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May 4, 2013

Monaca / Subject N 2020
Despair. Malice.
Values America can believe in.

Komaru finds herself outside of that building for the first time in ages. And what does she get to see?

A restaurant!

There it is!

But then, an explosion!


♪ BGM: DSO_Weekly Despair Magazine

Welp, looks like the outside isn't much better than the inside.

What... is going on?

Then, we hear a car crashing.

Komaru, faced with this new information, decides that the best course of action is what we in the trade call "loving legging it".



She makes a break for the restaurant.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

She enters the restaurant, and...

...everything is fine?


Table for one?
B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-BEAR ATTACK!
A bear?

Bears everywhere! Call the military! Paramedics! Hurry! If we don't hurry...
Miss, please keep your voice down...'re disturbing the other customers!
Who cares about that! Hurry!
Alright, fine. Now please, be quiet, okay? Relax, and stay calm.

Hello? Police? Some suspicious girl...

BOOM! Bear attack!


And within seconds, everything has gone to hell.

Komaru cowers and tries not to get noticed by the Monokumas. She succeeds, as the Monokuma goes off to murder somebody else.

Someone help me...

♪ BGM: Absolute Despair Girl

Emergency! Riots are breaking out all over Towa City! Take refuge immediately! I repeat: Citizens of Towa City take refuge!

You say that, but...

Kind of hard to take refuge with robots slaughtering everybody in sight.

Some try to fight back, but it goes about was well as expected.

Wh-what should I do? They're gonna find me...

I've gotta escape... I gotta get out of here!

Komaru knows she has only one way out.

It's time to shoot some bears.

Oh, boy!

If you press the Right mouse button, you ready the Hacking Gun. The Mouse focuses the reticle. If you press the Left mouse button with the gun out, you fire the Truth Bullet.

You can switch Truth Bullets with the 1 to 8 Key. You can also switch Truth Bullets outside the menu with the 1 to 8 Key. Try using all the multicolored Truth Bullets against the Monokumas.

Alright, we have control of Komaru once more, and now we have a megaphone to shoot bears with!

Like the tutorial said, we have to ready the megaphone before we can shoot. Now, let's do what the tutorial says and try using all the different shots. So first, we're taking Break for a spin.

Break is just a regular damage-dealing shot. This basic Monokuma gets blown up with a single shot.

This gun is amazing!

Knockback has a larger area of effect and blows Monokumas away. It doesn't deal any damage, however.

So we're left to finish it off with a Break shot. Note the "nice shot" graphic - this is something we'll be told about later. When we shoot the Monokuma near their red eye, it deals extra damage.

Dance, well, makes Monokumas dance. This incapacitates them and sets up an easy shot.

Th-They're dead... they're all dead...

Paralyze shocks in a bit of an area of effect and deals damage. Here, it's enough to kill the Monokuma.

What's with this bear?

Move does nothing to a Monokuma. We'll find out later that this is a situational shot that basically deals with different electronics - so for instance if we need to hack a switch to proceed or something like that, that's where we'd use Move.

Burn is just a straight shot. I think you can shoot it faster than Break, and it might have some situational use where you need to burn something, though I honestly don't remember. I didn't replay the game going into this LP to keep things a bit fresh for myself as well.

Detect is another situational one that will detect certain things. We'll get to this later.

Link lets us link up with a Monokuma and control it! With this one, we can just walk around and slap people with our claws. The Monokuma eye on the right is a time limit before the link breaks. Sadly, this is the last one in the room, so we don't have any enemy to attack with it.

So we just shoot it normally.

Someone... save me!

♪ BGM: DSO_Despair-Syndrome

???: Heh...
???: Heh... hehehe...
Wh-who's there!?

♪ BGM: Like I Would Become A Monster

???: Hehehehehe...
It's the TV...

We continue to hear some giggling.

A girl walks into the studio.

Somebody lifts up the corpse of the newscaster.

Ba-ba-bam! Haha, I'm a zombie!

Raaar, raaar, raaaaar! I'm gonna eat ya!
Oh noes, please don't eat me!

Hey, Masaru, do zombies really say "raaar" like that? I'm really having trouble getting past that, you know.
Hmmmm... who cares? I told ya, style is important for this kinda thing!

Raaar, raaar, I'm hungry!
Oh nooooo~! Please don't eat me!

Please don't violate me! Please don't humiliate me!

Nuh-uh! Kiddie porn is a no-no!

Komaru, confronted with this new situation, once again doesn't know what the gently caress.

What are these kids doing with that body?

Hey, what are you doing? Be more serious! Didn't I tell you this broadcast was important? This is the Warriors of Hope's keynote address!

Jeez, what are you so mad about? Oh, wait! I bet you want to play zombie too, huh, Nagisa?

Stop that! Don't come over here!
Please, stop! Noooooooo~!

And then, a chase ensues.

The four run around the table...

...until they all fall flat on their faces, most of them still giggling madly.

Komaru's state has not changed.

Then, somebody in a wheelchair comes along.

Citizens of Towa City, nice to meet you!

We are the Warriors of Hope. We are the masters of Mister Monokuma!

This town, this dirty, lame, worthless, pathetic, good-for-nothing town that's nothing more than a penal colony for filthy criminals.
It is on this site that we've decided to build a paradise of children, for children, by children! And therefore, all of you adults... will no longer be needed!

Gooooood byeeeeee~!

Well, that was sufficiently ominous.

Alright, I think this is a decent spot to cut. This is a pretty short update, but I guess until I've got the workflow down pat, we'll have a couple shorter updates.

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