newbie mistake that we see.

Your mouse sensitivity is almost definitely too high
    If you're playing with a competent team and you know the map the great majority of enemies should be appearing inside your field of view if not very close or already under your crosshair. Because of this you gain much more by having a low sensitivity, improving your aim in these scenarios, than having a high sensitivity which allows you to respond to being flanked. If this advice seems wrong to you because you're being flanked often enough that keeping a higher sensitivity makes sense, your primary concern should be improving your situational awareness and tactics as that will have a way larger impact on your overall skill. Some goons, including myself, argue that lowering your sensitivity FORCES you to keep your crosshair up and use proper positioning, as you can no longer use insane twitch shooting as a crutch to prop up lazy playing.

    Generally you want it to take over ten inches to turn 360 degrees. Yes you read that correctly. Yes your sensitivity is WAY too high.

    Also be sure to select 'Use Raw Input' in the options. Most operating systems have mouse acceleration turned on by default which will screw with your aim. Having a 1-1 interpretation of your movements is significantly better.

    Use this tool to find out what your 360/sensitivity is:

    This is what good crosshair placement looks like:
    Basically any time you start to feel like you're getting good just come back to this to remind yourself that you're actually a literal baby mashing a keyboard.

Learn the maps and how to call out locations
    A lot of this game revolves around knowing where exactly the enemy is. Learning the names of all the locations on maps will let you communicate much more effectively with your team. Failure to communicate enemy players locations can cause your team to react to situations too slowly, but miscommunications can lead to disasters. For an example of what a disaster looks like, watch minineo shoot me in the back of the head after I fail to hear his location called out by a teammate:
    There are a ton of mistakes made by the T team in this video, see if you can spot them all!

    Here are some of the more popular maps. You don't need to know these 100%, but you should be at least have the gist of it:

There is an economy and it's very important
    There were some words here but Daeno's are better:

    Daeno posted:

    Warning! Effort post approaches!


    Pistol round: Wide variety of builds here, some buy chest armour, some buy kits and grenades, others buy dualies or whatever their favourite pistol is. There's not really much of an advantage buying another pistol on the first round, some people are just more comfortable with other guns. There's certain situations where it helps, but as a new player I would just mix in a grenade or two, or get some chest armour. Getting used to using the starting pistol is an important skill toi have.

    2nd round winning side: Usually winning side players buy whatever cheap mop-up gun they favour, so except to see SMG's and shotguns here. Lately some losing sides have been grabbing full armour and armour peircing pistols such as the P250 and the five-seven, so at higher skill levels you should mix in some cheap armour piercing AR(assault rifle) such as a galil or famas. Put one at each site.

    2nd round losing side: Never buy nothing, always buy atleast a P250. A P250 can one-shot headshot a player will full armour at close range, same with a five-seven, but that is more expensive and only CT-side. Sometimes you should mix in full armour with your P250 buys, as this can catch a full-smg/shotgun team off-guard, severely money-loving them.

    3rd round: There are more scenarios that can occur here, such as if the winning round 1 team lost round 2, etc etc, but usually the 3rd round is similar to round 2, in that the losing team of rounds 1 & 2 have to save again, so they can afford a full buy on round 4. Be careful though, if the Terrorist team planted the bomb in rounds 1 or 2, they can usually afford a full buy of AK + Armour, even if they lost both rounds.



    Full Money buys: Typically you see 3 weapons, AK, M4/M4A1-S, and AWP. This is because the 2 main rifles have the best value for their cost for each side, as far as accuracy, shooting power, etc. And the AWP of course for it's one shot one kill power. Most other purchases are considered gimmicks, but some players really feel better with an AUG, or like to use an autosniper for example. The bad part about relying on vanity weapons is that they are more expensive, if you are spending another 500 or 1000$ on a rifle that you feel more in tune with, in the long game you'll have a round or two where you can't afford a rifle, because of that AUG or SIG(lol) purchase you made earlier in the game. This is why I always buy an AK or M4A1-S, simply the best bang for your buck, and you'll have more money in the future.

    As for the AWP, since it costs almost double than a typical rifle, be mindful of your money when you purchase it, as powerful as it is, it could leave you broke next round, when your teammates are full buying and you have to get a pistol+armour just to keep up.

    Half buys/Watch your team: Usually if one player on your team has a massive amount of money and other players are broke, he/she should be buying weapons for teammates, but when you can't buy out for all teammates, or if a couple teammates saved weapons from last round, you should communicate as a team and decide if some players should force buy a pistol + armour, or galil/famas + armour. Knowing when to do this is tricky, but becomes more clear with experience.

