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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Well, regardless, there is one thing I want to respond to...

hopeandjoy posted:

I don't think there's such thing as a well translated X game though.

Actually, as it turns out, there is. X2 was obviously a mess, and X1 had a few too many liberties taken with it too (though not nearly as bad as X2), but X3 and X4 are very well-done, ESPECIALLY X4!

Yeah, the voice acting obviously stunk donkey druk, but if you just go by the script itself, X4 had an EXCELLENT localization. It strikes the absolute PERFECT balance of both accuracy and creative flourishes. The English script manages to be almost line-for-line accurate with the Japanese script while STILL feeling like it was written by a native English speaker. Even the few differences that exist are there only for the sake of helping the dialogue flow better, or have more punch. For example Sigma's meeting with General...

Sigma: Irregular Hunters…they shake their tails for the humans and destroy Reploids. Don’t you think they are dangerous? You should also understand. All they’re doing is destroying Reploids who do not do as the humans say. Take them out before you’re taken out. You have a mighty power that can destroy them.

General: I must ask you to leave. I cannot betray the humans. Leave. Do not appear before me again.

Sigma: Fufufufu. Very well. You’ll change your mind in time. Fuhahaha…haaahahaha!


???: It's about the Maverick Hunters, General. They are far too eager to please the humans, and continue to hunt down the Reploids. Do you believe they pose a significant threat?

General: Perhaps.

???: You already know the truth, General. Their sole mission has been to destroy any Reploids who fail to do as the humans order!

General: Hmm...

???: It's in your best interest to stop them now, before they turn on you! You possess enough power to destroy them!

General: ... You are dismissed.

???: What?!

General: I will not betray the humans. Remove yourself from my sight. My business with you has concluded...

???: Heh heh heh... very well. But you will change your mind soon, I assure you! Ha ha ha ha... Ha ha ha ha!

And then General's speech to his army after the Intro Stage...

General: Brave soldiers of my Repliforce, we have all now been designated as Irregulars. However, we will not let ourselves have such a dishonour put onto ourselves. With our own hands, we will build a country for Reploids. However, this is not a hostility towards the humans. Freedom and Safety; it’s a battle to seek out those fair rights. Let’s build it together, and ideal country where we will not be harmed by anyone. Let’s move forward together towards our, the Repliforce’s, future.

Colonel: I hold the same opinion as General General. (lol) Listen, there is no other path for us. Without anger, let us fight with bravery and pride. We are the Repliforce. The greatest army in history.

Soldiers: Yeeah! General! Colonel! General! Colonel!

Sigma: Haaaahaha! That fool General, he’s finally made his move. Now Hunters, how will you go? I’ll watch at ease from here. Haaahaha!


General: Brave soldiers of Repliforce, we have all been wrongfully judged as Mavericks by the humans. We cannot suffer this indignity and live in disgrace. We will build our own nation of Reploids. But remember, this is neither about insurrection, or rebellion against our human creators. This is about our liberty and security. We must battle for our own individual rights, and our own survival. Together we will build our own nation, a sanctuary for all Reploids, our own Utopia. Let us forge onward towards a new golden era for the Repliforce.

(The crowd cheers.)

Colonel: I, too, share the General's sentiment. Take heed, we have no other choice. Let us fight vehemontly, with courage and pride, without fear—for we are the Repliforce. The most powerful army in history!

(The crowd cheers again.)

(Watching from a dark room, an unknown Reploid listens to the speech.)

???: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The General has finally taken action! And now, my Maverick Hunters, what will you do? I'll be watching closely from here on out. Ha ha ha ha!