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The Great Outdoors - Goonscouts: all of the cookies none of the merit Verman, Safety Dance
General Bullshit - This is the general discussion forum for discussing things, generally. Genesplicer, Seth Pecksniff, Tarquinn, Infidel Castro, Solefald, Karma Comedian, CaptainSarcastic, Jestery, AARD VARKMAN
Post Your Favorite: Derail Valley - Lists for miles: 1. Memes 2. Things you don't like about video games 3. Horrible tweets HelloIAmYourHeart, The Saddest Rhino, Nuns with Guns, Philippe
BYOB: An Inside YOB - i hope heaven got room for a player like me i say as i buy enough doritos to kill 3 elephants Manifisto, Goatse and Gallant
Discussion Moderators
Video Games - Dawn of the Final Day Games Forum, HopperUK, Mode 7, Kaysette, NikkolasKing, ShallNoiseUpon
Traditional Games - Wake up, meeple! Play analog games: pen, paper, card, dice. Dare you enter our magical realm?
SUBFORUMS: The Game Room
Leperflesh, Antivehicular
Debate & Discussion - A chill place where you can come in and have a nice chat among friends. Inferior Third Season, Google Jeb Bush, Epic High Five, Baronash, Koos Group, Rigel
C-SPAM - Some people get a rush from getting angry about the dumbest shit possible Dreylad, Crusty Nutsack, Trixie Hardcore, Korean Boomhauer, Shear Modulus, vyelkin, Jazerus, NeatHeteroDude, lobster shirt
Ask/Tell - Ask other people on the forums about making life decisions for you. Do it. It's a fabulous idea. Grand Fromage, Cyrano4747
Serious Hardware/Software Crap - Computer hardware, software, coding, and other technical issues. Internet Explorer, movax
Inspect Your Gadgets - Cellphones, iThings, etc None
Sports Argument Stadium - I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith, as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run. And so that'll make it a 4-0 ballgame. I don't know if I'm going to be putting on this headset again. Hand Knit, harperdc, Dexo
You Look Like Shit - The diet, fashion, and fitness subforum for all your magic shakes and designer pantaloons and shit. Shine
Goons With Spoons - We Define Sandwiches angerbeet, Flash Gordon Ramsay
Automotive Insanity - In the future, therapists will have this big machine that they can hook up to your brain, and a little super-deformed anime statue of your innermost trauma will fall out of it. Until then, there’s pickup trucks.
SUBFORUMS: Cycle Asylum
Hobbies, Crafts, & Houses - Design and build stuff! Post here about your home improvement, hobby, and other do-it-yourself projects. SoundMonkey, H110Hawk, corgski
Pet Island - Post about your pets, livestock, husbandry, corgis, and giant cocks here. Pictures welcome. RoboRodent
Internet VFW - Veterans of Forum Wars: You don't have to be enlisted, but it doesn't help. McNally
The Finer Arts Moderators
Imp Zone - The treasure behind the waterfall. Major Isoor
The Sci-Fi Wifi - You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. josh04, reignofevil, sebmojo
Cinema Discusso - Talk about movies old, new and forthcoming; share your opinions and belittle everyone else's.
SUBFORUMS: The Film Dump
No Music Discussion - Talk about music and bands here, or discuss music making in the Musician's Lounge. Henchman of Santa
Creative Convention - Art with a capital F.
SUBFORUMS: The Dorkroom
SoundMonkey, Sitting Here, sebmojo
The Book Barn - The No Comprehension Zone None
TV IV - Television Doesn't Stop OldSenileGuy, muscles like this!, esperterra
Rapidly Going Deaf - The what's up hot dog memorial forum for discussing podcasts, radio shows and the people who make both. Junpei Hyde
BSS: Bisexual Super Son - The original Zack Snyder containment zone. X-O, JordanKai
Anime Directly to Readers Worldwide - Discuss Anime, Manga, and other Japanese and Asian Media here. Fluffdaddy