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Oct 5, 2003

IT Crowd - Gay: The Musical


Oct 28, 2007

kru posted:

IT Crowd - Gay: The Musical

I still go around saying "I'm disabled" in an Irish accent once in awhile.

Jan 31, 2003

My LPth are Hot Garbage

Biscuit Hider

The Critic- Dial M for Mother. That one is great. It has a bear, a turkey, Kareem Abdul jabar and Geraldo.

GrandmaParty has a new favorite as of 15:56 on Oct 7, 2015

artsy fartsy
May 9, 2014

You'll be ahead instead of behind. Hello!

kru posted:

IT Crowd - Gay: The Musical

This, or the episode of Frasier where Daphne's ex boyfriend comes over and she pretends to be married to Niles and Frasier pretends to be married to Roz and Roz pretends Daphne's pregnant and Daphne pretends Roz is barren and Martin pretends to be an astronaut.

Dr Scoofles
Dec 6, 2004

That episode of Red Dwarf when Lister and Rimmer are trapped in Starbug on an ice planet. The whole episode is two guys in single location with nothing to do, and it's glorious.

Jan 1, 2010

The Sopranos

"You're not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. Guy was an interior decorator."

"His house looked like poo poo."

May 13, 2005

Her sweet, sweet, sw-sw-sweet can

The Twilight Zone: "Night of the Meek" - Art Carney plays a drunken bum who works as a department store Santa Claus, and finds a magic bag that turns him into a real life Santa. It's hokey in parts, but I'll say this: Carney's speech about being poor and why he drinks to escape it is absolutely heartbreaking and fantastically delivered.

Also, "Deaths-Head Revisited", about a Nazi camp commandant who returns to Dachau to relive his "glory days" is confronted by literal ghosts from his past. It's dark as hell.

Above all for me, though, is the classic Simpsons season six episode, "Homer Bad Man". Homer's tactless grab of a gummy Venus di Milo off of the pants of the babysitter he is driving home and the aftermath might be the funniest goddamned thing I have ever seen in my life. It's sad, but I can probably quote the entire thing straight from memory. The whole thing is just perfect: the candy convention, the ridiculous talk shows (including Gentle Ben), and the Rock Bottom segment, which has me in hysterics every time without fail. Aww, hell, just look at my avatar. I love the hell out of this episode.

At Ease Your Face
Apr 16, 2004

Either Futurama - The Day The Earth Stood Stupid or It's Always Sunny - Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life. So many good lines in each of them.

Feb 18, 2013

The developer of Brigador is a secret chud, don't give him money

The episode of House where it's not lupus.

Rogue Copter Pilot
Apr 11, 2005

a dead whale or a stove boat

Community 3x03 Remedial Chaos Theory

Feb 18, 2015

by Lowtax

The episode of The Nanny when Fran Drescher shaves off Mr Sheffields pubic hairs.

Mar 24, 2005

~no glitter in the gutter~
~no twilight galaxy~

College Slice

Nuebot posted:

The episode of House where it's not lupus.

That's like wishing for more wishes. You can't do that, dude. There are rules for this desert island scenario :argh:

Bast Relief
Feb 21, 2006

by exmarx

liquorlanche posted:

Came here to post "The Gang Beats Boggs" but this one would work just as well.

Pretty much a handful of Always Sunny episodes I could choose from. Or just a compilation of the gang's interactions at Cugino's Italian restaurant. Or a tribute to Rickety Cricket.

The poop one or the musical one for me would be enough to keep me entertained on a dessert island.


HP Hovercraft
Dec 31, 2005

one thing a computer can do that most humans can't is be sealed up in a cardboard box and sit in a warehouse

Fishing With John: Thailand with Dennis Hopper

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