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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

It was all in the blink of an eye. Three days ago, Stamford had been all but levelled by the rogue mutant Nitro, and in the wake of the public outcry, all eyes in the world had turned to America. Pundits were comparing it to 9/11, frothing at the mouth both for the American ideal of the super hero and against the costumed terrorists that held no accountability on a nation that stood for justice, but despite all of the defense against it, Nitro was still at large. None of the teams could find him, the American government had no means to track him or his safe houses, and it all looked bad to the voting public, and to the industralist Tony Stark.

But that took time to build. You watched part of it, and then you blinked. And what happened in the blink of an eye is something you're dealing with right now. One blink, and the world gave from beneath you, and then..

This is a true story of seven strangers, picked to live in an alternate dimension, work together, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite..

... and start getting REAL.

Featuring the talents of..

Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme!

John Jonah Jameson, owner of the Daily Bugle!

Franklin Castle!

Herman Schultz, the Quiltman!

Doreen Green the Squirrel Girl!

Lucas Bishop!

And the Mojoverse's favorite guest star,

Waaaaade Wilson!


When the static fades away, seven strangers find themselves standing in the middle of what looks to be an open-air, three-walled recording studio, exposed to a harsh red sun. Doctor Strange is quick to recover, and immediately recognizes the magic that had brought them there. He can feel a sinister force of chaos and death watching over them, and as the others begin to regain their senses, a monitor on the wall flickers to life.

A horrifying, obese visage lined with wires and filth appears on the screen, grinning a hideous grin. The figure pauses for dramatic effect, before speaking. "Welcome, welcome, Doctor Strange and his mundane friends! Welcome.. TO MY MOJOVERSE!"

The figure moves back from his camera, revealing his sallow torso, and throws his arms up into the air. Above the heroes, lights flare into life, starkly illuminating the studio and turning it into what appears to be a Burbank living room. "All of our viewers at home LOVED the New Warrior's little stunt, and they want more, more, MORE! And you, my friends, will give it to them." He lowers his arms, wiping drool from his mouth. "They want to know what make you TICK, and they want to see you destroy more. So, the show must go on, kiddies!!"

Welcome to Marvel Heroic! You're in the Mojoverse for now, putting on a sick little show for the fat shitlord, Mojo, and also suffering the horrible TUTORIAL MISSION. So let's get acquainted! What were you doing before Mojo nabbed you? What do you think of what's going on? Let's get to it, true believers!

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?


Reserved for doompool, XP, and PP tallies, along with scene distinctions, stress, complications, milestones, and trauma. Be sure to pick TWO milestones, either from your data sheet or from the event one listed below! You can mix and match, or just use both datasheet ones or two event ones!

DOOM POOL: 1d12, 2d10, 4d8, 1d6

PP and XP
Doc Strange - 5 PP, 6 XP
Shocker - 4 PP, 5 XP
Punisher - 5 PP, 6 XP
Iron Jonah - 4 PP, 5 XP
Bishop - 1 PP, 5 XP
Deadpool - 2 PP, 6 XP
Squirrel Girl - 3 PP, 7 XP

Sturdy Dumpster - d8
The Ley Lines Are Strong Here - d8
No Chance for Collateral, No Chance for a Lawsuit - d8
Open Mic Night - d8
Ferrous Fortress - d8

Good Ratings! - d8 (The audience is enjoying it!)
Body Armor - d8 (Punisher's body armor)
Laplace's Demon - d8 (Helpful spirit)

Punisher - d6 stress

Lights, Camera... RATINGS!

1 XP when you use the Mojovisions Production Studio scene distinction
3 XP when you either impress the audience and give Mojo a 'Good Ratings' asset, or when you bore or offend the audience and give Mojo a 'Bad Ratings' complication
10 XP when you finally become the best rated TV show in all of the cosmos, or force the show off of the air for abysmal ratings

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

Tonight was just supposed to one of these re-arming operations. With the shitstorm all that Stamford business was brewing up, The Punisher wanted to make sure he was well-supplied for the days to come. Mutants, super-powers, people with galactic knowledge, that was all out of his league.

He only wanted guns and combat supplies. He parked his combat van in the New York docks, near an abandoned warehouse some russian gun smugglers were about to have a deal with the Yakuza. All in all it was supposed to be a satisfying night, he would net some dead scumbags and get some equipment for himself.

The moment he stepped outside his van the poo poo happened and he remembered nothing at all.

The Punisher glances at the weird people around him and frowns. "poo poo..." He recognizes a few of them, but wishes he didn't. "This isn't going with the plan at all..."

When he looks around at the smiling fat scum in front of him and the fact that he's in an entirely different place he takes a deep breath and stares at this... Mojo person in the monitor. "This isn't New York is it? Look, I don't know what you are, but you better explain things much clearer right now or I'm gonna make you wish you never involved me in whatever insanity this is."

The Punisher, Frank Castle

	Solo - D10
	Buddy - D8
	Team - D6

	Dead Inside
	Former Marine
	Obsessed Vigilante

Power Set - War on Crime

	Enhanced Durability - D8
        Weapon - D10

SFX: Battle Van - Add a d6 to the doom pool to step up a Combat or Vehicles-related resource.
SFX: Explosives - Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a d6 and keep 
an additional effect die. For each complication you create  using your effect dice,
step up that effect die and add d6 to the doom pool.
SFX: Full Auto - Against a single target, step up or double a War on Crime die. 
Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.
SFX: Take Your Shot. Spend 1 PP or take d6 physical stress to step up or double your Weapon die.
SFX: Welcome Back, Frank. Step up your physical stress die and move it to the doom pool. 
Spend 1 PP to do the same to physical trauma.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown a War on Crime power or SFX to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.
Limit: Tragic Past. When reminded of a past tragedy, step up mental or emotional stress to gain 1 PP.

	Combat Master - D10
        Covert Master - D10
        Menace Master - D10
        Psych Expert - D8
        Crime Expert - D8
        Vehicles Expert - D8
	1 XP - When you explain to an ally how they are being weak and why it will get people killed.
	3 XP - When you stick to your mission even when compromised by innocent bystanders or obstacles.
	10 XP - When you convince a fellow hero to accept your methods or you decide to alter your methods 
out of deep respect for another hero and tell them so.
	1 XP - When you declare war on an enemy.
	3 XP - When you use a Transition Scene to arm yourself or your allies.
	10 XP - When you either take trauma in pursuit of your war or you are captured by the enemy.
Ok I guess I pick UNCOMPROMISING and the event milestones

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Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme
1 PP, 0 XP

There Stephen had been, back in his own home on 177A Bleecker Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village. On his boots the dust of Drangleic still clung, and when he reopened the closet door he saw no sign of the immeasurably ancient young woman who had set him back to his home world. He looked at the calendar on the wall of his office (faithfully kept in order by his friend Wong, with the windows open to the crisp air of evening in Autumn), and saw that although almost a year had passed for him subjectively as he had wandered various planes, it had only been 3 months since he had told Tony Stark and the other Illuminati that he would be leaving Earth for some time.

