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May 26, 2014

Straight outta Sumaru

Now that X3 is finished I would like to continue covering Mega Mission.

Mega Mission 2

After X defeated Limited a cell sample survived the battle they formed a group of Mavericks known as the Order Breakers. They would make their presence known two months after the fall of Dopple Town following Doppler and Sigma's defeat. Leading them was Tackione; a reploid born from Mother Limted's remains who heavily resembled Dr. Doppler, their creator. From Tackione two other reploids were created: Bloodione and Luxione a bulky powerful reploid and an agile one respectively.

The three managed to revive 8 Mavericks using 'Limited': Gravity Beetle, Blast Hornet, Chill Penguin, Neon Tiger, Spark Mandrill, Overdrive Ostrich, Magna Centipede and Crush Crawfish.

Tackione with their force in tow and technology known as a "Limited Field" manage to turn reploids in an entire city into mavericks. X is sent to investigate; on reaching the city the Limited Field causes a reaction in X, remnants of the traces of Limited in his X buster allows him to use weaponry of enemies he's defeated previously. After defeating four of the eight revived mavericks X is attacked by the Order Breakers and kidnapped.

Zero follows X's trail on his investigation and finds remains of X's buster. He utilizes these parts into his buster resulting in a "Neo Buster". He begins to defeat the remaining revived mavericks and comes across an AI pod with Dr. Light's consciousness. Light grants him armor known as the "Energy Armor".

Zero battles against the remaining mavericks including a revived Spark Mandrill, during the fight the Enegy armor is upgraded to the Neo Armor.

Zero reaches the Limited field penetrating it and fights against the Order Breakers Bloodione and Luxione, defeating them. Upon encountering Tackione, Zero finds X infused with a Limted Shell known as "Replicapture" which has control over X's actions.

Zero and X fight with the Replicapture destroyed but Zero greatly damaged during the fight. Tackione seizes this opportunity to destroy the Maverick Hunters using their power over Limited to transform to their ultimate form. Before they can be defeated Zero transfers their armor to X along with their saber resulting in the "Giga Armor". X defeats Tackione with a Giga Crush.

While seemingly ending abruptly I like that this continues Doppler's legacy and has a plot thread continuing from the last Mega Mission. There's one more but I think it's best to leave it for after Xtreme 2 and start of X4.