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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright, here's the very first conversation of the game, between "??" and "Mysterious Voice". I have no clue who those guys could possibly be, but something tells me that it's important. And while we're talking about gut instincts...

"I'll do anything for you...anything...

I'm PRE-TTY sure that that was NOT the way that particular line was supposed to come across. If I'm reading it right, (and remember, I could be wrong since I'm handling the translations now), what he's actually saying is more like "Feel free to leave your enemies to me. I mean, how could those Hunters be dumb enough to make YOU their enemy? Just give the word; I'm more than able to crush those fools!". So he's basically saying "I'm ready and willing to beat those guys up", not "I'm propositioning you".

Which...kind of goes to the heart of this localization's issues. Just from reading the script over, it seems like this translation has kind of the same problem that Xtreme 2 did. They're not cutting out nearly as much text as they did last time, but they're still not taking the time to actually LOCALIZE the dialogue. As a result, the script reads more like a fan translation than it does an actually professional script....

EDIT: Of course, that said, my translation IS a fan translation, and in fact, this had to be corrected later on. This is not the first version of my translation that I posted. For reference, I originally made ?? sound too servile, and also mistranslated "何でもやりまっせ". I translated the term "ダンナ" to mean "Master" (when really, ?? probably meant something more like "Boss", and added more exclamation marks to ??'s dialogue.

So if the following thread derail seems odd, well, here's what started it. My translation is totally accurate now, but it wasn't before. Because of that, I started a rather...interesting chain of events in the posts below this one.


??: ええ、仕事終わりましたよあっけなくね。 ええ、わかってますよコロニーはまだ生きてますよ。 いつでも落とせる状態にしてますから 早く、合図して下さいよ。結構暇でね。 あとはウィルス撒いて地球に戻るだけですから。

??: Ha, all too easy... Now, you said you DON'T want the Colony started yet, right? So, guess I'll be sittin' here...bored to tears. *Sigh*, Please, send the signal soon, Boss...You do that, I'll spread that Virus, and the world'll be your oyster.

Note that the first line is more like "Mission accomplished...pretty simple really". However, that was too long to fit in the textboxes, which I'm trying to do as a personal challenge. Text box limitations may be a hassle, but they're still NO excuse for not putting out a good translation, so that's why I'm doing that.

That said though, Alyson Court, the localizer of this game, had a LOT more than just that to deal with, to the point where I don't really blame her for how X5 came out; but that's a topic for later. Anyways, that's why Dynamo's first line was slightly abbreviated.

Mysterious Voice: フフ、見込んだだけはあるな。 やるべきことは、しっかりやっているようだな。

Mysterious Voice: Heh heh, keep it up! Your work has been excellent. You have done just as I have asked...

??: ダンナを敵に回す奴なんて、イレギュラーハンターぐらい愚かな奴じゃないと。 ま、おれにできることでしたら何でもやりまっせ、ダンナ。

??: And to think, those Hunters made YOU their enemy... Again, just say the word, Boss; I'm more than enough for those fools. Whatever they do, they're finished.

Again, the first line was slightly abbreviated. It's more like "And to think, those Irregular Hunters were stupid enough to make YOU their enemy...". The more you know

Mysterious Voice: わかった今から、地球上でアレを実行する! それまで、そこで待機だ。

Mysterious Voice: Indeed...and we will be unleashing THAT upon the Earth very shortly. But for now, you must wait.

??: しかし、ダンナ自ら手を下さなくても そんなにスゴイ奴らなんですか?エックスだかゼロだか。

??: Aw, Boss...Are those guys really so good that you HAVE to go personally? X and Zero I mean?

Mysterious Voice: くくくある意味な。 ゼロお前の真の姿を教えてやる。真の敵をもな。 くくく、ファーッハハハッ!

Mysterious Voice: Hehehe...yes, you could say that. Zero...I will show you who you really are...You will soon know your TRUE enemy! Hehehe, BWAHAHAHAHA!