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  • Locked thread
Oct 14, 2012


Fun Shoe

Man, Suwako's attacks :stare: Are they anything like that in the original game?

Thanks for the LP, BlitzBlast!


Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

SyntheticPolygon posted:

Also, you're listing the best songs and you forget the track that plays during Resurrection Butterfly. For shame.

Border of Life is great, but Above the Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms is the real stand out from that chapter. I also can't listen to Border without thinking of how Resurrection Butterfly is so inaccurate that Reimu can literally stand right on top of it and not even care.

EDIT: Took this out since I'm doing 34 Lunatic after all.

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 23:47 on May 16, 2015

Mar 15, 2012

Disco Thunder

Yukari actually starts coming after you as soon as Ran dies and that's kind of a big problem since dealing with her should be your top priority.
Also, It's actually her 4th spell that Yukari resummons her pets.

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

While I'm not sure it's actually interesting as a gameplay mechanic, I really liked the thematic progression of Yuyuko's fight. Each of her spellcards makes healing less and less effective than the previous one, until her final one makes healing kill you (not that you'd be healing at that point). It gives a strange sense of urgency to the fight, like you're on a time limit before you die. Throw in her incredibly calm battle theme and the way she totally ignores you in her battle dialog and the whole thing is really eerie. Almost makes up for the fact that they totally failed to make PCB's plot interesting in this game.

Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

Just as a random tidbit, 手長足長 (Tenaga'Ashinaga) is the name of a mythological giant with long arms and long legs. :eng101:

Dec 20, 2013

BlitzBlast posted:

9. I originally beat 34 Lunatic by abusing the Three Fairies' ridiculous array of defensive spirits. Between two Alerts, Grit, Guard, and Trust, it is basically impossible for them to die. So they just spent the last few turns running away from Ran and that was the end of it.

And you were complaining about always using them. Fairy supremacy. :smug:

It's strange to hear that they didn't do much with PCB since I always thought of it as one the games with the most backstory, so I thought they'd be able to extrapolate more from it. Although the backstory is pretty much, "Yuyuko has a ridiculously tragic past. Except she forgot it because she doesn't give a gently caress." Does Yuyuko at least speak entirely in obtuse metaphors that not-so-subtly insult everyone around her, because one of the things I was most interested in about the LP was seeing Yuyuko's dialogue translated since considering her lines in the actual games it seems like it'd be hell.

Also, if anyone is interested in the attack animations for the rest of the game this channel has most of them I think. I suggest at least looking at Yuyuko's, she has neat dynamic kills.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Yeah, they played PCB's plot pretty much entirely straight. I was actually kind of surprised the group doesn't just randomly fight Alice again. :v:

I actually translated the whole OST a while back, so if you ever wanted to know what the songs are actually called then here:

Disc 1 posted:

01. Faintly Colored Whispering (Conversation theme)
02. The Elegant Flower that Blooms at Night (Sakuya's theme)
03. Punishing Love Theme (Keine's finishing theme)
04. Fluttering Food in the Night Sky (Rumia's finishing theme)
05. Eternally Blazing Heart (Mokou's theme)
06. Silent Autumn Breeze (Shizuha's theme)
07. Heated Harvest Festival (Minoriko's theme)
08. Misery Go Round (Hina's theme)
09. From the Bottom of the Valley and the River (Nitori's boss theme)
10. The Dashing, Falling Fall (Momiji's finishing theme)
11. Black-Winged Wind God (Aya's boss theme)
12. A Sworn Friend's Bond (Nitori's new player theme)
13. Proof of the Wind's Bond (Sanae's finishing theme)
14. Wind Interlude (Chapter 23's intro theme)
15. Headwind's Advance (Chapter 23's player phase theme)
16. The Restless Spirit and the Virtuous Wind (Kanako's theme)
17. The Sound of a War God's Footsteps (Chapter 23's enemy phase theme)
18. A God Plays with Their Whole Heart and Soul (Suwako's theme)
19. No Need for a Million Demons, Just One is an Army (Suika's theme)
20. Brand New Wind (Sanae's player theme)

Disc 2 posted:

01. Letty the Cool Lady (Letty's theme)
02. Song of an Unexpectedly Distant Spring (Lily White's depressed theme)
03. The Snow White Angel of Spring (Rally) (Lily White's energetic theme)
04. Orange Fancy (Chen's theme)
05. Cyano Fantasia (Ran's theme)
06. As Decisive as a Battlefield (Youmu's boss theme)
07. Lightsword Flash ver.P (Youmu's new player theme)
08. Above the Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms (Chapter 33's stage theme)
09. A Butterfly Amidst Scattering Petals (Yuyuko's theme)
10. Border of Life (Resurrection Butterfly's theme)
11. Mystic Prelude (Chapter 34's intro theme)
12. The Ayakashi Sheds Spring (Chapter 34's stage theme)
13. Lapsing into Sleep, the Boundary of Reminiscence (Yukari's theme)
14. The Final Banquet of Boundaries and Reminiscence (Yukari's second theme)
15. The Beginning and End of a Mystical Daydream (Epilogue theme)
16. With the Arrival of Spring, Cherry Blossoms Blow in the Breeze (Credits theme)

Yuyuko's theme (散華の蝶) was a pain to translate. The last kanji is easy, that's just butterfly. But 散華 can either mean "falling as flowers do" or "dying a glorious death", which both apply here. And I needed to work in butterfly somehow.

