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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Yeah, for now, here's the script so far, with the English dialogue in plain sight, and the ACTUAL dialogue in spoilers (slightly edited by me in order to read more clearly)...


It has been 6 months since
the destruction of (Sigma)
and little has changed.

It's been half a year since the
destruction of "Sigma", the
strongest of all Irregulars.

The Maverick revolt started
by Sigma is over, but Mega
Man X and the new generation
of Maverick Hunters have yet
to destroy all of Sigma's

X has been busy
carrying out his main mission:
Hunting down the rest of the
Irregulars who had followed

Lead by information gained by
Dr. Cain, Mega Man X and the
rest of the Hunters have
tracked the last of the
Mavericks to an abandoned
reploid factory.
There they hope to wipe out
the last of the resistance.

And today, X and another,
fellow, Irregular Hunter have
been dispatched to investigate
and destroy a factory dedicated
to the production of Mavericks.

Little do they suspect that
real war is about to begin.

But for X, this would be
just the beginning.

Mega Man X2: Versus X-Hunters

Rock Man X2: Versus Counter Hunters


Serges: This is their leader. His name is Mega Man X.

Serges: So that’s X…? I see. He can handle himself pretty well.

Violen: Those who underestimated him are now nothing but scrap.

Violen: Hmph! He’s nothin’ special.

Agile: We won’t make the same mistake. He is powerful, but he is blind to what is happening around him.

Agile: Au contraire. His talents make him a deadly adversary. We must clip his wings before he can bring his talons to bear.

Minor embelleshment to Agile's speech here. He has a gentlemanly way of talking that's hard to capture in a purely literal translation, according to Keekiyasan.

Serges: Our Mavericks will keep him busy until we are ready.

Serges: Perhaps this is one we should leave to one of our subordinates.

Agile: Yes. How is the plan proceeding?

Agile: Out of curiosity, how long shall it be before we see that reploid completed?

Serges: Collection is proceeding as scheduled. However, we are having problems with the control chip.

Serges: The parts are nearly completed, but… the control circuits still need work.

Agile: We have little time. We must finish construction on schedule. We must hurry…

Agile: If we are to achieve our goals, we have need of that Reploid's strength. We must hurry...


Agile: I see now why Sigma fell at the hands of Mega Man X. He is quite formidable.

Agile: …drat YOU X!…Hmph, I suppose we ought not be surprised. Defeating Master Sigma is no mean feat, even if he has only done it once...

Serges: I am not sure our Mavericks can hold him long enough. We may have to intervene.

Serges: Perhaps it was unwise to leave this to our subordinates…Yes, it seems our only recourse is to destroy him with our own two hands. Kukkukku…

(Maverick Hunter base.)

X: Dr. Cain! What happened?!

X: Dr. Cain! Is something the matter?

Dr. Cain: A group of Mavericks calling themselves the X-Hunters have just contacted us…

Dr. Cain: A transmission has come from Irregulars calling themselves the Counter Hunters

Serges: Greetings. We have all of Zero’s parts.

Violen: They can be yours, if you defeat us!

Agile: We look forward to meeting you, X!

Serges: … …gaga… …gagaga (probably omnopoteia for "radio static")….Rock…E…cks……we have possession of Zero’s parts. If you want to take them back…

Agile: Then come, X, and let us meet, alone.

Violen: If you can beat us, we’ll return Zero’s parts!

Agile: We shall be looking forward to seeing you, X!

Yes, they actually TOOK OUT one of Agile's lines. Then again, the original script doesn't actually use markers to tell the player who's talking, they just use text color and sound to indicate who's talking. So...maybe that's what threw them off? Still kind of dumb...

Dr. Cain: X, Zero’s control chip is still stored here. I doubt it is possible to resurrect him without it.

Dr. Cain: The control parts that control Zero’s behaviour are being preserved at this base. Therefore, they shouldn’t be able to revive Zero so easily.

X: Dr. Cain, I’ve got to get Zero’s parts back, at any cost!

X: Dr. Cain. I will take back Zero’s parts!