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sephiRoth IRA
Jun 13, 2007

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."

-Carl Sagan

I tried to play it straight- like a song you'd hear in an old pub or something.

The General's Fate - 553 words

Throaty howls and the clanging steel
Filled the battlefield.
Stomping boots crushed upon the ground
as blows fell on the shield.

The General stood before the men
“Today’s the day we die!”
And with a flourish of his sword
He led them with a cry.

Down deep into the blooded marsh
The General killed with ease
And all His men looked on in awe
as they saw He was pleased.

For every head that He did chop
And every bone He broke
The General’s grin grew larger
And began His horse to stroke.

“Onward steed, let no man stop us”
was His coarsely uttered roar;
onward they went to sow that field
with discord and bloody gore.

The day grew long as the battle raged
And men looked on their Maker.
Souls plenty sent to Heav’n or Hell
As they all sought favor

Of the fierce and mighty General.
But when He found the camp
Where the foe had kept their kin
He trod forth, raised His lamp

“Women, children, all without guard,
what protects your righteous lives?”
The General sneered and drew His blade
As mothers fled amid babies’ cries.

The gruesome work began with vigor.
The General killed them all,
Except for one – a child –
No more than four feet tall

This Boy of ten years stood his ground
And cursed the General’s name.
The Boy threw stones and hurled barbs
As the General forward came.

His wicked steel shone in the light
Of the bright harvest moon,
And He swung down to end the Boy’s
Pure young life too soon.

But Heav’n guided the steps of the boy
As he darted beneath
The General’s many vicious cuts
And drew a knife from sheath.

The General’s great laugh boomed aloud
As he mocked the child’s play
“What foolishness jest you young boy?
Your flesh I’ll surely flay!”

Yet the Boy let out a victor’s cry
As he found the armor’s chink
And thrust his blade deep in the gap
Faster than his foe could think

The General fell into the mud
And breath’d His life’s vapor
Out into that frigid black night.
He saw Hell’s demons caper.

“What fate finds me this fateful eve!
A disgrace to my name,
that my final duel did come unbid;
This wound has ended my claim

To an honored place in the halls
Of my many lauded kin.
I am done in by this youth’s blade;
A warrior’s greatest sin

Is to find himself thus felled
Not by war but a child.
The Boy responded with a voice
No longer meek or mild

“Go on, you beast, you soulless man,
go die a coward’s death;
you sought to kill the innocent,
so with your dying breath

I command that Hell take you on
Down to the fiery pit
And torture you for every drop
Of blood that you have spilt.”

And thus the General met his end
At the hands of this young boy,
A death noted for both its justice
And its method of employ.

A lesson learned for all men that
Life’s end can soon be met
By forthright battle in the field.
Or, lest you all forget,

That even the mighty can find
Their end on a child’s knife.
Beware the fate of those with hubris;
Your pride will end your life.