The theme for chapter 34 (妖はるかなり) was another tough one. The first character is the titular "Mystic" that's in both this game and PCB's title, but it's also the character used for the Saigyou Ayakashi's name. The rest of the song name being in hiragana (there are like three different meanings you could get out of it too) didn't help! Since the main thing going on in the actual stage is the Ayakashi releasing all of the spring Yuyuko gathered, though, I decided to separate things out as 妖 はる か なり, or Ayakashi Spring *particle* Bears Fruit/Makes a Ringing Noise/Becomes. "Becomes" obviously doesn't make sense, and while "makes a ringing noise" works in the context of this being a song, it's pretty clear that bears fruit is the best meaning to use. I tried out a few different ways to phrase "The Ayakashi Bears Spring", and eventually decided on "Sheds Spring" both because that's what actually going on and because alliteration.

I'm not entirely satisfied with my translations of Youmu and Yukari's boss themes either ("断てよ修羅の如く", "夢現に堕ちよ、境界の追憶", and "境界と追憶の終宴" if anyone wants to give it a shot) but eh. Guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Disc 3 posted:

01. Fantasy Maidens Appear! (Event theme)
02. Determination in the Chest (Conversation theme)
03. Perfectly Quiet Land (Player phase theme)
04. Harmful Mystery (Player phase theme)
05. Luna crescente (Lunasa's theme)
06. Shiny Transblue (Merlin's theme)
07. Your Sparkling Sound (Lyrica's theme)
08. The Netherworld's Prism Phantoms (Prismrivers' theme)
09. Our Hearts Still Shine Brightly (Three Fairies' theme)
10. A Simple Family Unaffected by Rust (Nazrin's theme)
11. The Scorching Heat's Hungry Tiger (Shou's theme)
12. Living in the Capital's Bucket (Kisume's theme)
13. Upbeat Spider (Yamame's theme)
14. On Top of the Mobius Strip (Mima's theme)
15. Trichromatic Danmaku Traumerei (Reimu and Marisa's combination theme)
16. Fantasy Maiden Wars (Ver. PV) (Intermission message theme)
17. Preview Track 1
18. Preview Track 2
19. Creeping Dreams (cobu style)
20. Price of Life (Ibiza style)

Mima's theme might have been "beyond the mobius strip", but I figured the joke was that it's technically impossible to be on top of something that only has one side.

Also all three Prismriver themes got nice extensions on the OST. They're all really nice, so give them a listen.

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Aww man, the slowest ghost actually shows up? I'm sad that this LP didn't get far enough for that, but I totally understand having priorities above playing games for the internet. Hopefully the translation project continues or somebody picks up the LP. (Or I learn to read Japanese but that's pretty unlikely too.)

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

SyntheticPolygon posted:

It's strange to hear that they didn't do much with PCB since I always thought of it as one the games with the most backstory, so I thought they'd be able to extrapolate more from it. Although the backstory is pretty much, "Yuyuko has a ridiculously tragic past. Except she forgot it because she doesn't give a gently caress." Does Yuyuko at least speak entirely in obtuse metaphors that not-so-subtly insult everyone around her, because one of the things I was most interested in about the LP was seeing Yuyuko's dialogue translated since considering her lines in the actual games it seems like it'd be hell.

Yuyuko pretty much just ignores you and rambles to herself. Could be obtuse insults though, I was just skimming it.

Yuyuko's entire backstory is explained by Yukari in a monologue during the Yukari fight. Yukari actually has no reason to fight you in this game: she just suddenly appears and goes "story time!" and you fight her while she's explaining stuff.

Oct 6, 2014

SyntheticPolygon posted:

It's strange to hear that they didn't do much with PCB since I always thought of it as one the games with the most backstory, so I thought they'd be able to extrapolate more from it. Although the backstory is pretty much, "Yuyuko has a ridiculously tragic past. Except she forgot it because she doesn't give a gently caress." Does Yuyuko at least speak entirely in obtuse metaphors that not-so-subtly insult everyone around her, because one of the things I was most interested in about the LP was seeing Yuyuko's dialogue translated since considering her lines in the actual games it seems like it'd be hell.

Well, if nothing else it's a good example of "high stakes do not necessarily make an interesting story".

That said, I understand perfectly well needing to quit the LP for life reasons. It's been a fun ride, though, so thank you for it BlitzBlast.

