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Sep 22, 2005


Do you work from home? Do you work in a place where you put your workspace together?

I recently got laid off started working from home this year as a designer/animator. I started out on just my laptop, sitting anywhere I could find some space. But after awhile, it felt too much like working during vacation and I spent less time working, and more time finding reasons to not work, like posting threads about home offices.

I need a formal office, with a good desk and chair, in our palace; some place to shut the door and tell everybody (wife, kids, dog, the servants, butlers and groundskeepers) to leave me the gently caress alone.

I've been reading up on ergonomic/comfortable furniture and I understand that the Aeron chair by Herman Miller is fantastic and just under $1000.


Most reviews I've read say that it's worth firing a couple of butlers to get that chair. I'll work on that..

What about desks?
Does anyone use the adjustable desks, that go from seated to standing height? I think that would be beneficial as well, and I could get one of our handymen to build one, but before they go to all that work, can anyone recommend a decent one?

Our salad chef Isabella posed for this photo.

Or, are you one of those bohemians who insist that a metal folding chair and a card table are all you need?

For reference, I'm currently sitting at my great-grandfathers rolltop desk which was built for very skinny right-handed people, sitting in an office chair I nicked from work almost 15 years ago. My logic there is that, an expensive office chair, even a 15-year-old one, is better than a dining room chair.

What about you? Tell me where you put your fat rear end to make fat stacks of cash.

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Dec 1, 2005


I've had severe tendonitis of both wrists before, and I take ergonomics very seriously around the house now given the amount of typing I do.

Desk: This isn't much to write home about. It's a pine IKEA desk with decent drawers and lots of surface space. Straight edges since I hate curvy desks or corner units. $200ish. Standing desks are good, but I've found it more beneficial to set a timer and make myself go take a walk instead. I chose this desk specifically because it was the perfect height for me when assembled, requiring little to no ergo adjustments.

Chair: This is the most expensive item in my office. The Steelcase Leap is a super-comfortable ergonomic chair that runs in the vicinity of $550-800 depending on model / add-ons. Phenomenal chair, and easily the second-best furniture purchase I've made in my life (behind getting a good, firm mattress). Since I bought it new from the manufacturer, the warranty basically has me covered for eternity. (It's like 10-15 years or something?)

Keyboard and Mouse: Again, my stuff is heavy on the typing, so this stuff really matters to me. I use a Microsoft Natural 4000 Ergonomic keyboard ($40) and a Logitech M570 ball mouse ($30?) for routine work. For fun time or for more precise work in Photoshop, etc, I also have a Razer Deathadder mouse from back before I went ergo-crazy.

In addition to these, I have two whiteboards on one wall for to-dos, an entire wall covered in flipchart paper so that I can scribble ideas as I come up with them, a cork board for reference materials / etc etc, and a twin bed and lamp so that I can pretend it's really a guestroom and not my secret clubhouse or something.

Morning Bell
Feb 23, 2006

Illegal Hen

My desk is literally a door propped up on two bits of wood and it's the best desk I've ever had.

Ironic Twist
Aug 3, 2008

I'm bokeh, you're bokeh

My Creative Lair is a typewriter and folding card table in Annie Wilkes's living room

Sep 22, 2005


Who uses desks? I hold my laptop with one hand and design with the other, while riding my longboard to Starbucks.

... but seriously.

I took the cheapo route on the Aeron chair, opting for a (used) discontinued lookalike from Staples that had high ratings (The Vayder). I couldn't find any reason why it was discontinued, but I like to think it's because they ripped off the $1000 design of Aeron. I could be wrong.

It's way more comfortable, but I still can't get it to sit up completely straight. I always end up slouched back a little bit.

Sundae posted:

Chair: The Steelcase Leap is a super-comfortable ergonomic chair that runs in the vicinity of $550-800 depending on model / add-ons.

Yes - the guy I bought it from said that Staples rolled this one out when they discontinued the Vayder. So, sure. Maybe that's the reason.

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Dec 29, 2012

Contains no milk

I have one of the IKEA adjustable desk frames that I modified to have a larger surface area. Besides being a little loud when it's being adjusted it's been nice, and I cant argue with the $350 price tag for the frame / motor.

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