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Chic Trombone
Jul 25, 2010


Monday, September 21st
7:43 AM

Anna swears if she survives this semester she is never taking an 8 am class again. Getting up this early was so not her speed - 9 was pretty much the earliest she could do and still get a full night’s sleep. Still, it wasn’t like she had much of a choice. Professor Stenson was the best teacher for Information Assurance and Cryptography, and 8 was the only time he was teaching this fall. So. She’d just have to suck it up and deal for a couple more months.

She sighs to herself. Only choice or not, it still sucked, especially as the weather started getting colder. Brisk winds blow back her brown hair, and she shivers into her hoodie. She’d have to remember to buy hand warmers next time she goes to the grocery.

First things first though - a quick trip to the bathroom and then class. Heading into the Computer Sciences building, Anna hurriedly climbs to the fourth floor and marches the long hall, finding the girl’s restroom. She opens the door, before stopping dead in her tracks.

It’s the smell she notices first - rusty and a little sickly-sweet, like when her mother had forgotten some steaks left out on the counter years ago. Then it’s the stains, dark red fading into brown arched on the ceiling, the walls, puddled on the floor. Reddish-blonde hair, pale skin - too pale. Anna can’t move, can’t think, but then it clicks.


The world blurs to black.

Posted by @NewsEKU 8:22 AM:

“Margaret “Maggie” Harvey found dead in EKU’s Wallace Hall, will update as we know more”

Chapter 1

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