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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Traaaaanslation time.


Byte: Nice to meet you, X. I am Byte. I was programmed to exterminate you!

Mandarela BB: So you’re X. My name is Mandarela. I shall fight according to fate. Let’s go!

(If Weakness Is Used)

Byte: No! How can this great power can be generated from within such an ancient machine!? Well done, X. The victory is yours.

Mandarela BB: Nuoooo! Fr, from where is this power being drawn from!? Impressive…X…farewell!!

(Byte dies)

(If Weakness Is Not Used)

Byte: I didn’t expect you had this power… I’ve lost this time but… I’ll crush you next time!!

Mandarela BB: I can’t believe you’re this good…this time it is my loss, but the next time we meet I will break you!

(Byte escapes)

Byte's Character kind of confuses me in the Japanese version. It seems like they kind of try to portray him as this "honorable warrior" type guy...and yet, the guy's still part of something called the fricken Nightmare Police. Bit himself said that he's buried numerous reploids on Dr. Doppler's orders, and I'm presuming Byte has as well, so the guy's still a thug. He's a common murderer no matter how you slice it.

And besides that, the guy's more than willing to fuse with Bit in your rematch against them, so he's certainly not above ganging up on someone. So...yeah. I kind of like his character in the English version better, if only because it makes more sense.


X: Any problems, Dr. Cain?

X: Did you call for us, Dr. Cain?

Dr. Cain: I pulled some memory chips from the Mavericks controlled by Dr. Doppler. I analyzed them and found out that Dr. Doppler is trying to create a powerful new Battle Body by collecting the “special abilities” from the latest breed of Reploids.

Dr. Cain: Hmm…the truth is, I tried analyzing the memory chips from the wreckage of the defeated Irregulars and it seems that Doppler is collecting “special abilities” held by Reploids and is attempting to build the ultimate battle body.

X: Battle Body…?

X: The ultimate…battle body?

Dr. Cain: First I thought Dr. Doppler was trying to create it for himself. But the information indicates that he will not be able to interface with it, so it must be for someone else.

Dr. Cain: Hmm. As Doppler was originally a scientist Reploid he doesn’t have battle ability, so I thought he was building it for himself, but it appears that Doppler is being made to built by somebody.

X: Sigma!?

X: It can’t be… …Sigma!?

Zero: Can he still be alive!?

Zero: He’s still alive!?

Dr. Cain: A hidden laboratory has been pinpointed found at Point D. All indications are that it is Dr. Doppler’s secret lab. You need to get there immediately.

Dr. Cain: An unrecorded research facility has been discovered at point D. It would appear to be Doppler’s secret laboratory.

X: On my way….

X: Understood.

Zero: It’s time I put an end to Sigma for good!

Zero: This time, I’ll destroy Sigma for good!

Hmm...both of the dialogue scripts are a bit stilted in this section, aren't they ?