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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

ALL RIGHTY THEN! MORE TRANSLATIONS! And yes, Berkana is most likely the one wearing the pants here. The manual doesn't state this, but she used to be a Reploid Researcher, but then found a way to steal folk's power and bring back dead Mavericks. More importantly, only SHE seems to have this ability, not Gareth, which is why Sigma only mentioned HER being a problem, not Gareth. And if that's the case, then Gareth is kind of forced to do whatever she says. After all, he's relying on her to pump him full of DNA Souls, so there's no sense in biting the hand that feeds you.

Anyways, I did something new for these translations. So far, I've simply been concerning myself with localizing them in a way that reads as well as I can make it read in English while simultaneously making sure that they were accurate to the source material. But now, I've included a third rule. Now, not only do I have to do the two things I listed before, but I now have to do them WHILE MAKING SURE THAT MY TRANSLATIONS AREN'T TOO MUCH LONGER THAN THE JAPANESE TEXT!! It is significantly harder to find ways to pack everything in there when also worrying about text limitations, but I wanted to make this point: Even with all of the challenges that localizers run into, it is STILL possible to make a good script if you're willing to put the effort into it. It's not easy, but you can do it...

Still, it's tiring, so I'm not including the non-Extreme Epilogues just yet. But I'll get em all tomorrow alright? See you then!


Gareth: Splendid! Iíll be waiting for you in the Reploid Research Laboratory! You know where that isÖ

Gareth: さすがだな、イレギュラーハンター!相手にとって ふそくはない!研究所の場所をおしえる。まっているぞ!

Gareth: Well done Maverick Hunters! You're as strong as I expected! Here's our Reploid Research Laboratory; I'll be waiting!

Zero: Iíll put an end to this soon!

Zero: よしっ!決着をつけてやる!行くぞ、エックス!

Zero: Good! Now I can finally end this! Let's go X!

Iris: Wait a second. I believe the laboratory is a very dangerous place.

Iris: まってください。研究所はとてもきけんな場所だと 思われます。

Iris: Wait! That place is dangerous. I don't think you'll survive charging it head on!

Zero: I know, but we have to go.

Zero: わかってるよ。でも、行かなくちゃいけないんだ。

Zero: Yeah, I know it's risky. But we have to strike NOW!

Iris: Yes. Iím not going to stop you. Just please take this device. With this device, you can execute a Player Change at any time by pressing SELECT.

Iris: ええ、とめはしません。とめでもムダでしょうし・・・・だから、私がかいはつした このパーツを・・・・このパータがあれば、セレクトボタンで、いつでも プレイヤーチェンジができます。最後ですから、二人で別行動でなく、協力して戦ってください!

Iris: Fine...if you insist. I wouldn't be able to stop you anyway...that's why I made these parts for you. Now you can change characters by pressing SELECT. So please, stay near each other! We're so close; there's no sense in splitting up now!

X: All right, Iris.

X: わかったよ、アイリス。ピンチのときは ゼロの力をかりるよ

X: Will do, Iris. I'll call Zero whenever I'm in trouble.

Zero: I will trust his unknown potential power! Letís go, X!

Zero: エックスの 未知のパワーに かけてみるか!さ、行くぜ、エックス!

Zero: Back atcha, X. I still don't know the true depths of YOUR power! Now let's go!

X: Iíll get the DNA Souls back! Youíre going down Soul Eraser!

X: うばわれたDNAソウルを とりかえしてみせる!かくごしろ!ソウルイレイザー!

X: Prepare yourselves, Soul Erasers! I'll take back every DNA soul you took!


Berkana: Hee hee hee! Iíve been waiting for you, boys. Let me show you the ultimate beauty that can only be realized by gathering DNA Souls. You will learn that I am the strongest!

Berkana: ウフフ、来たわ、ボウヤたち。ソウルをあつめて つくり出した きゅうきょくの美を みせてあげるわ。最強は私よ。かれいなる死をもって 知るといいわ!

Berkana: Uhuhu! Here come the boys. Now you will see ultimate beauty, forged from all the souls Iíve collected! I am the strongest, and you will know it by a glorious death!