And the translated tracklist; I've been looking for one actually.

Dec 20, 2013

Clarste posted:

Yuyuko pretty much just ignores you and rambles to herself. Could be obtuse insults though, I was just skimming it.

Yuyuko rambling to herself about Tea is how she trolled Suika and just about everyone else in iamp, so probably.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

The second half of FMW P is basically framed exactly like PCB, so I wouldn't say it's uninteresting as much as it's faithful. Everybody's confused about the endless winter, so they all just wander around aimlessly trusting in Reimu's intuition to save the day. The only person in the entire party who knows anything at all about what's really going on is technically Komachi, but she doesn't figure things out until literally right before stage 5. And all she ends up doing is informing the cast about the Ayakashi, which helps them convince Youmu to deviate from her original role as Stage 6 midboss.

And then Yukari fights you basically just because it's PCB. Like there's some generic "show me how strong you've become" stuff going on but we all know the real reason chapter 34 exists.

Most of the intrigue comes from the setup for future games; Marisa's group accidentally stumbles upon SA Stage 1, while Reimu's group runs into Nazrin and Shou before they decided to start UFO. There's some minor payoff in the actual game for those (it's basically the only reason Ran fights you), but for the most part it's all just some foreshadowing.

Dec 27, 2011

PCB is the only Touhou game I played (more or less) at length and whose plot and characters I can remember by name. The Saigyou Ayakashi event stuck with me as a really cool take on spell cards for your final boss. So I was looking forward to seeing the Sanbondo SRW treatment of PCB events. I only followed this live for the last stretch, but thanks for the LP. I guess I'll have to play these games myself now!

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


But Shrine Maiden is still completely absurd, to the point that only one enemy in the game has an actual chance of hitting Reimu,

Oh, right, this. The one enemy in the game who can hit Reimu sans spirit abuse is Yukari, and that's only because she's holding the Yin-Yang Orb which gives a flat +20% to hit rate.

Yeah that's right, the final boss is the only real threat Reimu faces in the entire game. She is kind of sort of hilariously overpowered!
I make it a point every time I get to Resurrection Butterfly to park Reimu directly on top of it and unfocus. She always dodges all of it.

The other reason I made this post is to note that I still kind of want to do FMW3, but that if I ever do (it really depends on if I ever clear up my gunpla backlog) there is literally no chance in hell I'm going to try translating pre and postmission dialogue again. If a translation project ever gets started I'd be happy to help though!

And because Ryza keeps badgering me about this, #touhou still exists. Join us all in idling forever.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I guess it figures that the moment I decide to close the thread, somebody posts a way to decrypt the .dat files. Among other things I have now access to a text dump, so that makes translating approximately a million times faster and easier. So I guess I can continue the LP after all! :toot:

I'm not stupid, though, and don't intend to try doing this by myself again. If anyone wants to help out just go on #touhou.

Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

I don't know what #touhou means.

Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

It's an IRC channel on

Apr 27, 2008

Idling forever sounds fun, what IRC client do people use these days?

Jul 21, 2002

Soiled Meat

mIRC is still by far the best thing in the world for Windows.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

kVIRC is also pretty good.

Chapter 23 has been fully fleshed out now thanks to the efforts of Clarste and Hokuto. Onwards to chapter 24!

EDIT: Oh, right, voting!

Available cost: 26.0

Available units:
FA Nitori



It's been a while since the last time we did this, so a refresher: Marisa and Alice are already in. You've got 21.0 left.

BlitzBlast fucked around with this message at 14:18 on Mar 25, 2015

May 29, 2013

No, that's Magic!

Cirno, leaving 19.

Eeepies fucked around with this message at 16:48 on Mar 25, 2015

Dec 31, 2011

Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way!

It's good that this is back.
Sunny, 17.5

Jul 8, 2010


Luna for 16.0

Jan 26, 2007

If I die before I Wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Star 14.5

Super glad both for the fact that this is alive and that an English patch might finally some day be a reality.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Yay, this continues!

Sakuya, 12.

Apr 27, 2008

Gotta have all the fairies.
Daiyousei 10.5

Oct 6, 2014

Komachi 8.0

Golden Battler
Sep 6, 2010

~Perfect and Elegant~

Meiling 5.5

Sep 5, 2013

Not the strongest, but the cutest.

Keine and now we have 3.0

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Mokou leaving .5

Ardeem fucked around with this message at 17:14 on Mar 25, 2015

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I'm not even sure why I expected any other result. :allears:

Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Games > Let's Play! > Let's Play Fantasy Maiden Wars P - Just Use Fairies

Dec 2, 2011

Screw you, physics!

Dr Pepper posted:

The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Games > Let's Play! > Let's Play Fantasy Maiden Wars P - Just Use Fairies
Honestly, this would be how I would play no matter how badly I got my poo poo wrecked.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

I'll be restarting the two week schedule, if you're curious about how updates are going to be like from now on.