    Eco Rounds:Rounds where almost all of you are broke. Similar to starting round 2, but usually you have more money to play with. If you are CT side, make sure atleast 1 player on each bombsite has bought a kit. Always Always Always atleast buy a P250. If you get the jump on someone with a P250, you should be able to kill them, thus earning you a free gun. Mix in some grenades if you can afford them and still full buy next round.

    Grenades: Grenades are essential and you should be forcing yourself to buy them and use them, even if you are terrible with them, as you will get better with time. Just don't blind your teammates. Smoke grenades are amazing in CS:GO, especially compared to the smokes in source and 1.6. Two smoke grenades thrown by 2 players defending a bombsite can lock it down for most of the round. Similarly, smoke grenades thrown by attacking players can section off parts of bombsites, making them much much easier to take. For example, smoking off CT spawn when taking A site from Long A on dust 2 makes life much easier for T's, as you won't get sniped from there, and pushing the remaining players in A site is way easier.

    Flash grenades are also must-buys, and knowing when/where to use them is somewhat of an art. There are many video guides on youtube on where best to use them, as well as other grenades, so I would look up those for references, watching better players use them on GO TV or spectating in a Goonman helps too. Force yourself to use them when taking sites, defending after the enemy has flashed, etc. You will get better.

    As for HE, Decoy and Fire Grenades, they aren't as good. HE grenades are almost as good as Flash and Smoke, but their use is sometimes map dependant. Decoy grenades are cute, and distracting, but most good players won't be fooled. Molotov/Fire Grenades are pretty much a more expensive smoke grenade, locking down an area for a period of time.

    Hope that helps a little with knowing what and when to purchase things. Communication is key, your money is not your own, treat it as a pool of team money and always buy atleast a P250.

The pistol round is also very important
    The pistol round is the first round of every half in a competitive game. Both teams have very little money and the outcome of it sets the inertia that can last the rest of the half. It is very important! Because everyone has very little money and the outcome is so important, how you spend those precious few bucks can become a deciding factor later on. Here are some tips:

  • Never save on the pistol round. You want as much of an edge in this round as possible and should always spend as much as you can.
  • No one can afford a helmet. Because of this you shouldn't worry about buying either the desert eagle or p250, as they will have a very limited advantage here.
  • If you're CT, make sure one or more people on your team have a defuse kit, as bomb plants are very common in the pistol round and you'll definitely need it.
  • You'll find a personal preference on either buying grenades or a vest. What's important is that you choose one or the other AND YOU DO NOT SAVE.

Grenades are extremely effective
    One of the best signs of a very good player is effective grenade usage. A well placed smoke grenade or flash bang can completely turn the tide of a round and should never be underestimated. It'd be difficult to go into full detail on proper grenade usage here, as there is a lot to it, but when you're playing you should keep an eye on how better players use them. You'll see some really clever strategies.

    As for a quick run-down though, keep this in mind:

  • It is significantly easier to see INTO smoke than it is seeing OUT of smoke. This makes smoke grenades great defensive tools as you'll be able to see an enemy a few precious moments before he can see you. This is also why YOU DO NOT RUN THROUGH SMOKEuntil you know you can
  • Flashbangs can be tossed *over* walls and buildings. Also their effect is based on both distance from detonation and whether or not it detonates within line of sight. This means its possible to chase a flash into a room while running backwards. The flash will detonate at your back, only blinding you slightly while everyone in the room will be more impacted. Obviously watch someone else do this before you try this at home.
  • Frag grenades are best used as a 'parting shot' tossed into an area where you know a wounded enemy is.
  • Be very careful when throwing any grenade. It takes time to switch back to your weapon so getting caught in the open with a grenade in hand is a death sentence. The only reason a grenade should be equipped is if you are about to throw it AND you have an escape plan (nearby cover) should an enemy poke out right when you pull that pin.
  • Here are a bunch of good nade spots

If you are defending, defend
    If you are defending a position, just because you aren't killing people RIGHT NOW does not mean you aren't helping. One of the hardest things many new players have is getting over deathmatch habits drilled into you from so many other games. While fast paced, there are often extended periods of tense waiting, where patience is key. Once you're more familiar with the game you'll learn when it's okay to push, or when you should abandon your position and fall back. In the beginning though, just hold.