(X and Zero arrive at the fortress)

Berkana: Welcome, boys.

Berkana: いらっしゃい、ボウヤたち。どう?ステキな所でしょ?

Berkana: Welcome to my home, darlings. Well? Isn't it splendid?

X: Be quiet!

X: ふざけるな!むいみに レプリロイドの命を うばったつみは ぜったいに ゆるさないぞ!

X: Stop screwing around! You've killed so many Reploids for no reason at all! I'll never forgive you for that!

Berkana: You are very cute, even when youíre angry. I didnít take Reploidsí lives for no reason. Their sacrifices helped to make us stronger.

Berkana: おこった かおも カワイイわ。それに、むいみにレプリロイドの ソウルをうばったりはしないわ。みんな 私たちのパワーの やくにたって 死んでいったのよ。いきているより、やくにたった と思うよ。ウフフ

Berkana: Aw, you're so CUTE when you're angry! And I DO a reason, you know. Everyone is dying for the advancement of my power. I think theyíre more useful NOW than when they were alive! Uhuhu...

X: How dare you! That is no excuse!

X: ばかな!正気で言ってるのか?

X: Unbelievable! Are you even listening to yourself?!

Berkana: It is pointless talking with you here. Why donít you come to Garethís or my room so that we can relax and talk? My room is above here, while Garethís is below. The decision is up to you.

Berkana: ここで たちばなし してでも しかたないわ。私とガレスのへやへ来て、ゆっくり はなしでもしない?私のへやはここから上に、ガレスのへやは下にあるの。どっちのへやに来るかはボウヤたちに まかせるわ。

Berkana: *Sigh* There's no point talking here. Why don't you boys go up there to MY room? Or down there to Gareth's? That way we can all let down our hair a bit and talk? The choice is yours...

X: Zero! Itís better for us to separate here!

X: ゼロ!二手にわかれよう!おれはベルカナを追うよ!

X: Zero! Letís split up! Iíll chase after Berkana!

Zero: Roger that.

Zero: りょうかい。あのおんなは どうもにがてだ。ガレスを追う。

Zero: Roger. I canít stand that woman. Iíll go after Gareth.

X: See you later, Zero! And good luck!

X: ゼロ、また会おう!かならず!

X: I'll see you soon, Zero! Count on it!

X: Iím coming for you, Berkana!

X: まってろよ!ベルカナ!おれはぜったいに ゆるさない!

X: Just you wait, Berkana! I wonít let you get away with this!


Berkana: Finally, we are alone.

Berkana: やっと二人っきりになれたわね。ボウヤが来るって 信じてたわ。

Berkana: Ah, alone at last...Hello handsome. I knew you'd get here.

X: Release the DNA Souls of the Reploids!

X: ぜんりょうなDNAソウルを かいほうするんだ!そして イレギュラーの DNAソウルは はき するんだ!

X: I'm not here for you, Berkana! Iím here to release all the good DNA Souls, and destroy all the Maverick ones!

Berkana: I admire your speeches. But now, allow me to test the result of my experiment on you. Let me see who is the strongest Reploid! This is my final experiment.

Berkana: あなたもムダなはなしがすきね。そんなこと言われたら、よけい はんこうしたくなるわ。さー、研究のせいかをためさせて。どちらが最強のレプリロイドか?最後のじっけんよ!

Berkana: *Sigh*, you do love your soapbox, don't you? Really, speeches like that just make me want to destroy you even more... Now for my last experiment; Who is the ultimate Reploid? Let us see the results!


Gareth: I anticipated that you would make it this far. I will delete both of your souls!

Gareth: さすがだな。やはりここまで来たか。たいくつだっただろ?ベルカナのくだらないあそびに つきあわせて すまなかったな。

Gareth: Ah, there they are. I knew we were only wasting time with Berkana's shenanigans...but oh well. Now their day has come; I shall harvest their souls!

(X and Zero arrive at the fortress)

Gareth: Your reputation is well earned. Sorry about the unworthy games! But just so you know they were Berkanaís idea!