Letting out a long sigh of relief, Strange unhooked his cloak and draped it over the back of the chair behind his desk, and listened as the clock struck 6 PM. The door opened, and in came Wong.

"Why, Doctor!" he exclaimed, "when did you arrive? There's a mountain of messages for you, some of them might even be important, considering what's happened while you were away."

"Just now, Wong," Strange replied as he loosened the fabric holding the Eye of Agomotto to his throat a small amount. "Would you mind sending a message to Tony, and let him know I've returned? I'm sure he'd be hap-"
And with a flash of red lightning, he had disappeared.

"I think I'll wait on telling Mr. Stark, then," Wong said to the small scorch mark on the Persian rug.

"-py to knoooow..." Strange trailed off to a very different audience. He has only a moment to gauge who he finds himself with as a well-known voice bursts into his hearing. But he looks to the others, some of them he recognizes, and others he's unaware of - Squirrel Girl, Deadpool, and Frank Castle he knows by reputation, Jonah he's met once or twice at the socialite parties of New York, and finally the quilt man and the bandanna-ed individual (surely a soldier, his bearing is far too martial for anything else) he has no idea of.

When the creature's diatribe is over, Strange takes his cloak of levitation, which came with him through the journey, and with a flourish places it about his neck. "Mojo," he says with impeccable disdain, "I had hoped never to see your corpulent visage again, but I see I am not so blessed. What do you want from us? Are you so powerless against that demon known as idleness that you must find others to entertain you?"

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme
Stephen Strange (Public)

	Solo - D10
	Buddy - D6
	Team - D8

	Arrogant and Aloof
	Earth's Arcane Defender
	The Price of Magic

Disciple of the Ancient One
	Supreme Sorcery - D12
	Mystic Blast - D10
	Mystic Resistance - D10
	Transmutation - D10
	Telepathy - D8
	Enhanced Durability - D8
SFX: Alliterative Invocations. When using a stunt to create magical assets or complications, add a D6 and step up your effect die.
SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Multipower. Add more than one Disciple of the Ancient One power to your pool. 
Step back each Disciple of the Ancient One die in your pool once for each die beyond the first.
Limit: The Extent of Sorcery. When you add Supreme Sorcery to any pool, you may only create assets and complications as your effect.

Astral Traveler
	Intangibility - D12
	Invisibility - D10
SFX: Without Form. Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress caused by anyone attacking your astral form by mundane means.
Limit: The Empty Vessel. When your dice pool includes an Astral Traveler power, adding a power from any other Power Set costs 1 PP. 
Your physical form remains where you left it, and for as long as you remain out of sight of it 
any stress or complications that target it directly are stepped up.

Mystic Regalia
	Mystic Senses - D12
	Teleport - D10
	Flight - D6
SFX: Cloak of Levitation. When including Flight in any reaction roll against attacks, 
remove the highest rolling die and add a third die to your total.
SFX: Eye of Agomotto. Add a doom die to your next action including a Mystic Regalia or Disciple of the Ancient One power. 
After your action, step up the doom die and return it to the doom pool.
SFX: Mystic Library. When you create a Mystic or Cosmic related resource or stunt, 
step up the lowest doom die to step up the stunt or resource.
Limit: Mystic Feedback. Shutdown Mystic Regalia to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

	Mystic Master - D10
	Medical Master - D10
	Cosmic Expert - D8
	Combat Expert - D8
	Menace Expert - D8
	Psych Expert - D8
Mystic Advisor
	1 XP - When you offer advice to an ally
	3 XP - When you include an ally in a mystical ritual
	10 XP - When you use your magic powers against an ally because you think they either disregarded your advice or took that advice too far.
Summoner Supreme
	1 XP - When you discuss the greater Powers at work in a given situation or which Powers could be brought to bring about change.
	3 XP - When you use Mystic Mastery or Supreme Sorcery to call on an entity from another plane of existence as a resource or stunt.
	10 XP - When you either make a binding pact with a Power from another plane of existence or banish it from Earth.
Going to use the event milestone and Summoner Supreme

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher

"I'm glad at least someone has minimal knowledge about this lunacy, Doctor Strange." Frank says while checking to see if his small arsenal wasn't affected when he was... transported to whatever this place is.

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

"Unfortunately so, Mr. Castle," Strange replies, "we seem to be in the realm of Mojo, that ugly thing there on the screen," he says as he points. "Mojo's a being of corruption and entropy, powerful yet devoid of virtue. Undoubtedly he brought us here in an attempt to assuage his perverse appetites for grotesquerie and depravity by seeing us engage in evil."

I'm gonna take that 1 XP for discussing greater Powers at work

Nov 11, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson, a.k.a. Iron Jonah
No Stress, 1(now zero) PP, 0 XP

A moment ago, J. Jonah Jameson was at the Daily Bugle, getting into yet another rant about Spider-Man and how he would soon unmask the menace, only to be teleported away to...wherever this place is. Alongside him are Dr. Strange (self-claimed Sorcerer Supreme, whatever that meant), the Punisher (like anyone in New York hadn't heard of him or his killing sprees), the Shocker (who would invite this bozo?), two people he didn't know about, and Deadpool. Great, just great.

Shortly after the monitor comes to life and an obese man with some sort of skin disease starts ranting about a reality show or something. Pulling a cigar from a hidden compartment of the Mk. II Armor and lighting it with the installed lighter in the armor's left index finger, J. Jonah Jameson makes sure this "Mojo" character knew who was actually in charge. "Look here, pal, I'm sure you've heard of me. I own the Daily Bugle, and I was even mayor of New York for a while. And I have some drat good lawyers, so you better not think you can just pull me out of my office and that I'll just put on a show for you. That might fly with that idiot Deadpool or that loser Shocker, but not with J. Jonah Jameson!"

Spending my 1 PP to create a "I know my rights!" d8 business resource, to try and limit what Mojo can get me to do for his show.

Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6

	Loud and In Charge
	Not a Fan of Masked Vigilantes

MK. II Power Armor
Enhanced Senses d8
Superhuman Durability d10
Superhuman Strength d10
Supersonic Flight d10

SFX: "Give Me More Juice!": Spend a PP to step up or double a MK. II Power Armor power for an action,
then add your effect die to the Doom Pool.
SFX: Multipower: Use two or more MK. II Power Armor powers in your dice pool, at -1 step for each
additional power.

Limit: Weakness: Power Lines. After hit by an electrical attack, gain 1 PP and turn highest-rated
MK. II Power Armor power into a Complication. Remove Complication or participate in a Transition
Scene to recover.

Grab Bag of Gadgets
Gadgets d8
Repulsors d8

SFX: A Gadget for Everything: When using Gadgets to create an asset, add a d6 and step up the effect
die by +1.
SFX: Magnets!: When using Gadgets in an attack action against a tech-related target, add d6 and step
up effect die by +1.
SFX: Proton Beam: Step up or double Repulsors on your next roll, then shutdown Repulsors. Recover power
by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Limit: Wrong Button. If you use Gadgets in an action and fail by 5 or more, use your own effect die to
create a gadget-based complication on yourself.

Business Master
Crime Expert
Menace Expert

Leap Before You Look
1 XP when you use a taunt-based complication affecting you in your action.
3 XP when you activate your Weakness: Power Lines or Wrong Button limits for the first time in a scene.
10 XP when you single-handedly lose a major fight for you and your allies, or put your pride aside and help
another ally win the fight.

"Masked Vigilantes Are A Menace!"
1 XP when you yell about the masked vigilante menace.
3 XP when you go out of your way to start a fight with a masked hero.
10 XP when you either unmask a hero through force, or allow masked heroes to decide whether to unmask or not.

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Lucas Bishop

Bishop was sitting around a meeting at the precinct building in Mutant Town. Things had been in a buzz since Stamford. Everyone was freaked, here was a giant population of mutants smack dab in the middle of one of the world's largest cities. The station house had been busy trying to put out fires, both literal and figurative, as well as prepare disaster planning.

In the three days since, there had been a huge increase in anti-mutant violence, including a skirmish between some mutants and a Purifier detachment just last night, threatening to be another Stamford had Bishop not arrived to knock heads together. Izzy had scribbled something on a piece of paper and nudged Bishop to read what it said. As Bishop looked down his vision went fuzzy.

As Bishop regains his sight, he looks around at those present. Doctor Strange he at least knew, though he had never met him, reputation and what not. Same thing with that scum J. Jonah Jameson. Bishop wanted to punch the biggot, but that's when he sees Frank Castle as well as The Shocker. Ignoring the fat gently caress on the screen, Bishop draws his futuristic energy pistol and aims it at both The Shocker and The Punisher, "Both of you put your hands up! You're both wanted for multiple crimes including criminal battery, murder, attempted murder, robbery and hell I don't even know what else!"

Going to use the even milestones and cop from the future. Think I get an exp for being all cop on frajaq and the Shocker.

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

The Punisher sighs when JJJ does his usual babbling off, although he wondered how the hell he got his hands in one of the Stark's suits.

When this dude he has never seen before starts threatening him from nowhere, he stares at him right in the eyes without letting go of his weapons. "I also don't know who the hell are you. This is neither the time nor the place for it, so put your pistols away before you embarrass yourself."

Apr 10, 2010

College Slice

Deadpool, 1PP, 0XP

If there was one thing Deadpool hated, it was how, after you ate toffee, some of it always stuck to your teeth, and it didn't really matter how much brushing you did afterwards, because that toffee was STUCK there. Ok, he got it, toffee was sticky. That was pretty much toffee's purpose. But Deadpool wished it could be selectively sticky, so that you didn't need a toothpick afterwards. Many the time he's thought of just killing the toffee manufacturers, but he knows that it doesn't make a difference. No matter how many he kills, there's always more to take their place.

He's not all that fond of being kidnapped by an extradimensional egomaniac and forced to star in a reality show either, but hey, at least he's a star. And the night had started off so well, too. Having been contemplating his life, Deadpool had decided to improve himself, so he had just gotten back from a benefit at the art museum to help starving orphans a strip club, and had settled down to watch a French postmodernist film The Real Housewives of Topeka, when all of a sudden, bang, zap, and he found himself stuck in a tv studio with Frank Castle, Dr. Strange, Bishop, a guy wearing a mattress, and some other people.

"Hey, I was busy!", he complains. "I was getting cultured! Oh, hey, Frank!,", he says, waving to the Punisher. "I've been meaning to ask, how do you feel about toffee?" Then his ears perk up at Dr. Strange's explanation. "perverse appetites for grotesquerie and depravity? Looking at him, I'd say more of a perverse appetite for tacos? You hear me?", he asks. "Hey, that's an idea! Lets get some tacos! I know a great place! Ok, so it's in Queens, and we're in some alternate dimension with a red sun, so first, we take a transdimensional portal, then we get on the LIE and head to Corona."

Taking Never Can Tell and the Event Milestones

Deadpool				Wade Wilson (Shhh.  It's a secret.  Sort of.)

Affiliations	Solo d10		Buddy d8	Team d6

Distinctions	Completely Unpredictable
		The Merc With the Mouth
		Totally Insane

Power Sets

Toys for Boys

Teleport d8	Weapon d8

SFX: 	Unnecessary Sales Boosting Violence. Against a single target, step up or double a Toys for Boys
die.  Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.

SFX: 	They Can Cut through a Tank....Honest ! Step back the highest die in your attack 
action pool to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.
SFX: I Can Use Two At Once! On your next action or reaction, replace a Weapon die with 2d6
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Toys for Boys power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom 
pool to recover
Weapon X Augmentation!

Enhanced Reflexes d8       Enhanced Strength d8
Godlike Stamina d12        Psychic Resistance D12

SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back physical 

SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore telepathy or mind control.

SFX: Breaking the Fourth Wall. When one of your opportunities is activated to add a 
d6 to the doom pool, replace it with a d4. Spend 1 PP to do this to an existing d6 
in the doom pool. 
Limit: Unstable. Step up mental stress to gain 1 PP.