If you are attacking, stick with your team
    If you're new, you're going to need the assistance of your team. Going lone wolf will almost certainly result in you getting killed, contributing little to nothing. Stay with your team, and pay attention to any calls your captain makes. If he tells the team to fall back, it means fall back NOW, not 'just wrap up whatever it is you're doing we can wait don't worry'. If he says to push, you push NOW. Well coordinated teams will beat individual star-players any day.

At any given time, ask yourself 'how can I be helping RIGHT NOW'
    This one is a bit more difficult for new players, but it's probably the most important. One of the best fundamental strategies in this game is outnumbering your opponent in a gun battle. By doing this, your opponents will have too many targets to fire at, while your team's fire will be concentrated. If you see a teammate run around a corner and begin fighting, you should be immediately running out to help. If there is only one enemy around the corner, he now has two targets to kill in the time it takes those two targets to take one of him out. Pretty solid advantage huh?

If you are dead, do not use the mic
    Hearing faint and subtle sounds is often times very important in this game, and I've seen many rounds lost because a player couldn't hear over his dead teammate blabbing away. Socialize using the keyboard when you're dead. Also, DO NOT GIVE COMMANDS WHILE YOU'RE DEAD. There's nothing more frustrating to veteran players than being deafened with bad advice by a bottom-fragger when he's trying to concentrate. Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up shut up.

    Sound is very important!

thanks, jerkstoresup!

Basic Vocabulary
Save or Eco
    This means your team is hurting financially, and needs to sacrifice a round in order to get back up to fighting shape. Saves need to by coordinated with the team so that everyone will sacrifice a round at the same time, so that everyone will be up to fighting strength at the same time. This is very important, as a team that consistently has one or two team members saving individually each round will result in being consistently outgunned. No good! If you hear a team member tell you to save, it means do not buy anything for that round!

    This can also mean throwing the match that's already in progress, in order to keep the loadout you have between rounds. The best way to do this is to find out where the enemies are and run and hide in the opposite direction. When to do this will be difficult to judge for beginners, your captain will probably make the call for you.

    Modifying what your team purchases when you know the other team is saving, usually after they lose the pistol round. This usually means buying sub-machine guns in lieu of rifles for two reasons: sub-machine guns are extremely effective against unarmored targets, arguably more effective than rifles, and if you get killed, the other team gets a gun which is ineffective against your armored teammates.
    It is the last round of the half or match, and saving will not be beneficial as any money at the end of the round will be lost. Everyone buys to their fullest potential. That Negev is looking pretty sexy huh? No, don't feel bad for buying it. Go ahead, it's alright. This is where it's ok to be reckless with your money.
    A coordinated push for the entire team, aiming to overwhelm a few outnumbered defenders. This is not the time to have second thoughts about your mortality, get in there!
Pick, Picking, or Going for picks
    A slow and surgical advance, where the team will slowly feel for any holes in the defense and rush through it, or will create a hole itself by a player quickly popping out and taking out a defender.
    Split up the team and attack an area from multiple locations. The strategy makes it harder for enemies to defend since the targets are spread out.
Rotate (offense)
    Either the defense is putting up too much resistance or a teammate has cleared out the other site. If you hear rotate it means you should be heading to the site called out, usually through alleys thought to be most likely safe. Get there ASAP and set up a defense.
Rotate (defense)
    The player calling is either sure the bomb is heading into their site or the site has already been taken. You need to get to the site as soon as possible to help your team retake the site and secure the bomb.
    Camping an area you know the enemy will be moving through soon in order to ambush them. You should avoid doing this if you're new but you should always be paranoid when moving between sites. This is also why accurately calling out enemy movements/numbers when you're killed. If your teammates know that all the enemies are in the A site, then anyone rotating from B will be able to move much more quickly. Alternatively, if they know there are one or two guys out there unaccounted for, it will be much more difficult to catch them by surprise.
Bomb Down
    A teammate has killed the bomber and secured the bomb. Whatever you are doing can be dropped as you head to the bomb and help your team defend it until the timer expires.
Wallbang or Walling
    Shooting at targets through a wall.

All of these rules and basic strategies are subject to exceptions and nuances, which you will learn as you play. The best way to learn these are to play against/observe/talk to people who are better than you.

