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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

MithosKuu posted:

No but seriously, what the gently caress is going on in the story here? I am so god drat confused. Fionordequester we need you now more than ever!

I'm on it Mithos! Here we go!


Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. I’ll give you the Shotokan moves… “Hadou-ken” and “Shouryu-ken”! First, fully charge the energy by holding the B button. Then hold the UP button and release the B button… You’ll perform the famous Shouryu-ken! If you hold the DOWN button and release the B button… You’ll perform powerful Hadou-ken! Remember that you can only perform these moves when you are on the ground.

Dr. Light: Now X...I shall teach you two legendary techniques, the “Hadouken” and “Shouryuuken”! First, if you charge your buster to Full, then let go of the button while pressing up….BAM! Shoryuken! And if you let go while holding down…. BOOM! Hadouken! But, you can only unleash these techniques while standing on the ground.

Dr. Light doesn't TECHNICALLY say "Bam!" and "Boom!" in the Japanese script, but he actually really does act like a little kid here. The literal quotes are "First, if you charge until Full Charge, then let go of the button while pressing up….Shoouryuuken! If you let go while holding down…. Hadouken!", so I don't think I deviated too much from the original meaning.


Dr. Cain: X! Finally you can enter the core!

X: All right! I’m going to go to the core!

Dr. Cain: X! You’re finally able to enter the core!

X: Understood! Heading out!


???: Fu fu fu… I am impressed. You have done very well.

???: Hehehe….you’ve done well in making it here, X.

Darn it, there's that accursed "Fufufufu" again...Again, if you ever see this in your translation, just run and never look back. Unless it's Pokemon Emerald, which, for some reason is still a competent localization in spite of having that laugh.

X: I know your voice…

X: That voice….it can’t be!

(Sigma appears.)

X: Sigma! So, you’ve been behind all of this?!

X: Sigma! So you were the one behind all this!

Sigma: Fu fu… Your efforts are worthy… But they will end here! Ha ha ha! X! Get ready to be destroyed!

Sigma: Hehehe…you endeavors are praise-worthy indeed, but they will all end here! Hwahahahaha! Prepare yourself, X!

(X defeats Sigma.)

Sigma: Ha ha… Nice try! But you’re just a tiny bug to me! Ha ha ha ha…

Sigma: Hahahahaha…How sad. If that's all you have, then all your efforts will be in vain! Hwahahahaha….

Note to all you reading this. If you ever read "Fuhahaha" in any JRPG (which I transcribed as "Hwahahaha"), it's supposed to sound like this...except hopefully with just a liiiitle more feeling to it.

(Sigma withdraws.)

Techno: Oh no! We’ve been spotted! Is there nobody who can stop him?

Techno: NO! Now they've found US too! Is there nobody who can stop him?

Geemel: Darn! With this type of situation… I just run away… !

Geemel: Bloody hell! If it’s all gonna be like this….I’ll just RUN!!

Techno: Geemel! Darn! He left me behind!

Techno: Geemel! drat you!


Dr. Cain: X, finally I’ve found Sigma’s hiding place! You can warp from the core of the Mother Computer.

Dr. Cain: X, we’ve finally discovered where Sigma is hiding! You can get there by warping from the Mother Computer's core.

X: All right! Dr. Cain, I’m going to go there now!

X: Understood, Dr. Cain! I'm moving out!

Dr. Cain: It would seem that someone worked with Sigma and hacked the computer from there.

Dr. Cain: It seems that there is someone there who is hacking the computer in cooperation with Sigma.

Middy: …You know what, X? I have something to tell you… … No. Never mind. Good luck!

Middy: ... Hey, X. About that... no, it’s nothing. Be careful!

(X enters the core and meets Techno.)

Techno: Darn it! I didn’t notice it soon, but he’s already come so close! I need to make a move quickly…

Techno: drat! You’ve already come this far? I have to do something….

X: No! I won’t allow you! I’ll crush the machine!

X: No, I won’t let you! I’ll destroy that machine!

(X destroys the computer.)

Techno: Waaaaa!

Techno: Uwaaaa!

(Techno suddenly collapses.)

Middy: Brother!

Middy: Brotheeer!

Techno: Oh… that voice sounds familiar…

Techno: Ooh….that voice….

X: Middy!

X: Middy!

Middy: Sob! My brother, Techno!

Middy: Uwaaa! Techno!

"Uwaaa" is basically onomatopoeia for sobbing, so, they're still being kind of lazy here, least they're showing that they...KIND of get it?

Techno: What… am I doing here…

Techno: Where is this...what was I doing…?

Middy: Techno! Oh, you’re waking up…

Middy: Brother! You’ve come to.

