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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

More script comparisons, featuring Zero the potty mouth! Also, we've got such brilliant lines as "Become body parts for Sigma!" and "Where is that body?!"


Zero: X, I’ve come to help you! I’ll stop the collapsing ceiling! You destroy that junk robot!

Zero: X, I’ve come to help you out! Leave the suspended ceiling to me!! You destroy that piece of crap!!

(X defeats the robot while leaving the roof to Zero)

Zero: X, there is an army of powerful Mavericks in Dr. Doppler’s lab! They’ve been modified by Dr. Doppler into war machines. Be careful!

Zero: X! Doppler’s research facility is crawling with formidable enemies!! They’ve been modified for combat by Doppler. Proceed with caution.

X: I’ll watch my step. Thanks, Zero.

X: I know, Zero. Thanks…

Zero: I’m going to scout around. I’ll catch up later.

Zero: Okay, I’m going on ahead.


(Bit and Byte Alive)

Bit: We’ve been waiting for you, X!

Mandarela BB: We’ve been waiting for you, X!!

Byte: Dr. Doppler modified us after our first battle against you.

Vajurila FF: Thanks to Dr. Doppler we’ve acquired new power.

Bit and Byte: Take a look at these new upgrades!

Mandarela BB: Now, we’re going to try out that power!

Bit of a change in the English version, with both Bit and Byte saying the ending line, whereas it was only Bit who said it in the Japanese version.

(Only Bit Alive)

Bit: X, you fought well to defeat Byte. But I will not go down so easily! The victory over Byte was your last!

Mandarela BB: X, I’ve been waiting. Defeating Vajurila…I will avenge Vajurila here. Prepare yourself!

(Only Byte Alive)

Byte: X, I’ve been waiting for you. It was an impressive victory over Bit. Unfortunately, it was your last!!

X!! Defeating Manderela is impressive. But this is as far as you go! I’ll take vengeance for Manderela!

Yikes, those last few lines got kinda stilted in both versions, didn't they? Rather too bad. I remembered the English script being a bit more natural than this, but...I guess it's kind of a wash overall. The Japanese script is better in places, but then the English script is better in some places too.

It's like the English localizers KNEW the important of being willing to take some slight liberties, but weren't quite talented enough to know how to pull it off right quite. So as a result, their script still comes off as somewhat dry and stilted in places, even though there are clear differences from the original script.

Fortunately, they just about perfected that art for Mega Man X4


(Zero defeats Mosquitus, but is injured)

X: What was that explosion? Zero!! Are you okay?!

X: That explosion just now…Zero! Are you alright?

Zero: Sorry, X… I failed… It seems my power generator is damaged…I’ll try to make it back to Dr. Cain’s lab for repairs. You can’t tell what is waiting for you, X. You better take my Beam Sabre with you… Crush them all, X. You’re our last hope…

Zero: Sorry, X…I screwed up…looks like my power reactor’s been damaged…I’ll return to Dr. Cain for repairs…We don’t know what sort of powerful foes are ahead of here, so take my beam sabre. Hurry and smash Doppler and Sigma’s plans. I’m counting on you, X…


Vile: My waiting has finally come to an end! Prepare to die at the hands of the world’s most advanced riding armor – the new “Goliath”!

Vile: Vile: So you’ve finally come, X…I’ve been waiting. With the latest Ride Armor “Brown Bear”, I’ll get my revenge!

(X defeats Vile)

Vile: Don’t think that this is the end, X! I will haunt you to the day you die….

Vile: Don’t think you’ve one with this…I’ll revive any number of times to take…you…down…

Once again, that ending line in the English version is STILL an amazing rendition of what was said in the Japanese version! Good job localizers! And good job for renaming Vile's mech into something intimidating! Stuff like "Brown Bear" (or, "ブローンベア” in it's original Katakana) sounds a lot cooler in Japanese than it does to English speakers, and clearly the localizers realized that.


Doppler: I’ve been waiting for you X. I’m Dr. Doppler. I’ve been watching your battles closely. Your victories over my men have been most impressive. I need superior reploids like yourself, X! I offer you the chance to join us. Together we shall build a Utopia where the Reploids rule under the watchful eyes of Sigma, our lord and master.

Doppler: I’ve been waiting for you, X. I am Doppler. I’ve thoroughly viewed your actions. You’re quite formidable to defeat my associates. Do you have no intention to lend that power of yours to us, I wonder? Then together with us by Sigma’s side, build our ideal of a world dominated by Reploids.

X: No way, Doc! Your schemes end here and now!!

X: I refuse!! This is as far as your, and Sigma’s plans go!

Doppler: Perhaps you are not as smart as I once thought! Prepare to be ripped apart and to be born again as part of the new body of Sigma!

Doppler: Then it is best if you became body parts for Sigma. Die! X!!

(X beats Doppler)

Doppler: You are strong X… Strong enough to defeat Sigma…

Doppler: I…Impressive…if it’s you, you may…be able to defeat…that…Sigma…

X: Doppler, can you talk?!

X: Doppler, can you speak?!

Doppler: Sigma’s true form is that of a computer virus… I was corrupted by him and… I created a horrific new body for him…

Doppler: Sigma’s true form is…a program virus of evil…I was brainwashed by him… …I’ve made a fearsome body…

X: Where’s the body now?

X: Where is that body?!

Doppler: It’s in the underground hangar of this lab… I don’t think Sigma has occupied it yet… Don’t worry about me… Destroy the body before it is too late. Time is running out…

Doppler: It’s placed in the underground hanger underneath this laboratory… It still shouldn’t be handed over to Sigma… Don’t worry about me…destroy that body as fast as possible. There is no more time.

X: Thanks, Doc…

X: Understood.

"Then it is best if you become body parts for Sigma!" indeed. See, this is what I meant when I was talking about the English localizers. They HAD the right idea! They were ON the right track! And, to their credit, they did a legitimately good job with a lot of the scenes in this game, including this one. But, their script is also bogged down by a lot of little things that make me question how experienced they are at creative writing.

For example, there's the "Prepare to be ripped apart and to be born again as part of the new body of Sigma!" line. It's not a bad line, but it's redundant, and suffers from being written in the passive voice. So instead of what we got there, the line really should have been more like "I will rip you apart and graft you into the glorious new body of Master Sigma!" And there are multiple other instances like that as well, such as Vile's "my waiting has finally come to an end!" (as opposed to something more natural, like "it seems that fate has finally rewarded my patience!"). And then, for a third example, Bit's "the victory over Byte was impressive" should have been written as "Your victory over Byte was impressive".)

But, that's just my opinion. You all with me on this, or do you have anything else you wish to add ?