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May 26, 2014

Straight outta Sumaru

Posting this a bit earlier than I initially intended but I think Sigma being in future X games isn't a surprise to anyone.
Mega Mission 3

Some time after Tackione's defeat an incident occurs where several of the Maverick Hunters from the city: Central Point, have gone missing mysteriously. A group of vigalante hunters have appeared to investigate the cause know as the Masquerades. The members that formed this group were the reploids: Rot-Armor, Blau-Launcher, Grün-Metamo and Braun-Eleci.

Together they succeed in stopping the incidents gaining the attention of the Maverick Hunters who take the vigilante group in as official members.

Soon after joining the hunters' ranks however they begin attacking the organization from within letting loose berserk Mechaniloids. It is revealed the members of mavericks are the resurrected reploids: Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Morph Moth and Volt Catfish all enhanced with a new Version of Limited known as Hyper Limited.

X and Zero move out against the Berserk Mechaniloids that appeared after Masquerades set up a Limted Field. The two struggle against the four mavericks; when it seemed they couldn't defeat their opponents Masquerades was attacked by another Reploid: Return X (aka iX), the clone of X created by Mother Limited now enhanced as a Hyper Limited Reploid.

Unable to fight back the four mavericks retreat. Return X exclaims that only he can be the one that will defeat X. He turns on X specifically and the two fight. Their battle almost concluded with Return X as the winner, before he can strike the final blow an unknown reploid shoots him from behind.

The mysterious reploid who was more mechaniloid in appearance reveals themselves to be Enemice-HL, a hyper limited reploid, leader of Masquerades and the last Order Breaker who was created by Tackione but left incomplete. Their body only finished automatically creating itself through Limited's bio-mechanical functions.

Enemice questions Return X on their betrayal against Masquerades but is only attacked by the clone of X who exclaims that noone will interfere with his fight against X. Enemice is largely unaffected by Return X's barrage of attacks. Seeing no other option Return X approaches X and Zero offering his body as Armor utilizing his ability as a Hyper Limited reploid so the two can stand against Enemice and Masquerades. The two accept granting the two the EX Armor.

Before the now enhanced duo could face Enemice the four revived Mavericks of Masquerades returned. Using a special chip Enemice fused the four into a being known as Mix-Forte.

The fused Reploid is destroyed, X and Zero confront Enemice, before they could fight Enemice reveals he is in possession of another special chip; one containing the data of a certain Reploid: Sigma. Enemice inserts the chip into himself and transforms into a copy of Sigma: Sigma Limited.

Zero holding a grudge against Sigma for his betrayal of the Hunters and use of his body in his plans asserts himself to fight against the Sigma copy one on one. Initially complying Sigma Limited fights against Zero until he takes him by surprise by attacking X in the middle of the fight prompting Zero to shield X from the onslaught. This causes Zero to lose his EX Armor but this part of Return X attaches to X forming the All X Armor. X defeats Sigma Limited with an charged shot from his Double X Buster. This attacked caused energy depletion resulting in X losing the armor immediately after, and seemingly was the end of Return X, Sigma Limited and Limted altogether.

Unbeknownst to X and Zero Return X survived and using his power as a Limited Reploid absorbed Sigma Limited's remains.

That's the last of Mega Mission and with the conclusion of XTreme 2 any plot preceding X4. As is likely obvious to everyone Sigma will return in X4.

Sigma is just one of those Video Game bosses that appears over and over by tradition. But examining the plot, though in a series light on plot and likely shouldn't be too examined, if Dr. Doppler had in fact created a successful Vaccine as seen in the end of X3 there should have been no return of Sigma afterward.

I'm accepting of Mega Mission 3's copy of Sigma effectively resurrecting the Reploid by instead of viral means is done through hardware (this is assuming Sigma's control chip is recovered from Doppler's lab but more convenient things happen in this series as already seen with Zero's control chip already being in Cain's possession by X2). This combined with the end of Mega Mission 3 with Return X's absorption of Sigma Limited leads me to believe that aside from Capcom just wanting to bring him back in X4 to maintain the status quo, considering the plot of Mega Mission a combination of a Schmitt's reploid body, Limited with it's bio-mechanical ability regeneration (See Return X after effectively being vaporized as Armor and the Order Breakers as a whole_ and Sigma Limited holding the Sigma Chip which in turn houses a previously isolated Sigma Virus and possibly the main personality of Sigma (recall mention of Zero's control chip in X2) leads to some of the further Sigma resurrections from X4 onward barring some points covered in future games.

The only thing that works against this line of thinking aside from it being overly analytical to the point of a conspiracy theorist connecting dots, is Xtreme 2. I really do not know why Sigma is in Xtreme 2 and I know it was made after X6 released and Capcom really probably doesn't care about Mega Mission, nor should anyone really (except me and whoever updates wikis apparently). The best I can say is like Soul DNA encountered by Berkana post Sigma Virus deletion leading to corruption and weirdery but that's just pulling an explanation out of my rear end to try and justify Mega Mission. In general I just like the theory. Of course I don't know where Xtreme 2 takes place in relation to Mega Mission it could be after 3 or even before 2.

That said this probably was just going to lead to a fourth series of Mega Mission given that there are four remaining X1-3 Mavericks not covered in this series.

My thoughts on Mega Mission 3 itself. I really liked Masquerades forms before they revealed themselves as previous mavericks. This incident of vigilantes and Maverick Hunters relations also is something that I liked covered. That aside not too much else to say other than gushing about Sigma.

As for Mega Mission as a whole, I liked a lot of concepts which is obvious from my preceding ranting, but moreover it's expansion on Doppler and his legacy and the inclusion of several new characters, though they didn't receive much time to develop from what little I could understand from Wiki entries as listed previously. That said the articles linked in the first post have front and back scans if anyone who understands Japanese wants to give them a look over I'd love to know what actually happens rather than my paraphrasing a preexisting summary.