Techno: I’ve been controlled by Sigma… Middy… it’s all over with me… In order to hack the Mother Computer… I connected my own CPU directly with the computer…

Techno: Has Sigma been manipulating me this whole time...? Middy….I’m done for…When I hacked the Mother Computer, I had to upload my own mind directly to that computer over there in order to do it.

And now I think is where some of the confusion comes from. I don't think Techno's ACTUALLY saying that he put his own mind into the Mother Computer itself. I think what he was saying was that he connected his mind to the computer that X smashed instead, and then it was through THAT computer that he hacked the Mother Computer. But with the way it's worded in the English version, it sounds like he really is saying that he just put his mind directly into the Mother Computer instead. Hopefully this is at least a little helpful.

Middy: No! Don’t say that! Techno!! Please hold on!

Middy: Uwaaa, don’t say that! Brother, hold on!

Techno: Sigma is good at toying and controlling people’s hearts. He took advantage of my heart and made me work for him…

Techno: Sigma is good at capturing people’s hearts….at some point I, too, had the weaknesses of my heart exploited.

Middy: You are a genius! You don’t have a weak heart.

Middy: You’re a genius, brother! You don’t have anything like a weak heart!

Techno: Huh, you think so? Middy… But… you don’t understand…..

Techno: Hmph, maybe so….but Middy….there’s no way….you understand….

Middy: Nooo! Please… Techno! Don’t leave me! Techno!

Middy: Uwaaa! Technooo! Don’t leave me! Brotheeer!

X: Middy, what happened?

X: Middy, what’s wrong?!

Middy: Techno is my twin brother. We share a CPU. So if he dies, I also die…

Middy: Techno is my twin brother and we share a brain CPU. So, if my brother dies, then I will too….

(Middy collapses.)

Middy: X… Never give in to him! Be sure to defeat Sigma! ……

Middy: X….you mustn’t lose. You absolutely have to beat Sigma! ……….

X: Middy! Hold on! I’ll be back soon. Stay here!

X: Middy! Get a hold of yourself! I’ll be right back! Wait here!


Sigma: I thought you would come here. I enjoyed your performances so much… But the entertainment is over. You must fall! Get ready!

Sigma: You’ve come just as expected. Your participation this time was quite a pleasure to watch….but the show ends here.

X: It’ll be the final battle! I’ll finish you at any cost!

X: This is it Sigma! One way or another, I WILL win!!

(X defeats Sigma)

Sigma: Hee hee hee. I guess I will retreat for now… However… X… Don’t think that this is the end! Ha ha ha…!

Sigma: Hehehehe….well, I suppose I will retreat for now I will. But X….don’t think that this is the end! Hwahahahaha!

And now, apparently, the localizers have suddenly changed their minds about how to transcribe the laughs. See, Sigma does the exact same "Fufufufu" laugh that he did the last time, but NOW, instead of translating it literally, they just changed the laugh to "Hee hee hee hee". I...honestly don't know which was the lesser of two evils, but either way, I don't like it. Gimme some consistency darn it!


X: Middy, hold on! We have to evacuate now!

X: Middy, hold on! We’re going to escape now!

Middy: Uh… X… It… seems I’m done for… Thanks to you, Techno recovered his senses… Thank you, X…..

Middy: Ooh...X...I’m...done for. Thanks to you, X, my brother was able to regain himself…thank you, X…

(Middy dies.)

X: Middy!

X: Middyyyy!

(X returns to base.)

Zero: X, our mission here is complete. … What’s up, X? Where is Middy?

Zero: X, our mission here is over…What’s wrong, X? Where is Middy?

X: Zero… I’m sorry… I couldn’t save Middy’s life.

X: Zero…I’m sorry…I wasn’t able to save Middy…

Zero: … X. It’s not your fault. Middy sacrificed himself to help all of us. He helped us to defeat Sigma… Don’t waste his sacrifices!

Zero: ….X, that’s not your fault. Middy sacrificed himself. He did it to help us defeat Sigma. Just don't let Middy die in vain.

X: ……… It’s not true peace when the strong rule the world… and the weak are sacrificed… It is very wrong, for sure! I will fight to prevent that!

X: …A world controlled only by the strong will never know true peace. And to have it built on the corpses of innocent people...there is no justice in that! I will fight so that we never have to live in a world like that!

Narrator: Thanks to X and ZERO’s work, Sigma’s ambition to take over the computer world was stopped. But the last words of Sigma make X feel unrest… “But, I won’t let evil win. No matter how strong or how many enemies I must defeat, I will always fight to protect the peace.” X makes this promise in his mind.

Narrator: And so, thanks to X and Zero, Sigma's ambitions have come crumbling down within the computer world. However, Sigma’s finals words make X feel uneasy…. X firmly swore in his heart, “I will never forgive the evil that spreads throughout this world. I will restore peace, no matter how strong my enemies are.”