Since it looks like the fairies are going to be mainstays, I gave each of the Three Fairies two pips in MP and Weapons. Reimu also got her final mobility upgrade just in case, and Marisa and Alice both grabbed a weapons upgrade.

Marisa's accuracy issues mostly ended with MoF, so I switch her to Danmaku Power level 2 (and probably Hard Worker in the future so she gets Strike faster). Meanwhile Alice equips Danmaku Brains to match.

I waffled between getting Unfocused Movement and MP Save for Meiling, but since I might not get Koa every chapter I decided to go with the latter.

And equipment is shuffled around as needed. Normally from here on out Reimu would be sticking with Kanako's Blessing and the Oshirasama, but no dice here.



Hakurei Shrine
Music: Secret Mission

Full Text


Everyone was having a party at my place, but then some weird mist showed up and lots of fairies started attacking.


Hokuto handled the bulk of the mission dialogue.


Danmaku Chugfest

Music: For the Gensokyo of Tomorrow

It's been a while since I linked the generic player phase theme. It's going to change soon, so I may as well give it one last moment in the sun.

Fairy posted:

Oh, it's the shrine. It looks as worn-down as always.

So, what are we doing here again?

Umm, we were playing with danmaku, and then...

Ooh, maybe something about the danmaku's power sent us into the future?

Whoa, what's all the fuss about?

I'm not sure. A bunch of fairies came out of nowhere and gathered here. They don't seem to be plotting anything, from what I see. What is this about?

I don't see any youkai around. Maybe it's just a prank... Ooh, this is a perfect chance to vent off some steam!

It's not my usual way of venting, but beating up some fairies sounds like some fun party entertainment!

This is a breather chapter, so my unit selection doesn't mean that much.

As soon as the chapter starts,

Minoriko posted:

Aww, we were just getting into the swing of things... and now you've spoiled it!

Reinforcements spawn in.

Witness the full wrath of autumn!

Huh? You're going to fight too, Hina?

I wouldn't want to let our party get ruined. I can chase off a few fairies.

You're more friendly than I thought. If I'd known that, I would've gone easier on you back on the mountain.

I'm pretty sure we've always been friendly...

Well, the other gods are doing their part. Are you two just going to twiddle your thumbs?

I see no reason for us to step in for mere fairies. You can entertain us with your skills while we drink.

You just don't wanna get up.

In that case, I could step in instead... Urgh...

I told you to not to force yourself. Come on, turn around.


Sanae's a lightweight, huh?

She's just not used to drinking. She's only tasted the foam from beer.

Momiji, get Sanae somewhere where she can lie down, if you could.

Hey, that's my bedroll! Don't use that without asking!

Not the most dependable group, are they? We'll have to handle this one ourselves.

Yeah, let's finish this up before we sober up!


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: All allies are defeated.

This chapter is exactly what it looks like it is. You just beat everyone up.

Oh and yes, this huge cask of booze regenerates MP. :v:

Normally I have Reimu solo the top half of the screen, but I guess this time I'll just split Marisa and Alice up.

It's easier to have enemies come to you than the other way around, so everyone just groups up around Support Defenders.

Well except Hina, anyways. She has Support Defend because it's in-character but she reaaaaally shouldn't be getting hit.

Music: Flap & Frappe & Flapper

One turn of clean up later (or if you killed 12 enemies on player phase),

some Evil Eyes and Doofy Ghosts join the fray.

Now we've got wild evil eyes popping up!

Wild ones? I thought those were Elly and Kurumi's familiars.

Yes, there shouldn't be any in Gensokyo except for the ones we summon.

Kurumi, was it you?!

Waah, I'm sorry, Elly! They weren't doing what I said, so I ditched them on the mountain! And now it looks like they've multiplied...

Whoa, does that count as an invasive species getting into Gensokyo?

Why would they be gathering at the shrine, though? Something's fishy about this.

Who cares? Just exterminate them and be done with it.

One more turn (or 18 total enemies) and some crows pop up too.

Oh, hey. It's some crows from the mountain.

Maybe that means they want our food!

It's always unpleasant when crows hover around waiting for people to throw out scraps of food.

You're thinking of regular crows. I don't think youkai crows would do that.

And one more turn (or if you hit a total kill count of 22 somewhere during player phase), and some grimoires of all things show up.

Now there's even more. Hey, those are...!

The grimoires we saw at the Great Library!

Marisa, what have you done this time?!

Whoa, don't pin this one on me. Maybe Patchouli summoned them?

No, I haven't done anything, and they don't act without orders.

This is too much to chalk up to coincidence at this point. Something's going on!

Yeah, I sense a strange presence. We need to locate it.

Hey, Kanako, could this be what I think it is?

Yes, it seems we have someone with an interesting power lurking about.

Just like last chapter, I fed a bunch of kills to the Three Fairies. They're all about caught up to the average level now.