Acrobatics Expert d8		Combat Master d10
Covert Master d10		Menace Expert d8
Psych Expert d8


Never Can Tell

1 XP when you first use your Unstable Limit in any Scene.
3 XP when you alter your pattern of insane joking to say something lucid, smart, and 
logical in the midst of super heroic chaos and weirdness.
10 XP when you arbitrarily switch sides in a conflict or reject a reasonable and attractive 
offer to remain with your allies.

Mysterious Past

1 XP when you reference a past connection with another character, real or imagined.
3 XP when you put another character at serious risk in order to explore your past 
connection with that character.
10 XP when you discover a significant fact about your past and have a serious emotional 
or mental breakthrough, or you discover a significant fact about your past and 
decide it isnít a big deal at all because mental breakthroughs are hard work. 

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

Frank sighs again, this time much longer. "Not now, Deadpool..."

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo laughs heartily as the Punisher and Bishop prove true to character, leering at something off screen. "Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.. you know all that I do is not for my OWN enjoyment. I'm a sucker for good showmanship, and so... are they!" The corpulent being motions beyond the gathered super humans, to an array of floating camera drones. "Everything you do, everything you see, is to be CONSUMED by a legion of fans! People who simply want to be ENTERTAINED."

Glancing up from his console, Mojo simply stares blankly at Jonah before laughing uproariously. "Lawyers?! Lawsuits?! You truly are out of your element, Mr. Jameson! The very fact that you are not on earth should tell you plenty! You have no power here! I hold the power here!" With a snap of his fingers, there is a sudden ripple in the air near Frank, and after a moment there is a thud and the squall of car suspension as the Punisher's battle van is dropped unceremoniously into the studio. "Mr. Castle keeps such a wonderful and amusing array of equipment. It would be a shame if he had lost access to it for our show. Come now! Don't be shy! Show the audience how you REALLY feel about each other!"

Refunding Astus' PP; it was a good idea, but there's no legal system here beyond Mojo. However, for the clever use of his masteries, I'm adding a d8 Combat Van resource accessible to all players.

Also, since neither Frank nor Herman are mutants, Bishop gets no XP.

Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


"Got it. Tacos later, then." He turns to the screen. "Hey, so I'm just going to ask what I'm sure we're all thinking here. About the whole 'causing widespread destruction for your viewers' sadistic amusement' thing, what's it pay? Do we get residuals for syndication?"

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Since people are doing dice pools, here's the cheat sheet that everyone should use; makes it easy to build your dice!

Also, since you are all together, you will count as TEAM.

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013


Bishop lowers his pistol, the blood-thirsty vigilante was right, it would be better for them to at least figure out what's going on first; plus apparently being a cop entertains the fat bastard in charge, and Bishop sure doesn't want to do that. "Name's Lucas Bishop, on again off again x-Man, currently employed as a FBI police officer for District X." Bishop quickly pulls out his badge and flashes it before he turns to Doctor Strange, "Doctor Strange, right? Know you by reputation, wish our first meeting was under better circumstances. So you know this guy? Wadda we have to do to get the hell out of here?"

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

"Great. A cop. Now this is one person I really can't kill at all." he thinks while turning around to see what Mojo just conjured.

Frank Castle's day got just a tiny bit better with the sudden appearance of his extremely useful and strangely comforting combat van. He goes to check it and it is a welcome surprise that everything is in place, just like he left it.

He stares again at Mojo's monitor. "By the way that's not how I work, Mojo. I only kill and explode scum that deserves to be killed. I'm not going to lift any of my guns unless drug dealers, mobsters, terrorists, slavers, murderers and the like are involved in this shithole."

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

"I'm afraid I'm not terribly interested in acting for you and yours, Mojo," Strange says as he makes his mystic hand gestures. Already wreaths of blue flame coalesce around his hands, and as he throws his hands up, he calls upon an ancient warding spell, meant to make a small area invisible to unwanted observers. Well, Strange thought there were a lot of those flying around, and it would be better to make some introductions and start some discussions privately. "By Wilm's Warding we disappear to eye and ear!"

D8 Team, D4 Arcane Defender(+1 PP), 1D12 Supreme Sorcery, 1d8 Stunt(-1 PP), 1d6 Alliterative Invocations, 1d10 Mystic Mastery, d12 Mystic Senses, 1d10 Invisibility = 17, 1d12+1d6 effect to create an "Invisible to Cameras" advantage, 1 opportunity

I hope I got this right!

Friar John fucked around with this message at May 8, 2014 around 02:44

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Gonna hold off on reacting to the spell until Randall and Alien Rope Burn get a chance to post. I can tell we're all super excited to play. Feel free to post otherwise but I think it'd be unfair to them to just knock this until full gear without them.

Just a note for anyone wanting to directly harm the cameras; they are an 8d8 horde, so area affect attacks are good for them. If you got a rules question, don't hesitate to ask.

John Dyne fucked around with this message at May 8, 2014 around 03:32

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Squirrel Girl
Plot Points: 1 | Experience Points: 0

Everything is, indeed, as Frank Castle left it. Except... except...

He probably didn't leave a squirrel in his van. As far as armaments go, a squirrel has low firepower, poor penetration, and is very hard to carry concealed, generally due to the squirming. No, it looks like the van came with extra baggage.

A few dozen other squirrels scurry out of the van, looking to dash past the Punisher as an... unfamiliar but distinctive face pokes out from behind the driver seat. "Alright, buster, I don't know what game you're playing, but-", she starts, before looking a little surprised to see the Punisher. "YOU?!"

This is Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl. She and the Punisher have never met. It's as if some cosmic force has conspired to keep them apart.

Until now.

"Well, that explains this van! Not exactly street-legal, is it?", she says admonishingly as she steps into the back, putting her hand against the ceiling to avoid hitting her head. "If you could just, you know, put those guns back, I can just turn this in at the police station where it belongs!", she adds with a sincerity that's almost a bit farcical.

Seemingly, she doesn't quite have the full grasp of the situation. Or a gasp at the situation, whichever comes first.

Squirrel Girl				Doreen Green

Affiliations	Solo d8		Buddy d6	Team d10

Distinctions	Chipper Personality
		The Slayer of All That Breathes
		Universally Loved

Power Sets


Enhanced Reflexes d8	Enhanced Strength d8
Leaping d8		Squirrel Control d10
Wall-Crawling d8

SFX: 	Claws. Step back the highest die in an attack action pool 
	to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.

SFX: 	I Win! Activate an opportunity and spend a PP to remove 
	2d10 from the doom pool and end a scene with Squirrel Girl
	as the victor. TBD.
Limit:	So Sleepy! Shut down any Squirrely power to earn a PP. Recover
	by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.
Limit:	Mutant: When affected by mutant-specific complication or
	tech, earn a PP.
Tippy-Toe and Friends!

