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Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

The art of resurrecting powerful dragons as Dracoliches is a closely guarded secret. The Three have gone to great lengths to eradicate the knowledge and the Lich King is not willing to share his expertise. Isaac Boreas has devoted his life to unlocking the secret.

Isaac found himself on a battle-scarred field in the aftermath of a great battle. Which side had won was impossible to tell but it mattered not. Tens of thousands of dead laid strewn across the battlefield. There were corpses of all kinds of humanoids, of horses, war dogs and dragonic mounts, it was a veritable smorgasbord for anyone skilled in the arts of necromancy. But he wasn't there for any old skeletal army. No, he was there for the grand prize. A large red dragon had been slain in the battle and he was going to resurrect it as his loyal minion.

Isaac had acquired of one of the rare books of necromancy pertaining to the creation of Dracoliches, one of the books that the Three had done everything in their power to wipe out. Sadly it was woefully incomplete, but he had done his best to fill in the gaps.

Isaac worked through the night tracing ritual circles around the massive carcass using it's own blood. Just as dawn was approaching he had finished with the preparations, the circles were complete and had been imbued with power, all that was left was to drag the mighty dragon's spirit back from the afterlife with a chant and bind it to his will. This would be his magnum opus.

It did not go as planned. While he thought the theories behind the ritual were sound there was obviously something missing, because it was not a mighty Dracolich standing before him, it was but a canine skeleton! A wolf to be more precise. All this work for something that he could summon with his left pinky? Just as he was about to dismiss the mistake he heard a booming voice in his head.

"What have you done you imbecile! I am Pyrrhus and you will bow before me!"
Isaac looked with wide eyes at the skeleton. This was incredible, he had managed to bind the dragon's spirit after all, but it seems to have lost all of it's powers... A pity, but not a complete failure. He needed to go back to the drawing board and-
"I SAID BOW BEFORE ME, MORTAL!" The voice was filled with rage.
What temper! Still, he could feel that at least part of the ritual had worked. Isaac answered in a provocative matter of fact tone, to make the dragon realize what situation he was in.
"How very trite, I will do no such thing. Now be a good dog and sit."
Pyrrhus obediently sat down on his hind legs.
"What?!" His voice bellowed with indignation.
"I am Isaac Boreas, Master Necromancer. I have brought you back from the shadow realm and I have bound you to my will, you simply cannot disobey me."
"Is this some kind of joke?! Why would you bring me back in this form?"
"There seems to have been a slight mishap in the ritual. Now, unless you know how to rectify it be quiet and let me think."

Isaac has not made any progress in his research since that day. He has spent a year in his study going through every minute detail of his notes over and over again, but he cannot for the life of him figure out what is missing. His search for additional books or other forms of information has also yielded nothing.
He has come to the conclusion that the only way for his research to go anywhere is to conduct thorough experiments in the field. He needs to get close to dragons and preferrably get hold of additional corpses that he could dissect. With Phyrrus in tow he put on his travelling robe and left the Shadow Tower to seek out the Dragon Slayers.

One Unique Thing: Bound the spirit of a powerful red dragon to a weak skeletal minion.

Master's in Death +5: Isaac studied at the Imperial College of the Arcane in Horizon but was whisked off to the Shadow Tower when he showed aptitude in the darker arts. There he has spent the majority of his life studying and conducting research in the field of necromancy.
Memories of the Red Flame +3: While Pyrrhus does not enjoy the position he is in he knows that the key to returning to his original form - or what remains of it - lies with Isaac. When he's not busy taunting Isaac he sometimes shares some of his knowledge about things draconic.

Icon Relationships:
The Three, negative 1: Devoted to a craft that is an affront to the Three has made him their enemy. Searching out the Dragon Slayers probably won't help mend things.
The Lich King, conflicted 1: The Lich King prefers to keep his monopoly on Dracoliches but is not directly opposed to research in that area. Anything that strengthens the forces of undeath is ultimately to his benefit.
The Archmage, positive 1: While the Shadow Tower of Horizon is quite unofficial it is nonetheless controlled by the Archmage. As a respected member of the tower, Isaac has been called on for special tasks in the past and has carried them out without a fuss.

Isaac Boreas
Level 4 Human Necromancer

STR  10		(+0)		Hit Points: 36
CON  8		(-1)		Recoveries: 8
DEX  13		(+1)		Recovery value: 4d6 - 1
INT  19		(+4)		Armour Class: 15
WIS  14		(+2)		PD: 14	MD: 18
CHA  17		(+3)		Initiative: +5

Race Features
	Quick to Fight
		At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose result.
	Bonus Feat
		Start with 1 extra adventure feat.

Class Features
	Arcane Implements
		Arcane caster. Uses wands and staves as casting implements.
	Death's Master
		All necromancers must spend at least one relationship point
		with the Lich King.
	Ritual Magic
		Necromancers can cast their spells as rituals.
		Standard 13 TW summoning rules.
	Wasting Away
		If you have a positive Constitution modifier, subtract it from your 
		necromancer spell attacks.
		In addition, since you know death so well, you donít die until
		you fail five death saves. Similarly, you donít succumb to last gasp
		save effects until you fail the fifth save.
	Cackling Soliloquist
		If you spend your move action, your quick action, and your standard
		action casting a daily spell that ordinarily only requires a standard
		actionówhile screaming grandiloquently, cackling maniacally, or
		megalomaniacally describing the grandeur of your plans and the futility
		of your enemiesí resistanceóthe daily spell is recharge 18+ after battle
		instead of daily, and you can invent a slight improvement to the spell, 
		especially if itís partly storyoriented, that provides an extra benefit
		determined by the GM or by you (with GM approval).
		(For example, if you cast ray of enfeeblement and wax eloquent on how
		the recurring villain you target will bow before you, you could suggest
		that your target also loses its next move action as the ray forces it 
		to its knees.)
	Death Knell
		As a quick action, you can drop a nearby enemy that has 5 hp or	fewer 
		down to 0 hp. When you drop an enemy using Deathknell, you heal 1d6 HP.
	Skeletal Minion
		You have a skeleton minion the same level as you that acts as
		a servant, fights alongside you in battle, and is replaced by a
		new skeletal minion when it inevitably collapses or is destroyed.
		Technically, the skeletal minion is not a summoned creature, so
		those rules donít apply to it.

	Wasting Away
		Adventurer: If CON mod is negative, add +1 to your necromancer spell attacks.
	Death Knell
		Adventurer: A nearby conscious ally can gain the healing instead.
	Cackling Soliloquist
		Adventurer: Gain 1d6 + Level + CHA temporary hit points when using talent.
	Skeletal Minion
		Adventurer: Skeletal minion now adds escalation die to attack rolls.
		Adventurer: Quick action: Set minion ablaze. Increases damage dice by one size, but
		takes damage equal to my level on odd attack rolls.

Magic Items
	Obsidian Orb +1:
		Summon 1 additional mook when casting Summon Undead.
		Creature summoned from Summon Horror gains 25% of its HP as temp HP.
	Tome of Foresight
		After Initiative is rolled, may gain +10 to Initiative. (Recharge 16+)
	Belt of Heroic Resolve
		Spend a recovery to prevent all damage from an attack, but not effects. (Recharge 11+)