Aaaaagh sheesh, this is never going to end!

Cirno starts complaining next enemy phase. Or when there are only two enemies left (aka 26 enemies killed total) on the player phase, which is much sillier.

They're all small fry, but it's just exhausting dealing with them one after another.

That strange presence is getting more noticeable. Is this an incident?

You're as clever as I thought.

Yukari gaps in. This was supposed to be an animation, but I forgot to record it. :downs:

Sorry to interrupt all the lovely revelry.

Yukari Yakumo!

You finally show yourself. You're the reason for all these waves of youkai, aren't you?

Hardly. What reason would I have to do that?

Appearing out of nowhere is your whole gimmick.

I'm waiting for my shower of adulation.

All right, if you have nothing to do with this, what are you here for?

An old acquaintance of mine seems to be here, so I came to survey the situation. This is her way of killing time. If you don't stop her, this sort of ruckus will become part of your daily lives.

So, you know who's doing this?

Of course. Here, allow me to make her visible to you.

The screen flashes white...

Music: No Need for a Million Demons, Just One is an Army

Suika posted:

Whoa! What's the big idea, Yukari- Oh, she's gone.
and the last enemy reinforcement appears.


Uh, who are you?! When did you get here?!

I've been here the whole time. You guys just didn't notice me.

Uh, I'm afraid to ask, but looking at your horns... Did we just win the world's worst lottery?

That's a good way to put it. That's an oni, said to be the most powerful youkai in all of Gensokyo, and hostile to humans!

Whoa, did you just say oni?!

That's impossible! There shouldn't be any oni left in Gensokyo!

Yes, they left Youkai Mountain long ago, and no one knows where they went. But Suika, I never thought I'd see you again.

Oh, if it isn't Aya the speed demon! Looks like you're doing fine.

I'm honored you remember me.

So, what's a youkai big shot doing throwing youkai at us?

Isn't it obvious? I'm having fun. What's better than a bustling party with rivers of sake and flashy danmaku? Can't you make it more exciting?

Exciting? What kind of jerk does this for her own amusement?

I don't care if you're an oni or not. If you're the mastermind, we just have to beat you!

That's what I was waiting to hear! Here's where the real fun starts. But first I'll have to see if you're even worth fighting!


Victory: Defeat Suika.
Defeat: All allies are defeated.
Bonus: Deal 16000 damage to Suika in one turn after she activates her spellcard. Bomb damage doesn't count.

It's a good thing Marisa just learned Valor, otherwise this might have been iffy with a team of fairies.

Meeting an oni is like winning the world's worst lottery.

Sounds like you know what you're in for.

I used to do youkai extermination, long ago. I'd ruthlessly exterminate any youkai that crossed my path. Even an oni would laugh at how pathetic I was, playing demon like that.

For now I need to set up a formation, so I bait Suika near my close range attackers with low HP units.

Suika's a fairly typical Super, but her Small size kind of brings her down. She'll fix that problem herself later though. Of note is that she's actually on the ground, because she has a B in Sky.

Suika's generic danmaku field increases enemy hit rates by 15%, which can be a problem if any grunts are still alive.

I never thought I'd come across a real oni. Where did you all disappear to? I've heard all sorts of rumors, like a country of oni, or maybe Hell.

You meet an oni and that's the first thing you say? You're pretty single-minded. A lot of work went into this party, so let's make it livelier!

A couple of turns of stalling later,

and the setup is complete.

You're pretty good for someone so tiny. I'm not gonna let you take my place as the strongest though!

I like your spirit, but I don't have time to play with small fry.

Suika's size should make her as annoying to hit as Suwako, but I've got plenty of Support Attackers with Strike.

I even have Shizuha, who has the all-essential Attune spirit. This thing casts Strike on other units!

You're a misfortune god, right? I don't see your type hanging out with humans very often.

I can't deny that. If I wasn't here with a friend I probably wouldn't have come.

Humans avoid you, huh? Even though they can only live in peace thanks to you. That's so like them. Humans just can't accept the bad things in life.

To ensure I get the bonus, I have Hina leave Suika at critical HP. Mokou proceeds to finish her off enemy phase.

What's wrong? It's okay to hit me at full strength, you know.

This is an oni's power? I think we're in over our heads!

Of course, they're the world's strongest kidnappers. You can't exterminate them with normal methods. In the past, they used to have specialists for that, but...

Now that art has been lost. How do we deal with this?

This isn't even a fight. Are you throwing in the towel already? If you are, then I'm gonna gather even more youkai and you'll have a pandemonium of 'em knocking on your door every day.

I can't believe humans are facing the threat of the oni again!

So what? They're still youkai. Nothing to be afraid of.

Oh hoh, you'd talk big against an oni?

Of course I do. Youkai extermination is my job. I can beat you, no problem!