A Mass of Fur and Teeth	 d6 + d6 + d6

SFX:	Squirrels! Activate an opportunity and spend a PP to add a d6
	to A Mass of Fur and Teeth.

SFX:	They're Everywhere! Against multiple targets, for each
	additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.

Limit-:	Tippy-Toe, NO! A Mass of Fur and Teeth may be targeted 
	individually or by Area Attack SFX. d8 physical stress inflicted
	removes a die from A Mass of Fur and Teeth power. Recover A Mass
	of Fur and Teeth power after a Transition Scene.


Combat Master d10		Psych Master d8
Tech Master d10			Vehicles Expert d8


Enough With All the Gloom and Doom!

1 XP	when being supportive or complimentary towards other superheroes.
3 XP	when grieving over a tragic event or disaster.
10 XP	when you convince someone to turn away from a dark path, or go to extreme
	lengths to try and undo a tragedy.

Here We Go Again!

1 XP	when you assert that you or one of your pet squirrels is a full-fledged
3 XP	when you use I Win! to end a scene.
10 XP	when you decide to join a major superhero team and "go mainstream" or decide
	you're content with your place on the fringes of the superheroic community.
Tippy Toe Says: "Wait, did that application say she beat Deadpool? That doesn't happen until after Civil War! So much for reading comics! Leaving the Great Lakes Avengers? That's after Dark Reign! Well, I guess it's canon now, great going, goon."

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

"I- Wha- How? Why?" It takes some real serious poo poo for Frank Castle to be at loss for words. And this moment is one of these rare occurrences. The Punisher finally met his polar opposite in regards to pretty much everything. He just shakes his head and stays silent for a few seconds. "Considering what is happening right now I will refrain from asking for explanations, girl. I'm Frank Castle. Just... just get out of my van and don't touch my weapons. And make sure to take all your little friends with you!"

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Squirrel Girl
Plot Points: 1 | Experience Points: 0

An irritated look crosses Squirrel Girl's face, as she says, "Squirrels have a very sharp sense of smell, and when you pack your van full of gunpowder and bombs, it's obvious to their little noses! Also, your van is electrified and has bombs on the outside- somebody could get hurt! Spider-Man may have put up with your funny business, but-"

She's interrupted by a grey squirrel with a pink bow that darts onto her shoulder, however, chittering as her attention turns aside. "Huh? Look outside?", she says to the squirrel, and then she darts back to the front of the van at squirrel-speed to peer out through the windshield.

"Ut-oh. This doesn't look like 103rd and Lexington!", she adds, before reaching into her utility bags to pull out a set of cards, flipping through them intently before finding the right one.

"Mojo!", she finally identifies, finding the right card to match to the jaundiced face.

Pointing back into the van, she narrows her eyes at the urban vigilante (who lives by no rules but his own). "You're off the hook... for now."

Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

The Shocker
Solo (d6), 1 PP, 1 XP, No Stress or Conditions
Marking 1 XP for Triple J calling me out as exactly someone who would get pressured into something.

It had been three days since Stamford, and Herman had finally worked up the nerve to leave his apartment.


Sitting in his broken recliner in full costume, Shocker tried once more to reassure himself his decision was the right one. He'd always thought of himself as a professional supervillain, doing it for the money, and a step above those psychos who were just out to satisfy their bloodlust. Sure, he'd killed some people. He'd never made a habit of just blowing civilians away, though. He was a professional. But now, after Stamford...

He'd been watching the coverage of the clean-up, and all the Avengers were there, helping however they could. The news about the blast had scared him, which wasn't a difficult thing to do, but this was a different kind of scared from the usual. 'Am I capable of something like that?', he had wondered. If that was what supervillains did now, maybe... Maybe this whole dressing up to commit crimes wasn't his racket any more. But then what else could he do?

It was then, watching some C-list hero haul rubble alongside Captain America, that the second thought came to Shocker. 'I could... help? Maybe?' It was a strange thought, but as it stuck with him, Herman grew more comfortable with it. He had his gauntlets. He had his costume. It's not like there wasn't a precedent for villains switching sides. Why not him? And of course, heroes had to get paid something, right? 'Yes,' he thought, as he put on his costume. 'I, Herman Schultz A.K.A. The Shocker, will be... a superhero!'

Three days later, he still had not managed to leave his apartment. But this time he'd do it. Because it was the right thing to do! Yes! And also because after wearing it for three days straight, his suit was starting to smell.

Standing from his chair, Shocker strode confidently to his apartment door. He grabbed the knob, turned it, pulled the door open, and...


The Shocker has no idea what is going on, but he is certain of one thing: He never should have left his apartment. His apartment was safe. His apartment had a roof. His apartment didn't have a red sun, or a floating TV screen that yelled things at him. And his apartment wasn't full of people. Scanning the crowd, Shocker recognizes the man with the big cape as that Sorcerer Supreme guy, Doctor... something. Deadpool is, of course, easy enough to recognize. The dreadlocked man was a stranger, but his guns looked threatening enough to convince Shocker to not stare at him too long. J. Jonah Jameson in an Iron Man suit? And-

Shocker's stomach drops all the way past his feet.

It's The Punisher.

From the moment he recognizes the man who is almost certainly going to kill him, everything is a blur for Herman. Jameson says something about him, but he can't really tell what, and then suddenly dreadlock man has his gun pointed at Shocker and is yelling about crimes and for him to raise his hands and all Herman can think to do is raise his hands and almost mumble something about how okay yes he did all those things but he's not going to be doing them any more, he promises. Then suddenly there's a van, and dreadlock guy is introducing himself as Bishop, and Dr. Strange is making magic, and Squirrel Girl is popping out of the van and...

Standing still in the middle of all the insanity surrounding him, hands still raised, Shocker mumbles to himself. "I want to go home now." The one good thing he can think of is at least The Punisher seems not to have noticed him.


The Shocker
Herman Schultz (Secret)

Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8

(Recovering) Professional Supervillain
Crippled With Self-Doubt
Self-Taught Engineer

Vibro-Shock Gear
Vibro-Shock Blast - d8
Shock-Absorbing Suit - d8
Leaping - d6
SFX: Kinetic Overload. Step-up one Vibro-Shock Gear power for one action, then take d6 Physical Stress.
SFX: Widened Blasts. For every additional target of Vibro-Shock Blast, add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Focused Blasts. Step-up or double Vibro-Shock Blast when targeting one opponent. Discard the highest rolling die, and add three dice for your total.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Vibro-Shock Gear power and gain 1PP. Take an action vs. Doom Pool to regain.
Limit: Uncontrollable. Turn any Vibro-Shock Gear power into a complication and gain 1PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to regain.

