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Dec 28, 2006

My Blood Doesn't Clot

Main website:

I found out about Galactic Princess a while ago. The game was kickstarted and information is tricking about about mechanics and it's already got me very, very interested.

From the video footage released so far, it seems to take a lot of elements from the slew of space-based games coming out and congealing them into an appealing lo-fi yet technically advanced game that I'm very excited for. At the moment, information is limited but development is active, even if the developers aren't the best at tracking it, they put out new videos now and then showing obvious imrpovements and new mechanics. As I recall a playable beta/kickstarter backer version is due at the end of the year.

This game is about designing a space ship, the details on the process of doing this are sparse, but what can be inferred is that you'll be doing a lot of piracy and straight up taking things from other ships you encounter. As well as dealing with environmental problems that can damage or destroy your ship. This is very much a make-your-own-way sandbox set in space with tons of promise.

An example of a space battle:

A closeup of a ship interior:

Now for the media:

Various ships navigating an asteroid field:

The newest video demonstrating a large, rather unweildly ship being damaged, showing off how even a separated, badly damaged ship might still be managed, and if i can be as bold as to infer, possibly salvaged:

I recommend watching these videos personally.

Much of what's to be discussed is in these videos. Some of the backers are freaking out due to radio silence but I get the distinct impresison they will be happy when this gets a playable release.

This is personally the sort of space ship game i've been dreaming of.

So, this thread is to discuss what we've seen so far, if it interests you, our hopes for the potential this game has. The usual stuff I suppose.

I want to drump up a bit of hype for this game because I really want it to take off an succeed. A game where you build up a ship and engage in space piracy with this level of complexity makes me happy, even happier that it's clearly more than a pipe-dream at this point.

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Jan 19, 2007


The title is kind of unfortunate but I pretty much compulsively buy every sandbox spaceship game out there and I love the graphics. The whole 'put your engines anywhere and their position changes how your ship controls' bit is pretty rad too and a good sign as far as customization goes.

But uh the OP is pretty sparse, maybe some actual screenshots and information could be put there instead of just a bunch of links? At the moment the thread title provides more info than the actual post.

Dec 28, 2006

My Blood Doesn't Clot

There is regrettably not a lot of media I could find but I will fish some up when I get home from work. The game definitely deserves more presentation and I apologize

Dec 28, 2006

My Blood Doesn't Clot

I hate to double post but I did add a bit more info and a couple of screenshots and this is a game I want people to know about, I haven't been excited for very many games like I am for this one right now, so I'm justifying my bump on those grounds.

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