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Nov 7, 2008

Beautiful Ruin

Bah. For a bunch of thin people, you are all hopelessly slow.

I think it is you who is too fast, Togami-san.

A fatso who can move, whoídía thought...

So, what is there to see over here?

"What is there... to see"...?

Hrmph... You... really havenít noticed? Truly, a parade of simpletons...

Before we move on, here's one more chance to catch up on everyone's thoughts.


I wonder if that... thing... is what he wants to show us...?

I really was beginning to think no one had noticed it.

Uyu... I think that one should eat a proper breakfast before starting the day, but...

Aah, I'm sorryyyyy... I'm being too forward again, aren't I...

Mu...! What is that thing?! I don't recall seeing it here yesterday...!

A...Are you kidding me? That thingís huge! I'm... just imagining this, right?

Sigh... So hungry...

Eh? Ehhhh?
What is this? Was it here when we were here before?

...I see. So this is what he wanted to show us.

Whooooa! W-W-W-What's that drat thing?! A UFO, straight down from the skies!

Hmhmhm... Evil intent now fills the very earth of this place...
Yes... this park is much improved from yesterday. Heh heh heh... most agreeable.

The morning sun adds a most pleasant atmosphere to this park... But, that said...
The stillness of the city of Minato in the morning fits my personality much better.

I guess that thing must be what Togami-kun wants to show us...

Hmph. Small fries...

Fatsos who can move... he's talking about piggies and cows, isn't he?

This is just like those spot-the-difference puzzles... I'm very good at them, actually!

Time to get to business.

Music fades out

W...What is that... thing?

21 More Days

Re: Despair Syndrome

At the very center of the pleasant park, an object oozing with unpleasantness...

It looks like a clock... but it isn't, is it?
It seems that... it's counting down towards something...!

Was this... here when we came to the park before?

Ku... I don't believe I saw it back then...!

This morning... I walked around the island again and found it.
It's unclear exactly when it was installed here.

It must have been Monobear who installed it...

Technical note: the timer animates with flashes of random numbers when shown in background shots like this one. The fact that my still shots capture some of them is meaningless - the actual numbers that are supposed to be on the timer are more like the ones shown in the closeup before.

...What does this countdown mean?

Hmmm... Ibuki can't even begin to guess!

Hoh hoh... itís another inexplicable mystery to put on the pile...
But, it has nothing to do with me. I don't believe any of it, after all.

Could it be... a bomb of some sort?

A...A BOMB?!

If they wanted to destroy the island, they would have done so by now. Why bother with the flashy countdown?

So... what is it counting down towards?

...It's a mystery.

Cuwioser and cuwioser...


Miss Monomi's Practice Lesson


H...How come you're here?!

I was patwolling the area and heard everyone's voices, so I came to see what was going on...

That's not it... Didn't Monobear kill you or something?

Oh thatís what you're all so surpwised about!

Hee hee hee! You shouldn't have wowwied!
I can't die, after all!

I see... You are an undead being resurrected from Yomi, the land of the dead...

Yomi is what the land of the dead is called in Japanese mythology. All sorts of unpleasant stuff happened there.

Ha! Shall I hunt and domesticate you, then?!

Silly Gundam. Not even in mythology has anyone ever actually escaped from Yomi who wasnít just visiting. There was this one guy who tried to facilitate such an escape but that didnít go entirely to plan. Although he did accidentally create several major deities in the aftermath, so it wasnít a total wash.

Monomi is probably a mechanical stuffed doll, isn't she? You can't kill something that isn't alive, can you?

Now you bring it up... I guess you're right. Long as thereís spares, it's all good.

A spare...? I don't like the sound of that word!

Your timing is impeccable, though. There is something I wanted to ask you.

Answer me. What does this countdown mean?

...Hoeh? Countdown?

Howawa, are you talking about that thing?!
U...Um... I'm vewy sorry...
That's... a little difficult for me to understand...

Are you telling the truth? Do you really not know...?

I...I'm sorry... Iím not pwivy to everything Monobear is doing...

You're his little sister, and you don't know?!

I am not my big bwother's little sister!

Which is it? Do you accept your new setup or not?