Crime Expert - d8
Tech Expert - d8

I've Beaten Spider-Man!
1XP - When you suffer a bout of self-doubt and cowardice, or are ridiculed for being, well, The Shocker.
3XP - When you regain a power during the same scene that the Uncontrollable or Gear Limit on Vibro-Shock Gear was activated.
10XP - When you accomplish a truly impressive feat and finally gain the respect you deserve, or fail at something so embarrassingly that no one will ever take you seriously again.

Going Straight...ish
1XP - When you use underhanded tactics that would be unbecoming of a proper hero.
3XP - When you use your Crime Expert Specialty to create an asset towards heroic ends.
10XP - When you convince another villain to join you in trying out this heroism thing, or fall back into your old supervillain ways.

Edit: Joining the Event Milestone bandwagon and I've Beaten Spider-Man!

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Mojo continues laughing right up until his camera feed starts to cut off. The fat mogul screeches in frustration and slams his fists into his chair, but after a moment catches wind of exactly what is going on. "Clever, Stephen! Clever! But you forget my OWN power!"

Strange feels something resisting his spell, and on the screen, arcs of red energy lance from Mojo's hands and out the monitor, striking the blue field that shimmers around the heroes. But in spite of it all, Mojo is incapable of bringing the shield down, and in fact only weakens it; the seven still appear on the cameras and TVs of countless viewers, but the screen is distorted and fuzzy. Mojo is visibly furious, and appears drained from his magical exertions.

"You HAD to go off script, DIDN'T YOU?!" Mojo slams his fist into an intercomm button on his walker, and screams into it. "If I can't counter a spell, I simply destroy the source! TELEPORT ALL ACTIVE MINIONS TO THE MOJOVERSE STUDIO! ALL CAMERAS ON THEM! Make sure to get the good side of Dr. Strange's CORPSE." With a cackle, the monitor winks off, and there is a still silence to the air.

Mojo attempts to counter Strange.
4d10 Solo
1d8 Interdimensional Television CEO
1d10 Master Sorcerer
1d8 Mystic Expert

Result: 9+7+7 = 23, d10 effect die

I have spent a doom die to add another die to the total, and since it beats Strange's roll by 5, the effect die is stepped back to d12 from d12+d6; since Strange's effect die of d12 is STILL larger than my d10, it merely gets stepped back again to d10, leaving a d10 'Wilm's Warding' Asset.

Now, since Strange used a stunt, Mojo should get a d6 'Good Ratings' die, but because of the asset messing with the camera horde's ability to record, it steps back that die and gets rid of it.

I'll give a bit of time to react, and then we move to an action scene!

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

Strange grunts as Mojo's baneful power lashes out at his warding, but Strange is no mere conjurer, he is the Sorcerer Supreme, and has battled with threats more terrible than even Mojo can contemplate. Wilm's Ward holds, and Strange chuckles at Mojo's rage.

"Well then," he says to the others, "now that we are somewhat shielded I believe it is time for some proper introductions, for I know some of you, but not all. I, of course, am Doctor Stephen Strange of Greenwich Village, New York City, and Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth-plane. It is my suggestion that our first priority be to find whatever artifact Mojo used to bring us here and destroy it, lest our escape be rendered void. It is a difficult task, astral peregrination to an entirely different plane, and so I suspect that Mojo has created a machine to aid his own powers in locating us and bringing us here."

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

With the still silence The Punisher concentrates on what just happened. It was just to much out of his league. Insane Powers of the Galaxy and Crazy Mutant Squirrel Girls?

Frank Castle realizes he heard a very faint, but familiar voice before just now, and Bishop WAS talking to two people. He searches around and met his eyes on The Shocker, hands raised. He almost instinctively pulls his own handcannon sidearm and starts blasting him before remembering his own advice he gave to Bishop. This was not the time, there was a greater enemy out there. Maybe later, if he managed to survive and go back to Earth. He still gives a death glare to The Shocker before turning around in his van.

"If Mojo really does pretend to send his minions to us, well..." He searches inside his combat van where he prepared a crate with a very important piece of equipment inside, perhaps perfect for the situation to come. He pulls it outside and opens it, for all to see.

"...I think I'll be ready for it." He says as he starts to connect the ammunition backpack to it.

Ok after TUTORIAL TIME I'm going to use my Combat Master specialty and SFX Battle Van to make the minigun a D10 Resource for the next action scene

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?


We're going to use this as a short tutorial on RESOURCES and ASSETS.

Assets are made and based upon your effect die in combat scenes. Resources are based on your specialties, and made during transition scenes. Resources don't require a roll against the doom pool, but assets DO.

Since the mini-gun could be more of a temporary asset (due to ammo limitations, etc) I am going to use Frajaq as an example of building your pool to make this asset, and to explain what is used in EVERY action in the game. To start, Punisher spends 1 PP to start the asset creation, to make sure the gun lasts until the end of the NEXT action scene; assets only last a single action scene, but Punisher wants to make sure he has enough ammo to handle a second wave of goons. NOTE: You normally do not have to spend PP to get an asset, I'm just doing this in the example to have everything even out at the end.

1d6 - Team (Affiliation Die)
1d4 - Former Marine (Distinction Die) <- Frajaq chose to use the lesser die and gains 1 PP
1d10 - Weapon (Power Die)
1d10 - Combat Master (Specialty Die)
1d8 - Combat Van (Scene Resource)

Now, he has the SFX Battle Van, which lets me add a d6 to my doom pool to step up the die on his resources and assets related to weaponry and vehicles; this is to show that what he's packing is dangerous and likely to cause a LOT of collateral damage. Since this is a tutorial I'll make frajaq do this.

So to make this, he rolls all of these dice, and then I roll my doom pool to prevent him from doing so; my victory would entail something like the gun is jammed or out of ammo, and in the heat of the moment is useless to him.

And so we roll, and:
The results: 5 and 5, with the highest effect die being a d10. He can spend PP to add more dice to his roll, or to add another effect die, which could be special ammo for the gun.

I follow up and roll my doom dice, which is 3d8 and 1d6
The results: 5 and 6, with a d8 effect die; I beat him, and his asset is negated. I then spend my d6 to arbitrarily add another die for the sake of being zero sum.