I keep hanging up while loading maps, it says 'initializing world' and nothing happens?
    For anyone having workshop map downloading issues (where it just hangs at UGC Download 0.00000000000000 forever) try deleting anything in your steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cache folder.
How do I keep the rest of my computer's sounds from decreasing when I join a match?
    This happens because CS:GO is considered a "communications activity" by Windows, which tries to decrease the sound so you can hear your dumb team mates. Go to the Sound control panel in Windows, click the "Communications" tab, and set it to "Do Nothing" to fix it.
When I use matchmaking, I get stuck in a server with >100 ping!
    Go in console and type mm_session_max_ping 100 (or whatever your preferred max ping is). If you're in Australia or somewhere with few servers, this may just lead to you not finding a game, but for the civilized world it should keep you from getting matched with servers on the other side of either ocean.
Why is my FPS capped to 30/60 instead of my fps_max setting?
    You either have VSync on in the game graphical options or in your graphics card's control panel.
Why does my mouse movement feel sluggish/inaccurate?
    A few possible reasons:
    • For "sluggishness" or mouse lag, there's a good chance you have VSync enabled, either in game or in your graphics card settings. Turn it off and see if that helps.
    • Your mouse may be using Windows' built-in mouse acceleration. Use the "raw input" mode in mouse settings and see if that helps.
Put this in your autoexec.cfg
    cl_interp 0
    cl_interp_ratio 1
    rate 128000
    cl_cmdrate 128
    cl_updaterate 128
    cl_allowdownload 1
    cl_downloadfilter 0

    // buy binds
    bind f1 "buy p250"
    bind f2 "buy p90"
    bind f3 "buy famas; buy galilar"
    bind f4 "buy m4a1; buy ak47"
    bind f5 "buy awp"
    bind f6 "buy flashbang"
    bind f7 "buy smokegrenade"
    bind f8 "buy hegrenade"
    bind f9 "buy molotov; buy incgrenade"
    bind f10 "buy vest"
    bind f11 "buy vesthelm"
    bind f12 "buy defuser"
Wait, I can change my crosshairs?
    Yes! Please do not use the default crosshair!

I have no idea what all these console commands are

What's this ""Good Vibes"" thing I heard about?
    If you don't mind running friendly executables strangers give you then check this out
When does GO become fun?
    ... fun?


Goon Servers!

Buttman Brigade - This server is mostly used for GoonPugs, which are crazy fun and you should definitely join us. Props to astr0man for coding the plugin and Fat Lou & Prostidude for running the server. - Server run by whoknew who is still feeling around for where this server is gonna settle. Will almost definitely be another goonpug server but may also run a 2v2, public casual, or 24/7 mariokart. Who knows.

Steam Group - Join the chat room to request an invite, join in on GoonPug/matchmaking fun, or some random pub stomping when we're feeling sassy.


"I will sweep away everything in all your land," says Lord Negev. "I will sweep away both terrorists and counter-terrorists alike. Even the chickens of cs_italy and the fish in de_inferno will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity," says Negev. "I will crush de_nuke and de_dust2 with my fist and destroy every last trace of their competitive worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous pros, so that even the memory of them will disappear. For they go up to their scripts and buy the AK, M4, and AWP. They claim to follow the One Lord Negev, but then they worship Rifles, too. So now I will destroy them! And I will destroy those who used to worship me but now no longer do. They no longer ask for Lord Negev's guidance or seek my blessings."

Necc0 fucked around with this message at Oct 27, 2014 around 15:12


Feb 21, 2007

hollyeo deuroga

Attention new players: please read this post

Due to the recent influx in very new players I made this helpful guide on how to not be deadweight to your team. All of this is applicable in both matchmaking and goonmans. Even if you have poo poo aim and go 0-30 every match you can still contribute to your team by holding good angles and making good calls. If you are new to CS:GO but have played Source or 1.6 you can probably just skim over this, but for everyone else it will be super helpful to read.

How to CS:GO

Table of Contents:
  • Section 1: General tips
  • Section 2: Buys
  • Section 3: Maps (including default CT setups and default T plant spots)

