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Feb 18, 2013


Even though "Goku" has become a catchphrase on here, like many of SA's in-jokes, I don't get the joke. Is it merely a pop culture reference that is a joke because it is, in fact, not a joke.

But here is something you might not know: Son Goku is the Japanese pronunciation of "Sun Wukong", which means "Ape Awakening to the Void". He was a character in the great Chinese picaresque novel "Journey to the West", where, with a monkey's bad habits, he steals the peaches of immortality in heaven, and is then punished by the Buddha by being put under a mountain for 500 years! Only when a monk on a religious pilgrimage rescues him does he gain his freedom and begin to learn the ways of Buddhism. His name refers to the believe that he will "Awaken" (gain enlightment) about "The Void". The character for "The Void" is rather tricky, since it can mean many things, and indeed, to explain it, I myself would have to "Awaken to the Void".

In a later Chinese novel, "Dream of the Red Mansions", this short description is given, making reference to the well-known character of "Journey to the West"

"Out of void, which is truth, comes form, which is illusion. Form engenders passion. Through passion, people come to an understanding of form, and from form, they awaken to the void".

I think that it is not a coincidence that SA has chosen the idea of Sun Wukong, even indirectly, as a meme. SA is often carried away with form and passion, especially with its recent obsession with being "gay" and "cucking". I think that the use of the image of Goku is, on some subliminal level, a way that people wish to escape the trap of "form and passion" and instead, "Awaken to the Void".


Nov 15, 2007
Can't post for 16 days!

there's no joke, goku is just great

Rapman the Cook
Aug 24, 2013

by Ralp

Talk about Gokus mad pubes.

Nov 19, 2004


Goku rules, he's cool

verbal enema
May 23, 2009

wasnt sun wukong invincible to or some shoit

Priss In Plate
Feb 4, 2009

i'm goku

Jun 8, 2012


Hogge Wild
Aug 21, 2012

Fun Shoe

Charles Bukowski
Aug 26, 2003

^The gently caress are those things?

He defeated the Red Ribbon Army

Feb 18, 2013


verbal enema posted:

wasnt sun wukong invincible to or some shoit

Pretty much, except to the power of the Buddha. The point being that an entity could be invincible within the realms of causality, but they are still subject to causality itself. Only by "Awakening to the Void", to the non-existence of causal phenomena, could Monkey transcend his own invincibility.

Dec 10, 2013

adam devine is a goon??

New Sharif in Town
Jun 18, 2007

Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it.

Feb 18, 2013



(If I was gay, which I am not).

Business Gorillas
Mar 11, 2009

Disrupting the posting marketplace with dynanmic shitpost innovations.

i'm the blonde tuft of hair on the bladder master

Hogge Wild
Aug 21, 2012

Fun Shoe

New Sharif in Town
Jun 18, 2007

Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it.

I'm going to assume those are just huge moobs instead of his arms tucked inside.
I take more enjoyment from the image of it being a very fat double amputee.
The pain he must endure trying to get to the tiny chip bits at the bottom of the bag...

Dec 10, 2013

just hanging in the woods wearing my khakis

Apr 5, 2007

No joke -- I have two Sun Wukong's in my puzzle and dragon account

Dec 25, 2013


I watched this religiously as a kid

Monkey Magic

Nov 13, 2012

by XyloJW

he got talked into an arranged marriage as a child.

Mar 23, 2006
Value Pack

Watch and be Awakened.

"The Void" is the background.

Jul 10, 2008

Grimey Drawer

Any further questions?

Feb 25, 2014

Dec 13, 2006

The skin that drips down
Off the tree
Or peels back slowly
From your knee
Erupts into your lung
and heart
You laugh and laughing,
Fall apart

best goku thread yet

i mean it still sucks but its better than the others

Fart Puzzle
Jul 25, 2007

compressed fart pieces

Goku gay, so what. Goku I'm gay. Gayku cuck me with your spirit bomb

the culminator
Oct 29, 2012

Goku is a deadbeat dad and a lot of sa posters grew up without a father, match made in heaven

Vegeta crew fukk yall

Parallax Scroll
Nov 13, 2009


pictured: goku

Dec 11, 2011

May 8, 2003
Can't post for 33 hours!



Aug 21, 2014

by Ralp

the culminator posted:

Vegeta crew fukk yall

Apr 19, 2008
utterly unremarkable

glowing-fish posted:

I think that the use of the image of Goku is, on some subliminal level, a way that people wish to escape the trap of "form and passion" and instead, "Awaken to the Void".

I want you to awaken to my void, OP. Just straight up regaining consciousness when your alarm goes off and your eyes flutter open to reveal a gaping man pocket half an inch from the bridge of your nose, winking the knowing hello of an old friend.

Nov 13, 2012

by XyloJW

pretty sure goku has a 1st grade education.

Sep 28, 2005

Did you do somethin' with your hair?


Lucky Guy
Jan 24, 2013

TY for no bm

i'm gayku

Sep 10, 2011

You want some LOVE, don't you?


spirit bomb the cops then gather the dragon balls to wish mike brown back to life

Freak Futanari
Apr 11, 2008

2009 - 2016
"it's finally fucking over"

i got cucked by goku.... epic fail.... XD

Apr 18, 2003

Well, I've got brain damage on the side of my brain, and I don't know which side, left or right, where I huffed gasoline for ten long years.

Feb 4, 2008
I like bread

Grimey Drawer


Apr 21, 2010

Goku backhands Krillin hard enough to knock him to the ground--CRACK! The world reels as hot red pain sweeps over Krillin's bald head, but he stubbornly struggles to his feet. "Stay down!" Goku commands the mortal, driving a kick into Krillin's ribs--SMASH! The man falls back into a fetal position, groaning. When he tries to stand back up, he staggers, falls, and vomits. Greenish-yellow bile spoils the silken orange jumpsuit he wears.

"Are you gonna stay down, bro?" Goku shouts at Krillin.

Krillin paws at streaks of vomit. "Suck my dick, bro."

"Shouldn't have said that poo poo, dude," Goku growls, slapping Krillin on the top of his head--SLAP! His head thumps like a gigantic watermelon, and his eardrums instantly burn and ache. A bright pink hand print remains on his shiny scalp.

Fighting back the urge to dry heave, Krillin plants his hands in the dirt and props his body back up just in time to see Goku deliver a punch to his chest--WET CRUNCH! The hit lays him out flat against the ground. For several minutes, he cannot bring himself to breathe; it feels like every bone in his chest is broken and collapsed and crushed, and when he finally gasps for air, an overwhelming agony seizes his chest.

Goku grabs at the crotch of his silken pants and tugs at the material; there is a distance in his eyes, as if his mind is a thousand light-years away. "I bet you want a taste of the true ultimate power, don't you, you little bald enjoyable human being..." Then there is only heavy his mouth-breathing and the soft swish-swish of his pants being adjusted.

Swish swish swish...

Krillin's eyes flicker; he slowly rolls onto one side and props himself up, but Goku places a boot on his chest and pushes him back into the dirt.

Swish swish swish...

"Are you ready?" Goku breathes.

Swish swish swish...


the Gaffe
Jul 4, 2011

you gotta believe dawg

Cream-of-Plenty posted:

Swish swish swish...

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