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May 26, 2014

Straight outta Sumaru

Now that Dr. Doppler has been revealed I would like to talk about Mega Mission, a Cardass series released by Bandai during the release of several Mega Man related products between 1995-1997 (Mega Mission 1995-96 specifically). This was released in 3 parts with the story told in the back of each card. The first series takes placed between X2 and X-3 with the other 2 taking place between X3 and X4 (though unclear where in the timeline related to Xtreme 2). The reason why I would like to cover this is relations to X4 which I'll be more specific on in the next posts (which I intend to make after X3 and after X4 has started to avoid spoilers). I personally never owned this series (only various Models which I'd like to talk about in a separate post), as such the information I'm working with is secondhand from the Megaman Knowledge Base, that said it's a story I find interesting as a whole and would like to paraphrase.

Mega Mission 1:
Prior to (or during?) the establishment of Dopple Town, Dr. Doppler created a bio-mechanical organism dubbed "Limited" a Replibrain that enhanced the abilities of reploids but controlled them.

Using his knowledge (of what I presume, covered a bit more later in series) of reploid DNA Dr. Doppler resurrected Reploids that X had previously defeated: Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Bubble Crab, Sting Chameleon, Wire Sponge, Boomer Kuwanger, Flame Stag and Wheel Gator.

Dr. Doppler sent these resurrected reploids in addition to his Incept Chasers (the precursors? to the Nightmare Police) Schmitt and Curtiss after X.

As X and Zero fought the revived “Limited Reploids” he became infected by Limted and his buster mutated into a “Clear Buster” increasing his power. After defeating each maverick they ran into the Intercept Chaser Curtiss who killed each Maverick before they could be interrogated by the Hunters.

After the defeat of four Mavericks X has a confrontation with Curtiss over his Clear Buster; Curtiss is defeated and finished off by the Intercept Chaser Schmitt.

X defeats the four remaining Mavericks alongside Zero and his buster mutates to the “High Clear Buster” increasing Limited’s influence on him. He finds Schmitt who had injured Zero and the two fight with X as the victor.

After his defeat Schmitt is absorbed by the source of Limited: “Mother Limited” and is recreated as a clone of X.

The twin X’s fight each other; during the fight X undergoes one more mutation giving him the “Clear Armor” and unleashes a devastating attack that destroys his clone and shatters the armor releasing him from Limited’s influence.

X and Zero confront Doppler only to have Mother Limited set against them, the two defeat the Replibrain as Dr. Doppler escapes.

Overall this is a very simple plot that isn’t much better than another XTreme game. This does set the groundwork to a potential plot point later though which is why I want to discuss theses in some detail.