Section 1: General Tips

Everyone should follow all of these general rules, but I have bolded the ones that are the most common mistakes for new players.
  1. DO get a microphone and use it.
  2. DON'T aim at the ground.
  3. DO keep your crosshairs at head level at all times (see also: tip #2).
  4. DON'T move and shoot at the same time.
  5. In general, DON'T crouch. The only real exception to this is if you are trying to surprise someone during a quick peek, or if you are in a point blank spray or something. 99% of the time crouching is useless. The reduction in recoil while crouching is negligible and provides no real-world benefit (the dynamic crosshairs are lying when it says crouching makes you more accurate).
  6. DON'T crouch-walk ever.
  7. DO tap/burst fire. You should never be firing more than 2 or 3 rounds at a time unless someone is right up in your face.
  8. DON'T spray. Spray control is an important part of counter-strike but for new players there are much more important things to learn. Once you are proficient at aiming and burst/tap firing you can start to work on your spray control.
  9. DO stutter-step. Tapping the opposite movement key from whichever direction you are going brings you to a halt faster than just releasing your movement key. This means that in a firefight your movement pattern should be something like "AAAAAAD *shoot 2 bullets* DDDDDDA *shoot 2 bullets* *repeat until other guy is dead*"
  10. DO listen to your teammates, especially when they are better than you. Sometimes this means putting up with someone yelling at you. Don't get mad and bitch about it over voice chat, and don't be passive aggressive about it and ignore whatever they just told you that you did wrong. Just get over it and move on, and don't make the same mistake again. Obviously there are times where the other guy is legitimately just being an rear end in a top hat, but more often than not it's just a veteran player being frustrated by a newbie mistake, and it's nothing personal.
  11. DON'T block your teammates. This means that if someone is peeking through long doors on dust2, you should not stand right next to them. You don't need 2 people peeking the same corner at the same time. Just go do something else.
  12. DON'T push through smoke.
  13. DON'T switch spots. This is only applicable to CT side, and it means that if you call that you are playing catwalk/short A on dust2, you will play catwalk for the entire half. This does not mean you can feel free to just go and try to pick mid randomly the next round just because you picked up an AWP. If you want to pick mid then fine, just say so during the buy period and make sure that whoever was previously playing mid knows to swap with you and play cat instead.
  14. DO buy and save with your team.
  15. DON'T make bad/generic sounding calls. If you are defending long A on dust2 and you get rushed, don't immediately yell "ALL LONG A" on voice chat. If you see 3 people, say "3 long A". If you see 4 people including the bomb carrier, say "4 long A with bomb." There is a huge difference between "everyone on the other team" and "only 4/5 members of the other team" when making calls. It only takes 1 guy lurking B tunnels to wipe out 3 or more of your teammates as they rotate with their knives out because you called "all long A" over voice chat. Likewise, if you hear a bunch of footsteps in B tunnels, don't just automatically assume this means they are going to rush B. Just call "steps B tunnels".
  16. DON'T rotate as CT until someone calls bomb. Just because your teammate playing long A got killed and saw 2 terrorists there it does not mean they are actually hitting A and that it is OK for you to rotate. Note that this is not a blanket rule, in some situations you might want to rotate early. For example, it is common to play 2 CTs in B site on inferno. If one of your teammates in A is killed early, it is generally OK for one of the B players to rotate to A even if they haven't seen the bomb yet, since one player can still relatively easily hold B site alone. However, in this situation both B players need to be aware of what is going on, so make sure you say "hey <other guy> I am rotating away from B" over voice chat.
  17. DON'T needlessly push in situations where you don't have to. For example, if you are CT and your team has a 3v1 advantage and the bomb down, JUST SIT ON THE loving BOMB. Don't go out and try to find the last T because there is absolutely no reason to. You get absolutely no benefit from killing the T player, especially because if the timer runs down the T gets $0.
  18. DON'T enter a site/push a corner/peek an awper one by one. You want to make entries as a team and a group. Going in one at a time is just inviting the other guys to get a bunch of easy kills.
  19. DO buy kits. Seriously if you are CT side and I see you leaving spawn with at least $400 and no kit I will just TK you.

Section 2: Buys

Read Daeno's stuff in the OP

Section 3: Maps
Here are the callouts for the most commonly played maps for goonmans, as well as default CT side setups and default plant spots. All of these maps are also played in matchmaking except for season.


Default CT setup: 3A - 1 Mid - 1B
Generally you want 2 of your A players watching long (ideally with one of them in pit) and the 3rd A player watching short. The mid player should be trying to get an early pick on an T-spawn awpers, as well as watching for a cat push. The mid player is also responsible for a quick rotate to B to help against a B rush. The solo B player should play from plat or toward the back of the site. It is generally not advised to play solo B from close to the tunnel exit or from car.

Default A plant: in the corner of the site next to the barrel so that anyone defusing can be seen and shot from long/pit
Default B plant: in the corner made by the window box and wall so that anyone defusing can be shot from tunnels (or B doors)


(Note: most goons use "speedway" to refer to truck side in A, rather than where speedway is marked on that map)

Default CT setup: 3A - 2B
The apartments player can play from either inside apartments, or they can watch balcony from pit/graveyard/site. The B players should generally have 1 player in site and 1 player CT side to get a good crossfire on any B push.

