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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright, so since this script is not as competently translated as X3, I'm going to once again be doing my own localization on the Japanese script, using Keekiyasan's literal translation as the base script. Speaking of Keekiyasan, here are his overall impressions on the script.

Keekiyasan posted:

Finished with another one! The second GBC game’s script is translated. See it HERE. The official English one had a LOT of dialogue omitted, so the Japanese script is much fuller. This includes extra lines from almost everyone, especially Dr. Light, whose dialogue was way longer in Japanese. This may have been a space issue, or a laziness issue, I don’t know.

The official translation, for what is there, mostly seems to try to be truer to the original script. There are a few silly spelling errors, though.

So, on to the dialogue itself. It's...well, it's a LOT better in the Japanese version, and I hope that I was able to get that across in my translations. Once again, I take a more liberal approach than Keekiyasan does, but I'm still very much doing a "thought for thought" translation, so if you read my translations, you're still getting the story. And if you want the totally literal version? Then be sure to head here, as always.

Now then...


Narrator: For some unknown reason, the programs of Reploids are suddenly erased. The Reploids stopped moving and almost seemed like they had become hollow shells. This phenomenon was named “ERASURE” and began to frighten the Reploids…

“Laguz Island” in the Southern Ocean. Here is where the Reploid Research Lavatory is located. One day, the readings of Reploids had instantly vanished. A lot of Reploids were erased! What happened in this island…? Maverick Hunters, X and Zero received the orders and head into action!

Narrator: Masses of Reploids have had their programming wiped! They have become cold and unmoving, as though their souls had been ripped out. Their metal corpses now lay piled on top of one another like mounds of trash... This phenomenon has been dubbed “Erase”, and has now caused mass hysteria.

Here lies Laguz Land. It houses a Reploid research facility, and is located in the southern ocean. This is where hundreds of Reploid signals were Erased! What exactly happened on this island? Irregular Hunters X and Zero have received their orders! It's time to move out!


Iris: You are now on Laguz Island where the Erasure Incidents have happened. What’s the situation there?

Iris: This is Laguz Land. It WAS the home of a Reploid research facility, but now it's become the epicenter for the Erase Incidents. What's the situation there?

X: I have found some Reploids that are out of commission, and the others have become Mavericks.

X: Well, I...think the reports were right? There ARE a lot of Reploids out of commission, but I'm also getting a lot of Irregular readings.

This is just the beginning. Trust me, there's going to be a LOT more text omitted by the time we're through here.

Zero: Iris, we will begin to check the surrounding area. Can you offer us support?

Zero: Iris, we’re scoping the area now! We’ll leave the support to you!

Iris: Okay. But please don’t get too wild and bite off more than you can chew.

Iris: Understood. Be careful, both of you.

Zero: Don’t worry, Iris.

Zero: Don’t worry about it, Iris. This is just another day for us. Let’s go X!

(X enters the first area)

Zero: Did you find anything, X?

Zero: Did you find anything, X?

X: Yes I found something! The island is filled with the Mavericks that I thought we had destroyed.

X: Nothing good. This place is filled with Irregulars; Ones that I thought we had destroyed.

Zero: WHAT?! Did they come back by themselves, or is there someone behind their resurrection? We must find out.

Zero: So you're saying they crawled out of hell, huh? Did someone revive them? Guess we'll just have to search around and find out.

X: I’ll go and check it out.

X: I’ll try going down here. Zero, you go the other way.

Zero: Okay. Let’s meet up again later.

Zero: Got it. Let’s meet up again later.

(X enters a dark room)

X: What’s this place? Hm! The enemy is coming!

X: What is this place? Ah! Something’s coming!

(Boss appears. X defeats it)

X: Are you alright, Zero?

X: Are you alright, Zero? Let’s fall back for now.

Zero: There seems to be so many more enemies.

Zero: Tch, there's still so many enemies lurking around... Let's see if Iris has anything for us.

X: This is crazy! What is their purpose, anyway? I must find out!

X: Ergh! This is crazy! Just what are they planning anyway? We need to find out now!


Iris: X! Zero! We’ve just received…

Iris: X, Zero! Just now…

Zero: What is it, Iris!?

Zero: What happened, Iris?

(Mysterious reploid appears)

???: Is it you…? … Who has broken into my island?

???: Ah, there you are. You're the ones rampaging across other people’s islands.

X: Who are you!?

X: Who are you?

???: I’m a Soul Eraser. I erase the souls of evil Mavericks.

???: I’m a Soul Eraser. One who erases the souls of evil Irregulars.

Zero: That can’t be! What do you really do!?

Zero: Like hell you are! Normal Reploids are disappearing and Irregulars are being revived. Now tell me, what exactly ARE you doing?

???: It takes courage to ask someone like me a question like that. Interesting… Well then, let’s play a little game. There are eight guardians on this island. Retire all of them, and then I will battle you.

???: ...Hmph. You are audacious, if nothing else. Interesting... Let’s play a game here. In this island there are 8 guardians. If you defeat all 8 guardians, I will be your opponent.

So, that "it takes courage" line that you guys complained about? Yep, that was just a mistranslation. The original line fits much more naturally into the conversation.

X: These silly games are pointless.

X: There’s no meaning to such a pointless fight! Stop with this futile resistance!

Zero: It seems that retiring eight might be easier than persuading one.

Zero: I don't know. Seems to me we could kill em all twice over by the time we got through to this idiot.

???: You’re very quick, Zero. My name is Gareth. Don’t forget it!

???: You catch on quickly, Zero! I look forward to your arrival. My name is Gareth. Let us meet again!

Iris: Gareth… I can’t find any data on such a Reploid in our database. Plus, we have found unfamiliar items…

Iris: Gareth…I can’t find anything on that Reploid’s data. More importantly, we found some interesting items on the island…

Zero: We have also found DNA data, that was draining out of the enemies.

Zero: Yeah, that would be the DNA Data we got from the guys we trashed.

Iris: They seem to have been resurrecting enemies by somehow utilizing DNA.

Iris: Well, then it looks like they're the ones responsible for resurrecting the Irregulars.

Zero: They are erasing the Reploids’ DNA in order to create items?

Zero: So what, they Erase the data, then make them into materials they can use?

Iris: It seems so. A Reploid’s DNA is like that of a human’s soul. From now on, let’s call it a DNA Soul. We may be able to create something useful from Mavericks’ DNA Souls.

Iris: It would appear so. For reference, you could refer to the data you collected as their souls: Their "DNA Souls", so to speak. And it looks like the ones you've found so far are just Irregular souls. Ergo, we might be able to use them to create items for you to use. Please be sure to collect them from here on out.

Zero: We can’t leave Maverick’s souls alone.

Zero: But of course. We can’t just leave THOSE souls unattended, now can we?

X: We must also find the souls of the erased Reploids… Let’s gather the DNA Souls!

X: Yeah, and we also need to find the souls of everyone who was erased. So from here on out, let's collect every DNA soul we find!