A...Anyway... Let's figure it out together!
Let's drive that meanie Monobear off this island!

If you don't know anything about this timer, you're useless. Go away.

Um... But, together...

Go. Away.

I...I'm sowwy!

Beautiful Ruin

Um... I think we treated her a little too harshly, do you not agree? I feel a bit sorry for her...

Sonia-san! May I call you Sonia-san?! I'm gonna call you Sonia-san!

...You shouldn't sympathize with that bunny. She's probably in cahoots with Monobear.

Let's forget those stuffed toys... the issue of this clock is far more important, isn't it?

It is ominous, is it not?
How could someone install that large construction in just a single night?
Hmmm... I can't even imagine...

In other words, this isn't reality! This is the ultimate proof!

But, that's not the only thing that's difficult to imagine...
Everything that occurred in the last 24 hours has been a giant mess of unimaginable things...
For example... how did the sixteen of us get to this island...?

Ocean Breeze Dead End

It's a pain, so I decided not to think about that... Sure is a mystery.

And itís only the first.
Jabberwock Island is a famous resort location. How come it's been deserted?
There aren't any tourists here, not to mention the local population... Is such a thing really possible?

An extravagant civilization, fated to fall into ruin... Void became existence, and existence void...

Are you saying... they've all been destroyed?

Civilization is much akin to fruit. Shortly after ripening it will rot, and, without fail, fall.
Growing wealth makes fanatics of private enterprises. Bureaucrats shape the law into a tool that serves only to keep them in power.
As a result, the weight of vested interest sinks the country into conservatism, and all attempts at reform are crushed...

...It truly is a sad state of affairs.

Um, that kinda went over my head, but I don't think that's whatís going on here...

It's simple, you dummies... They used those Monobeasts and massacred eeeveryone on the island, didn't they?

And that's how... it became an uninhabited island?!

Itís possible, but... we donít know for certain thatís what happened..

When all is said and done, this mystery is still a mystery.

Gugigigigigi...! Too many mysteries!!

True. Mysteries everywhere...
So many astonishing mysteries piled together... this isnít the work of some after-school club.
W...What are you trying to say...?

What Iím trying to say is... this situation is, without question, the work of some kind of powerful organization.

...A powerful organization?

Monomi, Monobear, the Monobeasts... To construct sophisticated machines like these takes considerable expertise...

And not just expertise... Itís also extremely costly. The parts you need arenít just found lying around.

In all likelihood, the organization is operating those machines while watching us through the surveillance cameras...

Are they hiding somewhere on the island?

No... it wouldnít make much sense for them to physically be here. They are probably somewhere else. Somewhere safe.

And where... would that be?

That, I do not know...
In any case, it is certain that some kind of powerful organization is controlling our situation.

Hmmm... I canít imagine any organization that could set up a situation like this...

I can. Several, in fact.
My own familyís Togami Conglomerate. The kingdom of Novoselic... And the Kuzuryuu Family...
It must be an organization on the same scale as these.


I'm used to being a suspect. Think what you want...

Wait! You and Kuzuryuu are possibilities, sure, but I wonít allow any suspicion towards Sonia-san!!
Look at her! She's a golden haired princess! She's nothing like the rest of you commoners!

Yeah, yeah... why are the extras talking so much?

E...Extra?! Is she talking about me?!

Those clothes you're wearing... are you just trying to look cool because your personality is so shallow?

Hee hee... it's very difficult to survive when you're employed as a disposable extra, you know.

I..If this keeps going on, she's going to traumatize me for life!

Hey, Togami... Are you serious? Do you really think your or Sonia's families are involved...?

...I was just giving examples. I was not trying to throw suspicion into any of us.
But... they definitely all count as ďpowerful organizationsĒ...

Even if such an organization exists... for what reason are they doing this to us?

By the way, how much longer are we going to talk about this? Why not turn the conversation into something a little more real?

Our enemy's goals are still unclear to me... This will change as soon as we know for certain who they are.

In other words, our first priority is to investigate our captors' identity. We shall surely also discover a means to escape if we do.
Luckily, according to the Electronic Student Handbook, we are free to investigate this island...

Music fades out

There must be a clue here somewhere. We have no time to waste... We have to search as if our lives depend on it.