Default A plant: on the edge of the site behind the boxes so that anyone defusing can be shot from apartments/pit
Default B plant: by grill/BBQ so that anyone defusing can be shot from CT


Default CT setup: Either 2 Upper - 2 Ramp - 1 Outside or 3 Upper - 1 Outside - 1 Ramp
Outside player will generally be awping from big garage or CT red. Upper should have one person covering hut and one person covering squeaky door. Hut can be covered from heaven or rafters (or on top of hut), squeaky can be covered from floor/mini or rafters. If you are playing 3 in upper, generally you want 1 floor, 1 rafters and 1 floating between heaven/hell. The heaven/hell player is also responsible for helping against a ramp rush. In both upper situations a floor/mini player should also help against an outside push, either from mini or by rotating through vents and into secret. When playing ramp you want to play from ramp itself or headshot/big box. With 2 ramp players the second player can play from hell/yellow or close.

Default A plant: situational either plant for heaven or mini
Default B plant: N/A


(Note: In de_train_ve the A bombsite is moved from outside to the "A2 Train"

Default CT setup: Either 3A - 2B OR 4A - 1B
The solo B setup is less common, and in general solo B should probably be played from lower/Z. With 2 B players you want 1 player upper and 1 lower. Upper B should be played from back on the ramp, and lower B can be played from Z or up close on one of the trains. In A you generally want 1 player covering ivy, 1 player watching ladder and 1 player somewhere in site. All 3 players should be positioned so that they can also shoot anyone coming from T connector.

Default A plant: back of the bomb train towards e-box so that anyone defusing can be shot from T-conn, Z and ladder/e-box
Default B plant: back of the bomb train or next to the train facing upper so that anyone defusing can be shot from upper


(Note: A apartments is also called palace now)

Default CT setup: 3A - 1 Mid - 1B
Generally in A you want one player in CT or in site covering ramp, one player on or underneath the balcony covering both palace and ramp and one player in connector covering palace. The connector player is also responsible for helping against a mid or cat push. The mid player should either play from window or from B, but pushed all the way up catwalk. A solo B player should play from either van/apartment exit or from the corner where catwalk ends and B site begins.

Default A plant: in the open so anyone defusing can be shot from apartments/palace
Default B plant: in the open so anyone defusing can be shot from cat


Default CT setup: Either 2A - 1 mid - 2B OR 2A - 2 mid - 1B
With 2 mid players you want one of them close so that they can quickly play in vents to help with a B rush. Other than that cache setups are generally pretty straightforward.

Default A plant: back of site
Default B plant: N/A


Default CT setup: 2A - 1 mid - 2B
In A you want to have someone covering halls and someone covering catwalk, and in B you want one player covering upper and one covering lower.

Default A plant: situational - either plant for cat/halls or plant in the open for CT
Default B plant: N/A


Default CT setup: 2A - 1 mid - 2B
You generally want your 2 A players to cover cat, 1 from near the sewers exit and one from close to the top of cat. One B player should cover long b and the other should be watching spiral, either from spiral itself or from the top of the ladder/bridge from CPL house.

Default A plant: anywhere in site, but the further out in the open the better so that anyone defusing can be shot from cat - planting in the open requires smoking off mid first
Default B plant: N/A

astr0man fucked around with this message at Jul 2, 2014 around 17:36

May 5, 2011

This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns 3.

Did we make a new thread to escape the Necco shaming for not knowing cache spam spots?

Awesome Welles
Nov 1, 2010

Buttmen brigade died due to rising costs of labor and inflation in the slim jim market

I don't feel like learning linux commands and poo poo lol

Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

Wallbanging has been overhauled and is much better now.


How does bullet penetration work?

The Basics
Bullet Penetration (or "wallbanging") in CS:GO is when a bullet hits a wall or surface of an object, passes through that object, exits the other side and continues traveling.

Not all guns shoot projectiles that can penetrate and not all surfaces can be penetrated. If a bullet successfully penetrates, it will lose some of its power and do less damage after it exits the wall or object on the other side.

How much damage is lost and how far a bullet can penetrate all depend on the weapon, the distance traveled through the object and the materials of the surfaces penetrated. The further the bullet penetrates through the object the more power it will lose, and once a bullet has lost all of its power it will fail to penetrate and stop traveling.

Penetration Power
Each weapon has a different Penetration Power value which ranges from 0 to 300. A value of 0 means that that weapon will never penetrate any objects, while a value of 300 means it will penetrate harder surfaces for greater distances. The total number of surfaces any bullet can penetrate in a single flight is capped at 4.