Ahaha! I wasn't expecting to find any humans willing to face me head-on. Let the missing power of the oni, the power to gather, be ingrained into your bodies!
Kind of sad Suika's original response was dropped, but I guess they had to fit in the spellcard name.


Oni Sign "Missing Power"
First I forgot to get a picture of the spell ring on the Normal playthrough, then I screwed up and killed Suika before I could save and get Fraps going. All I have is this picture of the spell ring from my Lunatic playthrough. :negative:

If it helps, it's not a particularly interesting animation. A big caricature of Suika forms. That's it.

Missing Power bumps Suika's size to LL. This makes her harder to damage, but at least I don't need to worry about hit rates anymore.

Fighting while drunk... you must be using the drunken fist!

What's that?

It's a style that gets stronger the more you've had to drink. Aren't you doing something like that?

I wouldn't know, I'm never sober.

It also ramps the hell out of her damage; Suika got a crit here and did a fatal 3910 to Meiling. And that was with Guard cast.

Guh, I can't hold out any longer...!

And then I spammed S-Formation.

When you think oni, you think Setsubun! You eat as many beans as your age.

Oh? So does a fairy like you actually know how old you are?

Um, no... When it's Setsubun I usually just eat whatever. Like seaweed.

An oni? Nowadays, no one ever talks about them except on Setsubun. And we just put on masks and throw beans.

Sounds fun. Mind if I join in next time?

Of course you ca- wait, a real oni at Setsubun...?!

So you were that strange presence from before. It was like you were everywhere, but also nowhere...

That's pretty much right. The more I spread out, the weaker my presence, and the more I gather together the stronger I get. The total never changes though.

Each one did about 1000. Thank god for those weapon upgrades.

Oh, it's one of the Aki sisters. Seeing you again brings back memories. But....


Have you gained weight?

No I haven't!

Minoriko has Grit, so even without weapon upgrades she can contribute by setting off Support Attacks.

Hmm? There's the scent of a youkai I've never smelled before on your clothes.

Is that so? Well, my mistress is a vampire. I believe those are considered a kind of oni?

The japanese name for vampires literally translates to "blood sucking oni".

I dunno what kind of person your mistress is, but it takes real guts to call yourself an oni.

You may be an oni, but the mistress is both an oni and a devil. That makes her better than you.

Ahahahah I was expecting Sakuya to die there but nope, Private Square. :allears:

Hina's initial PS, Collect Misfortune, inflicts a debuff on the enemy she hits.

It's been a while since I met an oni. I bet you've missed that giant barrel.

Sure did. We used to use it for drinking contests. You haven't changed a bit. Still doing your duty?

Of course. We're popular among humans. So as long as the seasons keep changing, I'll keep doing it.

The next time that enemy gets hit, it'll be a critical.

I'd have recorded the full animation of the Super Aki Sisters Kick, but I'm saving that for later.


At this point, I'd normally just bomb then nuke Suika into the ground with the protagonist. But I found out that Suika gives you a reward if you beat her without bombs, so might as well get it.

How morbid, a shinigami. Could you stop ruining the mood of my party?

I get what you mean. But even the thought of doing my job while surrounded by such great sake feels sacrilegious. How about we liven this up instead? It can't hurt to give our audience a good show.

Oh? I take that back, I think I like you.

I kind of thought I'd be suiciding Komachi when I had her attack, but I forgot her size is Large. So LL doesn't do as much to her. Especially with a distance penalty.

She still took 5500 damage and almost died though.

Anyway, Marisa blows all of her SP on Gain, Valor and Alert, throws on Danmaku Power level 2, and Master Sparks Suika's face off. Alice is there too as insurance.

So I'm up against a youkai big shot, huh? This is gonna be good.

Should an ordinary human really be so bold?

I guess you wouldn't know, but lately Gensokyo's gotten something called the Spellcard Rules. If we use those, anybody can fight as equals.

Huh, I heard people talking about them but didn't think they'd be something like that... Sounds nice. It's been a long time since I've had a match with a human, so you better make this fun!

Music: The Moment Dreams Reach the Stars

Marisa posted:

See? Danmaku is power!
I just imagine Alice sighing off to the side.

Boom. Marisa scores another levels out of this and learns Speedstar.

Hey, not bad! That was a good fight.

I wasn't expecting her to grow gigantic. I can't let her beat me!

So, what next? Will you split into miniature bodies? Or grow even bigger?

Both of those sound like fun, but I think I'm good for today.

Oh, are you done so soon? I'm not impressed.

But you guys have some amazing sake back there! If I keep fighting, you'll drink it all up!

You noticed our sake? I guess nobody beats an oni when it comes to drinking.

Is she planning to just join the party like nothing happened?

Oh, well, if you run low on sake, I'll pour you some from my gourd, okay?

What gourd?

This one. It's a special oni invention, a gourd that's always full of sake. Since you put up a good fight, I'll lend you some.

