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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright guys, time for more script differences. First off, a brief write-up of the localization job overall, courtesy of "Keekiyasan", who maintains blogs here...

keekiyasan posted:

Obviously, I’m not a professional and am not part of “da biz” as they all call it. However, the localization/translation job done on this game was pretty subpar. It was obviously not worked on very hard. I can understand why; after all, it was just a GBC spin-off game that probably wasn’t going to see a whole lot of love anyway. STILL, the translation job was rather odd. At times, it was fairly legit. Some things changed, tweaked, etc to flow better or to add their own edge to the script without completely changing the source material (like X2). At other times, the translation looks like a half-rear end literal translation. Just awkward. Often, with mediocre literal translations, that’s how it goes. However, a lot of the awkward dialogue the localization team came up with wasn’t even in the Japanese script! Basically, it looks like a poor literal translation, but it actually wasn’t. It was just bad writing. SHEEIT. One such oddity was the translator(s)’s obsession with the word “crush”. See the script comparisons linked above to see what I mean. Everyone keeps saying that drat word even when there wasn’t even a Japanese equivalent involved. WUTEVA. Also, they forgot to change someone’s name into their English name. Silly peeps.

So basically, not all of the awkward dialogue was even in the original script. Some of it was awkward because the game's localizers just...weren't that good apparently. Anyway, let's get started (again, I'll do slight edits to the dialogue to help it run smoother. You can find the more literal translations on this guy's blog entries)...


In the year 21XX… The world has become a place where the human race coexists with Reploids. Many years ago a mysterious blue robot was found. Named Megaman X, this robot possessed a high level of intelligence. It also was able to display emotions like humans. Megaman X was a robot that people thought could never be duplicated by modern science. Even though Megaman X is a good natured robot with a kind and warm personality, he also has the power to cause a lot of destruction.

The year 21XX A.D….A world where humans and Reploids co-exist. It has been a long time since the robot of many mysteries was found. Rockman X was a highly powerful robot: He could not be analyzed even by modern science, and had the ability to think and “worry” almost like a human. Concealed within him was immense promise...and immense danger.

Dr. Cain studied and analyzed Megaman X, and then succeeded in creating the “Reploids.” However, some Reploids began to malfunction due to problems with their electronic brain. They are called “Mavericks”. The Reploids who hunt them are called “Maverick Hunters.” In order to help Megaman X became a Maverick Hunter. Later, a red robot was found. This robot named, “ZERO” had high attack power. When he was found, he was out of control like all the other Mavericks. The strongest Reploid, Sigma, helped to bring Zero under control. Sigma took Zero under his watch. After that, Zero never malfunctioned again and was eventually promoted to a Special A level Hunter.

Using X as a reference, Dr. Cain successfully developed “Repliroids”. But, there came to be Repliroids who suffered programming errors in their electronic brains. These Repliroids were called “Irregulars”, and so, other Repliroids formed the “Irregular Hunters” in order to deal with them. X became a member of these Irregular Hunters. Then, a red robot, Zero, was discovered. This robot possessed incredible power, but was found going on a rampage, just like an Irregular would. The strongest repliroid, Sigma, subdued him. Sigma then made Zero into his subordinate, partially so he could monitor him. Afterwards, Zero never went berserk again, and even became a Special A Class hunter.

Soon after, Sigma rose in revolt and tried to destroy everything. And then the Mavericks kept increasing and became more powerful. But thanks to X and ZERO’s work, the peace was restored over and over again. However…

After that…. Sigma invoked multiple rebellions. Irregulars increased in number, and powerful enemies appeared one after another. However, peace was always restored after each and every rebellion, due to the actions of Zero and X. But now...

I will note here that Keekiyasan's literal translation just says that Sigma "evokes a rebellion". However, it then went on to say that X and Zero would restore peace multiple times after that, which doesn't make sense if there was only one rebellion. In addition to that, the Japanese language doesn't actually HAVE plural forms for many of it's nouns, which is why you'll sometimes here Engrish sentences like "I have two dog" from them. So I'm guessing that Keeki may've made a mistake here, but I don't know for certain.


X: ……… Where am I now…?

(X continues down highway)

X: This place seems familiar… Why am I here…!?

(Vile appears)

X: VAVA! Why are you… It can’t be. I crushed you!

Vile: …Die! X!!

X: ……Where am I….?

(X continues down the highway)

X: This is….I remember this place! Why am I here….!?

(VAVA appears)

X: You’re VAVA! That’s not possible! I defeated you!

VAVA: ….Die, X!

This is what Keeki means when he talks about the localizer's obsession with the word "crush". The Japanese version only has X saying that he "defeated" Vile, and yet, the English version has him saying that he "crushed" Vile instead. And believe me, this isn't the last time this is going to happen .


X: Zero, you must tell me! Tell me what’s going on!

X: Zero, tell me! What exactly is going on?!

Zero: X, now we see terrible confusion all over the world. Someone broke into the Mother Computer System of the Hunter Base and set its data to sabotage the world order.

Zero: X, right now the whole world is in trouble. Something or someone has hacked into the Hunter Base’s Mother Computer and is manipulating the data. Now they're throwing the whole world into disarray.

X: Who is doing such a thing!? I won’t allow anyone to disturb the peace we have tried hard to maintain.

X: Who could be doing such a thing?! I won’t forgive anyone who disturbs the world’s peace!

Zero: It seems that they are… reproducing the fighting data of the past… X, your data is contained in the past data in the Mother Computer. And the one who brought you back from the data world is…

Zero: It would seem they’re resurrecting past battle data. The place you slipped into was inside the Mother Computer’s past data. And then the one who brought you back out from inside that data was…

Middy: Hi, I’m Middy!

Middy: Hello, I’m Middy!

Zero: Middy is the greatest computer genius in the world. No one can match him. He will work with us to solve this case.

Zero: Middy is a super genius; Nobody in the world can stand up to him when it comes to computers. He’s helping us to sort out this incident.

Middy: It’s nice to meet you, X!

Middy: Nice to meet you, X!

X: Nice to meet you, too! Let’s work together to restore peace.

X: Nice to meet you, too! Let’s restore peace together!

Middy: X, so… Let me explain what we should do. In order to put the past data back, we need to fix a data in the “core” of the Mother Computer. This is the core of the Mother Computer. But the way to the core is “protected.” Unless you clear the protection, you can’t enter the core. The guardians of the protection is the boss data of the past.

Middy: Good! Now, here's your mission. To return the past data to how it was, the data in the Mother Computer’s “core” needs to be fixed. This is the Mother Computer’s core. But the way to the core has “protection”. If you don’t clear this "protection", you can’t enter. And then there's boss data defending THAT protection.

Zero: To break the protection, there is no other way but to go into the computer as a data form and then crush them all.

Zero: The only way to clear the protection is for someone to turn into data, enter the Mother Computer, and defeat them.

X: Zero, I’ll do it!

X: Zero! I’ll go!

Zero: OK. I’ll let you handle this. I’ll stay here and clean up all the Mavericks who are committing crimes in the confusion. Don’t forget that even though they are past data, they are still very strong. X, be careful!

Zero: Alright. We’ll leave it to you. I’ll go and clean up those who are using the confusion to commit evil. Even though they’re past data, there are many powerful foes… be extra careful.

X: All right! Here we go!

X: Okay! I’m moving out!

Middy: Good luck, X! Energy charge! Setup complete. Ready to transform! Start the Installation!

Middy: Do your best, X! Full energy! Setup complete. Preparations for data transfer OK! Beginning installation!