Beautiful Ruin

Absolutely! Let's go!

...Wait, what are we looking for again?

...Akane-chan, haven't you been listening? We're looking for hints to the enemy's identity.

It will not be a problem. No organization on this earth can stop me.

My Four Dark Gods of Destruction will render any who oppose me to ashes!

Whaa! Little hamsters came out of his muffler!

Heh heh. Such cute little hamsters!

Cute... little hamsters...?

...T...Thank you.

He looks quite pleased, doesn't he!

How can he speak to Sonia-san in such a carefree way? I'll have to give him a beating later...

Somehow... I still don't think they're being nervous enough, but...

I think I feel thankful for this atmosphere now. It's strange, but I feel I can trust everybody with this job.
It must be... that self-assurance that people holding a "Super High-school Level" talent have about themselves...


What about me?

Is it really okay for me to throw out my chest as one of them?


poo poo... I still can't remember... I can't remember what kind of talent I have...!

...Anyway, let me say one more thing to all of you.
We have no time for foolish ideas such as murder. We have to concentrate on the things we must do right now.
Let us observe, infer, perceive and understand. If that much is impossible for any of you, at the very least move your bodies.
Most importantly, follow me. I will return us all to normality.

You understand, don't you? This is an order from your leader.

Whaa, that was super-cool!

He lifted his right arm and it's all wobbly! I have a nickname for him that fits perfectly -- "Mr. Porkfeet!"

M...Mr. Porkfeet...?

Heh... I never thought I'd see the day when someone has the nerve to call me something like that.
...Huh? Aren't you mad?

It is nothing to be mad about, is it?
She took a good look at me, and came up with a nickname that fits. There is nothing deceitful or untruthful there.

Or perhaps... it's something I've longed for myself. How ironic that I noticed it only when faced with this kind of predicament...

I...donít know why heís so pleased by this...

Pay me no attention. I was just talking to myself.
I...I see...

I don't really get it... but it seems there's more to him than being an overconfident jerk.

He managed to stay cool in this situation... Maybe I can actually rely on him...

So, just like Togami-kun said, let's go do whatever we can without letting unneeded thoughts come into our heads!
This is certainly a bad situation, but it's still not the worst!

I mean, we're not alone. We're friends... no, more than that... Weíre comrades! Weíre all in this together!

You're being lame again!

Ahaha, of course. I thought so myself.

Comrades, huh? It's a little embarrassing, and I don't think I've felt it until now, but...
Maybe, in this situation...

No, because we're in this situation... this may be true.

We couldn't solve the mystery of the foreboding countdown.
But we decided not to lose heart, and returned to our cottages.

I should believe in my friends... huh.

It's still a little difficult for me, but I guess I could try doing that, even if just a little bit.

...I guess thinking even that is kind of a big step forward for me, isn't it?

Well, then. I can't idle around in my room all day.

I have plenty of time. I guess I should go around and speak to people.

Tutorial posted:

We're sorry to interrupt, but it's time for a tutorial.
During your field trip, there are time periods referred to as "Free Time".
During Free Time, you may spend time with your fellow students and deepen the bonds between you.
Furthermore, you may give them presents to increase the goodwill they hold towards you.
You may acquire presents in the Monomono Machine at the beach, or at the vending machine in the supermarket.
When bonds get deeper, you shall be privy to special events, and additional information will be added to the student roster in your handbook.
Furthermore, if you show the Hope Shards you have gathered to Usami, you can exchange them for all kinds of useful skills.
Please do your best to deepen bonds with as many classmates as you can manage.
When you spend time with a classmate, time will also pass in the game, and you will find yourself back in your cottage.
After several Free Time periods are over, the story will continue.
By the way, you can use the bed in your cottage to skip Free Time periods.
We do not recommend that at all, but players who want to continue with the story as quickly as possible may do so.


You know what to do. Nevertheless, some notes: First, I will not be completing characters' free time events after each chapter. Not just because (as DR1 proved) it's a pain, but also because the game provides a much better way to get to them after you see the ending. Second, as opposed to DR1, every character here gets the exact same number of scenes. We need our first two characters to make Hope Shards with, so get voting!