You do actually get some Junmai Sake after the battle, which fully heals HP.

Wow, free unlimited sake? How can I say no?

I think, just this once, we can accept a youkai's gift at face value.

Great! See you later, humans! Why don't we make it a drinking contest next time?

Suika drops an Oni's Horn (HP +1200, Armor +120) and a Nameless Bone (sets Land terrain rank to A).

RIP Meiling.

Oh and since I deployed Minoriko (and she had her default PS, Harvest, equipped), I get a Sweet Potato at the end of the mission.


I'm here to wake you up like always, Aya.

Oh, Momiji, good timing. The Bunbunmaru's manuscript still isn't done yet, so could you lend me a hand?

...I'll have to refuse. Writing's not my strong point, we'd be done by tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Is that so? I guess I'll have to scatter these pictures of your sleeping face around Youkai Mountain then.

P-please, wait! When did you take something like that?!

...Fine, I'll help you out. What do you want me to do?

That's the spirit! Okay, I'll leave proofreading and the toning to you then.

Hm? Isn't this just a comic?

It is. Don't tell me you've never seen a four panel comic before. It's called Little Miss Aya, and not to toot my own horn but it's getting pretty popular.

I see. Hmm, it has a second half... hey, what is this?!

What did Momiji find? :iiam:

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn


Hakurei Shrine
Music: Secret Mission

Full Text


Suika was and still is at the top of Youkai Mountain's hierarchy.

Just reminding everyone I exist.


Path to the Shrine
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Full Text


What's weirding me about Mokou is that I can't see how long she has left to live.


Hakurei Shrine
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


Still bothered about what I did!

Too bad, I don't care.

Hey, I'll be sleeping this win-


Time for another route split. This time the other side won't rejoin midway through a battle, so it's safe to take their equipment.


Shizuha Aki
Personality: Calm (Hit: +2, Kill: +3, Evade: +2, Graze: +1)
Personal Skills: Loneliness (Unit's next attack won't increase enemy Power), Golden Autumn (+20% experience gained, -10% damage taken), Sister Combo (activates friendship with Shizuha)
Spirits: Alert, Trust, Focus, Attune

Shizuha is the only character in the game with Attune, which automatically ratchets her up in usefulness. She would have been much more useful in MoF, but being able to cast Strike on anyone is still handy even in PCB. Marisa especially loves her since Attune will easily carry her until she gets Strike.
I love how one of her personal skills makes her so unnoticeable the enemy doesn't even care they got hit.

Battle theme: Silent Autumn Breeze (A God that Misses People)

Minoriko Aki
Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Renew
Personal Skills: Harvest (if Minoriko was deployed, at the end of the chapter you get a Sweet Potato), Ripen (increases points and PP gained if Minoriko leveled up from the battle), Golden Taste (Sweet potatoes recover 20 SP instead of 10), Sister Combo (activates friendship with Shizuha)
Spirits: Guts, Strike, Grit, Spirit (25), Bless (36)

Minoriko can make a decent tank I suppose, but her main role is being a sweet potato production plant. With Golden Taste on you can get a nice amount of SP recovery going, which can be more helpful than you'd think. Super Aki Sisters Kick is surprisingly strong, but not worth raising Shizuha up for in my opinion.
The Aki Sisters really suffer from the design decision to lock friendships to personal skills. The idea is obviously that as you level the units up their bond grows stronger, but in practice you'll never equip the necessary PS. Amusingly, this means pairs with inherent friendships (Marisa/Alice, Meiling/Sakuya) have a better relationship on average than groups like the Three Fairies.

Battle theme: Heated Harvest Festival (Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me)

Personality: Calm (Hit: +2, Kill: +3, Evade: +2, Graze: +1)
Personal Skills: Bad Fortune (next attack inflicts a debuff that zeroes out an enemy's chance of triggering skills with an activation rate, limited uses), Centrifugal Force (damage and hit rate boosted by how much Hina moved that turn), Collect Misfortune (next attack inflicts a debuff that guarantees the next attack to hit that enemy will be a critical, limited uses), Return Misfortune (any enemy that hits Hina gets the critical hit debuff)
Spirits: Sense, Devote, Assail, Fury (27)

Hina has some really cool personal skills, but other then that she just kind of exists. Like Dai, she starts with Support Defend but should never actually use it.

Battle theme: Misery Go Round (Dark Side of Fate)

Suika Ibuki
All Attacks

As a reminder, the attack videos of the new characters have annotations.

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Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

On Lunatic, Chapter 24 changes from cleaning up enemies to heading off a gradually growing riot. There's no way I can defeat all the enemy reinforcements in one turn now, so as the turns pass the enemy force grows larger and larger.

Reimu posted:

I figured I wouldn't find him here...

Oh, and now that I have Reimu, I can show the next Genji conversation!


Hey, what are you doing?