The Penetration Power value for each weapon can be viewed in the in-game buy menu.

Surfaces and Materials
The surfaces of the objects you shoot and the materials they are made up of have a lot to do with how easy (or hard) it is to penetrate the object. Below is a short list of common materials and how easy they are to penetrate.

Material Ease of Penetration
Glass Very Easy
Cardboard Very Easy
Metal Grate Easy
Wood Easy
Plaster Average
Tile Average
Metal Hard
Concrete Hard
Brick Hard
Solid Metal Very Hard

To see the raw numbers for all materials and their penetration value, see the file named
The entry you want to look for is "penetrationmodifier".

Remember that bullet penetration is related to a weapon's Penetration Power, the surface material the bullet passes through, and how far the bullet must travel to exit the object. When an object has a different entrance and exit surface material, the damage lost is calculated using the average resistance of the two.

Here is an example of how these three factors combine to determine whether a bullet penetrates a material (and how much power it loses in the process).

On the left is a weapon with Penetration Power 200, and on the right, a weapon with Penetration Power 100. In both cases, we start with a bullet that would have caused 50 damage.

The bullet loses some damage immediately upon making contact with the surface (the bullet with a lower Penetration Power loses more), and continues to lose damage as it travels through the material. When a bullet loses all of its damage, it fails to penetrate the material.

To test bullet penetration for yourself, open the console while playing on a private server (or offline with bots), and enter the following command: sv_showimpacts_penetration 1

When a bullet penetrates a surface, you will see a report including information about the type of surface penetrated, the distance the bullet traveled through the material, and the damage lost in the process.

You can increase the amount of time this information stays on the screen by changing sv_showimpacts_time

Can all weapons penetrate?
All weapons with a Penetration Power greater than 0 have the capability of penetrating objects, and even weapons with low Penetration Power can travel short distances through objects (e.g., through the corners of boxes).

Why can I shoot through a box from one angle, but not another?
From certain angles a bullet needs to travel a longer distance to exit an object (e.g. from one side of a box to the far side of the box), and the longer it travels the more power it loses. If a bullet does not penetrate an object, it has lost all of its power mid-flight. Even if a bullet can penetrate an object from multiple angles, the resulting damage will impacted by how far it has traveled.

These two surfaces look similar, but I can shoot through one and not the other. What's happening?
Sometimes surface materials have a similar look, but are in fact different (e.g., plaster vs. concrete). To find out what surface material you are shooting, use the console command "sv_showimpacts_penetration 1" while on a private server or offline with bots.

Spec this imgur gallery for an overview:
(thanks, face)

Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

Coleman posted:

Did we make a new thread to escape the Necco shaming for not knowing cache spam spots?

The CS:GO thread is dead. Long live the CS:GO thread!

Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

Awesome Welles posted:

Buttmen brigade died due to rising costs of labor and inflation in the slim jim market

The Goonman server is dead. Long live the Goonman server!

Feb 21, 2007

hollyeo deuroga


Egan Yardley
Jun 11, 2010

Hey cool, new thread.

I'm really satisfied by this update: CZ75 got nerfed, deagle and tec-9 got buffed, bunch of lesser used weapons got cheaper, wallbangs are back (in pog form), and Cache is an official map.

Its a shame Mist (or as I like to call it, vertical Season) got in the operation, I feel like there were other maps that were much more deserving.

Rumor has it: now that the tec-9 is buffed, Fat Lou only needs to absorb the 2012 MAG-7 to finally ascend to Perfect Lou.

Jun 16, 2013

I feel like Mist is bad enough that it becomes good. It's so bad it's good.

May 5, 2011

This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns 3.

YEAH, third place, what do I win?

Feb 27, 2007

How many of those posts are arguing about sensitivity

Fat Lou
Jan 21, 2008

Desert Heat? I thought it was Dessert Heat. No wonder it tastes so bad.

Egan Yardley posted:

Rumor has it: now that the tec-9 is buffed, Fat Lou only needs to absorb the 2012 MAG-7 to finally ascend to Perfect Lou.

They buffed the Mag-7 a little bit and made it more likely to actually kill with midrange headshots as opposed to dink. It can also shoot through thin walls apparently. Everything is coming up Fat Lou.

Jun 4, 2005

scared you didnt i lmbo

Necc0 posted:

If you are dead, do not use the mic

this is the only time to use the mic

Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

Fat Lou posted:

They buffed the Mag-7 a little bit and made it more likely to actually kill with midrange headshots as opposed to dink. It can also shoot through thin walls apparently. Everything is coming up Fat Lou.

