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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Indeed. Either way though, it's kind of amazing that we went from Xtreme 1, where all of it's tracks are just watered down versions of X1, to Xtreme 2, where the two are actually close enough in quality to compare, isn't it?

Oh yeah, and here's the translation stuff I've been neglecting.


Middy: Congratulations! You have cleared this game. Let me give you a tip as a reward for your efforts. ďHard ModeĒ is now available! New stages and bosses are waiting for you to challenge! You can start a game with the same equipment when youíve cleared the game. So youíll be prepared even when strong enemies attack you! Make sure you remember to save your data now! Good Luck!

Middy: Congratulations on beating the game! You clearly worked hard, so I'm going to let you in on a little secret! You can now play on "Hard ModeĒ! New stages and bosses are waiting for you! Also, you can start with Cleared Data, soÖ.no matter what strong enemies there are, itíll all be OK! So be sure to save! And see you soon!


X: Zero, you must tell me! Whatís happening!

X: Zero, tell me! Whatís going on?!

Zero: The Mother Computer, which was restored, is now not working again.

Zero: The Mother Computer data, which should have been restored to normal, is out of control again.

X: I donít believe it!

X: No way!

Zero: We found illegal access record in the Mother ComputerÖ Someone must have accessed the data secretly. That person has been reproducing the fighting data of the past. In order to fix the Mother Computer we will need to fight our enemies in their data formÖ

Zero: We've found evidence of the Mother Computer being illegally accessedÖ.the one manipulating the data should be somewhere. But, that person's reviving past battle data, so if we're going to fix the Mother Computer, the only option is to transform into data once again.

X: Zero, Iíll do it!

X: Zero! Iíll go!

Zero: OK. You handle thisÖ And Iíll look into who is behind this evil plan. Be sure to watch outÖ

Zero: Iím counting on you, X. Iíll go search for the mastermind behind this incident. Be careful XÖ.

X: All right! Here we go!


Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. Install the program, ZERO SCRAMBLE: DASH! This program will allow you to call your best partner, ZeroÖ The range of the attacks is limited but it can help you a lot if you use it wisely. Be careful about your energyÖ

Dr. Light: Come, enter this capsule.

A program to call upon your good partner Zero...I will install Zero Scramble: Dash! It's attack range is limited, but it should be helpful. There are four Zero Scrambles, but they all share the same energy. Furthermore, if you donít clear a stage the energy wonít be restored. I would advise you to use it carefully...

So already Dr. Light is more specific about how weapon energy works.

Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. Install the program, ZERO SCRAMBLE: RISING! This program will allow you to call your best friend and fellow soldier, ZEROÖ His striking power is enormous, but hard to control! Perform this on enemies in the sky. It also works on bosses!

Dr. Light: Come, enter this capsule.

This is a program to call upon your best friend, your brother-in-arms Zero...I will install Zero Scramble: Rising! Itís hard to make it hit the enemy, but its attack power is tremendous! Itíd be wise to use it on enemies above. Itís also effective against bosses!

Buuuuuut then ruins it by saying that it's effective on bosses, and opposed to just saying it "works" on bosses. So ultimately, both versions are flawed.

Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. Install the program, ZERO SCRAMBLE: EARTH GAIZER! This program will allow you to call your best friend, Zero... You can damage enemies around you! This requires a lot of energy... Use this only in a desperate situation.

Dr. Light: Come, enter this capsule.

A program to call upon the one who knows you best, Zero...I will install Zero Scramble: Earth Geyser! It can damage the enemies around you! It's energy consumption is intense though, so use it just when youíre in a pinch!

Yeah, I think "Earth Gaizer" is a romanization fail on the localization team's part. If you read it's Katakana in Japanese, it's pronounced "EARTH-GUY-ZER"...

Well ok, TECHNICALLY it's pronounced "AWWWSS-GUY-ZAH", but that's only due to the limitations of Ja which is how "GEYSER" is pronounced. Combine that with the fact that the animation is Zero pounding the ground to create an UPWARD wave of energy, and I think it's pretty clear what it was supposed to be.

Actually, speaking of romanization fails, let's talk about Katakana words for a moment. In addition to native Japanese words (which are written in Hiragana), the Japanese also have words that they stole from other languages. For THESE words, they try their darndest to pronounce them exactly the way they were pronounced in their original language, to mixed results. So for example, "video game" is pronounced "BEE-DEE-OH-GAM" in their culture. And they reason they do that is because it sounds really cool...TO THEM, it sounds really cool, because they look at words like that and go "oooh, that's a FOREIGN word! How FANCY!

This, by the way, is why anime dubbers will often leave a lot of attack names and the like undubbed when localizing properties from Japan. "Boomer Kuwanger", for example, sounds a heck of a lot better than "Boomer Beetle". And the reason for that is we look at "Kuwanger", and go "OOOOOH, fancy!"

So, what we have here is a case where the localization team just translated "Scramble" literally, without any regard for how different it sounds to us than it does in Japan.

Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. Install the program, ZERO SCRAMBLE: FINAL! This will allow you to call a Special A level Hunter, ZeroÖ This is the most powerful weapon and will destroy almost any enemy. Keep in mind that this requires a huge amount of energyÖ Use this on strong enemies that may seem impossible to defeat!

Dr. Light: Come, enter this capsule.

A program to call upon Zero, the Special A Class Hunter...I will install Zero Scramble: Final! This is a secret technique that kills a single enemy with certainty...however, it will use an enormous amount of energy, so itís best to use it against an enemy that you canít seem to beat no matter what...


Geemel: Kekeke! Disgusting X! How could you beat me last time! Iíll pay you back for that! Iím going to mess up the data in the Mother Computer! I hope have fun fixing my mess, X!

]Geemel: Kekeke! Kisama X! Oh how you made us SUFFER last time! I'm gonna return the favor! I'll screw up the Mother Computer! That's what you get! Stupid X!

Keekiyasan has Geemel saying "B****** X!", but I figured it'd be funnier if I had him throwing in another foreign word instead. Besides, all Geemel did in the original language was attach a negative suffix to the end of X's name, so I thought invoking the B-word was kind of xtreme anyway.


Geemel: Kekeke! Iíve been waiting for you X! Iím going to take the time to stop you here and finish you off once and for all.

(X win against Geemel.)

Geemel: Kyee! This canít be! Donít think youíve beat me just because you won this round!

Geemel: Kekeke! So youíve come, stupid X! Now mi will personally get in yer way!

(X wins against Geemel)

Geemel: Kiii! That was luck, obviously! Donít think you beaten me with that!


Geemel: Iíve been waiting for you X! Kekeke. You seem to be having problems! Iíll give you another problem to deal with!

(X defeats Geemel.)

Geemel: Kyee! How frustrating!

[spoiler]Geemel: Youíve made it, X, kekeke! From the looks of it you seem to be in quite the pickle, eh! Mi will stop your justice or whatever!

(X defeats Geemel)

Geemel: Kiii! Iím so pissed!

"Mi will stop your justice or whatever!" My personal favorite line in all the Japanese version