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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

If you don't feel like reading all these, I HIGHLY recommend at least seeing the Extreme Story Epilogue; Zero's got a really funny line that got cut out of the localization .



Sigma: Hmmm… You are the ones who made that noise!

Sigma: クククッ さわがしいと思ったら やはりおまえらか!

Sigma: Heheheh... Well look who it is! I thought it was getting noisy!

Zero: Sigma!

Zero: シグマッ!

Zero: Sigma!

Sigma: But this time, I have to thank you for doing that. Actually, Berkana went too far. Although, she did help me by keeping me entertained for a while. Hee hee hee.

Sigma: しかし、今回は れいを言おう。じっさい、ベルカナには 手を やいていたからな・・・・強いレプリロイドだけ つくっていればいいものを・・・・かってに いろいろなことを しおって・・・・たいくつしのぎにはなったがな ククク

Sigma: Actually, I'd like to thank you. Berkana defied me in so many ways...I would've been happy if she had just kept making powerful reploids, but apparently she felt like being a nuisance...Still, she WAS fun to watch! Hehehe...

X: It was you who started the incident! Sigma!

X: 今回のじけんも おまえのけいかくだろ!シグマ!

X: Let me guess; you were behind THIS too, weren't you?!

Sigma: Now is not the time for talk, now is the time to destroyed! You know, that I’m going to destroy you!

Sigma: このさい、そんなことはどうでもいいだろ?おまえらは、この場で 死ぬのだからな!

Sigma: Does it matter? Really? After all, you're both going to die here!

Zero: How dare you!

Zero: ふざけるな!おまえのソウルは オレが消してやるッ!

Zero: Pfah! Dream on! I'm the one who's gonna erase YOUR soul!

Sigma: Go for it! Fu Fu Fu Bwah ha ha! I’ll be waiting for you. Bwah ha ha ha!

Sigma: いいぞ、ゼロ。そうでないと、やりがいが ないからな!フフフ、ファッーハハハ!死にたければ、来るんだ。まっているぞ!ファッーハハ!

Sigma: Yes, that's the spirit! Let it all out; I practically LIVE for that! Muahaha...BWAHAHAHA!! Now come and meet your maker! HWAAAHAHA!!


Sigma: Hee hee hee. I’m pleased to see you. Now I’ll delete your soul forever!

Sigma: クククッ、まっていたぞ。めのまえに にどと あらわれないよう、えいきゅうに おまえのソウルを 消してやる!

Sigma: Heheheh... I've been waiting for you. Now I'll erase your soul, so that you may never appear before me again!

(X defeats Sigma. Sigma transforms)

Sigma: It seems that I underestimated you… The playtime is over… Now I’ll bring this to an end…

Sigma: あまくみていたようだ・・・・あそびはおわりだ・・・・すべて、おわりにしてやる・・・・

Sigma: It seems I underestimated you...Well then, playtime’s over…It all ends here!


Narrator: After the battle, X felt the DNA Souls being released. Now the Reploids would return to normal. On his way, various memories flash through X’s mind. The most dominant ones are the memories of Zero. Zero should have finished his mission by now. X thinks that he can stand up to any difficulties with his partner and friend Zero. While he thinks like that, he can’t help but think of new challenges to face with his friend.

Narrator: 戦いおわったエックスは、DNAソウルが かいほうされていくのをかんじた。これでイレイズされてしまった レプリロイドは、また もとにもどるだろう。かえってアイリスに ほうこくしよう。いろいろなことが あたまをよぎった。そして、ゼロのことも。今ごろ、ゼロもにんむを かんりょうしているだろう。ゼロがいるかぎりどんなことにも たちむかっていける。そんなことを思いながらも あらたな戦いを かんじずには いられなかった。

Narrator: After his fight, X felt the DNA Souls being released; with this, the Reploids who were Erased would return to normal. “Let’s head back and report to Iris”, he said, his mind churning over many things...including Zero. After all, Zero was probably finishing his mission right about now; with Zero by his side, X could face any challenge. But, as he thought this, X could not help but feel that this would not be their last battle...