Camping squeaky on nuke is going to be that much better for you. Grats. You did it.

Feb 21, 2007

hollyeo deuroga

Fat Lou posted:

They buffed the Mag-7 a little bit and made it more likely to actually kill with midrange headshots as opposed to dink. It can also shoot through thin walls apparently. Everything is coming up Fat Lou.

gaben is fat -> fat lou -> gaben is lou

Tec-9 + shotgun buffs all make sense now

Apr 22, 2008

Old school? New school?
Shit, I didn't go to school

I first played Counter-Strike (badly) when Source came out. Last year I decided to get GO so I could continue to be bad at shooting people.

May 28, 2004

Today is good weather
for an airstrike.

Wow do you people still play cs? Why don't you just move on to something good like Halo or BF4?

Feb 21, 2007

hollyeo deuroga

kcer posted:

Wow do you people still play cs? Why don't you just move on to something good like Halo or BF4?

I for real installed dota 2 yesterday

May 28, 2004

Today is good weather
for an airstrike.

astr0man posted:

I for real installed dota 2 yesterday

Would you like to play wow with me?

fe: sorry necco this thread isn't even a page old and I'm making GBS threads it up

May 21, 2007
It is inevitable!

People are buying the unopened cases from this new thing for several pounds. I don't understand.

Jun 30, 2005

S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!
S O M E O N E   H E L P!

kcer posted:

Would you like to play wow with me?

fe: sorry necco this thread isn't even a page old and I'm making GBS threads it up

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - just rate '1' to get it out of the way

May 5, 2011

This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns 3.

kcer posted:

Would you like to play wow with me?

fe: sorry necco this thread isn't even a page old and I'm making GBS threads it up
kcer is currently playing CS:GO, don't let him fool you.

Feb 21, 2007

hollyeo deuroga

ShineDog posted:

People are buying the unopened cases from this new thing for several pounds. I don't understand.

This happens every time a new operation drops. The idea is that if you happen to get a rare/stattrak skin from the crate it will also be at sellable at an inflated price due to the operation just starting, but yeah you are still playing the lottery and you won't make a profit doing this.

Egan Yardley
Jun 11, 2010

ShineDog posted:

People are buying the unopened cases from this new thing for several pounds. I don't understand.

It prints money, you see...

Oct 21, 2010


I've not played for weeks because of the world cup, is the deagle good again

May 21, 2007
It is inevitable!

Well it does for me!

Has matchmaking fallen over?

Dec 23, 2006

If there's one thing I love more than GruntKilla420, it's the Queen! Also bacon.

For once I didn't bottom frag.

May 28, 2004

Today is good weather
for an airstrike.

Coleman posted:

kcer is currently playing CS:GO, don't let him fool you.

Deagle is ridiculous. Went to make a video about 3 one shots I just got in a row but I gave up after recording it with fraps so just imagine it.

Jul 20, 2010

Tec9 is the best.

Jun 10, 2008

Awp - Tec 9 - AK - M4 - Deagle in order of buy priority

Jun 2, 2001

1, 2, woop! woop!

This update made me solo-queue MM a handful of times, and I can report that CS players are still the worst humans.

Jun 10, 2008

UPDATE: A goon caught shooting his opponent during honorable knife bushido battle

Have Honor. Always Knife.

Jun 16, 2013

kcer posted:

Would you like to play wow with me?

fe: sorry necco this thread isn't even a page old and I'm making GBS threads it up

Don't say sorry, the thread needs to be broken in or else it doesn't feel like home.

It's almost there, just need a little sens chat and ump chat.

Feb 15, 2012


Tec9 is actually broken and Valve made a typo in its mobility accuracy.

Oct 3, 2011

This is a good game for cool people.

E: The drunk goons video is the best by far. We need more videos.

Shadowlz fucked around with this message at Jul 2, 2014 around 19:19

Dec 28, 2009

I'm a goon that played like 10-12 goonmatches with my terrible EU ping months ago and had fun. Goons aren't that bad! Well at least to me that I'm an old player but really really rusty.

Awesome Welles
Nov 1, 2010

Shadowlz posted:

This is a good game for cool people.

but you aren't a cool person sooooooooo

Aug 29, 2008

Shadowlz posted:

This is a good game for cool people.

E: The drunk goons video is the best by far. We need more videos. This is still my favourite.


Plum Chaser
Jul 2, 2011

by Lowtax

i cant wait until the op of this thread rivals the steam thread op

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