It's kind of a habit of mine to try and find my old pet. It doesn't really matter if I don't find him now, he'll pop up when he needs to.

He sounds pretty useless if that's how it is.

Hina posted:

As I expected, I'm no match for them. For now, I'll stay back and gather misfortune.

The new characters are as useless as always.

Here's the situation on the player phase before the grimoires show up. Reimu's cleaned up the top, Marisa and Keine's groups are holding their own, and Meiling and Sakuya are just flying around cleaning up stragglers.

Oh and all the people useless in a fight are gathered on the shrine.

Suika's coming soon, so Reimu needs to book it south.

One of the more annoying Lunatic changes is giving one of the grimoires Support Attack.

I was hoping Suika would go for Keine, but instead she went for Reimu. I knew I should have had her cast Sense! :argh:

So according to Yukari, you're the one behind this mess. When exactly did you get here, and where were you hiding?

I was at the party the whole time. Well, I was spread out as mist so I guess only the sensitive ones noticed. There were youkai, witches, gods, and fairies. It seemed like a really fun pandemonium.

I see, so the strange presence was the criminal. That's why I didn't get it. What a relief.

A relief?

It means my intuition hasn't gotten dull. So the feeling I have that I should beat you can't be wrong either!

It's nice meeting someone so bold. Well then, give this everything you've got!

Good thing I kept Duplex Barrier on just in case.

Suika's attributes are buffed the hell up on Lunatic. In light of that, the bonus now only asks me to do 14000 damage.

Some unit shuffling later and I get Suika under quarantine. Keine and Mokou will probably just spend the rest of the chapter cleaning up the south. Hopefully they both survive, Dai doesn't have much SP left.

Oh look, with Berserk up and running Keine is immortal. Never mind then.

Suika has Fury, but she is apparently too dumb to use it right. She keeps attacking people with Alert cast.

I hosed up and forgot to turn off Sakuya's support attack, so Reimu overkilled Suika's lifebar. Guess I'll have to wait a turn before trying for the bonus.

Meiling died again in the meantime. :smith:

Bomb damage doesn't count, but getting rid of Suika's 3L (Lunatic boosts her one more level) size change makes getting the bonus hilariously easy.

Reimu having 10 weapon upgrades, the Oshirasama, and Shotgunning helps.

One more Za Warudo from Sakuya and presto.

Unfortunately I can't finish her off with who I have left, so I need to wait one more turn. Thankfully nobody dies this time.

No such luck for the last turn though; Shizuha's out of SP, so Reimu is the only one accurate enough to hit Suika if I bomb the danmaku. So everyone but Reimu is going to have try their luck and hope they don't get a LL boot to the face.

RIP Marisa.

And that was when I found out Alice still had enough SP for a single Alert. So she could have just triggered Master Spark off a Support Attack.

...Whoops! :v:

Normally I'd be fine with just trying this coin flip, but I wanna see if Reimu has a special dynamic kill quote vs Suika so...

I bet I won't even have needed this.

Music: Sealing Charm, Blessed Light

Reimu posted:

I don't know that much about oni.

Reimu posted:

This should settle things...

Reimu posted:

Dream Sign: Fantasy Seal!

Reimu posted:

That wasn't much.

She and I didn't. :negative:


The game has stopped. Thank you for your efforts.

...I suppose it was inevitable if they were talking about that person, but that fool Marisa picked a fight with Yuuka Kazami. But then some youkai named Koishi appeared... just what kind of person is she?

In any case, let's meet again in Chapter 26 of Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "Visitor in the Snow".


The game has been paused. Please take a break.

Now that the tumultuous autumn has passed, winter has come to Gensokyo. Thankfully, it seems that afterwards, Sanae grew to be good friends with everyone.

But it appears a thief has snuck into Rinnosuke's shop. Will everything be okay?

Now then, please have fun playing Chapter 25 of Fantasy Maiden Wars P: "A Winter for Young Maidens"!

There's no voting for the next two chapters.

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Apr 15, 2013

Just how many mistakes have you suffered on the way here?

An uncountable number, to be sure.

BlitzBlast posted:

Oh, are you done so soon? I'm not impressed.

Neither was I. They hype her up so much, but the fight itself is pretty unmemorable.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Suika fell victim to IaMP not being important enough to design a cool boss fight around.

Hopefully Tenshi gets better treatment!

Seyser Koze
Dec 15, 2013

I'm supposed to be the goddamn Queen of Hell! Why is nobody ever listening to me?

Nap Ghost

When did the crew first meet Yukari? I didn't remember that.


Jul 8, 2010


Reimu is established to have known Yukari for a while (at the very latest since the Spellcard Convention, but probably way earlier than that).

They meet in the epilogue of Reimu's path in FMW1.

They meet again near the beginning of the FMW2 when discussing Sanae's 'offer' to the shrine and how Reimu should respond. Yukari also mentions that Reimu has actual allies so she should try recruiting them.

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