Gareth: さすがだな。やはりここまで来たか。たいくつだっただろ?ベルカナのくだらないあそびに つきあわせて すまなかったな。

Gareth: Impressive. I knew you would make it through Berkana's wearisome games. I must apologize; they WERE rather trite, weren't they?

Zero: How dare you use the word unworthy?! How many Reploids have been sacrificed in your evil plan?

Zero: くだらないだと!?一体 何人のレプリロイドの命が ぎせいになったと思ってるんだ?

Zero: think this is a GAME?!? Do you have any idea how many Reploids you've sacrificed?!

Gareth: Do not misunderstand me. It was an honor for them to have been chosen as experimental samples. It is as honorable as it gets for mean-spirited Reploids.

Gareth: かんちがいされてはこまる。われわれの研究そざいに なれたんだ。これいじょうの こうえいなことは ないだろう。かとうな レプリロイドにとって

Gareth: Oh don't get me wrong. I hold them in the highest regard for their "contributions". What more do you want? They were, after all, inferior Reploids.

Zero: Iím waisting my time talking to you! Iíll finish you within the blink of an eye!

Zero: ここで はなしをしている ひまはない!とっとと、ケリをつけるぞ!

Zero: We donít have time for your nonsense! Iím ending it all right here!

Berkana: This is not over yet! Why donít you come to Garethís or my room so that we can relax and talk? My room is above here, while Garethís is below. The decision is up to you.

Berkana: そうね、ボウヤたちのいうとおりだわ。私とガレスのへやへ来て、ゆっくり はなしでもしない?私のへやはここから上に、ガレスのへやは下にあるの。どっちのへやに来るかはボウヤたちに まかせるわ。

Berkana: My thoughts exactly. So why don't you boys go up there to MY room? Or down there to Gareth's? That way we can all let down our hair a bit and talk? The choice is yours...

Zero: Are they running away again? Iíll follow them wherever they go! X, letís separate here!

Zero: また にげる気か?いいぜ、じこくまで追いかけるぜ。エックス!二手にわかれよう!わるいが、あのおんなの相手をたのむ。

Zero: Are you running away again? Fine, Iíll chase you to HELL if I have to! Sorry X, but we're splitting up. You take the woman!

X: Okay, Iíll take Berkana.

X: わかった、ベルカナを追うよ。

X: Got it, Iíll chase after Berkana.

Zero: See you later, X.

Zero: 後であおう、エックス。さきに行くぜ!

Zero: I'm going on ahead. See you around X!

Iris: Zero! Stop a minute and think about this! If you separate, you are walking into their trap. Why donít you fight together!?

Iris: ゼロっ!二手にわかれたら 相手の思うままです。なぜ、二人でいっしょに 戦わないのですか?

Iris: Zero! Why won't you two fight as a team?! If you split up now, you'll just play right into their hands!

Zero: You donít need to worry. Even though we are far away, I have a feeling that Iíve been protected by his power. Weíll get through this.

Zero: アイツならだいじょうぶだ。おたがい 信じることで オレたちは今まで戦ってきた。はなれていても、どこかでアイツのパワーが オレをまもってくれるような。そんな気がしてな。しんぱいをかけた アイリスのためにも、かならず やつらをぶったおして もどるから、あんしんしてくれ。ぜったいにヤツをたおす!

Zero: Heíll be fine. We've come a long way Iris; and we've done it by believing in each other. Even now, his power is enveloping me, protecting me in every way. Thatís how I feel anyway... Sorry if that's not very comforting. I know you're worried...But I WILL destroy these guys! I'm coming right back, Iris; that's a promise!


Gareth: How very impressive.

Gareth: さすが、みこんだだけはある。そうこなくては つまらない。たのしい戦いになりそうだ!

Gareth: Good...I knew I could count on you. Anything less just will not do... Now let's have some fun!

Zero: No more words! Let the battle begin!

Zero: おまえの はなし相手も もうあきた。来いッ!

Zero: I'm done talking to you, Gareth! Bring it on!