Which neatly puts us back at square one!

If this had been for a RESOURCE, he would simply create the gun at one step back from his specialty die; in this case, he would make a d8 Minigun resource. Which he does, since resources can be made in transition scenes and assets can not. I will let him decide if he wants to make it a d10 by using the Battle Van SFX.

So to summarize: if you're fighting or in competition with someone, you make an asset and roll versus the doom pool.

If you are not fighting and are in a transition phase, you simply make the resource at a step back from your specialty die. Again, with his SFX, he can step it up by once to match his specialty, but he will have to add a d6 to the doom pool to do so.

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Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


Deadpool watches what just occurred. "Are you keeping girls in your van again, Frank? Anyway, it's proper introduction time, although most of you know me. My story is a simple one. I was originally an engineer who owned a company making military hardware. After creating a battle suit for myself, I took it up to space to test it, along with my fiancee, her younger brother and my best friend. When we were up there, we were bombarded by cosmic radiation that gave us special powers. Inspired by this, when I got back, I decided to open a school to teach young mutants how to use their powers for good, and to work for equality and friendship between mutants and non-mutants. When I was there, though, I was exposed to gamma radiation, so when I get angry, I turn into a super strong giant. And that was how I discovered I was really the son of the Norse god Odin, and I use a magic hammer to help protect the Norse gods from their enemies. When I'm not doing that, I kill people for money. What about you?", he asks, looking at Shocker. "Were you bitten by a mutant oven mitt?"

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013


Whatever it is that Strange is doing seems to be shielding them, but this Mojo guys sounds like they're going to call in some deep poo poo. Bishop has been through some hairy situations before, and this Mojo and whatever his reinforcements are should be cake. One thing he's learned though, is that the only way that works is if you're well organized, which needs a leader, and no one here seems to be leader material. Getting this allotment of bigots and criminals to work together should be fun.

Bishop motions for everyone to huddle trying to keep his voice down so the cameras can't hear, unless whatever Strange did also made them invisible and unable to be heard. "okay, sounds like this Mojo is calling in the big guns, so we gotta be ready for combat. Punisher engage targets at range. Deadpool was it? I assume those guns and pig stickers ain't for show, so you float between ranged support and providing melee support to some of the weaker ones." Bishop then looks at The Shocker, barely hiding his disdain for the criminal, "Okay, I heard your gloves let out kinetic vibrations, right? I can absorb some kinetic energy, but not as good as that Shaw fucker, but I can also dish it out; you and I will focus on blasting whatever comes in."

He then turns to Jameson, "that thing you in function like Stark's suit? If so I guess fly around and zap folks we can't get at." Lastly he looks at Squirrel Girl and Doctor Strange, "To be honest, i am not totally aware of what you two are fully capable of. So you two use your discretion." Bishop sighs and runs his head through his hair, "Okay, we work together and understand our role, we get through this just fine."

Bishop draws his pistol and awaits the coming horde.

Okay, if I understand this right, I am going to use my one PP to create a combat expert resource for the coming scene ahead. You all get a d6 resource die so long as you're working within the combat plan. If I'm wrong on how that works, correct me Dyne.

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Squirrel Girl
Plot Points: 1 | Experience Points: 0

Squirrel Girl swings up through the driver's side window, flipping atop the van. She looks around with wide eyes, noting:
  • Doctor Strange, master of the arcane arts!
  • IRON MAN!- wait, no, Tony doesn't smoke!
  • Punisher, bad skull guy.
  • Quilt-Man? Costume looks comfy!
  • X... Force? Factor? X a thing.
  • ... oh no.
"I know who you are!", she replies to Deadpool, giving him a sour look. "Well, first off, we have to deal with this Mojo guy, and he's nuts, and not in the macadamia kind of way.", she points out, "Tippy-Toe and crew! Let's give him a show!", she adds, pointing at the cameras, and the squirrels dash in all directions, rushing up walls and towards the myriad lenses.

Team d10 + Universally Liked d8 + Squirrel Control d10 + Squirrels d6/d6/d6 + Combat Master d10 + Area Effect d6/d6/d6/d6/d6/d6/d6 + d6 Bishop's Advice resource + Spending a PP for a d8 Adorable Squirrels stunt! = 17 with effect dice of d10 + d10 + d8 + (d6 x 5) and two opportunities to try and attack the camera "mob".

The cameras are beset by squirrels, some seeking wires, controls, or lenses to fiddle with; others just covering or even cavorting in front of the cameras. Tippy-Toe is shimmying in front of a lens, trying to make it less "Contest of the Champions" and more terrible youtube video. And, more importantly, try and block Mojo from getting to watch what's going on! "Don't worry about me! I've fought MODOK before, this should be a lot like that. Oh- and-" She puts her hands on her hips to hero-pose. "Squirrel Girl, at your service!"

Her eyes narrow as she looks at Deadpool. "Except you, you... you!"

Milestones, BTW, will be Enough With All the Gloom and Doom! and Lights, Camera, RATINGS!

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

Strange listens as the unknown man calls out tactical plans. They're not terrible, cementing his place in Strange's mind as a military man, but ordering the others?

"It would be much easier to listen to your Suggestions" Strange emphasizes the word so that others can hear the capital letter, "if we knew who you were. You were saying?" He speaks with impeccable diction, almost as if they weren't in an alternate dimension, but at a party in Manhattan where manners dropped just a little below his standards.

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Apr 10, 2010

College Slice


"Wait, is proper intoduction time over already?", Deadpool asks, obviously annoyed. "But the only people who introduced themselves are me, David Blaine, and Rodent Chick. That makes for a terrible song! 'With Deadpool, Doctor Strange too! Squrrel Girl and the rest! Here on Mojo's tv studio!' Where's the Professor? drat it! What about Mary Ann!"

A second passes as he calls himself down. "Ok. Its plan time. I get that. So here's my plan. I kill everybody. You guys help if you want. Then we get tacos."

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013


Bishop looks at doctor strange, maybe he had been busy with his magic stuff when he flashed his badge? "Like I said doctor, My name's bishop. Former X-Man. Currently working for NYPD in District X. Also, I'm from an apocalyptic future where mutants are marked and interred in camps. " he points to the "M" tattooed over his eye. "Sorry, left my resume and references at home, so can we focus now? "

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

"Thank you, Mister Bishop," Strange says with a smile. He watches Squirrel Girl go after the cameras - "I'm not entirely sure why we're all in such a rush, for Mojo's minions will get here when they do. I'd much rather know who I'm fighting with, myself."