Narrator: After the battle, Zero assisted in releasing the DNA Souls. Now the Reploids would return to normal. He has no doubt that X has finished his mission now. Zero and X have faced and fought through many difficulties together. As long as X is with him, Zero can do anything. Though he doesn’t express it, Zero believes this with all his heart. This is something that will never change.

Narrator: 戦いおわり、ゼロはDNAソウルの かいほうにむかった。これで イレイズされた レプリロイドは もとにもどるだろう。とちゅう、エックスのことが ふと あたまにうかぶ。エックスも今ごろ、にんむを かんりょうしていることに 何のうたがいも もたなかった。信じあえるなかま エックスとともに、どんなに かこくなにんむも こなしてきた。エックスがいるかぎり、これからもやっていけると ことばには出さないが、そう 信じてた。また あらたな戦いがあろうとも それはくずれることはないだろう。

Narrator: Having finished the fight, Zero gazed at the DNA Souls being released, knowing that the Erased Reploids would likely be restored. As he did so, he suddenly thought of X, his trusted friend. With X at his side, he had gone through all kinds of dangerous missions; and he knew that X would soon be finishing his. “With X by my side, I'll always move forward, just like before”. He'd never admit that of course, but he would always believe it, no matter what life throws in his path.


X: Are you all right? Zero?

X: だいじょうぶかい?ゼロ。

X: Zero! Are you ok?

Zero: Yeah, I am. Hey, look at that!

Zero: ああ、なんとかな。それより みろよ、あれを。DNAソウルが かいほうされていくぞ!

Zero: Yeah, somehow. But that's not important. Look! The DNA Souls are being released!

X: The DNA Soul are returning! The hollow Reploids will come to life!

X: もどっていくよ、ソウルが。イレイズされたレプリロイドが ふっかつするよ!

X: The souls are returning.. The Erased Reploids are coming back!

Zero: Probably… Everything is over, now.

Zero: たぶんな・・・・すべておわったな、これで。

Zero: Looks like it…now it’s all over.

Iris: X! Zero! The hollow Reploids are coming to life one by one!

Iris: エックス!ゼロ!DNAソウルがもとにもどっていくわ。イレイズされたレプリロイドたち じょじょにですが ふっかつしています!

Iris: X! Zero! The DNA Souls are coming back! It's not happening all at once, but the Erased Reploids are being revived!

Zero: Iris, rescue the Reploids in cooperation.

Zero: アイリス、みんなで手わけして、レプリロイドのきゅうじょに あたってくる。オレたちも ハンターベースに もどる。

Zero: Iris, go and help everyone rescue the Reploids. We’ll head back to Hunter HQ too.

X: Let’s go Zero! We have to express our thanks to Iris.

X: 行こうか?ぜろ。ハンターベースにもどって にんむほうこくして、アイリスに れいを言わないとな。

X: Shall we go, Zero? We need to to return to base, report our mission and say thanks to Iris.

Zero: Right. She was very helpful. I feel sorry that her first job as a Maverick Hunter was like this. The Colonel will blame me.

Zero: そうだな。だいぶ協力してもらったし イレギュラーハンターでの はつしごとが こんなになってしまった・・・・わるいことしたな。レプリフォースのあにきぶんのカーネルにおこられるな、きっと。いもうとになんてことするんだ!ってな・・・・

Zero: Yeah. All that time with us, and she STILL got stuck with all that. First job as a Hunter too...Man I screwed up! Her brother Colonel's in the Repliforce ya know; he's gonna be so mad. Like, "what in the world did you do to my li'l sister?!"

X: The Colonel? But I believe the experience will be helpful when she returns to the Reploid Force. Anyway, let’s go back. We’re done here.

X: カーネル?でも、レプリフォースに もどっても 今回のけいけんは やくにたつはずだよ。とにかく、もどろう。すべては おわったんだ。

X: THAT Colonel? Well, if she ends up going back to Repliforce, she still got a lot of good experience here. Anyway, let's head back. We're done here.