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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright guys, here's some translation stuff for ya.


Narrator: In the year 21XX, all the Mavericks have been neutralized thanks to the efforts of a Reploid scientist named “Dr. Doppler”. Using his Neuro Computer, he has been able to suppress any abnormal behavior in the Reploids and prevent them from going berserk. Many of the most advanced Reploids have gathered near their new mentor and founded “Doppler Town”, a perfect Utopian community. With Dr. Doppler guiding them, the world seemed to enter a new golden age… After a few months…The Mavericks who were supposed to have been neutralized by the Neuro Computer suddenly appeared and began to riot… At Maverick Hunter Headquarters, all the intelligence indicated that Dr. Doppler was the mastermind behind the invasion. Soon, the call went out to X and Zero destroy the invading Mavericks and bring Dr. Doppler to justice.

The Year 21XX
Irregulars have been completely wiped out due to a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler. And then exceptional Reploids gathered in the peaceful city that Dr. Doppler built, “Doppler Town”. A number of months later…Suddenly, Irregulars which should have been pacified started a revolt all at once. Confirming that Dr. Doppler was the mastermind, Irregular Hunter HQ ordered X and Zero to capture Dr. Doppler and destroy the Doppler army.

Maverick Hunter HQ: Maverick Hunters X and Zero, dispatch!

Maverick Hunter HQ: Irregular Hunters X and Zero, mobilize!

Narrator: A few hours later, contact was made by the Headquarters of Maverick Hunter.

Narrator: Hours later, an emergency communication came from Irregular Hunter HQ.

Maverick Hunter HQ: This is the Headquarters of Maverick Hunter. We are under attack from the Doppler force. All units return to base immediately and return fire.

Maverick Hunter HQ: This is Irregular Hunter HQ! We’re currently under attack from the Doppler Army and returning fire! Irregular Hunters in the area of HQ, return to base and help return fire immediately!

So already, we can see a spike in writing quality from the localizers, as they're much clearer about what exactly is happening...rather a bummer about "Headquarters of Maverick Hunter" though. I suppose they still hadn't quite perfected their "proof-reading process" yet.


Zero: X, I’ll clear out the enemies out here. You go ahead and deal with the ones inside.

Zero: X, I’ll clean up the enemies from the perimeter. I leave the enemies inside to you.

(X meets Mac)

X: Mac, where have you been?

X: Mac, it’s you; you’ve been missing.

(Mac fires at X, making him unable to move)

Mac: You’re far too trusting, X. I’m now a member of Doppler’s Army! You will make a fine addition to our forces once you have been shown the true destiny of the Reploid race!

Mac: Fufufu. You’re naive, X. I’m no longer a Irregular Hunter, I’m a member of the Doppler Army. Sorry, but I’m taking you captive.

Yeah, that's right. Mac somehow manages to have even LESS of a character in the Japanese version than he did in the English version .

(Mac takes X away. Zero comes in, defeats Mac, then saves X)

Zero: Are you okay, X?

Zero: Are you alright, X?

X: Thanks Zero. I’m okay.

X: Th, thanks Zero. I’m alright.

Zero: I’ll check around headquarters again. Be on your guard, X.

Zero: I’m going to go around the perimeter again. X, don’t be careless.

(Zero teleports away and X fights Maoh the Giant)

Zero: Looks like we’ve swept most of the enemies out of here. I’ll go back and check on headquarters. Call me if you need me. See you later, X.

Zero: Looks like the enemies have been mopped up. I’m going to be working on the HQ repair operations for a while, but call me when I’m needed. Well, good luck, X.

Zero...working on repair operations? Is that really something he'd be expected to do? Huh, didn't know that.


Dr. Light: Enter this capsule, X. Take this Leg upgrade. The upgrade will enhance your mobility in the air. You will be able to dash left, right or even straight up into the air.

Dr. Light: X, enter this capsule. Here you can power up your mid-air movement ability. I grant you the Foot Parts. You’ll become able to air dash up, left and right in mid-air.

Kind of like how the English version puts emphasis on "even straight up into the air". Evidently someone on the team knew how significant that was, which is good to see in a localization.