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

The Punisher, Frank Castle

Frank really doesn't get why people are bothering to introduce themselves at this point. He puts his ammunition backpack on and grabs the massive minigun on crate, his muscles carrying it with ease. He does one last check on the weapon before looking at Bishop that for some reason got the idea that he's the leader right now. "I agree with Doctor Strange, Bishop. I don't need your orders nor your sugestions. Stay out of my way when the bullets start flying."

Nov 11, 2008

J. Jonah Jameson
Team d6, No Stress, 1 PP, 0 XP

Still fuming at being teleported away from his office and forced to share the same room as Deadpool, JJJ listens to Bishop's plan. "So, you want us to just do what we would have done, right? Are you an actual cop?" Still, Strange's explanation on how to get out of here seems as sane as any plan they could come up with, so might as well go along with it for now. Dropping the cigar back into the hidden compartment, JJJ looks around at the group he'll be forced to work with. "Well, you should all know who I am, so let's skip that part. Where, exactly, would this machine of 'Mojo's' be, and how do we get to it? And I thought you advertised yourself as the Sorcerer Whatever, why can't you just magic up a solution?"

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

With Bishop laying out plans and Strange trying to enact a sense of camaraderie within the team, Squirrel Girl is the first to take action. She sends her horde of squirrels up along the walls and onto the cameras, where the critters do some actual damage; four of the cameras clunk to the ground, sparking, as sharp little teeth sever cords and plastic. Mojo went cheap on the place.

Herman watches in horror as Frank threads a belt of ammunition into his chaingun, and does the only smart thing he can think to do: the Shocker collapses to the ground in a faint*. No one seems to really look his way, instead bracing for the inevitable impact of Mojo's attack.

A moment passes before three of the walls of the studio break down, revealing a mess of towering humanoid robots bristling with weaponry. They have already begun firing wildly into the air, though oddly none of the shots even seem to go NEAR the heroes. They strut forward and stop, their bodies turning with their energy rifles leveled, making an odd buzzing and beeping noise.

Together, the droids begin to beep and buzz loudly. ~*KZZT*~ ERROR, UNABLE TO LOCATE TARGETS: RATINGS FODDER ONE THROUGH SEVEN. ~*KZZT*~ ENTERING GENERAL SUPPRESSION MODE. It seems that Strange's spell also works on the optic sensors of the robots, making them difficult if not impossible to see. Somewhere, Strange feels rage directed solely at him across the aether.

Camera horde is down from 8d8 to 4d8. You now face three 12d8 robotic hordes; they currently have a d10 Wilm's Warding complication that makes it difficult to see you.

I have put Shocker into 'oh god please don't send stray bullets my way' mode while Randall is currently unable to post.

Deadpool is up first; he has Enhanced Reflexes and has not acted yet; I am not counting Squirrel Girl's action against her though, so she can be chosen for initiative.

The way initiative works in this game is each person picks who goes next after them, INCLUDING bad guys.

Squirrel Girl
Iron Jonah
Doctor Strange
Mob 1

Mob 2

I'll strike people off as they're picked. If you're last picked, you CAN pick yourself as first to go in the next round.

If Randall is able to post, he can take his action as an interrupt and doesn't have to worry about being prone. Don't wannna leave him out if he can act!

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Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

Doctor Strange

"Sorcerer Supreme, Mr. Jameson." He's about to speak further when the robots burst into the scene. He sighs, but at least he made an effort to bring some civility to the proceedings. "I'll explain my plan after these foes are taken care of!"

Honest to God, I *do* have a plan, and that's probably not very comforting to hear from Dr. Strange!

Apr 10, 2010

College Slice

Deadpool-1PP, 0 xp

Deadpool looks up as the combat robots start pouring into the room. "Finally! This conversation was getting boring!" He jumps back, and pulls his pistols from their holsters. "Good news. We're horribly outnumbered! That means that we'll have lots of targets, and they'll only have a few."

He looks around for anything that will give him an advantage, and sees...

"Hey, Frank, I'm taking your van! I've got an idea! Follow me and mop up! Hey, you don't have any more chicks in there, do you?" With that, he hops into the seat, turns the ignition, and steering the van into the biggest horde of enemies, laughs hysterically as he floors it. His gun out the window, he shoots into the crowd of robots with one hand, steering the van into them with another. As he steers towards them, he shouts, "You're up next, Frank!"

Dice pool! Team d6, Completely Unpredictable d8, Weapon d8, Enhanced Reflexes d8 (to steer the van), Frank's van d8, Bishop's plan d6 (which was for me to kill people, right?), Dr. Strange's mystical robot stumping spell, d10

So, 1d10, 4d8, 2d6

Robots? I hate those guys!: 1d10 1 4#1d8 4 3 1 4 2#1d6 5 2

Ok, so that's two 1s, then taking the 4 and the 5, so my total is 9, effect die is d8. If I succeed, inflicting stress on one of the hordes. Frajaq, you're up.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

When the engine on the van starts and Deadpool starts yelling quips and shooing out the window, the robots snap to attention and draw a bead on the van itself. The machines are intelligent, and realizing that their target is invisible to them, they run through their thoughts quickly and realize, in order:

1. Someone is driving the van
2. The driver is invisible to their scanners.
3. The only beings in the area are other robots, or their target.
4. One of their targets is driving the van.
5. There is someone in the driver seat.

The windshield and front of the van is blown out by the laser fire of the robots, and Deadpool feels the usual pain of laser fire tearing through his torso and face; the merc with a mouth finds part of his mask blown away, and the van clunks to a stop as the engine gives out to the assault. The robots slowly clunk forward, moving in as they begin to cycle from laser rifles to missiles.

I roll a bit better than Epi. 8 and 8 for 16, d10 steps up to d12 from being five over; spending a d6 doom die to counter attack and inflict d12 stress on Deadpool forgot 6 of the d8's, two opportunities

Giving Epi two PP to add 2d6 to my doompool.

Frajaq is up now, and anyone can use those opportunities to activate SFX.

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Apr 10, 2010

College Slice

Deadpool 0xp, 3 pp

Deadpool slumps against the seat of the van. "Did somebody get the license plate of that train?", he moans. The best laid plans of mice and Deadpools....

Using the "Breaking the Fourth Wall" SFX to force the d6s added to the doom pool by these opportunities down to d4s

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