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Aug 29, 2012

Flash Rule: Must contain the words "Mouth-friend" and "Frigorific."
Extra Rule: Do not use the same word twice.
Word Count: 288 (It took on a meaning and I wasn't willing to pad it just for a number.)
Commentary: Poetry is hard.

I Cannot Say

Shifty persuasive mouth-friend
Selfish bold striped candy cane
Wanton gulping Thorazine
Homemade sub sea jellybean

Sickly hormone rocket rise
Judgment backing terrify
Perversion cunning evident
Blaspheme courted malcontent

Highlight reel regarded box
Gypsy teepee floodlight thoughts
Silver desperate trusting thread
Passive sugar freckle red

Pheromone doorway strangulate
Needless belief captivate
Corded constant transferring
Regarding dammit blasphemy

Soaking disregard hard press
Early stealthy slight suggest
Danger lingual cool direct
Defying thoughtful wrong select

Gimmick satin classic split
Discover mashing cushion trick
Frenzied failure obvious
Cursing freeing never reach

Thumping concerned mockery
Prone compulsive sweeping string
Overdoing confession
Clawing fighting keeping none

Musky bronze indigo eyes
Decided cherry pie surmise
Deep eternal glint headway
Willing fight enduring play

Murder conscience heavy rain
Placate affable one way
Illusion scaffolding deny
Consumption decayed butterfly

Verbal hold anticipate
Instinct intellect explain
Gifted unappreciative
Duration qualify believe

Conquer obstacle despite
Thorny dedicated light
Stubborn envy peer around
Devotion static swinging trowel

Twinkle furnace genuflect
Groping buoyant curling tech
Crustacean symbol integrate
Solid burnish granting weight

Fitting boundary overlap
Dark wire frozen windblown slant
Decisive cold diminishing
Extend persuade long filigree

Crispy darting submerge slick
Costly upright misplaced script
Dogged dangerous display
Distance fogging andalé

Echo bourbon takeout pop
Anti-fugal airborne drug
Mysterious soliloquy
Summit chest belittling

Surprising bolster masticate
Languid oral deafening
Frigorific seas shut it down
Amusing punishments astound

Ten ton onslaught in the wings
Hair trigger golden mecanique
Gerrymander cross-stitched thighs 
Supported flesh thick white zip tie

Collapsing space infinity
Pockmarked distant tragedy
Gasping only shrieking clown
Context rules crushing abound

Mourning fabric disappear
Tenuous skinny prudence beer
Handful sheep proselytize
Deceit construction netting lies

Depth charge invitation true
Milky ordered posse queue
Coaxing flight path genuine
Careless caustic end of line